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making progress north and south korean officials at a date for a summit with kim jong un and moon jay in. a long sell robin you're watching al-jazeera live my headquarters here in there also coming up anger in venezuela prisoners families do a dancer's after a riot has killed sixty eight people. also what's next for egypt preliminary results in the presidential election so there's no doubt that a bill for sisi is heading for a second term and. i'll do everything i cared to make up for my mistake. and the damage it's caused. asking for forgiveness after devising a plan that shocked the cricketing world.
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welcome to the program north and south korea have agreed to hold the first summit in more than a decade old april the twenty seventh in the demilitarized zone dividing the two countries delegates from both sides met state to plan the summit where south korean president moon will speak with north korean leader kim jong il china has committed both countries recent efforts to improve bilateral relations cathy mubarak has the latest from the border between the two koreas. more concrete plans for the entire korean summit now but a date has been set for the meeting between the south korean president moon j. and and the north korean leader kim jong un they will meet at the d.m.z. the border that separates the two koreas not far from where i am standing on april the twenty seventh and it will be the first time in more than ten years that the leaders of these two countries that are still technically at war when years that
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the leaders of these two countries that are still technically at war will meet and one of the questions now is what will be on the agenda will they discuss denuclearization of course this all comes amid a flurry of diplomatic activity here on the korean peninsula and follows the surprise visit from kim jong un to china for a meeting with the president there kitschy jinping his envoy china's top diplomat younger church is in south korea to brief the south korean officials on that meeting no doubt they will be very interested to hear what was discussed at the meeting between kim and she ahead of the summit that is planned for next month. sixty eight people have been killed in a fire that broke out during a riot in venezuela that happened in the city of valencia inside the jail at the police station it's believed to be the deadliest incident of its kind in the country's history. the report from bogota in neighboring colombia.
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families outside this business well in jail are desperate for news he got that they may have what i don't know if my son is dead or alive they won't give me any time updates or information my son has been imprisoned there for one year i know he's going to be in there before a riot then a fire broke out here hours earlier in the central city of l.a. and. many of them a still alive but of those who didn't hear even the ones that are life suffocating to death they have to do something to get them out because the dying inside they need oxygen someone please get them out this time past tensions mounted the relatives clash with the police that fired tear gas on the crowd this is the fourth major prison riot in the last five years leaving more than eighty people dead before counting this last incident at least thirty three thousand inmates are held in temporary police cells in venezuela for lack of space in prisons in appalling
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conditions. where. people. like the medical attention the. human rights advocates of long the nouns the deteriorating conditions in mates face a menace while in prisons last year alone at least thirty seven have died in another riot always leaving families. desperately demanding explanations by the government it seemed never to come alison that m.p.'s. gyptian state media is expecting president sisi to win reelection by
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a landslide after three days the voting results show that sisi has won twenty three million out of twenty five million votes cast only rival the. one three percent of the vote voter turnout is expected at thirty nine percent and sixty's bid for a second term seen as a foregone conclusion after all other credible candidates withdrew in a man is an assistant professor of history at georgetown university here in qatar good to have you with us again on the program. the polls obviously we've closed we know roughly what the figures are now it's all about the government spin and legitimize and not just the vote but the turnout which we still have to try and find what percentage that is officially right i think this is still part of the process of sisi consolidating his control over egypt and trying to kind of undo the practice of elections as being an actual contest in which people can declare their political preferences as we've seen in the past specifically during the kind of
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revolutionary moment now what we're seeing is elections being transformed into a kind of a show fealty to this to this regime as it's attempting to really establish itself in a way that it hasn't succeeded as far over the last four or five years and so in the meantime it's about maintaining this dissolution that there is a kind of consensus between the population and this government that of course came to power through a military coup in the year leading up to this vote we've seen candidates arriving candidates disappear where does this leave the sort of the discourse about the opposition voice regardless of whether it's mainstream left wing or right wing or religious because what we are seeing now in this particular what we are. no in this particular election is that there was no will position so where do we hear that opposing voice about any discordant moment or any criticism of the government in the future right i think it's not going to be expressed politically because i think that those spaces have been closed off although one of the things for instance that we're seeing is that there were
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a number of people who obviously went out to vote but specifically to spoil their ballots and i think that depending on what those figures are if we ever even get an accurate accounting of what those figures are will certainly be kind of one expression of people who kind of reject the validity of the selection and decide we'd rather go and spoil our ballots as a as an expression in fact at least by one count this was three times as many ballots were spoiled as the opposition candidate received and so i think that really tells us a lot but beyond that i think there are other kinds of spaces for people to be able to express their opposition within society kind of despite the fact that the regime of course has continued to clamp down considerably on people i mean has he just turned back into dare i say quite least a sort of a one party state i mean did the arab spring the arab awakening did it mean nothing to to those people that are actually in charge of egypt right now about what the people on the ground actually want well the only thing that it's meant is that they have to work a lot harder to be able to clamp down on those kinds of expressions and again i
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think what we're seeing now is a process by which they're hoping to remove any ability for people to express themselves and i think this particularly explains the severe extremities of how this regime has behaved truth regard to the population and as we're looking with the human rights violations with the clampdown on any kind of media. in imprisonment of journalists and foreign correspondents as well and so the kinds of things that we've seen in a lot of ways is c.c. attempting to learn the lessons of revolutionary moment that he hopes will never be repeated in large part by essentially terrorizing the population and going through these these expressions of fealty through sham elections and the like and i think this is. in the process of consolidating his control how much time do you think the president sees he has in terms of you might say a honeymoon period for the second term that he has before people either happy with what he's doing or become disgruntled again well i think given the way that he's clamped down not only on the kind of obvious places of opposition and including for
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instance these different political parties or even factions and activist groups within society but even within the ranks of the military by removing two candidates that come out of this military background i think tells you that there is a far deeper kind of sense of division even within the ranks of the regime and so one of the things that he's attempting to do is to use these kinds of elections as a means of consolidating his control internally and trying to kind of establish himself for the long term not only for the second term but even thinking about changing the constitution by actually allowing himself to run indefinitely for the future to see what happens for the mood of the. country university thank you for joining us. former australian cricket test captain stephen smith has apologized for his role in a ball tampering incident that shocked the sporting world speaking in sydney smith asked for forgiveness from his team and his whole nation. after being handed a one year ban from international competition that smith along with two other players devised a plan to tamper with a ball during
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a match against south africa. was at that press conference in sydney joins me now i mean what else was actually said. although it was quite an emotional press conference by. a stray cat and this has got to be the hardest we have created all culminating here on home soil where you have to face the media there were several times where he broke down during the press conference particularly when asked what he had to say for all the children in australia who idolize him and we're shocked at what he had done he said that he was sorry repeatedly and that he was devastated by the pain that he caused and so he's a little bit more of what he had to say. i know regret this for the rest of my life . got it. i hope in time.
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i can earn back respect and forgiveness. i've been so privileged and honored to represent my country and captain the cricket team cricket is the greatest game in the world it's been my life. and i hope it can be a. i'm sorry an absolutely devastated. pretty devastated humble response yeah i mean one has to say that you know it doesn't really stop that because of all ramifications to what actually happened there on the cricket pitch in south africa. yes we're only just beginning to see the fallout from this several lucrative commercial deals have been pulled for steve smith particularly he's no longer the big skid sanitarium is no longer
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sponsoring him as brand ambassador neither is the commonwealth bank of this trailer . born of the vice captain and that simon cameron bancroft who are also involved in this have also had deals pulled with. the sports apparat company cricket australia is also not immune to the fallout from this eighty three year sponsorship deal with wealth management company magellan has also been pulled and that's estimated to be about fifteen million dollars so it's been a very costly saga and there's more to come indeed there is will come back to us that situation develops. in sydney thank you still ahead here on al-jazeera another departure from trunks of ministration the president of veterans affairs secretary explains why he thinks he was fired. with a year to go to break said those who want to stay in the e.u. giving up points yet those stories on the other side of the break.
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the usual heat of the day showers across southeast asia a little bit of wet weather so a possibility into the philippines tropical storm joe what has it is. will continue to drift its way further northwards weakening shouldn't cause too many problems doesn't want to see showers into central parts of the philippines where said weather there across malaysia not too bad into indonesia where you could see want to see showers just creeping towards the far north of java as we go on through the course of saturday not as wet as it has been lately so whether a possibility into thailand bangkok at around thirty five thirty six degrees over the next few days just as some wet weather to into the fall north of australia but for many it's clear skies and some pleasant sunshine i think by the end of the weekend save low pressure could bring some very wet weather into the gold coast
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towards brisbane as we go on through the course of sas day and sunday that's the remnants of tropical storm iris there so what's the weather never really too far away largely dry and five twenty four celsius for melbourne twenty three celsius there for adelaide similar values as we go on through west sas day you see the showers the onshore breeze just pushing up towards the queensland coast further west there a bit of cloud maybe isn't that weather into the fall south of australia but for most is fine and dry. systemic corruption in politics through business to who is controlling what state of resources people in power investigates the misuse of south africa's state assets nobody who is implicated or named in those of course was ever asked to put their point of view and the financial rewards are available
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to an accommodating business community south africa corruption inc on i'll just. welcome back you're watching i'll just there i'm still robin a reminder of our top news stories delegates from north and south korea have been to arrange a summit for their leaders kim jong un will meet with president hu jia in on april the twenty seventh in the demilitarized zone dividing the two countries in venezuela tear gas has been fired at the store relatives demanding information on the fire and the riot at a police station at least sixty eight prisoners died in the city of them fear reporters have set fire to that beds to break out of the overcrowded jails and
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former australian cricket test captain stephen smith has apologised for his role in a ball tampering incident speaking in sydney smith asked for forgiveness from his team and the whole nation after being handed a one year ban from international competition. now british prime minister treason may is touring the country to mark a one year countdown until the united kingdom leaves the european union brics it was launched last year with the goal to complete the process by twenty nineteen through the maze that she's committed to honoring the twenty sixteen vote to break away but pro european groups are refusing to give up hopes of staying in the e.u. well barnaby phillips joins me now live from london and all we can say really barbie is three hundred sixty five days and counting. three hundred sixty five days and counting and what to the british public make of
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it all we have an expert with me on british public opinion a professor john curtis of strathclyde university professor curtis do the british public regret that breaks it vote which calls such shock around the world i think the question is that so far at least it's not obvious that they do the country of course was divided very very even in the referendum back in june twenty sixth it was only fifty two percent for the forty eight percent for remain if you look at the opinion polls now the truth is they still tell us that it's very close to the fifty fifty mark maybe maybe of very slight tilt in the direction of remain but in truth not because many leave votes this have changed their minds but most of the because those people who didn't vote in june twenty sixth in their abstained or props they were too young to vote they seem to be two and a half to one in favor of the remains sought and they in some senses now till the opinion polls very slightly in their main direction but of course whether or not
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these people would actually turn out in a second referendum is hardly uncertain saw the best way of understanding the occur at the moment is that twenty one months ago this country was very evenly divided on the subject of bret's it it remains very evenly divided today so when the prime minister to reason may says the country is rallying round and people just want to get on with it and we've all got to work together for the best possible deal with the e.u. people aren't listening to that message well there is some sense in which if you aust fotis well look you know do you want the voters to it in government to get away negotiated successful brett said yes there is a i think there is a certain weariness and they are not true to the continued to debate about the subject and perhaps some frustration that the process is one of the slow certainly the government is not getting very hard marks frankly from leave voters let alone remain voters for the way in which is handing the process i think they probably do fairly it's all ends up being one of the two complicated. and taking both are longer than they anticipated and so in that sense there is
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a sense of frustration but so far at least that frustration isn't really being reflected imply the people saying well let's get on with it and leave or let's let's change our minds and remain it's not really changing people's views about the principle and the merits of the original decision but it's important to remind our viewers that both the governing consented and the main opposition party the labor party say that that committed this is the result of the referendum and yet the will be a crucial vote in parliament at some stage you are right both the conservative government and the labor opposition are in say they we should follow the result of the referendum vote said it's also clear that the labor party is in favor to use the language on which a somewhat softer breck said than the current government for example the labor party is saying that we should have a customs union with the pain union whereby trade will be able to flow freely without customs checks the government is simply saying there needs to be some kind of customs arrangement but we don't want
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a custom here and that's an example of where the labor party which has a much more of an electorate that voted to remain is inclined to go for self depressive and i think therefore it's because of the difference that when we do indeed come to what will be a crucial vote in october on whether or not the house of commons accepts whatever deal the government has just come up with the next six months we can expect the labor party to vote against that deal it will be but will mess on principle will argue that it's too tough a deal too hard and that therefore the government which doesn't have a majority in the house of commons may well find this a pretty difficult fight to win it may when it's in the end but we can probably anticipate it could be quite a tough call as a catalyst thank you thank you very much for explaining some of the complexities of bryce it to us back to you sail into thanks very much follow me follow me philip sa correspondent in london. now u.s. president donald trump has replaced another senior member of his team veterans affairs secretary david silk and has taken issue with his firing saying that he was
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seen as an obstacle to the privatization of veteran services but he's been replaced by the white house doctor who has no experience of running government departments rob reynolds reports now from washington d.c. . in a little over fourteen months in office president donald trump has gotten rid of his secretary of state to national security advisers a chief of staff senior economic advisor and health secretary as well as numerous white house aides and advisers veterans affairs secretary david shall consider parcher is the latest in a level of turnover unprecedented in any previous administration shock and resignation has been predicted for months following revelations in the press that he and his wife took expensive official trips to europe on the taxpayers' tab and used official aides to run personal errands his replacement is trump's personal doctors navy rear admiral ronnie jackson jackson has no experience running an
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enormous bureaucracy and the veterans' affairs department is the second largest government department topped only by the pentagon but he did log trumps physical and mental stamina in an exhaustive press briefing following the president's medical checkup in january in a statement trust said jackson who serves in iraq quote has seen firsthand the tremendous sacrifices our veterans made as a candidate to improve veteran services in office he has approved a what is pushed by conservative groups to partially privatized medical care for veterans a move that would create a windfall for for profit hospitals drug companies and insurance jackson probably his appointment means that we're going to move in the direction that big republican donors have been seeking and that's why veterans groups have been expressing tremendous. they're very upset president trump has frequently followed a pattern of letting officials who he no longer has confidence in dangle slowly in
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the wind for weeks or months before finally letting them go he is also reported to feel more comfortable surrounding himself with people who agree with him with whom he can personally get along and it is said with people who look good on television robert oulds al jazeera washington. just hours after he was dismissal can wrote an opinion piece the new york times saying the advocates within the administration for privatizing v.a. health service saw me as an obstacle to privatization who had to be removed that is because i'm convinced that privatization is a political issue aimed at rewarding select people and companies with profits even if it undermines care. the us judge has cleared the way for nine eleven victims to sue saudi arabia the kingdom had attempted to have the case is dismissed the families of the victims allege that saudi helped plan the september eleventh attacks in two thousand and one
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a court in manhattan found that it has jurisdiction to hear these cases they're suing for compensation amounting to billions of dollars the saudi government has long denied involvement in the attacks which killed almost three thousand people. the noble peace prize winner malala yousafzai has returned to pakistan for the first times that she was attacked by the pakistani taliban six years ago the twenty year old who's accompanied by her father is expected to meet the prime minister and other senior officials security was tight malala was shot in the head by masked gunmen on her way home from school in two thousand and twelve for supporting girls' education she now lives in the united kingdom. now the man accused of killing six mr worshipers out a mosque in eastern canada last year has changed his plea twenty eight year old alexander be sonot originally pleaded not guilty to six counts of first degree murder and six of attempted murder the former university student now admits his
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guilt to avoid a trial. a centuries old dispute between chile and bolivia has come to a head at the international court in the hague. bolivia is demanding that chile give it access to the coast now on wednesday the court heard final arguments from both sides are latin america editor lucien human reports are from santiago. in chile is in bolivia the final round of the world court hearing over their territorial dispute was followed like a qualifying match for the world cup match with a lot more at stake. bolivia and landlocked country which oddly enough has a navy says chile is obliged to negotiate a sovereign corridor to the pacific ocean that it lost in one thousand nine hundred three war but vowing not to cede a centimeter chile's president had this message for bolivia minutes after defense team lawyers made their closing remarks believe they were up in libya must know not
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to confuse its aspirations with obligations on a country to power. chile argues that ignoring the validity of a one thousand nine hundred four peace treaty would have global implications for all modern borders as what would have been between russia and what would have been been poland and germany what would have been in the balkans what would have been why the mexicans cannot request the part of texas is the same argument. but for bolivia it's not just a matter of international law but of justice i for they can read and write children are taught to yearn for the days when bolivia will again have access to the deep blue sea as these kindergarten students are singing. although bolivia has unlimited access to northern chile imports president evo morales insists his country's economic development is being unfairly stunted. we've gone to
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the courts to ask them to mandate that chile and bolivia resolve their pending issues through dialogue and effective negotiations in good faith this is the canadian consulate. but both countries don't have diplomatic relations in fact ties are probably at their worst in recent history chile accuses president ever more of using their territorial disputes to exacerbate nationalist fervor at home in order to better his chances for a controversial bid for a fourth consecutive presidential term. the course will likely take months to issue a verdict in which clearly chile has the most to lose. you see in human. now one of the world's most prestigious art fairs is opening in hong kong this week and the. casing work for more international artists than ever before and the sarah clarke reports curators are hoping to use the three day event to tap into china's growing appetite for contemporary art. it's
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a fish in thousands of vibrant and abstract. exhibits including paintings sculptures interactive installations and digital art this painting by the dutch artist when de kooning from a private collection has a pos tag of thirty five million dollars it is one of the big nights the firin bryce's a moving artist's came to share the international stage the showcase is incredible because it's really some of the best galleries and the most exciting young ones as well that that are with us so again a great snapshot of what's going on around the world and haul around two hundred fifty galleries from thirty two countries felicity's conventions into almost half a from asia but this year there are twenty eight new comets with more galleries from the middle east and india in the line up it's because we're looking to explore the east i think it's also because our positive and kong is wonderful the most exciting phase in asia coming from tehran living in europe i think this is
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a major step for us market wise to see how it how does this work in this emerging market this year a gallery from iran is making each day deal inside. a release of the unfamiliar with art from the middle east by galleries and institutions in this region and driving market interest it's felt you know the emerging order of iran that we are trying to represent has recently level of maturity to be shown a sizer venue alongside the best gathers in the world securing a spot here in iraq battle involves a tough application process more than five hundred galleries apply but only hope for except in the face like patient here in hong kong is a major drop cut on the doorstep of china it's now the second largest market in the world behind the united states accounting for one fifth of global are silent while options essential to global lot sells a report commissioned by at basel found that outfit is lost you were responsible for whole of the market share regarding far the international presence here the guy
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is four years old. and we need to get out as as much. as it was as a recap organizers will be hoping sells. much that enthusiasm of the art world to see on hong kong. hong kong. you're watching al-jazeera i'm still robin these are all top news stories north and south korea agreed to hold their first summit in more than a decade on april the twenty seventh in the demilitarized zone dividing the two countries delegates from both sides met there on thursday to plan the summit where south korean president mungy in will speak with north korean leader kim jong un china has commended both countries recent efforts to improve bilateral relations at least sixty eight people have been killed in a jail riot at a police station in venezuela tear gas was fired at family members demonstrating
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outside the facility in valencia west of the capital caracas. gyptian state media is expecting president and in fact a c.c. to win reelection by a landslide after three days of voting results showing sisi won twenty three million out of the twenty five million votes cast his only rival most of our movie star won three percent of the vote voter turnout was thirty nine percent. suspended australian cricket test captain stephen smith has apologised for his role in the ball tampering incident speaking in sydney's smith asked for forgiveness from his team and his nation not to be handed a one year ban from international competition smith along with two other players devised a plan to tamper with a ball during a match against south africa. british prime minister to resume is touring the country to mark a one year countdown until the united kingdom leaves the european union breaks it
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was launched last year with a goal to complete the process by twenty nineteen theresa may says she's committed to honoring the twenty sixteen vote to break away but pro european groups are refusing to give up hopes of staying in the e.u. the nobel peace prize winner in the use of sign has returned to pakistan for the first time since he was attacked by the taliban six years ago the twenty year old is accompanied by a father is expected to meet the prime minister well anna was shot in the head by master taliban gunman on the way home from school those were the headlines and he is here in thirty minutes time to stay with us people in power is next. u.s. president donald trump has said he will slap new charis on imports of steel and alum in your brother five g. it will mean the data tab five times faster than forty we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time on
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