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in the ring or for next year to church ninety five that just doesn't go away. for a living out of trouble for the last couple years. his home was zero follows a group of u.s. army veterans traumatized by war. as they struggle to get their lives back shelter at this time on al jazeera. al-jazeera. you ran for your.
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saudi arabia says it's intercepted seven missiles launched by you the rebels in yemen. hello welcome to al-jazeera life and death it's also coming up thirty seven people are concerned dead after a fire rips through a russian shopping mall many more are still missing and. protests erupt in barcelona as former pastor land leader which demands is detained in germany also coming up. and then he leaned around and looked at my daughter and said it's a beautiful little girl be ashame or something amateur mom and then he was gone a former adult movie star says she was threatened and told to keep quiet about an
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alleged affair with donald trump. saudi arabia's military says it has shut down seven missiles fired from yemen who the rebels say they carried out the strikes that targeted several airports saudi authorities say at least one person was killed in the attacks two others were injured brandy's alexander reports. loud explosions and bright flashes in the sky saudi arabia's and forces it intercepted a series of ballistic missiles fired from neighboring yemen who three rebels say they've targeted airports in several cities including the capital riyadh and egyptian resident there was killed the hoofy leader is warning there's more to come . we'll use a long range drawings which have excellent military capabilities we will activate
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the military institutions in an unprecedented way and open up more opportunities to recruit the children and men about people to fight. saudi arabia is leading a coalition that has been fighting the who things in yemen since march two thousand and fifteen like most of us president donald trump may have been braced saudis crown prince mohammed bin soundman at the white house last tuesday but it didn't stop the senate from voting on a resolution calling for the end of u.s. support for saudi forces in yemen saudi war effort and particularly air campaign over yemen has not stopped it has only increased lately so i imagine it's normal that these are firing. to show that they are still capable and they are not to be taken for granted militarily. at least ten thousand people have been killed in yemen since two thousand and
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fifteen which is also battling cholera and diptheria outbreaks the u.n. says living conditions there have reached catastrophic levels with more than twenty two million requiring some form of food assistance was the point of this three years of war hundreds of thousands of people have died because of quote it are because of starvation this means that you only heard the yemeni civilians on zoloft the whole the still capable to long there are stronger than before and this is another failure to the saudi led coalition in yemen numerous rounds of u.n. sponsored peace talks have failed to stem the bloodshed in yemen as the wall continues with the low clear path to peace plan a huge rally in sana'a on monday to mark its third anniversary diesel xander al-jazeera. at least thirty seven people many of them children have been killed in a fire at a shopping center in the russian region of siberia sixty nine others are reported to be missing in the blaze which happened in the city of kemah over three thousand
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kilometers east of moscow rory chalons has the latest from moscow. well from what we understand so far the fire started on the top floor the fourth floor of this shopping mall complex and quickly ripped through an area of about one thousand six hundred square meters the building the mall is called it is in a vicious shopping mall and it's in central camera footage. by locals i'm on mobile phones for outside the buildings show thanks smoke pouring from the upper floors some of the footage also shows firefighters using lattice trying to get access to the windows now you have a few services we understand managed to evacuate about a hundred people from the building and then they also managed to rescue another twenty it's a pretty new complex this it was only opened in two thousand and thirteen but it's
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got movie theaters inside it's got restaurants or so on or a bowling alley in a children's zoo and the initial reports suggest that a good number of the casualties were actually found in one of the main movie roles and in this complex it's quickly taken on the aspect of a national disaster the kremlin is being kept up to speed with how things have been developing the crimean spokesperson jerry mitri pescado said that but i think the president has dispatched the emergency minister to the site of the tragedy and various units from the emergency ministry including robotics and drones and other equipment is being mobilized but for most government and also the city is here at present i ask now because of the severity of this event also a criminal investigation that has very quickly being opened. dozens of people have been injured in protests in barcelona calling for the release of the former catalan
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president color's push to mount three people were arrested in clashes with police polish them and was detained in germany on sunday and is waiting to hear if he'll be extradited to spain there he faces charges of rebellion and sedition which stemmed from last year secession vote david chase has more from barcelona. the mood in barcelona has definitely changed there are many people on the streets during the course of the day calling for general strikes calling for action on the speaker of the separatist catalan parliament also said that they should form a new front calling on trade unions and civic society to come together to prevent any more attacks on what they call the heart of spanish democracy now that could take the form of general strikes they've been blocking many motorways leading into this area but i think in the end and the mentum will build as we see more and
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more pictures of colors pushed the more in germany whether he's remodeled in custody or given bail that'll be a crucial factor to in and how much anger will be shown here on the streets of barcelona but it is expected a general strike could be called this is really invigorated the protest movement here and i think we'll see it by the sheer number of people coming out on the streets of barcelona. and adult film star who alleges he had an affair with the u.s. president donald trump in two thousand and six says she was threatened with violence after she first tried to go public with the story so me daniels whose real name is stephanie clifford told c.b.s. is sixty minutes she was accosted by an unidentified man in las vegas in twenty eleven and told to leave tried. she alleged the alleged threats came weeks after
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she took three to sell details over her affair to a magazine in the interview she refused to discuss whether she has evidence of her affair with. from washington d.c. . stormy daniels told the television news program sixty minutes that she had one sexual encounter with president trump a little more than a decade ago when he was hosting the television show the apprentice and she said during that encounter he promised her a spot on the apprentice but that failed to materialize when she turned him down for a second sexual encounter a few years after that in two thousand and eleven she says she was approached by a magazine to sell her story for fifteen thousand dollars but she said she never received the money and that article never appeared because trump threatened to sue the magazine she said shortly after that she was approached in a parking lot and was threatened by a man i was in a parking lot going to
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a fitness class with my infant daughter just taking in the seats facing backwards in the back seat diaper bag. getting all the stuff out and a guy walked up on me and said to me leave champ alone forget the story and then he leaned around and looked at my daughter and said it's a beautiful little girl and be ashamed of something how much her mom and then he was gone now during the presidential campaign daniels claims that she was offered significant sums from various media outlets to tell her story but she said she instead decided to accept one hundred thirty thousand dollars from the president's attorney i turned down a large payday multiple times because one i didn't want to kiss and tell and be labeled all the things that i'm being labeled now i don't want to take away from the legitimate and legal i'd like to point out career that i've worked very hard to establish and most importantly i did not want my family and my child exposed to all
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the things that she's being exposed to right now because everything that i was afraid of coming out has come out anyway and guess what i don't have a million dollars now just in the past week two other women have filed suits against president trump and these are suits that could be prolonged and continued to be a distraction for months if not years joe watkins is a republican political strategist and a former aide to president george h.w. bush and he says the allegations will have little influence on donald trump supposes. interestingly it should but it doesn't even the evangelicals in the united states have given him a pass on these allegations from other accusers and as far as his base is concerned these are just allegations meant to the real him from his primary agenda so with his base i don't think he suffers at all i think he does just fine with his base of
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course it he takes a moral hit from the standpoint of how he looks in america and how he looks at the international community but from the standpoint of hurting his base hurting him with his base or impacting the election in two thousand and twenty i don't think this impacts the election in twenty twenty in any kind of a big way is very different than any other political candidate we've had the past because we know that in the past any one incident like this would derail the candidacy of course of gary hart ran for president one hundred eighty was running in one thousand nine hundred seventy for the one thousand eight nomination for president and he was the railed by the allegation that he had a mistress and we know certainly the president clinton had troubles in the one nine hundred ninety s. and other politicians as well have been hurt badly in some cases of their careers have ended because of these kinds of allegations but not so with donald trump that has really affected them from that standpoint so i don't suppose that it's going to affect him seriously going forward unless the special prosecutor decides to to use mr cohen's. background as some kind of leverage. still to come
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here at al-jazeera in just a few hours from now the polls open in egypt's presidential election but the outcome is considered a foregone conclusion damage control from facebook months after bad buys full page ads in u.s. newspapers find out what they say. we've got yet more wintry weather in the forecast across north america spring stridency breakthrough but it really has struggling to see the latest band of cloud that we some rain that we snow on the northern flank that's pushing its way from west to east say some heavy downpours and the possibility through the central plains further north to northern plains and the dakotas pushing up towards the midwest we are going to see more wintry weather over the next day also ahead of
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that nazi bad around the northeastern quarter seven celsius from new york nine celsius in they say not particularly warm but at least it will be dry it will be dry to around the west coast we have got some right states now coming into the pacific northwest western parts of canada as we go through choose day here's that really heavy rain we are looking at the potential for some flooding severe storms tornadoes the full should bang here then anywhere from around texas maybe even into new mexico texas certainly pushing up across oklahoma console easing right up into the midwest and there's that snow in the northern flank ahead of that again jan retry for the time being generally dry across the caribbean and looks good here was the settled and sunny weather chance of want to see showers still around the great tarantella this the for most it's fine dry and sunny kingston with a top temperature of thirty degrees.
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we're talking about ivory poachers who have decimated populations of elephants in africa they almost always ship the ivory out of a different country from where it was poached because that's where you start to search for looking in the wrong place this radiocarbon dating method can tell us their trade is legal or not then we have a place we can focus law enforcement on take those out and perhaps the source of the id from entering the network take no at this time in n.z. a myth. time for so take a look at the top stories here it out saudi arabia's air force says it's intercepted seven missiles fired from yemen the rebels say they carried out the
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strikes which targeted airports in the capital riyadh as well as three other cities saudi authorities say one person was killed and two others were injured at least thirty seven people many of them children have been killed in a fire at a shopping center in russia's siberia region three thousand kilometers east of moscow more than sixty people are missing the calls of the far in the city of kemah ever is not. an adult film star who alleges she had an affair with u.s. president donald trump in two thousand and six says she was threatened with violence after she first tried to go public with the story stormy daniels whose real name is stephanie clifford told c.b.s. is sixty minutes program she was accosted by an unidentified man in twenty eleven who told her to leave. now egypt sions go to the polls in the coming hours and the election that is
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expected to return president after fattah el-sisi to power and the vote comes seven years after the revolution that ended the thirty year long presidency of hosni mubarak jamal looks at some of the promises he has struggled to keep during his time as president. although opted for to his use he was only named president in june two thousand and fourteen the former army general has. in control of egypt since july the previous year when he led a coup deposing the country's first democratically elected presidents mohamed morsi since taking power sisi has made numerous promises and pledges to the egyptian people in a bid to win their support first he vowed to defeat what he described as potential violence and terrorism in the digital fleet i call in all egyptians to take to the streets to task me with preventing the potential violence and terrorism that threatens us. in reality however since sisi became president attacks and bombings
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appear to have increased dramatically across the country i saw which did not have a branch in egypt recruited fighters and began killing soldiers and police officers in sinai but the violence was not limited to the peninsula car bombs in central cairo and alexandria are testament to cc's inability to deliver on his promise of security another pledge made by the army general was to build a national road network that would connect cities and help improve road safety i think i will build a world class road network within one year that will connect all of egypt for years have now passed not only does egypt have an extremely poor road network according to the world health organization it ranks amongst the ten worst countries for road safety with deaths being an almost daily occurrence. c.c. had also promised to drastically improve the economy and increase living standards there was initial hope when his government organized the two thousand and fifteen
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international economic conference billions of dollars worth of projects were announced until now though very little of those have been achieved even the much hill construction of a new administrative capital has seen little to no development similar to the pledge of building one million new homes with hundreds of thousands of egyptians still either homeless or living in slums one promise that was fulfilled by c.c. was the expansion of the suez canal however the promised revenue from this project has not materialized in fact after convincing the public to help fund the project through investment bonds the government's own figures show revenue from the suez canal has actually dropped as a result of the decline in maritime traffic says he has been president for four years and in power for five in the early days he had promised to transform egypt into a world power the reality is that he presides over a country where thirty percent live below the poverty line and the vast majority
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are struggling to remain just above it his critics doubts that another four years will bring any significant improvement. al-jazeera. the egyptian government has also been cracking down on the media in the run up to this election hundreds of websites and blogs have been blocked buses and chapelle reports that hasn't stopped the online conversation. it appears more egyptians have been busy discussing football and the arabic version of the t.v. program the voice then the presidential elections on monday but security certainly became a trending topic over the weekend after an attack on egypt's second city alexandria on saturday now at least two people were killed including a policeman in what the ministry of interior has called an assassination attempt of a local security official prime minister sharif ismail says such attacks will not affect the election process but security is high across egypt's major cities and
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more than thirteen thousand polling places and it remains a central issue in this campaign many twitter users outside of egypt are talking about the same thing with me sharing some critical pieces from the economist in the new york times which focused on the security dimensions of the election and the new york times asking why president sisi appears to be worried if the election is supposed to be a lock now the president has adopted a more threatening tone in the final month of campaigning focusing on unspecified enemies while the economist says that sisi must provide security and jobs for young people if not there's a recipe for more upheaval down the road and while they like many of c.c. supporters say that his firm hand has prevented egypt from collapsing in recent years they say he should respect the constitution and ignore his most sycophantic supporters who want to amend the constitution to let him rule for life and then you can you tell them to say we did give me a loser you must do it and while a number of famous actors and singers have helped spread cc's message to nearly
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sixty million eligible voters to come down and participate many egyptians are wondering if their vote will even matter the hash tag why are you boycotting the elections was trending on the eve of the vote after seven political parties and one hundred fifty opposition figures denounced the process as a farce calling for a boycott one of the most popular posts from the former sisi supporters. compares this choice whether to boycott or not to a. football match he says if the results are known in advance and the referee is bribed the fans would certainly boycott the match so we'll have to see if these security issues and the perceived lack of choice will have an impact on voter turnout remember that the last time sisi ran nearly half of eligible voters did turn out giving him nearly ninety seven percent of the vote right now we can speak to. is associate professor of middle eastern politics at the university of oklahoma he's joining us by skype from the city of newman thanks for talking to. the
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credibility of this election is being widely questioned isn't it how come the only one challenge has emerged from this enormous arab country. well i think the regime clearly handball the election engineering this election it's not really an election as you say i think in an ideal world there would have been more candidates but candidates that were not threatening to president sisi some of those who emerged were in deep threatening such as former general sami i-man and homages free who had run in the two thousand and twelve election and so they were eliminated you know either in different ways either intimidated to withdraw or were arrested and in some cases and so then they were last with no one and so this individual who some stuff from was so who no one really had heard of the leader of that party who we believe to be in cahoots with the security forces and so on was
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put up so that it could be an election with two candidates or at least look like an election so that's how we got here and i think it does really reflect the regimes anxiety about political contest station they don't want any political contest station but nevertheless they want to go through the motions of an election and in an election to it let's call it an election commit say that in a situation like this as we've already seen in russia what is at salute a vital intensive establish some form of the dismisses ten out. well that's correct and even the russian election if we can call it back had many different candidates even though it was an unfair playing field in this case we don't have that and so yes in the two thousand and fourteen election the official results reported a forty seven percent election turnout but of course the rational thing to do as you were piece mentioned if one is an egyptian voter when the conclusion is known
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ahead of time is to not participate and so we'll all be looking at both the official and the unofficial results i'm highly skeptical that anything approaching the previous result forty seven percent will be achieved in the next three days and may not what has happened law generally to the political space we've had about the crazing down to the media and the restrictions to various online presences i wonder what about the muslim brotherhood the brotherhood what's happened to the party of mr morsi yes it's been shattered really by the regime i mean as you know there are tens of thousands of muslim brotherhood members and supporters as well as others many of the youth who participated in the revolution in two thousand and eleven who have nothing to do with the brotherhood are now in jail many of them have been try some have been given death sentences and so on others are in exile of course there is tremendous political repression and
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a lack of political freedom so that's really the state unfortunately of politics in egypt in addition to as you were piece mention the closing of space center freedom in the media certainly the cracking down on civil society organizations so it's not really a place where there is a vibrant political debate taking place for democracy emerging quite the opposite unfortunately some shall have to thank you very much indeed for talking to us live from norman oklahoma well. now to syria where more than five thousand rebel fighters and civilians are now being from. two opposition held areas in the northwestern province of state media says more than one hundred thousand people have left the area since a humanitarian corridor to leave the area that the holder has the latest from beirut the evacuations are continuing fighters there family members as well as
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civilians being bussed out of what was once the rebel controlled enclave of eastern ghouta to the rebel controlled province of idlib in the northwest of the country this is part of course of the evacuation deals or what amounts really to a surrender the rebels didn't have much of a choice they were besieged by government forces and there was a relentless bombing campaign that was targeting civilians who were trapped inside so it's not only the fighters who are leaving it is people who are involved in opposition activities media activists people that we've been speaking to telling us that we're only able to pack a few belongings and we're going to the unknown we're leaving behind our homes our lives the will we be able to to rebuild our lives once again will we be able to return to our homes so these people are really afraid of what comes next because they're going to live which is also not a safe area it is an area which is a target really of the pro-government alliance but the pro-government alliance declaring victory as saying that they're clearing the area from what they call
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terrorists eastern huta has long been a thorn in the side of the government the last major rebel stronghold close to the capital close to the government seat of power there have been numerous attempts over the years to recapture eastern huta but the government lacked the manpower they were busy on many front lines but this time around it was an all out to military campaign and the only choice the opposition had was to surrender. well let's have a look at the province that's where the fighters and their families from eastern goose are going where the province is largely controlled by the rebel alliance high at sharm or h.t.s. it sits next to latakia which is a government stronghold around two and a half million people live there a million of them displaced by fighting in other parts of the country in theory it's a deescalation zone but that hasn't stopped government forces backed by russia from repeatedly bombing cities and towns italy has also been hit by several suspected
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chemical attacks the most well known perhaps being the shaken attack of twenty seventeen in which eighty three people died. facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg has taken out full page newspaper ads in the u.s. and in the u.k. to apologize for what he calls a breach of trust the ad say he's sorry more wasn't done for millions of profiles were leaked in twenty fourteen to cambridge analytic which is accused of misusing the data he says limits are being placed on the data that apps can collect from uses who sign in with their facebook id the firm is also vested gazing every app that had access to large amounts of data zuckerberg promises to do better and says everyone will be informed when apps a band marc saltzman is a technology journalist and all that he says facebook is clearly in full crisis
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mode. they're doing what they can to plug in the holes they need more transparency they need to review and over you know totally over you know redo their entire security and privacy protocols look them over and if they want to you know keep this you know what close to two billion user accounts they have to have more transparency and perhaps more importantly you know once the users leave then the advertisers are they may even jump ship also so this is a big thing that they need to do so is it enough it's something you know the the silence right after this story broke by october was deafening because it took him a few days to come forward clearly he was figuring out what this p.r. team how to come out so they did is it enough we'll have to see they lost quite a bit of money in their market value last last week about fifty billion dollars u.s. . you
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know with al jazeera and these are our top stories saudi arabia's air force says it's intercepted seven missiles fired from yemen who the rebels say they carried out the strikes which target airports in the capital riyadh as well as three other cities saudi authorities say one person was killed and two others injured. in the south is of a military escalation. in the fourth year of fighting we will be using more developed diverse missile systems which will overcome all american and north american air defense systems will use our better and burckhardt missiles using long range drones which have excellent military capabilities we will activate the military institutions in an unprecedented way and open up more opportunities to recruit the children and i mean about people to fight at least
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thirty seven people many of them children have been killed in a fire at a shopping center in russia's siberia region three thousand kilometers east of moscow at least sixty people assume missing the cause of the far in the city of kemah evers not yet. and adult film star who claimed she had an affair with the u.s. president donald trump in two thousand and six says she was threatened with a father and after she first tried to go public with the story still me daniels whose real name is stephanie clifford told c.b.s. she was accosted by an unidentified man in twenty eleven who told her to leave trump alone in syria more than five thousand rebel fighters and civilians are being evacuated from eastern guta they've taken to the opposition held parts of italy a province state media say almost one hundred ten thousand people have now left the place since the humor. and. egyptians head to the polls in the
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coming hours in an election expected to return president. of the several potential candidates or other said. today those are the headlines coming up next.
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that could change lives the science of fighting but. this is a show about science lol. by scientists to techno investigate . they've tried to seize a.


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