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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 24, 2018 10:00am-10:33am +03

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you can see him about four percent of the water for generations they've already been collecting it and communal taps all sources say the city will reach day zero on the ninth of july that's when they'll turn off the water in the hopes to have it be the communal times will stay on. the city's taps of fed by reservoirs this is one of the largest. gallup where four years ago they would have been on the twenty five meters of water since then the provinces suffered the worst drought on record . water saving measures have already postponed a zero by three months everyone here is hoping the winter will soon bring enough rainfall to make sure they never come. all set for more evacuations a day after the second largest rebel group in syria's eastern good surrenders.
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jane darkness is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the french police officer who was hailed as a hero for foiling the supermarket attack dies of his injuries are. florida high school students take the lead in washington d.c. as they prepare for a series of anti gun rallies around the world. and all dressed up for a big occasion the first iraqi made movie in twenty five years. syrian rebels in eastern good saw surrendering in a southern part of the enclave that a second rebel group to stop fighting in recent days fell like a rahman was in control of the mulcaire and it had been fighters in harassed
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surrender on says and now that leaves duma as the last rebel stronghold outside the capital damascus rebels and their families have been given safe passage to live as part of the deal the area is the last rebel held province in syria but it is facing intense bombardment and dozens of people have been killed in recent days in a how to joins us now from beirut what more can you tell us about this latest deals and. well this deal is going to involve the transfer of some seven thousand people from the southern pocket the towns of the mouth kirby and jobar which were under the control of the rebels besieged areas for local ramen agreeing to surrender at the end of the day they had little choice they were surrounded civilians were trapped inside there was little aid there was little medical supplies and the bombing was ferocious really and so for local rush men the second largest rebel group surrendering after i had out a sham on wednesday agreed to
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a similar deal according to the russian defense ministry up to five thousand people were bussed from the town of what us or to it live that's the northwestern province of it live under the control of the opposition now this leaves official islam which is the largest rebel group in eastern huta they are now in the gauche haitians with the russian military those negotiations stalled over recent days but what we understand is that they're back on the table and they are discussing the possibility of exchanging up to three thousand five hundred prisoners government soldiers and their family members being held by title islam in return. and the government is going to allow them to evacuate three thousand medical cases so the jaish al islam now in the gauche nations with the russian military and the conditions and i mean it's facing bombardment to. families and their fighters expecting that. while it is not the safe area like you mentioned every rebel controlled area is not safe it is
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a battleground over recent days for example we've seen airstrikes targeting residential neighborhoods in a number of towns than many many children were killed in those attacks now but has become really the haven for rebel fighters after they reach the so-called the surrender deals with the government they are bused to this region so yes these people are worried yesterday i spoke to somebody who lives in erbil in and he was telling me what am i going to do what job are my going to find her we're going to live are we going to live in tents i am not going to be able to cross into turkey because the border has been closed and turkey is not allowing any more refugees to cross into their country so people are going to end up living in tents if they have family members to help them they receive some aid but definitely it is not enough thank you for that. the french policeman who swap places with a hostage during a supermarket siege has died the gunmen. hijacked a con shot of police officers before taking hostages in the southern town of tab on
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friday colonel no bill was the officer took the place of a hostage at the supermarket the twenty six year old gunman was later shot dead by police forensic teams have been seen searching his home at an apartment complex in the nearby caucus on village natasha joins us from then on i'm just wondering what the feeling is then what people are saying. i was you can imagine this is a community region in shock there's been a number of attacks in france over the past few years but of course no one ever imagines that such a thing could happen on the doorstep a young man on a shooting spree a hostage to a hostage taking and then at the end of this we've now learned that to the police officer who was already being affected as a hero for going into the supermarket in trip where this gunman had taken some hostages he went in he swapped himself for
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a female hostage he was able to leave freely and he stayed in there he was the last one to come out of the supermarket but he was injured in in that assault as the police the french police came in and they tried to liberate the hostages an unfortunate we've heard now they're on a belt on this forty four year old french police officers now died of his wounds serve cause that is just added to the real sense of sadness here in this community a place in rural france it's a quiet place is not a big metropolitan city is just not the sort of place that people here imagines that they would see this kind of violence on their doorstep when we take a look back on the violence the events of friday. as police investigated the scene in the town of type in southwest france a clearer picture began to emerge of the man who had killed three people and wounded more than a dozen others in a shooting rampage in three locations before he was killed by police the paris
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prosecutors said twenty six year old red one luck to him was born in morocco but lived locally and it become radicalized i met to determine. the man went to the supermarket by shouting allah akbar and stated he was a soldier i saw and ready to die for syria he was asking for their break brothers before shooting a customer a member of staff they both died instantly in two thousand and seventeen he was under surveillance but there's no signs of indicating he would carry out a terrorist attack. the attack took place in three stages first encounter the gunman carjacked a white opel car wounding the driver and killing his passenger then stealing caucus on the gunman shot and wounded one of a group of four police officers who were out jogging in the street it was only then that the gunman drove eight kilometers to the town of type where he attacked a supermarket took hostages and killed two more victims the violence has shaken
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people across the community it was you know. i took cover because he saw me and then he followed me with a knife perhaps he had no more bullets left so i did what anyone else would do i managed to get out through an emergency exit french president emmanuel makkal had been in brussels at a european summit as news of the attack came through after returning to paris he said france continue to be under threat. for some years we have paid the price in blood in order to discover the cost of the terrorist threat our soldiers abroad are risking their lives to reduce the threat from iraq and syria our forces of law and order do everything in their power to identify threats and neutralize them. now that it's clear the red one lacked in was known to the french intelligence services and it spent time in prison many people in france will be wondering how a man with such a profile could have slipped under the radar obtained weapons and caused so much
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carnage so natasha just confirming that the government had been under surveillance but it seemed that the police had to stop watching. that's right rather one can has indeed been under police surveillance the paris prosecutor said that the french intelligence services knew about him the paris prosecutor saying that he was being watched because he was someone who had been radicalized but then at some point in twenty seventeen is seems that they had simply decided that he wasn't the sort of person who would carry out an attack that he didn't pose a threat and that is how it seems that he slipped under the radar but you can imagine many people in france will really be wondering how this person then managed to change the weapons that he used in that attack on friday how it was that he just slipped under the radar and he was seen not to be a threat when in the end he was and i think those are some of the questions that we're really going to care over the next few days and people will really want
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answers thank you for that. china has condemned the u.s. after one of its was shipped sailed near an artificial island that china built in the south china sea the u.s. says the naval destroyer was carrying out a freedom of navigation operation they said came within twelve nautical miles of a reef in the disputed spratly islands years accuses china of building military facilities to restrict shipping movements that beijing says it has sovereignty over the islands. by repeatedly sending military ships into these areas without authorization the u.s. has seriously harmed chinese sovereignty and security violated basic rules of international relations and endangered regional peace and stability what the u.s. is doing will damage the atmosphere of military to military relations and cause close encounters by and naval forces of the two countries which could easily trigger miscalculations already been accidents this is
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a serious political and military provocation the chinese military is firmly opposed to it north korea has agreed to hold high level talks with south korea on thursday the meeting will take place at the border village of poland john earlier this month north korean leader kim jong un met with senior south korean officials for the first time since he came to power in twenty eleven tensions between pyongyang and soul of eased in recent months both sides marched under a unified flag during fair breeze winter olympics. at least half a million people expected an anti gun rally in the u.s. capitol the march for our lives demonstration on saturday is being led by students from the florida school where seventeen people were shot dead last month. an interfaith service has been held in washington d.c. ahead of the rally the service at the national cathedral was attended by family members of the florida high school victims and others affected by gun violence the
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washington rally is just one of about eight hundred planned for around the world michaela looks at how the florida shooting a spirit so many people into action is. this part of a new movement sweeping through the united states. the new generation of activists because a rejection of gun violence they demand that the politicians do something about it at our school was right but. it's not ok we are have elected officials whose purpose is whose purpose it is to help us and they are doing their jobs and it's time that we call them out for what they're not doing the tipping point for many was the shooting at a school in parkland florida in february at least seventeen students and adults were killed by a one thousand year old being expelled from the school over disciplinary problems nationwide protests in the wake of the shootings has morphed into more about gun
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violence in schools various strands of activism are coming together what is becoming a powerful force for wider social change when you listen even to some of the statements that were made by students or just the national debate on gun violence in general and which has a lot of demands about people doing more for controlling gun violence you know controlling guns period. but what's left out then is a discussion about how those measures those laws. criminal disparately impacts black and brown communities john kelly is one of the many who lost a loved one to gun violence his brothers were shot dead by a one thousand meters from his front door in northeast washington the support for me to speak out today because so many voices. throughout the nation. and pacifically in our community his father curtis was among those who met with
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president trump in the wake of the florida shootings and spoke of the frustration in seeking change it has been a fight because everybody show up for photo ops all the politicians show up to say we're going to get it done we're going to protect our kids but just for just a couple weeks later school shooting those here will join the hundreds of thousands who marched in protest this week and. the deep sad knowledge shared. will not be there. mike hanna al-jazeera washington. and in australia hundreds of protesters have gathered in sydney to stand in solidarity with those demanding gun control in the u.s. australia overhauled its gun laws following a massacre in one thousand nine hundred six and has not had a mass shooting since it's led on al jazeera stuck in makeshift homes the plight for masses of people who fled violence in the democratic republic of congo. and the
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rallying cry from thousands of people in poland against plans to make it harder to have abortions. now pushing in too much of europe so it will turn somewhat warmer as we go on through the next few days it seems every cloud pushing in from the south we always dragging out the other the higher temperatures and with the southerly breeze actually swelling around these areas of life pressure we saw a fair amount of the dust coming in across greece this is the same in athens on thursday red reading skies that as the vast moved in across the city will see that's a moderate continue to push this way for the northwards and these are just go on through the next few days the temperatures will gradually nudge the way up sixteen
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celsius in essence thirteen degrees in rome at the same time a dragon in moderate from the atlantic a thirteen there in paris double figures for london that's some really wet weather pushing across spain and portugal to that western side of the middle mediterranean so the erik's seeing some rather stormy weather over the next day old say that will remain the case as we go through sunday twelve gratian edges up towards the northwest and cold essential looking fine to drive into double figures there for ballin and also for war so that wet weather around the western med that will push. easing back over towards grace but it should be somewhat dry and brighter to the east.
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part. again you watching our top stories syrian rebels in eastern are suffering in a surrender rather in a southern part of the enclave thousands of. rebels and civilians are being taken to it leaves duma as the last rebel stronghold outside the capital damascus the
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french police minister places with a hostage during a supermarket see has died colonel arnold bell tom is the fourth person killed in the attack the gunmen hijacked a car and shot at police officers before taking hostages in the southern town of. china's condemned the u.s. after war ships sailed near an artificial island built by the chinese in the south china sea the u.s. accuses china of constructing military facilities to restrict shipping movements around the disputed spratly islands beijing says it has sovereignty over the islands. people in democratic republic of congo are blaming the government for failing to protect them from ethnic violence between hemmer heard as and lender farmers this week president joseph kabila that said he'd visit a camp in a province with thousands of sort refuge that is yet to happen the shot of business reports. she tried to run. trying to escape her attack.
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me with a machete my brother helped me run away but i was also hit by two arrows on my side four of my kids were killed that same day lost children and family are among the tens of thousands of congolese who have been injured and displaced jury. four months of clashes the violence is cement for decades fuelled by disputes over land sharing between haman herders and ninety farmers and a tory province villages have streamed into domestic displacement camps and over the border into uganda. we've been living in a very difficult situation we don't know what the president thinks about resolving the situation so we can go back home but. president joseph kabila promised to visit the displaced this week but he has battles of his own many congolese a furious with him for clinging to power after his term expired two years ago and for refusing to cool elections critics argue he's doing little to prevent the
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ethnic violence. problem we had problems between the two communities even before two thousand and three we controlled it's because the government was absent today all the legal and security forces are present there how can we justify then these level of atrocities this is why we're saying it was done willingly by the authorities. a leader with one of the tribes says both sides are being manipulated . we have form a militia members without jobs in our community and it's easy to manipulate them the enemy of our province is profiting from the unemployed young boys in order to destabilize it to every province where the un is warning of a worsening situation thirty million people need humanitarian assistance four point six million children are acutely malnourished and there is an epidemic of cholera and secure violence if it troubles in a terry province just one crisis within many for a country wrecked by conflicts shallot ballasts al-jazeera at least sixteen people
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have been killed in a certain bombing in southern afghanistan another forty were injured when a car exploded outside a sports stadium in the city of lashkar gah in helmand province the blast happened as people were leaving a wrestling match there was no immediate claim of responsibility. anger is mounting in the u.s. city of sacramento over the police shooting of an unarmed black man a second day of protests have been held after twenty two year old stefan clarke was shot at least twenty times in his grandmother's backyard police say they thought he had a gun when they confronted him after a foot chase but only a mobile phone was found clark's family has disputed the police account that he'd been breaking windows in the neighborhood federal prosecutors in brazil are investigating whether consultancy firm at the center of a facebook data breach had access to millions of profiles their cambridge analytical denies improperly accessing the information of fifteen million facebook
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users to target voters in the twenty sixteen u.s. election brazilian prosecutors want to find out if the company and the local consultancy did the same thing ahead of the country's election last october and the allegations against cambridge analytic are front page news in mexico where the company says it had set up shop ahead of the presidential election in july candidates are scrambling to distance themselves from the firm as john hallman reports from mexico city. cambridge journalists code told on the cover of porter's that it was working in mexico what we do know is that the company did set up shop here and it was looking for a presidential candidate that it could work with now all of the major candidates said that they had nothing to do with the company but this is still a timely wake up call for mexico and that's because it's heading into the biggest elections in its history a more than sixty percent of the population over the age of six is now online making the potential targets for influencing there and it's slowly but surely the
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mascot and one in massachusetts biggest election where the most young people are going to vote and wherever the most votes is connected many will be in better ways of using new technology and almost all of my facebook and the loss going to depend on how effective the strategies are in influencing them as much make news is meeting him a sheet depending on when the last is that they hear us the country's already seen some do you b.s. online and tech practices for example since two thousand and twelve experts have noticed that when there's a hash tag on twitter it's in particular being criticizing the government then other accounts have sprung up bringing out hundreds of tweets per minute to dilute or to the rail that protesting hash tag they've been cool those accounts penya bots named after the country's president it also emerged last year that the government has a book surveillance technology that was then used to spy on human rights lawyers activists
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and journalists but the focus isn't just going to be on mexico this year there's elections coming up across latin america including brazil colombia and venezuela and there's going to be a lot of guys on the on line battle for the electorate. and investigators from the u.k. data watchdog have searched cambridge analytic as offices in london about twenty investigators carried out the search after it was granted by a high court judge more than fifty thousand demonstrators in poland and rallied against plans to restrict abortions the country already has some of the harshest laws in europe illegal terminations are commonplace while others opt to go to other countries for an abortion i'm a hayward has more. marching towards poland's parliament signs of defiance by thousands of women and men coming together to fight plans to make it harder top of the potion in poland where the norse already some of the most
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restrictive in the european union. i have two values that's why i'm here it's compassion and respect for women and respect for laws they want limits human rights literally human rights we cannot talk about human rights when we exclude fifty percent of population the current law allows women to have an abortion if there's a risk to their life or their health or their pregnancy is the result of rape or incest and if there's irreversible damage to the fetus the new law would ban all abortions in cases of beetle abnormality it's about being pregnant and knowing the child that you're carrying is going to die actually and the dying brain and that's what the church wants from us and that's what the government wants from us and they have no idea what they are talking about. in twenty sixteen an attempt by the government to restrict abortion was dropped after the large scale protests this new
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bill put forward by civic group is backed by the catholic church and m.p.'s from poland's ruling party. this latest considered another example of the battle between hard line conservatives the more liberal elements and produce. society anti abortion campaigners say a change to the current law would save lives i am deeply shocked that. anyone could . go out to the streets and promote the right to kill the weak and most harmless people you can imagine so the disabled children in the arms of her of their mothers un human rights experts are calling on the polish government to reject the bill campaigners on both sides to ply tom and he would al-jazeera rescuers in western australia are scouring beaches and sea to try to ensure five pilot whales don't get stranded again the whales were part of
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a pod of more than one hundred fifty which beached themselves at hamilton bay on friday well that initially survived had to be euthanized after it stranded itself again bulldozers are being used to remove carcasses from the beach the chances of restraining his heart and certainly does animals. in and. several hours quite void and for them to be able to get out sawed off your shoulder . so iraqi cinema is making a comeback in a bid to help heal wounds from the war the industry shut down due to years of war and conflict not the first iraq you made film in twenty five years has been released our correspondent on qana story. the anticipation on the faces of the cinemagoers says it's cool. they've dressed up and come out to show support for the first iraq a major film in twenty five years sanctions international boycotts and the security
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situation have all combined to destroy the cinema industry the journey is one man's dream. is but director and producer he says the film gives a sober moral perspective on the wall that devastated iraq killed a million people according to human rights groups as well as creating a refugee and often crisis at the premiere earlier this month he thanked his cost improve and explains why he made the film we have to boycott the sanction. and then and then after that the war of the occupation and often not to you know about what happened and the sectarian violence and then we end it with doris but we many know us and i keep to get back again and that's what you learn us iraqi and we are. coming to the more point we go in to challenge our limits and to go further and thought of that and thought of that and this is this is the hope that we are looking for and you know. for iraq e.
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filmmakers and producers working to revive the industry persuading audiences to watch is going to be an uphill battle particularly when the subject matter is so serious as the end credits roll some critics deemed it a success i'm going to have more up and get him and everyone dreams of watching an iraqi produce film because for a long time iraqi cinema had no productions at all we need to see a film we don't have film festivals and we don't have the issues that share of rocky films in the three weeks off to the premiere of the movie made in iraq has failed to capture the imagination of many who prefer foreign films. baghdad has a thriving cinema scene in shopping malls hollywood and egyptian film productions dominate to make money and their popular iraqi cinema was once regarded as some of the best in the region filmmaking used to take place across iraq and indeed baghdad then they would edit them and distribute them to places like the. cinema this was
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one of the most popular sentiment in baghdad it's now fallen into complete disrepair and on occasion bootleg western movies but there really is no iraq a film industry to speak of that the filmmaker was able to get the movie made is remarkable but it would seem only a small audience is interested in what it's about iraqi filmmakers say they will continue to try and persuade iraqi audiences to watch domestic productions that means competing with hollywood blockbusters and egyptian films that are popular across the arab world as one hollywood saying goes we don't make it we make money imran khan al-jazeera baghdad and you can find out. any of the stories but i can tell website address well that is al-jazeera dot com.
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and again a quick look at the top stories syrian rebels in eastern go to our surrendering in a southern part of the enclave thousands of. rebels and civilians are being taken to live it leaves the last rebel stronghold outside the capital damascus to know how to from beirut. up to seven thousand people are expected to be evacuated from that southern pockets in the now divided enclave of the towns of malka and jobar fighters along with their family members and civilians who are too scared to stay behind civilians who fear arrest because they were involved in opposition related activities so they will be bussed out of this southern pocket after. the rebel faction in control of this pocket agreed to surrender french policemen to swap places with the hostage during the supermarket siege has died. as the fourth person killed in the attack the gunman hijacked
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a car and shot at police officers before taking hostages in the southern town of. china's condemned the us off to war ship sailed near an artificial island built by the chinese in the south china sea the u.s. accuses china of constructing military facilities to restrict shipping movements around the disputed spratly islands beijing says it has sovereignty over the islands north korea has agreed to hold high level talks with south korea on thursday the meeting will take place at the border village of punjab on this month the north korean leader kim jong un met with senior south korean officials for the first time since he can't twenty eleven. at least half a million people are expected at an anti gun rally in the u.s. capitol the march for our lives demonstration on saturday is one of about eight hundred around the world it's been led by students from the florida school where seventeen people were shot dead last month an interfaith service has been held in washington d.c. ahead of the rally the service at the national cathedral was attended by family
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members of the florida high school victims and others affected by gun violence in western australia scaring beaches by trying to ensure that five pilot whales don't get stranded again whales are part of a part of more than one hundred fifty which beached themselves. on friday and sad story is coming up next. on counting the cost facebook and the big data economy the business model at the heart of the world's largest social network coming under scrutiny america's guns inside the biggest unregulated weapons market in the developed world counting the cost. is the united states becoming. u.s. national security after previously.


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