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his community survival and builds a template for global action on climate change. the climate diaries a witness documentary on. the psalms an archaeology graduate from iraq he's also a part time going to pergamon museum which includes a reconstruction of the famous ishtar gate in babylon most of the people he's showing around came to germany as refugees this is just one of several billion museums taking part in the project called meeting point and as well as bringing people together one of its aims is to emphasise the contribution of migrants right up to the present day to western culture. because i've been here for some time i can help them with lots of things that mrs ford to me the great thing is it's not just about museums about forming a new life it is a part of life it's culture. eighteen
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countries announced that expelling all the hundred russian diplomats over the poisoning of a former spy in the u.k. . also coming up. yemen's who see rebels rally their supporters and vow to five more missiles into saudi arabia unless it stops bombing the country. ten hours later on day one of an election expected to hand. a second term as egypt's president. and investigators say the fire alarm system was switched off and exits were blocked in the russian shopping mall where sixty four people died in a fire.
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eighteen countries have aligned with britain to expel more than a hundred russian diplomats over the poisoning of former spies cripple and his daughter in the u.k. u.s. president donald trump has ordered sixty to leave including twelve attached to the united nations he's also closing the russian consulate in seattle forty nine are being expelled by other countries most of them in europe ukraine which is embroiled in its own conflict with moscow's expanding thirteen russians were all the countries so the people are expecting are actually spies russia says it will respond in kind she had tons of reports motion. the trumpet ministration had said it would expel russian diplomats if its allies also did so in a coordinated action and on monday that coordination was revealed countries across western and eastern europe and canada joined the u.s. in the expulsions the british prime minister expressed hope gratitude international solidarity following what the u.k. alleges was a russian nerve agent attack on
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a former russian double agent and his daughter in an english town this is the largest collective expulsion of russian intelligence officers in history. i have found great solidarity from our friends and partners in the e.u. north america and nato and beyond over the past three weeks as we have confronted the aftermath of the soulsby incident the russian ambassador to the u.s. expressed his concern the deal would she would never say you knew and there's that i mean again i want the united states of america is doing today they are destroying what little remained of us russian ties i would add that all the responsibility for ruining russian american relations is on the united states of america what sloma however a different tone was struck on twitter the russian embassy asking the public for suggestions on which u.s. consulate to now close in russia u.s. officials said there expulsions weren't just about standing with the u.k. but about curtailing russia's covert operations against u.s. national security they presented all of those being expelled from the russian
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embassy the seattle consulate and the u.n. as part of a pool of some one hundred agents moscow currently has in the country administrative officials has said that with these expulsions some forty russian spies would remain in the u.s. but that russia's covert operations would be severely curtailed in all three statements from the white house the state department and the u.s. is u.n. mission there was unequivocal agreement with the u.k. that russia was behind the chemical weapon attack something that donald trump or sounded less convinced of in his statement so far she ever times the al-jazeera washington. let's pick out our diplomatic editor james bases at the united nations that was been there at the reaction at the u.n. well diplomats have been watching this very closely remember that the twelve russians who were expelled from the mission here at the united nations are somewhat different from all the others any country can expel diplomats from another country but of course these russian diplomats are accredited to the united nations they
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just happened to be in new york because that just happens to be the headquarters of the united nations and some questions over whether the u.s. is allowed to do this and it's certainly something the united nations is not commenting on at the moment simply saying that the secretary general antonio good terrorists will speak to all parties on what it describes as a sensitive issue clearly the russians are going to formally protest the fact that their diplomats to the u.n. these twelve diplomats are being expelled we heard that from the russian ambassador it was interesting that the russian ambassador was attending a regular lunch of the security council members all fifteen ambassadors along with the u.n. secretary general and also attending was the u.s. ambassador nikki haley and it was attending that lunch as he was arriving that the russian ambassador spoke to al-jazeera that's very unfortunate the very unfriendly wolf. well all diplomats. expelled from here
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they will have to leave by the second or the second of it. i think you're seeing an increasingly. move of bad judgment by russia and when we see these espionage tactics that are taking place right here at the heart of the u.n. we cannot have that and this is really not just us but multiple countries saying all of these actions have to stop this is not what we do. in any other place and it can't be acceptable for you to do this unfortunately russia is now being held accountable for a lot of things and they have a decision. and james how does affect international diplomacy at the u.n. what i think at the u.n. and beyond the u.n. it's going to create even more problems than we currently have because countries from around the world have to work together and find ways to work together on some of the key issues issues like you know africa south sudan central african republic
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the middle east things like yemen and syria of course the long war in syria and of course the ongoing conflict in ukraine and i think ever since the annexation of crimea four years ago it's fair to say that relations between the western countries and the russians have deteriorated it's made it harder it's created real tension in some of the conversations that bleeds over from one file into another and i think it's going to add fresh tension now this development to make it even harder to get things done here at the u.n. and beyond james bays thank you very much indeed for a choses for in the russian reaction in moscow. well in the west it's called tit for tat in russian governmental circles it's called the principle of reciprocity and that's what we're likely to see in the coming days with russia essentially responding to all of these diplomatic expulsions with its own set of diplomatic
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expulsions of the countries that have chosen to act against moscow the russian foreign ministry is putting together a list of options basically and they will supply this list to vladimir putin and the presidents will make his decision about what happens next now this i think has taken russia by surprise i don't think that it anticipated that the united kingdom what with these difficulties with the united states at the moment because of the trumpet ministration and of course its difficulties with the e.u. over brics in negotiations i don't think moscow thought that london will would be able to assemble such a broad coalition of allies essential but i also think that actually potentially russia feels that it's got off rather sadly lightly so far until western countries go off to the oligarchy assets that the russian elite hold in financial centers like london and new york measures like that would actually punish the
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russian government will structures until the west actually does that and it might do still then i think russia will be breathing a sigh of relief. saudi arabia has accused iran of helping yemen's rebels launch missile attacks across the border the saudi military says it shot down seven missiles fired from yemen late on sunday but one egyptian man died who thiessen vowed to fire more unless saudi arabia stops bombing yemen salvage of aid has the latest. as the rockets rained down there were moments of panic. this is what's left of a missile fired by hutu rebels in yemen which targeted the saudi capital riyadh on sunday. and the fragment landed on an island on a busy road. a barrel of seven ballistic missiles were intercepted by saudi
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arabia's air defense multiple social media users posted videos of the u.s. patriot missile defense system used by the saudi military. at least one egyptian resident was killed in the intact as forensic teams collect evidence the saudi coalition is again blaming iran for arming the hooty fighters. as you can see this is one of the other missiles fired all riyadh after the nineteenth of december all evidence shows that iranian regime has been involved in supplying the arm with a militia with missiles the world is facing the danger of supplying terrorist and organized crime groups with ballistic missiles there's a strong evidence including the valves that exist on the missiles these types of attacks continue despite the saudi coalition announcing in two thousand and fifteen that most of the routines ballistic arsenal was destroyed the objective is to continue to look for this guy and of missiles targeted destroyed.
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we believe that we destroy most of these abilities it's been three years since the coalition launched a military campaign to fight the hoodies in support of yemen's government hundreds of thousands have gathered in the capital sanaa just before the missile attack the hoody leader talked about his group's capabilities. you know. we'll use a long range drawings which have excellent military capabilities we will activate the military institutions in an unprecedented way and open up more opportunities to recruit the children and men of our people to fight. the hoodies of been sharing images of the destruction caused by saudi attacks in yemen they say their missiles are acts of revenge. these ten thousand people on all sides have been killed in yemen and millions more suffer in what the u.n. calls the worst humanitarian crisis in recent years and through all this the war continues some of the job aid how does their. egyptians are voting in
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a three day presidential election that's expected to deliver an easy victory for incumbent sisi the government is hoping for a high turnout but so far polling stations have been largely empty sisi led the military's overthrow of the democratically elected muslim brotherhood government in twenty thirteen and resulted president the following year is only challenger is my son was tough and looser a little known politician who's a long time supporter of the president he joined the election at the last minute to stop it being a one horse race over the last few months six other challengers have been detained disqualified or forced to abandon their campaigns completely include a former general an ex prime minister and a nephew of egypt's assassinated president anwar sadat pressure who are reports. a crucial moment for the band seeking reelection president opted for to his c.c. once a comfortable win and the huge turnout among the nearly sixty million eligible voters
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his supporters see him as the only man capable of leading egypt at a time when the nation faces many challenges and an impish. i couldn't sleep from all the joy just to come here and say yes to my motherland egypt i came here to say yes to stability yes to development i came here to say yes to our military and. i will vote for sisi for the sake of the coming phase and i have a bachelor's degree in business administration and i feel like i have not given what i deserve and i feel that this coming face off are great things but the election has been widely seen as a false potential rivals to c.c. have either been jailed or dropped out of the race after a campaign of intimidation the only candidate allowed to run is a staunch supporter of president sisi. whose leader of the centrist
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party told the media he doesn't want to challenge the authority of c.c. for critics who say no more than a candidate whose role is to give the impression of a legitimate election i don't think there's any question that it's a sham i'm not aware of any serious difference of opinion among you know political scientists or human rights groups or analysts i think the point of the election is to demonstrate cc's power and his popularity this is why the government is pushing so hard for a high turnout if there's a low turnout it will be bad optics for the regime. president c.c. will likely secure a second term by the general turned politician faces mounting discontent over the economy and armed groups operating in the sinai peninsula the vote will last for two war days a strong turnout could indicate a growing trust in cc's leadership has zero. what you notice there are still ahead
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thousands of people are transported north to labour's syrian government forces regained control of nearly all of eastern guta. and surely it was high court puts the country's presidential election back on track. the a. hello there we've had some rather old snow in parts of europe recently so in the southeast where we've seen some rather orangey snow and it's also been affecting us of southwestern parts of russia as well and all of this is thanks to dust picked up from north africa in the sahara and brought into the southeastern parts of europe on the storms that we've been seeing and recently there's just be one after another here's the latest one then and that's going to continue its way through ukraine and into russia there as we head through chews day but then there's another one brewing
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behind it and that one's going to be working its way steadily northwards over the next few days of the could well be more dust across this region meanwhile towards the west there's also some rather active weather here but it looks a little bit cleaner plenty of wet weather there plenty of heavy rain and under that rain it won't be too cold so we're looking at a top temperature of around ten in london and around eleven in paris so lots of wet weather there but not feeling too chilly across the other side of the mediterranean then this is where we see more of those storms is the next one that's pulling itself together over the north coast of libya and that's gradually edging its way eastwards giving us heavy rain and some strong winds as well so expect there to be a fair amount of dust in with this system towards the west it's looking a bit calmer for some wednesday with a twenty one has a maximum in rip at. the end. a scandal which the nation to its core and exposed hundreds of. brides
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just to show the most. sometimes pick a spot with a different view of a possible day's judicial watch as. i come out of my car in the exclusive documentary al-jazeera examine the man extraordinary battle for just as in ghana. and one of the top stories. russia has vowed to retaliate after the us canada and fourteen e.u. states expelled more than a hundred russian diplomats as a coordinated response to a nerve agent attack on a former double agent in the u.k.
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earlier this month. saudi arabia has accused iran of helping yemen's hooty rebels launch missile attacks across the border one person died in riyadh after the saudi military shot down seven missiles fired from yemen date on sunday. and egyptians are voting in a presidential election that's expected to deliver an easy victory for current leader after sisi. investigators looking into a fire that killed sixty four people in russia say a security guard switched off the buildings fire alarm system exits were also illegally blocked in the shopping mall in the eastern city of care over president vladimir putin has yet to speak publicly about the tragedy which is the worst fire since the collapse of the soviet union john howell reports. firefighters had battled the blaze for hours by monday morning with most of the fire put out drone footage revealed the horrifying extent of the damage combustible walls and ceilings
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entirely collapsed where once they'd been cinemas and a children's play area they'd been full on sunday with families on a day out russia's investigative committee at work in the remains of the shopping mall in the siberian city of command over says a security guard had switched off the alarm system some fire exits were blocked and cinemas packed with children watching cartoons were said to be locked to stop those without tickets from sneaking in for one person from an upper window was the only hope. the emergency services in command over have confirmed dozens of deaths with some bodies yet to be recovered. in the us. the most difficult areas for us all the to collapse in the malls because they've almost entirely fallen through to the third floor now bit by bit we continue to remove the construction. witnesses describe children becoming separated from adults as the mall with choking
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black smoke survivors were visibly distraught. this boy eleven years old jumped from a fourth floor window doctors say he's responding well to treatment but his parents and little sister didn't make it out. of course i'm shocked by what's happened nothing like this has ever happened before in camero of oh it's the first time and i feel so sorry for the people the children who were there this is terrible i'm speechless investigators say it's premature to discuss the cause but they have identified serious violations in the construction and use of the mall converted from what was once a factory for people including the mall's owners have been detained joho al-jazeera . syrian government forces have regained control of nearly all of eastern go to the area was one of the last rebel strongholds close to damascus the russian defense ministry says six and a half thousand people were evacuated from the southern towns in eastern guta as
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part of a deal they're now in a glib only rebels in the town of duma have yet to surrender so hard a report from beirut. bus after bus arrived in the rebel controlled province of idlib in northwest syria thousands of people transported across a divided country rebel factions surrendered their strongholds in eastern huta after what was one of the fiercest offensives launched by the pro-government alliance fighters their families and members of the opposition deported as part of a negotiated with. everything even the bunkers we were hiding in if we left the bunkers we would get killed by air strikes i can't describe the situation we were in it was over. almost two thousand syrians were killed and thousands were wounded in the attacks appeals for medical supplies for those trapped in a war zone went unheeded already there was a shortage of aid and medications because of
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a government imposed siege on the opposition area lesser from the. unfortunately the cases we received are very critical we also have cases of malnutrition as well as extremely sick people who couldn't receive proper treatment because of the lack of medications as a result of the siege more than ten thousand people have been displaced and not all are fighters didn't want to risk arrest or be forced to join the army they left with whatever they could carry. we left our homes behind everything has been destroyed we left our history. we left behind because we go to a place of constant since. eastern huta has been under the control of the opposition since two thousand and thirteen not long after the government besieged the enclave. it wasn't only under siege came under fire for years it was always an important military objective for the government being so close to the capital but
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the pro-government alliance was busy fighting on many fronts and it was always just a question of time when it would turn its attention to the rebel stronghold. it has been one tragedy after another for syrians caught in what seems to be an endless conflict. we lived and bankers our lives were in danger we left after the international community let us down. it live has become what some describe as a dumping ground over the years tens of thousands of rebels and their families who surrender territory to the government were sent here and there is little sign that they just like those who have been recently displaced will ever return to their homes. beirut to his president has held talks with a leader of the european commission in an effort to improve ties but warned that leaving his country out of an enlarged european union would be a mistake or chapter one says he and all to ask had a successful bilateral meeting in the barbarian city of honor for nations have been
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strained between the two since turkey's failed military coup in twenty sixteen. so . we truly hope that the stage of bad relations between the e.u. and turkey have been left behind i mentioned journal meeting that both sides need to work more actively and we use discuss what we need to do you know to improve our relations. he was speaking at a news conference in bonn which has just wrapped up in sin and cos who has been there for a so was the clear message from this news conference was there any signal on turkish membership of the new. museum actually you chris stated that they would like turkey to maintain as a strategic partner to the european union but they had a clear message an absolute must for becoming a member of the european union which is better a different way improving to relationship with greece than the greeks i preach at
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turkey and cyprus have had issues about the gas exploration in the eastern mediterranean to the to the maritime songs and also the economic songs and both sides wanted to want to explore the gas and turkey is actually a guess that the greek cyprus is doing it by its own excluding turkey cyprus so this is a clear message by the european union that as long as they don't improve their relations with the greek sufi the solo issue about the eastern mediterranean gas exploration turkey will not be a member of the european union but also they appreciated that turkey has heart for the. forward stopping the migration flow to european union a new course stated that the migration migration flow to europe has been as come down seventy five per cent and also bulgaria prime minister who is also the term president of the european union has stated that there is zero pressure on their
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borders so turkey's dealing with the syrian refugees is actually appreciated by europe but turkey's stance in our friend the ongoing military operation in our film is also criticized by the european leaders saying that it should abide by the international law but i must also add that president and i are donna has always stated. even right before coming to bulgaria that's true it will continue to fight against terror whether it's inside or outside turkey until the terror threat is eliminated so it seems like for a while turkey and european union will say it will maintain it as a good strategic partner but being a member of the european union will take some time unless turkey also lifts the state of emergency that has been under way since the failed coup in two thousand and sixteen and also better is that image in terms of prisons.
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prisons politicians academics and a journalist was there any discussion of the turkish operations in northern syria. yes that was actually a matter of both false and nuclear states and that. the operation. in northern syria should be actually abiding with international law or any intervention the story we seem to last and of course you knew there at that summit in vanna let's move on then to north korea and the reports that north korea's leader kim jong un is in china south korean media say a motorcade with heavy security was seen in beijing on monday was also reported the same armored north korean train that kim jong il used on china trips were seen in the city of dandong near the border with north korea it's still unclear whether conjunction is indeed in china and if true it would be his first known trip outside
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north korea since taking power in twenty eleven. sharon aaron's high court has lifted a ruling that delayed the second round of the country's presidential elections the call to perspire in the runoff after a member of the ruling or people's congress called for an investigation alleging voting fraud the next round was shed yule for tuesday but the electoral commission has now pushed it back to saturday tensions have been escalating since the first round of voting was held earlier this month are the ruling party candidate nor the opposition's nominee won an outright majority one of the lawyers for the opposition s l p p party says a decision had to be made in order to give the public what they want accords i've been sensitive to public opinion on the ruling has been in the interest of justice the people of those days and it's fed up with really in the north south and seen
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her on in there and through the ones or the lucky conjunction to be. about as we know and it's good for the peace and stability of the sponsors. israeli police have been questioning prime minister benjamin netanyahu over one of several corruption cases that could threaten his political future israeli media reports say the questioning relates to netanyahu is dealings with basic israel's biggest telecommunications company is accused of giving basic regulatory benefits in exchange for favorable coverage on its news website the case is one of at least three investigations against netanyahu. or thirty's in germany have extended the period they'll hold the acid catalan president as a way out a request to extradite him to spain it comes after countless preacher man appeared in court in northern germany on monday a small group of produce a session demonstrators gathered outside the prison where he's being held in
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norman's to put him on is wanted in spain on charges of sedition and rebellion for a referendum in october last year. a total of a mother cradling her baby during a university entrance exam in afghanistan has gone viral at the pictures created such an outpouring of admiration that they have been offers of financial help for the twenty five year old mother of three. maddy passed the exam and now an online crowdfunding campaign has raised more than fourteen thousand dollars to help pay for her fees the fund was launched by the afghan youth association with the hope the money can help her achieve her dream of becoming a doctor afghanistan's general literacy rate is one of the lowest in the world at just thirty six percent i don't want to get up any time with our website it just right is there a dot com you can also watch us live by clicking on the orange life icon details there of course of the expulsions of russians over the nerve agent attack.
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i want to go top stories on our syria russia has vowed to retaliate after the u.s. canada and fourteen e.u. states expelled more than a hundred russian diplomats is a coordinated response to a nerve agent attack on a former double agent. and his daughter in the u.k. earlier this month britain accuses moscow of being behind this old which the kremlin denies us president donald trump has ordered sixty russian diplomats to leave including twelve who are attached to the united nations and he's also closed the russian consulate in seattle for a trans has more from moscow. this will be easily spotted by the russian power structures as yet another example of anti russian sentiment in the west the hysterical. russophobe pick campaign from the united kingdom which has
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brought in gullible friends and allies of london and also i think that if there are no further measures measures that the russian elites are really worried about such as targeting of assets in financial centers around the world like london new york and say cyprus if those don't materialize over the coming days then perhaps moscow will feel the u.s. is taking a diplomatic here but it might have got off rather lightly saudi arabia has accused iran of helping yemen's the rebels know which missile attacks across the border one person died in riyadh after the saudi military shot down seven missiles fired from yemen they two on sunday who these say the assault was in response to saudi arabia's three year long intervention in yemen civil war. egyptians are voting in a presidential election set to deliver an easy victory for incumbent leader a defacto c.c. the government is hoping for a high turnout but pictures broadcast on state media show many polling stations
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largely empty only one of the challenges running get c.c. up to six others were forced to abandon their campaigns investigators looking into a fire that killed sixty four people at a shopping center in russia say a security guard switched off the building's fire that system exits were also illegally blocked in the mall in the city of camera the base has been extinguished but many people are still missing the stream is up next to have more news from the street after that thanks watching i think i've.


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