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death of martin luther king we examine the impact of his assassination and the state of race relations in the us today the award winning show thrice returns for another season with stories about solutions to some of the greatest manmade environmental problems as the first meeting since the bridge that vote is set to take place in the u.k. we examine how relevant the commonwealth is today between corporate and public interests up to the last drop unveils the longstanding rule for water in europe april on al-jazeera. as the us has withdrawn from the trans-pacific partnership deal others has staged committed to it first small countries countries with small populations such as yours is this actually a better deal without divided states signatories of the world's newest trade bloc tool to al-jazeera.
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fourteen he had a head cause and. come to the news good. run from the mole maybe over catalonians former president has been arrested in germany. after leading a failed. correspondent explains what happened what this means for him and. also on the grid taking their last before they forced to leave israel will face jail indefinitely thousands protest in tel aviv alongside african refugees against deportations the government is offering them a one way ticket to an unknown country and a future take your aspirin find some good. compression socks on because it's going
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to be a long journey and over seventeen hours in the air made its first nonstop flight between the u.k. and australia it's in the air right now going on somewhere between london on the. train long will flights could put on your body. and the found. orchestra have all the latest reaction to the news about. the show and the hash tag. with the news good live on streaming online streaming you tube facebook live and dot com the man who spearheaded the failed campaign to have the catalonia region split away from spain has been tracked down. and a race today in germany former catalan president colors pushable fled off to the suspicion bid in october he's been living in belgium since that declaration of
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independence from spain was last seen in finland but a european arrest warrant has finally caught up with him germany isn't saying what happens next but he is wanted in spain for sedition and rebellion this kid will from accountant who joins us live from berlin tell us more about what happened. and we know that he was pulled over on the german autobahn on the side of the highway by german police in the northern state of. in germany we believe that he had taken perhaps the car ferry from finland into denmark and then crossed over the border into germany he did have a flight booked on saturday evening out of finland where he had been speaking with finnish parliamentarians and also speaking at the university of helsinki he didn't take that flight instead he he showed up in
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a car in germany and that's where he was arrested now we heard this through his assistant who had tweeted that he was being detained in germany that he was being treated well what happens next with mr push him on an extensive legal process here in germany we have been on the foreign with the prosecutor's office in the show as a costar and they say there will be a legal procedure that will happen on monday in order to determine how long he can be detained as you mentioned before he is being detained under a european arrest warrant now under those terms if he agrees to the extradition he will be sent within ten days if he doesn't agree and there's an appeals process it could take up to two months before he's extradited but given that we're dealing with two european countries here it's very unlikely that german. he would refuse that extradition and we will see when he appears in court as to how long that they
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intend to keep him the german media are reporting that he may have been moved from the initial police station where he was held into a detention facility in noise however we haven't been able to confirm those details prosecutors saying that because of security reasons they won't be releasing his location at this time and i should imagine that his supporters will want to know if he faces the court if he's going to get a fair trial i mean how worried are they about the sort of impact that this is likely to have in cattle. well germany has been quite quiet on this issue they don't have any of the independence movements that you see in the rest of europe but i would imagine that certainly on twitter the reaction has been very strong this is something that has a story that has largely been developing on twitter as i say his supporters had been tweeting about the arrest and then again saying you know messages of support
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mr prism on himself had tweeted on saturday evening that we will fight until the end so it appears that there will be some sort of resistance put up but as i say there's not really much he can do about being extradited within european nations german the german authorities will have to check that he will get a fair trial that's part of their procedure but it would be very unlikely that they would stop that extradition taking place on those grounds and i should imagine for the spanish government they want and then to all of this they've been rounding up the leaders of this failed to say sion bit i'm just wondering what sort of impact it's likely to have in the country what what's going to happen next. well there have been some protests late last week when the prosecutor when the courts in spain had decided to reassure this arrest warrant there was a little bit of a stay of execution if you like back in december when the arrest warrants from
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belgium where retracted now they have been six catalonian leaders including mr prism on the others we believe are in belgium in switzerland and in scotland and they have certainly been protests out on the streets people defiant against these leaders of the catalonian separatist movement being arrested it's like it's unclear at this stage whether we will see more of that protest action now that the leader mr proves i'm on has been arrested but i guess that's what. will be determined in coming days let's leave it there like alan live in. the pitch of one's arrest comes five months after that referendum in october when catalan leaders defied a spanish supreme court ruling and held a referendum on suspicion turnout was about forty two percent with a landslide vote for independence when the catalan parliament declared independence after the referendum leaders of spain's government in madrid crack down hard on
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doing they were upholding the constitution the spanish government fired the leaders of the cattle and government and dissolved the regional parliament in boss alone in a first for spain prime minister money on overhaul invoked article one fifty five of the constitution took over control of the regional government with no international recognition and little sympathy from neighbors in the european union this is specialists weren't able to implement that break away let's bring in our social media producer in a moment i should imagine this quite a bit online about this what is the conversation a lot of reaction most a lot of condemnation as well jane now put your arms arrests in germany has sparked like we said a massive debate and as we're talking the conversation just continues to grow and his name is being used as the main hash tag which is trending worldwide most of the comments are coming from spain belgium and germany but many online are in favor of
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him criticizing not only germany but europe as a whole let's go through some of these tweets for you now ed says that it's an absolute disgrace that he's been arrested by german cops should shame any country already did that proponents should believe in human rights or tomorrow democratic values that another adds that i don't care much about the catalan prisoners but this is a feeling increasingly like the e.u. is trying to crack down on anyone who doesn't accept the system now a frequently asked question that we're seeing as well is whether john. he will hand over a huge demand to spain this is asked will history repeat itself germany once again handed over a democratically elected catalan president to speak to the spanish government to be shot before a firing squad well justice prevail in germany well let us know what you think of the story we are monitoring all the latest developments connected us use the hash tag aging is great jane thanks for that now
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let's go over yemen now where rights groups are calling for a full investigation into war crimes in yemen they want perpetrators identified and held to account besides violations by hooty rebels and the bombing campaign by the saudi led coalition many armed groups are also operating there some a binge of aid has that report. trainees of the southern belt forces were originally being prepared to fight isis and by that in yemen the militia was formed in two thousand and sixteen by the internationally recognized government but since then the security built forces are operating beyond the control of the government of president of the rabbits who are highly. they are funded and controlled by the united arab emirates along with other groups in the provinces ahead remote and. war ravaged yemen is already divided on sectarian tribal and religious lines there is a fear that parallel security operations would endangered any attempt by the
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government to gain strength there's also the lack of accountability in the way these forces have been working human rights watch says security built and hundred mi elite forces have used excessive force during arrests and raids detain family members of wanted suspects to pressure them to voluntarily turn themselves in arbitrarily arrested and detained men and boys the danger in with adults and forcibly disappeared dozens the u.a.e. as part of the saudi led coalition leads these forces as a counterterrorism effort in southern and eastern yemen that's where groups like al qaeda in the arabian peninsula and i still have roots information obtained by al jazeera suggests an estimated twenty thousand fighters are part of these counter-terrorism militias rights groups are calling on the newly established u.n. panel of experts on yemen to impartially investigate the patterns of abuse and identify those responsible i'm just international believes war crimes have been committed there is absolutely no justification for parties to the conflict to me to
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be using this at this military target or the fact that they are operating against terrorists and what they call terrorism surely by these rules of the war which have been put in place primarily to protect civilians the number of those earning a living by enrolling in some security force has spiked in the last three years. with no peace expected and in time soon the war machine is likely to go on with impunity along with disastrous consequences for yemen civilian population. the war in yemen is having a disastrous impact on the country's most vulnerable particularly children the un's children agency says will continue trying to help them despite funding shortfalls well first and foremost an organization like unicef never ever give out as long as children are vulnerable as long as children are suffering and we will be
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there to be there for it but also with them and their needs out for the moment in yemen every single thing is a priority the of definitely going to settle that damn not just stop the war on children in yemen that's the responsibility of the finite in part these that's the responsibility of those who are supporting the fighting barkley's and to date i have a simple straightforward request all those won't work fighting or suit or being the fighting parties. how do you think your billions of dollars that you are currently investing in work there how do you think this serves children i can tell you as the children's organization that it doesn't serve a single child in yemen the only need a few hundreds of millions of dollars much much more to ensure that children get
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down again that access to that's an illusion that children can go back and children can be safe and can be protected to detroit is is yours make that choice if you want to continue your destroyed children's lives rather convert your spending and make it available to access their insurance children a bright future. this summer binge of aids is with mean look at those pictures and we can't imagine that these horrors are continuing the human humanitarian situation is so dire and so many factors behind it absolutely jane in this three part series what we've tried to do is that what we have when we hear about clashes and the air strikes we've tried to go below the surface in trying to figure out who are these actors who are carrying out these atrocities a lot of these are militias that are that have broken off from the previous military these are some of them are fighters who are in other groups and now that yemen's war is entering its third year we're hearing on the ground especially in
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southern yemen that there is a conflict of interest between the allies who are supposed to be fighting the hooty s. so in addition to what was happening in the north by who these are hearing war crimes being committed by all sides especially those militias which are being funded directed and at times being backed by the united arab emirates specifically which is no kind of run is running in parallel to the government that the internationally recognized government which saudi arabia back so it's a lot to take in so we tried to break it down into three separate parts where you not just looked at how do you who these militias are what are they doing on the ground we've looked at people who have just gone missing so the united arab emirates and the coalition that is fighting in southern yemen is fighting in an area which is home to either and i said in yemen highly near even the internet that's the birthplace especially the problems of the color so what they're using to the tactics they're using are being denounced by all sorts of human rights activists and saying that you cannot use the justification of fighting terrorism to
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go out and carry out abuse right fair enough to denounce it we're hearing about war crimes in a country like this a failed state how is anyone held accountable for that well that is the million dollar question so far there is no mechanism so far all the parties to the conflict have on the surface said that they will abide by the law by the. the war but they're not doing it on the ground there's a huge new un panel of experts that has been formulated that a lot of confidence has gone into it rights groups aid agencies are all saying go out there and investigate that is going to be the direction that we see in the next coming weeks or months where the unit panel of experts is going to go into yemen it's going to it's already started its investigation is going to figure out who are the perpetrators of these crimes and these crimes are very very small in nature but collectively they have a major impact on the people of yemen just a small thing because the coalition has destroyed bridges and roads if you land aid
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in the port in her data if you have to get a two because all the bridges and roads are destroyed so you can take a container of a did there you will take the container to a point where the road exists from there it will be shifted to smaller lorries from there when the route that road ends and the rough terrain begins it will be used the mules and horses will be used to transport so it is extraordinary that in this day and age we are seeing this level of suffering and as everyone that we speak and spoken to says that this is all manmade. yes i should imagine the growing divisions are not helpless at all oh absolutely so there is yemen was two countries up till one nine hundred ninety s. so now what we're seeing is those divisions coming back to the fore there's a lot of discontent in the south people who want to secede again from the north and that is having an impact on the people there all the northerners who are living here have been facing discrimination many people have been forced to flee since two
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thousand and sixteen if you've seen hundreds of people in the space and there is ongoing fighting there's airstrike this shelling there's armed groups fighting with each other just you're living in it's in a province like ties and you want to get out of yemen you can't go in the north because it's hootie controlled and now if they try to go use the south when they see their identity cards they don't allow them in they don't they call them derogatory names they allow the women in then hold back the the men so it is a very difficult for a yemeni citizen who's been caught up in this ongoing war between all of these sides many of do many of whom have actually alliances but are fighting on the ground with competing interests as is the worst thing about it's a manmade disaster if it can be over if they want to do more thank you very much a sign of injury it were the war has forced more than two million people to leave their homes some have taken refuge in djibouti this article on our website gives an idea of what life is like for those living in camps al jazeera spoke to one refugee who escaped with his wife and eight children three years ago now feels like they've
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been abandoned you should read his story it's very poignant high in his walls and disease wellcome yemenis fleeing war and others says mohammed are there also visits that camp in a block here where people who weren't happy about the conditions but stayed because they had nowhere else to go and others who preferred to go back to war torn yemen and stay in the camp you can find their stories on al jazeera dot com just search for yemen let's go over to london. with more on the day's news. hey there jane yes want to focus on another conflict now starting with developments in syria where hundreds more rebel fighters and civilians have been evacuated from east and government forces close to controlling all of what had been the last rebel stronghold close to damascus after more than four years of siege the government assault that started a month ago has managed to force most of the rebels to leave just one group is
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still holding out and they are believed to be close to the deal. there is following developments for us from beirut. the evacuations are continuing fighters their family members as well as civilians being bussed out of what was once the rebel controlled enclave of eastern ghouta to the rebel controlled province of idlib in the northwest of the country this is part of course of the evacuation deals or what amounts really to a surrender the rebels didn't have much of a choice they were besieged by government forces and there was a relentless bombing campaign that was targeting civilians who were trapped inside so it's not only the fighters who are leaving it is people who are involved in opposition activities media activists people that we've been speaking to telling us that we're only able to pack a few belongings and we're going to the unknown we're leaving behind our homes our lives the will we be able to to rebuild our lives once again will we be able to return to our homes so these people are really afraid of what comes next because they're going to live which is also not a safe area it is an area which is
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a target really of the pro-government alliance but the pro-government alliance declaring victory as saying that they're clearing the area from what they call terrorists eastern huta has long been a thorn in the side of the government the last major rebel stronghold close to the capital close to the government seat of power there have been numerous attempts over the years to recapture eastern huta but the government lacked the manpower they were busy on many front lines but this time around it was an all out military campaign and the only choice the opposition had was to surrender. a car bomb has gone off in somalia killing at least five people the blasts happened near the somali parliament in mogadishu a bomb was detonated at a checkpoint after soldiers stopped a suspicious vehicle the on group has claimed responsibility well i still says that it was behind a blast that killed at least one person in the western afghan city of herat two suicide bombers tried to enter
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a shia mosque when security guards opened fire one of them was shot dead the other blew himself up at least eight others were wounded. israeli warplanes have targeted a hamas site in gaza for air raids tore through buildings in the southern city of ruffa no casualties have been reported israel says it retaliated after palestinian staged a cross border raid on saturday damaging machinery that's being used to create a barrier along the frontier with gaza but hamas says the raids are an example of israel terrorizing civilians at least seven people have been killed in a shootout with police in rio de janeiro brazilian security forces say they were searching for suspects involved in a recent police killing when their patrol came under attack but families of the victims dispute that account brazil's military took command of the city last month in an attempt to cut rising violence driven by rival drug gangs sierra leone's high court has upheld a request of his phone tuesday's presidential runoff amid claims of electoral fraud
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a member of the ruling old people's congress had filed an injunction demanding the allegations of irregularities should be investigated before the vote goes ahead neither summer come from the old people's congress or opposition candidate julius modder bio's secured an outright majority in the first round of this month the court says it will hear the electoral commission's response on monday. victims of friday's shooting spree in southern france have been on a palm sunday mass in the town of treb the. families of the victims sat in the front row for the service four people were killed in the attack including police officer. who offered to take the place of a hostage it was being held inside a supermarket the gunman was shot dead investigators searching his home have found notes referring to i still salusa that legacy later salute the
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self-sacrifice unique to soldiers ready to give their lives for the nation and their fellow citizens a life given cannot be lost it transcends hardship and unites us it calls to us to believe that life is stronger than death to believe in hope meanwhile at a palm sunday service in the vatican but francis called on young people to make their voices heard and not to allow their corrupt elders to silence them or the head of the roman catholic church said there are many ways to force young people to keep quiet and that they have to make sure they shout out a group of young catholics that earlier told the vatican they wanted a more transparent and all scented church on sunday is celebrated a week ahead of easter. that's it from london for now we'll have more in about forty minutes time now back to change see again then thank you for that years of conflict in afghanistan have created one of the world's worst water crisis fewer than a third of the population has access to clean drinking water thousands of children are dying each year because of contamination and put sanitation tony berkeley
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reports from kabul the hindu kush mountain range a wonder of nature and the giver of life it has the highest concentration of snow in places outside the polar region and is afghanistan's main source of water. but it's under threat there has been a rapid retreat and melting of glaciers at the current rate they will disappear by twenty fifty. water water. sources there is no was no life. so something happened something unfortunate happen of corridors is the loss of human. melting glaciers are not the only problem forty years of conflict and the gleg to take a toll on an antiquated water and sanitation system just twenty seven percent of the population has access to clean water only twenty percent in rural areas this is the way most of kabul's poor get their water stand pipes open for
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a few hours every day the water system was designed in the one nine hundred eighty s. to cope with a population of a few hundred thousand today nearly six million people live in the capital muscle that he says the. lack of education has led to poor hygiene people deaf occasion rivers and few boil the water they drink most rivers are contaminated every day rule so each flows into the kabul river from six thousand channels and is having serious health consequences twenty five percent of the deaths of children under the age of five are due to water contamination and bad sanitation ten thousand children die every year because of direct and water where an infection and disease account for more deaths in afghanistan the bombs and bullets forty years ago the population was thirteen million today it is around thirty six million causing a huge thirst but a shortage of reservoirs and pumping stations means just thirty percent of water is
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retained. improvements are being made in kabul this pumping station is part of an eighty million dollars german project to increase the number of connected homes from ten thousand to one hundred thousand more but we still need technical and financial support from the international community and the sectors such as improving water management and for greasing capacity we also need support for exit queuing technical issues you can only supply water if you have it and because of the melting glaciers afghanistan has just over thirty years to come up with a solution to his predicted water loss before nature turns off the tap tony berkeley al-jazeera kabul. their views have been in touch with us from china uganda tanzania and denmark said thanks for that but if you want to send us some ideas some thoughts on the stories that we're doing peace in your comments to any of our online platforms you can tweet us at a.j. english or on facebook at facebook dot com slash a.j. news grid you can also send us what sept message the number there is plus nine
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seven four five zero one triple one four nine and as always you can use the hash tag a.j. news grid. now for those of you watching us on facebook a story about technology helping doctors in pakistan can make with the rule patients who have more after the break. hello there we've got plenty of cloud across the middle east at the moment shares a very clearly on the satellite picture plenty of it or gradually extending its way up towards the northeast and for some of us and as becky stan and kurdistan we're going to see some pretty sharp showers during the day elsewhere i think most of the cloud will just be trout it won't be giving us a great deal of wet weather was tall towards the west it's getting pretty warm now thirty four in back down there as we head through the day on tuesday and survey roots will be up a more pleasant twenty five there are the tools the south is also pretty hot now in
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doha too will be up around thirty three or thirty four degrees as we head through the next couple of days for the south a lot of there hovering at about thirty degrees as a maximum down towards the southern parts of africa and here there's more in the way of what whether it's stretching through parts of angola down through them bob boy plenty of showers here again as we head through the next few days and some of them to be rather lively to the south of that there's plenty of dry weather and the dry weather does extend down towards cape town but to the north it's largely a lot more unsettled with more cloud around and the chance of seeing some rather heavy showers for the central parts of africa the showers are now on their way towards the north so for some of us here we'll see more in the way of unsettled weather for the west though still largely dry. on counting the cost facebook and the big data economy the business model at the heart of the world's largest social network coming under scrutiny bus america's
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guns inside the biggest unregulated weapons market in the developed world counting the cost and i just. want. to talk about ivory poachers who have decimated populations of elephants in africa they almost always ship the ivory out of a different country from where it was poached because that's where you start your search looking in the wrong place this radiocarbon dating method tell us if trade ivory is legal or not then we have a place who can focus law enforcement on take those out and perhaps choke the source of the id from entering the network take no at this time and emphysema.
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thinking quickly through the stories that are trending on line the top one. former first lady grace mugabi profile every story that's really hard to get your head around but that's after a fantastic exposé in the second place russia blows up the. market a world cup city. television tower now
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gone that story in place of. people evacuating in syria which our correspondent told us about in just going to the rescue to take a look at good stories there a ray of different topics from different parts of the world. when it comes to a fiji's and asylum seekers australia has a rather hardline approach but it seems the tide of public opinion on the matter is changing they're being marches across the country thousands of people calling for better treatment of asylum seekers is trying to does resettle thousands of refugees it took in more than twenty four thousand last year including a special one off intake from syria and iraq but the un has criticized australia's policies designed to deter those who try to arrive by boat andrew thomas was at that much in sydney. for
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a protest rallies happening in towns and cities across australia on sunday. but the one about three thousand people so far in sydney and in melbourne likely to be the biggest people here say that the refugees who've been sent by australia from our side in the proper new guinea and nuru many of whom have now been there for almost five years have suffered enough and should be brought to australia they also think that australians refugee policies are hinged with racism earlier this week peter dutton the immigration minister suggested that want south african farmers are being kicked off their farms could perhaps be given refugee status here in australia this for a man who has spent his career it seems to people here keeping other refugees in other places out this is what from the refugee action coalition said to me earlier i think the role of the demonstrations we're seeing around the nation today is precisely to say pete adoption is not legitimate he's not legitimate in saying that you know white south africans who haven't asked us for help are more deserving of
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australian asylum than the countless numbers of people fleeing war zones who have there are thousands of people here and thousands more in melbourne and in other places across australia but in the great scheme of things these are still relatively small protests australia's media rarely reports more than a tiny bit on these sorts of events and in terms of politics by the governing liberal policy and the opposition labor party broadly agree on the tough policies and that's why not much looks likely to change let's say with this topic of refugees and asylum seekers we'll take you over to israel where thousands of protested in tel aviv against a planned mass deportation of eritrean and sudanese and migrants the israeli government has ordered more than forty thousand undocumented migrants to leave and in exchange they've been offered money and a plane ticket to an unknown country but the supreme court has suspended deportations demanding more information before the plan can go ahead and inform
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sultan is a eritrean asylum seeker in israel and he was at the protests last night. and you join us with news good via skype from television is very good to have you with us so these moves by the supreme court just hold off on this now until they get more information and these protesters think it'll make a difference or is it just delaying the inevitable and very skillful thank you for having me and. i can say about. the demonstration that it it it's not going to a good bye. and good works vents. didn't that russian cooperation with the earthy use of asylum seekers in israel and so that it neighborhood. i mean it's been deportation and i believe that it can make a change on the. never minsk only state that. the deep little is that
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i and. many of the power. ends up on this. and can you tell me why so many asylum seekers don't want to take up this offer the what's of the whopping three thousand five hundred dollars and hopping on a plane one way ticket to an unknown country one of the lots of problems there. it's not them that there are. the money given to them but it's a matter of their security in in that distinction places. the places they are to just already deported are not safe for their kids we have learned from or in this one already been deported to this countries or have no any place in the distinction and that and of course it believe again and it's that so they say that . some of them. i've been in the south. or
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i've been here you have to go back to eritrea wouldn't you have been so many people have fled eritrea for obvious reasons for the atrocities committed there the human rights problems that they've got you say here are a fix stories of those you've been forced to leave israel and what they face but i repeat again i was asking about some of the stories that you hear from those who have been forced to leave israel the horrors that they face when they leave and some of those countries they end up in including eritrea and first. and their stand you. the country. ruled by a canal is one person but ok to carry on carry are going to continue this please do. today is ruled by
6:38 pm
an individual person on group or individual lists with no constitution and there is no there are no and forces to limit it to the situation or it's there. and military separation. and this military selby's or or sit there or and so people cannot return to or we cannot return to our country and still the condition is not the result of already at even more since so or have no chance to go back to the and and the other only going to this. state to be deported and almost in a similar way that we did in the give us of the gun with give us a status there and well looking eset at so.
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it was another set down for us well most people are getting into all this ok i had a frontal time thank you very much for talking to us it is a story that we are keeping our eye on and there are reports that hate crimes on the rise and so is the risk rick against african migrants in africa and activists in israel who support them really are no you've been looking into this as well yes shane well the israeli government considers that the majority of african refugees are considered to be economic migrants whose lives are not in danger in their home countries prime minister benjamin netanyahu has recently said that the electronic barrier at the israel egypt border has saved israel from attacks and he described the arrival of african migrants as a worse threat than terrorists in the sinai peninsula. and then you have
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a sermon by a chief rabbi that has gone viral edits yet shack you also compares black people to monkeys he's also use the hebrew word called khushi to describe black people which is widely considered to be a racial slur in israel and online this has caused quite a stir people who were quick to condemn his comments the anti-defamation league said that it was an acceptable and then in response of this a new york based rabbi called jonah geffen said come on guys who are racist are racist now in addition to this african immigrants and protesters have been targets of vicious hate crimes online as well now according to a report by wind net's news the activists id backroads to tell them that she received a threat saying that we will cut your head and drink your blood that's a quote that she gave to the news website now more generally speaking there are
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reports of attacks against african migrants and refugees in recent years but this particular video that dates back to two years ago has resurfaced online as part of a wider conversation on this issue eritrean refugee huffed him the home was shot dead and beaten in the city of be'er sheva the video appears to show nine people involved in the attack a critic six a that the perpetrators just got off to easy with no jail time instead the judge gave them community service. now and i reacted quite talk to this video she's describing israel as the best a holiday destination ever now it was also a few days ago that a tel of eve city council a whole suzy co had reportedly physically assaulted protesters who were demonstrating in the support of refugees outside israel supreme court cohen has previously been caught on camera calling herself
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a proud racist during an argument with stuff on the accommodations state of of african refugees i mean we're all in the u.s. and canada there are jewish groups that have been speaking out against what the israeli government have been doing to try to deport these african refugees if not now has criticized those the staying silent in this particular facebook post while you want to hear from you as well we just speak to some journalists and also an activist to tell us more about the situation listen is there any wonder that a one year old african baby was stabbed in the head in downtown tel aviv that african men are lynched in public places in israel by mobs on c.c.t.v. camera and the perpetrators get off without murder charges we're quite worried that now we will see more violence towards the asylum seekers both by the immigration officers and by the civilian citizens living in these parts of the city it is
6:43 pm
a very ugly part of the israeli society that is allowing itself to behave that way . and it really hurts many many people so if you are currently in israel we do want to hear from you message us on any of these top forums and use the hash tag a.j. news great. thanks for that reason also we did a talk to al jazeera on this topic firsthand what these asylum seekers fled from to reach and make him and his own also the horrors some of them face in the african countries they are sent back to many of them tell us they would rather face life in an israeli jail than leave to an unknown future talk to al-jazeera deportation of prison is under the shows tab at al-jazeera dot com a search for israel asylum seekers it took just over seventeen hours to make aviation history for the first time ever you cannot fly from a straight to the united kingdom without a single stop of a qantas has found its first service nonstop between perth and london it's
6:44 pm
a real game changer linking down under and the u.k. without the need for transit time in hubs in asia or the middle east along the way. now that len plane is now making its way back to perth i'm talking slowly because i'm hoping we can get this picture but we can't. i was going to show you where it is in the sky it will be traveling more than fourteen thousand kilometers we were tracking it you could see it in the midst of all the other plays that left london about three hours ago just fourteen more hours to go but the quantas flight is not the longest nonstop service in the world that belongs to the cattle airways service from doha to oakland in new zealand the fourteen thousand five hundred thirty five kilometer journey takes seventeen and a half hours several airlines are competing to take that title in twenty sixteen india started flying nonstop from new delhi to san francisco the distance is more
6:45 pm
than fifteen thousand kilometers but the flight time is only around sixteen hours because of tailwinds the airline wants to launch even longer services from india to los angeles later this year in routes emirates has promised to fly nonstop from dubai to panama which would take a similar nth of time singapore airlines held the title for nearly ten years with its eighteen hour nonstop flight from singapore to new york the service ended in two thousand and thirteen but the airline wants to bring it back this time with new planes that can fly further on less few but just how commercially viable are these ultra long haul flights aviation analyst alex cheras says from a business perspective they are but not exactly for passages. and there are many passengers who actually although they now have the option to not stop they say we want to because you know we joined that break so in terms of being commercially viable airlines and quantas say that it for them is better economics than stopping
6:46 pm
in dubai for example they've pulled out of the u.a.e. and it's worked out for singapore but in terms of from a passenger's point of view nonstop flights between australia in the u.k. for example are actually twenty percent higher in fare averages compared to you know stopping off once which actually is driving the fares now it's becoming cheaper to stop once if not twice and actually sometimes it's more competitive all right i did tell you that i was going to show you the ticket earlier on i thought we had it but we don't i'm going to bring you in instead a senior lecturer in aviation studies at kingston university and joins us live from london now would you take that flight. a very long flight seventeen hours. after and. you better hope that the system is working how good is it for you i mean what sort of impact is it likely to have on your body. it's difficult to say but we got one one of things that we do know
6:47 pm
is that the new technology in aircraft nowadays bins the the likelihood of jet lag is likely to be reduced the cabin air inside these aircraft is a lower pressure altitude the humidity is much better the windows are much much bigger now which enables a natural light to get in so the impact of the human body should be less inevitably you are sitting in a chub on a seat for seventeen hours and almost certainly the airlines will be encouraging you to move around to ensure you know this sufficient light circulation yeah i was going to ask you about they were talking about it in the the meeting this morning and i was saying how i was weeping over blue planet on the plane the other day and how you know it makes you more emotional makes food tastes likely difference i things do change in me ed i mean what should you be doing should you be jiggling your toes not watching sad movies staying away from the alcohol obviously. yeah i
6:48 pm
mean it's it's an environment which will do you hydrate you very quickly and i think many of us that sell it or often on long journeys of realize the throes of go dry so hydration is really important. coupled with the obviously alcohol reduction is a key part of that and just getting plenty of fluids stretching your legs moving around it's probably the best advice and if you think it's so many years ago when you would sit on a plane and people would be spirit king i mean that's pretty staggering isn't it and we've come we've come a long way haven't we not only when it comes to safety on planes but the technology and the fact that we can go this far. yeah there's a couple of new aircraft that have come up to the mark in commercial service of the last few years in particular a boeing seven eight seven dreamliner which is what quantas is using on the perth to london route and also in
6:49 pm
a few years time the airbus a three fifty ultra long range will be launched with singapore airlines which will fly from singapore to new york reinstating that shitty technology has come a long way but in particular the economics as well about thirty to forty percent of the operating cost of the airline goes into the fuel longer flights require more fuel long flights require board crew as well because crew both cabin crew flight crew require rest periods as well so economically at the moment with the cost of fuel relatively low cost compared to where it was even a couple of years ago means that these airlines can make these routes economically viable it will be interesting to see if the fuel prices were to go up if these airlines will continue to try and operate long range services. excellent talking to you thanks for sharing your expertise with us a regular we going off the grid to talk about the venezuelan musician and activist cause antonia brail who has died what are you hearing about it yes now jose known
6:50 pm
as the maestro has died on saturday at the age of seventy eight he's a former politician who served as the culture minister in one thousand nine hundred eighty three but in recent years he has spoken out in support of the anti-government protests that have been happening in venezuela a braille help to transform the lives of thousands of children and most of them poor and from rural areas now this was done through a music project which he started back in the states basement in one thousand nine hundred seventy five and many called it the el sistema music revolution it was a network of youth orchestras that provided free music education which became one of venezuela's best funded social programs. once said that i had a deep frustration because i lived in a country that only had one orchestra where seventy percent of musicians or foreign other countries such as argentina brazil or mexico had reached great musical
6:51 pm
development of the government has declared three days of national mourning and many online users are saying that his death is a huge loss now his most famous protege gustavo dudamel a conductor for the los angeles film on the orchestra's treated that this picture with the caption devoted love and eternal gratitude and then president nicolas maduro praised bros work saying we are comforted by knowing that your legacy will remain alive in the hands and voices off the children of the used heels isn't included a photo of the two when they met at the presidential palace in twenty fourteen and then another post at this saying very sad and all of the death of a who introduced millions of children to music who would never have had access to with it without him how will you remember tweet us using the hash tag news grid or me directly i met him ahmed jane thank you very much for the still ahead on the
6:52 pm
news good for those of you watching us on facebook live man's best friend gets love that knows no bounds and no sounds and in sports look at the cheating scandal that has rocked world cricket and left australia pretty embarrassed. i am doing this for the benefit of saddam people. so bad they see the importance of the outcry. witness documentaries that open your eyes. at this time on al-jazeera.
6:53 pm
al-jazeera. where ever you are. it's one of what people are talking about in school today other than cricket. not of any. financial scandal that has all of australia talking or cricket captain and several other players admitting to cheating and the fallout has been huge at
6:54 pm
least home as a detail this is the tiny piece of sticky tape that sent shock waves through australia's national sports it seemed completely beyond belief that the astroid in cricket. a day in involved in trade. during saturday's play in a test match in south africa a struggling as cameron battlecross was caught on camera placing a small object down his trousers after working on the ball when questioned by umpires he produced a sunglasses cloth but later admitted he'd used type to rub dirt on the ball part of a plan backed by captain steve smith. in the later of the team on. incredibly sorry. for i guess trying to bring the game into. play the way that we we did today roughing up one side of a cricket ball can result in it swinging unpredictably through the air when it's
6:55 pm
ball towards a batsman ball tampering with an artificial substance is illegal but not new to the game with several big name players penalize in the past cricket's governing body the i.c.c. suspended smith for one game and finding his match fee the sport's chief saying the game needs to have a hard look at itself something south african fans of the test match in cape town seemed cain lee aware of we all know that this been happening for the past years but now we know every team has been doing it against every other team for so long and with the reverse swing being one of these i think they're trying to get every single advantage they can the problem is that they really cross the law and that this latest incident involved a premeditated plan to chase involving the national captain has provoked reaction from all levels of a strongly in society cricket australia has said sorry to fans everybody is gripped with a lot of shy men disappointment at the way our national team has carried on and this
6:56 pm
is really the one of the most infamous and darkest days in australian cricket history the now the test match in cape town is continuing albeit with smith removed as captain and david warner as finds captain there still may be greater consequences to come first strongly in cricket leasehold when al-jazeera. there's been lots of reaction over the past nearly twenty four hours since this story broke and a lot of anger is coming from both cricket fans and former players michael clarke who was the australian captain before steve smith tweeted what the bleep have i just woken up to please tell me this is a bad dream or former england captain michael vaughan says steve smith and his team and all the men should all have to accept that whatever happens in their careers they will all be known for trying to cheat the game and it's not just the cricket world that's been reacting english golfer lee westwood tweeting this in reference
6:57 pm
to the two thousand and twelve ryder cup and trying to picture being in the european team room before the last day in chicago and me or another stablished player saying right lads were a well behind show we today. well we want to bring you an update on a story we covered here on a genius grid just a couple of days ago remember sister jean doloris schmidt the university that she is a chaplain that lawyer in chicago have continued their cinderella story reaching the final four of the march madness national championships after beating campbell's sister jeanne was in attendance the ninety eight year old has achieved cone like status on social media and now you know you've made it when you've been turned into a ball ball head and several other museum gifts of sister jeanne have been making the rounds on social media this last one was tweeted with the caption with every wind she becomes stronger tag sister jeanne.
6:58 pm
now as always we'd like to get your thoughts on anything you see here on screen you can tweet me directly at after underscore is small be back with more add eight hundred g.m.t. but for now i'll hand you back to you. for that will do it for this newsgroup just remember that you can keep in touch with us even though we offer our world for the news good in a way that the hash tag is a.j. news good or other ways to connect right see you soon thanks very much for.
6:59 pm
joining. us. the street is quiet the signal is given. out so it's safe to walk to school last year the more than thirty minute is in this community in one month the police say this area is a red zone one of several in some townships and children sometimes if caught in the crossfire when rival gangs fight so parents and grandparents have started what they call a walking bust to try to take the violence i lost my. way live go i
7:00 pm
also lost my but there are more than one hundred fifty volunteers working for several walking busses teachers say it is working class attendance has improved the volunteers also act as security guards and new year new lessons and murals this is the time when you get choose your english teacher is for the next two years meet the teachers empowering best students my fact i'm michael all about freedom we're going to come out perspective i want you to develop the skill with which speak by letting them choose the lessons they learned. democratic schooling united kingdom at this time on al-jazeera.


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