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tv   Pakistans Lost Children  Al Jazeera  March 25, 2018 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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that arrest warrant and he if he doesn't appeal will have to be extradited within ten days if he does appeal then we're looking at a process that could last around about two months it would be highly unusual if extradition is refused between two european countries germany does have to decide whether mr putin one will get a fair trial if he is sent back to barcelona and one would expect that that will be just a formality and that he will in fact be extradited at some point. hundreds more rebel fighters and civilians have been evacuated from the syrian region of eastern ghouta government forces a close to controlling all of what had been the last rebel stronghold close to damascus after a month long offensive just one group jaish al islam is holding out and they are believed to be close to a deal as well. al shabaab has claimed responsibility for a car bomb that killed five people in somalia several others were injured in the blast which happened near the parliament in marketing shoe the united nations is calling for an end to
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a brutal war on children in yemen it says the number of severely malnourished yemeni children has doubled over the course of the three years civil war. protesters have been on the march in several cities in australia calling for more tolerance and better treatment of refugees australia resettles thousands of refugees a year the united nations has criticised its hardline policies designed to deter those fleeing countries. as the headlines want to when east is coming up next. i guess. in pakistan
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thousands of children are abandoned on city streets every. day of the country's children babies born out of wedlock are considered shameful some even left to die on piles of rubble. steve on this episode one of my niece meets a woman trying to save the babies no one wants. to. be a paramedic equal. to the fantastic. with a population of twenty three million and an average of twenty six murders a die. is one of the most violent seasons in the world gun show or god or god or yeah yeah go see oxidizer god oh yeah yeah. dana said galaad well yeah good gallaudet. assault woman yeah journo walmart or liberty
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to give the old da gave mushroom. downtown the last time the minute a man. it was six o'clock in the morning when he took the brunt of the night most likely kewl by its own parents. based on the them mom marcy funny shiny yamin i got in here to. talk to tend to him in a got here we've. got to get up. for. for. after they found the remains in his karate more. show. though he was surely
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a lot of stuff. but a case of that it was good. that he bought it out there. mohammed has been doing this job. it's. going to love double that this little then was going to go. if. it was so kind of is cool does not think of. it brought to the symmetry of the. law while. buried with the prayer. in one one hundred seventy five could be done by woodbury interaction.
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but one woman has been fortunate to study the neelys to. build keys is the head of the biggest challenge in the country as he found that. it encourages women to leave their babies in a crib at the top of the stick. your mother's day. i found out and it went out it would do nothing if it was there were a few facebook founder that you wanted. the cribs are excessively twenty four seven bill keys has installed dozens across karate you front of all the foundation buildings she has saved more than twenty thousand by. one arrives every three days . at around nine pm we encounter
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a saying that has become an everyday occurrence the bill came to me that made it. clear. that a baby being given up by spam. it . i'm done good to be not only with that big school or home i but a pretty quickly get him. to. worry. about i think. this baby is the sixty the bill keys has picked up in the last five months. in. a big watch x. the child is clean and in good health.
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and in the middle is a. it's a little go. then didn't save the board people enough then the second best said that's a hospital we. only. say i'm pretty comes all of it. in google that appear to just say. that it will. be going to. the movie that. according to bill kicks the woman that left this little girl he was probably the grandmother. and she can guess the most by she. i made. sure that those. who were. not to
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take about the nomination. but time give you an emotionally. history will set them up on one hand out. of a good. but other than they'd accept. an air am. they've been rejected by their families rejected by this minister and would hear these children become like any awful awful when they hear. it and the husband's eighty six year old abdul if he is the founder of the organization. he is seen as a spiritual father here. for. the children. to. travel to the rules of the.
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weather but. this little girl will not stay here. in the morning bill keys will put her up for adoption. every year hundreds of families apply to adopt the foundation's abandoned babies continue to fight over it. being. built piece and her assistants interviewed over couples who apply to see if they make it worth want. anybody. would. like to buy it it would be bad if they are. the couple's must have been married for at least ten years and produce a medical work or the proves that they cannot have children. most importantly they
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must own a house and have a good income that's what little they are now. but . then. they. sit where you're looking. it takes just a few minutes of the build case to decide and call the standard. for you now you can write it right. in the center says more about thirty. people you're not going to miss it take a piece of it we got here. but it became really excited to go back to. the child will be adopted just as quickly as she was the bad.
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the next day the radio one of the midwives prepares the little go this is just so. i said you know. me to do. sound a grown. man zero two women arrive by says copy. in pakistan saudi adopting is considered a shameful see that it's not the story of. the adoptive mother in blood does not have the husband's permission to talk to her. so it's the grandmother who answers that question. she wanted a baby and she was not telling it and her baby died so then the a she was very upset so that my baby came here last month when it came up in the middle east no no no no you're right no that is the secret that told us she could
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find him but you don't want to know little we don't know but really it's not a big you know it's such i even tell everybody it's not just. the families who dare to adopt the foundation promises to keep this secret. i'm begging they can make transfer. it's me again when it doesn't the money about it was i might be out i mean yeah there's a good family that problem no i don't have this new site. that they're my slow adapting and i didn't know that down modestly modifying. the adoptive mother will register the child as if she gave birth to her. what even you know be still have to decide. we will decide it not you had to say it's. best to give the best education. to.
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this baby girl will probably never know where she came from she will never know about the crew of the family who abandoned or even the fact that she was adopted. it's not just been bad we're in danger in pakistan. in this country of one hundred eighty million people were a quarter of the population lives in some families consider the children the burden they neglect to lose all simply abandoned. the foundation picks up nearly twelve hundred children a year on the streets like this little boy. he's six years old and he's been lost and wandering the streets since. he tells us his name is the jihad.
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ram and have. i. have time. for if the jeep is being taken by ambulance to one of the foundations seven hundred . one of the teachers he's he's a welcome. that i would. think . that. either i or if. there are. but. when you go. and i think i'll just take.
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a. little city has barely spoken since he'll wrong if. he joins the other children in religious crime. there are thirty two children his age between fine and there's a needle. found on the streets or abandoned by their parents some of the teeth for months obvious the use i. possibly i'd wind their toes i hear screaming let's get out below where i would have. yet. now when i'm going to laugh. in the tournament to. anyone of anybody. who suggested he was his first smart.
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he will be registered today as a lost child with the police. he sponsor will also be put up among many others in front of the foundation sentence everything is done in the hope that the parents can identify the children and come and get them. if the families do not show the band asian stocks it so much. today for all of the children are going to try and find that one. among them a little eight year old girl who might eat. coming down for the last six months ronnie has been trying to piece together the memory of which she knew. that he. was.
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we arrive at small town about a poor area in caracas and. when they get in without. one of them that you think it's not. so tom about he's a labyrinth of back streets and alleys that stretches sixty kilometers. i mean should be no no no he would already know he was going to have enough. to more than an hour of searching ronnie's long a reef off behold from above the present. but you don't doubt. that do you. have a yacht out a way that a yacht out of the running about to put out to do good but to kill somebody would give me time to try to do to. you what you were coming down with on
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or. about me to him to do the only no you know it was a little. but then ronny see something familiar. to me that. no one tell me until he's either you material about going m.-f. people going to college i'm going to like him dying around him seem to the one. you would bet about officially make i'm going to be going about a clear. give me joining him in the dark over the. guarded by some local children at last ronnie finds itself at the door of harm. done. how do you audio video. of them. yeah i get it there you have it up a little bit down there not i'll give it to you on the to get your constant i hate
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hearing that we need and we need them to feel they didn't use their no idea than telling us it is not maybe advice that you can't sleep you'll hear god amy said emily get a really good living on the thing and at the end about three of them and assuming it was waiting i have one of us who are going to be with you when we do not comes with them but you need. so much for their grandchildren to nigga to move away let alone on their own i don't ever knowing that the mother says that she looked for her daughter but never reported her missing to the police the other two children were nari a long time the guard ronnie is a lot of stuff going on got that he's going to begin again because of doesn't it doesn't because he'll never include it doesn't make him to do anything you think. best even you. gotta come got the give you a take of me merely for you but i doubt you have
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a good enough. people to make it legal if the only being. very well done done with good is. obvious enough to guard against men and women together and i think that up to. six months after she went missing ronnie's members was strong enough to find her white home. but it doesn't always turn out this wife. but on has not seen his parents for a year and. he spent an hour but died looking for a bank. that has not. been. eaten and. if he can't fund his. for ron to stay under the care of the foundation which will
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give him an education and teach him a trite as i mean he can leave. the future of abandoned goods is more complicated. than. there are two hundred thirty five but it's all hitch and i cannot live until the amount. after morning prayer they attend education classes led by cuba ed in pieces of the story help us tonight bill. o'reilly go mark that down was a. relief to get down that it got. up and do it. myself. today say to. john on site he takes that they've been
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a school boy named will sit down in cubby home and then your baby and got a lie out of this the envious bunny of the mother is quickly bugs in the sea that a lot of us i must tell about healing is a name there this is also going to stay a get out that this is the moment it. goes are abandoned in pakistan four times more often than boys many blame the large galleries of bride's family aspired which can cost around ten thousand dollars. think don't look if i'm not going to give up now to go to congo to the disease but you have been wildly. menges naval command or must they be a good germany of the n.f.l. is their city but you have an image in new england. from the age of sixteen all the girls he is a tool how to be good wives. with so many. kooky . and embroider records. eighteen year old son
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wants to get married this year but it is bill kids who decide to do what you are tempted to say but seem to get it ready for school to get to minister to and to to send you to the gym to shed the mystique chest and i've done egypt just get enough for. me to get me on it and see this test kind of that i said when you come here to see if. like many pakistanis go. choose her future husband herself here it is bill keith who selects them. this evening she receives two problems ibrahim on how to become with the family. solutions are often attracted by the generous dowry his twenty seven thousand dollars paid thanks to massive donations from around the world. bill keyes questions them rigorously determined to protect it will it's
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a saturday. night the fact that it is a good day and he said let me. play around. with full flavor for. the world and. it's a good. time for. me to go to. abraham's interview last only a few minutes then it's you promise time. is a fisherman's wharf that made it a little rainy and the a that. i'm not a devotee of lip into. the jug most of all it's not going to be doing this thing going to get my life and end up there if you're going to get it right on the we've got. up oh she finally found
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a. bill keys takes her role as much by seriously the prospective husband must have a job they must never have been married before and they must practice islam moderately. well or as if. he. was a. hero. if. there was if he ever did he was. but bill keys except these two brothers and two girls are presented with a few days later. winning ceremonies take place in the orphanage in the last thirty years two hundred twenty two young women have been married in one year.
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all. of them. just two months later the brothers married their brides on this side from. the fishermen. the young brides met their husbands just wants. possibly. in twenty sixteen when he's revealed big girls from me and some as young as fifteen
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were trafficked to singapore to work as means it's illegal and costing lives so why does it still continue in law abiding singapore want to win east on al-jazeera. as the us has withdrawn from the trans-pacific partnership deal others has traced committed to it before small countries countries with small populations such as yours is this actually a better deal without divided states signatories of the world's newest trade bloc tool to al-jazeera. the nature is news as it breaks this was a great election about it was going to win but it was about by how much with
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detailed coverage of the syrian civil war no losing to its teeth but what is no different is that each state some people will live until to morrow so many innocent people will die from around the world the bats and balls are several years old believe a good play at the end that traded cricket academy and maybe one day play for the national team. the consequence of war. ventures and russia will serve poor for mentioning two hundred ninety five that just doesn't go away it's been living out of the truck for the last couple years. is homeless zero follows a group of us army veterans much i used by wars. as they struggle to get their lives back shelter at this time on al-jazeera.


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