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a key figure of the early twentieth century arab literary scene. and a feminist writer. had ever had time. so why did her story and in such tragedy. al-jazeera well and expose the life and why of maisie at this time on al-jazeera. and new yeah new lessons and new rules this is the time when you get to choose your english teacher is for the next two years meet the teachers empowering their students my facts and my course all about freedom we're going to look at that perspective i want you to develop the skill with which you speak by letting them choose the lessons they learned revelent acacia and democratic schooling united kingdom at this time on al-jazeera.
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this is al-jazeera. hello and welcome i'm peter you're watching the news our live from a at quarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes saudi arabia intercepts missiles launched at several airports by the rebel forces in yemen. many children are missing as a fire rips through a shopping mall in siberia thirty seven people are confirmed dead with many more still missing plus. unrest on the streets of boss alone or as the former catalan leader cultist preaching on just detained in germany on an extradition warrant from spain. also this australia's cricket captain . he is suspended after his team admits cheating.
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ok let's get going some breaking news for you here on the news saudi arabia's air force has intercepted seven missiles fired from yemen who three rebels have claimed responsibility for the strikes which also targeted king khaled international airport in the capital city riyadh saudi authorities say an egyptian national was killed in the attacks while the group also fired missiles at airports in the southern saudi cities of. nods around the saudi led coalition has been fighting the hooty rebels in yemen since twenty fifteen in a recorded statement the leader warned the saudis of a military escalation. in the fourth year of fighting we will be using more developed and more diverse missile systems which will overcome all
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american and non american air defense systems will use our better and better can missiles will use a long range drones which have excellent military capabilities we will activate the military institutions in an unprecedented way and open up more opportunities to recruit the children and mean of our people to fight and. that story clearly still developing will get shoot at the very latest as soon as we have it here on the news hour in the next couple of minutes to stay with us for that. at least thirty seven people many of them children have been killed in a fire at a shopping center in siberia sixty nine others are reportedly missing in the blaze which happened in the city of chemical three thousand kilometers east of moscow or a challenge has the latest now from the russian capital. well from what we understand so far the fire started on the top floor the fourth floor of this shopping mall complex and quickly ripped through an area of about one thousand six
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hundred square meters the building the mall is called it is in that. shopping mall and it's in central camera footage taken by locals i'm on mobile phones from outside the building i think smoke pouring from the upper floors some of the footage also shows firefighters using lattice trying to get access to the windows now you heard of the services we understand managed to evacuate about a hundred people from the building and then they also managed to rescue another twenty it's a pretty new complex this it was only opened in two thousand and thirteen but it's got movie theaters inside it's got restaurants or so on or a bowling alley in a children's zoo and the initial reports suggest that a good number of the casualties were actually found in one of the main movie roles and in this complex it's quickly taken on the aspect of
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a national disaster the kremlin is being kept up to speed with how things have been developing the crimean spokesperson jerry mitri pescado said that but i think the president has dispatched the emergency minister at the site of the tragedy and various units from the emergency ministry including robotics and drones and other equipment is being mobilized but for most government and also the city is here at present i ask now because of the severity of this event also a criminal investigation that has very quickly being opened. dozens of people have been injured during protests in barcelona calling for the release of the former catalan president colace putin months three people were detained in clashes with the police huge amount was detained in northern germany on sunday he's now waiting to hear whether he will face extradition to spain he's wanted on rebellion charges stemming from last year's secession vote which was declared illegal by the federal government in madrid david chaytor has this update from barcelona. the mood in
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barcelona has definitely changed there are many people on the streets during the course of the day calling for general strikes calling for action and the speaker of the separatists cattle and parliament also said that they should form a new front according on trade unions and civic society to come together to. prevent any more attacks on what they call the heart of spanish democracy now that could take the form of general strikes they've been blocking many motorways leading into this area but i think in the end and the mentum will build as we see more and more pictures of colors pushed them all in germany whether he's remodeled in custody or given bail that'll be a crucial factor to in and how much anger will be shown here on the streets of barcelona but it is expected a general strike could be called this is really invigorated the protest movement
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here and i think we'll see it by the sheer number of people coming out on the streets of barcelona. david chase a reporter in there well as we've been hearing coast preachment has been detained in germany a column has more now from berlin. since playing spain nearly five months ago the former catalan president has been able to move relatively freely thanks to europe's lack of internal borders but shortly after crossing this border from denmark into germany on sunday. was identified by motorway police and detained. after initial enquiries at the motorway police station pitch to mom was driven away in a dark colored van the van was later photographed arriving at this detention center in the nearby town of knowing what stuff they bring him for a judge and the judge. judge if he has to be. in jail or he is free on the conditions. and forty eight hours news of
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pooja monza rest brought large numbers of protesters out onto the streets of the catalan capital barcelona riot police blocked some roads in the atmosphere with tents. that are some dozen millions of but we have two million people who will not back down we feel outraged and we will not feel spanish because they arrest. it will have the opposite effect each time we feel less spanish less included and less loved in this state that only punishes a. man's many critics have branded him a coward and discount who gambled and lost with an illegal and unconstitutional referendum aimed at trying to force the issue of catalan independence. but his supporters insist he's a democrat and a political hero suffering for the cause of freedom. it's an image he himself has cultivated during the past five months of freedom most recently during
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a trip to finland on friday i will continue my struggle in order to defend my rights as a citizen as a member of catalan perelman as a president and the fending collective rights of people the people of scotland but on the same day back in madrid the spanish supreme court was issuing a european arrest warrant the charge rebellion connected to his leading role in october's catalan independence referendum in madrid the news of push to monza rest has been largely welcomed but there are lingering concerns about the wider political damage this continues to inflict and then. i don't agree with arresting politicians for ideological issues i think they should be more concerned with improving their diet. in communication rather than imposing the law. throughout his self-imposed exile from spain persimmon maintained he would cooperate fully with
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the relevant authorities that promise will now be put to the test here in germany when he decides whether to oppose or cooperate with his extradition to spain l.-a callen al-jazeera pending let's stay with us story for you earlier we spoke to the council and political analyst jordan will knows i asked him first whether this arrest could lead to more unrest on the streets of spain. apologies for that we will go back to that interview with george munoz a little later if we can plenty more still to come for you here on the news hour including stories a missed opportunity new reports that the u.s. and the united arab emirates intelligence missed the chance to capture a taliban leader in dubai. it's election eve in egypt voters go to the polls on monday in a presidential election what the outcome is considered a foregone conclusion. in the sport have a breakdown and
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a pitstop decide the outcome of formula one season opening race. under a small rebel fighters and civilians have been evacuated from eastern guta in syria and government forces are close to controlling all of what had been the last rebel stronghold close to the capital city damascus following a month long offensive just one group jaish al islam is now holding out but they're believed to be close to a deal so in order has more now from beirut. the evacuations are continuing fighters their family members as well as civilians being bussed out of what was once the rebel controlled enclave of eastern to the rebel controlled province of idlib in the northwest of the country this is part of course of the evacuation deals or what amounts really to a surrender the rebels didn't have much of a choice they were besieged by government forces and there was
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a relentless bombing campaign that was targeting civilians who were trapped inside so it's not only the fighters who are leaving it is people who are involved in opposition activities media activists people that we've been speaking to telling us that we're only able to pack a few belongings and we're going to the unknown we're leaving behind our homes our lives the will we be able to to rebuild our lives once again will we be able to return to our homes so these people are really afraid of what comes next because they're going to live which is also not a safe area it is an area which is a target really. of the pro-government alliance but the pro-government alliance declaring victory as saying that they're clearing the area from what they call terrorists is there who die has long been a thorn in the side of the government the last major rebel stronghold close to the capital close to the government seat of power there have been numerous attempts over the years to recapture eastern with about the government lacked the manpower they were busy on many front lines but this time around it was an all out to
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military campaign and the only choice the opposition had was to surrender ok let's take a closer look now at rebel controlled where these fighters from eastern kuta are going the provinces largely controlled by the rebel alliance high up. h t s for short it sits next to lattakia which is a government stronghold around two point five million people live there a million of them displaced by fighting in other areas of the country now in theory it is also a deescalation zone but that hasn't stopped government forces backed by the russians from repeatedly bombing cities and towns there has also been hit by several suspected chemical attacks to the most well known being the concha coon attack of twenty seventeen that incident killed eighty three people the turkish president richard type heard of one has announced his forces will launch a cross border campaign on the syrian town of tal afar it comes after the turkish
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army and allied syrian opposition fighters took total control of the northern enclave of three and they launched a ground offensive against kurdish fighters in late january forcing thousands to flee the turkish military is now sweeping the area to allow residents to safely return. israeli forces have targeted a site in gaza belonging to the palestinian faction hamas for air raids struck buildings in the southern city of ruffa israel claims it was responding to palestinians causing damage to its underground border with gaza hamas says the raids were meant to terrorize civilians. egyptians head to the polls on monday in an election expected to return president. to power the vote comes seven years after the revolution that ended the three decades long presidency of hosni mubarak al jazeera was richard gere's puts from a media review show the listening post has been analyzing the egyptian news
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coverage in the run up to the vote reporting this election campaign hasn't been a particularly complex operation for the egyptian news media the decks were largely cleared early on of potential challengers to president adal fatah el-sisi one by one those would be candidates dropped out of the race for egyptians turning into broadcasters both state owned as well as private there have been plenty of media outlets to watch but much less available in terms of information opinions and perspectives. over the past few weeks egypt's state owned broadcaster and private channels like d.m.c. . and on t.v. have all done their part in scripting a fed accompli contributing on the airwaves to the cult of personality surrounding president sisi as one how humans are low alamosa may be the golden boy he might have to sydney. but maybe he can fairly slowly fade out of the chemicals head of mush headed guy the shadow and it's not just the news turn to a sports program or
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a soap opera and you'll see football and film stars and among those who have been adding to the nonstop chorus of proces the voices you will hear and see on the egyptian airwaves egypt's media routinely glorify a military strongman and have played a key role in manufacturing a national security narrative that warns against impending chaos domestic terrorism and external threats from iran turkey and qatar and they let me know. that a couple of them were iran that they would have thought of robin most of the sources. they have here and. then at the. thought that i will start a course of stories about foreign threats are not just being reported by the egyptian media the egyptian government has also accused some foreign news outlets of being threats to national security themselves earlier this month egypt accused the b.b.c. of lies and false allegations of human rights abuses this network al-jazeera has
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long been considered persona non-grata accused by the c.c. government of having a pro muslim brotherhood agenda. wow laws in all of that then we had a up that's going to think the egyptian state has gained control of the media landscape channels the authorities don't like have been banned journalists and politicians who refused to fall silent have been arrested that's how the egyptian news media are covering this presidential campaign and election with just one candidate one vision and only one possible outcome only a family is an associate professor of political science from the long island university she says the legitimacy of the election results will depend on the turnout. we need enough to not lend some legitimacy in this election and so yes there was a forty seven percent or not last election but that really was twenty three million people a population of over nine ninety million answer the question is what is the state and what is the swimming what of it what does this agenda really look like since
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president sisi has taken power we've seen sixty thousand political prisoners rounded up the regina has built sixteen more prisons to put the population the generation that was dealing just in two thousand and eleven generation protest that is now deemed generation jailed by amnesty international there have been eight hundred thirty cases of torture two hundred fifty people have been disappeared so far this year the mass unfair trials the sweeping death sentences the closures of n.g.o.s the blocking the four hundred thirty four news websites and so what you're seeing is the consolidation of power around an individual not even a regime anymore an individual who's who's really fearful about maintaining a sense of legitimacy we are entering into an election tomorrow where the streets of cairo and alexandria and all over egypt are painted with the image of president the fact that assisi. historically the lessons we learned from the prime author
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terrorism in the past in central america was that a certain tearing leaders actually paint the town in the in in their own image during an election not so much for the election but to remind the people of their power to remind people of i am the person i am the only individual i'm not just your savior but you have no real alternative because one of the economic conditions and easy quick like today with his sweeping austerity measures what you see is thirty percent inflation two thirds of the population is under the age of twenty nine you have seventy percent and playing in some areas of pyro and so when there is no alternative even for individuals who need a heavy hand of clampdown especially during an election to say there is no alternative but presidencies. ok let's go back to that developing breaking story for you that we tried to cover a little earlier to see rebels there missiles being taken out the skies by the saudi defense forces specifically one missile we're talking about at least one
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missile in the skies above the capital city riyadh we have reports saying that similar missile several other similar missiles have been fired across the border we assume from inside western yemen will say with these latest pictures we're not going to talk because we're joined on the line from san are by hussein by conti he's a proof the yemeni journalist hussain al because he can you just walk us through what you think happened here tonight. tonight that i didn't find really couplets that i'm trying to get but it's to. add to the sense that if you did to the airport in riyadh and secondly side in cricket and get that if the police i called at the time had to every day prior and i would just add. that's out so yeah yeah i did after my third sic sort designed a release i called but one would love to. i think that it
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brought our limits. to. where were they fired from there is a supposition in the media at this and saying they were fired from western yemen and they build their own fire from them and that's what the demand side they must have been fired from a near the border that but i can add to eighty's a long planned side could fire from like you add to corral yemen in a vietnam at least with yemen how much of this has to do with the very recent third anniversary of the conflict woven together with those comments that we're reporting on broadcasting tonight from the lucy leader. and yet so today and just today had. to close to days twenty six months yet we are entering the fourth year of this and the coalition war in yemen and has more than it's
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already had would be and you need size and as one mentioned i typed please sign that to say i may come back to you to be a sign saying. yeah you have to implement the set with the dems from deep inside had successfully actually she had that part of the difference i think i think sixty five people on board isn't much use to the sochi schoolteacher because yemeni old women sitting in the north of german destroyed an old g.m. poured out of the story and didn't get played much but allowing all we will talk to keep you both we will talk to you of course we will do what you do in yemen i quote on high ok an eye for an eye this is can i suggest to you respectfully no more than symbolism in as much as we've seen the saudi crown prince. mohammed bin some on in the united states signing
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a one billion dollar contract with donald trump for defense equipment you simply cannot compete with that. and i think maybe we can was going to be alone to weapons that that's the. buy in from the united states that we can complete by letting that so deep in the economy at the. military as they do in yemen we can't just stand still and yemeni army and whole cannot just stand still and believe that the other side just prone to my political o.t. has insisted they really didn't jim and is a must and we will fight and we will not to be kept over the second fight that we have to yemen and we say we will not compromise i think islam to resign and to speak of property medical hope he isn't going to get elected to the united nations and if you impose into yemen because before all the yemeni me as
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a whole had to through the ceasefire but the soul the whiskey continue for maybe a month for travel or for more now will see for three years and i think now they will get the business i started saying even though it's been a lot of sulky to go to the u.n. employees in yemen as want to address and continue in yemen we will continue fighting these are ok you will fight even the o.t. and they will stop only if it is a cease fire ok hussein because he produce a yemeni journalist there on the line from sunup many thanks. it's been revealed the u.s. government and the united arab emirates missed an opportunity to detain the late leader of the taliban whilst he was in dubai and that's according to a report in the washington post's act on mohammed one sort of charge of the taliban in twenty fifteen when the armed group revealed its leader mohammed omar had died the process in twenty sixteen the u.s. became aware months or was in dubai raising money and shopping u.s. officials were reportedly discussing what to do about it but months or left for
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iran before a decision was made according to the post susan rice who was national security advisor to president barack obama at the time requested his plane be turned around but the iraq he said it was too late from iran and saw traveled on to pakistan where the americans were once again aware of his whereabouts and killed him in a drone strike michael semple is a visiting research professor at queens university in belfast he says actor mohamad months was visit to dubai reveals insights into the war in afghanistan what it tells us is about the the geography of the war ok the fighting and dying are basically being done inside afghanistan but this war rests on a a well developed conflict economy that conflict economy involves linkages through to uk is done through to iran and through to all the gulf countries because this is not just a this is not a tale about you know shadowy meetings with you know intelligence agencies and
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covert state support this is a this is a story about a regionalized criminal economy which fuels the war in afghanistan which after moments months or as a leader of the taliban was tapping into to fund his organization which i would contend is a way in which the ongoing conflict in afghanistan it helps to criminalize the countries of the region and is a threat to the region not just a threat to the people of afghanistan. while the afghan government deals with daily security challenges facing a looming threat in the form of a huge water shortage not only do thousands die every year from poor sanitation and on clean water but the places are disappearing meaning afghanistan's only source of clean water could be gone in thirty years to anybody you know from kabul. the hindu kush mountain range a wonder of nature and the giver of life it has the highest concentration of snow in places outside the polar region and is afghanistan's main source of water but
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it's under threat there has been a rapid retreat and melting of glaciers at the current rate they will disappear by twenty fifty. their water the waters. sources have there is no was a life so worth something happened something unfortunate happen of course this is the loss of human. melting glaciers are not the only problem forty years of conflict and they gleg to taking a toll on an antiquated water and sanitation system just twenty seven percent of the population has access to clean water only twenty percent in rural areas this is the way most of kabul's poor get their water stand pipes open for a few hours every day the water system was designed in the one nine hundred eighty s. to cope with a population of a few hundred thousand today nearly six million people live in the capital muscle that he says i like that i go to school at six o'clock in the morning and when i
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return i have to carry water buckets to my home up the hillside and for that reason i'm too tired to do my homework. lack of education has led to poor hygiene people deaf acadian rivers and few boil the water they drink most rivers are contaminated every day rule so each flows into the kabul river from six thousand channels and is having serious health consequences twenty five percent of the deaths of children under the age of five are due to work to contamination and bad sanitation ten prowse in children die every year because of die rule and water where an infection and disease account for more deaths in afghanistan the bombs and bullets forty years ago the population was thirteen million today it is around thirty six million causing a huge thirst but a shortage of reservoirs and pumping stations means just thirty percent of water is retained. improvements are being made in kabul this pumping station is part of an eighty million dollars german project to increase the number of connected homes
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from ten thousand to one hundred thousand more but we still need technical and financial support from the international community and the sectors such as improving water management and for greasing capacity we also need support for exit queuing technical issues you can only supply water if you have it and because of the melting glaciers afghanistan has just over thirty years to come up with a solution to his predicted water loss before nature turns off the tap tony berkeley al-jazeera kabul prosecutors have seized bank and tax documentation from two houses belonging to the former peruvian president petro publications king the seventy nine year old appeared relaxed as he talked to investigators at his home a court on saturday ordered him to surrender his passport to resign on weapons facing allegations of money laundering he denies any wrongdoing and his lawyer says they will cooperate with the investigation. plenty more still to come for you here on the news hour including damage control fall from facebook mark zuckerberg buys
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full page ads in u.s. major newspapers we'll tell you what they say. in a sports news tight security as cricket returns to pakistan's biggest city bar as the details in about fifteen minutes. we've got yet more wintry weather in the full cost across north america spring's trying to break free but it really has struggling see the latest band of cloud that we some rain that we snow on the northern flank that's pushing its way from west to east say some heavy downpours and the possibility through the central plains further north up the northern plains and the dakotas pushing up towards the midwest we are going to see more wintry weather over the next day also ahead of that nazi bad around the northeastern quarter seven celsius from new york nine celsius in
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they say not particularly warm but at least it will be dry it will be dry to around the west coast we have got some rain sleet and snow coming into the pacific northwest western parts of canada as we go through choose day here's that really heavy rain we are looking at the potential for some flooding severe storms tornadoes the full should bang here then anywhere from around texas maybe even into new mexico texas certainly pushing up across oklahoma console easing right up into the midwest and there's that snow in the northern flank ahead of that again john reed dry for the time being generally dry across the caribbean and looks good here was a settled and sunny weather chance of want to see showers still around the great tarantella is the for most it's fine dry and sunny kingston with a top temperature thirty degrees. let me go get it filled with again they don't seem to plug i can a simple song. for her. purse our soccer team
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dollars just that. i. showed documentaries from around the wilds about those who won't give up their fight for justice. al-jazeera selects justice. down to zero. where ever you.
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are. welcome if you're just joining us you're watching news our live from doha let's just take you through the top stories so far saudi arabia's air force says it intercepted seven missiles fired from yemen you see rebels have claimed responsibility for the strikes which targeted airports in the capital riyadh and three other cities the saudi authorities say one person was killed in the attack and two others were injured if you study seven people many of them children have been killed in a fire at a shopping center in siberia sixty nine others are reported to be missing in the blaze which happened in the city of cairo for three thousand kilometers east of moscow cause of the fire not yet known. dozens of people have been injured trying protest in barcelona according to the release of the former catalan president carter's pitcher homes in which tainted milk in germany on sunday is now waiting to
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get whether he will face extradition back to spain. has claimed responsibility for a car bomb that killed thirteen people in the somali capital several people were also injured in the blast that happened near the parliament in mogadishu the bomb was the second deadly blast of the day hours earlier another car bomb outside the capital killed one person plus the driver al jazeera is general nor reports from mogadishu. now do not. we are here in front of the headquarters of the somalia parliament where a car bomb exploded next to a security checkpoint set up as the first line of security for the parliament and the presidential palace this is the second explosion in mogadishu in the last two days the c.m. street which is america street was hit with an explosion in a different area killing twenty four people and injuring others this is the second explosion. this is despite all the measures taken by the somali government to
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prevent such bombings which have been happening on a routine business as you can see nearby shops have been affected and have been shut down by citizens who fled the scene for safety authorities are present trying to investigate the incident and gather evidence. facebook c.e.o. has taken out full page paper adverts in the u.s. and the u.k. to apologize for what he says is a breach of trust signed by mark zuckerberg says he's sorry more wasn't done at the time that millions of profiles were leaked to cambridge analytical in twenty fourteen it goes on to say then limiting the data that they get when you sign in using facebook against the company is investigating every app that had access to large amounts of data you also promises to do better and says everyone will be informed when our band marc saltzman is a tech journalist and author he joins us on skype from toronto salzberg clearly faith in facebook is dipping perhaps at an all time low is this apology enough.
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well clearly they're on full on crisis mode by. doing big broadcast interviews and taking out these full page ads they're doing what they can to plug in the holes they need more transparency they need to review and over you know totally over you know redo their entire security and privacy protocols look them over and if they want to you know keep this you know what close to two billion user accounts they have to have more transparency and perhaps more importantly you know once the users leave then the advertisers are they may even jump ship also so this is a big thing that they need to do so is that enough it's something you know the the silence right after this story broke by was deafening because it took him a few days to come forward clearly he was figuring out what his p.r. team how to come out so they did is that enough we'll have to see they lost quite a bit of money in their market value last last week about fifty billion dollars
2:37 am
u.s. but when you say something mark i mean it's all a bit haha i mean the irony isn't lost on anyone here surely you know facebook cutting edge of you know multi-platform delivery systems you can talk to me it's basically a road block and yet they choose to publish the apology in this rather old fashioned way on the back pages of quality newspapers was that's about yet they know it's a mainstream story i don't know if zuckerberg realized how big of an issue this was when the news broke certainly facebook has been plagued with privacy and security concerns over the past couple of years but this is as big as it gets so i believe the advice he's getting is to paint with a broad stroke go to mainstream t.v. stations go to mainstream newspapers they should if they haven't already reached out digitally as well to try to combat the the hash tag delete facebook movement that's happening i don't think anyone knows yet how many people have actually
2:38 am
pulled the trigger and left the social media platform but clearly he's. trying to reach as many people as possible and if you read the apology in the paper he also you know he first explains what happened so he's not even assuming everybody knows about it but he's obviously trying to reach a large group of people and issue a sincere apology which i think was lacking at first not by saying anything at all and then and even with his broadcast interviews i think many felt that it wasn't it wasn't enough so i think now he's stepping it up ok i mean so we're not questioning the sincerity of mark zuckerberg and what he wants to achieve here but i mean if you need to shut down a bad p.r. situation. any bad p.r. situation you get ahead of the thing what is it what does it tell us about mark suck a book as a personality as a as a multi billionaire businessman that he hasn't gotten ahead of this i mean is he getting bad advice or is he simply ignoring good advice. i wish i had an answer for you because i think many were scratching their heads as as to how this was handled
2:39 am
but now it seems like you know it's almost a week later he's doing what he can do and i'm sure he's getting solid advice you know share shareholders are upset the investors are upset and their users are leaving i'm not going to say in droves but if you go on other social platforms ironically some of them owned by facebook like instagram and what's what's app it seems like there's a big movement here i don't know how big it really is and keep in mind we've seen we've seen issues like this in the past with other big internet giants like you tube if you remember google had a huge problem on their hands were advertisers like p. and g. were pulling funds out of the company because they were finding their premier all ads beside these extremist videos so this is something that you tube was able to recover because i think they came out to your point they came out early they came out strong and i think they were able to reverse the tide let's see if this is going to happen with facebook it's just too early to tell ok we have to leave them up great to talk to as ever many things muscles in the joining us from toronto.
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organizers of the march for life campaign say saturday was the biggest gun reform protest in a generation but while people were demonstrating across the u.s. president trump remained silent at his holiday home in florida that's raising questions about how much of an impact the movement will have on legislation and agalloch and from washington ah by any measure the march for our lives protest was a success hundreds of thousands of people came to hear from those whose lives have been touched by gun violence frank decades my community los angeles has become accustomed to this violence. around the world the refrain of never again was heard loud and clear but while crowds gathered close to the white house president donald trump was in florida his twitter account has remained silent on the issue although the white house issued a statement that in part said we applaud the many courageous young americans
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exercising their first amendment rights keeping our children safe is a top priority of the president's on friday the president signed a bill that includes legislation that aims to strengthen background checks. moves to ban stocks which turn rifles into fully automatic weapons are also under way campaigners say it's not enough the fact that nobody is discussed in the bill they don't say the word gun once. what causes all these shootings what's the one thing to tie everything together there's no specific mental health problem that makes all these shootings happen is the weapon and the fact that they aren't taking any action towards it is proof that we need to keep on going my name stephen. and i'm marching from my coach chris hicks and organizers hope that this is the beginning of a movement but translating never again into significant changes will be challenging former astronaut mark kelly whose wife survived an assassination attempt says it will be a long road ahead i would warn them not to get this courage you know this is often
2:42 am
two steps forward and one step back. guy had the opportunity to talk to a few of them yesterday and they have a plan and this is this is not the last you're going to see these kids the protesters that came here may be gone but their list of demands remains banning assault weapons extended magazines and raising age limits will be challenging while the republicans remain in power and the national rifle association continues to wield so much influence the next revolution say organizers will be at the polls and al-jazeera washington pope francis is called on young people to make their voices heard and not allow their corrupt elders to silence them ahead of the roman catholic church for speaking on palm sunday a week ahead of easter it follows his meeting with young catholics at the vatican who told him they want a more transparent and authentic church. the un is calling for an end to a brutal war on children in yemen says the number of severely malnourished children there has doubled over the course of the three year long civil war the u.n.
2:43 am
says an additional half a million boys and girls can no longer go to school both saudi arabia and iran who back different sides in the conflicts have been accused of blocking or delaying humanitarian shipments. in two thousand and fifteen as a result of yemen scrummy canned the development we had in yemen with two hundred thousand children. suffering from the life threatening severe acute malnutrition we had with those two hundred thousand in two thousand and fifteen already one of the biggest cases lot of severe acute malnutrition. in the entire world. today because of the three years of brutal war that case load has doubled. the thread of famine we have had in yemen for sometimes it is still very
2:44 am
much their human rights groups are calling for a full investigation into war crimes in yemen they want perpetrators to be identified and held to account for size violations by the rebels and the bombing campaign by the saudi led coalition many armed groups are also operating there some of whom backed by the united arab emirates osama bin juvie it has the story. trainees of the southern belt forces were originally being prepared to fight and then either in yemen the militia was formed in two thousand and sixteen by the internationally recognized government but since then the security bill forces are operating beyond the control of the government of britain and barbara blumenthal. they're funded and controlled by the united arab emirates along with other groups in the provinces ahead remote and. war ravaged yemen is already divided on sectarian tribal and religious lines there is a fear that parallel security operations would endangered any attempt by the
2:45 am
government to gain strength there's also the lack of accountability in the way these forces have been working human rights watch says security belt and hundred mi elite forces have used excessive force during arrests and raids detain family members of wanted suspects to pressure them to voluntarily turn themselves in arbitrarily arrested and detained men and boys detained children with adults and forcibly disappeared dozens the u.a.e. as part of the saudi led coalition leads these forces as a counterterrorism effort in southern and eastern yemen that's where groups like al qaeda in the arabian peninsula and i still have roots information obtained by al jazeera suggests an estimated twenty thousand fighters are part of these counter-terrorism militias rights groups are calling on the newly established u.n. panel of experts on yemen to impartially investigate the patterns of abuse and identify those responsible a mystery international believes war crimes have been committed there is absolutely no justification for parties to the conflict to me to be using this this
2:46 am
military target or the fact that they are operating against terrorists and what they call terrorism surely by these rules of the war which have been put in place primarily to protect civilians the number of those earning a living by enrolling in some security force has spiked in the last three years. with no peace expected and time soon the war machine is likely to go on with impunity along with disastrous consequences for yemen civilian population some of the jarvey and those there. protesters have marched in cities across australia calling for more tolerance and better treatment of refugees straightly resettles thousands of refugees every year but the un has criticized his hardline policies designed to deter people fleeing their own countries from coming to australia under thomas was at the march in city. there are protests rallies happening in towns and cities right across australia on sunday but the one about three thousand people so
2:47 am
far in sydney and in melbourne are likely to be the biggest people here say that the refugees who've been sent by australia to mass on the proper new guinea and snow route many of whom have now been there for almost five years have suffered enough and should be brought to australia they also think that australians refugee policies also hinged with racism earlier this week peter dutton the immigration minister suggested that white south african farmers who are being kicked off their farms could perhaps be given refugee status here in australia this for a man who has spent his career it seems to people here keeping other refugees in other places out this is what nick from the refugee action coalition said to me earlier i think the role of the demonstrations that we're seeing around the nation today is precisely to say pete adopting is not legitimate he's not legitimate in saying that you know white south africans who haven't asked us for help a more deserving of australian asylum than the countless numbers of people fleeing
2:48 am
war zones who have there are thousands of people here and thousands more in melbourne and in other places across australia but in the great scheme of things these are still relatively small protests australia's media rarely reports more than a tiny bit on the sorts of ants and in terms of politics by the governing liberal party and the opposition labor party broadly agree on the tough policies and that's why not much looks likely to change. still to come here on al-jazeera in the sports news what's next for australia's cricket captain after he admits cheating in a test match. april on al-jazeera. from the stories beyond the headlines phone lines examines the u.s. is role in the world's fifty years since the death of martin luther king we examine the impact of his assassination and the state of race relations in the u.s. today the award winning show earthrise returns for another season with stories
2:49 am
about solutions to some of the greatest manmade environmental problems as the first meeting since the brands that vote is set to take place in the u.k. we examine how relevant the commonwealth is today between corporate and public interests up to the last drop unveils the longstanding rule for water in europe april on al-jazeera. last and a band. found and saved. one of the nice reveals how one charity is giving pakistan's lost children new chance at life on al-jazeera.
2:50 am
type your sport is far. thanks very much australia's cricket captain steve smith has been suspended and fined by the sport's international governing body the penalty comes amid a cheating scandal after the aussie team invited to ball tampering at least home and reports for the captain this is the tiny piece of sticky tape that sent shock waves through australia's national sport it seemed completely beyond belief that the astroid in cricket. had been involved injury during saturday's play in a test match in south africa a struck me as cameron battlecross was caught on camera placing a small object on his trousers after working on the ball when questioned by umpires he produced a sunglasses cloth but later admitted he'd used type to rub dirt on the ball part of a plan backed by captain steve smith thing the later of the time on. incredibly
2:51 am
sorry. for i guess trying to bring the game into. play the way that we we did today roughing up one side of a cricket ball can result in it swinging unpredictably through the air when it's ball towards a batsman ball tampering with an artificial substance is illegal but not new to the game with several big name players penalize in the past cricket's governing body the i.c.c. suspended smith for one game and finding his match fee the sport's chief saying the game needs to have a hard look at itself something south african fans of the test match in cape town seemed caylee aware of we all know that just been happening for the past years but now we know every team has been doing it against every other team for so long and with the reverse swing being one of these i think they're trying to get every single advantage they can but the problem is that they really cross the law and
2:52 am
that this latest incident involved a premeditated plan to chase involving the national captain has provoked reaction from all levels of a strongly in society cricket australia has said sorry to fans everybody is gripped with a lot of shy men disappointment at the way our national team has carried on and this is really the one of the most infamous and darkest days in australian cricket history the test match concluded in cape town with smith removed his captain and david warner a spice captain still there may be greater consequences to come first strongly in cricket hallman al-jazeera it might come as little surprise that australia were being comfortably in the third test by south africa they were bowled out for just one hundred and seven in their second innings on sunday resulting in a three hundred and twenty two run loss there's still one test to play in a fairly dramatic series which the host now leave two to one to pay will leave the
2:53 am
aussies after steve smith is suspect. the whole process going forward is. something we can live by. and something that we. must point out how we were boy i'll try public come and tell you that. we want to be common and i want to say that australians are still digesting the drama of the past twenty four hours yara boom elam has more from sydney well this is absolutely the biggest story in australia right now it's been dominating social media the airwaves morning television and of course the papers and one word keeps getting repeated and that is shame and shame of the cricket captain and of course this all the cheating scandal it has done to the nation former cricket captain greats like marco clarke have expressed their disappointment over this scandal be a stroll in prime minister came out and said it was shocking and just to give you
2:54 am
a sense of just how important a strain in cricket is one former prime minister once said that he had the second most important job in the country and the first of course was being the captain of the straight in cricket team to absolute shock and disappointment in australia today afghanistan's cricketers have been providing more positive headlines for the game in recent days the team had in the west indies by seven wickets to win the world cup qualifying tournament in zimbabwe both sides will be appearing at next year's event in england before that afghanistan will play their first official test match they'll be taking on india in june. cricket has returned to roxanne's biggest city for the first time in close to a decade the pakistan super league final was played in karate surrounded by a huge security operation on sunday thousands of security guards were deployed both inside and around the stadium it's the highest profile game to have been hosted by
2:55 am
the city since sri lanka's team bus was attacked in the country in two thousand and nine as for the game itself a slum a body united beat defending champions bashar result me they won the title for the second time in the tournaments three year history chasing down a victory target of one hundred forty nine runs in football players died on the pitch after a ball hit him during a match twenty five year old striker bruno boban had been hit in the chest from close range and collapsed a short time later medics failed to revive him the cause of death has yet to be confirmed for i sebastian vettel has won the season opening formula one grand prix in australia defending champion lewis hamilton looked for victory in melbourne and was leading until speed restrictions were briefly in force one another car broke down on the trot battle took his chance to make a pit stop and was able to rejoin the race ahead of his mercedes rival both vettel and hamilton are aiming for a fifth world title this. basketball is one of the most popular
2:56 am
sports in south sudan and for many youth seen as a path to a better life but would be stars still have a number of hurdles to overcome he will morgan reports from the capital. he's not part of south sudan national basketball team but would love to be which is why he's practicing three times a week with dozens of other young players. my dream is to be chosen for a scholarship outside south sudan so i can be internationally recognised and goodwill paid for playing that way i can support my family and maybe eventually take them out of south sudan. the fifteen year old is one of more than three. to teenagers who come for training with the hopes of being chosen for an international scholarship but more than four years of war in south sudan has damaged sports development and many other parts of society there are less than a dozen sports facilities in a country roughly the size of france and nearly all lack of proper equipment making
2:57 am
it hard for young people to develop their talents and as challenging as it is for teenage boys it's even harder for the girls. if i know today is training day i have to wake up early and finish all household chores like cooking cleaning going to the market and to school then i come to treatment. but despite the challenges on and off court some continue to play their favorite sports striving for worldwide recognition they may not be many sports facilities here in south sudan but for those who come to this basketball court it's an opportunity for them to skate the life they're living and because of a program that provides high school scholarship to the best players it's also a chance for them to hope for a better future many children have been separated from their families during the civil war which has killed tens of thousands and displaced millions named after a south sudanese american basketball player in america's n.b.a. the maneuverable program hopes to improve opportunities for young basketball players a lot of these kids are. having challenges in terms of having three meals
2:58 am
a day that affects their performance on the court some of them families have economic challenges we believe is going to be the number one sport in south roughly we have about a thousand plus. registered close and we have so far have certain. just about over one hundred. scholarship david says he knows his training is limited but one day hopes to be one of those chosen few to leave for a scholarship and be good enough to play for teams elsewhere in the world people morgan al-jazeera juba and that's all you for now more later last more news on the web site it's always there for you of course al-jazeera dock. i'm back in a couple of minutes with thirty minutes of al-jazeera will news including the latest on saudi arabia join us for that if you can about.
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marketing. conservation is helping kids to recover its snow leopard population to see the results i traveled up to the remote nature reserve of saudi chat at touch camera
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traps have identified a healthy population of up to twenty snow leopards as the technology improves we're finding all these ways in which our guesses are are getting corrected the latest evidence suggests they're more cats than previously acknowledged but the snow leopard trust believes it's premature to downgrade the cats on the international based of threatened species systemic corruption in politics through business to who is controlled by white states of resources people in power investigates the misuse of south africa's state assets nobody is them big a good name didn't know the board was ever with their point of view and the financial rewards available to an accommodating business community south africa corruption inc on al-jazeera.


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