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basis is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist who's close to the story joined the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. the last time i was spoke to him he told me i was thinking to go into syria the world wants to see syria's fighters up close and personal but those behind the camera pay the price filmmaker yes it is you made these chillingly intimate footage on and behind the front lines cost him his life his body was. an exclusive documentary syria the last assignment at this time on al-jazeera.
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this is al-jazeera. color and citizen this is the news hour live from london coming up china house north korea's reclusive leader on his first foreign trip since taking power seven years ago but what does it mean for his controversial nuclear program authorities in egypt threaten fines to boost turnout as the polls are extended for another hour in the country's presidential election and fronts on this the peace time he sacrificed his life to save a hostage. and i'm peter stone in doha with all the day's sports including australia's disgraced cricket is steve smith and david warner banned from playing for twelve months for their part in a ball tampering scandal more on that later this news out of.
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new quiz leader kim jong un has made his first trip abroad since taking power seven years ago came met with chinese president xi jinping carrying a surprise visit to beijing chinese state media described the talks as a success with kim saying he is open to giving up his nuclear weapons china correspondent adrian brown reports from beijing for xi jinping this was a diplomatic triumph he did not u.s. president donald trump now the first world leader to meet kim jong il a. chinese state controlled media waited until kim was back home before confirming what officials to try to so hard to deny just today. in the great hall of the people kim and his wife well welcome bleich old friends appearance is important at times like this. she opted for
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a business suit where is kim stuck to the look favored by his father and grandfather the wives of both men were present during most of the photo opportunities. visits like this are all about symbolism for she it served as a reminder that china still holds sway over its neighbor and intends to be at the center of diplomatic efforts to achieve a nuclear free korean peninsula it's not clear what made him come to beijing or indeed what incentives he may have been offered to do so but china remains north korea's only real friend and ally so it's fair to assume the president xi jinping might want to know what kim's negotiating strategy will be during his upcoming summit with president trump. and kim's visit made it possible for china to know what north korea will be talking about to south korea and the united states in his discussions on the nuclearization china has also learned what north korea's demands
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will be which will help china. it's a visit that would have seemed unimaginable just a few months ago where north korea was ignoring chinese appeals for restraint at an exhibition showcasing some of china's technological achievements the message appeared to be we can help you with all of this if you behave. china's leaders are fond of metaphors at a lavish banquet she told his guest that in the beautiful season of spring everything comes to life kim replied i believe our meeting will yield abundant fruit that could mean making good on his commitment to give up nuclear weapons the fruits of spring were apparent in the garden of the state guesthouse where friendship also seemed to blossom she accepted an invitation to visit north korea and told kim he was welcome to visit china again the visitors left happy adrian
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brown al-jazeera beijing and south korea greeted news of the china summit with kate interest kathy no one can see the reaction from so. the south korean government says it welcomes the visit by kim jong un to china and says that it hopes that the meeting between kim and she jinping will help contribute to the overall goal of denuclearization and peace on the korean peninsula the spokesperson though added that the situation is evolving beyond their expectations and that they will have to monitor things as they go forward with all possibilities in mind there is an acknowledgement there i think of the surprise that was involved with this visit by kim jong un the first that he has taken as leader out of the country indeed the surprise that many felt when donald trump accepted the invitation to hold a meeting with the leader of north korea kim jong un in fact chinese state media reported that kim said he was willing to have that summit with donald trump and it
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was the first time that we had a direct confirmation from the north korean side of plans to go forward with that meeting there were indications that even the north koreans were surprised that trump accepted that invitation so there are a lot of moving parts here now on the korean peninsula for the south korean side they are moving ahead with plans for an intercom summit on thursday there will be a high level meeting at the d.m.z. at the border that separates the two koreas and we are expecting china's top diplomat to be in seoul to brief the south korean government on the meeting between xi jinping and kim jong un. well the us president gave his reaction to the meeting on twitter he wrote received a message last night from xi jinping of china that his meeting with kim jong un went very well and that kim looks forward to his meeting with me earlier this month surprised the world by agreeing to meet kim at a place and time to be determined roderick why is an associate fellow of the asia
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pacific program at chatham house and now joins me live in the studio thanks very much for coming in to al-jazeera to talk about this there's an awful lot of talk that the chinese managed to get the north korean leader to say they were he would consider denuclearizing obviously that's the key expectation of the white house but do we actually think that that will be what happens having spent so much time developing his weapons. it's an easy word to say it's a very much more complicated thing actually to do and i think at the moment was still in the place of words and words are encouraging both from from all sides from donald trump just now from him to say that he would meet and that he was interested in the you can arise ation from the chinese that they think it's a good idea and especially from south korea i think is a very good idea and the reduction in tension and of the threat from north korea is
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great for them when they actually means those words he appeared to take a bit of a master stroke is now being welcomed at the top table since being treated as an equal rather than the son of a leader who just happened to inherit the position which is just saying toby be a very clever way of dealing with the geopolitical situation so far it has worked out very well i think the north korea you're quite right having as it were caused trouble by all the missile test a nuclear tests they now suddenly take an initiative that the south koreans to begin with sees. eagerly and the united states very surprisingly also responded to in a very positive manner and now they've i think they had to go to china he had to go to china to clear it with the chinese to make sure that the chinese were happy with whatever he was going to say and do he is now expected sometime in may to turn up
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to me president chen we don't know where they haven't specified but at the moment we have a situation where president trumper said we will have to keep the pressure on. he's also got john bolton and his coordinators that is probably would you say going to change the goalposts a little it i mean it looks as though the advice that president will be given will be much more hardline from someone like bolton who has dealt with the korean business before and always took a very strong line or has been very outspoken about korea hasn't he has in the past and presumably his views have not changed in any significant way so that does leave that huge problem of how you are going to get some realistic moves from the north koreans and they in turn will want some realistic move from the americans and they spoke in the chinese report they spoke of synchronous and progressive moves from
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the united states now what on earth does that mean has to be worked out in practice i suppose south korea is watching all of this and we understand the south and north korean leaders are all they're also going to meet at some point they must be watching all of this sort of above their heads if you like hoping that the u.s. kind of holds the line on this because they're always looking back to the u.s. for that support well they want two things they want to a reduction in tension on the korean peninsula very obviously and this is this is magic for them but they also don't want the united states' security guarantee removed from them because even if there weren't nuclear weapons there's an awful lot of conventional weapons that the north koreans have that have always threaten seoul thank you very much for your thoughts on this what it was thanks for coming thank you. there are conflicting reports about who is in control of the northern syrian town of tal rifat turkish troops have been closing in on time in fact after taking the kurdish held enclave or philine ten days ago turkish president type
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erdogan has said his forces will continue to move east as far as man binge to push out the white p.g. fighters who he says are terrorist or send cash to go in who has more now from istanbul. turkish officials have told me that white beaches withdrawing from tel rafah but they underline that there is no military operation as in our free on the other hand why p.g. has denied all these statements that they are withdrawing from tel rafah the town which they conquered from the syrian opposition groups in early two thousand and sixteen what we understand is that there is a deal between russia and turkey over the strategic town of northern aleppo but this time told her father is going to be more different compared to our friend because often there were boots on the ground at the f.s.a. and the turkish military but in tell her father it is more about diplomatic and political talks between two sides both russia and turkey also turkish foreign
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ministry undersecretary who will be in washington d.c. or march thirty to talk about violator of the issues and also about the ongoing operations in northern syria so probably we are going to be hearing more detailed information within the coming days about the strategic town of northern alabama it is very strategic for all parties in syria because it is a strategic transition straight across syria so if you take tel referred under control you are controlling the east west route also the area between aleppo and bob. the french case man killed in last friday's terror attack in southern france has been honored in a ceremony led by president emmanuel macro lieutenant colonel are nobel tram swapped places with a hostage during the supermarkets attack in tribe saving her life but losing his own has been posthumously awarded france's highest award for bravery that's
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a report from paris. trams coffin was a school trip to paris and to pouring rain people came to pay their respects to a french police officer who's become a national hero in imposing courtyard of the adelaide france's most famous military memorial think tim's family's joint politicians of all persuasions and former presidents in a show of unity on friday beltrami had swapped himself with a hostage in an attack in southern france it was a display of courage that cost him his life as a priest or just as soon as we learned of this high risk act all french people trembled as one one of us said stood up straight clear headed and brave he was standing up to islam missed aggression to hate the folly of murder and with him the whole country's heart swelled with the french spirit of resistance the bravery of one man taking the whole country with him back whole war did beltrami the commander
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of the legion of honor one of france's highest accolades are noble transactions have touched so many people in france because he did something that very few people could imagine doing sacrificing his own life for that of a stranger. bell tram had rushed to the supermarket in the town of tired last week after news broke that a gunman had taken hostages twenty five year old raja one black team had been on a shooting spree in the name of eisel he'd killed three people including two men in the supermarket and it injured a police officer who'd been joking facts that beltran would have known when he volunteered to put down his weapon and take the place of the female hostage french police said black tim was radicalized and under surveillance but he wasn't considered a threat on tuesday the prime minister dismissed criticism by the opposition that the government's not doing enough to prevent such attacks research. those who say
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that this attack could have been avoided those who believe that the guarantees of french people as a residual risk i say to them so it's a mistake responsibility falls on naive she. more than two hundred forty people have been killed in attacks in france in the last three years each time many people in the country feel a sense of anger and despair in some found a reason to hope for tasha butler al-jazeera paris. still to come on this hour of news from london families lay their children to rest and a day of national mourning in the russia aliments and protesters in catalonia keep up the pressure on the central government in spain and a day before the new baseball season gets underway there's something foul at the doctor stadium to one of the details for. voting in egypt's presidential election has been extended by an hour as officials
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try to boost turnout incumbent president abdel fattah el-sisi is all but guaranteed to win a second four year term as. yes lete go vote and you will immediately be paid the equivalent of three dollars loudspeakers off of drives to egyptians to cast their ballots as government fears of a low turnout grow state media police and officials are watching to try and prevent embarrassment. trucks distributed sugar rice and cooking oil in poor areas businessman offers people free rides to go to polling stations. the government's using the carrot as well as the stick to boost turnout it just shines choose to stay way risk being fined. for
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whoever abstains from casting his vote with no justifiable reason faces a fine of twenty eight dollars it's our duty to ensure the law is implemented without a country that respects the law president i defer to has c.c. has bed for reelection is almost and challenge to fear as a low turnout will be widely seen as a sign of growing discontent among the people senior army officers visited polling stations across the country they insist the election went smooth and the turnout is higher than reported by the media. but even if the turnout is low c.c. is expected to trounce his opponent most often was the little known politician who announced his bit of a last minute sissy's sat for an easy win but is likely to face many challenges
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during his second term critics dismiss claims by c.c. supporters who say his the right man for egypt and his help improve the economy some analysts say the vast majority of egyptians are worse off the biggest challenge for him right now i think is the economy if you look at some of the macro level indicators like g.d.p. and foreign reserves things seem to have improved for for egypt over the past two years particularly since they enacted tough economic reforms encouraged by the i.m.f. but on the micro level. life for the average egyptian has actually gotten a lot more difficult because inflation has increased dramatically presidencies he said repeatedly that if we elected it's going to be his final four years. but he's already pushing for constitutional changes to pave the way for the general turned
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politician to run for a third term. last senior political analyst mo in the shower and joins us now live in the studio to talk about the election and we've got the polls extended for another hour also as we put that hashing with saying about bribes about payments for votes why is the president soon came front for tend to be so high in this election it's very important for him because this is now turning to be more of a random than elections. all the other candidates or potential candidates serious candidates opposition candidates were either sidelined repressed or put in jail and for any other for on them to succeed whether it's fake or real it has to have a turnout so high that their knowledge gives some minimum legitimacy that people are at all interested even though some of them according to some reports went out to vote in order to put some sort of via language next to his name or to the name
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of the other candidate so not every one that actually showed up it was you know two to express feelings about about about the president it's important for sisi to maintain appearances that there is some sort of a democracy or democratic process in the country let's all remember that he has less than backers in the united states in europe in diameter france and so forth and that's important for a lot of people talked about how his regime has been similar to president mubarak how does this behavior over the election compared to the president that was deposed after the revolution. at one point it seemed that we went through a phase of chaos at least between two thousand and twelve and two thousand and fourteen but clearly we are nuts in the pre two thousand and eleven era in egypt i think president sisi or marshal of the c.c.
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is making sure that. the muslim brotherhood or any form of secular opposition does not rise once again in egypt against the establishment against the military against the authority and rule and hence today's egypt is far more repressive far more oppressive and i would argue far more to tell it syrian than it was also to tarion during the mubarak era i remember for many years i would go to egypt and there would be opposition papers throughout saying all sorts of things about lines for food starving people and souls. but under the c.c. today it's very hard to express your position now only that people are are required to express their support of the president so egyptians today are demanding their rights to be silent because they just don't want to express or new support you
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mention western back. just an hour ago or so into british parliamentarian and they put a report together about the treatment of mohamed morsi the previous president and saying that the kind of torture and the way he's been treated goes all the way to the top can anybody put any pressure on sisi even if the turnout is not high anybody putting pressure on him for him to consider human rights for him to consider the treatment of a prisoner who was a president you know the the one the one party that could the could of would of because i mean others could express their opinions like the chinese and the russians but they won't because there is very similar to what's happening to what's happening in egypt the ones who could wouldn't the europeans they should have but in fact we've seen the french and the british and the germans you know host c c and giving him war walk i'm the worst part of it to be honest is the united states you
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know we have the three each the think chief. policymakers then tell us and said there is no gap between egypt and the united states pence the vice president said sisi is our great ally and of course president from said his of my great friend good to talk to him and moma show them the latest on the chips the election. a social media producer palin has more about what's trending online on the final day of voting in this election. the turnout in this election is being closely watched for an indication of egyptians trust in the president local media dominated by pro-government voices have portrayed voting as an obligation and the only way to prevent foreign forces from sowing instability regardless of the choice of candidates many egyptians voted to carry out a basic civic duty. we have to cast your ballot you have to express your opinion and make a difference you've seen your neighbors suffering instability and turmoil but we have stability thank god the most important thing forty seven point five percent of
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eligible voters participated four years ago handing sisi his first election victory with nearly ninety seven percent of the vote if you were voters participated in the last election in two thousand and fourteen compared to twenty twelve when mohamed morsi became egypt's first democratically elected president egypt's election authorities said sisi received a ten million more votes in twenty fourteen then morsi did in two thousand and twelve so forty seven point five percent in twenty fourteen fifty two percent in two thousand and twelve but check out this number from two thousand and five only twenty three percent of eligible voters cast ballots in that race when former president mubarak faced a challenger from the gods party that's the same party as cc's only challenger. now pop culture has played a role in getting people to vote this week and many of the prominent pro-government hashtags for the election featured videos of people dancing outside polling stations playing songs by popular artists encouraging people to participate this song. or good omen was released for the twenty fourteen election but it continues
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to be played outside many polling stations this week it's a massive hit that's racked up more than two hundred and eighty six million views on you tube. and it appears that american election observers became hooked by the catchy tunes as well several videos of u.s. officials dancing outside polling stations have gone viral on egyptian social media that's something that's hurt some online observers a cairo based writer and filmmaker here calling it a celebration of the unopposed triumph of a military dictator and while the u.s. embassy in cairo says that as americans they are very impressed by the enthusiasm and patriotism of egyptian voters you have commentators such as while iskandar who say that western complicity and partnership in the crimes against the egyptian people are the most important story about the elections the u.s. military says a high ranking al qaeda official has been killed in an airstrike in libya u.s. officials say. was one of two people killed in a precision and strike on such
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a near the southern city of valerie the u.s. state department listed as has specially designated global terrorist he was accused of training recruits as well as providing funding and weapons to the group known as al qaida in the islamic magreb. shares in the online retailer amazon have dropped sharply following reports that u.s. president donald trump is looking to change its tax treatment the stock fell by as much as seven point four percent wiping more than fifty billion dollars from the sun's market value one stage it recovered somewhat after a white house official said they were unaware of any specific policy changes relating to amazon poland has signed the largest arms deal in its history four and three quarter billion dollars for the patriot missile defense system from a one hundred days is the latest and biggest step in poland's efforts to upgrade
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its military which has accelerated since russia's annexation of crimea in twenty fourteen pages system which is designed to shoot down incoming missiles will be delivered in twenty twenty two. funerals have been held for some of the victims of a fire at a shopping center in siberia on sunday is a day of national mourning in russia to remember the sixty four victims forty one of whom were children and those are always challenge reports from moscow people now want. oh. on sunday. took her grandchildren ten year old maria and eight year old constantine to the cinema they didn't come back just three victims of the russian shopping mall fire that killed at least sixty four people sort of gay in natalya's house will be quiet now the children to go on there are many more shattered families like the ago because most of those who died in the fire the kids here are some of this tragedy
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is made even worse by the fact children became victims of the blaze great grief is upon all of us and the no words that can express our shared pain the bereaved siberian city of camera began burying its dead on wednesday but as more bodies are identified many more coffins will be lowered into siberia. it's not just one city grieving though wednesday is a day of mourning across russia in moscow flags were flying at half staff and there are two memorial sites best still considerable anger being voiced in this country some people feel they haven't been told the whole truth about the fire and there's a sense that official corruption and a disregard for safety regulations are largely responsible for the horror that unfolded in kemah rivers burning shopping mall really only those in the bullets the guilty must be found no matter what for the simple purpose that this must not
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happen again so that money would not be able to buy everything life is not for sale oh lord may the lord save us. it is good that they have announced a day of mourning order on russia that is correct only a bit late they could've done it a bit earlier but since the people rose to say so the authorities reacted the shopping centers director is one of five people that have appeared in court as suspects in the investigation she denies doing anything wrong. you know i wholeheartedly bring my sincere condolences for the fact that this tragedy this disaster happened i'm a mother myself i perfectly understand what people who are now burying their children are experiencing but i do not want to blame myself for this. the search for bodies in camera is now officially over but the investigation continues locked cinemark doors blocked fire exits nonfunctioning alarms these are reasons
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investigators have already given for how or shopping mall fire became a national disaster or a challenge how does iran moscow. still to come on this al-jazeera news hour survivors sierra leone's west of a natural disaster accuse the government of leaving them high and dry plus. fishing is still big business here in indonesia a population i declining and the dopamine game between its protection on pot and reporting from a good option in making off. and in sports page will be here to explain what happened in this cycling the road race in belgium this house coming up.
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how i would say it's a really lively stones across the east the sort of the met it's right a lot of cloud had rain rolling in the hay on a very brisk wind here's our latest batch of disturbed weather see some violent weather making its way across cypress and thursday looks like another pretty alive to day basis out of the matter where we're looking at temperatures by region around twenty two degrees celsius and blustery showers coming through here to see some really heavy rain that will make its way for the northeast which as we go through friday clear skies to come back in behind temperatures forty back to eighteen in by route ninety some snow there with the turkish mountains increasing cloud will push its way across iraq into iran and notice how it just stretches down across a good part of kuwait as well so northern parts of the writing peninsula could also see a fair bit of cloud as we go on through the next couple of days here in doha not cheap out of around thirty three degrees celsius light breeze mostly little bit of early morning mist and fog as we head towards the night into friday friday sees a high of around thirty four celsius and here is that cloudy weather just around
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northern parts of the gulf south of that jen retry with plenty of sunshine plenty of sunshine so into the eastern side of south africa at present we have got some cloud and right welcome to how to write for the eastern cape forth stay. to see. a family. politicized by the forces of nature. film nova for years a kenyan farmer and documents his struggle for his community survival and builds a template for global action on climate change. to see the climate dial a witness documentary on al-jazeera. when the news breaks. along the wall that the city and the story builds to be forest so it would just.
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when people need to be heard women and girls are being barred and given away in refugee camps al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring new award winning documentaries and live manners and out of iraq i got to commend you all i'm hearing is good journalism on air and on mine. welcome back to remind all of the top stories here on al jazeera hours after he left china it was finally announced that north korea's leader kim jong un had in fact made his first trip abroad since taking power seven years ago he met president
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xi jinping in beijing a french police officer killed after trading places with a hostage has been posthumously awarded the legion donna the country's highest accolade and authorities in egypt threaten fines to boost turnout polls are extended for an hour in the country's presidential election president abdel fattah el-sisi is expected to win. now a diplomatic dispute between chile and bolivia has come to a head at the international court in the hague but libyans have been watching proceedings in the hague where the landlocked country is fighting for chile to grant access to the coast or wednesday the court heard the final arguments from both sides it's a bitter dispute that has pitted the south american countries against each other for more than a century after chill a annexed part of bolivia cutting it off from the pacific ocean well a lot in america just a lucy and human joneses now live from santiago and lucy i can't exactly describe
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it as breaking news it's been going on for more than a hundred years so why haven't they managed to solve it. absolutely they haven't but this dispute is going from bad to worse i would say. it's a very difficult situation to solve and they have had decades and decades of negotiations which have been absolutely nowhere and it basically centers around the one thing that bolivia is demanding sovereign access to the pacific ocean not just a corridor or chile argues that is it is under no obligation to negotiate and in fact says that bolivia has absolutely no right to rewrite the map that it lost the war rather the chile won the war of the pacific fair and square and that it also would set a terrible precedent if countries could ignore these kinds of peace treaties because they say for example what would happen to europe if it were to ignore the boundaries that were set after the second world war between for example the united
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states and mexico but any way that the bolivia says that that's rubbish that chile has a political and moral obligation not only to negotiate but to eventually allow sovereign corridor to the pacific ocean. in good faith seeks to restore law and justice corresponds to us once the proceedings have finished we can establish that the bolivian case is proven. as others have relations between chile and believe your are have an all time low and they were made worse by a tweet sent during the hague proceedings by president evo morales in which he said that the chilean you're now chilean sitting on top was and shall always become a part of bolivia this is what chile's president. had to say just minutes after the hearing in the hague and it. peter sue nicklin body. will believe you must learn
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not to confuse aspirations we have rights a much less your aspirations generate applications for our country around these proceedings i believe you have to prove any of the three points that is needed to prove to validate his claims so no see what happens now. also the world court is the united nations highest body to sort of try to resolve disputes between a member nations but it has no way of enforcing its verdict a verdict which we are expecting in this case to come possibly before the end of this year chile has in the past respected the verdict but in this case it says it will not seen one centimeter of the sovereign chilean territory to bolivia so what does that mean in the worst in the best case scenario the court could say that it exhorts both sides chile ability to sit down and continue negotiating that may not
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resolve anything in practice but at this for bolivia that would be a huge political victory so many things to see in you in their life presence until . the catalan parliament has approved resolutions defending the political rights of politicians in custody all self-imposed exile lawmakers in barcelona used yellow ribbons in place of them missing colleagues they won't officially like which to moan and at least two others to be able to reach parliament in order to stand for election. seven months on survivors of last year's mudslide disaster in sierra leone are struggling to rebuild their lives sampras shelters for those made homeless have closed and only a fraction of them are being cared for by relatives and neighbors are committed to this report from freetown on the struggle they now face to rebuild their lives. for the first time since the disaster in august two thousand and seventeen percy for fun are musters enough courage to take me to where her mother and sister still lie
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and the rocks and debris. it's an emotional first step she couldn't complete and i feel bad i feel bad right now because i remember my mom my sister and people are not under that pile of rubble coming here is hard for me. healing is taking a long time for the twenty three year old she lives with neighbors along with her son just three hundred metres from her mother and sisters muddy tomb more than five hundred people were killed and hundreds more remain missing after part of the sugarloaf mountain collapsed following to racial rain the tide of rubble swept or homes and anything else in its path just as people are waking up the migrants the workers have given up digging here they say bashir size of the area is overwhelming however residents say many bodies still lie under the rubble and so i will say not enough relief has come their way most of them are broke and homeless. lost his
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wife and three children as well as a house they will get into just before the disaster the house i've been a start. up to now i cannot get to where i built my house everyone living there including neighbors died we thought the end of the world had come. the civil union government took possession of fifty two homes donated by some construction companies to help the victims but survivors say the government is demanding their pay for them god makes itself into a new to do something for us often now the fifty two hours that we're talking about that. really didn't get access to all the civil union governments that each family affected was given about six hundred dollars money the victims say is inadequate some of the victims of this disaster alongside thousands of victims of another which recently shook so really on the ball a crisis they have
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a resting place but survivors are struggling to build their lives comedy trees al-jazeera freetown sierra leone. if you know piers ruling coalition has chosen the country's new leader and they are selected chairperson of the coalition and he automatically becomes prime minister his appointment comes about a month after former prime minister resigned and here is the first prime minister from the aroma of people ethiopia's largest ethnic group in nearly three decades shark fin soup is a lucrative trade in china but the high demand is endangering many species scientists are calling for with strictures on shark fishing to prevent them being wiped out from indonesian waters so vast and reports from east indonesia. they are predators at sea but powerless against fishing lines sharks of all sizes float the fish market in lombok nearly every day. their court for one reason they are
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expensive fins mostly sold to china to end up in soup we've filmed fifty five sharks being auctioned on a single day some still babies. jackfish and is legal in indonesia except for whale sharks which have become an endangered species the government has also impose an export ban on hammerhead sharks to prevent more populations coming under threat conservationists are keeping track on the trade. what we have found is a populations of sharks a declining and also the sars of sharks are becoming smaller. sharks are at the top of the oceans food chain scientists say they keep populations of fish stock healthy and protect the ecosystem. fact populations are easily threatened because of this low reproduction rate some female sharks can only give birth to fifteen or even twenty years so that's why for her to government free perfect.
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shock fishing is big business in indonesia with export revenues of hundreds of millions of dollars a year traders not only sell shark fins but also this kins and bones they say the export ban and other protection measures have hit them heart. says the government is banning all kinds of shocks the prices have dropped drastically we can now only sell locally and the prices we get for export a much higher. but new research scientists say law enforcement has been weak and more needs to be done to enforce the export ban and protect vulnerable shark species something the government wants to discuss at this week's symposium in jakarta what we tried to do we will work together with minister of environment to put also tough measures on the business side because i think that's the easiest actually to to stop to make the fishermen understand it's going to take time. in order to protect fishing communities the government does not plan to impose
9:44 pm
a total ban on shark fishing but rather increase restrictions but with the month likely to remain high conservation is worried that it will be hard to prevent fins of protected species continuing to end up at markets step vasant al-jazeera. in east asia. nepal shares six thousand rivers and streams with india various treaties have been agreed to divide the water between the two but many in the poor so they are disproportionate with india getting far more than its fair share so by the shuster has more from the dallas our district of the all. john there should be others cannot afford to live off his land he has half an acre and if he had enough water he says he would never have to buy food again but just fifty meters away there is water it is a common project to build for agriculture more than forty years ago and meant to serve both nepal and india. when the come along irrigation project was complete
9:45 pm
officials from nepal and india had a grand ceremony use the water they said but how are we supposed to use the water it went straight to india the water flows past but there are no channels that feed the farmlands yeah dave has to use a diesel pump to access water at around four dollars an hour yeah that says the land here is for a time and could produce cash crops but without a ready supply of water it is impossible many people have to look outside nepal for work the other and both his sons work does labors in saudi arabia i'm standing here on the embankment off the river down there is the river and as you can see farmers from i the side of the river in the pot have no access to that water the river flows directly downstream towards the state of bihar in india but when the indian government built the same bank meant there was a larger plan a separate river was to be diverted towards the comma and finally towards
9:46 pm
irrigation channels for farmers over here in the pile to use all year round but almost half a century on no progress has been made and the farmers here say they feel cheated. downstream across the border in india is the common agenda going to an artificial barrier from there the river is diverted to an agricultural canal in the late one nine hundred fifty s. the first water sharing agreements were made between the palin india but many in the past say the treaties have always disproportionately benefited india and projects are not designed to help the body farmers the fact is that the location of the street is close to the only part of border and naturally the amount of. land that received irrigation benefits is larger on the him inside as compared to going to. nevertheless there were a host of other benefits red were created for me while at that drawing these are related to not just irrigation but also financial assistance these related to
9:47 pm
believe of building a real reliance and the fact that the embankment all the way deep into a nearby lake there are three so as to protect me while you there are three from inundation the farmers here are still facing the impact of those agreements john they show yard of showed us his land it was dry and in desperate need of water some government part of it can you imagine how much we could grow if we could use these fields he asked the same question posed by many of his apology neighbors. district in a part. the symbol every. world cup preparations. and.
9:48 pm
9:49 pm
now a recreation of a sculpture destroyed by my cell in iraq has been unveiled in london's trafalgar square a record of lama is made out of thousands of tens of syrup some of the younger reports. was the under a grey wet london sky in one of the capital's main tourist sites and a syrian human headed bull sculpture takes its place recast for the times. the lava suit one of our ongoing series of works by the iraqi american artist michael
9:50 pm
rackets in titled the invisible enemy should not exist it was commissioned to occupy the fourth plane to trafalgar square it's both a portrayal of iraq's resilience of the decades of conflict and the losses suffered human and cultural. the sculpture is also a reconstruction of the ancient statues destroyed by eisel as fighters invaded the iraqi city of mosul three years ago mythological figures destroyed by war when the iraq war began when i was growing up it was terrifying to see the place that my grandparents fled to destroy the place they fled from so i think for me rebuilding this impulse to reconstruct is a way of remembering you know suturing and healing the breach or amending the bridge six thousand cans of date so we went into making this up and it's part of an ongoing project to recreate thousands of artifacts the either lost
9:51 pm
or destroyed in the aftermath of the two thousand and three invasion a better reminder of iraq's cultural richness it took four months to recreate this. and using those dates are cans and not to what was once iraq's second biggest export off to oil since devastated by war and disease displaying the work in london also we're reminded of the part the u.k. had as a member of the coalition that invaded iraq in two thousand and three it's not an attack on london it's reminder of the culture that was destroyed as a result of actions that were frankly again in london's march against that war we had millions in the streets so it's not it's not a poke in the eye at the london this themselves but it's a reminder of what happens when political procedures go wrong the lama soon replica is due to be displayed in the heart of london for the next two years a far cry from its origins but a memory of an ancient civilization that continues to fascinate and survive against
9:52 pm
the odds son in. london now let's get the latest sport with peter in. see thank you so much australia's cricket captain and vice captain have been given twelve month bans from the sport for bear role in a cheating scandal they face varying accusations connected to ball tampering it is home and reports. australia's cricket captain steve smith being a school out of south africa with his career in tatters the world's top ranked batsman won't be playing for his country for the next year neither will be vice captain david warner a third player cameron bancroft has also been banned for nine months for his role in a ball tampering scandal copping to very sad and disappointed and and remorseful for what has happened they want to use their own words but cheating is certainly one of them that is probably appropriate in the circumstances bancroft was caught
9:53 pm
on camera placing a small object on his trousers during a match in capetown on saturday he lied to pies on the field and later claimed it was a piece of tape that he was using to change the ball condition in breach of cricket's rules of cricket australia as investigators have now revealed it was sandpaper warner is being blamed as the instigator who instructed bancroft to do it smith being charged with knowing about a potential plan and failing to stop it. they had been called for a strategy of cards darren lehmann to also be punished but officials maintain he had no knowledge of the plan or do in daryn's defense i do want to just clarify that specific matter and i wonder what a side that he sent a message to say what in the hell is going on i mean this this has been a shocking affront. to a stranger. even the prime minister has had an opinion in
9:54 pm
a country where cricket is the national sport and the consequences made stand far beyond the three players sponsors for cricket australia are questioning the way they manage the brand in the brand of the straining cricket team add to that at the moment cricket australia is negotiating the t.v. rights for cricket in this country they will be severely compromised by what has happened in south africa so this could cost cricket in this country millions. the indian cricket board has also barred smith and warner from competing in the indian premier league a decision that will cost each player one point seven million dollars they will be permitted to appeal their strelley and cricket bans but it's going to be a very long way back to the top if it all elease homan al-jazeera earlier i spoke to e.s.p.n. cric info writer for those mooned who says david warner might never return to the australian national team as a smith and bancroft they might yet be light at the end of the tunnel. for the make
9:55 pm
him back and possibly play a. world cup i think he did he loves the game it's clearly distraught and he does seem like the guy was strong enough. it whatever it it's a lot more that much it. will happen but i'm watching it. and know that he's challenging very well that's what it's going around so i just think it will just get uglier and uglier for all and i'm not sure. straight in colors and then what you know young any atheist genes can be are it's like luck which people confidence repudiation and what is for a lot of their lives to be considered a game. tennis now in the miami open quarter finals continue on wednesday battling it out for a place in the same is right now. the penco and a leaner spit only and asked a pink one the first set seven six you can see there that spencer leader is up by six games to five in
9:56 pm
a very close second set now in football spain go to ready for the upcoming world cup with a six one thrashing of twenty four hundred finalists argentina in a friendly in madrid on tuesday and france's players complained about racial abuse in their friendly against twenty eight hundred world cup hosts russia in st petersburg fever has already opened an investigation into the matter killian barbie and paul pogba and the french a two nil lead the goal small reduce the deficit for russia midway through the second half but got the second later on to secure a three one win for the additional inside russia have now failed to win any of their last seven matches. elsewhere brazil got revenge for their seven one defeat to germany in the semifinals of the twenty fourteen world cup it was the first time the sides admit since then magic the city forward gabrial jesu schooled the only goal of the game to give brazil the win in byrne a first defeat for germany in twenty two matches. the philippines north korea and
9:57 pm
yemen all secured the final three qualifying spots for next year's asian cup a win for the philippines meant that in the unqualified even before beating the paul two one in their match on tuesday it's the first time in their history they'll be at the tournament which is taking place in the united arab emirates in january the yemenis have had to play all their home games in qatar because of the conflict in the country. there's just a day to go before the new baseball season starts but the los angeles dodgers groundsman will be working overtime to get things ready that's after a pipe burst under ground during an exhibition game on tuesday fans sitting nearby described as sewage the game was eventually called off but the dodgers are still should yield to host the san francisco giants in thursday's open now. belgium's evil on part one bird what a steward fly on the road race in belgium for
9:58 pm
a second year in a row or one cyclist ended up in a field during the event cycle cross will champion votes for an arts went completely off road of dividing into a race marshall the twenty three year old was still able to mount back onto his bike and continue the race leaving the marshal stranded along part of a launched of perfectly timed attack inside the final kilometer of the race to see over the tree. and that's all the sport for me i'll have another update in the twenty one hundred g.m.t. how about phenomenon you back to london and see and keep a said that is it from a certain time and they said news our team that don't go away bumper sarah will be with you in a man with more of the day's news thanks for watching. the
9:59 pm
scene for us when they're online what is american sign in yemen that peace is always possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on sat there are people that that are choosing between buying medication eating basis is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's been out to just posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera al-jazeera is there want us to we break special schools today to see what happens next actuation on foot wired by the barriers for a mobile barricaded seventh street that leads to here the middle east now has been
10:00 pm
all about change people have gone off the fear barrier the mission of the national army is two thirds the entire point complex and i'll just do a stories about telling it from the people's perspective what they think is happening in their culture. systemic corruption in politics through business it's all new to who is controlling what states what resources people in power investigates the misuse of south africa's state assets nobody who is implicated good named in those before was ever to put their point of view on the financial rewards of a liberal to an accommodating business community to south africa corruption inc on a.


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