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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 25, 2018 6:00am-6:33am +03

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at this time on al jazeera. and new year new lessons and new rules this is the time when you get to choose your english teacher is for the next two years meet the teachers empowering best students might say i'm my cool all about freedom we're going to come out of spec i want you to develop the skill with which speak by letting them choose the lessons they learned revelent you cation democratic schooling united kingdom at this time on al-jazeera . zero. switch and three schools.
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hundreds of thousands demonstrated the us demanding tougher gun laws protest park by the recent school shooting in florida. i'm richelle carey this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. only one rebel group left in eastern good as pro-government forces edge closer to taking control of that played. out some a straight it's hell of a of against the deportation of thousands of african migrants. and australia's cricket team admit to cheating their test series against south africa. hundreds of thousands of people have taken. and mass protests across the united
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states and more than a dozen other countries calling for stricter gun laws the march for our lives events were inspired by calls for action from teenage survivors of last month's school shooting in florida or seventeen people were killed and gallagher reports from washington d.c. . was on the streets of washington d.c. the crowd swelled and voices rose in unison thanks thanks to march for our lives protest was led by the students of marjorie stoneman douglas high school in florida with seventeen lives were lost and gonzales survived the shooting and face a crowd into full silence for six minutes the time it took the gunman to take so many lives you know i know could comprehend the devastating aftermath or how far this would reach our where this would go. for those who still can't comprehend because they refused to i'll tell you where i went right into the ground six feet deep. that. protesters came from across the country to
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show their support many here have been touched by the plague of gun violence and of long campaigned for change i just think it would be great if they enacted certain gun regulation that kept weapons of war off of our streets i have a young son who's about to be in the can there gardening so making sure that the places that he goes actually safe and secure. among the speakers eleven year old they are safe and secure. among the speakers eleven year old wilder has pledged to take political action at such a young age resonated with many my things and i might still be eleven and we might still be in elementary school but we know we know life isn't equal for everyone and we know what is right and my. wife we also know that we stand in the shadow of the capitol and we know that we have seven short years until we do have the right to the five the students of marjorie
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stoneman douglas high school may have started this protest alone but the voices of far from solitary here in washington d.c. hundreds of thousands joined the coals for gun reform and around the world eight hundred other events made this a truly global affair the refrain never again from this new generation has never been loud my name's cardioids only i'm marching from my best friend meadow paula back in parklane florida the students of marjorie stoneman douglas simply read out the names of classmates and teachers that were killed last month this was as much a remembrance for those lost as it was a cool to action on the gallacher al-jazeera washington. there's a good reason. to
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. shooting incident. in the.
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legislatures to change the nation's. protesters rallied worldwide and solidarity with the demonstrators in the u.s. more than eight hundred official marches were held in several countries one of the first rallies took place in the australian city of sydney and in london a minute's silence and a lion was held outside the newly built u.s. embassy in paris and he's gathered near the eiffel tower calling on u.s. politicians to protect children and not guns a car bomb has exploded near the center of the rebel held city of idlib in northwestern syria killing at least fifteen people the head of the local civil defense agency says it happened near one of the main hospitals in the province of syria's largest remaining rebel stronghold. and more buses have taken the fighters
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and civilians to the province from eastern good in the south it's the latest withdrawal under an evacuation deal with a government that's expected to see seven thousand people leave the besieged on klav syrian forces are close to gaining full control of eastern good after stepping up their military offensive last month is in a host of reports. they are being sent into exile the forced transfer to the rebel held province of idlib in the northwest of syria as the second deal of its kind in eastern huta. one of three rebel factions that controlled the rebel enclave agreed to surrender what was left of its stronghold in the southern pocket up to seven thousand people fighters their family members and opposition activists who don't want to live under the government's rule or are afraid to are leaving. we will leave but one day we will return they have managed to silence the revolution but will never die we will return to liberate our land and the revolution will return
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to repeatedly asked the international community for help but they didn't do anything very difficult time for us but we will return thousands more were bussed out of another rebel pocket in eastern huta the town of harassed which surrendered on wednesday they are syria's newly displaced but. they used every kind of weapon against us in an eastern water in general families who were hiding in underground shelters were killed in the bombardment the civil defense was not able to retrieve their bodies from under the rubble down there saying. it was a very bad situation the children were hungry because of the siege and scared because of the bombing they didn't have milk we pleaded with aid agencies but no one helped us they were sent to the rebel controlled northwestern province of idlib which is already crowded according to the united nations one million displaced persons who left other opposition held areas after they were recaptured by government forces live there it's also not a safe place airstrikes are have increased in the past week killing dozens of
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people many of them children. unicef partners report that seventeen children were killed yesterday in. heavy violence near a unicef supported school for students to flee to an underground shelter in a nearby building which then came under attack. around one million children live amid escalating violence and. it has been attacked from the air for years and a few months ago government forces have their allies launched a limited ground offensive for the first time in years if the pro-government alliance launches an all out offensive to recapture adlib many warn it could be an even worse humanitarian catastrophe it is a deescalation zone according to an agreement between russia and turkey to reduce the violence across the country but so was eastern huta violence continued in both areas despite the agreement the syrian government has now consolidating its control
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over eastern who the third rebel faction. will soon hand over the main town of duma the pro-government alliance is declaring victory but it came after years of siege five weeks of relentless bombardment and almost two thousand civilian deaths so. beirut. thousands of people have process it in tel aviv against israel's planned mass deportation of eritrean and sudanese migrants african migrants were among the estimated twenty thousand demonstrators in front of city hall israeli government has ordered more than forty thousand undocumented migrants to leave in exchange for money and a plane ticket out of the country supreme court has suspended. demanding more information on the plan before it can go ahead a senior columnist for the news website or he says that prime minister benjamin netanyahu is riding on a wave of racism in the country but that such racism needs to be addressed. these people. eat human ice and tell you how has being
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able to shut the border between israel and egypt takes credit for this and his message is that if we don't stop them we will get high off a million and we'll lose our. jewish identity here in israel so it's again it's like the spin on iran and posting and taro so these people. just are not part of us and this is trying to do human is a fiction of people and you know we have. about one hundred and fifty thousand illegal. immigrants from ukraine from europe but they're white and this doesn't seem to disturb you know but. you know. this is part of
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a kind of racism that israel has to tackle and i'm afraid they're going to anyhow is riding on this fear instead of stopping it and unfortunately we'll find ourselves and we are riding on a tight one day where you will become the victims of this type. marches are getting underway in cities across australia to call for better treatment of people seeking asylum the palm sunday rallies are expected to take place in nineteen australian cities and her thomas is live for us in sydney enter this is quite an undertaking for such a large number to be expected. these are certainly the biggest protests of the year the biggest one in sydney there will be a very big one in melbourne five six thousand people expected here they got about three thousand last year but of course one year on people stuck on the ruined man i saw them go straight people who tried to come to it shows by but they've now been
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there most of them. he is almost fifteen hundred people still in tension senses in those two places some have been resettled in the united states under a deal between the outgoing obama administration and australia about two hundred thirty one though in total a very small proportion of the overall number of people they absolutely talk to many people here this morning who say but i've not been to a rally before but i feel enough is enough and i want back government to start listening to them well i'm joined by that ramos in the refugee action coalition rick thanks for talking to al-jazeera and. many people have nevertheless is still on the stream of political issues in australia relatively small how would you get mainstream australia to engage in these talks well i think the first thing that has to happen under is that the government has to stop hiding the torture and despair that seems fitting in itself short ham's one of the reasons that the government sends people to now rule man the cylon or imprisons them beyond the public guys in
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australia is precisely to keep the refugee issue out of the public arm it's been very successful doing that which is why these sorts of demonstrations which are happening all around the country today it's are important respects six thousand his acquittal a number in melbourne again though how do you get this on the australian media because internationally we cover this a lot all the chinese do as well but it's. buried away in the news and. most of the australian corporate media has been disgracefully complicit we feel strained political establishment it's an embarrassment for both parties. in signing that refugees have to be kept out but it's have to be turned back and the media has just not offered the conduct critical scrutiny of public policy but let me play devil's advocate all studies government would say that the policies of. people drowning at sea other countries could. be as good. for all the trauma inflicted on fifteen hundred people which is relatively small in the great scheme of the rift. this is
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a policy that. people have not stopped drowning at sea and you only need to look at the tragedy unfolding in the mediterranean the refugees that a stockpiled in holding camps throughout the world to know that the australian government's actions do not stop death and destruction and suffering that compounds the problems of the refugee flows internationally and they add to the problem they don't solve it at all we saw the response when the government tried to deport a tamil family from a very small community in rural queensland just a few weeks ago that whole community rallied around them and we have almost one hundred thousand people on a petition calling on that family to be kept here in australia i think that reflects the real attitude of the australian community. about australians in a phobia. thank you very very much well. will probably kill three thousand people here people are still streaming in five minutes ago from here the protesters will march to another. and they have the full six thousand contingent as you said at the
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beginning this is being repeated to a lesser extent it should be said in towns and cities right across. from. that entry thank you. still ahead on al-jazeera a bad. two thousand. their interests plus. it's two hundred fifty years since the founding of the modern circus i'm evolved here in the city of birmingham ticcing which. we're still struggling to push out when she weather out of the way for the u.s. space in places they've rain and snow making their way across the plains easing over towards the middle lanty states this area of low pressure will try to bring in
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some mahler bumps into the cold air and then we have the snow in the forecast and that's going to the case as we go on through the next they'll say but the snow should weaken it'll slide is where a little further southeast was further north no great shakes on the top which is considering it is now spring six or seven celsius there for new york and also for washington d.c. further west it's not too bad in terms of bright and dry weather snow flurries there over the rockies for a time but the snow does gather as it pushes out into the plains for monday i'm going to see some very heavy rain into southern most past twenty seven celsius there for dallas as the world thirty eight degrees in atlanta the still on the cool side and seven right there as you can see over towards the east the sable for new york and for washington d.c. but a ship the last a dry and a saucy dry across the caribbean charles of one of say shallows there into the great. sea a little bit of wet weather coming into puerto rico coming into his banjara jamaica could see some cloud and rain as we go on through sunday we push on into monday
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those easterly winds drive the showers for the west. on counting the cost facebook and the big data economy the business model at the heart of the world's largest social network coming under scrutiny bus america's guns inside the biggest unregulated weapons market in the developed world counting the cost. the clerk was.
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watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories for you right now hundreds of thousands of people have taken part in mass protests across the united states and in more than a dozen other countries calling for stricter gun laws the march for our lives events were inspired by calls for action from teenage survivors of last month's school shooting in florida are seventeen people were killed. more buses have taken fighters and civilians to options from eastern canada and the south it's the latest withdrawal under an evacuation deal with a government that's expected to see seven thousand people leave that besieged on clay. thousands of people have protested in tell of the against israel's mass deportation of eritrean and sudanese migrants israeli government has ordered more than forty thousand undocumented migrants to leave in exchange for money and plane ticket. the u.n. envoy to yemen has arrived in the capital sana which is under the control of who the rebels it is the first visit by martin professed to the city since he was
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appointed in february he was there to meet who the leaders and try to arrange a fourth round of talks three previous rounds of negotiations and it. no progress regional divides between north and south yemen are worsening as the country enters its fourth year of war the south was a separate country until one nine hundred ninety and calls for secession are once again gaining strength some avenge of a reports. jimmie's have been trying to free central times and northern provinces but a saudi led coalition is battling with the rebels but many have been denied entry into southern cities including aden and hundreds of northerners already in the south have been forcibly displaced in testimonies provided to al jazeera some business owners say they were told they'll be killed unless they pack up and leave . behind a shop but they stormed our places and kicked us out they even took my medication for money. she i was working and i didn't at a restaurant i was kicked out i was harassed in the end i urge them to fear god
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they confiscated all stalls which belong to northerners this is my mother they took all our money with human rights watch says yemenis with more than backgrounds face difficulties and aid in the checkpoints sometimes held for hours questioned occasionally turned back or called there are three names. i was trying to travel to saudi arabia but was turned back i had visas papers everything but they refused to allow me to access the airport there and then let me go have calculus off the bus and kept a standing we ask an officer to have some mercy were old men but after he saw the id he said you're an old man and i don't want to put you in jail but i don't want you in aden either. when we showed them i.d.'s they said these won't be enough they took us to prison and left us without food or drink and care they said they would hold us for a little while and then they would deport us. forty years ago the elected government called in the saudi alliance to help defeat to the rebels but fighting
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continues in the north and no single party seems to be in control of the south. the south with its own country until unification in one thousand nine hundred and. so many there are again calling for secession divisions have also appeared in the saudi led coalition despite to be to denials the ingenue the secessionist backed by the united arab emirates took over most of aden they took it from the forces of the internationally recognized government which is ironically supported by u.a.e. schoolish an ally saudi arabia and as the old cracks reappeared in war torn yemen its people find themselves stranded between competing interests in job aid there. and next part of our special series on yemen we take a look at who is behind the new armed groups that are adding to the chaos in the middle east countries that sunday here on al-jazeera. iran's landmark two thousand and fifteen nuclear agreement could be torn up if u.s. president ronald trump's hawkish new national security adviser gets his way john
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bolton has supported the idea of killing the deal and bombing iran. reports from tehran many small businesses feel the agreement hasn't helped them much anyway. to develop a strong economy support small business that's one of the trickle down effect iran's leaders were hoping for when they signed the nuclear deal with world leaders three years ago but for most businesses operating at this level the kinds of marketplaces that represent the majority of iranians and the benefits of the nuclear deal have passed them by. the expectations of the private sector have not been fulfilled. he has been working with the government and private companies to attract foreign investors to iran when the deal was signed iranian leader said they had reconnected the country to the global marketplace the reality is different. the jam being the political side of the nuclear deal carried more weight than the economic one i'm not
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a political expert but in economic terms especially in the private sector we have not witnessed any tangible achievements. trade fairs like these are a common sight all year round producers from every province in the country travel to teheran trying to drum up more business here the nuclear deal has been good for iran's public image but not much else. to everybody and others the americans didn't let his realize our expectations in the shadow of fear hanging over the europeans from the u.s. has affected the implementation of the nuclear deal regarding the taking of office by trump it has made things worse a crazy man is at the top. others say they're worried that if the deal falls apart or if there's new sanctions imposed the few gains that have been made will be lost . a raw materials most to come from europe we don't have the same industrial steel in iran it's all imported from europe after the nuclear deal importing has been
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easier and there are more sanctions our industry will collapse. addle most no cost to himself donald trump is costing iran dearly by scaring away potential investors well we're going to see what happens iran deal is coming up. probably another month or so and you're going to see what i do what iran has not been treating that part of the world or the world itself appropriately a lot of bad things are happening in iran the deal is coming up in one month with the nuclear deal was being negotiated iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei warned his government that the deal may not work because he said the other side might stab iran in the back but he gave his blessings in hopes that a negotiated solution would bring an end to decades of confrontation with the west now supporters of the deal are worried the company's prediction may soon come true . france's and paying tribute to
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a police officer who died in the supermarket siege on friday are now beltran was shot by a gunman after swapping places with the hostage he's been hailed as a hero by. the gunman was killed in that scene each in the southern town of trade after he went on a shooting spree three other people also kill a second suspect has been arrested in connection with the attack. thousands of far right supporters of croatia have rallied against a european treaty proposal they say indirectly gives rights to transgender people protesters march in the capitals of crabbe against the treaty ratification accuse the proposal of undermining traditional family values in the predominantly catholic country the treaty is designed to combat domestic violence that many object to its definition and gender saying it paves the way for transsexuals or transgenders to become separate categories. australia wildlife officials are seeking or asking rather than public help to keep a lookout for five whales sent back to sea after they were rescued from beaches in
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the west those were the only ones they were able to save when more than one hundred fifty pilot whales became beached in hamelin bay south of perth on friday experts are warning that the five whales may return to dry land as they often do following mass stranding. australia's cricket team has admitted to ball tampering during the third test against south africa in cape town and activists against the sport's rules kemah bancroft was caught on camera placing a small object down his trousers after working on the ball when questioned by the umpires he instead produced sunglasses from his pocket he later admitted it was a piece of tape that he was using to rub dirt on the ball he's been charged with ball tampering and will face a suspension. ah guess what it's always you know i saw it on the screen and having done that on. quite a lot and get up the result in may shutting it down while watch out.
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the leadership group knew about it and we spoke about it at lunch and. i'm not proud of of what's happened. you know it's not within the spirit of the guy integrity attains integrity ladyship groups integrities come into question and rightfully so. it's not on. that's two hundred fifty year since the modern circus was founded and london to mark the anniversary six u.k. cities have begun several months of celebrations some circuses have been falling falling audiences too to mounting costs and animal welfare concerns but as barker reports a new generation of performers are trying to turn their fortunes around. these are tomorrow's circus stars the students are developing dead devil acts and pushing their bodies to the extreme. it's fascinating to watch something that looks so effortless but that you know you can't dave in some ways made it just like. every
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day which we do we do it every day or with you anyway three he made us feel like a crime apollo the bold and circus was born in britain in seventeen sixty eight when a showman called philip set up a tent in london and filled it with x. this is a nineteenth century circus rolling into town and explosion of noise of color in a black and white world they would evolve into massive money making spectacles. today the circus like a theatre all the opera is seen as an art form in its own right to people who see an extraordinary feat and that's always been repeated of circus this year the physicality over there the things that maybe seem to be almost impossible to see people just in this room that they're able to do those things but i think it's also a change there's been a mark so it shifted more audiences it's from entertainment from performance and
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from our tastes have certainly changed over the years. along with health and safety standards. an increasing number of countries have banned the use of animals over welfare concerns the u.k. will follow suit in two years' time. this is one traditional circus's have evolved into big budgets. production values zippos snow in theaters is will those temps. really very very near experiences like boise where. maybe thirty feet above the other. two hundred fifty years old the surface still come to vegas audience is
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a place where beer and polite. trick out the headlines on al-jazeera hundreds of thousands of people have taken part in mass protests across the united states and in more than a dozen other countries calling for stricter gun laws the march our lives events were inspired by calls for action from teenage survivors of last month's school shooting in florida where seventeen people were killed among the speakers eleven year old elementary school student i only wilder his pledge to take political action resonated with many. my friends and i might still be eleven and we might still be in elementary school but we know we know life is needful for everyone and we know what is right and not. we also know that we stand in the shadow of the capitol and we know that we had seven
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short years until we do have the right to vote. a car bomb exploded near the center of the rebel held city of eleven or western syria killing at least fifteen people that of the local civil defense agency says it happened near one of the main hospitals at the province of syria's largest remaining rebel stronghold. our bus is packed with fighters and civilians left for sirius and the province from eastern guta it is the latest withdrawal under an evacuation deal with a government that's expected to see seven thousand people leave that to see enclave do an envoy to yemen has arrived in the capital sana which is under the control of who the rebels is the first visit by martin griffiths to the city says he was appointed in february he's there to meet who the leaders and try to arrange a fourth round of talks. cricket team has admitted to ball tampering during the third test against south africa in cape town an act that is against the sport's rules cameron bancroft was caught on camera placing a small object on his trousers after working on the ball so when questioned him he
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instead produced a sunglasses cloth from his pocket and he later admitted it was a piece of tape that he was using to rub dirt on the ball and been charged with ball tampering and will face suspension. those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera counting the cost is next thanks for your time. lost and. found and see. when he's reveals how one charity is giving pakistan's lost children a new chance and luck on notice.


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