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tv   Syria Witnesses For The Prosecution  Al Jazeera  March 24, 2018 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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so why did this story and in such tragedy. al-jazeera won't expose the life and why of maisie adda at this time on al-jazeera. i am doing this on the benefit of saddam people. so bad they see the importance of there are guys. who witness documentaries that open your eyes. at this time on al-jazeera.
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i'll get adrian for going to here in doha the top stories on al-jazeera syrian rebels in the southern part of eastern surrendering thousands of fail like iraq one faces and civilians are being taken to it lib this leaves duma as the last rebel stronghold outside the capital damascus as more for us from beirut in neighboring lebanon. three rebel factions were controlling the eastern enclave two of them have already surrendered the third racial islam is close to surrendering this is what we understand they are engaged in negotiations with the russian military and they are close to a deal fishel islam in the russian military have been talking for the past a few days but the talks collapsed over a main sticking point and that is. didn't want to be evacuated to that is the province in the northwest of the country under the control of the opposition does not have good relations with the rebel groups which dominate province so what we
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are understanding is that they may be sent to the eastern region there is a rebel pocket there close to lebanon's border so a deal is close with a third rebel faction. man another rebel faction which has a surrendered the southern pocket preparations are now under way for the evacuation of up to seven thousand people fighters their family members as well as opposition activists they are getting ready to be bussed to. that opposition controlled province in the northwest the on wednesday are not a sham handed over the town of harasta so the pro-government alliance close to recapturing the entire eastern huta enclave but these people who are who are choosing to leave and choosing to be evacuated they're not going to a safe place adlib is not a safe place that has been coming under attack from the skies for years now and it's not just that it's overcrowded more than a million internally displaced syrians who are there so most of these people are going to the unknown many of them will not find any job so it is
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a very very difficult situation for those people but the pro-government alliance already declaring victory a car bomb has exploded in the egyptian city of alexandria killing a policeman and injuring four people the interior ministry says that it was aimed at the city's security chief. the explosion comes two days before the country's presidential election. french media are reporting that a second person has been taken into custody in connection with friday's shooting in southwestern france four people were killed when a gunman hijacked a car and shot at offices before taking hostages in the town of. china has condemned the u.s. after one of its warships sailed near an artificial island that beijing built in the south china sea the u.s. says the naval destroyer came within twelve nautical miles of a reef in the disputed spratly islands the u.s. accuses china of building military facilities to restrict shipping movements but
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the chinese government says that it has sovereignty over the islands. by repeatedly sending military ships into these areas without authorization the u.s. has seriously harmed chinese sovereignty and security violated basic rules of international relations and endangered regional peace and stability what the u.s. is doing will damage the atmosphere of military to military relations and cause close encounters by and naval forces of the two countries which could easily trigger miscalculations already in accidents this is a serious political and military provocation the chinese military is firmly opposed to it north korea has agreed to hold high level talks with south korea on thursday it'll happen at the border village of panmunjom early this month north korea's leader kim jong un met senior south korean officials for the first time since coming to power in two thousand and eleven survivors of a mass shooting at a u.s. school last month are due to lead a major anti gun rally in washington d.c.
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. an interfaith service was held at the national cathedral ahead of the march for our lives event later on saturday after million people are expected at the rally which is one of about eight hundred that are planned around the world. and those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after syria witnesses for the prosecution.
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millions of syrians struggle to escape the constant bombing and fighting that has destroyed their homeland but there are others who choose to stay. the fuck. over the other for. their weapons cameras mobile phones and their courage. for years now they have been collecting proof of war crimes committed against civilians without done every trace of the evidence would disappear. they film take pictures and collect physical evidence in the hope that the perpetrators will be punished. and this film tells the stories of these unknown heroes who risk everything to ensure that one day justice will be served for her husband leaving a. million bucks in the end in the phosphor for them behind. all men follow her
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from behind here to. spend ethernet i left it off a little part of the government that cats and was the a.n.c. actually fought a million and at the age of ten in the city and. there's . one thing to think that i'm an infant and in that ascetic now the soup is not at least. pleasure the mood. was a shabby sort of love it or leave. us. click.
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on talk turkey not far from the syrian border. a refuge for evidence collectors only a few kilometers away from the constant bombing but relatively calm. some of the. most of the city. shelters over the. past they've got stuck on the side of females and set out. on the twenty ninth of april twenty third teen ibrahim heard about the bombing of saki his father's native city the area was at the time under the control of armed rebels opposing president bashar al assad and. two days after the bombings he went to the city and filmed everything he saw these images were filmed by ibrahim militia mechanisms on that island so i feel that a big email you said it's upsetting. and a few be dicks
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a little much and suffocate and. i'm into the whole look and look so i wouldn't run to stuff it should be de thoughtless mylo look in the and the but the audition how fisa covered the footage and how he said the lady. walking. along if. you could be very. clean. if brahim was guided by residence to the location of the strikes surrounded by debris he started rick. hoarding the evidence. just. the three of us doing so with. the majority. of.
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a sudden a fertile well suited to. him showing the little boy. ebrahim recovered an unexploded grenades which he believed to contain saddam gassed it was confirmed by these amateur videos filmed by a local camera man at the hospital inside just after that attack the symptoms left no doubt nausea vomiting and suffocation chemical weapons had been used. the morning over for barack obama it was the red line that could not be crossed the united states had promised to intervene if there was proof that bashar assad was using chemical weapons the following day the u.s. president spoke to the press ibrahim was convinced that the course of the war would change what we now have is evidence that chemical weapons have been used inside of
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syria but we don't know. how they were used when they were used who used them we don't have a chain of. custody that establishes what exactly happened. and i back in the one night or so i feel that a bit just bummed out if a metal mean keefe. but didn't been in job either. and didn't. make you feel. initially for the surface or. ibrahim was determined to reconstruct the whole incident piece by piece he went to the house of merriam and the only victim killed during the attack. here is that. this is the roach story. this came from the sky and many of
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us here and here. also was in the journal just. so carries the burden it really well it's not about muffin and smoke at the feet. it's a shift in looking at their will to work in. order a new. little lawak about that i don't have that money that sort of thing. for ibrahim this video phone during the attack was proof enough. you can make out a falling bomb. it was confirmed but only the syrian army on such helicopters. ibrahim was convinced that he had a strong enough case to trigger american intervention and end the war.
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a few weeks later he met with officials from the united nations. one of the officials now lives in sweden. ok sellstrom vividly remembers that groene. an expert in non conventional weapons he was mandated by the un to investigate the use of chemical weapons in syria at the time. his team worked on sixteen alleged attacks including the one inside a key guy we were met a number of people among them was a prime. showed us an admiring moment the work in
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a moment to information in skillfully thinking he was smart very smart and had a skillful thinking on how to secure he really aimed at securing the information that he gave us a key skin. in the king. sent all suddenly. in the. can and the man in the moon today you know. a lot of the fuselage. in a bra is opinion it was urgent for ten months similar attacks have taken place in rebel held areas. ebrahim believed that the regime was testing barack obama that the bombing of their akiba could be a precursor to a larger attack. on august twenty first twenty thirteen his worst fears came true. a chemical attack killed
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hundreds of people in huta in the suburbs of damascus the majority of casualties were civilians ibrahim's investigation hadn't stopped the massacre from happening but he had one last hope that sells germs reports could point a finger towards those responsible the report was issued to the united nations six months later the use of chemical weapons etc and huta was confirmed but those responsible were not named barack obama would not intervene unfortunately all the work that he has carried out we couldn't just take his information and bring that in tora court it was not a phone chain of custody and that means that in the event that was followed could not be guaranteed at all steps or was covered from the start on until it reached us or our table it was not like a movie field where you have every. square in that movie theater but there were
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some cuts in the movie and that is not acceptable in a forensic investigation the video of the helicopter film during the attack was not sufficient to prove that the bombs had been dropped by that aircraft. only the poisoning of merriam could be proven thanks to samples taken by his team from the victim's body. but nothing proved that the regime was responsible for the poisoning the army and the rebels both rejected responsibility furthermore brahim was described as being close to the opposition. and there was a gentleman. and ms o'donnell in the world a cell phone and pushed a new car even the model in them and us having been the model the way the king that put it that and took that even. who we are yet they can mold. their will to how us and the stock so that they're still in the mold or any will be
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fussy in the things that you've done i'm sure maybe in the who to create cost little model the be dead in these on that. yeah the a dreamy for the winter isn't very light and love is a become little of a look to have the love that i have a. little of that for nothing but it was not ibrahim's work that was in question but the traceability of the evidence what's more like all those collecting evidence ibrahim is personally involved in the conflict they are all putting themselves in danger to do what only they can do preserve evidence of the syrian charge it was was the pro-democracy protests began in march twenty levon ended up in the south of syria a group of teenagers sprayed revolutionary slogans on the walls of
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a school they were arrested imprisoned and tortured was allowed to protest and demand their freedom thousands of civilians took to the streets on the eighteenth of march twentieth levon their retaliation by the security forces was bloody faced with this repression they used what they had their mobile phones they filmed what was happening and shared it on social media. without knowing get the citizens and that started one of the largest collections of evidence in an ongoing conflict. despite the flood of images there was condemnation but no intervention.
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on the ground the opposition started to take up arms. as the country plunged into war independent sources of information were becoming more and more scarce. in turkey western n.g.o.s decided to train syrians to be their eyes and ears on the ground. they transformed the citizen activists into real investigators to be both professional and neutral. abdul qadeer was one of them. smack them and when even my head soothing and not anyone with. this occur. about us with both you. and dad get an answer and cafferty up. today from gaza and tap he leads a team of syrians like ibrahim who bring him videos and physical evidence of
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attacks against civilians. you know your knowledge of the show was valid you're bashar i want to point out here is one of their first videos filmed during the discovery of one hundred fifty dead bodies in the center of aleppo. there's an aura of bubble that i just with a man like him as a fact as i meet them themselves now brad made their son go but found out then to be offered. the mano a mano if it. goes to that a day. the video is striking but not convincing images are weapons and can be manipulated to change the course of history like intimate water rumania. it was one nine hundred eighty nine these pictures of a mass grave were seen across the world and he said in the fall of the dictator ceausescu the truth these bodies had been dug up from
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a neighboring cemetery by the opposition. and syria is not an exception when it comes to these manipulations so international organizations require irreproachable traceability. let me. feed you and let the. know what i'm going to do them but in the going to. have me it. that if you do that enough for. me. for your father's second. letter. my dad. up till called there's teams had to learn how to film a crime scene. leaving their emotions aside salon
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that has a cost we're confused is that enough so we're going to have our forward you know the feeling. i hate to have here and it is just so out of my mind as a good deal. to avoid any suspicion of manipulation the evidence collected in syria is just a magic least tripped labeled and sorted in front of a camera abdul qadeer opened up a parcel coming from aleppo it contained the remains of a missile that killed twenty five pupils at a primary school. the stock market. you don't want to. not know if you put it a lot of. other men do it as the sage here in the hut for the son. these images are to guarantee the traceability of the information so that some day it can be used to convict those responsible in
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a court of law and how it did then. and. in my heart coming. in from my college highly i'm had a layover for dumbarton house and lay over feeling like a. fear of. him and they had get away hardman having an empty head get on the high step to meeting me. if letting me know i left. for a long time and you always were the only people on the ground collecting evidence of the war crimes committed in syria but in twenty thirteen a dossier endorsed by the opposition seemed to have proof of these crimes. and military defector code named caesar smuggled some fifty three thousand pictures out of syria many of which appeared to be of prisoners tortured to death by the
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regime. he was a photographer with the military police he claims that until twenty eleven he photographed accident scenes and crimes involving the military. but when the revolution started the bodies photographed by cesar didn't look like accident victims anymore he alerted sami an activist friend who had been documenting the atrocities since the beginning of the revolution sami was at the very heart of the operation agreed to speak on camera so this was his cobbler's on . the sort of the season. so to hold. the. vote. a lot more
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than that really. those little me a mama bergman's. on the whole of the little body. president doesn't diminish the service of all because we are. looking the police at mr mike that none. other he is with us live here thought does he really have to show what. this two of them us i don't know how if. somebody would lie about the sword. but is that it. totally forgot with me to top it all before forget it or can this all go to the whole block sees you and the. other who foresaw the ninety day not as many as e.g. there. for two years caesar regularly uploaded thousands of photos onto u.s.b. sticks that he passed on to thousand me. the pictures show men starved and tortured to death. they appear to be prisoners held in detention centers in damascus.
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cannot another cut them out because iraq them. not the chance to them of the war fought. a war for years of thirty from the just i'm kind of. not all that in the them and these are you know not a. measure of a lie and that the the blood is our me that was the war were under and we should be computing done i'm really here what is we're always at the us by a to get in the air get out of the mia mix a world vision what i wore. in august twenty third team the photographer felt he was under threat the rebels helped him to escape tonight an exclusive new report alleging systematic torture
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and killing of prisoners by the assad regime. in early twenty fourteen caesar's images were released to the media and seen around the world a team of renowned war crimes prosecutors studied the pictures and interviewed caesar to establish authenticity. despite the links with the syrian opposition the evidence was judged as admissible. in paris the half abuse the director of the french diplomatic service saw the photos they were shown during a meeting at the cato or say eleven foreign affairs ministers were present. in the office so just to you could i want to talk with your whose. image if you this is your mother could it appear more brought down because she's a dollar or. the oil.
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some of you should miss you in the mall but for your beloved if your job be a play be the most. absurd see. we both were pong. industry shoes. the extra mile for you even. caesar's photographs hits a nerve with the french. and so my goal was not of the most awesome discrete i phones didn't do predict. that which is your he said that but i found your place on ivy league to me that's how it's going to kick if it isn't all so hazim it dies in claiming they. did at the tiger gone back to this with the purpose yeah if you demo. city police to our. team.
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yonder the icon is all human and you see i don't you see sometimes. the consequence of war not. russia will be served or one thousand eight hundred ninety five that just doesn't go away. will not of true for the last couple years. he's homeless. follows a group of us army veterans traumatized by war. as they struggle to get their lives back. at this time on al-jazeera. the nature news as it breaks this was a great election about it was going to win but it was about by how much with detailed coverage of the syrian civil war most of them said to the states yes but what is no different is that each day some people will live until to morrow so many
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innocent people will die from around the world the bats and balls are several years old the really good players to end up trading at cricket academy and maybe one day play for the national team. he's seen a family. politicized by the forces of nature. will know before year ends i can name farmland documents his struggle for his community survival and builds a template for global action on climate change. to see the climate dialing east a witness documentary that based on our dizzying. other
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again adrian from going to here in doha the top stories on al-jazeera syrian rebels in the southern parts of eastern surrendering thousands of faces and civilians are being taken to adlib this leaves duma the last rebel stronghold outside the capital damascus more from al jazeera say the heart is in beirut. three rebel factions were controlling the eastern enclave two of them have already surrendered the third. is close to surrendering this is what we understand they are engaged in negotiations with the russian military and they are close to a deal a compromise exploded in the egyptian city of alexandria killing a policeman and injuring four people the interior ministry says that it was aimed at the city's security chief the explosion comes two days before the country's presidential election french media are reporting that a second person has been taken into custody in connection with friday's shooting in southwestern france four people were killed when a gunman hijacked
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a car and shot at offices before taking hostages in the town of tab china has condemned the u.s. after one of its warships sailed me an artificial island that beijing has built in the south china sea the u.s. says the naval destroyer came within twelve nautical miles of the reef in the disputed spratly islands the chinese government says that it has sovereignty over the islands. north korea has agreed to hold high level talks with south korea on thursday it will happen at the border village of panmunjom earlier this month north korean leader kim jong un met senior south korean officials for the first time since coming to power in two thousand and eleven the democratic republic of congo is refusing to go to its own donor conference in switzerland next month which aims to raise nearly two billion dollars the prime minister says the u.n. is overreacting about their humanitarian needs thirteen million people affected by ethnic conflicts need aid to survive and survivors of a mass shooting at a u.s.
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school last month that he was a lead a major anti gun rally in washington d.c. later. the interfaith service was held at the national cathedral head of the march for lives event later on saturday half a million people are expected at the rally which is one of about eight hundred planned around the world are those the headlines let's get you back to witness. in new york the united nations had to be convinced to refer the case to the international criminal courts the i.c.c. previously investigated crimes against humanity war crimes committed in uganda the democratic republic of congo and darfur but there was one obstacle syria is not
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a member of the i.c.c. an investigation required a unanimous vote of the permanent members of the security council including russia an unwavering ally of damascus. and he. said this is you. said it's a joy so for the devoted more knotty i laugh as you meant don't put that. p.o.v. . it. could at least espouse. not that be to. it but at the same it is abyssinia making. betty. the french diplomatic service was prepared i must warn you that this is a grim session. once again the photographs were shocking. on
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the twenty second of may the text was submitted for a vote for those collecting evidence it was crucial. it would mean that one day bush said could appear before a tribunal. the russians use their veto. for those who support bashar assad cesar's photos did not prove that these crimes were committed by the baathist regime. citron if you don't. you know they came in their leaflet didn't see any bullshit this is a. good result if we have. one to do it miss group or do you foresee which could border if we're here. but you do know. so that. you have clearly. something sort of looking
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for you know and that the words we might lose them and you'll get on the whole vehicle. could be muscly girl dani and the i mean the most willing to you know model when. you're all come and they will you know what i look like of course to get into the house of connecticut and i've been with them i believe i'm living in those them up and let those small mr martin. the international community has been powerless since the start of the conflict in syria in june twenty fourth scene the islamic state in iraq and the levant isis announced the creation of an islamic caliphate it's already controlled large pieces of territory between iraq and syria. locally known as doris the armed group was in control of the second largest city in iraq mosul.
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for months now mohammed has been collecting evidence from inside syria are another matter i mean they've sold out more seem a little social. at the time a lot of those here that india is a little uncertain and more to gadhafi some small awful lot recently. dead is doing in eastern syria fell to eisele. did nothing subtle in the dash on that one can tell him what i can and leave off the actual model of the volunteer been deleted wildman often because even in such human judgement to fix the images only have we are a lot more aware i didn't at them doesn't want to let those who don't know as also delighted about what i mean didn't develop solid in the end of the journey or sat at the walsall night and don't need one. from turkey mohamed collects
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information that reflects the reality of those living under ice so. the documents that he found so that's men were banned from shaving their beards and that internet users must register. this man accused of rape. was secretly filmed by sound and pictures an organization which also records witness statements from prisoners held by i thought medical reports and court decisions the members of sound and pictures have been targeted by a song. today that. feeds the most that is about and i know said it also on the trees will cold to tilt the skin of a small fee that did the tuttles them on a small feat to do not even in bin laden and out of ignorance of opium can also
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look been in and out of flint in the. heart of that model and awful his humans any. inside syria with so many armed groups in the conflict any organization can be infiltrated every conversation is protected by a code that day if the word cheese was used they had to hang up. on a hard shell as in. all of that it would. have . zoomed off. the conversation is safe the two men can talk but that he does. believe. carnitas on others are. also not your father's toy almost.
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despite all the precautions for activists were assassinated at the end of june twenty fifteen one in syria and three others in turkey with his life under threat mohamed eventually led. for europe. doesn't have a lot of model was a lot they were like that in the solid religion even with the stuff but he said he's going larger than us and even though we are for a softie about him because of sylvia behave that's one minute that he's. old it's more than that if it would want us alone. in twenty fourteen i so quickly expanded and gain territory. the group became the
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focus of the international media not. bashar al assad's crimes were being pushed into the background. this happened in spite of the thousands of civilians who were killed by his forces in july twenty fourth two months after the russian veto the syrian opposition attempted to reserve rect seize are still seeing. this time they went to the u.s. congress which opposed the military intervention in syria even after the chemical attacks and. a group of republican supported us intervention. evan mcmullan a member of the commission of foreign affairs arranged for caesar the photographer to be interviewed in front of members of congress. we knew that most people in the united states didn't know four of us it's mass atrocities and the idea was that if
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americans understood more what exactly ossett was doing if they really understood they would have much more sympathy and they would expect i believe our leaders to do more and especially the president who is our commander in chief and who leads our form of a c to do more to act to stop assad's. trustees'. caesar was in hiding afraid of being captured by the syrian secret service and security was very very high very high. on july twenty seventh caesar arrived in the u.s. capital his visit was organized in complete secrecy. the photographer made his way through a maze of underground corridors to get to the interview room. before entering caesar insisted that all cameras be turned off.
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we bought. a rain jacket that a blue rain jacket that we that he would wear with the with the hood over his head so that no one could even see the shape of his head. we had caesar's pictures displayed around the hearing room and on the televisions in the hearing room we displayed pictures that hadn't been released to the press some of the more gruesome . for over an hour american representatives listen to caesar the shock tactics worked. it isn't often if ever that there are hearings like this in congress. you can't see those pictures and not feel enormous compassion for for the victims and outrage that.
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there is any human would do this to any other human and even further outrage that that any president of the united states or any other world leader wouldn't take action. to stop these to stop these crimes. and i think everyone in the room felt the same thing the members of congress the media. the public the syrian opposition the staff everyone. news of caesar's pictures reached the holocaust memorial museum. the director of the center for the prevention of genocide at the museum decided to exhibit caesar's
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photographs. this was the first time that we had come into possession on our own of photographs of such a not just a contemporary case but an active case these were photographs that were weeks and months old some of them they were going on as we spoke they were not a historical event seventy or eighty years ago they were not photographs in black and white these are photographs in full color. that that tell a story that's going on today. it took an allied victory to end the actions of the nazis. barack obama was elected to get u.s. troops out of the middle east he could not take the risk of another military intervention caesar left unable to change u.s. policy. that has been the great disappointment for caesar and and still for
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everyone involved and i think for humanity. and that we could have someone like caesar come to washington and sit on the world stage and tell the world of these terrible mass atrocities and then have no real response no response not a letter not a meeting not a speech and certainly not actions to stop the atrocities. the syrian opposition did not obtain any commitment of intervention nor a criminal investigation into the crimes committed by the muskets living in europe and ex investigates or from the international criminal court noted the paradox of cesar's case that has tremendous. emotional and human value it puts. a human face on the documentation on the charges it's
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a dead human face but it's a human face and that's ultimately i think where we're going to see the value of the season materials but letting the world know what's happening is not the same as putting together a criminal case i'm sorry to be so positive at this positive to mistake about it but we have to. the criminal investigations are not. very emotional from a criminal investigative point of point of view it's. it's good it works well with her other material but in and of itself would it make a case against assad no not at all not at all. in these offices william wiley assembled a team of arabic speaking lawyers for years now they have sorted translated and analyzed documents used by the administration of the syrian regime it's the only
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way according to him to obtain evidence against a higher ranking officers. on the ground collecting evidence there are around forty investigators working inside syria. and it's my duty. as we have to have us stop. them just for. during one of these missions got his hands on documents abandoned by the syrian army. in the midst of war his priority is to secure evidence. another time for any measure minor or therapy to smother. the mecca. of the middle class of mccown the soffit of the moment look on my time with us.
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in a war zone where death and destruction is rampant food and medical care is scarce risking your life for a few pieces of paper can seem trivial. i'm meant to assume the most in and out and see the town i'm at the. one time i thought you were chance. at a magic number the oak or. the met you don't get landed on the do a manager and. when i come out in the us to have her. come i go to the to mr demo wouldn't run i'm a bomb now lad. for failing to tap tap tap. on. latham and the looked on the walk of not what did you say that was you both of us haven't been thinking during the company that fear you
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heard it in the time and know that a. funny joke on a cover somalia has nothing under some heads as a just. when i can see out of. just a little if i do not wish. for them i think that they don't have enough i mean eighteen which i've seen any less than no. bar of the count them on a cliff and a billion that i've been mechanically defeated the. who i fell into that they're not law and not enough air born on my feet. william wiley is still convinced that this evidence will one day be presented in front of a tribunals we've moved out of syria know about six hundred thousand pages of material but when you have such a massive amount of documentation as we do. that essentially you get to the
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truth of how the regime structures function. how they think collectively these structures and so forth this is far and away the best for documents essentially don't lie. the lawyer aims to identify those responsible at the top his organization is reconstructing the chain of command of the regime. who gives the orders how are they transmitted how do the regime security forces operate is a said directly implicated. we're finding the directives that came down from the mask us and of course finding the reports that were going up to damascus and that enabled us to get to the very top
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of the regime and establish the individual criminal responsibility of the president . ministers security chiefs and military chiefs in damascus. we believe we have sufficient evidence. for an international prosecutor to bring charges against the president of syria and to succeed without prosecution. in these boxes three dosia aides are ready to be reviewed twenty four high ranking members of the syrian regime are named. the lawyer has made his investigations available to a prosecutor but who will take the case on the i.c.c. cannot act because of the russian veto and the un is powerless to confront one of its own members syria is a sovereign state and bashar assad is the sitting president in the short term there
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seems to be little hope for an international criminal case other ways need to be found. the question is how can you have justice and can you have it at the national and so a lot of countries have what's called universal jurisdiction they can prosecute everybody anybody who commits torture anywhere in the world whether it's their citizen or their who's either the perpetrator or the victim cannot get spin not lie there with all false l.u.v. is the ick the motivation the best out of the claim and again. you know you are going to. september twenty fifth the russians officially joined the war in syria with the stated aim of destroying
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geisel. there's a massive surge in aerial bombing. abdul qadeer is in gaza into a man by the village in the who do not oversee government and i don't pry but they are little. for what they want the daily billion dollar fairly and the daily. deficit death. and if about what they do see him and then he can learn from it and start doing. those they're having to hack it for them and stop them. othman debriefs up to cardiff on the ground. as men when in the n.f.l. the head man has just gone. all.
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dechen to have little benefit pay in order to see who in. other mobs and. other. enough is what. over the long run the government has this are short. given that a big if i suffer. is . that there's a just. like this that i was. residents of aleppo are under siege surrounded by assets troops who are trying to isolate and starve them. despite the
3:56 pm
disillusionment and danger man continues to collect evidence on the ground. see how can. then so. is the most. helpless. because of the. suddenness the bad then the whole of by an owner who think a man. of the. by december twenty fifth more than half of the entire syrian population has been forced out of their homes. in turkey things are not as calm as before.
3:57 pm
twenty fifteen and sixteen has seen a number of attacks take place in the capital ankara and in istanbul. the conflict has evidently spilled over the borders of syria and threatens the entire region. but silence hands continue to collect evidence. the last time i spoke to him he told me i was thinking to go into syria the world wants to see syria's fighters up close and personal but those behind the camera pay the price filmmaker. chillingly intimate footage on and behind the front lines cost him his life his body was riddled with bullets an exclusive documentary syria the last assignments at this time on al-jazeera.
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from the clear blue sky of the doha mooning. to the fresh fruits and breeze in the city of enough. got plenty a thundery downpours across the amazon basin they are extending in sioux part of paraguayan down towards europe why i read a lot of the show is coming in here in the wet weather really in place for the next couple of days ago with that very heavy rain it stretches its way into northern parts of argentina asensio and hot one here hot sticky thirty four degrees celsius twenty five celsius and want to say there is little to notice that the cold is to
3:59 pm
go on through the next couple of days so something like a fourteen fifteen degree drop there for us and twenty one degrees celsius on sunday heavy showers continue to slide the way down top temperature point to say was it will be somewhat dry having said that with a high of nineteen degrees dry and brought plenty of lovely sunshine across the caribbean meanwhile always a chance of one of two showers just around the greater antilles and more so more specifically into his maybe into puerto rico could see a few showers just creep in the way towards jamaica all driven further west was the instantly winds pushing those showers into caribbean coastline of panama nicaragua costa rica pushing a little further north which is well as we go on through sunday i shall issue become a few little bit lighter as we go on through the course of the weekend still some showers there for kingston. the weather sponsored by cattle and race. in looks ugly it sounds ugly and scares people from america's high streets to
4:00 pm
mexico's on the wound's requests for the seaside and who controls the other side people in power fun is the smuggling route and test the ease of acquiring untraceable weapons on american soil the weapon that was designed for war and it took you about five minutes to buy it. america's gun is arming mexico's cartels on al-jazeera congressman are you interested in stopping. al-jazeera. every.


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