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so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to you al-jazeera. tracing the fall from prosperity to financial ruin this is beside lead a movement where we hear lies nothing worst post world the injury the devastating impact to save the big means also for save the deposits of in the recent years and the failure to prevent disaster banks and political leaders of the people who needed to learn a less gora from democracy to the markets on al-jazeera. al-jazeera . swear every.
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breaking news a u.s. judge has rejected saudi arabia's bid to try to dismiss lawsuits which claim it helped plan the nine eleven attacks. barbara starr you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up on the program a diplomatic triumph china ping trumps trump becoming the first world leader to meet north korea's kim jong il and polls close in egypt's presidential election but it looks like turnout has been low despite the best efforts of the government. and the people of chemical. burying their dead after sunday's shopping center fire which killed sixty four
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people forty one of them children. the program with some breaking news coming out of the u.s. a judge has rejected saudi arabia's bit to try to dismiss lawsuits which claim it helped plan the nine eleven attacks will its go straight to the u.s. and speak to mike hanna who is in washington d.c. for us mike what else do we know. well the district judge in manhattan george daniels has ruled that he does have standing in the case brought against saudi arabia now this case has been brought by some two thousand survivors and relatives of victims families of the nine eleven attacks now this case was previously rejected by the same judge back in two thousand and fifteen the difference between then and now is a bull passed by congress and twenty sixteen sponsors of terrorism act now
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basically what that says is changing u.s. law of that actions can only be brought against foreign states by u.s. citizens if it is shown that they are linked to terrorism formally by the u.s. government now the twenty sixteen bill actually changed that and said that u.s. citizens have standing against any entity or country that they believe is responsible for acts of terror on u.s. soil so the judge is allowing this case to go ahead what's going to happen next there will be numerous appeals there are many appeal processes to go through before the case proper will go ahead but at this particular stage it is still in process judge broad john mills reversing his previous decision in two thousand and fifteen and allowing the case against saudi arabia to proceed for a while and i can now with the latest from washington i thank you. well breaking
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news from the white house in the last half hour as well donald trump has fired yet another senior member of this team and replace them with his own doctor veterans affairs secretary david schilke in is the latest to go there has been there had been controversy over his expenses and he'd agreed to pay back more than four thousand dollars to the government for improperly claiming travel expenses it's understood that robert wilkie will be acting secretary but the president will nominate his own personal physician that stock to ronny jackson for the role. north korea's leader has pledged his commitment to denuclearization and says he will go ahead and meet u.s. officials that's according to china which has just hosted the reclusive leader after days of speculation beijing revealed that kim jong un was its guest from
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sunday to wednesday in what it called an unofficial visit but kim joan received almost all the trappings of a state visit including an honor guard at a banquet in the capital's great hall of the people from beijing our china correspondent adrian brown has more for xi jinping this was a diplomatic triumph he not u.s. president donald trump now the first world leader to meet kim jong un. chinese state controlled media waited until kim was back home before confirming what officials to try so hard to deny just a day earlier. in the great hall of the people kim and his wife were welcomed like old friends appearance is important at times like this. she opted for a business suit where is kim stuck to the look favored by his father and grandfather the wives of both men were present during most of the photo
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opportunities. visits like this are all about symbolism for she it served as a reminder that china still holds sway over its neighbor and intends to be at the center of diplomatic efforts to achieve a nuclear free korean peninsula. it's not clear what made him come to beijing or indeed what incentives he may have been offered to do so but china remains north korea's only real friend and ally so it's fair to assume the president xi jinping might want to know what kim's negotiating strategy will be during his upcoming summit with president trump. and kim's visit made it possible for china to know what north korea will be talking about to south korea and the united states in his discussions on the nuclearization china has also learned what north korea's demands will be which will help china. india it's a visit that would have seemed unimaginable just a few months ago where north korea was ignoring chinese appeals for restraint at an
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exhibition showcasing some of china's technological achievements the message appeared to be we can help you with all of this if you behave. china's leaders are fond of metaphors that are lavish banquet she told his guest that in the beautiful season of spring everything comes to life kim replied i believe our meeting will yield abundant fruit that could mean making good on his commitment to give up nuclear weapons the fruits of spring were apparent in the garden of the state guesthouse where friendship also seemed to blossom she accepted an invitation to visit north korea and told him he was welcome to visit china again the visitors left happy adrian brown al-jazeera beijing where u.s. president donald trump gave his reaction to the meeting on twitter he wrote received a message last night from being of china that is meeting with kim jong il and went
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very well and then came looks forward to his meeting with me in the meantime and unfortunately maximum sanctions and pressure must be maintained at all costs well south korea greeted news of the china summit with keen interest kathy novak has the reaction from seoul. the south korean government says it welcomes the visit by kim jong un to china and says that it hopes that the meeting between kim and she jinping will help contribute to the overall goal of denuclearization and peace on the korean peninsula the spokesperson though added that the situation is evolving beyond their expectations and that they will have to monitor things as they go forward with all possibilities in mind there is an acknowledgement there i think of the surprise that was involved with this visit by kim jong un the first that he has taken as leader out of the country indeed the surprise that many felt when donald
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trump accepted the invitation to hold a meeting with the leader of north korea kim jong un in fact chinese state media reported that kim said he was willing to have that summit with donald trump and it was the first time that we had a direct confirmation from the north korean side of plans to go forward with that meeting there were indications that even the north koreans were surprised that trump accepted that invitation so there are a lot of moving parts here now on the korean peninsula for the south korean side they are moving ahead with plans for an intercom rian summit on thursday there will be a high level meeting at the d.m.z. at the border that separates the two koreas and we are expecting china's top diplomat to be in seoul to brief the south korean government on the meeting between xi jinping and kim jong un. polls have now closed than egypt's presidential election and being sorry days of
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voting with no real challenger president of the five thousand c.c. is said to win a landslide victory however low voter turnout has been a problem by the best efforts of the authorities who have been trying to have your people into polling booths even with the promise of money. reports. levy's vote and you will immediately be paid the equivalent of three dollars an ounce because of primes to egyptians to cast their ballots as government fears of a low turnout grow state media police and officials to try and prevent embarrassment. trucks distributed sugar rice and cooking oil in poor areas businessman offered people free rides to go to polling stations. the government's using the carrot as well as the stick to boost turnout it just
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shines choose to stay way risk being fined. for whoever abstains from casting his vote with no justifiable reason faces a fine of twenty eight dollars it's our duty to ensure the law is implemented without a country that respects the law president of the fatah has sisi has bed for reelection is almost unchallenged fear is a low turnout will be widely seen as a sign of growing discontent among the people senior army officers visited polling stations across the country they insist the election went smooth and the turnout is higher than reported by the media. but even if the turnout is low sisi is expected to trounce his opponent. the little known politician who announced his bid of the last minute sissy's sat for an easy win
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but is likely to face many challenges during his second term critics dismiss claims by sisi supporters who say his the right man for egypt and his help improve the economy some analysts say the vast majority of egyptians are worse off the biggest challenge for him right now i think is the economy if you look at some of the macro level indicators like g.d.p. and foreign reserves things seem to have improved for for egypt over the past two years particularly since they enacted tough economic reforms encouraged by the i.m.f. but on the micro level. life for the average egyptian has actually gotten a lot more difficult because inflation has increased dramatically presidencies he said repeatedly that if reelected it's going to be his final four years. but he's
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already pushing for constitutional changes to pave the way for the general turned politician to run for a. possible al jazeera it watching al-jazeera still to come on the program a courtroom drama chill and bolivia face off in a legal dispute with heated exchanges and france all known as the policeman who sacrificed his life to save a hostage. welcome back we're still seeing some showers affecting northern parts of queens and into the northern territory but the general pattern here is looking a little bit better i think with time so showers ng see across northern regions daryn picking up your shot but drop a house or townsville this circulation from
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a former tropical cyclone probably given some quite big seas a thing along the coast north of brisbane coming down to sydney where the conditions are looking fine here for adelaide a melbourne twenty one and twenty two respectively but warm conditions expected for perth a maximum of twenty nine degrees as we head across into new zealand here we've got to ferment of cloud but generally weather conditions not looking too bad is once you get further north into fiji and new caledonia vassar has seen some particularly heavy rain at the moment and that is likely to be continuous ahead on through into friday so as you head up into northeastern parts of asia where the conditions here are looking beautiful moment to blossom in tokyo and it really does look good from some of the images we've seen twenty three as a high in tokyo on thursday we're going to see patchy cloud across the korean peninsula but it should be dry very poor air quality in beijing at the moment that will probably continue to head on through into friday though it should stay dry other state a bit cooler for tokyo highs then of seventeen. systemic
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corruption in politics through business to who is controlling what states the results since people in power investigates the misuse of south africa's state assets nobody who'll he's implicate good or named in the lives of ford was ever to put their point of view on the financial rewards available to an accommodating business community south africa corruption inc on i'll just.
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welcome back here's a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera a judge in the us thrown out a legal challenge by saudi arabia against two lawsuits which claimed that the country was involved in the september eleventh attacks in the. hours after he left china it was finally announced that north korea's leader kim jong il in the had in fact made his first trip abroad since taking power seven years ago president ping in beijing and polls have now closed in egypt's presidential election and three days of voting with no real challenger president have that is said to win a landslide victory. funerals are being held for some of the victims of a fire at a shopping center in siberia on sunday it's a day of national mourning in russia to remember the sixty four victims forty one of whom were children or chalons reports from moscow.
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on sunday. took her grandchildren ten year old maria and eight year old constantine to the cinema they didn't come back just three victims of the russian shopping mall fire that killed at least sixty four people said again natalya's house will be quiet now the children to go on there are many more shattered families like the ago because most of those who died in the fire the kids. this tragedy is made even worse by the fact children became victims of the bloody great grief is upon all of us and the no words that can express our shared pain the bereaved siberian city of camera began burying its dead on wednesday but as more bodies are identified many more coffins will be lowered into siberia. it's not just one city grieving know who. wednesday is a day of mourning across russia in moscow flags were flying at half staff and there are two memorial sites they still considerable anger being voiced in this country
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some people feel they haven't been told the whole truth about the fire and there's a sense that official corruption and a disregard for safety regulations are largely responsible for the horror that unfolded in kemah rivers burning shopping mall the shopping centers director is one of five people that have appeared in court as suspects in the investigation she denies doing anything wrong even. though i wholeheartedly bring my sincere condolences for the fact that this tragedy this disaster happened i'm a mother myself i perfectly understand what people who are now burying their children are experiencing but i do not want to blame myself for this. the search for bodies in camera is now officially over but the investigation continues locked cinemark doors blocks fire exits nonfunctioning alarms these are reasons investigators have already given for how or shopping mall fire became
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a national disaster were chalons al-jazeera moscow. u.k. police investigating a nerve agent attack on a former russian spy and his daughter say that the highest concentration of the poison wells found on the front door of their family home former russian double agents fall and his daughter u.v.-a remain in a critical condition after being poisoned on march the fourth russia has repeatedly denied international allegations that it was behind the attack thousands of their diplomats have been expelled from around the world in retaliation. thousands of good mahan's are protesting against a greater military cooperation with the u.s. now washington wants a more of a presence in the sahara region where armed groups including al qaeda and i saw have developed a stronghold the u.s. will invest twenty million dollars in training in the quitman for the guinea and military this year but the protesters
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a say that the threatens the countries in the pendants the french policeman killed in last friday's attack in southern france has been honored in a ceremony led by president their man when my whole new tenant colonel tom swapped places with the hostages during the supermarket attack entirely by saving her life but losing his own has been post you mostly awarded france highest award for bravery of passion butler reports from paris. trams coffin was a school to paris and to pouring rain people came to pay their respects to a french police officer who's become a national hero in imposing courtyard of the adelaide france's most famous military memorial victims' families joined politicians of all persuasions and former presidents in a show of unity on friday bill tram had swapped himself with a hostage in an attack in southern france it was
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a display of courage that cost him his life. as a priest or just as soon as we learned of this high risk act french people trembled as one one of us said stood up straight clear headed and brave he was standing up to islam missed aggression to hate the folly of murder and with him the whole country's heart swelled with the french narrative resistance the bravery of one man taking the whole country with him. call warded beltrami the commander of the legion of honor one of france's highest accolades the nobel transactions have touched so many people in france because he did something that very few people could imagine doing sacrificing his own life for that of a stranger. bell tram had rushed to the supermarket in the town of tired last week after news broke that a gunman had taken hostages twenty five year old writer one black team had been on a shooting spree in the name of eisel he'd killed three people including two men in
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the supermarket and it injured a police officer who'd been joking facts that beltran would have known when he volunteered to put down his weapon and take the place of a female hostage french police said locked in was radicalized and under surveillance but he wasn't considered a threat on tuesday the prime minister dismissed criticism by the opposition that the government's not doing enough to prevent such attacks research. say that this attack could have been avoided zilzal believes as a guarantee to french people there's a residual risk i say to them so it's a mistake responsibility falls in naive e.g. . more than two hundred forty people have been killed in attacks in france in the last three years each time many people in the country feel a sense of anger and despair in bell trum some have found a reason to hope. al-jazeera paris. scuffles broke out at a memorial march in paris honoring a whole accost survivor killed in
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a suspected anti semitic attack eighty five year old mirela nor love was stabbed eleven times in their apartment was set on fire in paris on friday investigators say her jewish heritage may have been why she was targeted foreign leader marine le pen was told she was all welcomed by france's leading jewish group she went anyway but was a scorcher away by police. online retailer amazon's stock prices dropped drastically after reports u.s. president donald trump was looking to change its tax treatment shares plummeted as much as seven point four percent wiping about fifty three point six billion from amazon's market value on wednesday it's reported that trump wants to reign in u.s. technology and retail companies streaming service netflix also suffered losses of about four point four percent. there have been conflicting reports about who is in control of the northern syrian town of polity fat turkish troops have been closing
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in on after taking the kurdish held on klav a free ten days ago turkish president trichet type out of the one said his forces will continue to move east as far as mom beach to push out the y.p. g. fighters who he says are terrorists. at least ten people have been killed and several more are missing in the democratic republic of congo after fighting broke out between the army and rebel forces the violence has sparked an angry backlash by residents who blocked roads used by the congolese army and u.n. peacekeepers around the beni area in the east of the country villagers there say their president joseph kabila has failed to protect them. we are leading our houses and you can come and take them through able to protect your priorities looking after rich people and not the whole majority just do what you worked with tired of
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being skilling. a diplomatic dispute between chile and bolivia has come to a head of the international court in the hague bolivia which is a landlocked country is fighting for chile to granted access to the coast in a dispute that is part of the countries against each other for more than a century on wednesday the court heard the final arguments from both sides says lucien newman the reports from santiago. in chile is in bolivia the final round of the world court hearing over their territorial dispute was followed like at the hall of fame match for the world cup match with a lot more at stake. bolivia a landlocked country which oddly enough has a navy says chile is obliged to negotiate a sovereign corridor to the pacific ocean that it lost in one thousand nine hundred three war but vowing not to cede a centimeter chile's president had this message for bolivia minutes after defense
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team lawyers made their closing remarks bolivia. libya must know not to confuse its aspirations we don't like a sions on a country. chile argues that ignoring the validity of a one thousand nine hundred four peace treaty would have global implications for all modern boarders what would have been between russia and what would have been been poland and you. money what would have been in the balkans what would have been why the mexicans going to the part of texas is the same argument. but for bolivia it's not just a matter of international law but of justice i for they can read and write children are taught to yearn for the day when believe you will again have access to the deep blue sea as these can do garden students are. all bolivia has unlimited access to northern chile imports president evo morales insists his country's economic development is being unfairly stunted and. we've
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gone to the courts to ask them to mandate that chile and bolivia resolve their pending issues through dialogue and effective negotiations in good faith this is the canadian consulate in santiago but both countries don't have diplomatic relations and fact ties are probably at their worst in recent history chile accuses president ever more of using their territorial dispute to exacerbate nationalist fervor at home in order to better his chances for a controversial bid for a fourth consecutive presidential term. the court will likely take months to issue a verdict in which clearly chile has the most to lose. sunday. a four year old boy has been detained by israeli soldiers on suspicion of an attempted stabbing in hebron in the occupied west bank palestinian media say the boy who was holding
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a sharp object was the paint for an hour on tuesday this footage of which was shared by a palestinian journalist shows the moment a four year old boy's family called friends of the soldiers at an army check. the catalan parliament has approved resolutions the finding the political rights of politicians in custody or self-imposed exile lawmakers in barcelona use the yellow ribbons in place of their missing colleagues they want to phish shows like push them all these to others to be able to reach parliament in order to stand for election. there recreate a sculpture of the story by i saw in iraq has been unveiled in london's trafalgar square the replica of law is made out of thousands of tins of they'd syrup so reports. on. the under a grey wet london sky in one of the capital's main tourist sites and
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a syrian human headed bull sculpture takes its place recast for the times. one of our ongoing series of works by the iraqi american artist michael rackets in titled the invisible enemy should not exist it was commissioned to occupy the fourth plane to trafalgar square it's both a portrayal of iraq's resilience of the decades of conflict and the losses suffered human and cultural. the sculpture is also a reconstruction of the ancient statues destroyed by eisel as fighters invaded the iraqi city of mosul three years ago mythological figures destroyed by war when the iraq war began when i was growing up it was terrifying to see the place that my grandparents fled to destroy the place they fled from so i think for me rebuilding the monsoon this impulse to reconstruct is a way of remembering you know of suturing and healing the breach or
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amending the bridge six thousand cans of date so we went into making this work and it's part of an ongoing project to recreate thousands of artifacts the either lost or destroyed in the aftermath of the two thousand and three invasion a better reminder of iraq's cultural richness it took four months to recreate this llama sue and using those date syrup cans and not to what was once iraq's second biggest export off to oil since devastated by war and disease displaying the work in london also we're reminded of the part the u.k. had as a member of the coalition that invaded iraq in two thousand and three it's not an attack on london it's a reminder of the culture that was destroyed as a result of actions that were frankly again in london's march against that war we had millions in the streets so it's not it's not a poke in the eye at the london this themselves but it's a reminder of what happens when political procedures go wrong the lama soon replica
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is due to be displayed in the heart of london for the next two years a far cry from its origins but a memory of an ancient civilization that continues to fascinate and survive against the odds son in. london. and the reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera. a judge in the us s. thrown out a legal challenge by saudi arabia to have two court cases the smiths which allege the country was involved in the nine eleven attacks and should therefore compensate victims the saudi government has always denied having anything to do with the attacks in two thousand and one in which almost three thousand people died hours after he left china it was finally announced that north korea's leader kim jong un had in fact made his first foreign trip since taking power seven years ago kim
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a chinese president xi jinping during the secret visit to beijing officials had remained tightlipped over who was making an official trip after a motorcade was filmed driving through the capital chinese state media reporting the talks were a success with him saying he is open to giving up his nuclear weapons well south korea's ministry of unification says z. and kim's meeting as a set the right tone for the upcoming talks between pyongyang seoul and washington i think improvement in the north korea china relationship ahead of the into korean summit and u.s. north korea so much will we hope full in solving the problem in the korean peninsula such as denuclearization and establishment of peace poles have now closed in egypt's presidential election ending three days of voting with no real challenger president that the fact that sisi is said to win a landslide victory however low voter turnout has been
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a problem despite the best efforts of authorities funerals are being held for some of the victims who died in a shopping center fire in the say varian city of kemet oval on sunday flags have been flying at half mast across the country on a day of national mourning to remember the sixty four victims. a french police officer killed in last week's supermarket sieges been post humorously awarded the legion of honor that's the country's highest accolade lieutenant colonel i know both tom was hailed as a hero after trading places with a female hostage that said people in power next us you to one of my us president donald trump has said he will slap new charis on imports of steel and alum in europe for a five g. will mean fofa data transfer times faster than forty we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera.


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