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over the next day or two the showers continue across the western side of the caribbean but i want to say i was creeping toward jamaica but by a lot is dry. and new yes new lessons and new rules this is the time when you get to choose your english teacher is for the next two years meet the teachers empowering their students my facts and my core all about freedom going to spectate i want you to develop the skill with which you speak by letting them choose the lessons they learned revelent acacia and democratic schooling united kingdom at this time honored his era. this is al-jazeera.
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hello and welcome i'm peter w. watching the news live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes more details emerge on the twenty six year old attacker who killed three people and took others hostage in southern france. after weeks of intense bombardment by the syrian government the second largest rebel group strikes a deal to leave eastern. peru has a new president after his predecessor resigned following allegations of corruption . in the offices of cambridge and a little as part of the investigation into alleged misuse of facebook data. the police in southern france have been searching the home of a gunman who killed three people in a series of attacks the man hijacked
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a car and shot at police before taking hostages at a supermarket in the town of trade he was shot dead by the police is natasha but. as police investigated the scene in the. town of type in southwest france a clearer picture began to emerge of the man who had killed three people and wounded more than a dozen others in a shooting rampage in three locations before he was killed by police the paris prosecutor said twenty six year old read to one locked him was born in morocco but lived locally and it become radicalized i met literally looked the man into the supermarket by shouting allah akbar and stated he was a soldier i saw and ready to die for syria he was asking for the break brothers before shooting a customer a member of staff they both died instantly in two thousand and seventeen he was under surveillance but there's no signs of indicating he would carry out a terrorist attack the attack took place in three stages first encounter on the
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gunman come and carjacked a white opel car wounding the driver and killing his passenger then stealing caucus on the gunman shot and wounded one of a group of four police officers who were out jogging in the street it was only then that the gunman drove eight kilometers to the town of type where he attacked a supermarket took hostages and killed two more victims the violence has shaken people across the community it was you know passed through i took cover because he saw me and then he followed me with a knife perhaps he had no more bullets left i did what anyone else would do i managed to get out through an emergency exit french president emmanuel makkal had been in brussels at a european summit as news of the attack came through after returning to paris he said france continue to be under threat. of the knee for some years we have paid
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the price in blood in order to discover the cost of the terrorist threat our soldiers abroad are risking their lives to reduce the threat from iraq and syria our forces of law and order do everything in their power to identify threats and neutralize them. now that it's clear the red won like dame was known to the french intelligence services and it spent time in prison many people and friends will be wondering how a man with such a profile could have slipped under the radar and obtained weapons and caused so much carnage it's actually al-jazeera treb. well the police officer who switched places with a hostage during the attack has been identified as colonel are nobel trial they'll try to help bring the standoff at the supermarket to an end he managed to leave his mobile phone on so that the police could hear what was going on inside he suffered life threatening injuries one of the sixteen people injured in the days violence. rafael ball song is a security analyst and research associate for the german institute for
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international and security affairs he says france has to deal with terror threats that stem from home as well as abroad france has been facing terrorism for meddling time indeed i mean no need on a national basis which is also for many many other countries but also from a jihadist salafist threat which is actually already been going on since the latest in one nine hundred ninety s. so not since it's not new and have sort of many many foiled plots in the past and of course in recent years and i'm also. i think what the remark by mccrone indicates is that most people are looking at the end of the islamic state. primary sort of concerned with so-called foreign fighters who've gone there and come back battle hardened and trained and seen as a major threat but while that is still the case attacks like this remind us of the security services that. other sources people who are living long time in the
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country and may not actually have this kind of experience post just as much as a threat at least of this kind of more improvised small scale attacks that we've seen just today. another rebel group has agreed to pull out of east and just outside syria's capital damascus the government controls only all of the territory previously held by the rebels feel like rahman is the latest group to withdraw earlier this week fighters from the group also agreed to an evacuation deal seen a hold of reports from beirut. there is no ceasefire here the pro-government alliance is bombing into submission the densely populated town of the northern pocket of the now divided eastern who are enclaves is controlled by the rebel faction. the russian military and the syrian government want the rebels to surrender negotiations have stalled i do not in particular
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demonstrate that there is still ongoing very active and violent and people continued to be disgraced there is really no safe place and a lot of these areas that was reported that they've been sheltering in underground shelters in basements that even have not been able to be limited from the violence syrians who aren't afraid to go to government controlled territory have been streaming out of duma for days numbers vary but syrian state media so they are leaving the besieged town in their thousands passing through the government checkpoint that. hundreds remain trapped in duma particularly those who fear arrest or even execution because of their role in the opposition they are demanding an internationally monitored safe passage to other rebel held areas. those people are wanted by the state for opposition related activities they include medical activists civil defense volunteers and medics the united nations says there are one thousand humanitarian and medical workers who are trapped in eastern huta with
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their families who fear for their future the government calls them terrorists accusing them of hiding behind humanitarian work. the syrian army and its allies have recaptured most of the rebel controlled enclave in what has been one of the fiercest bombing campaigns in the past seven years the remaining towns in the southern part of the enclave are controlled by fila man that rebel faction agreed to what amounts to a surrender deal with the russian military it says it wants to end the suffering of the people at whatever cost. that cost involves leaving their lives and homes behind. several thousand are being bussed from a town once controlled by after hour a sham fighters who are now along with their families on their way to the rebel held province of idlib in the northwest it has become a place where rebels who agreed to hand over territory to the government are sent and more often than not civilians accompany them but it isn't safe it too is
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a target for the government's armed forces which are vowing to recapture the whole country. beirut. through has a new president says he's martin scada he's been sworn in replacing petro public resigned in the face of threats of impeachment over corruption allegations mariana sanchez from lima. the scatter was greeted with a standing ovation it's the same congress that pushed him out of his post as transport minister less than one year ago. the fifty five year old former governor of a tiny southern state to deep oath amidst the deepest political crisis in decades in the end the nation. will it's time to say enough is enough what has happened most marked the time to put an end to the politics of hate and confrontation that hasn't done anything else but damage the country. the other bitch corruption scandal led to the resignation of. former president. and
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congress approved the extradition of another former president. from the. us at the end of the night on friday the new president said he would be tough on corruption. the grave situation that we've been true merits the clarification of responsibilities and that any type of regularity committed should be taken to justice. many peruvian say they're ready to move on just almost down south with pam but we're tired of being so underdeveloped of so much corruption we want martin to be our hope that he really improves our country's development education health and agriculture should be the main issues to succeed analysts say the big question for these cattle now is where will he get the political strength to govern with this hallway where the mahdi and a popular fourth party hold the majority only gets you a majority that former president. accused of impeding his ability to govern his
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party peruvians for change now support but with very few votes. and the challenges for change are many from reigniting the economy to fighting crime and pushing forward rebuilding the country left devastated by the phenomenon last year . however many say the scatters greatest challenge will be to get the people's trust an opinion poll says that in early march eighty one percent of peruvians didn't even know his name but innocent just i just. to the us now were at least half a million people are expected to attend a major anti gun rally in washington on saturday the so-called march for our lives is being led by students from the florida school where seventeen people were killed last month another eight hundred events are in organized worldwide to coincide with this demonstration here's mike hanna is.
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this part of a new movement sweeping through the united states needs a new. generation of activists. cause a rejection of gun violence they demand that the politicians do something about it at our school was right but. it's not ok we are have elected officials whose purpose is whose purpose it is to tell class and they are doing their jobs and it's time that we call them out for what they're not doing the tipping point for many was the shooting at a school in parkland florida in february at least seven hundred students and adults were killed by a one thousand year old who'd been expelled from the school over disciplinary problems nationwide protests in the wake of the shootings has morphed into more than one about gun violence in schools there is strands of activism are coming together in what is becoming a powerful force for wider social change when you listen even to some of the
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statements that were made by students or just the national debate on gun violence in general and which has a lot of demands about people doing more for controlling gun violence you know controlling guns period. but what's left out then is a discussion about how those measures those allows criminalize and disparately impact black and brown communities john kelly is one of the many who lost a loved one to gun violence his brothers were shot dead by a one thousand meters from his front door in northeast washington the support for me to speak out today because so many voices. have lost the nation. and pacifically in our community his father curtis was among those who met with president trump in the wake of the florida shootings and spoke of the frustration in seeking change it has been a fight because everybody show up for photo ops all the politicians show up to say
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we're going to get it done we're going to protect our kids but just for just. couple weeks later school shooting those here will join the hundreds of thousands who march in protest this weekend what a great way to deal with the deep sad knowledge shared. kelly will not be there mike hanna al-jazeera washington. well just to round off our coverage of the reaction to what happened in that florida school for you there was an interfaith gathering a little earlier in washington that follows point yesterday where protesters chanted shame on you two u.s. politicians and the president mr trump said last year he would never infringe on the right to keep a long running and contested debate of course within the united states we have seen many many school shootings but this one seems to have been the one that has knowledge to american politicians towards
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a tipping point because it left seventeen students and staff members dead it was the deadliest school shooting in the united states since twenty twelve let's talk now to brandon scott he's a baltimore city council member he joins us live brandon scott public opinion in the states is soaring for it is growing in popularity for stricter gun control seven out of ten people who were recently asked do you want stricter gun control said yes so how do people like you campaigners capitalize on that. i think we've got some communications links there between doha and baltimore we'll go back to that if we can we'll try and reestablish the circuit there too brendan in baltimore as we stay with these latest pictures in the first public comments on gun control since the attack of course mr trump blamed the opposition the democrats for not passing the right laws the right legislation when they controlled congress
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during the early years of the obama administration we're still having issues with baltimore we will go back to it when we can we can go back to it brandon scott we lost you there for a second but thanks for bearing with us the point i was making i don't know if you heard it or not so forgive me thanks i'll have to run through it one more time seven out of ten people in america now say yes we want stricter gun control how do people like you at the cutting edge of gun control capitalize on that and deliver for potentially the next victims in the next school shooting. well i think that this and we've had a one hundred and ninety three school shootings in america since columbine in one nine hundred ninety nine i was a freshman in high school where there is embarrassing to this country that we have not seeing significant federal action federal legislation about that but i think
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now that the children of the united states and the children across the world are actually joining them in support and we're going to be marching on washington d.c. tomorrow look at the history of our country look at the civil rights movement for example it wasn't until those children start to get involved in those funny listen so my hope is that the people in d.c. get it but if not in this town to remove them from office and put people in there would do the right thing and that's to put the same tittie of american children before the same to the american guns given the way the numbers are stacking up in your favor or in the favor of the low b. that you represent would it be fair to say that the idea donald trump's idea of training teachers to use guns in the classroom if needs be was a complete and utter nonstarter. yeah it's a nonstarter for anyone that understands if the president and the folks from the president's party want to look for some sensible things to do with gun control in dealing with the gun problem in america i'm a mere a member of america's cabinets
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a group of young elected officials from across the country there are often a progressive difference a different take on to donald trump's candidate and they have a letter that they we've sent out to attorney general sessions and all this talk about things that we could do right bringing back bringing back background checks universal background checks for anyone the assault rifles ban bringing that back banning these high capacity magazines simple things allowing people to talk to people about mental health policy at the office to intervene early on folks who have guns who showed early signs of doing these things allowing apartment of education to do it completely assessment on how we're providing safety for our schools those are the things that we can and should be doing but arming teachers teachers is not the way teachers are not law enforcement professionals they should not be doing that we should be dealing with how we can keep guns out of the hands of people this should not have them in the first place people to home and not just young people in schools but in the inner cities of america like baltimore where i
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live is a school here excel academy has seven young people dying one year and for me speaking at the graduation of the school seeing those empty chairs seeing the parents cry as they receive the diplomas for children that will never see a life will never see the life alive long lost and gone into the thousands of young people with endure school shootings in america we have to get this right now they have to listen to the children and do the right thing for america ok when you set up port you do. one of the friends you do that was getting use protection groups put together where people younger people became cognizant with how to keep themselves safe when it came to being a run for guns or near guns or near potential flashpoints of violence involving guns. and that involved there was an overlap between what those young people were doing and local politicians why is the new party high higher up at the highest level with in american politics talking to young people i mean literally talking to
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young people could it be that the photo opportunities to say because it might just interrupt you it might backfire because if you get a young person of seventeen asking donald trump why do you take so much money off the n.r.a. that headline that photograph will run and run yeah i think that we have to understand america that we live in and also understand that so many especially our federal level officials are so tied in not with just the n.r.a. but are so afraid to do things progressive things were so afraid to rock the boat and do it even though they know in their heart is right there was no one there understand when i heard one of my representatives here in maryland stinney hoyer talk about how he is he feels that his colleagues should be ashamed of themselves for not acting on this all of these times every time we say thank you pray for these people have prayers thoughts and prayers moments of silence but when we're going to have a moment of action i think there's so many of them afraid to talk to these young
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people because these young people don't want to hear about them praying they don't want to hear about them saying we're so sorry there won't be a next time they want to see them acting so they can be sure there will not be a next time scott good to talk to you thank you very much for your time. donald trump's appointment of the hardline the john bolton as national security adviser has raised questions internationally mr bolton has previously pushed for preemptive bombing of iran and north korea but he's not the only recent addition to the u.s. president's team was a more aggressive tone kimberly helped get us the story from washington. recent appointments made by u.s. president ahmed trump to his cabinet have left many in washington nervous i'm really at a point where we're getting very close to having because the other thing that are his most recent appointment of john bolton as national security adviser underscores that concern. the former u.s.
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ambassador to the united nations was the chief architect of president george w. bush's justification for the two thousand and three us invasion of iraq and appears ready to construct the cases for other wars for national security advisor among whatever other functions he or she might have has two critical roles number one making sure that the president has the four range of options in published editorials bolton has called for the bombing of iran and north korea last month in the wall street journal newspaper he called north korea an imminent threat arguing it is perfectly legitimate for the united states to respond to the current necessity posed by north korea's nuclear weapons by striking first but it's not just bolton surrounding trump with aggressive ideas trump's new pick to lead the u.s. state department is equally hawkish mike pompei o.
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as cia director favors confrontation with iran tearing up the iran agreement and supported trumps moving of the us embassy to jerusalem will not a cabinet appointment in pompei as place trump is left gina housefull to take over the cia during her intelligence career she once ran a cia black site in thailand. with a brutal practice of waterboarding took place trump's defense secretary james mattis remains in his cabinet and although he's considered by some to be the moderate voice mattis also holds hawkish views on iran even the recent a dish. larry kudlow is white house economic advisor has the u.s. position for an aggressive trade war to counter chinese trade practices but one analyst argues the changing face of the trumpet ministration may actually help the one thing we do know about north koreans and russians and iranians is that they do respect strength and perhaps the show of strength will be enough to call them
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tensions rather. already this week donald trump has picked a fight with china and now it's in terror of dozens of imports into the united states but fears of a trade war are small compared to the big concerns about the fight donald trump now appears to be positioning with north korea and iran can really help. at the white house. still to come for you here on the news hour including zimbabwe's former first lady grace mugabe is implicated in the massive ivory smuggling ring. tens of thousands rally in poland against plans to make it harder for women to have an abortion. and in the sports news using boats continues his unlikely quest to make it as a professional football. zimbabwe's junior doctors are continuing to strike over wages despite the government refusing
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to pay salaries and allowances the doctors say they will not be intimidated and will not return to work until their demands are met is the first big labor dispute since the new president. took office last year from harare. junior doctors in zimbabwe have been on strike for nearly a month they demanding better pay and working conditions they say their basic salary is three hundred and twenty nine dollars a month they do get some allowances but they insist it's not enough they feel the government is ignoring them they feel the government isn't taking seriously it's an angry and the frustration you're frustrated every day you see patients but there's no equipment there no gloves there is visually nothing your patients can't have access to blood so it's it's though it's the experience they have then on top of that the doctor and a hundred doctors are dangerous to. the minister himself to the house of straw the
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teaching system so we're really hoping that there's going to be engagement from the procedure to fix these issues because clearly it is now going beyond the capabilities of the minister and his office zimbabwe's government is broke it's a shortage of foreign currency the ministry of health has made some striking doctors trying to convince them to go back to work myself but every offer the support on the table has been rejected it seems the patients who are suffering the most in many public hospitals they aren't even essential drugs some of the doctors who are on strike i've been complaining say that there are days when they don't even have gloves to do their work right now there's no indication when the strike is going to end and a lot of people are watching the situation very very closely as a health situation in zimbabwe continues to deteriorate. zimbabwe's former first lady grace mccartney is being investigated for alleged involvement in an ivory smuggling operation it follows a three month inquiry by an undercover journalist on the seizure of
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a two hundred kilogram package of illegal ivory at harare airport malcolm webb has the story has indicated he's going to tell us is never going adrian stern went undercover as an ivory fire in zimbabwe he says he received more death threats and he can count he's a wildlife photographer. he began investigating the illegal ivory trade in december speaking exclusively to our zira he says young covered a poaching and smuggling syndicate which he believes is led by the former first lady grace mugabe which is being sourced either from the national parks vote bank thieves or pilfered or from live elephants being killed by poaching syndicates the syndicate within sale to the squad till she would then be able to pack that and send it out through the airport anything through that airport that was the property of the first lady was not searched or scanned in any way stern got the documents undercover videos and testimonies which she showed to al-jazeera as investigative
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unit he says they expose the syndicate and the former first lady's involvement this is the vote from where he says tens of millions of dollars of ivory and rhino horn were stolen when he presented evidence to zimbabwe's wildlife authority there how they mean to allege smugglers have since been charged with possession of ivory and investigations been opened a special advisor to president emerson. confirmed to our dizzier in a written statement that the government of zimbabwe will seek answers from all parties who were implicated in this matter including former first lady grace mugabe about their knowledge of the illegal export of prohibited items from our country al-jazeera contacted grace mcgarvie staff lawyers and relatives for comment she didn't respond during the presidency of a husband robert she was a controversial figure earning the nickname grace for her extravagant shopping
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sprees. hopes of succeeding him were dashed when the army forced him from power in november and god took over three weeks later this shipment of two hundred kilograms of ivory was seized harare's airport stern says his investigations on covered evidence which appears to connect it to grace mcgarvie and the smuggling syndicate the new government keen to clean up its international image after decades of mugabe rule since the change of power the poaching in the smuggling investigation is the first major challenge to the mugabe family dynasty malcolm web al-jazeera johannesburg south africa. still to come here on al-jazeera seeking justice seven years on from the revolution and soon is your families of those who died try to hold the government accountable. and you tax is on the menu in somalia and sleeving us our series with customers and business owners. and the sport with andy afghanistan achieve an unlikely cricketing dream.
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from dusky sunsets over this pruning savannah. to sunrise atop an asian metropolis hello we've got some pleasant spring sunshine across southern parts of china over the next couple of days twenty four celsius there for hong kong but more rain though into central areas easing up towards shanghai shanghai should stay. to mystically will be settled here is a guy through the next as a twenty one twenty two degrees a possibility for shanghai over the next day or so the rain though a little more widespread as we go through sunday but come further south and it will stay dry and fine twenty four celsius again then in hong kong and that dry weather stretches down into loose on the central and southern parts of the philippines could pick up a few showers wanted to shout any possibility heat of the day down polls as per usual they continue across malaysia into indonesia maybe seen
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a few showers there into java but the tendency is for the showers to creep the well little further north which is we go on through the coming days and of course we're looking at fine and dry weather continuing across thailand bangkok thirty three degrees funded by two across much of south asia possibility of a little bit of cloud just creeping towards flanker as we go through the next day or so but i don't think we're looking at too much in the way of any or wetter weather into the high thirty's therefore not pull on saturday and sunday five in new delhi and karate graci thirty seven. the weather sponsored by cats are these. stories of life. and inspiration. a series of short documentaries from around the wilds. that celebrate the human spirit against the odds coming from.
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welcome back you're with the news hour live from. let's just get through the headlines for you so far today the police in france have been searching the home of the gunman who killed three people in a series of attacks in the south of the country or being shot dead by the police he's been identified as twenty six year old greg doing the elect him who claims he was acting on behalf of myself. a second rebel group as if we could pull out of eastern syria the government controls nearly all of the previously rebel held territory near damascus. martin biscardi has been sworn in as that he. resident in peru the former vice president will replace pedro public. who resigned after facing threats of impeachment over allegations of corruption. there's been an increase in attacks by illegal israeli settlers against palestinians in the occupied west bank since the start of this year according to new figures from the united nations. has been speaking to palestinian victims about the daily struggle to protect themselves
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taking to pastor has become a daily gamble for. his village of is surrounded by several illegal jewish settlements up there. and more and more often settlers come down. in one week he came twice the first time i was alone in there were eighteen of them i told one of them that i had called the police but they didn't go away my main worry was the sheep then six more attacked me and the others headed towards the sheep still some i couldn't do anything alone. zaphod was wounded in the head and says he lost a third of his life stuck this video shot by the organization rabbis for human rights shows the second attack a few days later about twenty settlers many must seem throwing stones at palestinians with israeli soldiers standing by. the u.n.
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says the weekly average of settler attacks has increased by fifty percent since the beginning of the year these are not isolated incidents such as attacks happen a bit all over the occupied west bank and there's very little people can do simply because israel is in charge of the security in about eighty percent of the palestinian territory and palestinian security forces are not allowed to operate in those areas the village of zeph it is in the so-called area b. which means that palestinians have only civilian control security matters are indeed a hands of the occupying forces bibles. the army itself attacks palestinians with tear gas and rubber bullets even when it's the settlers who are provoking and the palestinians are trying to protect the villages no settler is ever detained only palestinians. legal proceedings rarely reach a conclusion only eight percent of all complaints filed have led to an indictment
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less than half to a conviction it's wide as the families say they never filed a complaint at a time when they come under attack by their neighbors settlers on a nearly weekly basis they have reinforced all their windows with metal netting and bars and the string to quickly pulled the shutters in case of trouble. it's been a long time since we had them wide open we don't feel like we're in a prison that we will stand a house that's how hard the israeli army told them that it takes such incidents very seriously and will operate to bring this suspects to justice but in his latest report israel's state controller criticized israeli police in the west bank for failing to investigate crimes against palestinians which violate international law but at that hamid al-jazeera in the occupied west bank. relatives of china's ians
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killed during the revolution seven years ago say they won't stop fighting for justice a grieving mother who blames the government for the death of her son has been speaking out i mean jump whom has her story from the capital tunis in a law office in tunis a mother grieves for her son. fatima says she'd originally sent her two boys to europe because she was worried about what might happen to them in tunisia the hamad her oldest child had only returned home for a short visit as to how do you that. he wanted to stay for two or three months and then the revolution happens the regime of ben ali killed him and the regime that i made my son's escape from my son came back and they killed him the lawyer for hani represents fault them and many others who lost family in tunisia's revolution they accuse members of the security forces for the deaths of their relatives and want to see them held to account let me as brother was also killed during the revolution and it's an honor for me to defend these people because of my belief in this case
5:38 am
that before everything else it's personal for me. many tunisians have for years now also demanded the government issue a formal list of those killed in the revolution and while the preliminary list of names was prepared in two thousand and eleven it was never released the issue is a huge bone of contention for relatives of those who died in tunisia's revolution they can't believe an official list has yet to be published and say their loved ones won't get the justice they deserve until the matter is finalized. those wounded during the revolution are also seeking redress command to honey says he was shot by security forces during a protest. he shows us his wounds and explains how he won't be able to get proper medical care unless the government includes his name on a list of those injured during the revolution. and look better every time i knock on the door they ask me why i'm coming now and tell me that i have to wait until the final list gets published see hand inside the mean who heads up tunisia's truth
5:39 am
and dignity commission tells us a list of those injured and killed during the revolution should have been released years ago she says that her group which is tasked with investigating crimes that go back decades will publish a register of victims spanning from one nine hundred fifty five until the end of two thousand and thirteen the how yet the victims of what happened during the revolution the bill find themselves included in this register of victims of persecution which will be published by the commission in the unified register as a victims of persecution that back at the law offices the work will continue and the grief will go on seven years after a revolution that shook the region they say that for them not much has changed. tunis tunisia. the london offices of cambridge analytic being searched as part of an investigation into the alleged misuse of private information of millions of facebook users the raid by the u.k.'s data watchdog comes after
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a high court judge granted a search warrant for the company offices last week a whistleblower claimed the company harvested private data from fifty million facebook profiles information was allegedly used to support donald trump's twenty sixteen u.s. presidential campaign. some companies are distancing themselves from facebook after revelations of that major leak of user data on musk has deleted the facebook pages for his space x. and tesla companies after he was dead to do that on twitter other companies have followed suit including web giant mozilla and the german bank the comet's bank it is the latest fallout from the scandal that seen facebook stock price tumble i made an online movement to delete personal accounts facebook is planning a closed door staff meeting very soon top of the agenda facebook. well cambridge analytic is influence may have spread further than just the u.s. elections in twenty sixteen candidates in the upcoming mexican presidential
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election arginine reports they are also high the u.k. company john coleman has more now from mexico city. cambridge journalists could told on the cover of porters that it was working in mexico what we do know is that the company did set up shop here and it was looking for a presidential candidate that it could work with now all of the major candidates said that they had nothing to do with the company but this is still a timely wakeup call for mexico and that's because it's heading into the biggest elections in its history a move in sixty percent of the population over the age of six is now online making the potential targets for influencing their is slowly curing the mascot and down in massachusetts biggest election where the most young people are going to vote and we have of the most voters connected many will be invest phase of using new technology and almost all of my facebook and a lot going to depend on how effective a strategy is influencing them as much make news as voting him a sheet dip in the dow the losses that they hear us the country's already seeing
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some devious online and tech practices for example since two thousand and twelve experts have noticed that when there's a hash tag on twitter this in particular been criticizing the government then other accounts are sprung up bringing out hundreds of tweets per minute to dilute or to the rail that protesting hash tag they've been cool those accounts penya bots named after the country's president it also emerged last year that the government had booked surveillance technology that was then used to spy on human rights lawyers activists and journalists but the focus isn't just going to be on mexico this year there's elections coming up across latin america including brazil colombia and venezuela and there's going to be a lot of guys on the on line battle for the electorate. protesters taking place in catalonia after spain's top court detained the separatist leaders for their role in
5:43 am
last year's independence bit the court also issued international arrest warrants for six other catalan figures they fled abroad including the former regional president thomas huge amounts police used batons to keep demonstrations away from the federal government offices in barcelona. around fifty five thousand demonstrators in poland have rallied against plans to restrict abortions the country already has some of the harshest laws in europe illegal terminations are commonplace while others opt to travel abroad to have an abortion is a word. marching towards poland's parliament signs of defiance. thousands of women and men coming together to fight plans to make it harder top an abortion in poland where the norse already some of the most restrictive in the european union. i have two values that's why i'm here it's compassion and respect for women and respect for life they want limits human
5:44 am
rights and it's only human rights we cannot talk about human rights when we exclude fifty percent of population the current law allows women to have an abortion if there's a risk to their life or their health or their pregnancy is the result of rape or incest and if there's irreversible damage to the fetus the new law would ban all abortions in cases of beetle abnormality it's about being pregnant and knowing the child that you're carrying is going to die actually and die in pain and that's what the church wants from us and that's what the government wants from us and they have no idea what they are talking about. in twenty sixteen an attempt by the government to restrict abortion was dropped after the large scale protests this new bill put forward by civic group is backed by the catholic church and m.p.'s from poland's ruling party. this latest considered another example of the battle
5:45 am
between hard line conservatives or more liberal elements in poder society anti abortion campaigners say a change to the current law would save lives i am deeply shocked that. anyone could . go out to the streets and. promotes their right to kill their weak and most harmless people you can imagine so the disabled children in their whims of harm of their mothers un human rights experts are calling on the polish government to reject the bill campaigners on both sides to ply tom and he would al-jazeera. politicians of last in georgia city assembly a heated debate turned violent punches started flying between two opposition members one of whom went on the offensive using a telephone as an improvised weapon meanwhile arguing over the creation of a new political faction in the city is a d.d.
5:46 am
after they were separated by fellow politicians medics had to be called in to treat them for their injuries. now there is growing anger in somalia from consumers there over the rising cost of shopping and eating out it's all because the first five percent sales tax is being put on goods the first time that's happened in almost thirty years the government says levy is crucial for somalia's economic recovery mohammed atta reports now from mogadishu. we're going to shoes lido beach is a sign of somalia's growing sense of optimism that it's come first with shaded table sit clients mainly middle market issues welfare elite sipping expensive coffee but these days they're having to pay more for their food and drinks the government has just introduced a five percent sales tax for the first time in almost thirty years many are unhappy any higher i just paid three dollars of tax yet i don't trust is the government they have missed my needs revenue from other sources including don't now finally
5:47 am
this tax will not be different and the reaction of somali traders to the attacks has been more dramatic. shops and tolson mogadishu's palling but car market which is a lifeline for the city and surrounding areas remain closed for days the traders were particularly and get by the government's insistence that they pay the value added tax upfront i am one of the mothers of them and we had meetings with the prime minister in his finance minister to voice our complaints the meetings was inconclusive we then decided to shut our businesses in protest. businesses have since really opened signaling up fast round of victory for the government of the last we explain that there was no going back on this tax and that it must be paid for the sake of the nation of somalia people relented and now more and more people are stepping forward to register for taxation. government officials live in you from toxins will be distributed across the region thought the country to fund health care education infrastructure and security tax collection is also
5:48 am
a key condition for that relief. from the international monetary fund and the world bank. so malia olds are on four billion dollars most of it interest and penalties or nearly three decades all made to the former military government whose overthrow in one thousand nine to one plunged the country into years of lawlessness. that makes it almost impossible for mogadishu to access money from international organizations like the i.m.f. forcing it to rely almost entirely on aid for its budget with some semblance of to exist from now in place this optimism that somalia my top and backed down the road to solve reliance but in taxing a nation the official navies in almost three decades officials admit they're facing a daunting task mamadou all just. still ahead here on al-jazeera one hundred
5:49 am
forty pilot whales die in a mass stranding in australia but scientists say the deaths won't be in vain. and the sports news. no expenses to welcome the new big name signing we'll have that story when we come back. well i think one of our biggest strengths is that we talk to normal everyday people we get them to tell their stories and doing that really reveals the truth people
5:50 am
are still gathered outside these gates waiting for any information most of them don't know whether their loved ones are alive or dead or miami really is a place where two worlds meet we can get to washington d.c. in two hours we can get it on jurists in the rest of central america about the same time but more importantly as well those two cultures north and south america. it's a very important place for al jazeera to be. welcomed back the park service in western australia is cleaning up after a mass whale stranding volunteers worked for hours to try and save one hundred fifty pilot whales but only six survived it happened at a beach in ireland on the southwestern tip of australia is under thomas.
5:51 am
a fisherman found the pilot whales in distress early on friday morning. volunteers ran to the beach but couldn't save many. the one side saying go back in the water they actually come back around on beach and selves again i watch one of them happen three times and still you wouldn't see local government workers brought trucks on to the beach to remove the carcasses. thank you because. i think why people are bringing up health that we. know. the whales beached themselves in exactly the same place as a group of eighty did on exactly the same day in two thousand. no one knows for sure why whales beach themselves these days in new zealand last year some think it
5:52 am
group tried to rescue a single whale and get stuck themselves others speculate they get confused by submarine sonar rough weather is another possibility scientists will carry out all top seeds on the carcasses to look for clues an opportunity like this is one that vets and other marine experts will definitely take on board so they can learn more about what these animals eighteen as well as the different sizes if there was a family say or a lot of fails males young calves this provides really good interesting information that scientists will benefit in the long run the priority now is clearing the carcasses before they float away dead whales in the sea attracts great white sharks close to shore and people police are warning them not to go swimming andrew thomas al-jazeera sydney. time for the sport with around. thank you very much well afghanistan of claim the tenth and final place at next year's cricket world cup in england they beat ireland by five wickets the qualifying event being hosted by
5:53 am
zimbabwe this win for afghanistan that eliminated ireland was the culmination of the toughest world cup qualification process in twenty five years ireland restricted to a score of two hundred nine to seven in their fifty overs but the sports world governing body the i.c.c. has been criticised for reducing the size of the game's highest profile events it means teams like zimbabwe nepal scotland and the united arab emirates of all this doubts about afghanistan made sure of their prize winning in harare with five balls to spare the country into the world cup for the second time. for the fifty over world cup has become the incredible shrinking torment next year's event in england will include just ten teams that is the smallest number since the nine hundred ninety two edition where nine countries took part in twenty fifteen fourteen countries were in action ireland afghanistan scotland and the u.a.e.
5:54 am
all included the biggest ever world cup was hosted by the west indies in two thousand and seven sixteen countries were there including canada but muta kenya the neverland's well earlier on i spoke to the cricket writer at the late premier chandra he explained how the decision to reduce the number of competing teams came a bounce question from leading cricket boards namely england australia and india well the good guys don't want small indie games or the current one to be used only in terms you know into new england into it too and in india guaranteed the brokers in at least know in india matches and that's what they want unfortunately the world the world has been digging out soon with you know the. of course it will damage the game because we want to see incentive to young players in these developing countries still to work on their talent whereas for drew i started watching football ninety minutes to the world cup there was twenty two teams just one
5:55 am
through asia that was two weeks too dramatic because cameroon algeria this year you have five engine teams side from africa that's not sports group they don't shrink they don't you know build walls around themselves. never joke of it has lost three consecutive matches on the men's tennis circuit for the first time since two thousand and seven the twelve time grand slam champion beaten six three six four by ben was in the second round of the miami young fan wasn't the only one having a bad day on courts. you have several hours ago emergency thought of five minutes you're alone you say you then you need less than you don't think so you think you're the kid. i know medvedev of russia unhappy despite winning his match against a nineteen year old stuff unless it's a mid match toilet break taken by his opponents had particularly annoyed medvedev at last year's wimbledon he was hit with a big fine after arguing with and then throwing money at an umpire. i only saw
5:56 am
a match winning run has been brought to an end up the same sort of the twenty year old from japan won her maiden top title indian wells and backs that up by beating serena williams in the opening round in miami but alina is bitterly that won this match in straight sets. the l.a. galaxy have confirmed the signing of former manchester united striker as lathan abraham of which a full page ad was taken out in the l.a. times to confirm the swedes move to major league soccer their los angeles you're welcome it read along with signature and he's also appeared in a typically low key video. sunday's welcome to.
5:57 am
she needs you have dates and asia's top ranked saying iran in one of many friendly international cycling place around the globe both teams heading to the world cup and were unbeaten in their respective horrifying campaigns own goal was enough to end iran's eleven game unbeaten run iran a group with portugal spain and morocco in the finals well truth is you will be taking on england belgium panama. russia were beaten three male barbara zille in moscow germany and spain drew one one argentina beat italy to no in manchester just feeling god the difference is england beat the netherlands while my salah put egypt on course for an upset against portugal only for christiane elder to score twice in injury time and clinch but see one victory f one world champion lewis hamilton looking good ahead of the first race of the new season the miss a driver was fastest in both sessions ahead of sunday's australian grand prix. in saying a fifth world title. and you saying bolt has been upping his efforts to improve his
5:58 am
skills as a football player the eight time sprint champion at the olympics trained the german but in this league it seemed should all mend bolt and that same coincidentally enough sponsored by the same sportswear company after mia it's playing as a top level my dream is to play for manchester united because it's my favorite club or for me my biggest goal is to work or to play in one of the biggest any top leave in any conscious serve i can play in the board as the leader i personally will be great that is why sports looking found out more later. but for me peace adobe for this news richelle is here in a moment with more of the day's news i will see you very soon. as the u.s. has withdrawn from the trans-pacific partnership deal others has stayed committed
5:59 am
to it first small countries countries with small populations such as us is this actually a without divided states signatories of the world's newest trade bloc tool to al-jazeera. april on al-jazeera. from the stories beyond the headlines phone lines examines the u.s. is role in the world's fifty years since the death of martin luther king we examine the impact of his assassination and the state of race relations in the us today the award winning show thrives returns for another season with stories about solutions to some of the greatest manmade environmental problems as the first meeting since the bridge that vote is set to take place in the u.k. we examine how relevant the commonwealth is today between corporate and public interests up to the last drop unveils the longstanding rule for water in europe april on al-jazeera. one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera
6:00 am
is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much and put in contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else would be what it is you know that it shouldn't be but it is but the good because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues. the people who believe that tell the real stories i'll just mend it has to do the work in depth and the reason we don't feel in cuba to the audience across the globe. now. more details emerge about the twenty six hole attacker and southern france who
6:01 am
killed three people.


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