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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 24, 2018 1:00am-1:34am +03

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the complexity of housing hundreds of people living in camps is a major task and one that many people here think the government will fail. in syria its citizens are collecting evidence you know a lot about it bill has shot of crimes committed against civilians we've moved out of syria on the boat six hundred thousand pages of material so that one day they can bring the assad regime to justice it puts a she will face on the charges it's a dead human face but it's a human tricks syria witnesses for the prosecution at this time on al-jazeera. three people have been killed as a gunman hijacks a car and takes hostages in a supermarket in southern france.
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and oh i maryam namazie in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up bombed into submission the second largest rebel group strikes a deal to leave the syrian enclave of eastern ghouta zimbabwe's former first lady grace mugabe is implicated in an illegal ivory smuggling ring china responds to president drums terrorists by threatening to impose three billion dollars worth of their own on u.s. imports as the trade will escalates. at least three people have been killed and sixteen others injured in a series of attacks in southern france the suspect hijacked a car and shot at police offices before taking hostages in a supermarket in the town of treb i still says the gunman who's been identified as twenty six year old red wine electing him a pledged allegiance to the group a woman has also been arrested and has the report. as police
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investigated the scene in the town of type in southwest france a clearer picture began to emerge of the man who had killed three people and wounded more than a dozen others in a shooting rampage in three locations before he was killed by police the paris prosecutor said twenty six year old read a one locked him was born in morocco but lived locally and it become radicalized i met literally look dog the man went to the supermarket by shouting allah akbar and stated he was a soldier eisel and medically die for syria he was asking for their bracelet brothers before shooting a customer a member of staff and they both died instantly in two thousand and seventeen he was under surveillance but there's no signs of indicating he would carry out a terrorist attack. the attack took place in three stages first encounter the gunman carjacked a white opel car wounding the driver and killing his passenger then stealing caucus
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on the gunman shot and wounded one of a group of four police officers who out jogging in the street it was only thin that the gunman drove eight kilometers to the town of type where he attacked a supermarket took hostages and killed two more victims the violence has shaken people across the community. i took cover because he saw me and then he followed me with a knife perhaps he had no more bullets left so i did what anyone else would do i managed to get out and see exit french president emanuel makkal had been in brussels at a european summit as news of the attack came through after returning to paris he said france continue to be under threat. for some years we have paid the price in blood in order to discover the cost of the terrorist threat our soldiers abroad are risking their lives to reduce the threat from iraq and syria
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our forces of law and order do everything in their power to identify threats and neutralize them. now that it's clear the red one lacked in was known to the french intelligence services and had spent time in prison many people in france will be wondering how a man with such a profile could have slipped under the radar obtained weapons and caused so much carnage was actually butler al jazeera treb david chaytor joins us live now from travel and so david a traumatic day for the community there how people processing what's what's happened today. well mary i mean you can imagine is there going to be no easy sleep in this town behind me tonight really was an extraordinary incident for them and it doesn't appear to have been random as far as you know this gunman went on a random killing spree doesn't seem to actually plan didn't anyway and the fact that he chose this town was merely the fact that it was
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a day end of the road he was driving down so you can imagine what they feel like here there were fifty people in that supermarket behind me when the gunman came in a chuck dead two people immediately one of member of staff one a customer took the hostages others had in the cold storage room for an hour or so while they heard the shooting going on there was three schools here two where parents were trying to find out exactly how they get their children police lines were blocking them that's just an awful situation awful two for the hostages they eventually came out because very brave colonel in the john dahmer went in to replace himself with them and probably saved their lives but he is still struggling for his own life he was shot several times by the gunman and so i think people are asking as they would always ask why me why now why here but why did the authorities to the security services to the intelligence offices in france allow
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this to actually happen i think that is the question and the big test for the new president emanuel mccraw tonight david thank you. another rebel group has agreed to pull out of just outside of syria's capital damascus. controls territory in the southern part of the enclave which has been under intense government attack for more than a month now earlier this week fighters from the. evacuation deal the government is now focusing on a third rebel cleric is still holding out in a slaughter reports from beirut. there is no ceasefire here the pro-government alliance is bombing dubai into submission the densely populated towns of the doors or pockets of the now divided feaster who are enclaves is controlled by the rebel faction. the russian military and the syrian government
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want the rebels to surrender negotiations have stalled i. do not in particular demonstrate that there is still ongoing very active and violent as deliveries and people continue to be disgraced there's really no safe place in a lot of these areas as well as report that they've been sheltering in underground shelters in basements that even have not been able to be limited from the violence syrians who aren't afraid to go to government controlled territory have been streaming out of duba for days numbers vary but syrian state media so they are leaving the besieged town in their thousands passing through the government checkpoint that. hundreds remain trapped in particularly those who fear arrest or even execution because of the role of the opposition they are demanding an internationally monitored safe passage to other rebel held areas. those people are
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wanted by the state for opposition related activities they include medical activists civil defense volunteers and medics the united nations says there are one thousand humanitarian and medical workers who are. up in eastern with their families who fear for their future the government calls them terrorists accusing them of hiding behind humanitarian work the syrian army and its allies have recaptured most of the rebel controlled enclave in what has been one of the fiercest bombing campaigns in the past seven years the remaining towns in the southern part of the enclave are controlled by filing. that rebel faction agreed to what amounts to a surrender deal with the russian military it says it wants to end the suffering of the people at whatever cost that cost involved leaving their lives and homes behind . several thousand are being bussed from a town once controlled by after hour a sham fighters who are now along with their families on their way to the rebel held province of idlib in the northwest it has become
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a place where rebels who agreed to hand over territory to the government are sent and more often than not civilians accompany them but it isn't safe it too is a target for the curve its armed forces which are vowing to recapture the whole country so what are you to beirut when out of afghanistan where at least sixteen people have been killed after a suicide bombing in the south of the country another forty have been injured after a car exploded outside a sports stadium in the city of lashkar in helmand province the blast happened as people were leaving a wrestling game that was taking place in the stadium. zimbabwe's former first lady grace will gabi is being investigated for legit involvement in a massive illegal ivory smuggling operation this follows a three month investigation by an undercover journalist and the seizure of a two hundred kilogram package of illegal ivory at harare at ports there is now what reports from johannesburg in neighboring south africa. syndicated this brutal
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us is never going adrian stern went undercover as an ivory buyer in zimbabwe he says he received more death threats and he can count he's a wildlife photographer who began investigating the illegal ivory trade in december speaking exclusively to our desire he says young covered a poaching and smuggling syndicate which he believes is led by the former first lady grace mugabe ivory which is being sourced either from the national parks vote bank the food or from live elephants being killed by poaching syndicates the syndicate within sale to the squad till she would then be able to pack that and sent it out through the airport anything through that airport that was the property of the first lady who was not searched or scanned in any way stern got the documents undercover videos and testimonies which she showed to al jazeera as investigative unit he says they expose the syndicate and the former first lady's involvement this is the vault from where he says tens of millions of dollars of
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ivory and rhino horn was stolen when he presented evidence to zimbabwe's wildlife authority they allowed him in to allege smugglers have since been charged with possession of ivory and investigations been opened a special advisor to president emerson. confirmed to al-jazeera in a written statement that the government of zimbabwe will seek answers from all parties who are implicated in this matter including former first lady grace mugabe about their knowledge of the illegal export of prohibited items from our country. al-jazeera contacted grace mcgarvie staff lawyers and relatives for comment she didn't respond during the presidency of a husband robert she was a controversial figure earning the nickname grace for her extravagant shopping sprees. hopes of succeeding him were dashed when the army forced him from power in november and god took over three weeks later this shipment of two hundred kilograms
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of ivory was seized harare's airport stern says investigations on covered evidence which appears to connect it to grace mcgarvie and the smuggling syndicate the new government keen to clean up its international image after decades of mugabe rule since the change of power the poaching in the smuggling investigation is the first major challenge to the gobby family dynasty malcolm web al-jazeera johannesburg south africa. travels the president of the u.k. based conservation charity on faith foundation tell me illegal poaching in zimbabwe has reached dangerous levels. well if the allegations are up that's not surprising but they are still shocking. at this situation in zimbabwe has been extremely volatile for a very long time and you know we're talking about stockpiles of ivory in the country around one hundred tons one hundred thousand kilos of ivory and according
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to the daily news which is a zimbabwean media operation grace of god he was able to go and raid that stockpile at will in order to sell ivory and raise funds so it's shocking but it's not entirely surprising. still ahead for you on the program allegations of election meddling against a british fan cambridge analytic have spread to mexico. and restoring iraq's railways the government seeks monetary parrots trying network after years of warning clack. however got more story weather across northern parts of australia and they fall off tropical side clone norah just stop around the gulf of carpentaria that's going to bring more wet sand very windy weather in across the region another system still
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swirling away there off the west coast this of course this tropical cyclone marcus the strongest and they're starting waters for around ten years and then we're looking at another area a cloud just pushing through the bike heading towards victoria heading towards melbourne just in time for the the grand prey so for saturday. qualify we're looking at some rain some heavy downpours sunny a possibility maybe with some showers notice for the north really big downpours setting in across the far north of queensland it stays unsettled here we go through sunday stays a little disturbed down into the southeastern corner there from melbourne chance to some showers on race day itself temperatures around twenty two degrees that west the weather well it's pushing some wet weather towards new zealand long white cloud there across the land of the long white cloud will bring further spells of rain into wall clunes as we go on through a day a chance of some showers should be a little try as they go on into sunday we're looking at temperatures then at around twenty one degrees celsius south settled in sunny. twenty degrees.
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on counting the cost facebook and a big data economy the business model at the heart of the world's largest social network coming under scrutiny bus america's guns inside the biggest unregulated weapons market in the developed world counting the cost and i just.
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welcome back a recap of the top stories this hour three people have been killed in southwestern france when a gunman hijacked a car and took hostages in a supermarket the twenty six year old suspect has been shot dead by police the second largest rebel group in the syrian enclave of equate to surrender it follows a deal that was agreed that earlier this week for rebel fighters to be evacuated from the town of iraq to the northern city of. and in afghanistan at least sixteen people have been killed after an explosion in lashkar gah in helmand province forty others have been injured. or global stock markets has been suffering declines due to an escalating trade war between the world's two biggest economies china in the u.s. to pull back from the brink whilst also vying to slap three billion dollars of tariffs on u.s. imports it comes after president trying to impose sixty billion dollars worth of tariffs on chinese goods scott has more from shanghai firing back china responded
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within hours to president donald trump's announcement of the tariffs beijing said it's planning to impose three billion dollars in tariffs of its own targeting one hundred twenty eight u.s. goods bound for china focusing on agriculture wine fruit nuts and pork products but also recycled aluminum and steel pipes this is china vowed it will not back down from a trade war while insisting the friction should be resolved through negotiations. if the dispute continues china says it could damage the broader picture of cooperation between the world's two largest economies it's telling the us to pull back from the brink. it's a destructive move china and the us a world trade leader i think it's going to escalate gradually it will damage the economic relationship between the two countries and that will have a negative impact on the global economy both nations have said they're going to start legal action through the world trade organization here in china's commercial
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capital shanghai there's growing concern over a trade war with the u.s. they're worried about jobs in their worried about chinese businesses chile so it may affect employment in china since export is a big part of china's economy there's a lot of low and industry but in many people's jobs at the penny on exports. so i watch a lot of news of course china will fight back but the point of doing business is that we both we are it doesn't work if america is the only leader china has to protect its own interests to. the increased trade tension could prove to be a challenge for chinese president xi jinping who by a measure passed during the national people's congress earlier this month can remain as leader indefinitely a big trade war with the u.s. could slow china's rapid growth critical to his long term vision it's got harder al-jazeera shanghai investigators from the u.k. data watchdog of and to the offices of cambridge analytics
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a week after revelations the company misuse data from facebook it comes after a high court judge granted a search warrant for that building in central london last week whistleblower valle the company harvested the private information of millions of face but uses to support donald trump's two thousand and sixteen u.s. presidential campaign and cambridge analytic has attempted sphere of influence is alleged to have spread much further candidates in the upcoming mexican presidential election have been forced to deny they employ the u.k. company to help them john heilemann has more on this now from mexico city. cambridge journalists could hold on the cover of course is that it was working in mexico but we do know is that the company did set up shop here and it was looking for a presidential candidate that it could work with now all of the major candidates said that they had nothing to do with the company but this is still a timely wakeup call for mexico and that's because it's heading into the biggest elections in its history
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a move in sixty percent of the population over the age of six is now online making the potential targets for influencing. it slowly going on in the massif the biggest election where the most young people are going to vote and wherever the most votes is connected many will be in the first phase of using this technology and almost all of my facebook and a lot going to depend on how effective a strategy in influencing them as much breaking news is great information. is that they hear us the country's already seeing some dubious online and practices for example since two thousand and twelve experts have no. but when there's a hash tag on twitter it's in particular being criticizing the government then other accounts of sprung up bringing out hundreds of tweets per minute to dilute or to the rail that protesting hash tag they've been cool those accounts penya bots named after the country's president it also emerged last year that the government
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has a book surveillance technology that was then used to spy on human rights lawyers activists and journalists but the focus isn't just going to be on mexico this year there's elections coming up across latin america including brazil colombia and venezuela and there's going to be a lot of guys on the on line battle for the electorate and they just appointed by donald trump is john bolton as national security advisor a politician as previously pushed for bombing iran and north korea but he's not the only hawkish addition to u.s. president's team recently and white house correspondent can really help get reports . recent appointments made by u.s. president ahmed trump to his cabinet have left many in washington nervous i'm really at a point where we're getting very close to having because the other thing that i was on his most recent appointment john bolton as national security adviser underscores that concern. the former u.s.
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ambassador to the united nations was the chief architect of president george w. bush's justification for the two thousand and three us invasion of iraq and appears ready to construct the cases for other wars the national security adviser among whatever other functions he or she might have has two critical roles number one making sure that the president has the four range of options in published editorials bolton has called for the bombing of iran and north korea last month in the wall street journal newspaper he called north korea an imminent threat arguing it is perfectly legitimate for the united states to respond to the current necessity posed by north korea's nuclear weapons by striking first but it's not just bolton surrounding trump with aggressive ideas trump's new pick to lead the u.s. state department is equally hawkish mike pompei o as cia director favors confrontation
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with iran tearing up the iran agreement and supported trump's moving of the u.s. embassy to jerusalem will not a cabinet appointment in pompei as place trump is left gina housefull to take over the cia during her intelligence career she once ran a cia black site in thailand. with a brutal practice of waterboarding took place trump's defense secretary james mattis remains in his cabinet and although he's considered by some to be the moderate voice mattis also holds hawkish views on iran even the recent a dish. one of larry kudlow is white house economic advisor has the u.s. position for an aggressive trade war to counter chinese trade practices but one analyst argues the changing face of the trumpet ministration may actually help the one thing we do know about the koreans and russians and iranians is that they do respect strength and perhaps the show of strength will be enough to call the
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tensions rather. already this week donald trump has picked a fight with china and now it's in terror of dozens of imports into the united states but fears of a trade war are small compared to the big concerns about the fight donald trump now appears to be positioning with north korea and iran can really help at al-jazeera at the white house. groos a new president has been sworn in with a vow to fight corruption at any cost a lot of his car is taking over off the congress accepted the resignation of. it was facing impeachment a former president has been linked with a major corruption scandal involving a brazilian building famine could potentially face prosecution well now moving to tunisia where relatives of people who were killed or wounded during the country's revolution seven years ago say they are still seeking justice. mohamed has met one woman who says the state authorities are responsible for son's death in
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a law office in tunis a mother grieves for her son. fatima says she'd originally sent her two boys to europe because she was worried about what might happen to them in tunisia the hamad her oldest child had only returned home for a short visit i have no idea how do you that. he wanted to stay for two or three months and then the revolution happens the regime of ben ali killed him the regime that i made my son's escape from that my son came back and they killed him not a lawyer let me out for how many represents fatuma and many others who lost family in tunisia's revolution they accuse members of the security forces for the deaths of their relatives and want to see them held to account let me as brother was also killed during the revolution and that it's an honor for me to defend these people because of my belief in this case that before everything else it's personal for me . many tunisians have for years now also demanded the government issue
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a formal list of those killed in the revolution and while the preliminary list of names was prepared in two thousand and eleven it was never released the issue is a huge bone of contention for relatives of those who died in tunisia's revolution they can't believe an official list has yet to be published and say their loved ones won't get the justice they deserve until the matter is finalized. those wounded during the revolution are also seeking redress come out to hunt he says he was shot by security forces during a protest he shows us his wounds and explains how he won't be able to get proper medical care unless the government includes his name on a list of those injured during the revolution. the every time i knock on the door they ask me why i'm coming now and tell me that i have to wait until the final list gets published see have been said that even who heads up tunisia's truth and dignity commission tells us a list of those injured and killed during the revolution should have been released years ago she says that her group which is tasked with investigating crimes that go
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back decades will publish a register. victims spanning from one nine hundred fifty five until the end of two thousand and thirteen the how yet the victims of what happened during the revolution of bill find themselves in hollywood as in this register of victims of persecution which will be published by the commission in the unified register of victims of persecution that had back at the law offices the work will continue and the grief will go on seven years after a revolution that shook a region they say that for them not much has changed. to news tunisia now it's one of the oldest rail networks in the middle east and it was once also one of the largest but iraq iraq always is now a shadow of its former self after years of war neglect now plans are underway to at least partially restore its former glory and run call reports from the capital baghdad all the challenges ahead. this was once the pride of iraq baghdad central
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station. home to the realm that work the once reached far and wide across iraq to syria and connecting on to turkey as recently as two thousand and two iraqi railways began in one nine hundred twelve taking over a small local route built in one thousand nine hundred nine the invasion by u.s. troops in two thousand and three and then the occupation and the war against eisel since have all taken a toll. a touch of faded glamour remains but we just two services a week to the southern iraqi city of it's a shadow of its former self. in two thousand and ten foreign investors came in the iraqis bought twelve new chinese trains but i solicit tax put paid to that reinvestment and rebuilding plan now. that what happened after i still took control over the three major sunni provinces in iraq back then is the deliberate
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sabotage against the vital railways in the neveh salon had seen and the size destroying the trains and freight trains including the stations and associated workshops and buildings we are aiming to rebuild what was destroyed by terrorism in collaboration with the ministry of finance and planning and i.m.f. . critics say it's an optimistic assessment so far nowhere near enough money has been allocated for the rail revival a deal with the i.m.f. to provide a five billion dollars for reconstruction has yet to be finalized passages a few and even then the complaints are many. well we filmed the train broke down and this was cancelled. by the moment they started out at the tritone is not even moved yet and then they told us it's broken down they told us there were no services we're going to take the trying to avoid car accidents on the road as we believe it's safer now the operating staff keep relocating us to the
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trains there's a lot of missed out when it comes to iraq the roadways the old remember them fondly on the young as part of iraq's history but with the road and trouble crucially more convenience. it's unlikely the iraq throwaways will ever met their international had. the best role phones and government leaders can hope for is a regular and well maintained domestic service that might be able to make a profit on algis or baghdad i can always go to a website called for all the latest on the headlines and of course not all see take it that also takes you behind the headlines you can watch us live there as well al-jazeera. pick up date on the top stories now police in southern france have shot dead
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a man suspected of hijacking a car and taking people hostage inside a supermarket three people were killed several others are reported to have been injured if r.c. say one other person has also been arrested the dead suspects been named as twenty six year old red one born in morocco. the man into the supermarket i shared. and stated he was a soldier of eisel and ready to die for syria he was asked you to super ration of brothers before shooting. in a member of staff they both died instantly must be freed after police negotiator. and our other top stories the rebel group. agreed to surrender an area in the south of syria's eastern ghouta the evacuation of rebels from another group is also continuing from arrest at the syrian army's assault to retake eastern ghouta began a month ago has been one of the most intense attacks of the seven year war. at
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least sixteen people have been killed in a suicide bomb attack outside a sports stadium in southern afghanistan forty people were also wounded in that attack which happened in the city of lashkar gah in helmand province the blast happened just as people were leaving the site where they'd been watching a wrestling match. china has called on the u.s. to pull back from the brink as fears of a trade war grow it says it will impose its own tower ifs on u.s. goods if president trump insists on taxing chinese imports stock markets around the world fell off to trance and else mint of the plan cruz a new president has been sworn in martin this car is taking over after congress accepted the resignation of federal public a chin ski he resigned amid allegations of corruption and investigators in the u.k. data watchdog have entered the offices of cambridge analytic a week after revelations the company misused data from facebook it comes after
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a high court judge granted a search warrant for that building in central london last week a whistleblower feel the company harvested the private information of millions of face but uses to support trump's two thousand and sixteen presidential campaign counting the cost is coming up next stay with us. there were seven candidates vying for egypt's presidency. now there are just two and with president abdul fattah el-sisi poised for his second term in power international rights groups are calling this election a farce we'll bring you the latest coverage and analysis of the egypt election on al-jazeera. has i'm sick of this is counting the cost on al-jazeera your weekly look at the world of business and economics this week facebook's big data problem our information is.


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