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tv   Pakistans Lost Children  Al Jazeera  March 26, 2018 8:33am-9:01am +03

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did to return president abdul fattah el-sisi to power opposition policies of cool trip boycott of the vote of the several potential candidates were other arrested all false to drop out of the race earlier this year. facebook see mark zuckerberg is taken out full page newspaper ads in the u.s. and the u.k. apologizing for what he calls a breach of trust he says he's sorry more wasn't on when millions of profiles were leaked to cambridge on the list which is accused of misusing the data those are the headlines what i want east is next. in syria citizens are collecting evidence you know your knowledge bill has shot of crimes committed against civilians you've moved out of syria now hold six hundred thousand pages of material so that one day they can bring the assad regime to justice it puts a she will face on the charges it's a dead human face but it's a human tricks syria witnesses for the prosecution at this time on al-jazeera.
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in pakistan thousands of children are abandoned on city streets every. day of the country's wanted children babies born out of wedlock are considered shameful some even after dark on piles of rubble. on this episode one of many smiths a woman trying to save the babies no one wants. to . be a paramedic equal. to the fantastic. with a population of twenty three million and an average of twenty six murders a guy who is one of the most violent seasons in the world gun show or god or god or
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yeah. yeah gacy oxidizer god oh yeah. dana said to catalyze well yeah good god i will day. assault woman yeah journo wal-mart or liberty to give the old da gave the mushroom. time the last time the minute a man. it was six o'clock in the morning when he took the brunt of the night most likely kewl by its own parents. based on the them are much too funny shiny yamin got in here to. talk to thing that did it got here we've . got to get up. for. him or her. after they found the remains end up in this karate mall.
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a show. that. was surely a lot of it's. not a case of that it was good. that he bought out the. muhammad has been doing this job for you it's. going to love that this little bit was going to school. here in thailand. where he. was so got to go to school does not make. it brought to the symmetry of the. law well. buried with a prayer. in
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one one hundred seventy five could be done by woodbury interaction. but one woman has been fortunate to study the relief goods and. build keys is the head of the biggest charity in the country as he foundation. it encourages women to leave their babies in a crib at the top of the stick. and mother's day. i found out every day when i leave a little note there it was i wonder if you will they go down to that young man or. the cribs are excessively twenty four seven bill keys has installed dozens across karate you front of all the foundation buildings she has saved more than twenty thousand by. one arrives every three days.
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at around nine pm we encounter a scene that has become an everyday occurrence the bill came from a they're needed. a baby being given up by spam. i'm done good to be not only with that big school or home but a pretty quickly getting home would be fun to buckle. forty. two but i think. this baby is the sixty the bill keys has picked up in the last five months. in.
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a big watch checks the child is clean and in good health. and in the middle is a place. it's a little go. didn't see him didn't know they've been bored people have nothing on the set of us and that's a hospital when you get. hold of the. same party comes a lot a. lot of players in google that appear to just as have. you put the word anything you got to. do with it. according to bill kicks the woman that left this little girl he was probably the
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grandmother. and she can guess the motion by she. i made. that i don't. feel like i did. not take about i now understand that but time get. even the slim. look at. the street was that it might not only hand out the louis stuff but give a damn about that having made it such. an air am. they've been rejected by their families rejected by surprise there and. but here they sed children become like any awful awful when they hear. it and the husband's eighty six year old abdul if he is the founder of the organization. he is seen as
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a spiritual father here. for. the children. to. try to live the rules of the. mother but i tell. you that. this little girl will not stay here. in the morning bill keys who put her up for adoption. every year hundreds of families apply to adopt the foundation's abandoned babies but i know that if i don't get. the. bill keys and her assistants interview over couples who apply to see if they make it with want. anybody.
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to buy it it would be bad if they are. the couple's must have been married for at least ten years and produce a medical or the proves that they cannot have children. most importantly they must own a house and have a good income that's what you know right now. but going to. get them kind of is you know they. sit where you're looking at. it takes just a few minutes of the bilbies to decide and call the standard. for you now you can write it right. if it interests me about thirty. people you're not going to miss it be at least give me get you a fan but it became really good only go back to.
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the child will be adopted just as quickly as she was the bad. the next day the radio one of the midwives prepares the little go this is just so. i said you know. me we're going to do it. sound a grown. man zero two women arrive by says copy. in pakistan saudi adopting is considered as shameful see the stars and start . the adoptive mother in blood does not have the husband's permission to talk to her. so it's the grandmother who answers that question. that she wanted a baby and she was not telling it and her baby died so then the a she was very
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upset so that my baby came here last month when he came in the middle east no no no no you're right no that is the secret that's and told us she could find him but you don't want to know no we don't know what really do inside of it you know it's such i need to tell everybody it's not just. the families who are dead to adopt the foundation promises to keep this secret. i'm beggin dimensions for. this meeting point it does not money but there was no money coming yeah there's other family that problem no we didn't have this hidden side sound the other must know without being on the line i didn't know that down modestly modifying. the adoptive mother will register the child as if she gave birth to her self.
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what even you know be still have to decide. we will decide it not you had to say it's in. best to give the best education. to. this baby girl will probably never know where she came from she will never know about the crew of the family who abandoned or even the fact that she was adopted. it's not just for good and bad we're in danger in pakistan. in this country of one hundred million people were a quarter of the population lives in policy some families consider their children the burden they neglect to lose all simply abandoned. the foundation picks up nearly twelve hundred children
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a year on the streets like this little boy. responsible six years old and he's been lost and wandering the streets since. he tells us his name is the jihad. ram and have. i. done for if the jeep is being taken by ambulance to one of the foundations seven if. one of the teachers is he's a well can. get on with. that . other either.
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but. there are others but. when you go. because i think you are too. little said he is barely spoken since you are wrong and. he joins the other children in religious crowd. there are thirty two children his age between fine and there's a new ball. found on the streets or abandoned by their parents some of the teeth for months obvious the use i never. lost any idea why their schooling that's good out below where i would have. been yet. now when i'm getting. in the tournament to.
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do all that even of anybody. who suggested he was his first smart. and he will be registered today as a lost child with the police. he sponsor will also be put up among many others in front of the foundation sentence everything is done in the hope that the parents can identify the children and come and get them. if the families do not charge the band asian stocks it so. today full of the children are going to try and find that one. among them a little eight year old girl home on leave. to be. coming out of town for the last six months ronnie has been trying to piece together the memories of which she knew. that he.
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was. but. we arrived at soltani about a pool area in caracas and. when they got in without. the time that you think losing money. so tom about is a labyrinth of dock streets and alleys that scritches six way kilometers. i mean to be real good knowing go anywhere without knowing what was going to have it out. to more than an hour of searching listen to ronnie is long a reef asks for help from above the present. time but you don't doubt. that you
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used. to be odd out of way that you had out of the running about to put out to do good but to kill somebody would give me time to try to do to. you what you were coming down with on or. about me to do the only no you know it was a little. but then ronnie sees something familiar. about me that. no one but tell me until he's either you material bob dylan i can remember people going to college i'm going to like him dying around him seem to be one. you would bet about officially make i'm going to be going about a clear something that. you need join him in but i know that. god is boss and local children at last ronnie finds itself at the door of the harm
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. done. how do you audio video of audio of them. yeah there are there you have it up a little bit down there yesterday i'll give it to you on the to get your constant i hate hearing that we need and we need to be a lady when you share no idea there's a ton of it is not maybe of like a you can't sleep you'll hear god amy said emily good morning laurie have you done the thing under the in the band for that matter in the senate where you have a little more going to be haven't you would you know it comes with them but you need. so much for their grandchildren to negate move away level down on an on going over and over that the mother says that she looked for her daughter but never reported her missing to the police the other two children when i read a long time the guard ronnie is
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a lot of stuff going on got that he's going to begin to get on the cause of doesn't it doesn't because he'll never include it does that make him do anything you think . bessie been you. got a gun got there give you a take of me nearly three years i doubt i have a good enough. people to make me live in the being up. there who got done with it is. obvious enough to go to various men and women together and i got up to. six months after she went missing ronnie's members was strong enough to find her white home. but it doesn't always turn out this wife. photon has not seen his parents for a year and how he spent a number died looking for a bank. that has not.
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been. easy to make. if he can't fundies. for ron to stay under the care of the foundation which will give him an education and teach him a trite as i mean he can leave. the future of abandoned goods is more complicated. than. there are two hundred thirty five but it's all hinge and i cannot leave until they are mounted. after morning prayer they attend education classes led by cuba eddy in pieces of the story help us get our own. gomers that out was a. big leap to get down to go. up
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and do it. myself. so decided. to be is just on side effects they've been. pointing and will sit down they head into the home in their new baby and i'm going to buy all of this the envious bunny and the mother is quickly bugs in the sea that a lot of us i must tell of what are you going is a name there this is also good as they yank it out that this is big but what it. goes are abandoned in pakistan four times more often than boys many blame the large tao trees a bride's family aspired which can cost around ten thousand dollars. think don't look at the nobody gave up now to go to congo today is good to see but you have been wildly. menges unable to manage or must they be a good germany of the n.f.l. is their city but you have an image in new england. from the age of sixteen all the
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girls he is a top council big good wives. with so many. kooky . i mean good records. eighteen year old son wants to get married this year but it is bill kids who decide to do what he wanted to say but seem to defer to the school and get to manage them to the bigger city tonight going to spend the next h.s. not that be just not for. me to put me on it and see this test kind of that stage when you can see the feel. like many pakistanis go. choose her future husband herself here it is bill keith who selects them. this evening she receives two problems ibrahim i'm home who come with the family. solutions are often attracted by the
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generous dowry here twenty seven thousand dollars paid thanks to massive donations from around the world. bill keyes questions them rigorously determined to protect it will it's a saturday night and even playing the fact that they hated it and said let me. play around. with what they are for. the world if. it's a good. job or go do the job maybe it's the abrahams interview last only a few minutes then it's you promise time. is a fisherman and if the lady to follow me and the a that. i'm not to have a clip and. the judge is the most ill it's not going to do
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if things are going to get my way and i'm clear that you're going to react. with time and the we've got. oh you find out that. bill keys takes her role as much by seriously the prospective husband must have a job they must never have been married before and they must practice islam moderately. as if. he. was a. hero. if. there was if he had wanted. to. but bill keys except these two brothers and two girls are presented with this
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a few days later. winning ceremonies take place in the orphanage in the last thirty years two hundred twenty two young women have been married in one year. in. the. order. of the. just two months later the brothers married their brides on this side from. the fishermen. the young brides met their husbands just once. possibly.
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in twenty sixteen when one is revealed the girls from me and some as young as fifteen were trafficked to singapore to work as males it's illegal and costing lives so why does a still continue in law abiding singapore want to win east on al-jazeera. with a big breaking news story it can be chaotic and frantic behind the scenes. people shouting instructions and you're trying to provide the best most accurate up to date information as quickly as you can. it's when we come off air one thing seemed to realize even with this is history in the making. i am doing this for the benefit of saddam people. see the importance
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of. witness documentaries that open your eyes. at this time on al-jazeera. when the news breaks. on the mailman city and the story builds to be forced to leave your interest. when people need to be heard women and girls are being bought and given away in refugee camps al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you the award winning documentaries and live news and out i got to commend you all i'm hearing is good journalism on air and online.


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