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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 26, 2018 8:00am-8:34am +03

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and that peace is always possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on sat there are people that that are choosing between buying medication and eating basis is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who is an activist and has posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. perception. documentaries from around the globe. it was a big sound but that brings me down. it's journalism. debates and discussion this is a lot of misunderstanding a distortion in the only argument i find against that is all corded history. see the world from a different perspective on al-jazeera. saudi
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arabia says it's intercepted seven missiles launched by his he rebels in yemen. welcome to our jazeera live from doha i'm. coming up thirty seven be able to confirm dead after a fire ripped through a russian shopping mall many more are still missing and. protests erupt in wasilla onerous form a catalan leader. is detained in germany also ahead. and then he leaned around and looked at my daughter and said a beautiful little girl would be a shame if sometime a term and then he was gone a full movie star says she was threatened into. to keep quiet about an alleged
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affair with donald trump. but first saudi arabia's military says it shot down seven missiles fired from yemen the rebels say they carried out the strikes that targeted several airports saudi authorities say at least one person was killed in the attacks until others were injured francis alexander ripple. loud explosions and bright flashes in the sky saudi arabia's air force says it intercepted a series of ballistic missiles fired from neighboring yemen who three rebels say they've targeted airports in several cities including the capital riyadh and egyptian resident there was killed the huth the leader is warning there's more to come and will use a long range drawings which have excellent military capabilities we will activate the military institutions in an unprecedented way and open up more opportunities to
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recruit the children and men about people to fight. saudi arabia is leading a coalition that has been fighting the who things in yemen since march two thousand and fifteen like most of the u.s. president donald trump may have been braced saudis crown prince mohammed bin soundman at the white house last tuesday but it didn't stop the senate from voting on a resolution calling for the end of u.s. support for saudi forces in yemen saudi war effort and particularly air campaign over yemen has not stopped it has only increased lately so i imagine it's normal that these are finally going. to show that they are still capable and they are not to be taken for granted militarily at least ten thousand people have been killed in yemen since two thousand and five . scene which is also battling cholera and feria outbreaks the u.n.
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says living conditions there have reached catastrophic levels with more than twenty two million requiring some form of food assistance was the point of this three years of war hundreds of thousands of people have died because of quote it are because of starvation this means that you only heard the yemeni civilians on solid the hold is still capable to launch me there are stronger than before and this is another failure to the saudi led coalition in yemen numerous rounds of u.n. sponsored peace talks have failed to stem the bloodshed in yemen as the war continues with a low clear path to peace the peace plan a huge rally in sana'a on monday to mark its third anniversary diesel xander al jazeera at least thirty seven people many of them children have been killed in the far of a shopping center in the russian region a siberia sixty nine others are reported to be missing in the blaze which happened
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in the city of kemah over three thousand kilometers east of moscow from where rory chalons reports. well from what we understand so far the fire started on the top floor the fourth floor of this shopping mall complex and quickly ripped through an area of about one thousand six hundred square meters the building the mall is called it is in the shia shopping mall and it's in central camera footage taken by locals are on mobile phones or outside the building show think smoke pouring from the upper floors some of the footage also shows firefighters using lattice trying to get access to the windows now you know much of the services we understand managed to evacuate about a hundred people from the building and then they also managed to rescue another twenty it's a pretty new complex this it was only opened in two thousand and thirteen but it's
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got movie theaters inside it's got restaurants or so on or a bowling alley in a children's zoo and the initial reports suggest that a good number of the casualties were actually found in one of the main movie roles and in this complex it's quickly taken on the aspect of a national disaster the kremlin is being kept up to speed with how things have been developing the crimean spokesperson jerry mitri peskov said that electing presidents has dispatched the emergency minister to the site of the tragedy and various units from the emergency ministry including robotics and drones and other equipment is being mobilized but for most government and also the city is here at present i ask now because of the severity of this event also a criminal investigation that has very quickly been opened. dozens of people have been injured in protests in barcelona calling for the release of the former
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president carlos push demand three people were arrested in clashes with the police push to mount was detained in germany on sunday and is waiting to hear if he'll be extradited to spain where he faces charges of rebellion sedition which stem from last year secession david chase has sent us this update from barcelona the mood in barcelona has definitely changed there are many people on the streets during the course of the day calling for general strikes calling for action and the speaker of the separatist catalan parliament also said that they should form a new front calling on trade unions and civic society to come together to prevent any more attacks on what they call the heart of spanish democracy now that could take the form of general strikes they've been blocking many motorways leading into this area but i think in the end the momentum will build as we see more and
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more pictures of karla's push for more in germany whether he's remodeled in custody or given bail that'll be a crucial factor to in in how much anger will be shown here on the streets of barcelona but it is expected a general strike could be called this is really invigorated the protest movement here and i think we'll see it by the sheer number of people coming out on the streets of barcelona and adult film star who claims she had an affair with the u.s. president donald trump says she was threatened with violence after she first tried to go public with the story stormy daniels told c.b.s. sixty minutes program she was accosted by an unidentified man in twenty eleven and told to leave trump. i was in a parking lot going to a fitness class with my infant daughter just taking in the seats facing backwards
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in the back seat diaper bag you know getting all the stuff out and a guy walked up on me and said to me leave champ alone forget the story and then he leaned around and looked at my daughter and said it's a beautiful little girl be ashame of something how much her mom and then he was gone well the threats came just weeks of this she had agreed to sell details of her affair to a magazine diana estabrook has and will i realize exactly what i'd gotten myself into. harry go in a highly publicized television interview that aired sunday night adult film star stormy daniels detailed an alleged sexual encounter with president donald trump more than a decade ago daniels whose real name is stephanie clifford is suing the president to avoid a non-disclosure agreement she signed for one hundred thirty thousand dollars days before the election you thought that there would be some sort of legal repercussions if you didn't sign back as
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a matter of fact exact sentence use was they can make your life hell and many different ways the daniels lawsuit and two others filed by women in the past week are the latest distraction for a white house mired in a special investigation about possible collusion with russia former playboy model karen mcdougal is suing to be released from an agreement she says requires her to keep quiet about an alleged affair she had with trump a decade ago and a new york supreme court judge ruled summers their vote could move forward on a defamation lawsuit that claims the president sexually harassed her while she was a contestant on the apprentice television show he tried to kick you again with me here still is just innocent dude you're tripping right now attempting to make it clear i was not interested in attorney rinaldo mary yagi says the trio of civil suits could be as damaging as the russia probe there's a huge potential for embarrassment on behalf of the president where he could be deposed he could have documents they could be released as part of this they could
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be embarrassing to him details that could get leaked from these lawsuits it could be a problem a civil trial to be a huge spectacle accusations of inappropriate sexual behavior have dogged the president since his election campaign two months before the election of two thousand and five tape surfaced approach talking about groping women when you're a star they let you do it you can do anything but if you want. to do anything. a number of other women have also come forward accusing. groping and kissing them without their consent well the white house says the lawsuits are without merit they are certain at least to prove a continuing source of embarrassment for the president dion estabrook al-jazeera washington. still to come here at al-jazeera in less than two hours the polls open in egypt's presidential election but the outcome is considered a foregone conclusion plus damage control for facebook is not exactly that by phone
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page ads in u.s. and british newspapers. however the weather squatting down the icy now cross northern parts of the middle east a fair amount of cloud spinning out of the black sea the caspian sea moving a swears and as this cap bumps into the high ground expect to see it clouding over it was had increased leeway at santa times wintry for most as you can see it's fine and dry by a rate of around twenty three degrees celsius it was a good deal hotter than that on friday of course to be getting to thirty seven degrees twenty three not too bad here one sunshine to ensue with iraq into iran and there's that the weather towards afghanistan to administer respect to stand it turns increasingly wintry as we go on through tuesday price guys come back in
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behind me plenty of sunshine to a city getting up to thirty one degrees celsius hasa still in power over the next day or so monday sees a hive around thirty three degrees and fast enough for you we get into the myth by cheese day the hate certainly in place it face dry warm and sunny light winds fading to be quite pleasant light winds steadily triumph on across south africa over the next day are said to be a few showers into botswana into zimbabwe in suez i was towards angola more the pulse in mozambique looking to stay along with much attention in. lost and have been. found and see. reveals how one charity is giving pakistan's lost children and you chance and look on notices.
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on counting the cost facebook and the big data economy the business model at the heart of the world's largest social network coming under scrutiny america's guns inside the biggest unregulated weapons market in the developed world counting the cost. of the top stories here at al-jazeera saudi arabia's air force says it's intercepted seven missiles fired from yemen goofy rebels say they carried out the strikes which targeted airports in the capital riyadh and three other cities saudi authorities say one person was killed and two others were injured. at least thirty seven people many of them children have been killed in a fire at
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a shopping center in russia siberia region three thousand kilometers east of moscow well than sixty people are missing the calls of the fire in the city of kemah ever is not. an adult film star who alleges he had an affair with the u.s. president donald trump says she was threatened with violence after she first tried to go public with the story still me daniel told c.b.s. she was accosted by an unidentified man in twenty eleven who told her to leave. the polls they've been in egypt in the next few hours. as in an election that's widely expected to return president after fattah el-sisi to the vote count seven years after the revolution that ended the thirty year long presidency of hosni mubarak jamal looks at since his first four years in office.
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although opted for the has since he was only named president in june two thousand and fourteen the former army general has been in control of egypt since july the previous year when he led a coup deposing the country's first democratically elected presidents mohamed morsi since taking power sisi has made numerous promises and pledges to the egyptian people in a bid to win their support first he vowed to defeat what he described as potential violence in terrorism. i call in all egyptians to take to the streets to task me with preventing the potential violence and terrorism that threatens us. in reality however since sisi became president attacks and bombings appear to have increased dramatically across the country i saw which did not have a branch in egypt recruited fighters and began killing soldiers and police officers in sinai but the violence was not limited to the peninsula car bombs in central cairo and alexandria are testament to cc's inability to deliver on his promise of
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security another pledge made by the army general was to build a national road network that would connect cities and help improve road safety i would i will build a world class road network within one year that will connect all of egypt. four years have now passed not only does egypt have an extremely poor road network according to the world health organization it ranks amongst the ten worst countries for road safety with deaths being an almost daily occurrence. c.c. had also promised to drastically improve the economy and increase living standards there was initial hope when his government organized the two thousand and fifteen international economic conference billions of dollars worth of projects were announced until now though very little of those have been achieved even the much hill construction of a new administrative capital has seen little to no development similar to the pledge of building one million new homes with hundreds of thousands of egyptians
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still either homeless or living in slums one promise that was fulfilled by sisi was the expansion of the suez canal however the promised revenue from this project has not materialized in fact after convincing the public to help fund the project through investment bonds the government's own figures show revenue from the suez canal has actually dropped as a result of the decline in maritime chaffetz says he has been president for four years and in power for five in the early days he had promised to transform egypt into a world power the reality is that he presides over a country where thirty percent live below the poverty line and the vast majority are struggling to remain just above it his critics doubts that another four years will bring any significant improvement. but the egyptian government's been cracking down on the media in the run up to this election hundreds of websites and blogs have been blogs but as
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a pal reports that hasn't stopped the online conversation. it appears more egyptians have been busy discussing football and the arabic version of the t.v. program the voice then the presidential elections on monday but security certainly became a trending topic over the weekend after an attack on egypt's second city alexandria on saturday now at least two people were killed including a policeman in what the ministry of interior has called an assassination attempt of a local security official prime minister sharif ismail says such attacks will not affect the election process but security is high across egypt's major cities and more than thirteen thousand polling places and it remains a central issue in this campaign many twitter users outside of egypt are talking about the same thing with me sharing some critical pieces from the economist in the new york times which focused on the security dimensions of the election in the new york times asking why president sisi appears to be worried if the election is supposed to be a lock now the president has adopted
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a more threatening tone in the final month of campaigning focusing on unspecified enemies while the economist says that sisi must provide security and jobs for young people if not there's a recipe for more upheaval down the road and while they like many of c.c. supporters say that his firm hand has prevented egypt from collapsing in recent years they say he should respect the constitution and ignore his most sycophantic supporters who want to amend the constitution to let him rule for life moves can you tell us to say that we did give me a loser you. and while a number of famous actors and singers have helped spread cc's message to nearly sixty million eligible voters to come down and participate many egyptians are wondering if their vote will even matter the hash tag why are you boycotting the elections was trending on the eve of the vote after seven political parties and one hundred fifty opposition figures denounced the process as a farce calling for a boycott one of the most popular posts from the former sisi supporters. compares
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this choice whether to boycott or not to a. football match he says if the results are known in advance and the referee is bribed the fans would certainly boycott the match so we'll have to see if these security issues and the perceived lack of choice will have an impact on voter turnout remember that the last time sisi ran nearly half of eligible voters did turn out giving him nearly ninety seven percent of the vote. is this a see it professor of political science at long island university and she says the legitimacy of this election result will depend on turnout. we need enough to not lend some dignity in this election and so yes there was a forty seven percent or not last election but that really was twenty three million people a population of over nine ninety nine you answer the question is what is this state and what is this from seeing what of it what is this agenda really look like since president sisi has taken power we've seen sixty thousand political prisoners
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rounded up the redeemed has built sixteen more prisons to put the population the generation that was dealing just in two thousand and eleven generation protest that is now deemed generation jailed by amnesty international there have been eight hundred thirty cases of torture two hundred fifty people have been disappeared so far this year the mass unfair trials the sweeping death sentences the closures of n.g.o.s the blocking the four hundred thirty four news websites and so what you're seeing is the consolidation of power around an individual not even a regime anymore an individual who's who's really fearful about maintaining a sense of legitimacy we are entering into an election tomorrow where the streets of cairo and alexandria and all over egypt are painted with the image of president the fact that the c.c. . historically the lessons we learned from the prime author tenure dreams in the past in central america was that all sarah tearing leaders actually painted town in
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the in in their own image during an election not so much for the election but to remind the people of their power to remind people of i am the person i am the only individual i'm not just your savior but you have no real alternative because one of the economic conditions and easy quick like today with his sweeping austerity measures what you see it is thirty percent inflation two thirds of the population is under the age of twenty nine you have seventy percent and playing in some areas of pyro and so when there is no alternative even for individuals who need a heavy hand of clampdown especially during an election to say there is no alternative but presidencies. the united nations has called for an end to what it describes as a brutal war on children in yemen it says the number of severely malnourished children there has doubled during the three year civil war the conflict has also left half a million boys and girls unable to go to school saudi arabia and iran you about
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different sides in the conflict of in accuse of blocking or delaying humanitarian shipments. in two thousand and fifteen as a result of yemen's chronic and the development we had in yemen with two hundred thousand children suffering from the life threatening severe acute malnutrition we had with those two hundred thousand in two thousand and fifteen already one of the biggest case loads of severe acute malnutrition. in the entire world. today because of three years of brutal war that caseload has doubled. the threat of famine we have had in yemen for some times is still very much there but we stay in yemen because human rights groups are now calling for
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a full investigation into war crimes they want the perpetrators to be identified and held to account besides violations by his rebels and the bombing campaign by the saudi led coalition there are many armed groups operating there some of whom about by the united arab emirates. trainees of the southern belt forces were originally being prepared to fight isis and then by the in yemen the militia was formed in two thousand and sixteen by the internationally recognized government but since then the security bill forces are operating beyond the control of the government of president of the boom and. they are funded and controlled by the united arab emirates along with other groups in the provinces a hundred and. war ravaged yemen is already divided on sectarian tribal and religious lines there is a fear that parallel security operations would endangered any attempts by the
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government to gain strength there's also the lack of accountability in the way these forces have been working human rights watch says security built and hundred mi elite forces have used excessive force during arrests and raids detain family members of wanted suspects to pressure them to voluntarily turn themselves in really arrested and detained men and boys the danger in with adults and forcibly disappeared dozens the u.a.e. as part of the saudi led coalition leads these forces as a counterterrorism effort in southern and eastern yemen that's where groups like al qaeda in the arabian peninsula and i still have roots information obtained by al jazeera suggests an estimated twenty thousand fighters are part of these counter-terrorism militias rights groups are calling on the newly established u.n. panel of experts on yemen to impartially invest. to get the patterns of abuse and identify those responsible i'm just international believes war crimes have been committed there is absolutely no justification for parties to the conflict to me to
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be using this military target or the fact that they are operating in terrorism or what they call terrorists to leave behind these rules of the war which have been put in place by marriage to protect civilians the number of those earning a living by enduring in some security force has spiked in the last three years. with no peace expected in times the war machine is likely to go on with impunity along with disastrous consequences for yemen civilian population. some of the jarvey and that there i saw has claimed responsibility for a blouse has killed at least one person in the western afghan city of herat two suicide bombers were trying to enter a shia mosque when security guards even far one of them was shot dead and the other blew himself up at least eight people were wounded in the attack. facebook see
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mark zuckerberg has taken out for newspaper ads in the u.s. and the u.k. to apologize for what he calls a breach of trust the ad say he's sorry more wasn't down when millions of profiles were leaked in twenty fourteen to cambridge analytical which is accused of misusing the data he says limits are being placed on the data that apps can collect from uses his side name with their facebook id the firm is also investigating every app that had access to large amounts of data zuckerberg promises to do better and says everyone will be informed when it's a bad well marc saltzman is a technology journalist he says facebook is clearly in full crisis mode. they're doing what they can to plug in the holes they need more transparency they need to review and over you know totally over you know redo their entire security and privacy protocols look them over and if they want to you know keep this you
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know what close to two billion user accounts they have to have more transparency and perhaps more importantly you know once the users leave then the advertisers are they may even jump ship also so this is a big thing that they need to do so is it enough it's something you know the the silence right after this story broke by october was deafening because it took him a few days to come forward clearly he was figuring out what this p.r. team how to come out so they did is it enough we'll have to see they lost quite a bit of money in their market value last last week about fifty billion dollars u.s. . this will sell celebrities prime minister have been expressing outrage at the national cricket team after players admitted cheating in their match against south africa captaincy smith said he plotted along with other senior players to illegally tamper with the ball in the third test in cape town it's been described as one of the darkest days in the history of australia's national sport you're
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a boomer elam is in sydney with the latest. well this is absolutely the biggest story in australia right now it's been dominating social media the airwaves morning television and of course the papers and one word keeps getting repeated and that is shame and shame of the cricket captain and of course this all the cheating scandal what he has done to the nation former cricket captain greats like markell clark have expressed their. disappointment over this scandal be a strain in prime minister came out and said it was shocking and just to give you a sense of just how important a strain in cricket is one former prime minister once said that he had the second most important job in the country and the first of course was being the captain of the strain cricket team so absolute shock and disappointment in australia today.
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look at the top stories here at al-jazeera saudi arabia's careful says it has intercepted seven missiles fired from yemen who the rebels say they carried out the strikes which targeted airports in the capital riyadh and three other cities saudi authorities say one person was killed and two others were injured the leader has warned the saudis of a military escalation. in the fourth year of fighting. we will be using more developed and diverse missile systems which will overcome american and north american air defense systems will use our better and become missiles using long range drones which have excellent military capabilities we will activate the military institutions in an unprecedented way and open up more
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opportunities to recruit the children and you mean about people to fight. these forty eight people many of them children of being killed in a fire to shopping center in russia's siberia region three thousand kilometers east of moscow several people are still missing the calls of the far in the city of kemah ever is not. an adult film star who claims she had an affair with the us president donald trump says she was threatened with after she first tried to go public with the story still me daniels told c.b.s. she was a cult stated by an unidentified man in twenty eleven who told her to leave trump alone. dozens of people have been injured during protests in barcelona calling for the release of the former president col less polished he was detained in northern germany on sunday and is waiting to hear if he'll face extradition to spain egyptians head to the polls within the next couple of hours in an election that's expected to return president abdul fattah el-sisi to power opposition parties of
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call for a boycott of the vote after several potential candidates were other arrested or forced to drop out of the race earlier this year. facebook see mark zuckerberg has taken out full page newspaper ads in the u.s. and the u.k. apologizing for what he calls a breach of trust he says he's sorry more wasn't on when millions of profiles were leaked to cambridge analytic which is accused of misusing the data those are the headlines one i want east is next. in syria citizens are collecting evidence get off the lot it feels as charges of crimes committed against civilians we've moved out of syria and there are both six hundred thousand pages of material so that one day they can bring the outside regime to justice it puts a she will face on the charges it's a dead human face but it's a human face see.


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