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what makes this moment this era we're living for so unique all this is really an attack on truth itself is a lot of misunderstanding a distortion in what free speech is supposed to be about the context is hugely important level wise to publish if you have a duty to be offensive overall it's all about it as people do setting the stage for a serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera. where every.
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and live from studio fourteen here at al-jazeera headquarters in doha. welcome to the news great a mass expulsion of diplomats president donald trump orders sixty russians out of the u.s. over the poisoning of a former spy in the u.k. germany france and ukraine have also announced they're expelling russian diplomats moscow promises to retaliate we'll have live reports from washington london moscow and u.n. headquarters in new york also on the grid it's the first day of egypt's presidential election incumbent leader abdel fattah el-sisi is poised to win a second term as his only challenger is actually one of his supporters but it's a thirty that will be watching very closely to see what type of support sisi will
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have this time around and an old day should a time buyer who three rebels in yemen the sound military says it shot down seven miss ons that targeted several locations in the kingdom we explore how the war in yemen is increasingly spilling across the border since the saudi led coalition began its military intervention exactly three years ago. with the online reaction to the war in yemen and i'll be telling you about a new three hundred sixty a massive documentary by our innovation team control speed. i am you are with the news great live on air and streaming online three you tube facebook live and that's al-jazeera dot com thank you for joining us it's an unprecedented move and an act of song darity with the united kingdom the u.s. has announced the expulsion of sixty russian diplomats and the closure of the country's consulate into. seattle over the poisoning of
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a former spy earlier this month in britain and at least forty two russian diplomats are being expelled across europe and canada now this all began when former double agent sergei scrape and his daughter were found unconscious on a park bench in seoul's very england the british investigation quickly revealed they were poisoned using a rare nerve agent u.k. prime minister recently blamed moscow for the attack and expelled twenty three russian diplomats russia denied any involvement and responded by ordering the expulsion of twenty three british diplomats and the closure of the u.k.'s consulate in st petersburg where we have correspondents covering this story from around the world at the center of all this is moscow of course we'll speak to roy challenges in a bit walsall speaking to our diplomatic editor james space in new york at u.n. headquarters in new york bobbie phillips is standing by in london as i said where we challenge is standing by with reaction from moscow but we begin with shihab rattansi at the white house in washington she had this decision by the u.s.
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to expel these russian diplomats and also close yet busy in seattle what message is a top administration sending here. there are two messages that have been explained to us by officials here in washington one is solidarity with the u.k. after the chemical attack in the u.k. allegedly by russia according to british authorities all the statements we got from the white house the u.n. the state department unequivocal in the in the u.s. is pinion being expressed that as far as the u.s. is concerned russia is behind that attack and i don't trump in the past has been more a quizzical he said with a kind of looks like they did it but certainly his agencies he's the arms of his administration now being quite unequivocal about their opinion that russia was behind that attack but there's a second message here that's being expects to the need to end russian covert operations in the u.s. in danger u.s. national security these are the words in the sort of statements which we've been
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getting from both the station officials on background and in the statements themselves all sixteen of these these russians all being presented as spies twelve at the u.n. who have been accused of abusing their diplomatic privileges in order to spy something by the way incidentally we know from wiki leaks the u.s. does routinely in the u.s. but that's another at the un rather but that's another story and we were told on background as far as the u.s. is concerned there are about one hundred or so russian spies at tivoli covertly spying on the u.s. after this expulsion will be some forty left but as far as they're concerned the capability of russia to spy on the u.s. has been severely damaged now you mention that seattle seattle consul general this is all part of that narrative as well we were told that the seattle consulate is being closed down because of its proximity to a u.s. submarine base on the operations of the boeing aviation company so again we have that narrative of russia covertly spying on the u.s. and the u.s.
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doing something about it thank you for that she had time to live for us at the white house now the russian embassy in the u.s. has just put out this poll up on their twitter page it asks russians which american continent they would like to see shot first not of all stock. or st petersburg let's bring in our correspondent in moscow. the russians very quick to respond and they're likely to retaliate in kind. yeah well the messaging from the foreign ministry so far has been that this is a provocative and unfriendly step for all of these countries this long long list of western nations that are decided to throw out russian spies russian diplomats now the foreign ministry is going to be drafting up a list of possible retaliates three measures it's likely to do something broadly see metrical i think of what's been done to it plus throw in a few extra measures just to keep everyone guessing i suppose and he's going to be
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handing those bloody amir peretz in the prime president putin of course is going to be as the arbiter of russia's foreign policy is going to be deciding what exactly happens next but this is undoubtedly a very very difficult day for russian foreign policy for russian diplomacy it started off as a very difficult day for the nation in general because of this horrible fire that happened at the end of the weekends in siberia and sixty plus people dead so this is added to that sense i suppose of russia as a nation is someone in crisis it's going to be spun here domestically as yet more proof that the world is against russia already the west is against russia the russia is essentially a fortress besieged by its enemies and it has to bolster its nuclear arsenal as person was saying not so many weeks ago and basically push back against these
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aggressive as it will say actions against it rai thank you very much for bringing us the view there from moscow let's not go to where it all began britain bobby phillips is i not london you send by me the u.s. decision will no doubt please prime minister to me me so. yes indeed as will the expulsions from across europe and other countries like canada ukraine which is not part of the e.u. boris johnson the foreign secretary so reviled in russia these days has just tweeted an extraordinary international response by our allies the largest collective expulsion of russian intelligence officers of ever russia can't break rules with impunity but today's news frankly will delight the british whose concern has been that this will be perceived as a bilateral spat between london and moscow and at times that you might say intemperate language from some british ministers has risked creating that
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impression so it is an extraordinary achievement that britain has been able to achieve such solidarity at a time of breck's it when you would expect its relations with e.u. partners to be strained and of course at a time as we were hearing from washington when the current incumbent of the white house has been ambivalent at best against pushing back against perceived russian aggression at least as perceived here in the west to be a question here from one of our viewers on facebook live rebecca who asks where is the proof that russia poisoned scrape up. well i think you can say two things we have people here now from new york from new organization of the prohibition of chemical weapons reputed international body let's see what they have to say we're expecting their evidence sometime in early april ok i think
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the only other thing we can say is that whatever evidence to reason may gave to the new fellow heads of state behind closed doors in brussels last week seems to have been in fairness to ok stream really convincing because finally that the range of the e.u. countries are really going to want you to our economy exam i apologize for interrupting you but theresa may speaking right now about this russia crisis a and diplomatic crisis let's listen in to what she has to say have no disagreement with the russian people who have achieved so much through their country's greatest story indeed our thoughts are with them today in the aftermath of the awful shopping center fire in cameroon in siberia but president putin's regime is carrying out acts of aggression against our shared values and interests within our continent and beyond and as a sovereign european democracy the united kingdom will stand shoulder to shoulder
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with the e.u. and with nato to face down these threats together. turning to the united states' decision to impose import tariffs on steel and on the minium the council was clear that these measures cannot be justified on national security grounds and that sector wide protection of the u.s. is an inappropriate remedy for the real problems of overcapacity my right on befriend the secretary of state to be we heard there british prime minister theresa may be reacting to this u.s. decision to expel these sixty russian diplomats as we were saying barnaby she is very pleased by this decision very pleased to see the solidarity not just from the u.s. but it from across the european union. yes indeed and i think it's fair to say that many people would be expecting britain's influence and power within the e.u. to be on the wane that would be a logical supposition at a time that it is negotiating an awkward divorce from the organization and yet
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undoubtedly it has pulled off something of a coup here to reason may has received a huge political boost i think it's fair to say that over the past certainly or almost a year now since that ill fated general election you might recall that she called unnecessarily in the summer of twenty seventeen in which she lost her majority ever since then domestically she's often looked a rather hesitant unhappy figure because sometimes by the extraordinary difficulties that bret's it presents and yet here she is you would have to say pulling off one of the great diplomatic chief ment's of british prime ministers in recent times and rightly or wrongly this has fast become the biggest i hesitate to use of a confrontation but prices would be a more appropriate word between the west and russia since the annexation of crimea in twenty fourteen and technically fourteen and thank you for that barnaby barnaby
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phillips live for us in london i want to bring in now our diplomatic editor james space at the united nations to look at the bigger picture here james how is this u.s. action the european action going to play out at the u.n. headquarters of diplomacy. well i think you're likely to see a further tit for tat as it's called with the russians then expelling americans the fact that some of these russians were actually here at the united nations not just serving. as russian diplomats in the u.s. embassy i think is very significant i think russia will be very angry about that its proud of its role the united nations is proud of its seat on the security council its permanent seat on the security council it thinks that's very strategically important so i think russia will be angered about this and what it ultimately means i think is more problems in not just the u.n. but international diplomacy getting things done around the world there's been
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a problem i think for four years now since the an exaggeration of crimea things have been getting more and more difficult in relations between the russians and the americans and the russians and the rest of the western countries think about syria think about yemen think about those sort of crises for those for anything to be achieved on those you need the nations of the world to come together i think that's going to be much harder now thank you for that james spader diplomatic editor at the united nations then as you can imagine we've been getting a lot of comments on this story our top story on the news great today the u.s. decision to expose sixty russian diplomats from the u.s. over the poisoning of the former russian spy in the u.k. a comment here from saeed on facebook will says this is the beginning of a new cold war sharon says it's about time the u.s. followed the u.k.'s lead and george says i'm seeing this as a propaganda russia part of a continuing the money is ation planned keep your comments coming use the hash tag age and use great on social media on this and other stories that we're covering
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today on the grades. it's a three day election the outcome of which appears to be a foregone conclusion egyptians have begun voting for a new president and their few dollars that incumbent abdel fatah will win a second term after most of his challenges withdrew so turnout will be the main focus as opposition figures complaining of repression have called for a boycott of the election president sisi who led the military's overthrow of egypt's first democratically elected president in two thousand and thirteen cast his vote in cairo as the polls opened when mrs have said turnout was slow in the early hours of the voting but most egyptians are expected to cast their ballot after working hours the polls will say open until one thousand nine hundred hours g.m.t. and this is what some voters in egypt's second city alexandria had to say about the election and why they showed up to vote only innocent muslim i want people to come
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down and vote egypt is fine egypt will remain come down and participate in an empty . i couldn't sleep for all the joy just to come here and say yes to my motherland egypt i came here to say yes to stability yes to development i came here to say yes to our military our weapons and our shield when i arrived at the polling station a fun myself saying yes to sisi because he has everything i need. and i am here today so that the country will develop i haven't lived in a developed country all these years i am one of the people who was negatively affected by the revolution the year in which the muslim brotherhood was ruling all the women were in the streets it was a difficult life we are now developing and what is coming is going to be even better. now. faces only one challenger. who is a non time supporter of the president many other well known and popular contenders tried but failed to make it on to the ballot mariana who is not in the campaign and
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why. just two names on the ballot paper two men vying for egypt's presidency now in a country of more than fifty five million eligible voters you might think there'd be a few more candidates well it's not for lack of trying over the last few months every other potential challenger for the presidency has either been detained disqualified or forced to abandon their campaigns completely so who's in and who's out first step semi and now we're talking top brass egyptian military here a retired lieutenant general a former army chief of staff a lot of them are awarded an ounce of his candidacy in a recorded video he also happened to mention he had information on government corruption he was arrested soon after the army accusing him of not getting proper permission to run and forging documents. another candidate another wrist this time
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abdomen name a bull for two a leading opposition figure who ran in the twenty twelve race he was accused of ties to the outlawed muslim brotherhood. fics campaign was short lived a former prime minister with links to the military he was deported from the united arab emirates where he'd been living in exile he was then detained in egypt he subsequently pulled out of the race opposition leader and human rights lawyer early didn't stay in the campaign for long either he said he came up against frequent obstacles when he withdrew he said his supporters had been harassed and arrested another to enter the race and pull out was mohammed while sadat the nephew of egypt's assess and they said president anwar sadat he also cited a climate of fear for his withdrawal and then this will console serving members of the military to run for the presidency consoler says he tried to resign three years
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but had been rejected each time when he did put his hand up to run he was given six years in prison for what officials called actions that undermined the military system the only man to stand against president sisi is moosa was stuff a moose and openly proces c. politician who until the day before he rejected to run was part of the campaign to get sisi reelected his name on the ballot paper means sisi at least has some competition international rights groups have called this election a fosse as it stands the outcome looks likely to favor the incumbent president all right well let's take this up now with our guests mohammed or mastery is chair of the journalism program at the doha institute for graduate studies he joins me here in the studio and also with us is now being mikhail is professor of political science at george mason university in washington george washington university i
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should say in washington thank you so much for being with us both of you let me start with you on mohammed el masri why is the credibility of this election so in doubt. was your introduction talked about if you have several candidates who have been systematically eliminated the only candidate who's been allowed to remain in the race is a token figure he himself is a c.c. supporter the day that he declared his intention to run his profile picture on facebook was was of the c.c. himself he had been campaigning for a c.c. all of the media narrative is in cc's favor it's completely propagandist one way so those are some reason sneh spring in a bionic eye in washington a bit would you agree with that many people say this is a fosco election that's meant for consolidation of power that it's not legitimate in the eyes of the international community would you agree with that. the question is not one of legitimacy the question is one of egypt's stability so let us just
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make some an outline first of all the election will take place no one is able to impede it second it will acquire a degree of legitimacy on an international and national level because you cannot fight certainly it reflects a mood of satisfaction and basically. even a conservative attitude on the part of millions of egyptians because just did a lot want to venture into any political unknown at this moment but there is something very very important about it the other candidate which i thought it great that no one talked about him his father was a very famous a student leader back in the one nine hundred forty s. at cairo university college of engineering he won a seat in the egyptian parliament from an area in central east cairo and then he would agree to the very important movement in egypt in politics called i'll tell you i love the old vanguard right what is. right and not.
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yes but that is something i mean actually he's a very good friend of the mill mubarak but that is a very important thing which is that he has a long ways and one of the party which is the middle class nationalist party in egypt so for his part to have ancestors not to back him means that not just like say complacency you know bought an attitude on the part of the liberal parties in egypt to stay quiet just be patient little sisi finish another term restart of the deal of stability and then competition could ensue so he stands at present think an important institution of arrangement politics that could be an important player in few years let's see here for a moment i must say what do you respond to that easy he says says that this is a legitimate election and let's see see do what he can for egypt give him some more time basically that would be perhaps a view of many egyptians today no i think the election i mean he's right immediate
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action will be recognized by the international community and we'll have legitimacy in the same way that thirty years of mubarak elections had legitimacy or saddam hussein elections had with him a see everyone in the international community knows that it's not democratic that it's a sham i think the elephant in the room is the degree to which the sisi is scared is anxious about something why else what is that voter turn out well that but he's also scared about the split inside the egyptian military apparatus there are a lot of egyptians who do not support sisi it's one reason why he's banned opinion polling scientific opinion polling in the country it's another reason why they've been warning egyptians about problematic critical media coverage they have a hotline out now for egyptians to report journalists that are critical they're arresting journalists they're arresting political candidates this is on indication of you know that he's paranoid that he's scared that he's anxious about something now being mikhail president sisi has emphasized security and stability he's done so
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for the past few years he claims to have brought security and stability in his four year presidency but he's struggled to defeat i so in the sinai peninsula for instance are egyptians really happy with the direction the country the country's taken when it comes to security for instance. yes i mean more or less the prove it because you know that the gyptian army is mightier than any terror group but the question is for me are two things first of all how can you organize a competition within the framework of egyptian politics when i look at egypt in twenty similar to what happened in france sixty years ago when the gold won the election in one hundred fifty eight integrating the fifth republic with close to eighty percent of the vote i'm sure that in season the president learned the most honest country. it's very difficult for people to understand how they could only be one contender one opponent to presidency when we're in the biggest country in the
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arab world what happened to all the other candidates this is the important question that i was going to ask now let me put it how to organize a competition in egyptian politics so supposed today we hear that that mossad got say a million votes as a matter of fact and said that the expect to get twenty two million votes but l c c one over twenty million votes against some forty years ago the question for me is not twenty thousand the question for me is twenty twenty two what will happen after the lapse of four years we'll see see it on for a third term that is the beginning to some objections right while i'm at a must see what do you want to happen with you what is going to happen in four years he said that he wouldn't run for a second after a second term or is that going to change if he wins this election are we going to see some constitutional maneuvering going on as some people he's been working hard
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to consolidate power that will continue over the next four years and i think you can expect the constitution to be amended to allow for a third sisi term or even a lifetime term. let's talk about you know we we we often hear about the security what about economically has he performed well economically in these last four years some of the macro level indicators show that the egyptian economy is slowly reviving as a result of some of these i.m.f. induced reforms but at the micro level the average egyptian is really struggling poverty indicators have all gone up inflation has increased while earning power has remained stagnant so or gone down so. acute poverty continues to plague egypt and i think that's something that sisi is going to have to contend with and his major economic project the suez canal project has failed to generate anywhere near the kind of income that he promised ok now bamako in washington i'll give you the
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last word what would you see what would you like to see president sisi accomplish over the next four years you say give him time gyptian should be patient what do you think should be hipped his priority. very important question i hope we can foster a political culture of tolerance i was very disappointed when i read that yesterday the egyptian newspaper and stuff was quoted in an interview to the russian station sputnik saying that america is trying to undermine the middle east the whole out of spring phenomenon is a conspiracy by america to create divisions and mini states and split the other boards into small this take off all day is an american untied west to liberal propaganda that florida in the last few years and it will anger and merica this is why i would expect that the trump administration will be working very closely with the cut it with the egyptian government incumbent and future to help them solve a lot of problems also except sizing
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a degree of pressure on chi you know to change some of its policies like the detentions like the prosecution of some political opponents only at the least these rumors about an american conspiracy to undermine the middle east ok thank you very much for sharing your views with us not being in washington and mohamed musri here in doha where this on the news great thank you both that's now see how this election is playing out online and egypt s this week give us a snapshot of the discussion online what are people saying about this election well following on this first day of voting there's two kind of dueling hashtags that we've been watching throughout the day which both of which have been trending on twitter across egypt now the top past roughly translates to we are going to finish the journey that of course encourages people to go out and vote and in the past few hours it's been used to share clips like this one of president sisi voting earlier on monday at a school in cairo's heliopolis districts. others
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are sharing videos from polling stations like this one in months certainly a family affair as you can see and there's also similar scenes going out on snap chat lots of very colorful videos being posted of from across the capitol as people go out and vote now on the other side of the spectrum there's another trending hash tag that's pushing a different choice earlier in the day this user posted these two options because they were trending one in two and the second one translates as don't go down as in don't go down in vote so people are using it to ship to describe the reasons why they are boycotting the elections that are taking place today now there are seven opposition parties and more than one hundred fifty politicians who've called on egyptians to stay home now some of the reasons that they bring up here is the fact that there are sixty thousand detainees now human rights groups say that's the number of political prisoners who've been rounded up or in many cases disappeared since the military coup in two thousand and thirteen also for the islands of iran
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and so on a fear those are the two islands that egypt agreed to give to saudi arabia the next one says for our livelihood that's making reference to egypt's continuing economic and social challenges in this last one is for many people who see that there is a failure to maintain security in the country on saturday there was a car bombing in alexandria that's fresh in the minds that killed two people including a police officer but the government says that it is working to address this issue egypt's military launched a new offensive against armed groups last week in several parts of the country and in the past few hours the egyptian armed forces have released this footage on facebook of guards outside polling stations to reassure the public that it's safe to go out and vote and they have promised to create a safe setting for egyptians to cast their ballots. now facebook and twitter remain available in egypt so we are able to get a variety of views from the arab world's most populous country that's despite a continuing crackdown on critical voices and independent media which has
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intensified over the last month as you can see from this list which you're about to see here this is the number of blocked websites in egypt now that number has now surpassed five hundred it includes hundreds of independent news sites v.p.n. and proxy service providers and some encrypted messaging services now the telecommunications authority in egypt hasn't released any statements explaining its decisions rights groups say that this move to block all these sites violates freedom of expression and also runs contrary to the egyptian constitution lots of cats are linked outlets on the list al-jazeera has been banned from egypt since twenty thirteen when authorities started jailing externality accusing the network of links to terror groups and for what the c.c. government labeled as pro muslim brotherhood coverage now ken roth of human rights watch says that these moves to silence dissent show how repression and censorship do not translate into supports and how he says president sisi is running scared well one egyptian in geo worker responded to him saying that there are dozens of
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local organizations and hundreds of reporters modern monitoring this election that's despite the media crackdown so we'll keep monitoring that conversation online and if you want to send us a message and share your thoughts on the election please do you can sweeten us your views using the hash tag newsgroup or message me directly i'm at and or chapell andrew thank you very much for that of course for all the very latest on the egyptian presidential election go to al-jazeera dot com including this report by john a child taking a look at some of the promises president c.c.s. struggle to keep during his time as president all of that on our special page at al-jazeera dot com and if you're watching us on facebook coming up we'll hear from the way now the twenty eight thousand goble teacher prize she speaks thirty five nine. and white film won the most diverse areas in the u.k. and still ahead on the great uncertainty in sierra leone as voters start be voting for their president in
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a runoff election on tuesday but the high court has decided otherwise more on that story coming up a short. welcome back a look at weather conditions across the levant and western asia you see this frontal system which is pushing across the east of the region giving some snow a higher elevations obviously from marty there in kazakhstan and tashkent as becky stan just when you see some patchy rain with those sort of temperatures is fine around the caspian sea and it's looking pretty warm for banked out there in iraq at thirty three also plenty of sunshine around the eastern side of the mediterranean the general flow still from the south but more in the way of cloud developing as we head on into wednesday as low pressure begins but more in the way of cloud developing as we head on into wednesday as low pressure begins to push in towards the eastern side of the mediterranean but for much of the day it should be dry and fine in beirut there are to arabian peninsula and temperatures continue to rise
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here as we head towards summer thirty five in doha as a mice one and with light winds of the next few days those or temperatures are likely to continue on the other side of the potential temperatures rise into the winds coming up from the south so maybe a little bit the dust around but temperatures in mecca medina getting very close to the forty degree mark so let's head down into southern portions of africa where you can see a good deal of cloud away from angola through some views about way and towards the eastern side of south africa and certainly going to see some heavy showers affecting mozambique showers also like to be affected in harare in zimbabwe under sika insomnia. on counting the cost facebook and the big data economy the business model at the heart of the world's largest social network coming under scrutiny bus america's guns inside the biggest unregulated weapons market in the developed world counting
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the cost. new yorkers are very receptive. because it is such an international city they are very interested in that global perspective that al-jazeera provides a scandal that's rocked the nation to its core and exposed hundreds of official. bribes just to show the most dangerous good movie sometimes to go in a different view of a custom upon these judicial corruption doesn't. come out of my in an exclusive documentary al-jazeera examine one man's extraordinary battle for justice in donna.
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and and and and. and. and. and. and. i am here and the stories trending on our website on jazeera dot com at number one there the u.s. expelling sixty blushing diplomats over the reasoning of a former spy of the russian spy in the u.k. also trending the war in yemen and that is the news on a top killed in egypt in the beyond yesterday odd number three other one the president of turkey same turkey will do what it's necessary in iraq if it fails in
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single all those stories much more and much more on our website at al jazeera dot com. and on the war in yemen it's been three years since assad led coalition began its air offensive against the rebels in yemen tens of thousands of people came out to the streets of the capital sanaa monday in protest meanwhile the fighting shows no signs of ending sounds arabia's military says it shot down seven missiles that were fired from yemen killing at least one person osama bin job it has a details. she bowed out. as the rockets rained down there were moments of panic . this is what's left of a missile fired by hutu rebels in yemen which targeted the saudi capital riyadh on sunday. and of the fragment landed on an island on a busy road. about raj of seven ballistic missiles were intercepted by saudi arabia's air defense multiple social media users posted videos of the u.s.
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patriot missile defense system used by the saudi military. at least one egyptian resident was killed in the intact as forensic teams collect evidence the saudi coalition is again blaming iran for arming the hooty fighters the cuts force who have operatives on the ground in yemen have helped the who are these and the yemeni armed forces to basically augment the capability of the missiles in order to make them more capable and they are who they say you know if you don't negotiate with us we will continue with more sophisticated weaponry more missiles being fired and there will be more dead on the side of saudi arabia which is something that can sustain these types of attacks continue despite the saudi coalition announcing in two thousand and fifteen that most of the route is ballistic arsenal was destroyed the objective is to continue to look for this guy and of missiles targeted destroyed. we believe that we destroy most of these abilities
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thousands gathered in the capital sanaa to mark three years since the saudi led coalition launched a military campaign to fight the who these in support of yemen's government just before the missile attack the hooty leader talked about his group's capabilities we . will use a long range drones which have excellent military capabilities we will activate the military institutions in an unprecedented way and open up more opportunities to recruit the children and men of our people to fight. the hoodies of been cheering images of the destruction caused by saudi attacks in yemen they say their missiles are acts of revenge. these ten thousand people on all sides have been killed in yemen and millions more suffer in what the u.n. calls the worst humanitarian crisis in recent years and through all this the war continues some of the job aid out there. let's not bring in adam baron to the news great his a visiting fellow at the european council on foreign relations and is live from beirut thank you very much for being with us again on al-jazeera so the hopis have
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fired ballistic missiles into saudi territory repeatedly over the past three years but it appears that this was the most audacious attack yet the one yesterday what does it say about where we are in this conflict in yemen and where we're headed or we going to see an escalation on both sides i think i think this more than anything just demonstrates the the real interactive year old beauty of this conflict on the one hand you have. a conflict that is you know effect of the destroy the book of yemen that is spores of this conflict that has caused the world's worst humanitarian disaster but on the other on you know we see continued evidence from from the cable ignorance that they're willing to continue the fight that they think that they can still hold on and and eat out more on the other side and i think these sorts of dramatic. dramatic events like we saw yesterday they get them in the headlines for at it but the fact the matter is you know it eventually
6:41 pm
fades off and what you have is a country that is you know effectively being destroyed that is decay a place where you know the vast majority of people don't have enough food to eat and we're even more people are dying from indirect causes of the war we're talking about you know lack of medicine starvation etc than they're dying of you know the direct causes of the war why do you think that in three years of war the sound he led coalition with its military might has not been able to defeat the healthy. i mean i think there's there's a few elements of this the first is you know that's that's beyond is the saudis have made significant gains in certain saudi the coalition has made significant gains incurred in certain areas they pushed the these out of the majority of america province they pushed the who are these out of the majority of the self and they've made some progress on the red sea coast that being said these are all areas that are kind of tangential to the who it is and in the larger scheme of things and when you look at the areas where the who these are currently in control. these
6:42 pm
include areas that they're deeply dug in if you look you know. the areas of these provinces in yemen story and highlands these are areas where the roof is have been experienced fighting for you know roughly a decade longer right so it's going to be and these are areas that historically speaking how been quite punishing. to do any sort of power attempting to go in and so i think the key thing is that the who these have managed to really really dig in and take advantage of the fact that they know the terrain in a lot of ways better than anyone else saudi arabia's crown prince is visiting the u.s. right now and you know you have human rights groups who have condemned the saudis and their allies for you know the thousands of civilians killed in yemen and u.s. politicians have also joined the criticism some u.s. politicians anyway what do you think it would take for the americans and some european countries like the u.k. who provide arms to the sounding led coalition to saudi arabia to reconsider their support in light of this criticism. i think it remains to be seen and if you speak
6:43 pm
with a lot of u.s. and u.k. officials they feel that they have more than ability to influence the activities in the saudi led coalition from working with them than from you know taking a more assertive stance but you know let's face it any tendency that you're seeing from the u.k. or the u.s. or you know european powers for that matter to apply more pressure on the saudi coalition when you have a fence like yesterday where the riyadh or excuse me where the who these are you know lobbing missiles at riyadh and quite a haphazard manner that really does quite a lot to sort of push back again any efforts to push back against rather any efforts within you know power centers like london or or do you see to push back against those voices really aiming for greater pressure on on the side of the coalition and baron thank you very much for sharing your views with saddam was joining us and from be able. now we've talked to quite a lot about the political aspects of the missile strike yesterday by the who sees
6:44 pm
but the online conversation is about all aspects of this war in yemen tell us about what people are saying that's right funny while this hash tag has been trending worldwide in arabic earlier it's a hash tag of the translates as the egyptian martha zoller he can just see it there up in the corner there and that's been trending because this is him he is the this picture's been shared online and his name is trying to because he's the driver who was killed by the hoofy strike an egyptian driver in but people from both sides in each is egypt and saudi arabia showing solidarity with his family and offering thoughts and prayers but some like and feel that. what some some people feel that it won't mean much if that arabia doesn't provide his family with some kind of financial support and then there are those connecting the timing of this asteroid with the third anniversary of the war but the u.n. says every ten minutes
6:45 pm
a child dies in yemen from preventable diseases like cholera and feria and two thirds of the twenty eight million population are dependent on basic aid to survive with eight million of those on the brink of famine it's been dubbed the forgotten war and that's the world's worst humanitarian crisis but where politicians worldwide appear to ignore the conflict their public is not in fact a new poll in front suggest that twenty five percent of people there think their government should stop sending weapons to saddam rabia and the u.a.e. but others are blaming the who sees as well not just the saudis and they're saying that the yes really yemeni analysts for example some a is hypocritical of who feel it is to speak of peace she says just hours after launching missile strikes inside arabia but both sides blame each other is the civilians that suffer the most making it more important than ever to hit personal stories from people in yemen and i want to show you a web site just. this is by our immersive team called contrast v e r and in fact
6:46 pm
what they've done is they've looked at the human interest stories in prison produce a victoria let's create a pos by earlier to us more about a new documentary called yemen skies tara it's her again tell me more about this documentary film and also the technology that you're using behind it so this immersive three sixty documentary follows three young yemenis who have been affected by the war and this three sixty technology allows to the viewers to actually feel like they're inside them and they're next to these characters and their ceiling seeing the rubble as they're seeing the buildings they seeing the streets off the yemen and there are several ways to see this content to watch this content so we have virtual reality headset that you can put them on and you can actually feel like virtual reality around you the world you can use your phone as a window to another reality to another world and you can drag the video through the i pod you can exactly like this and you can drag the video on your i pad or desktop
6:47 pm
with a finger on the mouse and you see this video as well all three sixty degrees and it was quite challenging to get this video out of yemen like we we gave three cameras three sixty cameras to yemeni journalist who haven't done three sixty video before so we had to train them and the internet was really poor we always lost connection with them so we had to use what's a message it's what's a voice no it's and that's the only way we could communicate so basically trying to teach someone this new medium that they don't know anything about just with this medium just this way was really challenging well really to rewarding to have these emotional emotional stories out of yemen at that everyone can actually see them at their homes i expect so if a journalist popping in. well you watch that story in full on contrast feels facebook page just here it's contrast we are on the film goes live at the end of this show but as always we'd love to hear for sick of us using the hash tag a day. thank you very much for that we're not live i'm on t.v.
6:48 pm
war here on the news great taking a look at the different pictures a news agencies are feeding us radical one is standing by for our next story here on the grid but this here is a british parliament where prime minister recently has been speaking and reacting notably to the decision by the u.s. and several other countries seventeen countries eighteen countries in total to expel russian diplomats over the poisoning of a former russian spy in the u.k. a few weeks ago to recent a welcoming that decision by the u.s. let's not check in with our london new center and my colleague maryam namazie for a look at the day's other news merriam. by the folly to move to a different story in russia now investigators looking into a fire that killed sixty four people at a shopping center in the country a saying that a security guard switched off the buildings fire alert system exits were also illegally blocked in the morning the eastern city of kemah over the blaze has been extinguished but many people still missing and rescuers have been unable to reach
6:49 pm
the top floor four people have been detained including one of the mall's tenants sierra leone's high court has just lifted a ruling that delayed the second round of the country's presidential elections the court of perspiring the runoff after a member of the ruling people's congress called for an investigation alleging voter fraud the next round was scheduled for tuesday but the electoral commission has reportedly asked the court to push it back to saturday tensions have been escalating since the first round of voting was held earlier this month neither the ruling party candidate nor the opposition's nominee won an outright majority. the former president of spain's catalonia region is preparing to appear in a german court as judges decide whether to extradite him to spain has put him on was arrested on a european warrant in germany on sunday is wanted in spain to face rebellion charges after leading catalunya secession bid last october a german court says it's likely to be several days before a decision is reached israeli police have questioned prime minister benjamin
6:50 pm
netanyahu over one of several corruption cases that threaten his political future officers entered netanyahu his residence on monday where they reportedly questioned him over is dealing with israel's biggest telecommunications company is accused of giving visit regulatory benefits in exchange for favorable coverage on its news website two of the prime ministers confidants were arrested over the case both have agreed to testify for the prosecution china is calling on the world trade organization to take action over the new trade tariffs the u.s. is imposing on it at a meeting in geneva are members to work together to quote lock this beast back into the cage of the w t o rules china says it's still willing to hold talks with the u.s. over the matter. going moment here regarding economic and trade issues between china and the us china is willing to negotiate to manage and control our differences on the basis of mutual respect and benefit our daughter dialogue has always been on person also about ten minutes time now back to fully thank you very much for that
6:51 pm
mary i'm in london moving on in the new york times has revealed how one american businessman was able to influence the white house and promote the interests of the united arab emirates and saudi arabia investor and defense contractor elliott boyd was a top fundraiser for the trump presidential campaign according to the new york times george nader who is a businessman and political advisor to the crown prince of abu dhabi helped gain access to the u.a.e. in exchange nader used boards influence with trying to shape the president's policy in the region the newspaper ads that boy he pushed the white house to fire the former secretary of state rex tillerson the outgoing secretary of state that solicit men to adopt a confrontational policy toward scott let's bring in patty cohan in washington for more on this story patty and it worries name was already in the spotlight is a surprise over the extent of his influence. well there is a bit of surprise because the cording to the new york times and the associated press and again we have not been able to independently confirm this but according
6:52 pm
to the new york times brody was not just offering his services to the united arab emirates he was pretty much. telling any country if you can get you access to president trouble than pitching them on his business and apparently some contracts were signed now as it relates to the u.a.e. this all involves as you mentioned george nader we believe he has cooperated special counsel robert muller well according to the associated press he said about two point five million dollars to brody and then continued to sponsor some sort of conferences and the conferences were focused solely on effort to label qatar as a state sponsor of terrorism one of the congressman that appeared at that conference then later issued a bill to do just that and then after that birdie gave him the maximum campaign contribution about fifty four hundred again according to sociate press this they say was all part of a more than six hundred thousand dollars contributions effort to try and get the cutter to be put on that list of state sponsors of terrorism now for his part has
6:53 pm
said he has been very outspoken and that he used his own money and raised money in his effort against qatar he there is no allegation in this is so sweet a press story that he used the money for this effort but he is not labor registered as an agent of a foreign government so that could be a lead a legal issue for him in the coming days for his part says that cutter paid hackers to leak his e-mails were all this information is coming from that something the qatari embassy denies ok thank you for that patty culhane in washington as find out what people are talking about in sports now in the news great his tatiana thank you very much for you might be used to hearing about fans if i believe abusing plays in some sports. cricket maybe but what about in tennis well welcome back to caroline fulton iraqi says that she and had tamed received threatening abuse from the crowd to a watching one of had. matches at the miami open she was up against monica poet who is from predatory coppa grew up in miami where there's
6:54 pm
a large latino community understandably they were largely in favor of the olympic gold medalist who went on to win in three sets how as a frozen iraqi believes pig support went further than just cheering off to the match the dame posted this on social media she said people in the crowd threatened my family wish death upon my mom and dad called me names that i can't repeat here and told my niece and nephew to sit down and shut up meanwhile security and staff did nothing to prevent this and even accepted this to take place while i always encourage fans to cheer for their favorite player and i thrive on a challenging atmosphere when certain lines across it makes tennis miserable for both competitors it's a horrible example to set for the next generation of players and fans while the miami open tournament director and former a.t.p. player james blake said this in his first bonds to the allegations he's at the tournament on w t a's star which did not witness any specific threats made to the
6:55 pm
players or their families if i had it would have been handled immediately well for some context on this we can now hear from charlie. is a sports journalist for the telegraph newspaper who didn't investigate into the abuse players received on social media. it comes home on the heels of indian wells the week before where one of the dr felt the federal supporters went too far but that was more kind of cheering mistakes this was on a whole other level you don't expect to hear about death threats and you know young children being sworn or so it was clearly you know well beyond what's acceptable and useful to you ben i did an investigation into this early this year and spoke to about twenty twenty five players all of whom say it's pretty much customary to receive death threats from fans and social media after pretty much every match they play. now in the main it's from gamblers who've lost money who are upset
6:56 pm
that it can be extremely damaging some players to laugh it off but others effects quite seriously as well as the death threats you're getting specific criticisms about your game and then play on your mind the next time you play a match and sometimes the security threats can seem quite real there by people with reasonable follow as it used to be that it was just by what were clearly trolls but it's become a huge huge problem for tennis and i'm not one of looks like it's going away. ok wolf and now more on the story that we talked about yesterday the scandal involving an australian cricket cameron bancroft and steve smith admission of ball tampering has sent shock waves through the wilds of sport and now spawn says say they're assessing their relationship with the team while cricket australia is investigating as well they have arrived in south africa to neck into this incident it's arab
6:57 pm
a melbourne has the latest from sydney. there's no precedent in australian cricket for this sort of investigation so it's unclear what form it would take but there are no doubt many questions that need to be answered including what if any involvement the coach had and there are also calls for further sanctions on the leadership team and we've been getting some mixed responses from people outside the sydney cricket ground on what sanctions should be should be replaced. this afternoon international. standard. but then again it's. just got caught not only. things he showed of. this trillion sports commission said the players involved should have immediately been sent home and that there needs to be an overhaul of the culture within the
6:58 pm
sport as the cricket australia investigation plays out during the wake there are doubts about how much it can salvage the reputation of one of the most popular and idolized sports in the country ok well as always you can get in touch with us using the hash tag a.j. news grade you can also tweet me directly i met i am tired or you can also get in touch with us using the what's that number up the all the back with more sports later on in the eight hundred g.m.t. news hour but for now fully it is touch and i thank you very much that will do it for today's news great got plenty more world news coming up for you on al-jazeera very shortly will be live from our london news center if you want to stay in touch with us. a.j. news great on social media for me for me back to thank you for watching.
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the scene for us where online once is american sign in yemen the piece is a list possible but not what happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on sat there are people that that are choosing between buying medication and eating basis is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist and just posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. net morales was just ten years old when a devastating earthquake struck mexico city in one thousand nine hundred five the quake damaged her family's apartment and the government moved them to distant shack around seventy families who lost their homes in that earthquake still live in this
7:00 pm
camp say i'm going to be up at the gallop the government raised our hopes and then abandon us politicians have promised that they won't allow a repeat of what happened after the earthquake in one thousand eight hundred five but the cost and complexity of housing hundreds of people living in camps is a major task and one that many people here think the government fail. and new yes new lessons and new rules this is the time when you get some choose your english teacher is for the next two years meet the teachers empowering best students might say i'm michael all about freedom we're going to come out perspective i want you to develop the skill with which to speak by letting them choose the lessons they learned revelent cation democratic schooling united kingdom at this time on al-jazeera.


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