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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 27, 2018 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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we had women and girls are being bought and sold and given away in refugee camps al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring the award winning documentaries and nightmares and out of iraq i got a commander or i'm hearing is good journalism on am and on nine. a conflict standing seven years. humanitarian disaster displacing more than half a nation. on just zero world meets the children who have become victims of syria's civil war. i am a syrian child on al-jazeera. it. was. like.
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this is al-jazeera. this is the news hour live from london coming up. protests in moscow reflect growing anger over the shopping center fire that killed sixty four people on sunday . facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg says he will testify before congress over his social network's privacy practices. thousands more syrians leave eastern ghouta for italy province already home to a million displaced people. a flying visit by a mystery train from north korea to beijing it's just speculation kim jong un was its v.i.p. passenger. and i'm tatiana. with the day's sports news including
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australian cricket captain steve smith vice captain david warner i'm cameron bancroft will be sent home from the south african told following their role in a ball tampering scandal bads and more later this news hour. russian president vladimir putin has visited the siberian city of care of a after a fire killed sixty four people including forty one children at the shopping center here ten calls it criminal negligence and have been protests on the streets demanding justice for the victims for a child has this report. came out of a will now be known as the site of one of russia's worst fires since the breakup of the soviet union president vladimir putin who often stays away from domestic tragedies visited the siberian city on tuesday to get the whole country is mourning read you read the citizens they want to give my sincere and deep condolences to the
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families of those killed. at least sixty four people enjoying a sunday afternoon at the movies and this a children's play area in the fire at this mall. it was the first day of a school vacation people from other cities came here to have a rest in the shopping mall and then what happened is very very sad as the fire swept the upper floors of the four story mall people found themselves traps investigators say the fire alarm system had been out of order for almost a week the security guard failed to turn on a public address system to warn people to evacuate and doors have been blocked several people jumped from windows to escape including this eleven year old boy his parents and little sister died. angry people gathered in central park demanding truth and justice the region's deputy governor went down on his
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knees to ask for forgiveness he didn't get it. why do you lie this man do you understand that all these souls are on your conscience this is all your fault. a wave of grief and anger is sweeping russia at the moments many people feel they're not being told the full truth about this disaster that they're being lied to by the author a tease and the kremlin has announced a day of mourning for wednesday. i. had growing outrage. viii because of some. negligence how could this have a happened what are the reasons what are the consequences of fraud people have been detained including the mall's operators investigators now want them arrested and to relieve the concerns of russians the prosecutor general's office says the safety
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measures in every mall in the country with an entertainment area will be checked to help prevent another tragedy. two vigils for the victims of the charge of being held in moscow one is government approved while the other is an independent memorial where. this i think is an interesting insight into modern russia these two events happening this evening i was the first one just a short while ago which was being held just within sight of the walls of the kremlin and managed square central moscow that was the official government kind of endorsed memorial where people were being given red carnations to come and lay them on a platform with company toys and things like that for us to remember the victims of this horrible fire this one is different this is a kind of more spontaneous grassroots people lead's demonstration and it kind of
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shows that in modern russia you have these twin approaches you have something that the government would like people to do and you have something different which the people themselves or at least a section of the population would like to do. they too has joined in the mass expulsion of russian diplomats in support of the u.k.'s action following the soulsby nerve agent attack so gen yes stoltenberg says they're reducing the size of russia's nato mission from thirty eight to twenty australia arland moldova and belgium have also joined the list of more than twenty five nations expelling russian officials totenberg says nato has measures are the result of a series of russian actions of course what triggered this was the sole spring attack but it is part of a broader response by nato allies to the pantheon of unacceptable unacceptable and dangerous behavior by russia. we have seen the illegal annexation
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of crimea we have seen these the position of eastern ukraine we have seen cyber attacks we have seen the hybrid tactics we have seen in russia investing heavily in modern military equipment and the willingness to use military force against neighbors facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg is to testify before congress over his social networks role in harvesting millions of users data without their knowledge facebook and the data consultancy firm cambridge analytical at the center of a rout over the way personal information was used to influence the outcome of the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential election zuckerberg had earlier turned down a similar request from british m.p.'s who were investigating fake news about the whistleblower at the heart of the scandal has been giving evidence to british m.p.'s christopher wiley said data gathered unlawfully was used to manipulate people in the u.k. to vote to leave the european union summit are calling for the brics referendum to
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be declared null and void barnsley reports. christopher what his extraordinary relations are now casting a shadow over democratic elections on both sides of the atlantic here he was speaking to a u.k. government committee explaining how he knew that public opinion had been unlawfully manipulated before the referendum which is leading to the u.k. leaving the european union to irrevocably alter the constitutional settlement of this country on fraud is a new nation of the constitutional settlement of this country and you cannot call yourself a lever you cannot call yourself somebody who believes in british law and and win by breaking british law in order to achieve that. while essential claims of the campaign group to leave the european union hired an offshoot of cambridge analytic the data mining company accused of harvesting personal details of millions of
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people through facebook and manipulating opinions in an attempt to put donald trump in the white house the company he said had subverted elections for its own aims in countries including nigeria and trinidad now it was doing the same in the u.k. the company will send billions of people being murdered to intimidate voters this is the company that goes out and tries to illicitly acquire you know live internet browsing data of everyone in an entire country so i think a lot of questions should be asked about the role of patriotic here in this election and whether they were indeed actually complying with the law here to answer they said had already been claimed to leave campaign broke u.k. election law by using campaign funds on lawfully allegations the leave camp denies but in an emergency debate in parliament m.p.'s hostile to bricks it's have begun to demand the referendum results be declared null and void inherently untrustworthy
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if the allegations are true that a potentially six hundred two. and she five thousand pounds was spent illegally in a very focused targeted campaign which by definition would been focused on targeted on a very small number of people then i think it's very hard to predict in the fact that that would have passed the law is the norm and nobody is opposed at least one prominent m.p. who backs the leave campaign said he agreed with the need for a criminal inquiry so he ended up in a situation where you get newspaper headlines like this questioning not just the ethical value but the sheer legality of the vote to leave the european union of course supporters of brecht's states would say the entire thing is a made up plot to discredit a democratic decision but in this hall of mirrors it's becoming increasingly difficult to know what's real and was fake. lawrence lee of zero westminster in
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london. during this year is just evens he is a british m.p. and member of the digital media culture and sport committee that heard evidence from christopher wiley today thanks very much for coming to join us we shocked by the allegations you made in parliament well we've had a flavor of what they were going to be in the press over the last couple of days but we heard a lot more from christopher wiley today and pretty shocking stuff about interference in elections as your package showed in nigeria there were questions about the czech republic but most importantly for us obviously whether or not this played any part in the results of the referendum so he and he suggested it does undermine the legality of the brics it vote how far reaching effect will be well if those allegations are proven than there has been breach of electoral law in the u.k. and because of the way in which they targeted voters and they the evidence today was that they used that data that had come from facebook which shouldn't have come from facebook to target those voters it could quite reasonably have affected the
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outcome of the vote because obviously the vote was quite narrow the majority in the end there isn't much of a left out from the government to try to revisit the whole brics issue so do you think that it will end up being parked or do you think it could have legs to well part of the problem is that our current law is not very good and it doesn't deal with digital scenarios and our information commissioner who's the regulates re body for elections with the electoral commission and for data can only find twenty thousand pounds reflectively if this is true they've bought the results of the referendum for twenty thousand pounds so i mean the broader issue of the data that's out there that's being misused allegedly what about the fact that mark zuckerberg has is not wanted to appear in front of the british m.p.'s he is a partner to testify in congress what's your view on him not appearing at all we've been pretty disappointed we've given him a lot of opportunities we've written several times asking him to come and give evidence each time he sent somebody from his organization and we have not in our future. for evidence we think that we've been misled by facebook and so we would
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like mark zuckerberg to come to parliament to answer questions and if he can't make the journey over the atlantic you know we can do it by video link we want to talk to him and you mentioned the issue of protection for the these users of social media for all of us because we will this kind of hard to escape it what kind of practical measures you think need to be put in place now to try to protect people's data well what we know is that the measures that facebook had in place were not being enforced but the evidence we've been given so there were no audit's of where this data went they went in forcing their rules mark zuckerberg says they're going to start enforcing their rules but you know we can't really let the market their own homework i don't think we can trust them now to do the job properly now we need to come up with something better we will make a report and recommendations to our parliament and the government will respond to that report but some regulation is needed and do you think that there's enough of
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a gene has been taken seriously enough i think it is now and i think mark zuckerberg will start to take it seriously he see ninety billion dollars wiped off the value of facebook since these allegations were made. and you know the fact that today he has said he will go and testify before congress i think is the start of him realizing how serious this is thursday this thank you very much indeed for coming to talk to you. russia's defense ministry says thirteen thousand fighters and their families have left syria's eastern ghouta over the past three days heading to the other remaining rebel held area evacuations a part of a deal struck between rebels and the syrian government ally russia saying harder has more from beirut. ahmed says he never carried arms against the syrian government but some of his family members belong to the five man rebel faction that's one of the reasons why he left his home in eastern huta as part of the surrender deal reached with the pro-government alliance the other reason is his
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opposition to reconciling with a government that has killed so many people. every family in lost a family member i lost a lot of friends i lost a colleague who was among the twenty six who died in the famous airstrike i lost two children that i was teaching at school we decided to move away from this brutal regime. ahmed now lives in a mosque he is among some eight hundred thousand people who have been displaced from what was once the rebel controlled enclave in the suburbs of damascus many of those deported to adlib opposition controlled province in the northwest are fighters. is one of them the rebels controlled eastern huta since late two thousand and twelve but months later it was besieged by government forces. and it's sad that we lost this battle after seven years of remaining steadfast after so many sacrifices we had to surrender because of the civilians they killed many children
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the hospitals were out of service anyone injured would die slowly. camps are being set up for syria's newly displaced the refugee camps are overstretched this is a province with a population of one million displaced people and local communities are struggling to cope when rebels are defeated they go to those who don't want to live under the rule of president bashar assad also but there is nowhere safe in that province airstrikes continue to hit nonmilitary targets such as schools and health facilities. the rebels arrived with their light weapons it's not clear if they will join the ranks of the armed factions an adlib where there has been rebel fighting. left before the acid regime for seven years but no food no water no medicine until the regime the russians launched a barbaric campaign we promised the regime that we will return we will liberate the area there are those who refused to admit defeat but the loss of easter is the
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worst setback for the opposition says it was forced to surrender the eastern part of aleppo city in two thousand and sixteen after a similar military campaign set of. beirut coming up on the news hour zimbabwe's schoolteachers threaten to storm the president's office over their work craven says. donald trump's son in law or is accused of using illegal tactics to force out low income tenants from his apartments. and iraq and syria meet in the last match of the twenty eighteen international friendship championship and i will have more details and. that was a visit trotted in mystery and still the focus of much speculation who exactly was on the train to travel between north korea and the chinese capital beijing if it was kim jong un as many believe it would be the north korean leader's first foreign
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trip since taking power in twenty eleven brown has more from beijing. a train like the one used by kim jong un's father eases out of beijing railway station heading towards north korea no clue as to who might be on board. earlier a motorcade brings the center of beijing to a standstill. was. excited office workers captured the moment convinced that it's him kim jong un. but china's foreign ministry spokeswoman was not so sure unable to explain who the mystery visitor might be well. i'm not aware of any information at present three further questions about whether kim was in beijing with a battered away there would be no big announcement here is it possible that you wouldn't know that but in general news here. everything's off the mark for me i. just really think childress you it's you you know i tell you this it seems to me
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you have more information than i think that you and in the house is possible housing possible was i think we think we were there for you know i suggest you go home and have dinner and carry on with your life she said throughout the day other parts of beijing were also no go areas for journalists including the road close to the state guesthouse where the visiting delegation was stuart to be staying if kim jong un really has been in beijing it would mark his first visit outside of north korea since becoming the country's leader more than six years ago during that time his relations with chinese leaders have gone from good to testy as he defies appeals to hold his missile and nuclear programs but now it's possible the normal service has resumed and north korean and chinese leaders are talking again adrian brown al-jazeera beijing. joining us from washington d.c.
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is eric game is a policy analyst at the cato institute think tank thanks very much for being with us so what's your theory about who was on that train. well you can't really do much more than speculate but given the fact that the train was used was a similar train that was used the last time a north korean head of state visited china the size of the motorcade and even the intense secrecy surrounding the meeting my hunch is that it is kim jong un certainly someone very very important for the north korean leadership so if not him then perhaps a sister or several other people high up in the regime and within the context of an upcoming summit with the u.s. president what would the north korean leader stand to gain from this visit. well one interesting thing about this sort of push for negotiations that we've seen since the olympic games is that china has been really sidelined in all this that
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china hasn't really been a member of talks so far in this latest push and i think that it's important for beijing to feel like a part of what's going on and to have a say to have their interests met is unclear whether or not kim is making this trip sort of at the request of xi jinping or if he's going of his own accord or if he wanted all. a lot of still unknown so we have to wait and see on that but i think it's definitely related to the upcoming summit with the united states and the general sort of frenzy of diplomatic activity that we've seen since the winter olympics so your theory is that china might be quite worried about being sidelined with those possible talks in the u.s. we're minds about the kind of state of the relationship has been recently with north korea and china. well it has been very good or it hasn't been very good china has signed on to a lot of sanctions that the u.s.
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has been championing over the especially over the last year there's been a number of high profile north korean missile tests during important events that were happening in china including a g twenty summit last year two years ago in two thousand and sixteen and a bell and road forum last year so the relationship has deteriorated i don't think that china is in a position where it would put the kind of pressure on north korea that would cause a north korean collapse but i think the chinese are moving closer to or were moving closer towards the u.s. position over time. so this might be an attempt for kim or his regime to reach out to china before the negotiations happen and fill them in on what they're thinking or try and mend some bridges or men some fences before the talks with the u.s. begin has surprising is it that i mean is it is it would you think it actually is a strategy of moving more towards diplomacy from the north korean side.
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well i think that the diplomacy has certainly been a major focus of the regime recently. i think the question of why are they doing this at this point is an important answer and unfortunately it's something that is hard to answer from the outside looking in one school of thought says that sanctions are working and trying to ministrations pressure campaign has been successful and the north is finally ready to cry uncle and give up its nuclear weapons the other perspective is that kim is pretty happy with the state of his nuclear forces and that leaves an opening to have some negotiations and see if he can use the state of his program to trade for something that he wants. without more information about what's happening in or inside north korea it's difficult to assess which of those schools is right but i think that the fact that we're seeing more movement towards diplomacy now i think it's certainly
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a positive development from where we were a year ago and from the escalating tensions that we saw throughout twenty seventeen but it doesn't mean we're out of the woods yet and a lot could still happen or still go wrong. in the course of these talks so i'm hopeful that peaceful solution can be negotiated or some sort of settlement can be reached but i'm not very confident that it will be reached thank you very much indeed. the property company owned by donald trump's son in law is under investigation for allegedly falsifying documents with the new york buildings department and the tenants rights group says krisna companies used illegal tactics to try to force out low income tenants in rent controlled apartments christian salumi has more from new york. in the home area and see why it has lived in her tiny one bedroom apartment for more than thirty five years she says living conditions became unbearable in two thousand and thirteen after the building was
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sought and the new landlord began to renovate this is where the ceiling caved in but even when she was offered ten thousand dollars to leave she refused to give up her rent stabilized lease which limits how much landlords can charge her for rent i really didn't have a lot of money to fund other parmeno look for someplace else you know this is my home so where was i going to go she didn't know her landlord was jerad cushion or until she hired a lawyer to sue and won a year's worth of free rent a new appliances christian has since stepped down as c.e.o. of the family business to work in his father in law's administration but now the manhattan based cushion or companies is accused of lying about the presence of rent regulated tenants on more than eighty work permits at thirty four buildings over a four year period tenants advocates say doing so allowed them to avoid greater oversight including surprise inspections of construction projects it appears that
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cushion or companies use deliberately used invasive and destructive construction practices to harass tenants out of their apartments and to hide what it was doing from the government it had falsified not one not two not three permit applications but eighty permit applications lying on permit applications is a crime punishable by a fine or imprisonment questionnaire companies bought this building in queens in two thousand and fifteen renovated it and sold it to. two years later for sixty million dollars in profit of nearly fifty percent during that time the number of rent stabilized tenants dropped from ninety four to twenty five christian or companies didn't respond to our request for an interview but told the associated press who first reported the story that the mistakes were unintentional clerical errors or companies city council member richard torres who launched an investigation said the actual number of rent controlled units could be found in
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other city documents falsifying building permits is not simply about bureaucratic paper shuffling it is a profound threat to the affordability of regulating your net worth of the greatest source of affordable housing we have sewage says she's just one of a handful of tenants who didn't leave during the renovations and the new ones are paying three times what she does and rent kristen salumi al-jazeera new york as you go in is following the story for us in washington d.c. party what's the political impact going to be. well you know what we've got going on now is a story first reported by the new york times that dared cushion or met with c.e.o.'s from financial companies in his role in the white house now he said it was to talk about infrastructure a potential job for one of them but a few weeks after that both of these companies gave loans to his company in the tune of about five hundred million dollars now i've spoken to the his lawyer a.b. law abbe lowell and they spit out
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a statement saying that the white house counsel did look into this and found that there jared was did nothing wrong there was no issue here so what happens next well the office of government ethics could launch a probe but it's a really powerless institution and has the ability to forward any of its findings to the justice department they seem unlikely to do anything but this is just the latest in another set of pretty much scandals surrounding jared cushion or we've had believe robert mueller the special counsel or looking into whether or not his business ties are impacting foreign policy this is that after his father met with the qatari official to try and get financing for a building they have in new york that is seriously under water a few weeks after that that surprised everyone a washington insider with the blockading countries they were blockading cutter so that is an area that special prosecutor robert muller is looking at and there's also all of christian hours of roles during the campaign during the transition he is alleged to have met with the russian ambassador and asked them if they could set
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up a back channel for communications within the embassy the russian embassy in the united states that conversation then would be kept secret allegedly from the rest of the government at the time he said it was to talk about syria so there are a lot of questions surrounding jared kushner not just his business is his time during the transition but even his time in the white house. thank you very much indeed. much more to come on the program including. as egypt's opposition boycotts the elections re-examine the country's long history of suppressing the popular muslim brotherhood movement. have policymakers are trying to have that malaysia's looming water crisis. and running on dreams will tell you how a village in ethiopia is producing some of the world's best long distance runners coming up in sport.
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welcome back as we look at weather conditions across the levant and western parts of asia we've got an area of low pressure developing and pushing towards the eastern side the mediterranean the head of it there's a lot of cloud across the region so the skies of baghdad still up at thirty four degrees but we're going to see a strong winds developing across the coast of egypt through into the levant region so beirut i think will find weather deteriorating as a head on through into thursday and temperatures certainly falling away some rain further towards the east too as we head across into more western parts of asia we've got some snow higher elevations but from marty there in kazakhstan not too bad highs of fifteen degrees or very quiet here in the arabian prince should be very hot to thirty four degrees in tow how very light winds on the other side of the potential we've got more in the way of a breeze which does mean the threat of some lifted dust and temperatures heading towards forty degrees celsius already so as we move across then into southern portions of africa we've got some showers affecting parts of mozambique up through
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zimbabwe through towards. coming further towards a search as want to show is down through the skeleton coast of namibia when took should stay largely dry there could be some cloud around looks as though it should be fine across more southeastern parts of south africa with highs of thirty two expected in turban. what makes this movement this era we live in for so unique all this is really an attack on truth itself is a lot of misunderstanding the distortion even of what free speech is supposed to be about that context is hugely important level wise to publish if you have a duty to be offensive or provocative or whatever lies people do setting the stage for a serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera. being located outside that western centric sphere of influence we're able to bring
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a different perspective to global it's when you peel away the lists of covert military in the financial darkening you see the people in those words and those policies are affecting see the emotion on their faces the situation they're living in that's when our viewers can identify with the story. on one of the top stories here on al-jazeera five people have been charged over a fire in a russian shopping center that killed sixty four people most of them children
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russia's president vladimir putin says criminal negligence is to blame. nato has joined the mass expulsion of russian diplomats in the wake of these souls bring a nerve agent attack in the u.k. saying there are costs and consequences for its behavior. and facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg will testify before congress following his website's mass data breach earlier the whistleblower at the heart of the cambridge analytical scandal told british m.p.'s that information was used to manipulate people to vote the e.u. . three had earlier questions have been raised about his role in the nigerian twenty fifteen election for more on this we can speak to invest a journalist. who joins us via skype from lagos terms how how big a story has this been in nigeria well it's been it's a big story one that was your political motivation only a little more. british and usually you know how it was shot at the.
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big tree leaves the dish maybe a little bit about your chance to get. if. color isn't enough fashion what about the intangible. to label interest money what if any kind of official investigation is is there into some of the allegations that have been made. well the government of investigations and i mean even if britain having put at ease and if drawn out in one election we wouldn't want to talking about. the rule of giving and. in any of lesson the general election so it's not the enemy of good old man given what he's already known you know if you know the last detail of it an election. coming from the media people's ability. to draw the line from running
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it was clear that he was desperate to prevent iran from going to it's easy to rationalize you know. the way. what about ordinary users of facebook for instance i mean how concerned are they that that some of their information is being sold on to other companies and that they have perhaps been manipulated in this way what's the kind of feeling from amongst all right people. books biggest african market and i don't think there's going to be any doctrine in the activity of man to his will be if you talk there and the us will have one sampled people who used to feel accordingly and i don't see. the media shifts even in the utah is what i think on how any of that ahead of next year's election of the new songs if there is it obviously be careful what you put on line if you haven't walked off musical because someone somewhere is feeding into to try to do my ability. in the
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middle clinton election we're talking about. being in an islamic east where even if there was more that many more visible you know. me and i need to go into days if something needed i was on hand other than because of my doubts on would want and i do not care to essentially saying that i don't see communion that way it's on the system of how are you moving to live down political considerations of his will thank you very much indeed deficit for your thoughts and something thank you very much. teachers throughout zimbabwe have threatened to storm the president and his offices there demanding urgent action non-work related grievances including a salary hike restoration of vacation leave and security guarantees against harassment by politicians are with us are reports from the capital harare. public
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schoolteachers in zimbabwe say not much has changed since president investment and what took over from robert mugabe in november they say they earn between two hundred and three hundred fifty dollars a month they want a one hundred percent salary increase and better with the conditions was to zoom in and out of their lives or did struggle guns in government poses we're told all of these bills are a big huge designer besides what is the money that was due to malta translate into our pockets was a little blizzard out the government is slow what is do we have fitness to feed with children to send to school we have bills to pay we have transport costs and needs in things like that we also have daily day to day needs even the. medical hold facilities we also need to take our children then also to divorce and for them the money is no deneuve. all our junior doctors have been on strike for nearly a month crippling the public health sector the teachers are saying that they will
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also down tools if their demands are met and they will stop going to teach in the public schools the government has said to civil servants to striking doctors and to the teachers who are disgruntled with the government is trying to address the needs they say that the government is broke that there's a shortage of foreign currency and right now the state can't afford to raise salaries but people are seemingly agitated seemingly running out of patience they say it's time for the government at all they will bring the entire public sector to a standstill. turn out still appears to be low on the second day of voting in egypt's presidential election which the incumbent of and fatah sisi is certain to win opponents of called for a boycott after many. candidates withdrew saying they faced intimidation egypt's opposition movements some of which helped to bring down a president are a shadow of their former selves the april sixth group was at the heart of the twenty eleven revolution that ended in hosni mubarak's resignation but since then
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the youth movements members have been persecuted with many of them arrested. for another prominent young pro-democracy activist from that time has been in prison for almost five years mohamed el baradei of the dust to a party once headed the un's nuclear watchdog he became egypt's interim vice president in twenty thirty but lasted only a month in the job standing down after police crackdown on protests many of egypt's opposition in our lives abroad then there's the longtime opposition group the muslim brotherhood it came late to the revolution and want to see new members mohamed morsi went on to become egypt's first democratically elected president in twenty twelve but within a year he'd been removed from power then imprisoned and now the muslim brotherhood has been outlawed as a terrorist organization most of its leadership are in prison or abroad. a second day of voting is underway in egypt's presidential election incumbent as we
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said but as he says almost certain to win some opposition candidates are boycotting the election in protest at voter intimidation and lack of choice and another group not represented in the vote the muslim brotherhood as we've mentioned suppressed for decades despite producing the country's first democratically elected leader sullivan has more. to. do with a small window of democracy in egypt a long history of strongmen backed by the military that was in two thousand and twelve the mohamed morsi was sworn in. but the triumph of egypt's first democratically elected president and the party he represents the muslim brotherhood lost in just twelve months. the largest representative of political sunni islam in egypt is now labeled by the state as a terrorist organization which the brotherhood denies there's no room for any kind of political practice nobody is allowed to express his opinion nobody is allowed to feel the himself as a candidate in as
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a serious candidate in front of sisi the military controls everything. you muslim brotherhood has been on the hitlist of egyptian rulers for nearly a century has some of the first guy general was believed to have been killed by egyptian secret police in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine. despite supporting the nursery who became president the brotherhood was banned in one nine hundred fifty four dozens of members were arrested or escaped another brotherhood leaders say a part of was hanged on the orders of president and were sadat throughout the one nine hundred eighty s. efforts by the muslim brotherhood to become a political force failed. it wasn't until the removal of hosni mubarak in two thousand and eleven that the brotherhood's freedom and justice party was elected for the first time along with president mohamed morsi who's known death row for ordering the killing of protesters. just a year after taking charge he was removed in a military coup led by the current president of the fatah and sisi morsi supporters accused the so-called deep state especially within the military hierarchy of not
9:42 pm
allowing the muslim brotherhood government to function in that single year after the first fully democratic election the main mistake is actually handing over their responsibility of managing the transitional period after the revolution after ousting hosni mubarak handing over this power to to the military to to the military and the military had all the time in order to abort the achievements of the revolution. like other military rulers of egypt sisi has ordered the jailing of thousands of brotherhood supporters and successfully lobbied regional backers to declare the group as a terrorist organization. exiled members and brotherhood supporters say the ruling clique is suppressing moderate voices and warning that could result in an extreme reaction in egypt and some of the job of their. iran's revolutionary guard has denied saudi accusations that its arming who see rebels in yemen on
9:43 pm
sunday his he's fired several missiles across the border targeting the saudi arabia's capital riyadh iran has been accused of sending weapons to the cities in the past but a report by the iranian news agency tells them quotes the revolutionary guard saying yemen is a capable of producing their own weapons. authorities in france say two men arrested over the murder of a holocaust survivor may have killed her because she was jewish eighty five year old man i know was found dead in her apartment in paris on friday after being repeatedly stabbed her apartment was also set on fire french president emanuel mccoll has responded to her death by saying he's determined to stamp out anti semitism in france colors christian ones lawyer says he's promising to continue to fight for the rights of the catalan people wisdom on fled spain five months ago after an unsanctioned referendum on secession from a catamaran president's legal team met him on tuesday in the german prison where
9:44 pm
he's currently being held german authorities say it could take several days to decide whether to extradite him to spain he now faces charges of rebellion that could lead to twenty five years in prison he is a strong he has a clear determination to continue to provide for the rights of the piling on the state capital an m.p. who he has said we will never surrender under its his message to the people and also that they kept the right to express their willingness for independence and for republic. and also he has expressed his full trust in the german legal system and i would like to see that he's very strong and very clear with in his new terminations. the asia pacific region is the most vulnerable in the world when it comes to water insecurity population growth and drastically increase the demand the region is home to sixty percent of the world's population
9:45 pm
and fifty percent of the poorest agriculture takes up eighty percent of the water resources by twenty thirty the region is expected to have twenty two cities of ten million people or more and in thirty years or so three point four billion people are expected to be living in water scarce areas for arms louis looks at the challenges facing policymakers in the region and some of the solutions on offer here's a report from malaysia. water we all depend on it we need it for drinking washing and growing the food we seek in china on the west coast of peninsular malaysia is known for its paddy fields it's where asia's most important staple food rice is grown yep you grew up here and used to be a farmer till he retired ten years ago you are going to z. is no problem during the rainy season when it's the dry season we have to get to field and there have been times when we didn't have enough water for parts it's
9:46 pm
rare it's happened those were difficult times the water for the fields comes from a nearby river researches say agriculture will continue to be the largest user of water in asia it accounts for around eighty percent of water use. and demand is going to go up as the population in asia pacific grows a study commissioned by the asian development bank projects a fifty five percent increase. water is not only a source of life it's also a source of energy used to generate hydro electricity and in thermal electricity plants the mighty me kong river which flows through six countries starting in china and ending in vietnam has been harnessed for this reason communities living in the downstream states say the construction of dams has upset the ecosystems and threatened the life of millions of people highlighting the competing demands for
9:47 pm
water so there's not a native sauce for water and we are not only depending on what are far our best use this space if used as so anyone has. and therefore is to. make sure that what displace available the state afford to security in asia depends on how governments manage this precious resource rivers and lakes can be kept clean of pollution to ensure the waterways stay healthy. even.
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9:49 pm
thank you very much australia cricket captain steve smith as well as vice captain david warner and cameron bancroft will be sent home in disgrace from their tour of south africa on wednesday cricket australia have suspended the three with an announcement of more sanctions to come in the next twenty four hour with captain smith admitted to cheating during the last test against south africa and used to bancroft as part of a ball tampering strategy warner has been found to also have prior knowledge of the
9:50 pm
incident coach darren lehmann is said to have no prior knowledge of the plan tim payne will take over as captain in regard to the roof replies on report i want to stress that we are contemplating significant sanctions in each size. the sanctions will reflect the gravity with which we view what has occurred and the damage it is done to the standing of the strike in cricket. i'm joined now by cricket writer telfer advice from cape town telford cricket australia have sanctioned the guilty three players with more to come in the next twenty four hours what kind of punishment can we expect they are the most popular there is that they'll be going to be here year particularly warner and. he's likely to serve a lesser sentence but you know warrants going to go up the number one and number five batsmen in the world and we're australia to be without them we're year is
9:51 pm
going to well miss it is the case that will be a series against india next summer was it was all it's a big deal that they should be back to the world cup it will be a shit. coach darren lehmann was found to have no prior knowledge of the incident how believe a bull is that. completely unbelievable they're leaving is a huge personality in that he. is not has been linked to this ever since that first broke it's very difficult to believe that there are lehman was not involved perhaps australia that we've got to hold onto somebody c.d.'s because we're getting rid of everybody else but that is really us right. what steps do you believe the i.c.c. could take to prevent similar incidents from taking place in the future the only thing they could do is increase the punishment for gold. you know put in a series of demerit points which is based on much harsher punishment than the past
9:52 pm
that's been in practice it's september twenty sixth the only thing that could is that is you know increase the penalties or they could and this is a real radical idea they could look at the ball ball tampering law and make that the rest of it issued in other words allow players to title the ball to some extent but i don't see that happening. thank you very much tough advice and joining us that from cape town. a momentous occasion for football in iraq as they've concluded hosting an international friendly tone a man has for the first time in twenty eight years a face the ban was lifted just a few days ago part of the decision to lift it included improved security and a sellout friendly against saudi arabia in the bathroom they game against syria on tuesday which was the last games of this event concluded in a one one draw correspondent in my own karmas watching the game for us. it
9:53 pm
almost doesn't matter who won tonight iraqi football came out on top the games were very well attended and the competition was very well run now that's going to be good news for the iraqi football federation who are hoping that this tournament paves the way for international competitive games now this tournament was on the cause the full fee for lifted the ban so the iraqis are hoping the faithful will allow competitive games to take place in iraq quite soon however baghdad fans are disappointed the only cities the ban was lifted on was to be in the north and got a villa in the south of baghdad the capital city is still not allowed to hold competitive games from fifo because of the security situation now speaking to football fans in the capital city they understand that there is problems with baghdad but they say if iraq is truly to be an international footballing nation then games need to take place in baghdad. while champions germany play brazil and
9:54 pm
a friendly later on is a repeat of the twenty fourteen semifinal with germany one seven one brazil's coach has admitted his team a still haunted by that scoreline and not the big game take place in madrid to spain host argentina who have met me back in the lineup after a muscle problem kept him on the bench against italy last week. you know. it is impossible to teach me anything we are in a place where leo is an reachable to teach him. we need to understand we need him to be as comfortable as possible and build the team around this kind of player who comes up every once in a while we can only learn from them organizers of an around the world yacht race play a british sailor who was washed overboard in the southern ocean is now presumed to have been lost as john fisher has seen him in an interview just days ago was
9:55 pm
wearing survival gear when he fell from this funk high scallywag yacht in rough water as the team competed in the volvo ocean race with the weather worsening the crew are heading towards the south american coast while another ship has been diverted to the thing but still a day away the forty five thousand nautical mile race has run every three years the last time a failure was lost at sea during the race with the atlantic ocean in two thousand and six. to ethiopia underscore world village that's producing some of the wild best long distance runners the coyote lives in fentress ethiopia and at least eight olympic medalists while title and wild record holders come from stephanie decker went to find out why. my. it's barely seven o'clock in the morning these two are already late. coach entire show to his busy warming up his students something he has done here in the for the past
9:56 pm
thirty years this rule village almost three thousand metres above sea level in the highlands is at first glance just like any other but world class athletes are born and bred here. it's good we work with them that will to the securities and determination in their heart a book and all sorts of weather for instance if you bring them out late from time. it would be difficult for them to breeze at least for the first few weeks once you get used to you would be fine and then once you get back to the ground level it will be much easier. there's been a lot of debate and research as to why this small rural villages produce so many world class long distance runners now one thing is certain the dedication and determination of these young men and women to make it and it's very possible that you'll be seeing one or more of them at future world sporting events. according to coach entire u.
9:57 pm
seventeen year old messer taffeta is one to watch we ask her about her dreams. myself and then live my dream like other successful athletes from my village like turner. and others i want to run in the olympics and i want to break the records and i can see that in my dreams. for many running offers the only way out of this village life can be difficult children tend to cattle and help take care of the family from an early age there is incredible pride in those who went from here to international sporting fame and that can be seen at the local government office proudly displayed on the wall posters of local heroes limbic medalist and world record holders. tell you shows us his training log book at home the rush. passes the entries for tearing dish to bubba from when she was thirteen years old she is now the five thousand meter world record holder and remains the youngest ever female world champion winning gold at just eighteen. it's these role
9:58 pm
models that are inspiring this new generation all the determined but not all will make it the coach says it's essentially down to hard work and that's something many of these teenagers are already used to further inspired by the fact that dreaming big in this small village of bilin big golden world records really can come true stephanie decker al-jazeera but in central ethiopia. and out of overthe ball for now it's now back to lauren and london as you know thank you very much indeed and there's plenty more sport and of course all the news we're covering on our website . dot com. set for may learn to live with us news out maryam namazie will be here to minot with another full run of the day's news thanks for watching by for.
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travel often. by tranquil board tubes and local forests may provide wind warnings and walks of. by icons landmarks valleys and scott guides. live for adventure. discovery jobs because far away places closer to the fish going this is together with cats i always. the scene for us whether online what is a very new site in yemen that peace is always possible but it never happens not because the situation is called to take it but because no one cares or if you join
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us on sat there are people that that are choosing between buying medication and eating this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist has posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. no. no. no no. no no. when we name the will of the people hinges on the mass media state p.r. machine it's going to overdrive. but just. influencing. we just don't know yet where the lines will be drawn between what can be said and what could just be. some journalists decided to sacrifice their integrity for outside polling the media opinion the listening post but based time on al-jazeera.


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