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ok we examine how relevant the commonwealth is today between corporate and public interests up to the last drop unveils the longstanding rule for water in europe april on al-jazeera. we're talking about ivory poachers who have decimated populations of elephants in africa they almost always shipped the ivory out of a different country from where it was poke because that's where you start to search to look in the wrong place this radiocarbon dating method tell us their trade ivory is legal or not then we have a place we can focus law enforcement on take those out and perhaps choke the source of the ip from entering the network take no at this time on n.z. a myth.
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this is zero. other i'm suitors and this is the news hour live from london coming up in the next sixty minutes. little children of boys the legislators no children see is more important than guns. the message is enough is enough hundreds of thousands take to the streets across the u.s. demanding tougher gun laws pro-government forces in syria inch closer to capturing eastern ghouta only one rebel group remains in the enclave on the mission to plant millions of seas in brasilia how we could help the city's water work. on its sport the formula one season starts on sunday defending world champion lewis hamilton is in court. but his mercedes teammate valtteri bottas hits trouble ahead
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of the season opening race in melbourne. hundreds of thousands of people are taking to the streets across the u.s. calling for an end to gun violence and stricter gun laws the main event is getting underway right now in washington d.c. within sight of the u.s. capitol where protesters are hoping politicians will be listening the event called march for our lives is being ripped across the u.s. with rallies in cities including boston who stood on park and florida the scene of february's school shooting that killed seventeen people well let's go straight to the gallagher who is out event in washington d.c. and andy you covered the story that happened with that dreadful shooting in february in florida you've been talking to many of those involved in and indeed
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really that campaign has as grown into what we're seeing today. yeah the marjorie stoneman douglas high school students may have started this protest alone but they're certainly not alone on this day hundreds of thousands of people out on the streets here in washington d.c. chance of vote them out never again reverberating across this beautiful spring day in washington d.c. and i'm going to globally about eight hundred other protests but let's bring in some of the most important voices here today we go with this to stevie and george shapiro both presidents and here is stevie i know you went to marjorie stillman douglass high school who's amazing atmosphere here today what do you think it's incredible it's just amazing to see all of your peers that you grew up with here having their voices be heard and all the support all around the globe as well as here and what about the to the bands that you guys are making that pretty simple common sense gun reform is what you're calling them was your message to the politicians and message is that what are you waiting for you know why is it taken
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this long and i think you need to listen to the people all of us want change and just because you're scared of change you're not going to do anything. make change let us live let's bring your dad enjoyed what you must be incredibly proud of not just your own children but everyone absolutely i have two daughters that went to the school but all these kids are all our children we bonded together and i'm just i'm just amazed i mean had tears in my eyes and just you know i'm so so proud of them a lot of these marches a mountain before they haven't led to ordinary becoming movement so what do you do from this point almost to keep the momentum going to take i i feel our community will be a tipping point i die from what i've seen the my fellow people in parkland and what i'm seeing outside of parkland it really seems like something's going to happen this time to stevie final questions you know i guess at the end of the day this is all about the seventeen lives of a lost somebody paying tribute to them right yes yeah i mean these are these are children and hands being so we are the voices for them and we're here to stand up
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for them and for all the other kids i'm not. just speaking up because it's my hometown unfortunately take it in direct impact for me to see but each and every one of us needs to speak up because this is a matter of time if we don't even join thank you very much for your time so there's just a sense of the emotion here in washington d.c. and the determination to really change gun laws in this country of course this march is not the only one is going on across the world as i said to join just senate so often these marches don't really turn into movements but there is a determination here to keep the pressure on and also moving it on commonsense gun reform that so many of this new generation wants so badly and i'm sure i understand the march went past trump international hotel and that unfortunately the president is busy playing golf is there any sense though that the politicians across the country both the state and the congress. are going to change.
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well i think it's important to remember in the state of florida the motorist at whatever size school students already affected change this is a republican controlled house of congress they raise the minimum angel minus all right from eighteen to twenty one that was something nobody expected in a state controlled by republicans and i've certainly spoken to a lot of republicans over the last few weeks who feel people here also feel that it's time for change that this is the tipping point that oversee getting great hope banning assault rifles will be extremely long and difficult battle and i think one people here are aware of the long they're also determined to keep on pushing for no matter what many fanfan they got to get that right at the heart of that demonstration in washington d.c. betfair a bit more of the voices who have been out in those marches going through the streets dion estabrook is that and she's been talking to some of. a lot of the people who have turned out today to march at this rally are teachers who are concerned about what is happening in their schools they're concerned about possible
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shootings that could affect their see. tunes and potential shootings within their communities and one of the teachers that's come out today is kim fitzgerald lennon she is a teacher in virginia what's your concern as you walk into the school every day you know i'm a teacher at twenty eight years a veteran teacher and my main concern when i walk into school is educating students and i want that to remain our main concern is having kids come to school and feel safe and be safe and to learn and increasingly here in our society that our focus is on our kids' safety and of course you know i'm concerned with that but i don't want that to become our main concern and i think that we need to do something here in this country that will curtail the violence that we're seeing in our society and in our schools and that's adversely affecting all of us but particularly our children you talk about safety are you in favor of arming teachers i am not in
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favor of arming teachers i read an article actually recently about a rural school in pennsylvania that has rocks in their closets baskets of rocks to help to. you know fight against criminals and no not at all i don't think that that's what teachers most teachers went to school for we went to learn to teach kids and that's not what our concern should be thanks jim. a lot of these teachers on the students as well say that they're in this for the long haul and they think they can make a difference they can bring about potentially tougher gun legislation here in the u.s. and let's show you now life pitches all that demonstration going on still and washington d.c. we've been saying some of the thing is have you given the time for free to join the demonstration on the ground a singing jennifer hudson miley cyrus will coming up and say we've also been hearing that there are some very big paychecks going to the. oprah winfrey and george clooney steven spielberg will giving half a million dollars to china paying. good afternoon for.
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after weeks of heavy bombardment syria's army is close to fully capturing eastern guta outside damascus it has also suspended its air strikes on which is the last remaining territory in rebel hands two groups have already surrendered with thousands of fighters and their families departing for the northern rebel stronghold of adlib they know how to has more from beirut in neighboring lebanon. they are being sent into exile the forced transfer to the rebel held province of idlib in the northwest of syria is the second deal of its kind in eastern. and one of three rebel factions that controlled the rebel enclave agreed to surrender what was left of its stronghold in the southern pocket up to seven thousand people fighters their family members and opposition activists who don't want to live under the government's rule or are afraid to are leaving. we will leave but one day
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we will return they have managed to silence the revolution but will never die we will return to liberate our land and the revolution will return he repeatedly asked the international community for help but they didn't do anything it's very difficult time for us but we will return thousands more were bussed out of another rebel pocket in eastern huta the town of harassed which surrendered on wednesday they are syria's newly displaced but. they used every kind of weapon against us in an eastern order in general families who were hiding in underground shelters were killed in the bombardment the civil defense was not able to retrieve their bodies from under the rubble down there saying. it was a very bad situation the children were hungry because of the siege and scared because of the bombing they didn't have milk we pleaded with aid agencies but no one helped us they were sent to the rebel controlled northwestern province of idlib which is already crowded according to the united nations one million displaced
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persons who left other opposition held areas after they were recaptured by government forces live there it's also not a safe place airstrikes on have increased in the past week killing dozens of people many of them children. unicef partners report that seventeen children were killed yesterday in. heavy violence near a unicef supported school for students to flee to an underground shelter in a nearby building which then came under attack. around one million children live amid escalating violence and. it has been attacked from the air for years and a few months ago government forces have their allies launched a limited ground offensive for the first time in years if the pro-government alliance launches an all out offensive to recapture adlib many warn it could be an even worse humanitarian catastrophe it is a deescalation zone according to an agreement between russia iran and turkey to reduce the violence across the country but so was eastern hota violence continued
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in both areas despite the agreement the syrian government has now consolidating its control over eastern huta the third rebel faction jaish al islam will soon hand over the town of duma the pro-government alliance is declaring victory but it came after years of siege five weeks of relentless bombardment and almost two thousand civilian deaths jennifer the beirut with much more to come on this news hour turning a blind alley the democratic republic of congo's president comes under criticism for failing to visit a refugee camp we speak twenty rounds business community who feel the landmark twenty fifteen nuclear agreement was actually a bad deal and in sports the road to russia's world cup hits its final stretch champions germany approving one battle because they think.
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now french investigators have found three homemade explosive devices a handgun and a nightly in the supermarket which was attacked on friday the gunmen who went on a shooting spree and took several people hostage was killed and the second suspect has been arrested president emanuel house praised the police response to the attack and in particular the heroism of one particular officer that's a high. latest from athol. people in the french town of cacace on pay tribute to our north beltrami the forty four year old french police officer had swapped himself for a hostage in a supermarket attack on friday shot by the gunman he later died of his injuries in this small town known in france for its medieval citadel people say he was a hero. was a man who was passionate about his job i can only imagine that he knew that going
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into that supermarket he had little chance of getting out to give others a chance to leave he got us on this you. caucus on it like a village it's a lovely place people are happy here i'm angry that there are bad people out there it was on friday morning that a gunman hijacked a car in caucus on killing its passenger he then shot and wounded one of a group of four police officers who were out jogging he then drove to the nearby town of tire where he attacked a supermarket took hostages and killed two more people pledging allegiance to myself. i saw the attack of firing two or three bullets and crying al akhbar and so i went back up stairs quickly and told the girls in the office call the gendarme call the gendarme there is a terrorist in the store. police identified the killer as twenty five year old read to one lakh in a french national who was born in morocco rather one like him grew up on this
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housing estate in calcutta sauna he had spent some time in prison for petty crimes police said he had become radicalized and they put him under surveillance for years ago but last year french intelligence services decided lacked imposed no threat and was unlikely to carry out an attack so they ended their surveillance of him many people in france are now questioning how the security agencies could have got it so wrong the tasha butler al jazeera france a car bomb has killed two policeman and injured five others in northern egypt the attack hits a security convoy as it passed the police station in the center of alexandria interior ministry says the city's security chief was the target explosion comes two days before monday's presidential election. well egypt's president abdel fattah el-sisi expected to easily secure a second term in office well there's a third presidential vote since the revolution which filled the fall of longtime
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early last name of barack come often to maria examines the country's political ups and downs a sense that. i remember this it's hard to forget really an eighteen day revolution it's hard to pyros tahrir square which brought down a president so firmly entrenched in egyptian life a cold in the pharaoh but equally a revolution can be something which goes full circle and it's hard to argue that it's not happened in egypt seven years later the play is largely the same just with a different cast after president hosni mubarak stepped down in two thousand and eleven the army took power but for months the protests continued egyptians were not happy with the slow pace of reform they eventually got a national unity government by the end of that year followed by a presidential election in june of two thousand and twelve which was won by this
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man the muslim brotherhoods mohamed morsi think about how big a deal this was the leader of a party with islamic principles which had been banned in the mubarak years was now the democratically elected president of egypt but perhaps not surprisingly this didn't sit well with the old guard nor did it help that mostly dismissed the defense minister the chief of staff and tried to limit the influence of both military and judiciary by only twenty thirteen the protesters were back this time against morsi and in july the president was overthrown by the egyptian army and it is at this point that we are starting to see the beginnings of that full circle which we talked about the muslim brotherhood it was declared a terrorist group political parties based on religion were banned so again that only really affected the muslim brotherhood and when a presidential election was held again in may of twenty fourteen. elected a former army chief bill fattah el-sisi as their leader with nearly ninety seven percent of the vote though it does have to be said there was a low turnout and
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a massive crackdown on campaigning and the media meanwhile morsi was sentenced to twenty years in prison over the arrest and torture of protesters when he was in office as well as being condemned to death a ripper a count of muslim brotherhood prison is that sentence was overturned in november of twenty sixteen in a retrial ordered but morsy does remain in jail to this day and all the while sisi has strengthened his grip on power journalists have been arrested including our own let's not forget while potential political opponents have been i have a banned from running or arrested themselves sisi will run for a second term in this presidential election and right now there is very little to suggest he won't win. zimbabwe's former first lady grace mcgarvey is being investigated for alleged involvement in a massive illegal ivory smuggling operation and follows a three month investigation by an undercover journalist and the seizure of a two hundred kilogram package of illegal ivory at harare airport welcome why
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reports from johannesburg in neighboring south africa recently granted this group of us has never been adrian stern went undercover as an ivory fire in zimbabwe he says he received more death threats than he can count he's a wildlife photographer who began investigating the illegal ivory trade in december speaking exclusively to our zero he says young covered a poaching and smuggling syndicate which he believes is led by the former first lady grace mugabe which is being sourced either from the national parks vote being the food or from live elephants being killed by poaching syndicates the syndicate within sale to the squad till she would then be able to pack that it's into out through the airport anything through that airport that was the property of the first lady was not searched or scanned in any way stern got the documents undercover videos and testimonies which she showed to al-jazeera as investigative
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unit he says they expose the syndicate and the former first lady's involvement this is the vote from where he says tens of millions of dollars of ivory and rhino horn was stolen when he presented evidence to zimbabwe's wildlife authority they allowed him in to allege smugglers have since been charged with possession of ivory and investigations been opened a special advisor to president emerson. confirmed to al-jazeera in a written statement that the government of zimbabwe will seek answers from all parties who are implicated in this matter including former first lady grace mugabe about their knowledge of the illegal export of prohibited items from our country. al-jazeera contacted grace mcgarvie staff lawyers and relatives for comment she didn't respond during the presidency of a husband robert she was a controversial figure earning the nickname grace for her extravagant shopping sprees. hopes of succeeding him were dashed when the army forced him from power in
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november and one guy got took over three weeks later this shipment of two hundred kilograms of ivory was seized harare's airport stern says his investigations on covered evidence which appears to connect it to grace mcgarvie in the smuggling syndicate the new government keen to clean up its international image after decades of mugabe rule since the change of power the poaching in the smuggling investigation is the first major challenge to the gobby family dynasty malcolm web al-jazeera johannesburg south africa. government leaders in the democratic republic of congo are refusing to attend a donor conference in geneva next month the meeting aims to raise one point seven billion dollars for its humanitarian crisis but the government insists the u.n. is overreacting president joseph kabila has also failed to visit a refugee camp in northern it forward province where many of the victims have fled charlotte ballasts reports. she tried to run but marie last child fell out trying
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to escape her attackers. one of the london militia cut me with a machete my brother helped me run away but i was also hit by two arrows on my side four of my kids were killed that same day lot children and family are among the tens of thousands of congolese who have been injured and displaced during clashes between rival tribes the haman's and lenders who are based in atory province is the latest flare up in land disputes that date back to the early one nine hundred seventy s. villages have streamed into domestic displacement camps and over the border into uganda we have been living in a very difficult. situation we don't know what the president thinks about resolving the situation so we can go back home president joseph kabila promised to visit the displaced this week but he has battles of his own many congolese a furious with him for clinging to power after his term expired two years ago and
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for refusing to call elections critics argue he's doing little to prevent the ethnic violence. problem we had problems between the two communities even before two thousand and three we controlled it's because the government was absent today all the legal and security forces are present there how can we justify then these level of atrocities this is why we're saying it was done willingly by the authorities. a leader with one of the tribes says both sides are being manipulated . we have form a militia members without jobs in our community and it's easy to manipulate them the enemy of our province is profiting from the unemployed young boys in order to destabilize it to every province where the un is warning of a worsening situation thirty million people need humanitarian assistance four point six million children are acutely malnourished and there is an epidemic of cholera and secure violence if nic troubles in a terry province just one crisis within many for
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a country wrecked by conflicts shallot ballasts al-jazeera. iran's landmark twenty fifteen nuclear do could be torn up if u.s. president new national security advisor gets his way john bolton has supported the idea of killing the agreement and bombing iran but is there of a reports from teheran many small businesses fail the deal hasn't helped them much anyway. to develop a strong economy support small business that's one of the trickle down effect iran's leaders were hoping for when they signed the nuclear deal with world leaders three years ago but for most business is operating at this level the kinds of marketplaces that represent the majority of iranians and the benefits of the nuclear deal have passed them by. the expectations of the private sector have not been fulfilled. he has been working with the government and private companies to
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attract foreign investors to iran when the deal was signed iranian leader said they had reconnected the country to the global marketplace the reality is different. the jam being the political side of the nuclear deal carried more weight than the economic one i'm not a political expert but in economic terms especially in the private sector we have not witnessed any tangible achievements. trade fairs like these are a common sight all year round producers from every province in the country travel to teheran trying to drum up more business here the nuclear deal has been good for iran's public image but not much else. to everybody and others the americans didn't let his realize our expectations in the shadow of fear hanging over the europeans from the u.s. has affected the implementation of the nuclear deal regarding the taking of office by trump it has made things worse a crazy mine is that the top. other say they're worried that if the deal falls
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apart or if there's new sanctions imposed the few games that have been made will be lost. a mesh a raw materials most to come from europe we don't have the same industrial steel in iran it's all imported from europe after the nuclear deal importing has been easier and there are more sanctions our industry will collapse at almost no cost to himself donald trump is costing iran dearly by scaring away potential investors well we're going to see what happens iran deal is coming up. it's. probably another month or so and you're going to see what i do quite a ron has not been treating in that part of the world or the world itself appropriately a lot of bad things are happening in iran the deal is coming up in one month and you'll see what happens in vegas but on. his threats like this have created uncertainty about iran's future and that is bad for business. when the nuclear deal
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was being negotiated iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei warned his government that the deal may not work because he said the other side might stab iran in the back but he gave us blessings in hopes that in a go she did solution would bring an end to decades of confrontation with the west now supporters of the deal are worried that company's prediction may soon come true . stay with us here on the news hour still ahead rallying a four ounces argentinians march in memory of the victims of the one nine hundred seventy s. so-called dirty war from sydney to hong kong and later here in london iconic the amounts around the world through which are the lights on the mysterious object the pair of trousers and how it's landed an australian cricketer and more water coming up in school.
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that's a very hot southerly winds pushing in across the levant recently temperatures seen in israel getting up as high as thirty seven degrees celsius this was the scene in tel aviv as the scorching conditions came three people flocking to the beaches similar conditions that to ensue into beirut as the the heat set in ny state cooler air is now in the process of coming through we have got to an area which is sinking its way further a swell it's brought skies to come back a bit high but it's a system moves through we lose the southerly winds we'll see the will conditions being regime set by rate getting up to around twenty one degrees celsius threesome at around eighty degrees so much fresher air coming through but at least it will be last fine and dry a little bit of wet weather making its way into an impossible. rock having said that over towards northern areas all round up towards the caspian south of that
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generally settled and sunny karate thirty seven degrees or so over the next couple of days even in cabo still getting up to around twenty six even though the clouds will spill through notice temperatures recovering in beirut and jerusalem by the time we come to sunday highs of around twenty six twenty seven degrees by this date thirty one celsius the high in doha the warm weather set to continue through the weekend. a key figure of the early twentieth century arab literary scene. and a feminist writer. had to have had time. so why did her story and in such tragedy. al-jazeera won't expose the life and why of maisie adda at this time on al-jazeera. and new
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year new lessons and new rules this is the time when you get to choose your english teacher is for the next two years meet the teachers empowering best students might say i'm michael all about freedom we're going to look at perspective i want you to develop the skill with which to speak by letting them choose the lessons they learned revelent cation democratic schooling united kingdom at this time on al-jazeera. welcome back or remind all of the top stories here and i'll just there are hundreds of thousands of people are demonstrating across the u.s.
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calling for stricter gun laws the march for our lives rallies are in response to last month's school shooting in florida which killed seventeen people the syrian army is close to taking full control of a single thousands of rebels a friend and fleeing to opposition held it leaves duma as the last rebel stronghold near the capital damascus and a car bomb has killed two policemen and injured five of us in the egyptian city of alexandria just two days before monday. presidential election. the u.n. envoy to yemen has arrived in the capital sana'a which is under the control of hoofy rebels is the first visit by martin gryphus since he was appointed in february he's there to meet who feel leaders and to try to arrange a fourth round of talks three previous rounds of negotiations have come to nothing but well as yemen's war enters its fourth year regional devised between the north and south are worsening the south was its own country until one nine hundred ninety
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and is calling for secession which will once again gaining strength following the outbreak of war a summer binge of eight reports. yemenis have been trying to free central ties and northern provinces where the saudi led coalition is battling hooty rebels but many have been denied entry into southern cities including aden and hundreds of northerners already in the south have been forcibly displaced in testimonies provided to al jazeera some business owners say they were told they'll be killed unless they pack up and leave. behind a shop but they stormed our places and kicked us out they even took my medication for money. she was working in i didn't at a restaurant i was kicked out i was harassed and i urge them to fear god they confiscated all stalls which belong to northerners this is my mother they took all our money and human rights watch says yemenis with more than backgrounds face difficulties and aid in the checkpoints sometimes held for hours questioned
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occasionally turned back or called there are good three names. i was trying to travel to saudi arabia but was turned back i had visas papers everything but they refused to allow me to access the airport then let me go we have a took us off the bus and kept the standing we asked an officer to have some mercy were old men but after he saw the id he said you're an old man and i don't want to put you in jail but i don't want you in aden either. when we showed them i.d.'s they said these won't be enough they took us to prison and left us without food drink and care they said they would hold us for a little while and then they would deport us. forty years ago the elected government called in the saudi airlines to help defeat to the rebels but fighting continues in the north and no single party seems to be in control of the south. the south was its own country until unification in one thousand nine hundred and now many there are again openly calling for secession divisions have also appeared in
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the saudi led coalition despite repeated denials in january secessionist backed by the united arab emirates took over most of aden they took it from the forces of the internationally recognized govern. which is ironically supported by u.a.e. schoolish an ally saudi arabia and as the old cracks reappear in war torn yemen its people find themselves stranded between competing interests some of the job is there. and in the next part of our special series on yemen we take a look at who's behind the new armed groups that are adding to the chaos in the middle east's poorest country that's on sunday here on al-jazeera. their faces of cambridge analytical the company at the center of a data misuse scandal have been raided in london offices from britain's information commission spent several hours searching the premises and collecting evidence came a journalistic career is accused of harvesting data from fifty million face for users and using it for political purposes like donald trump's twenty sixth
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presidential campaign and rex it prosecutors in brazil have launched an investigation into cambridge analytic is involvement there india is also looking at whether data on its citizens was used and facebook's chief mark zuckerberg has issued a public apology over the scandal is company has lost fourteen percent of its market value more than fifty billion dollars and there hash tag delete a facebook movement has sprung up and some big names are deleting their accounts in a mosque has deleted the pages for his space x. and tesla companies so hasn't zillah and german bank commerzbank well for more on this i'm joined in the studio by kate bevan a technology writer and broadcaster thanks very much for coming into al-jazeera so all the accent is on facebook and on came the journalistic obviously but they're not the only firm to be harvesting this data and from the only internet sites to be allowing it to happen so i don't why does it all companies have
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a stater about you because it gives them insights into who you are and who the customers are going to cause the biggest is google if you use android if you want around droid phone it's tracking you. where you go of use android hey it knows where you bought things and what you bought and how much you spent so it's not facebook not just facebook anyway the question is how transparent are they but the data they're using about how they're getting it and what they're doing with it that's kind of the key issue here people are looking and going ok what can be done about this what legislation has to come and i was listening in to an interview with the face with a rather the internet inventor who said it's a bit like putting toothpaste back in the chew it's possible to do but it's very messy here and much of legislation is right way forward and it's absolutely clear that we have caught on the hop very much for the two thousand and sixteen ballots by the u.s. election by the brics a vote here in the u.k. because we're still getting to grips with just how powerful the data targeting is and you know it's effective whether it's the magic that cambridge analytical has said it is another matter so we are kind of feeling our way here this is
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a new world legislation right thing to do maybe not so we're all going to look to people like you who know inside and out of what's going on to how we now protect ourselves what could uses be now doing to make sure we're not being exploited in the same way it's about knowing what's connecting to your facebook account and your twitter account and your google account and thinking about what are my sharing here i mean it's my facebook is quite looked down on facebook is really useful to me things like what ups of i got connected to it what's visible and who is visible to my sharing stuff publicly on my sharing stuff just the right friends to all my friends have i are loud and upset for example if you do a quiz it's probably enough that connects your facebook go and have a look and see what's connected to delete all those things like that can really help do you think people are going to start leaving facebook because of this you know i mean we're hearing the likes of a must but was making a big deal of it on twitter was actually caught out because he didn't realize he had all these different place for pages but are people going to see as much of an
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intrusion into being part of this huge great big social media site i think the genie is out of the bottle i mean i have friends who are neither on facebook. nor twitter but they're kind of holdouts no refuseniks i think for all of a super to have two jobs like ours where you need to connect to lots of people you need to talk to people see a lot of opinions and and information it's not just fun it's actually part of work so i don't see a lot of people going away also i suspect it's come back on facebook they need their presence is that also do you think this is a generational thing i know some young people who don't care that they've been targeted by advertising on my facebook site whereas i think my generation are more like how dare they know what i might or might not want to see on my or my page to think difference but yeah i think it is i mean you have to kind of stop and think about what deal you've done with facebook with twitter with google with all of them what's the what's the trade off because you're getting a really useful way of connecting with people i'm in touch with people as a school with forty years ago and i love that and in return i know that they're
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interested in what i'm seeing what i'm doing who i'm talking to i think i can live with that but maybe i'm the wrong generation kate thanks very much you're going to get your insight as always. thousands of croatians are rallying against a european treaty which indirectly gives rights to transgender people protesters marched in the capital zagreb against the istanbul convention which they feel undermines traditional family values in the predominantly catholic country who ations parliament is in the process of ratifying the treaty which is designed to combat domestic violence the growing paves the way for transsexuals or transgenders as a separate categories. argentinians are marching in memory of the victims of the so-called dirty war tens of thousands of people were tortured or disappeared during the military dictatorship of the one nine hundred seventy s. but since the scrapping of two amnesty laws in two thousand and five demands are growing for answers as to what happened to the victims' stories about reports about
9:40 pm
. where are the masks these people outside a court in what our site is the question is directed at the former military officers on trial for human rights abuses committed during the dictatorship in the one nine hundred seventy s. and eighty's when you. probably know was an intelligence military chief during the dictatorship who is under house arrest. he told me he would do it again and i was in shock. would you kill again would you rate again. it took leanna for your years to accept her father's crimes that's why she's campaigning to change the laws so that she and others can testify against their parents in court. it was i was embarrassed to say who was my father that he committed genocide i approached human rights groups because i believe we should be able to testify against our parents. if we had any type of information that could shed some light on what
9:41 pm
happened during those dark days arjen time legislation prohibits sons and daughters from testifying against their parents in court and that's why a group of people whose parents were members of the military during the dictatorship are hoping to change the penal called only in cases where human rights abuses have been committed they believe that their testimony can help shed light on what happened to thousands of people that were killed at the time. and it's not just finding their remains that victims want it is also finding the who are now adults born to mothers who disappeared. son had lost both his legs amputated in a train accident he was a political activist in argentina in one nine hundred seventy eight he was kidnapped with his wife and daughter. was able to find her granddaughter twenty two years later but many grandmothers are still trying to find missing
9:42 pm
children joke available we thankful for anyone who can provide us information that can help us find our grandchildren even if it's my son who did something wrong he deserves a trial but stealing his daughter i don't understand how these months is can continue to stay silent. there is a pact of silence among members of the military involved in abuses that's why information is precious for those trying to find their loved ones. changing the penal code would allow a new testimonies to be given which may not only lead to new arrests provide the answers they've been looking for decades. peru's disgraced former president. has been barred from leaving the country while he's investigated for corruption for chin skin resigned on wednesday rather than
9:43 pm
facing an impeachment vote he's accused of money laundering a sponsor of a bribery scandal involving brazilian construction giant at a breakfast prosecutors ski's home in lima on saturday the former wall street banker denies any wrongdoing. some of the world's most iconic marks including the eiffel tower sydney opera house and the empire state building are all going dark to mark erf hour the event organized by the world wildlife fund c cities and towns across the world switching off the lights for an hour to raise awareness of climate change the public are also being asked to make a promise for the planet to reduce their individual footprints from saying no to plastic cutlery do you think we use a bull coffee cups in india the lights were turned off at mumbai's iconic c.s.t. railway station the india gate war memorial and the presidential palace also fell to darkness for earth hour in australia and new zealand were the first countries to
9:44 pm
turn the lights out thomas has more from sydney. we're right at the tail end of here in sydney any moment now you should see the landmarks of the city behind me including the harbor bridge lights back up but that wasn't more the end of the overall this is obviously a global day and every hour somewhere else in the world at eight thirty goes dark and there is the bridge now just beginning to light back up but from here this movement will travel across asia you'll see the skyline of hong kong shanghai big cities like that going dark then into europe landmarks like the eiffel tower going black and then the americas times square for example should go dark at eight thirty pm new york time now the electricity saved in this hour is pretty minimal amount put it to the head of the w w f who runs this campaign here in australia whether this was anything more than mere symbolism what it is it's
9:45 pm
a symbolic gesture to send a message to the whole world and we all need to come together and do something for our planet and we all realise we still have a long way to go and this is the moment he would like to well think about what we need to do turn major also told me that acts as a brand lots of local campaigns environmental campaigns attach their cause around the brand and that gets them a lot more traction so though it only last one hour on this day in mid march in fact the impact is felt around. still to come on the program already this is lining up to what she rocks first home produced film in twenty five years. at the box office and in sports one russian city is clearing the way for one of. the stories.
9:46 pm
i have strangled. i have a story of current a lot of the fear is real. passion. and a very simple just. al jazeera is there when a story breaks but it's closer to see what happens next week she. is fired by the barriers for a model barricaded all seven streets that believe she's here the middle east now it's been all about change people have gone to hear barry the mission of the national army is just sixteen times complex and i'm just your stories about telling it from the people's perspective what they think is happening in their culture.
9:47 pm
now the world was a forum has just wrapped up in the brazilian capital with delegates emphasizing the importance of conscious sharing water rather than fighting over its host city presently a is itself facing water shortages and now it's residents have come up with a traditional solution to the molten problem kenya has the latest report and. this . here about three hundred kilometers north of in the national park brazil is the land the raging rivers and expansive lakes. itself side the world will to form in brasilia residents demonstrated over water rationing. and several
9:48 pm
national human rights organizations in a letter to the un pointed out that thirty four million brazilians have access to clean running water while more than one hundred million have an adequate sanitation the water level at this time of the year the end of the rainy season should be up to about here but we can see if we went down to the water level that it is now this simply not enough water in this reservoir to see this region through for the rest of the year forcing many to look for alternative methods to keep the water flowing . this is the civil war brasilia was created in the one nine hundred fifty s. the city is still growing much of the habitat that was damaged in the rush to build is now being replenished by simple reply things like isn't stephen problem we faced a serious drought in brasilia and this dam was on the at four percent of its capacity today it's around sixty eight percent we know that the vegetation will
9:49 pm
help to produce water and the region we expect this project will help to recover the water capacity in the basin at that serves brazil's capital the seeds grow to strengthen the soil acidity of attention where it's needed and preventing flooding . in me the idea of throwing seeds into the soil is a way of reproducing the vegetation instead of cultivating a plant in a greenhouse which is a controlled environment for transferring it to the land this plant will grow in this space and adapt more easily than a transplanted plant the seeds are collected by hand and stored which you said provides much needed. when we started in two thousand and twelve we had one family which collected six hundred kilograms of seeds in twenty sixteen on the other hand we worked with more than fifty families who collected twelve tons of seeds the results have been positive and the project is growing with turning to pass methods to the very source of life itself for a solution to
9:50 pm
a very modern problem that. central brazil time now for the sport far is. so thank you so much australia's cricket team is admitted to ball tampering during the third test against south africa in cape town and that is against the sport's rules cameron bancroft was caught on camera placing a small object down his trousers after working on the ball when questioned by the umpires he instead produced a sunglasses cloth from his pocket he later admitted it was the piece of tape that he was using to rub dirt on the ball and he's been charged with ball tampering and will face a suspension. spray having done on. for more and. that also resulted in may shoving it down for the leadership that. we spoke about at lunch and.
9:51 pm
i'm not proud of of what's happened. you know it's not within the spirit of the game integrity the team's integrity. leadership groups integrity has come into question and rightfully so. it's not on but drama aside south africa are in control of the task after three days after bawling out australia for two hundred and fifty five in their first innings the protesters have extended their overall eight two hundred ninety four runs for test series is tied at one one. defending formula one world champion lewis hamilton is in pole position for sunday's australian grand prix but his mercedes team made to valtteri bottas hit trouble ahead of the season opening race in melbourne as andy richardson reports. this wasn't quite the early season impression
9:52 pm
sas wanted to make lewis hamilton's miss avies teammates crashing out at the start of final qualifying for the australian grand prix after finishing third in last season's championship what us will be starting sunday's race well down the grid is not the best way to start the season but. i was trying i was pushing the limits when the bit over the limits. exit of turn one went to a bit too wide and lost the rear of the car and it just happened so quick i thought oh defending champion hamilton produced a final lap in melbourne the ascent showed as through the pit lane he took pole position by more than half a second a huge margin in the world of f one the perfect starts in his efforts to win a fifth world title. you would think that with. the results we've had for these years it would be the norm but if it doesn't they're still just as intense and i'm like my heart's racing i wish you could feel it right now but it's great to see
9:53 pm
this crowd here thank you so much for coming out. the ferrari's of kimi reichen and sebastian vettel will be second and food on the grid respectively full time world champion vettel lead the title race until september last season before being overtaken by his fierce rival hamilton i mean exciting over sales of us if it's that close. shame that lewis had a quite a big gap at the end but i guess his lap was pretty good so looking forward to tomorrow i think we did improve the car today and we'll see what happens a lot most f one fans will be hoping vettel and co can prevent hamilton turning this season into an extended victory procession and the richardson al-jazeera. but past two world cup champions couldn't be split as they continued their buildup to russia twenty eighteen germany and spain playing out a one one draw a lengthy as or injury go put the spaniards who were also on route to russia had early on the germans didn't take long to respond to rocket from thomas millar level
9:54 pm
levelling at one one they've now not tasted defeat since losing to france in the semifinals of the euro twenty six team. all the return of international football to iraq continues to be celebrated in the city of basra it's hosting a tournaments between captor syria and iraq cats or beat the host country in the opening game and played out a two two draw with syria on saturday last week fifa lifted a three decade ban on competitive games in iraq meaning they'll be able to host world cup and asian cup qualifying games cambridge has earned a clean sweep over oxford in the one hundred sixty fourth edition of the boat race on the river thames in london the university clinched victory in both the men's and women's races here the women's rowers winning by seven lengths and a time of nineteen minutes and nine seconds russia is trying to put its best face ahead of the world cup in june for the host city. that meant the
9:55 pm
demolition of an eyesore the city's t.v. tower was demolished on saturday construction had started on the tower in one nine hundred eighty three but stopped after the collapse of the soviet union eight years later and was never actually finished the city will host three world cup games and that's all your sport for now it's now back to sue in london thank you for a. cinema is making a comeback in a bid to help heal wounds from the war the industry shut down due to use of conflict the first iraqi made film in twenty five years has been released and noncom has more from baghdad. the anticipation on the faces of the cinemagoers says it's cool. they've dressed up and come out to show support for the first iraq a major film in twenty five years sanctions international boycotts and the security situation have all combined to destroy the cinema industry the journey is one man's
9:56 pm
dream mohamed el there are as he is but director and producer he says the film gives a sober moral perspective on the wall that devastated iraq killed a million people according to human rights groups as well as creating a refugee and often crisis. at the premiere earlier this month he thanked his cost improve and explains why he made the film would have to point at the sanction. and then and then after about the war the occupation and often thought you know about what happened and the sectarian violence and then we end it with doris but we many know us and aki to get back again and that's what you learn as iraqi and we are. coming to the more point we go in to challenge our limits and to go further and thought of that and thought of that and this is this is the hope that we are looking for and you know. for iraq e. filmmakers and producers working to revive the industry persuading audiences to watch is going to be an uphill battle particularly when the subject matter is so
9:57 pm
serious as the end credits roll some critics deemed it a success in what had more obligation in the everyone dreams of watching an iraqi produce film because for a long time iraqi cinema had no productions at all we need to see a film we don't have film festivals and we don't have patients that share iraqi films. but three weeks off to the premiere of the movie made in iraq has failed to capture the imagination of many who prefer foreign films. baghdad has a thriving cinema scene in shopping malls hollywood and egyptian film productions dominate but make money and their popular iraqi cinema was once regarded as some of the best in the region filmmaking used to take place across iraq and indeed baghdad then they would edit them and distribute them to places like this the cinema all this was one of the most populous animals in baghdad it's now fallen into complete disrepair and on occasion bootleg western movies but there really is no iraq
9:58 pm
a film industry to speak of. that the filmmaker was able to get the movie made is remarkable but it would seem only a small audience is interested in what it's about iraqi filmmakers say they will continue to try and persuade iraqi audiences to watch domestic productions that means competing with hollywood blockbusters and egyptian films that are popular across the arab world as one hollywood saying goes we don't make it we make money imran khan al-jazeera baghdad that's it for this. man with more of the day's news but we're paying our respects to by dimming the lights in our studio to thank thanks so much.
9:59 pm
looming the will of the people hinges on the mass media state p.r. machine it's going to overdrive. but just him he's been filling in saying. we just don't know yet where the lines will be drawn between what can be said and what conduct that. some journalists decided to sacrifice their integrity for outside polling the media opinion the listening post but based time on al-jazeera. to stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world.
10:00 pm
al-jazeera we're talking about ivory poachers who have decimated populations of elephants in africa they almost always ship the ivory out of a different country from where it was poke because that's where you start your search you look in the wrong place this radiocarbon dating method tell us their trade of ivory is to be able or not then we have a place we can focus law enforcement on take those out and perhaps the source of the ip from entering the network take note at this time on al-jazeera. al jazeera it's swept every.


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