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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 85  Al Jazeera  March 27, 2018 10:32am-11:01am +03

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for people in the shopping center on criminal negligence he visited the site of the fire in the eastern city of command a vote in siberia the people there are angry and calling for the resignation of politicians investigators say a smoke alarm system had been turned off and exits were blocked in the building. cambridge analytical whistleblower christopher wiley is expected to face questions from members of british parliament in the next few hours they'll be asking him about the involvement of the company he works for in the breaks it campaign cambridge and a little and facebook are growing pressure from the public and governments after widely revealed that the data fifty million users was exploited to influence the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential election the ousted catalan president will remain in custody for a little while longer after a court appearance in germany decided whether to extradite him to spain carlos pujol was denied bail on monday after he deemed was deemed a flight risk he's being living in belgium in exile but was arrested on sunday
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while travelling through germany is wanted in spain on charges of sedition and rebellion following a referendum in october last year. with showing off its military strength with the capital with a parade of the capitol hill forces day down its seventy third year owners resistance to japanese occupation during world war two this is celebrations come at a controversial time with the army accused of nasser massacring. those with the news headlines i'll see you in half an hour. where ever you. three years after launching air strikes in yemen saudi arabia is under attack five seven deep into its territory on sunday warning
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there's more to come. and does anyone know how old when the war will end this story. hello and welcome to the program. the options of between bad and worse that's how crown prince. defends the saudi military intervention in yemen three years the situation could not be any worse ten thousand killed in the fighting thousands more dead from the worst recorded break of cholera and millions facing famine the u.n. calls yemen the world's worst humanitarian crisis while the internationally recognized government of yemen has found itself undermined by competing interests
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in the coalition the whole things have shown no signs of ceding ground and now they've targeted riyadh and three other cities with missiles. more. as the rockets rained down there were moments of panic. this is what's left of a missile fired by hutu rebels in yemen which targeted the saudi capital riyadh on sunday. and the fragment landed on an island on a busy road. a barrel of seven ballistic missiles were intercepted by saudi arabia's air defense multiple social media users posted videos of the us videos of the u.s. patriot missile defense system used by the saudi military at least one egyptian resident was killed in the attack as forensic teams collect evidence the saudi coalition is again blaming iran for arming the hooty fight is the cuts for those
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who have operatives on the ground in yemen have helped the who are these and the yemeni armed forces to basically augment the capability of the missiles in order to make them more capable and they are who they say you know if you don't negotiate with us we will continue with more sophisticated weaponry more missiles being fired and there will be more dead on the side of saudi arabia which is something that can sustain these types of attacks continue despite the saudi coalition announcing in two thousand and fifteen that most of the routines ballistic arsenal was destroyed the objective is to continue to look for these kinds of missiles targeted destroyed . we believe that we destroy most of these abilities thousands gathered in the capital sanaa to mark three years since the saudi led coalition launched a military campaign to fight the who these in support of yemen's government just before the missile attack the hooty leader talked about his group's capabilities the amount you know. we'll use a long range drones which have excellent military capabilities we will activate the
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military institutions in an unprecedented way and open up more opportunities to recruit the children and men of our people to fight. the hoodies of been sharing images of the do. caused by saudi attacks in yemen they see their missiles are acts of revenge. least ten thousand people have been killed in yemen and millions more suffer in what the u.n. calls the risk humanitarian crisis in recent years and through all this the war continues some of the job aid out there well the saudi led coalition's campaign of airstrikes may have destroyed several hoofy positions ammunition depots and bases but has largely failed to make significant military gains on the ground the iran backed rebels hold the capital some or most of north yemen and the largest part of her data processor the lead coalition forces are in control of mainly central yemen and areas to the south including aden but after
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a recent rough between the have the government and the u.a.e. separatists loyal to the emirates all around the city taking over several government buildings and institutions and al qaeda affiliated groups were quick to take advantage of the split expanding their control of territory in the south. well let's bring in our panel now from london mohamad columnist and editor at the newspaper and beirut adam baron visiting fellow at the european council on foreign relations and from djibouti via skype so is that megan protection an advocacy adviser at the norwegian refugee council welcome to you all mr bauer let me start with you the whole thing is have not only withstood three years of solid they led coalition attacks but have now increased their attacks on saudi woman what is the say about their military strength and their capability right now. but i think when you look at the these resilience in i guess in the face of the ongoing military
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operation led by the side of the coalition it's key to sort of compare sort of areas that you can refer to as the which is home turf. with areas that they had that they don't have a strong history and so if you look the truth is had sustained massive losses they lost control of auburn which you know their incursion to odan was one of the first things that really pushed saudi the saudi the coalition to to begin their operations in yemen they've lost significant parts of the roughly the entire the entire south they've lost not a most recently this year they've also gone in shaab one they lost the red sea coast that being said when you're looking at the areas where you really are seeing the route these managed to hold on it's these kind of northern highlands that have proven in a lot of ways if you can go back centuries these are proven a very hard area to take militarily so because they have this sort of control in a lot of ways the lot of the who's the leaders are experienced in insall though which is you know one of the roughest shrines in the entire country this is how
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allowed them to really to really hold fast or not and this comes in addition to the fact that you have seen from what we've seen evidence of increasing. iranian support which is still managing to come through in the form of these missiles particularly despite the ongoing. blockade on the country in the ongoing attempt to prevent. these missiles from going in so you've seen sort of a combination one you know who these are fighting for the most part on their home turf now so it's going to be hard to get them but on the other hand let's face it the there the signs are that they have had some outside help although i wouldn't say it's this i mean while he has would not be able to do things like. most notably launch missiles that at riyadh if it wasn't for this outside help apparently coming from iran. by and large their ability to really hold fast is rooted in their their real experience fighting yet and we will talk about that outside help more definitely but this is you may let me bring you now so they have had of course
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suffered losses but they've also proven on the third anniversary of the saudi led intervention in yemen that they capable of hitting so is saudi arabia secure well i think in terms of like. the truth is nearly two thirds or four of the yemen none of the one from the whole of these and in terms of. making the whole it is only in the capital it's important to control the capital but they lose. our colleague said they lose most of the land and. they lost most of the their cup abilities in terms of. weapons. that doesn't mean they didn't get so many missiles from iran to launch to saudi arabia in order to send different messages to saudi arabians and to the arab politicians do to the
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outside world and to the yemenis inside to their supporters inside to say that we are strong we are we are still strong we are still able to send to launch missiles story out to different cities inside the saudi lands so yes in some aspects we can and so many governor program says they are so weak the kicked out of this government it bought in their own land high land they are still strong and they have supporters and taken into consideration the missiles given to them from the people in the iranians they are still able to hit some cities in saudi arabia to send different messages as i said strongly to our supporters who gather today in sun to show them that there are some strong and they can after thirty years they still can attack saudi arabia mistiming and as aid worker how do you see the latest escalation in the violence what will it mean for the millions of yemenis who are already suffering through what the un has called
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the world's worst humanitarian crisis. well it is very clear to us that the parties to this conflict and only using violence they using water six that undermine the capacity of yemenis to afford food to go to school to keep that job. and to access clean water. color outbreak we've seen that has now reached more than a million cases isn't a coincidence they located on her date of court and subsequent difficulties moving supplies around yemen. to coincidence none of this is. gannicus all of it is a manmade crisis so we would see that the violence we've seen is having a huge impact on people but so too are the more insidious war tactics to be used by all parties to the conflict and the crisis it seems could get worse we've had the who the leader of the malik al hooty the owl to use more developed weapons missile systems he said will overcome all defense systems to target saudi arabia mr ballen
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who is arming the who to use where are they getting their weapons from. i mean a large portion of the truth is weapons are coming are coming from inside yemen itself not forget that one of the most notorious arms market if not the most notorious arms market is. right in sabah with these have long build ties with many of yemen's most notable arms dealers that being said there are according to u.n. expert testimony there are components of weapons that appear to be coming from it on that are being used in these missiles that are apparently able to strike riyadh . you know you hear different things some say that these are actually you know full on grainy missiles with a lot of people are hearing and a lot of experts are saying is that you are seeing. you know. components being attached to missiles that increase their range. and then in addition to that you're
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also there are some reports there was just report released today alleging that those radio others use there's been raining and radio technology so it would appear that i mean for the most part the weapons are by and large weapons that have already been in yemen although there are pretty credible reports that the who these are getting weapons from elsewhere and how did they if the weapons are coming from the seas how do they get into the country despite the different blockades are they bringing pops in and then assembling them and yemen. yeah that's when it would appear that that's how it's happening and you're having i mean is a number of different theories gone i mean i remember there was one of the u.n. panel of experts reports said that they were basically taking advantage of you know these kind of secluded a remote cold or small ports in yemen i guess in eastern yemen to kind of sneak in parts and things like that you are seeing. a large even areas of yemen that are
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ostensibly under the control of the internationally recognized governments do have kind of weaknesses in controls so it would appear that they're sort of taking advantage like many other groups in yemen taking advantage of the wider power vacuum to smuggle weapons and weapons being provided both from inside yemen that are already there and also being fortune from the ses what about support for the who sees this as you made up the maliki who has said that they are going to recruit more men and children to keep fighting who is joining them who supports them. they use every kind of of means to be supported they use religion to encourage people to join them as the name is unsolvable and means the supporters of our law so they are doing all of the things for the sake of god they are encouraging people to join them to be mujahideen to go to apologize as.
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propaganda or religious propaganda and they use even the tribal system because in the northern parts of yemen the tribal system is very strong and there are using and they are trying to implement it for the. they also use in the results is there still have the capital they still have the main city the main port in yemen and their control they are open in the country for a whole a big whole black market so according to the report of the united nation x.-press they say that they have billions of dollars a year from different resources from different. ways of income they are using their . resource to. over to support their own military actions against their known and against the neighboring of the neighboring areas they said no lack of example get
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that they don't give salaries they don't give salaries of all the money they have is used for only military action so no lack of support all resources than this that make and there is unusual when envoy for yemen now with talk of a new round of negotiations are you hopeful that this could lead to an improvement in people's lives. right now we feel that we have to be hopeful because this feels like the only possible way forward and we're not seeing any other progress we're not seeing a huge amount of support from the united nations security council we're not seeing any leadership from international governments and meanwhile we're meeting kids at carrying. toys that they made to resemble. meeting kids that come in for to go to school so they're choosing to not eat at a little girl a few weeks ago who who have eating actually been saving all her money so she could
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go to school with this situation for people while this carries aren't is getting worse and worse it's already far beyond what we expected so we hope we have high hopes we have actual envoy but we. also complex to engage appropriately in the about what do you think about the prospect of a new round of negotiations with a new u.n. envoy for yemen the bush government said that they want to play a bigger role in negotiations and the fact that the horses are increasing their attacks at this time i mean is this a tactic before going into negotiations to force the saudi hand. yeah i would say as of twenty four hours ago forty eight hours ago there was a great degree of of pressure being exerted. by various international actors pushing for there to be negotiations that would start up soon needless to say it's hard for international actors to try to push for example the saudis or the
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international yemeni government to come to the table when the hutus are launching missiles at the riyadh or into saudi so it does but i think for the who is they do view this as a way of sending a message they do view this is a negotiating tactic it often tends through to backfire i think. but i think for them this is a this is you know something that serves on to about these are launching they're launching the missiles to sort of send a message you know externally but even their message they're sending it internally as well sending a message to try to rally their supporters ahead of these of the who these are holding today to say you know we're still strong you know we're fighting back we're making them you know hitting them where it hurts etc but neither is the say that's evidence of a mindset which unfortunately is quite widespread among them in the various keep our holders of a mindset you know isn't particularly conducive to peace talks being held in
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another to ending the war mr zuma as mr bound to say you know that the whole thing is a sending a message saying we're still here it was still strong but still fighting whereas that internationally recognized government i mean we know that so how did the president is in saudi arabia but just last week we had the minister of state resign saying that this government is being held a century under house arrest in saudi what do you make of that. well i think we need to be more specific of using terminology is house arrest means somebody who is in house arrest he cannot make even a phone call outside his or her house president hadi yes he's in riyadh but we could see his every day on a daily basis me different people embassadors off shelves yemenis nanya many. international sure. but he's not in the country why is that and does he need to be
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this some other thing yes he is not and a house arrest and so that but he cannot go to are done i think from my point of view for different for different reasons maybe the main. reasons. for the security situation are then it's not stable or so because the saudi that quality depends on him on the legitimacy they are taken from him so they do want him to go to arden for his own safety and i think there are some differences in advent politicly and security in the security bases which don't allow him to go to back to outlets to barack obama jim i was talking about the legitimacy of the president how much legitimacy do you think that this government still has is that united enough to take on a new round of negotiations. i mean obscene tonight this is being given internationally recognized government and it's sort of legitimacy is enshrined in un resolution twenty three sixteen so on the one
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hand you know there's no real question about that that being said you are seeing a number of different divisions within both the government itself and particularly within you can call it the anti who is the axis you know and you've seen that in then were different groups that are united against the hearses and united in support of the arab coalition but divided against each other having gaijin fighting most notably earlier this year when you saw you know significant amount of fighting between prodi forces and pro southern transitional council forces. that in many cases were fighting on the same side against the truth is you know yet through two and a half years ago. so there is this extent that you have when you have a situation where the president has been based out of the country for a significant amount of time where many of the ministers although by no means all ministers have been based out of the government for a significant amount of time. you know the in
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a lot of ways yemen's state institutions on both sides of this conflict have really been been at risk and it's been some real deterioration there as you know and i mean it's a real challenge moving forward yeah absolutely one of many challenges mr chairman let me bring you in on that point about division in the international coalition i mean what does that mean for negotiations when you have parties within the coalition and you know the saudis who support president had the and the u.a.e. eat which is part of the coalition yes they are fighting alongside the saudis and attacking the hoop these but they're also supporting the southern secessionists against president had the. well i think this is one of the main problems the saudi the coalition's face and it affects the government it affects the. going back of the governments to yemen and i think it's weaken the government to the situation that the truth is are still strong one of the main of the strength. factor behind the truth is being. strong until now is the division within
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the other side within the government within the saudi that quality there is no big division between emirates and saudi arabia in terms of yemen but it seems that the emirates doesn't want to deal with the islam party who is the like muslim brotherhood party in yemen that's why they want and support some other groups they are sort of separatists in yemen and this is creating problem in with the preventing him from going back to adam because had he believed in the united yemen in a different way of union those people and i then they don't believe in yemen one yemen united yemen and they want to go back to the situation before nine hundred ninety in yemen must then make it as this incredibly complicated situation politically continues and yemen and we have reached the third anniversary what aid groups what
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are you and aid groups like yourselves calling for that really needs to happen immediately. well there are a few things we know that humanitarian aid is not the at the yemen but we in the meantime people urgently need access to services they need food they need access to cash salaries must be paid after more than a year and a half of nonpayment in areas under the control of our own thought our law. so we need the international community to step up and continue to provide funding for yemen but also to look for means that will help us continue to act as people in the in the longer term we need much better engagement scuse me from the international community including the security council from the u.k. is paneled up from the u.s. who is continuing to sell weapons despite all the evidence that civilians are being aggressively affected by the war thank you very much for that i'm just we have very
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large left so i do want to get to a couple of one last question and to both of our other guests mohammad you may and adam baron mohammed let me start with you the same question to you as well what is it going to take to actually end this war and yemen the saudis have to go what is it going to take in the says you may do you think to end this war in yemen i think to go back to negotiation but according to a big three references of the political solution a peaceful solution the first one is the use initiative secondly the outcomes of the national dialogue in yemen. the united nations resolution and this about what about you. to be honest. i'm quite pessimistic because when it looks like it when we look at it now and we have to remember this we're not talking about a single war we're not talking about a single conflict we're talking about a series of interlocking conflicts in yemen and when it comes down to it even if there's some sort of you know agreement reached between the two primary sides
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there's a huge risk that you're going to see a spiraling that's going to affect yemen for generations to come lester brown thank you very much for that let me thank all of our guests mohamed as you may in london adam barron in beirut and it was a bad week and djibouti. and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time on visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and so the discussion to go to our facebook page at facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter handle this at a.j. inside story from the end of the problem and the whole team here thank you for watching and bye for now. there were seven candidates vying for egypt's presidency. now there are just two
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and with president abdel fattah el-sisi poised for his second term in power international rights groups are calling this election of fosse we'll bring you the latest coverage and analysis of the egypt election on al jazeera and new year new lessons and new rules this is the time when you get to choose your english teacher as for the next two years meet the teachers empowering best you didn't see my fact i'm michel all about freedom we're going to look at perspective i want you to develop the skill with which speech by letting them choose the lessons they learned revelator cation democratic schooling united kingdom at this time on our jazeera. the streets as quiet the signal is given. out yet so it's safe to walk to school last year the more than thirty minute is in this community in one month the police say this area is a red zone one of several in some townships and kept our children sometimes it caught in the crossfire when rival gangs fight so parents and grandparents have
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started what they call a walking bust to try to take them from gang violence i lost my family looking way of doing yes the go i also lost my but there are more than one hundred fifty volunteers working for several walking busses teachers say it is working class attendance has improved the volunteers also act as security guards. a conflict spanning seventy years. humanitarian disaster displacing more than half the nation. just zero world meets the children who have become victims of syria's civil war. i am a syrian child on al-jazeera.


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