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situation is that because no one cares or if you join us on set there are people that are choosing between buying medication and eating base is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist just posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. a family. politicized by the forces of nature. a four year olds i can name fama documents his struggle for his community survival and builds a template for global action on climate change. the climate diaries a witness documentary at this time on al-jazeera.
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making progress north and south korean officials had a date for a rare summit with kim jong un and moon jay in. the rommany watching al-jazeera life my headquarters here in doubt are coming up in the next thirty minutes anger in venezuela prisoners families demand answers after a riot that's killed sixty eight people. also what's next for egypt preliminary results in the presidential election show there's no doubt that a bill. is heading for a second term. and a triumphant homecoming for malawi use of slime returning to pakistan for the first time since being shot by the taliban.
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welcome to the program north and south korea have agreed to hold their first summit in more than a decade on april the twenty seventh in the demilitarized zone dividing the two countries delegates from both sides met there on thursday to plan the summit where south korean president moon j.n. will speak with north korean leader kim jong un now the delegates praised both countries recent habits to improve bilateral relations. among. the denuclearization of the korean peninsula has been the most important part of the agenda since the high level talks of january ninth and the exchange of visits between north and south korean employees that's the issue we will focus on with further discussion as well as speak to kathy novak our correspondent pangea on the border between north and south korea and of course more clarity on those high level summits emerging now. indeed i mean there has been a lot of talk about these upcoming meetings between kim jong un and perhaps even
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between kim jong un and donald trump but things change so quickly here on the korean peninsula especially where north korea is involved so now it seems with a date set things are progressing more concretely and we are looking forward to a summit meeting between and kim jong un as you say the first time in more than ten years since these two countries have sent their leaders for a meeting remember north and south korea remain technically at war and what we will really be looking out to see is what will be on the agenda that hasn't been made clear today we are told by the south korean unification minister that both sides exchange their views on what should be on the agenda but certainly from the perspective of the united states in the broader international community what they really want to see is denuclearization being high on that agenda because they want a commitment from north korea to denuclearize and that's something that
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historically north korea has said it would not be willing to do and that's largely what has held up any talks between kim jong un and any other world leaders because other leaders were simply not willing to come to the table unless it was to discuss denuclearizing but now it seems there are more concrete plans for the leaders of the two koreas to sit down in the same room at the d.m.z. not far from here at the border between north and south korea on the south korean side and to hopefully discuss these matters of course a change in tone mood to the swiftness of sort of the diplomatic moves these past few months is something perhaps that none of us could have imagined as we ended twenty seventeen and we looked ahead to twenty eighteen. absolutely not i think it took many many people by surprise towards the end of twenty seventeen we were still talking about regular provocations coming from north korea regular missile launches of increasing range their biggest nuclear test ever but
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then on new year's day with a speech from kim jong un things seemed to turn around he extended an olive branch to south korea and of course then we saw high level meetings with the same men at the d.m.z. who were meeting today in january it was then that it was decided that north korea would send a delegation to south korea for the winter olympics and everything seemed to change and now we're seeing these plans for leader level meetings between north and south korea between north korea and the united states and of course that surprise visit that kim jong un made out of the country for the first time as leader to china for a meeting with xi jinping and his representative is in town here in south korea today young. briefing south korean officials on what was discussed at that meeting between she and kim they'd be very interested to hear about that as they plan for the summit between moon and kim so well for them because they're relieved of course to come back to a situation develops like it. sixty eight people are being killed in
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a fire that broke out during a jail riot in venezuela it happened in the central city of the lengthy what's believed to be the deadliest incident of its kind in the country's history lesson that i'm here to reports of bogota in neighboring colombia. families outside this business well in jail are desperate for news he cannot let me out i don't know if my son is dead or alive they won't give me any time updates or information my son has been imprisoned there for one year i know he's going to be in there before a riot then a fire broke out here hours earlier in the central city of l.a. and. many of them still alive but others who didn't hear even the ones that are life suffocating to death they have to do something to get them out because the dying inside they need oxygen someone please get them out this time past tensions mounted the relatives clash with the police that fired tear gas on the crowd this
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is the fourth major prison riot in the last five years leaving more than eighty people dead before counting this last incident at least thirty three thousand inmates are held in temporary police cells in venezuela for lack of space in prisons in appalling conditions. and it's pretty. crowded. people really. like the medical attention. human rights advocates are long the nouns that the conditions in mates face a menace while in prisons last year alone at least thirty seven have died in another riot always leaving families desperate. demanding explanations by the
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government never to come alison their m.p.'s. egypt's state newspaper. heading for a second term as president preliminary results put sisi in the lead with twenty one of the half million votes his only rival has seven hundred twenty one thousand votes so you see selection is seen as a foregone conclusion after all other credible candidates withdrew saying they faced intimidation but there's little sign that sisi who got the height of egypt's sixty million voters that he was hoping for well. is an assistant professor of history of jaw history at georgetown university in qatar joins me here in the studio good to have you with us again you started the week with this when this vote began and now you know the polls are closed we're expecting the government to ring glowered that sisi has won now it's all about turnout and the just surmising that
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vote with the percentage of people that one tend to be in power right so this has been the big question it's not so much what the outcome of the election will be but rather how many people will actually kind of give their indorsement to this regime and legitimize it and this has been an incredibly crucial in this case for sisi especially because he hasn't actually taken the steps to consolidate his control over the country that many other authoritarian regimes do in terms of establishing a kind of a mass political party or an adoring out kind of favors to various centers of power within society and instead he sort of centralized most of that authority within himself and so this election remains even more critical for him as a kind of a mark of approval on legitimization and to this to the extent that we've started to see some of these reports of what the results are trickling in and. it's certainly fall short of maybe what his expectations were of course centralizing that power has come at the cost of other political parties some of the islamist parties and other groups as as well. candidates that we've been hearing about i
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mean. how could these groups those that are surviving in the egyptian public sphere be able to create debate if they are ever looking over their shoulder over really what has become a one party state and any criticism about one party state is deemed to be a national security risk and it's not even really one party because it's easy himself hasn't actually established a party so most of the parliament at this point is really just made up of individual you know for lack of a better term sycophants people whose only real qualification is clearly directly it's like a one party state raise if you if you support that one president and in terms of any kind of opposition i mean most of them are in prison so we're looking at a number of political prisoners of course led by the muslim brotherhood's political leaders but of course this extends far deeper within egyptian society and we're looking at more than sixty thousand egyptians who are currently in prison probably for nothing more than political reasons and as a result any parties that have kind of managed in some way or another to avoid that
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fate have simply only the option of remaining silent or expressing their undying loyalty to this regime the arab spring seventy years ago now offered so much potential and offered so much hope to many millions of arabs just across north africa what has really changed if anything at all for the ordinary egyptians person in the streets because they must be looking at the last few years i'm wondering how they've actually benefited from trying to change. their lives for the better if they want to if you if you can call up the sort of so-called freeze right i mean i think that the coup that sisi launched in two thousand and thirteen was built under the assumption of end of refashioning the ruling bargain in egypt and going back to this arrangement in which people kind of forfeit all claims to freedom individual expression political preferences in exchange for security and economic prosperity so that was the hope that some objections went into when they approved of the actions of overthrowing that kind of revolutionary process. of course as we've seen
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in the last five or six years sisi hasn't really delivered on that kind of promise of actually you know bringing security to the country given the kinds of instability that continues to exist and of course i cannot make prosperity which he's continued to centralize most of the economic activity in the hands of very few individuals and institutions including of course the military it's interesting times ahead and this will get more analysis with us the day progresses for the moment and i thank you for joining us. still ahead here on al-jazeera another departure from the trump administration the president's veterans affairs secretary explains why he thinks he was fired. and displaced by conflict in living in favor report on the plight of me and. minority.
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hello and welcome back we'll stop by a look at weather conditions across europe i mean got this area of snow pushing across northern parts of europe with rain training back and again more snow pushing into the alps we've lost the snow across of russia moscow still below freezing at least it is dry moderate conditions out across the web but some pretty windy conditions and some very heavy rain likely to and that continues through friday with snow still going of the alpine regions but the flow coming up from the south weather conditions gerri not looking too bad across central parts of europe with temperatures recovering back up to eleven degrees for berlin and also fourteen in vienna still looking too bad here now as you move into north africa we got married low pressure just pushing through the eastern side of the mediterranean could be quite a vicious little affair lot of lifted dust around but for cyprus some parts of turkey some very heavy rain certainly a higher elevations in turkey we could be seeing some heavy snowfall and winds in the eastern part of the mediterranean up to about one hundred ten kilometers per
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hour in terms of gusts but that system clears away quieter weather conditions likely through friday night is tunis there twenty eight the winds coming from a long way south and across central parts of africa we've got some heavy showers across parts of the down way towards the gulf of guinea highs of thirty in the.
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you're watching others their arms the whole robin a reminder of our top news story delegates from north and south korea of met to arrange a summit for their leaders kim jong il will meet president mungy in on april the twenty seventh in the demilitarized zone dividing the two countries also at least sixty eight people have been killed in a jail riot at a police station in the venezuelan city of valencia tear gas was fired at family members demanding to know what's happened inside the cells and there's been no official word on what triggered the final and it's. egypt's state newspaper has a battle for that and sisi heading for a second term as president limon the results put sisi in the lead with twenty one of the half a million votes his only rival has seven hundred twenty one thousand votes says the
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election is seen as a foregone conclusion after all other credible candidates withdrew saying that they faced intimidation. now u.s. president donald trump has replaced another senior member of his team veterans affairs secretary david silken has taken issue with his firing saying he was seen as an obstacle to the privatization of veteran services he's been replaced by the white house doctor who has no experience running government departments rob reynolds reports now from washington d.c. . in a little over fourteen months in office president donald trump has gotten rid of his secretary of state to national security advisors a chief of staff senior economic advisor and health secretary as well as numerous white house aides and advisers veterans affairs secretary david shall consider parcher is the latest in a level of turnover unprecedented in any previous administration shock and resignation has been predicted for months following revelations in the press that
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he and his wife took expensive official trips to europe on the taxpayers' tab and used official aides to run personal errands his replacement is trump's personal doctors navy rear admiral ronnie jackson jackson has no experience running an enormous bureaucracy and the veterans' affairs department is the second largest government department topped only by the pentagon but he did log trumps physical and mental stamina in an exhaustive press briefing following the president's medical checkup in january in a statement trust said jackson who serves in iraq quote has seen firsthand the tremendous sacrifices our veterans make as a candidate trying to improve veterans services in office he has approved a what is a push by conservative groups to partially privatized medical care for veterans a move that would create a windfall for for profit hospitals drug companies and insurance jackson probably
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his appointment means that we're going to move in the direction that big republican donors had been seeking and that's why veterans groups have been expressing tremendous. they're very upset president trump has frequently followed a pattern of letting officials who he no longer has confidence in dangle slowly in the wind for weeks or months before finally letting them go he is also reported to feel more comfortable surrounding himself with people who agree with him with whom he can personally get along and it is said with people who look good on television robert oulds al jazeera washington. or just hours after he was dismissal can wrote an opinion piece in the new york times saying the advocates within the administration for privatizing veterans' affairs health services saw me as an obstacle to privatized they should who had to be removed that is because i am convinced that privatization is a political issue aimed at rewarding select people and companies with profits even
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if it undermines care for veterans. or staying in the country a u.s. judge has cleared the way for nine eleven victims to sue saudi arabia the kingdom has attempted to have the cases dismissed the families of the victims that allege that saudi helped plan the september the eleventh attacks in two thousand and one a court in manhattan found that it has jurisdiction to hear these cases they're suing for compensation amounting to billions of dollars now the saudi government has long denied involvement in the attacks which killed almost three thousand people mike hanna has more from washington d.c. . manhattan judge george gentles says that by a very narrow margin he does have jurisdiction to hear this case it's brought by survivors and relatives of victims of the nine eleven attacks the judge the same judge heard the case back in two thousand and fifteen a similar case but threw that one out of court he made very clear in his judgment
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today that the difference is the act passed by congress in two thousand and sixteen the justice against sponsors of terrorism act which does allow u.s. nationals to bring action against foreign countries they believe may have assisted acts of terror within the united states but still a lengthy legal process ahead lawyers for saudi arabia likely to bring appeals against the judgment they may even consider appealing the act passed by congress back in two thousand and sixteen an act that was vehemently opposed by the a barmaid administration at the time also what's going to happen in coming weeks and months is a process for discovery lawyers for the plaintiffs have made clear that they need objects articles information from saudi arabia itself and of course still the judge has got to set a date for this hearing to begin no longer use of sign has returned to pakistan for
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the first time since she was attacked in the shooting in twenty twelve though she was accompanied by her father and is expected to meet top pakistani officials the twenty year old who was shot by a taliban gunman for her work supporting girls' education and she was awarded the nobel peace prize for her activism in twenty fourteen simple come is a security analyst joins me now from the pakistani capital islamabad fine a skype good to have you with us live on the program a sort of surprise visit back home certainly unexpected i mean why now why not come back wants she'd won the nobel prize and really make a stamp in terms of her voice on women's issues then. question absolutely i think we're never going to happen it's a great homecoming and i think she has expressed a desire to come back to pakistan on several and several occasions and i have on so why now and why not i think recently and smack the prime minister out like this on in new york if i i remember right and this official invitation for her to come to
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pakistan was needed at that point and i think timing was right but i just wish that they were more a little bit more at mom's warning and you know pakistan was allowed to really welcome their daughter. the most her daughter is not i mean. certainly your wish perhaps made of the wish of the wish of many others which we'll discuss in a moment but what has been out of the country has her voice has a rippin actually changed you might say of the situation for women in pakistan who are often in the media outside of the borders of pockets on scene as being sort of being under the thumb. i want to say that her words and opinion is the only thing you know it's a country of the last million people and there are a lot of ground dynamics act needs to change and it's changing in the ways of blacks i mean look there are lots of forces on the ground which is changing education of annihilation the time is going to tremendous change but i think what is really changing was that in. a very global ways to what is happening inside
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pakistan and i think for a lot of women my life is a global player for men's rights in education and in the fortunes of education but what has happened is over the years what. is change in policy as you would say five years ago a lot of one creating a way out of a strong global and really a little school girl was it raising her voice against the taliban and that point when it happened she became more famous opera being shocked then when she was before that so there was a lot of you know kind of a mixed opinion about malala and in vegas or people even criticised. in agent of the west but that was because a lot of people want to return and she was but how does one learn. and. what she has done with us. is also an amazing struggle and amazing journey how she has created this for fun and then go on global with what you saw i think there's
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more. and they've all ideas. is the case then her arrival now perhaps if i play devil's advocate could be seen as something as a political mass to stroke by the incumbent government to address a lot of pressure over many issues both economic social and we're heading to a general election in the country very soon this is quite a good p.r. stunt for them if nothing else. i think yeah i definitely feel that it's a very i wouldn't call it a yes but i think it's a very intelligent thinking should have done it up i mean really when he came into my lecture let me invite given you know welcome specially in fourteen when she won the nobel prize. but whatever it is i think you can wrap your mind the fact is i mean you know government a little more with nation and all night. then i think it's an amazing thing now i
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wish she had known a little earlier you know. the welcome they're like what i'd like to get well see what sort of pictures of merge from state television somewhere in there they do a bunch of the moment symbol card but so much for joining us from islamabad thank you well the man accused of killing six muslim worshipers at a mosque in eastern canada last year has changed his plea twenty eight year old. originally pleaded not guilty to six counts of first degree murder and six of attempted murder the former university student now admits his guilt to avoid a trial the senate stormed the quebec islamic cultural center in january twenty seventh team and shot at people gathered for prayers he faces at least twenty five years in prison. since late last year the world's attention has been brought to the plight of seven hundred thousand muslims who fled violence in myanmar but elsewhere in the country kitchen state for example another one hundred thousand
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people have also been displaced by years of fighting between the christian independence army and government troops now civilian leader and son suchi proposed talks with other rebel groups the as it's known is refusing to engage when he reports. civil war in me and man has pushed people as far as they can go to remote mountainous regions on the edge of the country in the northern state of kitchen it's estimated there are around one hundred thousand living in camps along the border with china they're supposed to be temporary homes but many refugees have been here for years for some this is just the latest stop in almost a lifetime on the run so. when i lived in another camp i thought there would be no more running away from the fighting but it happened again just like before the man my shirts inside the camp and i even fired artillery shells. the rebel kitchen independence army is at war with the me and my army fighting for
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control of the state and its resources the kitchen accuse the me and my army of abuses like rape and murder which the government and its soldiers deny the government is engaged in a peace process with several rebel groups but the kitchen fighters have refused to sign a cease fire agreement saying they don't trust the process. in the meantime more civilians are being displaced by the fighting forced to leave their homes and jobs starting a small business inside the camps is the only way to make money the government won't allow aid groups in and getting supplies like medicine is difficult instead the refugees are taught how to make use of natural remedies it's a difficult situation made worse by the constant fear of being targeted again. the meum army keeps attacking us they never have sympathy for anybody they did this to us we are afraid of them right now we have volunteers security guards in the camp day and night. even with that threat and fear hanging over them for now the camps
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are as safe as it gets is no sign that the violence in kitchen state will end any time soon meaning returning home isn't an option wayne hay al-jazeera. poland has sealed the largest arms deal in its history it will pay the u.s. four and a half billion dollars for the patriot missile defense system the move the latest in poland's efforts to upgrade its military which has accelerated since russia's annexation of crimea in twenty fourteen two thirds of its weaponry is from the soviet cold war era. one of the world's most prestigious art fairs is opening in hong kong this weekend this year's barsel is showcasing work from more international artists than ever before and sarah clarke reports curators hoping to use a three day event to tap into china's growing appetite for contemporary art. it's officially ties in thousands of vibrant and abstract exhibits including paintings
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sculptures interactive installations and digital art this painting by the dutch artist when de kooning from a private collection has a pos tag of thirty five million dollars it is one of the big nights the fair in bryce's a moving artists came to share the international stage the showcase is incredible because it's really some of the best galleries and the most exciting young ones as well that that are with us so again a great snapshot of what's going on around the world and all around two hundred fifty galleries from thirty two countries felicity's conventions into almost half a from asia but this year there are twenty eight new comets with more galleries from the middle east and india in the line up it's because we're looking to explore the east i think it's also because art basel hong kong is wonderful the most exciting phase in asia coming from tehran living in europe i think this is a major step for us market wise to see how it how does this work in this emerging market this year a gallery from iran is making each deal inside as
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a release of the unfamiliar with art from the middle east by galleries and institutions in this region i'm driving market interest it's felt you know the emerging order of iran that we are trying to represent has recently will of maturity to be shown at such a venue alongside the best counters in securing a spot here in iraq battle involves a tough application process more than five hundred galleries apply but only however except in the face like patient here in hong kong is a major drug caught on the doorstep of china it's now the second largest market in the world behind the united states accounting for one fifth of the global outside wall options essential to global outsells a report commissioned by at basel found that outfit is last year were responsible for whole of the market share regarding fark international first this year the. four years old. and we need to get out as much as it was as a recap organizers will be hiding selves. much that enthusiasm of the art world to
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see it's on hong kong. hong kong. you're watching all just their arms the whole rom and these are all top news stories north and south korea of agreed to hold their first summit in more than a decade on april the twenty seventh delegates from both sides have met in the demilitarized zone dividing the two countries to plan the summit where south korean president moon jane will speak with north korean leader kim jong un now the delegates praised both countries' recent efforts to improve bilateral relations. among that they have come to the denuclearization of the korean peninsula has been the most important part of the agenda since the high level talks of january ninth and the exchange of visits between north and south korean envoys that's the issue we will focus on with further discussion as well. at least sixty eight people are
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being killed in a jail riot police station in venezuela now tear gas was fired at family members demonstrating outside the facility in valencia west of the capital caracas that happened in the central city where it's believed to be the deadliest incident of its kind in the country's history. egypt's state newspaper has said that of them for that sisi is heading for a second term as president preliminary election results have sisi in the lead with twenty one and a half million votes his election is seen as a foregone conclusion after all other credible candidates withdrew saying they faced intimidation. a u.s. judge has cleared the way for the nine eleven victims to sue saudi arabia the kingdom had attempted to have the case is dismissed the families of the victims allege that saudi arabia helped plan the september the eleventh attacks in two thousand and one the saudi government has long denied involvement in the attacks which killed all those three thousand people u.s. president donald trump has replaced another senior member of his team veterans
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affairs secretary david sorkin is the second cabinet secretary to leave over a travel expense controversy trump wants to replace him with white house dr randy jackson malala yousafzai has returned to pakistan for the first time since being shot in the head in twenty twelve she was accompanied by her father and is expected to be top pakistani officials the twenty year old was attacked by a taliban gunman for her work supporting girls' education those were the headlines are back with more news in thirty minutes next it's inside story do stay with us just. journalists decided to sacrifice their integrity for our own in the media the listening post at this time on al-jazeera. a surprise between china and north korea it's all smiles in beijing join kim jong un's first.


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