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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 25, 2018 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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detailed coverage of the syrian civil war no listen to the state what is new different is that each state some people will live until to morrow so many innocent people will die from around the world the bats and balls are several years old very good play at the end up trading cricket and maybe one day play for the national team. the consequence of. not using russia will serve poor for mentioning to mention that just doesn't go away. to a lot of trophy last couple years. he's homeless. follows a group of u.s. army veterans traumatized by war. as they struggle to get their lives back. at this time.
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anger in barcelona as the lead a car has pushed him onto his wonted in spain is arrested in germany. i know i'm maryam namazie in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up evacuations underway hundreds more rebel fighters and their families leave the shrinking enclave of eastern in syria. countdown to a water crisis we're in afghanistan to find out why this wonder of nature may soon run dry. and the young basketball players aiming to overcome poverty and conflicts to become south sudan's next forcing see the stands.
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for mccaskill and president carter is waiting to hear if he'll face extradition to spain after being arrested in germany but has been living in exile in belgium since catalonia declared independence last october is wanted in spain on rebellion charges stemming from the secession vote which was declared illegal by the government in madrid or brennan as the latest. since fleeing spain nearly five months ago the former president has been able to move relatively freely thanks to europe's lack of internal borders but shortly after crossing this border from denmark into germany on sunday. was identified by motorway police and detained. after initial inquiries at the motorway police station always driven away in a dark colored phone that was later photographed arriving at this detention center in the nearby town of noyon stuff they bring him for a judge and the judge who. judge if he has to be. in
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jail or he is free on the conditions. in forty eight hours news of police don't want to arrest brought large numbers of protesters onto the streets of the catalan capital barcelona riot police blocked some roads and the atmosphere was tense when you see a crowd and that there are some those million you have two million people who will not back down we feel outraged and we will not feel spanish because they arrest. it will have the opposite effect each time we feel less spanish less included and less loved in this state that only punishes us and. many critics have branded him a coward and a scoundrel who gambled and lost with an illegal and unconstitutional referendum into trying to force the issue of catalan independence but his supporters insist he is a democratic and a political hero suffering for the cause of freedom it's an image he himself has cultivated joining the past five months of freedom most recently during
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a trip to finland on friday i will continue my struggle in order to defend my rights as a citizen as a member of catalan perelman as a president an offending collective rights of people the people of scotland but on the same day back in madrid the spanish supreme court was issuing a european arrest warrant the charge rebellion connected to his leading role in last october's catalan independence referendum. in madrid the news of police demands arrest has been largely welcomed but there are lingering concerns about the wider political damage this continues to inflict there and then there is the matter i don't agree with arresting politicians for ideological issues i think they should be more concerned with improving their dialogue and communication rather than imposing the law. throughout his self-imposed exile from spain greece amman has
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maintained he would cooperate fully with the relevant authorities that promise is now going to be put to the test as he decides whether to oppose or cooperate with extradition to spain paul brennan al-jazeera. well let's now go. callan is standing by for us and i would do we know about the circumstances surrounding the arrests. but we know that he was arrested on the side of the german also not long after crossing the border for. he had been speaking in finland to a group of students at helsinki university delivering an address and also meeting with various finnish a problem and terry and he was due to take a flight out of finland back to belgium where he has been for most of his self-imposed exile from spain however he didn't take that flight it's now assumed that he got the cough area across the baltic sea and was in fact in a car when he was arrested just across the german border he was taken to
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a detention center in northern germany and we understand that monday german time he will face a judge who will go through the formalities such as establishing his identity and confirming that and then there will be a discussion over whether he will be extradited and where the police here in germany will or the court in germany will actually go through with the extradition to spain we understand that questions will be asked such as whether the charges that he's facing sedition and rebellion actually exists here in germany and the right to be to be extraditing him they will also look at things like whether he will get a fair trial but he's i'm likely to get much sympathy from the german government who haven't put out a statement today. because it would be very it would be very unusual if two european countries want to agree on the extradition and that was not likely to happen. it is of course very likely that the german authorities here will decide
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that he has to be sent back to spain at some stage to do nothing about movements prior to his arrest in germany. i learned that he had been speaking to that group of students in helsinki university he had delivered an address and that he had been speaking to various polman terry and we don't know exactly how he came from finland into germany but as i said it is assumed that the most likely route would have been for him to have crossed the baltic sea on the col ferry and then travelled by denmark straight across the border into germany where he was arrested several hundred kilometers across the border. all right thanks very much allan with all the latest from berlin and as you've been reporting the tensions have been rising some wants a boss alone where we have seen so forces of. crowds clashing
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with police there as they want to make their opposition to push to months arrest known this is he faces possible extradition to spain on charges of rebellion still continue to follow the situation there. in syria hundreds more rebel fighters and civilians have been evacuated from eastern guta government forces a close to controlling all of what had been the last rebel stronghold need to mask this after a month long offensive just one group jaish al islam is holding out and they're believed to be close to a deal in honduras following developments from beirut. the evacuations are continuing fighters there family members as well as civilians being bussed out of what was once the rebel controlled enclave of eastern ghouta to the rebel controlled province of idlib in the northwest of the country this is part of course
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of the evacuation deals or what amounts really to a surrender the rebels didn't have much of a choice they were besieged by government forces and there was a relentless bombing campaign that was targeting civilians who were trapped inside so it's not only the fighters who are leaving it is people who are involved in opposition activities media activists people that we've been speaking to telling us that we're only able to pack a few belongings and we're going to the unknown we're leaving behind our homes our lives the will we be able to to rebuild our lives once again will we be able to return to our homes so these people are really afraid of what comes next because they're going to live which is also not a safe area it is an area which is a target really of the pro-government alliance but the pro-government alliance declaring victory as saying that they're clearing the area from what they call terrorists eastern huta has long been a thorn in the side of the government the last major rebel stronghold close to the capital close to the government seat of power there have been numerous attempts
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over the years to recapture eastern huta but the government lacked the manpower they were busy on many front lines but this time around it was an all out military campaign and the only choice the opposition had was to surrender. now turkey's president meanwhile one is saying that the town of tal afar will be the next target of its cross border campaign in syria turkey says its army and allied syrian opposition fighters are in total control of the enclave of affray in northern syria they launched a ground offensive against kurdish fighters in late january tens of thousands of people are reported to fled the assault the turkish military is now sweeping the area for mines and explosives to allow our friends residents to return. has claimed responsibility for a car bomb that killed five people in somalia several people were also injured in the blast which happened near the parliament in marketing shoes the bomb was detonated at a checkpoint after soldiers stopped a suspicious vehicle well i still
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a saying that it was behind a bombing that killed at least one person in the western afghan city of herat two suicide bombers tried to enter a shia mosque when security guards opened fire one of them was shot dead the other blew himself up at least eight others were wounded and while the government is dealing with its daily security battles a bigger threat of water scarcity is looming on the horizon not only defense thousands die every year from poor sanitation and unclean water but the glass is of the hindu kush a melting meaning afghanistan's only source of clean water could be gone in certain years time tony berkeley brings us this story now from kabul the hindu kush mountain range a wonder of nature and the giver of life it has the highest concentration of snow in places outside the polar region and is afghanistan's main source of water. but it's under threat there has been a rapid retreat and melting of glaciers at the current rate they will disappear by
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twenty fifty. water water's. sources of that is no life so with something happened something unfortunate event of course does is the loss of human. melting glaciers are not the only problem forty years of conflict and the gleg to take in a toll on an antiquated water and sanitation system just twenty seven percent of the population has access to clean water only twenty percent in rural areas this is the way most of kabul's poor get their water stand pipes open for a few hours every day the water system was designed in the one nine hundred eighty s. to cope with a population of a few hundred thousand today nearly six million people live in the capital muscle that he says i like that i go to school at six o'clock in the morning and when i return i have to carry water buckets to my home up the hillside and for that reason i'm too tired to do my homework. lack of education has led to poor hygiene people
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deaf acadian rivers and few boil the water they drink most rivers are contaminated every day rule so each flows into the kabul river from six thousand channels and is having serious health consequences twenty five percent of the deaths of children under the age of five are due to work to contamination and bad sanitation ten thousand children die every year because of die rule and water where an infection and disease account for more deaths in afghanistan the bombs and bullets forty years ago the population was thirteen million today it is around thirty six million causing a huge thirst but a shortage of reservoirs and pumping stations means just thirty percent of water is retained. improvements are being made in kabul this pumping station is part of an eighty million dollars german project to increase the number of connected homes from ten thousand to one hundred thousand more but we still need technical and financial support from the international community in the sector such as improving
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water management and for increasing capacity we also need support for exit cueing technical issues you can only supply water if you have it and because of the melting glaciers afghanistan has just over thirty years to come up with a solution to his predicted water loss before nature turns off the tap tony berkeley al-jazeera kabul. still ahead on the program for you rights groups call for any once again the role of armed groups in the war in yemen. it's sure to fifty years since the founding of the molten circus would be gone through the city of birmingham ticcing would say. hello there we've got plenty of cloud across the middle east at the moment it
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shares a very clearly on the satellite picture plenty of it or gradually extending its way up towards the northeast and for some of us and as becky stand and we're going to see some pretty sharp showers during the day elsewhere i think most of the cloud will just be cloud it won't be giving us a great deal of wet weather was told towards the west it's getting pretty warm now thirty four in baghdad there as we head through the day on choose day of a route will be up a more pleasant twenty five over the towards the south is also pretty hot now in doha too will be up around thirty three or thirty four degrees as we head through the next couple of days for the south a lot of there hovering at about thirty degrees as a maximum down towards the southern parts of africa and here there's more in the way of what whether it's stretching through parts of angola down through them bob way plenty of showers here again as we head through the next few days and some of them a lot yet to be rather lively to the south of that there's plenty of dry weather and the dry weather does extend down towards cape town but to the north it's largely a lot more unsettled with more cloud around and the chance of seeing some rather
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heavy showers for the central parts of africa the showers are now on their way towards the north so for some of us here will see more in the way of unsettled weather for the west though still largely dry.
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welcome back a quick recap of the top stories this hour violence is flagged between protesters and police in barcelona as thousands of people demonstrating against the arrest of for my cats president carter's put them want. to hear feel face extradition to spain after being detained in germany. hundreds of rebel fighters and civilians have been evacuated from the syrian region of eastern ghouta government forces an outpost of controlling all of what was once the last opposition stronghold in the capital damascus. and the responsibility for a car bomb that killed five people in somalia's capital last happened at the parliament in marketing shoe. the united nations is calling for an end to a brutal war on children in yemen it says the number of severely malnourished
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children there is doubled over the course of the three a civil war it also says an additional hoff a million boys and girls can no longer go to school both saudi arabia and iran who back different sides in the conflicts have been accused of blocking or delaying humanitarian shipments. in two thousand and fifteen as a result of yemen scrummy on the development we had in yemen with two hundred thousand children. suffering from the life threatening severe acute malnutrition we had with those two hundred thousand in two thousand and fifteen already one of the biggest cases lot. of severe acute malnutrition. in the entire world. today because of three years of brutal war that case lot has doubled. the threat of famine we have had in yemen for some times is still very
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much there. human rights groups are calling for a full investigation into war crimes in yemen they want perpetrators identified and held to account by been violations by who's the rebels the bombing campaign by the saudi that coalition and on groups backed by the way sullivan joe biden reports. trainees of the southern belt forces were originally being prepared to fight isis and then by the in yemen the militia was formed in two thousand and sixteen by the internationally recognized government but since then the security built forces are operating beyond the control of the government of president of the rabbits were hardly. there funded and controlled by the united arab emirates along with other groups in the provinces a hundred and. more revenue german is already divided on sectarian tribal and religious lines there is a fear that parallel security operations would endangered any attempt by the
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government to gain strength there's also the lack of accountability in the way these forces have been working human rights watch says security built and how dreamy elite forces have used excessive force during arrests and raids detained family members of wanted suspects to pressure them to voluntarily turn themselves in arbitrarily arrested and detained men and boys the team children with adults and forcibly disappeared dozens the u.a.e. as part of the saudi led coalition leads these forces as a counterterrorism effort in southern and eastern yemen that's where groups like al qaeda in the arabian peninsula and i still have roots information obtained by al jazeera suggests an estimated twenty thousand fighters are part of these counter-terrorism militias rights groups are calling on the newly established u.n. panel of experts on yemen to impartially investigate the patterns of abuse and identify those responsible and mr international believes war crimes have been committed there is absolutely no justification for parties to the conflict to me to
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be using this at this military target or either the fact that they are operating in . it's terrorism or what they call terrorism to be violating these rules of the war which have been put in place primarily to protect civilians the number of those earning a living by enduring in some security force has spiked in the last three years. with no peace expected anytime soon the war machine is likely to go on with impunity along with disastrous consequences for yemen civilian population. some of the jarvey and that their victims of friday's shooting spree in southern france have been on a palm sunday mass in the town of trent the of the families the victims sat in the front row for the service four people were killed in the eighty's the victim sat in the front row for the service four people were killed in the attack including police officer on nobel tram who offered to
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take the place of a hostage that was being held inside the supermarket the gunman was shot dead investigators searching his home have found notes referring to i still say use it that biggest little salute the self-sacrifice unique to soldiers ready to give their lives for the nation and their fellow citizens a life given cannot be lost it transcends hardship and unites us it calls to us to believe that life is stronger than death to believe in hope prosecutors have seized bank and tax documents from two houses belonging to form a proven president had republicans ski the seventy nine year old seemed relaxed as he talked to investigators at his home of course on saturday ordered him to surrender his passport resigned on thursday facing allegations of money laundering he denies any wrongdoing though and his lawyer says they will cooperate with the investigation. now protests have been on the march in several cities in australia
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calling for more tolerance and better treatment of refugees australia resettles thousands of refugees a year but the united nations has criticised its hardline policies designed to deter those freeing their own countries from looking for a new life in australia andrew thomas has that much in sydney. through protest rallies happening in towns and cities right across australia on sunday but the one about three thousand people so far in sydney and in melbourne likely to be the biggest people here say that the refugees who've been sent by australia from our side in the proper new guinea and snow route many of whom have now been there for almost five years have suffered enough and should be brought to australia they also think that australians refugee policies also hinged with racism earlier this week peter dutton the immigration minister suggested that want south african farmers who are being kicked off their farms could perhaps be given refugee status here in australia this for a man who has spent his career it seems to people here keeping other refugees in
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other places out this is what from the refugee action coalition said to me earlier i think the role of the demonstrations that we're seeing around the nation today is precisely to say pete adoption is not legitimate he's not legitimate in saying that you know what south africans who haven't asked us for help a more deserving of australian asylum than the countless numbers of people fleeing war zones who have there are thousands of people here and thousands more in melbourne and in other places across australia but in the great scheme of things these are still relatively small protests australia's media rarely reports more than a tiny bit on these sorts of events and in terms of politics both the governing liberal party and the opposition labor party broadly agree on the tough policies and that's why not much looks likely to change. now long haul aviation has taken another step forward with the first nonstop flight between australia and the u.k. a quantas ally. plane from perth landed at london's heathrow airport after
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a flight of just over seventeen hours it was the first to completely four and a half fourteen and a half thousand kilometer journey without a break most flights from australia say you're require at least one stopover in asia or the middle east australia's prime minister malcolm turnbull has urged decisive action against members of the national cricket team involved in a cheating scandal australian player cameron bancroft was caught tampering with the ball to gain an advantage during the test match against south africa in cape town captain steve smith has been suspended for ordering the actions which have caused outrage in the cricketing world tumble says the whole country is shocked and basically disappointed. four years of civil war in south sudan mean that for many young people even getting three meals a day can be a big struggle some look to sporting stardom to provide a better way to provide a way to a better future it was morgan's been to meet some young basketball players in juba who are aiming high. david is aiming high he's not part of
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south sudan's national basketball team but would love to be which is why he's practicing three times a week with dozens of other young players. my dream is to be chosen for a scholarship outside south sudan so i can be internationally recognized and get well paid for playing that way i can support my family and maybe eventually take them out of south sudan to the fifteen year old is one of more than three hundred teenagers who come for training with the hopes of being chosen for an international scholarship but more than four years of war in south sudan has damaged sports development and many other parts of society there are less than a dozen sports facilities in a country roughly the size of france and nearly all lack of proper equipment making it hard for young people to develop their talents and as challenging as it is for teenage boys it's even harder for the girls. if i know today is training day i have to wake up early and finish all household chores like cooking cleaning going to the
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market and to school then i come to treatment. but despite the challenges on and off the court some continue to play their favorite sports striving for worldwide recognition they may not be many sports facilities here in south sudan but for those who come to this basketball court it's an opportunity for them to skate the life they're living and because of a program that provides high school scholarship to the best players it's also a chance for them to hope for a better future many children have been separated from their families during the civil war which has killed tens of thousands and displaced millions named after a south sudanese american basketball player in america's n.b.a. the maneuverable program hopes to improve opportunities for young basketball players a lot of these kids. having challenges in terms of having three meals a day that affects their performance on the court some of them. on the challenges we believe is going to be the number one sport in south roughly we have about
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ourselves. register close and we have. just about over one hundred. david says he knows his training is limited but one day hopes to be one of those children futilely for a scholarship and be good enough to play for teams elsewhere in the world he will morgan al-jazeera juba. whether watching acrobats fly through the sky or animals performing nature bending tricks the circus has been at the forefront of entertainment for two hundred fifty years but in recent times high on pricing costs and animal rights concerns have seen audiences for now a new generation of performers are hoping to revolutionize the old art form as any barker reports from. these are tomorrow's circus stars the students are developing dead devil acts and pushing their bodies to the extreme. it's fascinating to watch something that looks so effortless but you know you can't
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day when someone's made it just. every day which we do we do it every day with you i may never reach. the disco i came across. the board and circus was born in britain in seventeen sixty eight when a showman called philip astley set up a tent in london and filled it with x. this is a nineteenth century circus rolling into town an explosion of noise and color in a black and white world they would evolve into massive money making spectacles. today the circus like ballet theatre all the opera is seen as an art form in its own right to people who see an extraordinary feat and that's always been the appeal of circus this year the physicality of the things that seem to be almost impossible to see people just in this room that they're able to do those things but i think it's also a change there's been a massive shift in more audiences it's. from entertainment from performance and
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from our tastes have certainly changed over the years. along with health and safety standards. an increasing number of countries have banned the use of animals over welfare concerns the u.k. will follow suit in two years' time. this is one traditional circuses have evolved into big budgets movie like production values zippo search now in theaters as well as temps. there were very very clear experiences like like the way your right to sleep about the war that you will be. there. for. two hundred fifty years on the circus still captivates audience is
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a place where beer and fun collide the barca al-jazeera burma give up. the cup takes the headlines now violence has fled between protesters and police in barcelona as thousands of people rally against the rest of formic acid on president carter's pledge to mount but jim aunt was detained on a gear of pain arrest warrants in germany while heading to belgium protest as a rallying in front of the european commission office in boston or in plan to march to the german consulate but she won't fled spain in october after leading an illegal referendum on secession spanish authorities want him extradited on charges of rebellion and callen has mall. there is of course under european extradition treaties a process that has to be followed legally the germans are now determining whether everything is in place for that arrest warrant and he if he doesn't appeal will
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have to be extradited within ten days if he does appeal then we are looking at a process that could last around about two months it would be highly unusual if extradition is refused between two european countries germany does have to decide whether mr putin one will get a fair trial if he is sent back to barcelona and one would expect that that will be just a formality and that he will in fact be be extradited at some point and all the headlines hundreds more rebel fighters and civilians have been evacuated from the syrian region of eastern ghouta government forces a close to controlling all of what had been the last rebel stronghold near damascus following a month long offensive just one group jaish al islam is still holding out and they are believed to be close to a deal now as well al shabaab has claimed responsibility for a car bomb that killed five people in somalia several others were injured in the blast which happened near the parliament in the city of mogadishu the united
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nations is calling for an end to a brutal war on children in yemen it says a number of severely malnourished yemeni children has doubled over the course of the three years civil war saudi arabia and iran to back different sides in the conflict been accused of blocking or delaying humanitarian shipments. and victims of friday's shooting spree in southern france have been on a palm sunday mass in the town of treb families of the four people who were killed sat in the front row for this over the top stories much more coming up in the news hour and twenty five minutes time inside story is next.


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