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this is al-jazeera. hello there i'm laura kyle this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes north and south korea agreed to take a rare summit between the two leaders. prisoners families demand answers up to sixty eight die and jail riot and fire in venezuela. memory results show a landslide win for. egypt's presidential election but the voter turnout was low. i'm joined again sports australia's banned cricket captain steve smith breaks down as he arrives home in apologizes plays brawl in a cheating scandal. to save the well.
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thanks to the. north and south korea have agreed to hold their first summit in more than a decade on the twenty seventh of april in the demilitarized zone dividing the two countries delegates from both sides met there on thursday to plan the summit the south korean president will meet the north korean leader kim jong un face to face diplomatic momentum has been building including kim's we sing with china's president this week. the denuclearization of the korean peninsula has been the most important part of the agenda since the high level talks of january ninth and the exchange of visits between north and south korean employees that's the issue we will focus on further discussion as well. coming
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summit between that kim jong un as the extremely rare meeting between leaders of north and south and for. a deep freeze in relations over pyongyang's nuclear program is only the third ever meeting between north and south korean leaders since the countries were formed in one nine hundred forty eight is korean summit comes after kim jong un secret visit to beijing earlier this week it was his first known foreign visit since he became north korea's leader in twenty eleven there kim said he was open to discussing denuclearization with south korea and the u.s. is expected to meet president donald trump by may well let's speak now to kathy novak she's in the south korean capital seoul so kathy the process is set in motion things moving quite rapidly now towards this first north south leaders' summit in over ten years. absolutely it is a sharp turn around from where we were even just at the end of last year these two
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ministerial level ministers that met in the militarized zone today it was the south korean unification minister and his north korean counterpart this is that the second time that they met this year and they were referring to back in january when they were meeting that it was such a sharp turn around as i say from where they had come from back then there had been no communication between the two koreas which of course remains technically at war for about two years then we saw this high level meeting though where it was agreed that north korea would send a delegation to south korea for the winter olympics and that sort of set in motion this chain of events leading up to a number of meetings involving north korean leader kim jong un and it really is quite a win for south korea's president mungy and who when it was that time of heightened tensions with north korea seemed like a lone voice pushing for more engagement and more dialogue but now he is getting
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his wish and we'll have this meeting just a month from now with kim jong un laura and of course the whole regions in volgograd chinese delegation also very in south korea briefing them on kim surprise visit to beijing. that's right china's top diplomat young has been meeting with south korea's top national security advisor talking about that surprise visit that kim jong un made to china for the meeting with the president xi jinping and the south korean side has welcomed that meeting saying that it is a positive development and they hope that it sort of bodes well going into the intercom rian summit and head to the planned meeting with president donald trump the thing that is not clear though is precisely what will be on the agenda at the into korean summit it was discussed we're told that both sides exchanged views on the topics they thought that moon and kim should discuss but we don't have
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a firm commitment yet and what many people will want to see is a confirmation that junior denuclearization will be discussed we heard via the chinese state news agency shin wa that kinda unknown was quoted as saying once again that he is committed to denuclearize asian on the korean peninsula but historically when he has made that sort of remark from one of his coming from north korea it had a lot of conditions attached to it so whether or not north korea is sincere about that is one thing that skeptics are asking as we go forward towards this into korean summit laura just wondering how south koreans are feeling about this well there are a lot of skeptics out there but also a lot of people who are quite excited. i think the general mood amongst the public is one of cautious optimism generally people would prefer to be talking about peace than they would about threats of nuclear war and that's certainly the stance of the government that yes they are aware that they should
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tread carefully but a number of things have been a surprise in this process certainly no one was really expecting donald trump to accept an invitation to meet kim jong un no one was really expecting to see come on leaving the country for the first time to visit china and all of this has been happening so quickly so there are the questions that are being asked of why what is kim jong un's motive here is he as the united states has been suggesting pressured by sanctions and being forced to wards the negotiating table or perhaps is he more confident in his nuclear missile weapons program and that allows him to be sort of elevated to the statesman level and sit at the table across from the likes of xi jinping and donald trump and what the worry is there is if he's able to extract concessions from the likes of china and continue to then develop his nuclear program then that sort of sets the region back from the path of denuclearization
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has a very interesting time there indeed thanks very much for the update there from seoul at least sixty eight people have died and a five during a jail rise in venezuela the violence in the central city of the landsea is believed to be the worst ever in a prison in the country under rumpy as he reports from bogota in neighboring columbia. police outside this business will in jail are desperate for news he's going to get the money or when i don't know if my son is dead or alive they won't give me any time updates or information my son has been imprisoned there for one year i know he's been there before. a riot then a fire broke out here hours earlier in the central city of l.a. and. many of them still alive but others who didn't hear even the ones that are life suffocating to death they have to do something to get them out because the dying inside they need oxygen someone please get them out. this time past tensions
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mounted the relatives clash with the police that fired tear gas on the crowd this is the fourth major prison riot in the last five years leaving more than eighty people dead before counting this last incident at least thirty three thousand inmates are held in temporary police cells in venezuela for lack of space in prisons in appalling conditions. and it's a problem. whether. or not. some . people got some. medical attention. through human rights advocates of longer announced conditions in mates face in venezuela prisons last year alone at
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least thirty seven have died in another riot always leaving families desperately that man the explanations by the government that seem never to come i listen to them. gyptian state media is expecting president apple fattah el-sisi to win reelection by a landslide after three days of voting for them or is else shows c c one twenty three million of the twenty five million votes cast is only rivaled stuff mr one three percent of the. to turnout. percent cc's bid for a second term is seen as a foregone conclusion after all other credible candidates withdrew. as a assistant professor of history at georgetown university and joins us now here in the studio is so the turnout appears to be significantly lower from the last
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election where it was about hoff wasn't it even with all the tactics that the authorities employed to try to get people out to the polls right i mean they tried inducements threats all kinds of thresholds that they've set for entire villages they would say if they can meet a forty percent turnout threshold they would be given all kinds of cash payments and do sprints and it's failing to meet that in a lot of these early returns at the same time of course we know in the past that we've seen evidence of the fact that there's also ballot stuffing in things on the part of the visual so i think it's you know it's very easy to kind of dismiss most of these results but but one thing is certain is that we haven't seen this the level of enthusiasm coming from people that sisi would have expected or like we've been seeing a level of defiance happening i mean just reading reports of some two million people spoiling their ballots writing the names of candidates who aren't even in the race that's a lot of people it is and it's one of the very few means that people have a billable to them to be able to try to protest the idea that this is
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a kind of farcical election in the fact that the really is not much of a choice that's given to people so the fact that they could kind of take their their ballots and privately be able to express their opposition to this regime which of course has continued its violent crackdown on all kinds of opposition that this is this is in many ways i think a very telling sign so you've got another four years of sisi what's his main tires well i think it's still time to consolidate his control i mean he's he really hasn't done enough to be able to legitimize himself in the eyes of millions of egyptians who continue to hold out for some kind of a change in the way that their government functions and we've seen that of course we. expressions with the you know revolutionary process that was offended by a military coup but since then of course the violence that the state has engaged in has really been meant more to secure the place of this new military regime as opposed to actually meeting the demands of people and so he's continuing to do this primarily through the kinds of violence that he's engaged in the widespread human
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rights abuses rather than actually consolidating his control and in trying to actually reach people by. responding to many of their demands and when he came to power he has to be patient he said give me time to get security going to be times get economy going and he's still asking to be patient i mean has that patience run out well we haven't seen that it's run out necessarily but i think what he's hoping to do is through elections like this through these kinds of displays of loyalty that he's hoping to to bring out of people is to kind of rewire the way that that egyptian citizens are viewing their relationship with their own government because he's trying to do away completely with the notion that they should actually have a say in what happens and instead to essentially trust him and his regime entirely without actually having a voice in their own governance and we were seeing this primarily through the ways that the security crackdown have happened but also in terms of the way that even economically there hasn't been that kind of recovery that he's promised and it was
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on both of those bases that he came to power in the first place and of course you know nearly five years later he hasn't delivered on any of those kinds of promises so if he doesn't the next four years ago abdullah thanks very much for coming in to get into the studio. ok well let's check on the conversation online on just about social media producer what's happening under well everyone's looking at the initial results that we're getting out of egyptian state media if you look on twitter in egypt the arabic hash tag initial results is one of the top turning conversations especially in the capital cairo in the moment now as we heard it appears that sisi has won with twenty three million votes of the twenty five million cast is only rival moves the most from mousavi has won about. three percent of the vote and voter turnout appears to have been an approximately thirty nine percent of that's a lower turnout than the previous two elections in twenty fourteen and twenty twelve and one media outlet posted these numbers earlier and now if you look at the bottom you'll see more than one point five million ballots were invalidated so c.c.
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and musso were the only candidates in the race but as you can see here these invalidated ballots are effectively coming in second place in egypt's presidential election remember egyptians were told that they had to vote or be fined so some voters simply chose to hand in blank ballots or as you can you can see in this photo which went viral on egyptian social media right and other names like the egyptian footballer now will have to wait until april second for the official results to come in and we're still waiting to hear from the president himself but in his last post on twitter overnight on wednesday he spoke of the will of the nation being demonstrated in this vote saying the scenes of egyptians at polling stations was shining proof of the greatness of the nation for more on the elections in egypt visit our spotlight page that's at al-jazeera dot com you can also share your views with me directly on twitter. or andrew thanks very much now the man at the libyan capital tripoli has been kidnapped by
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gunmen from his head and. is affiliated with libya's un backed government of national accord place resides in tripoli over the past few years officials have been targeted for abduction. but it also has here on the news hour including where the years ago until breaks at those who want to stay in the e.u. aren't giving up yet. another departure from the trump of ministration the presence of veteran affairs secretary explains why he thinks he was fired. head tell us about a shock defeat for venus williams at the miami open tennis. a judge in the united states it's clear the way for families of the victims of the nine eleven attacks in america in two thousand and one to saudi arabia almost three thousand people died in a series of coordinated attacks by al qaeda families of the victims came saudi
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arabia helped plan the operation according to your now says it can hear the cases which saudi arabia had attempted to have dismissed the families asserting for compensation amounting to billions of dollars mike hanna has more from washington d.c. . manhattan judge george gentles says that by a very narrow margin he does have jurisdiction to hear this case it's brought by survivors and relatives of victims of the nine eleven attacks the judge the same judge heard the case back in two thousand and fifteen a similar case but threw that one out of court he made very clear in his judgment today that the difference is the act passed by congress in two thousand and sixteen the justice against sponsors of terrorism act which does allow u.s. nationals to bring action against foreign countries they believe may have assisted acts of terror within the united states but still
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a lengthy legal process ahead lawyers for saudi arabia likely to bring appeals against the judgment they may even consider appealing the act passed by congress back in two thousand and sixteen an act that was vehemently opposed by the obama administration at the time also what's going to happen in coming weeks and months is a process for discovery lawyers for the plaintiffs have made clear that they need objects articles information from saudi arabia itself and of course still the judge has got to set a date for this hearing to begin as president donald trump spaced another senior member of his team veteran affairs secretary david chill can take an issue with his sacking saying it was seen as an obstacle to the privatization of the shoe and services is being replaced by the white house doctor who has no experience running a government departments from france reports from washington. in a little over fourteen months in office president donald trump has gotten rid of
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his secretary of state to national security advisors a chief of staff senior economic advisor and health secretary as well as numerous white house aides and advisers veterans affairs secretary david shall consider parcher is the latest in a level of turnover unprecedented in any previous administration shock and resignation has been predicted for months following revelations in the press that he and his wife took expensive official trips to europe on the taxpayers' tab and used official aides to run personal errands his replacement is trump's personal doctors navy rear admiral ronnie jackson jackson has no experience running an enormous bureaucracy and the veterans' affairs department is the second largest government department topped only by the pentagon but he did log trumps physical and mental stamina in an exhaustive press briefing following the president's medical check up in january in
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a statement trust said jackson who serves in iraq quote has seen firsthand the tremendous sacrifices our veterans make as a candidate to improve veteran services in office he has approved a what is pushed by conservative groups to partially privatized medical care for veterans a move that would create a windfall for for profit hospitals drug companies and insurance jackson probably his appointment means that we're going to move in the direction that big republican donors had been seeking and that's why veterans groups have been expressing tremendous. they're very upset president trump has frequently followed a pattern of letting officials who he no longer has confidence in dangle slowly in the wind for weeks or months before finally letting them go he is also reported to feel more comfortable surrounding himself with people who agree with him with whom he can personally get along and it is said with people who look good on television
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robert oulds al jazeera washington. just hours after he was dismissed philcon wrote an opinion piece in the new york times saying the advocates within the administration for privatizing veterans affairs health services saw me as an obstacle to privatization who had to be removed that is because i'm convinced that privatization is a political issue and rewarding select people and companies with profits even if it undermines care for veterans. prosecutors say that about social links between the trump campaign for the presidency and russia for people have so far pleaded guilty as a result of the investigation that by robert and one of them is due to be sentence . in just a few days alex venders back into the federal courthouse to be sentenced his crime lying to investigators and special counsel robert mueller probe into potential collusion between the truck campaign and russia his sentencing documents lay out
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for the first time the clearest connection yet between russia and the campaign it details conversation between former term campaign aide rick gates and someone labeled a person and investigators say person a has ties to a russian intelligence service and had such ties in two thousand and sixteen it goes on to say the bender's one admitted that he knew of that connection stating that gates told him person a was a former russian intelligence officer with the g.r.u. gates is also pled guilty and is cooperating with muller telling him all about the conversations that happened just months before the election a lawyer vendor worked with gates and former campaign chairman paul mann of ford on a report that was meant to legitimize the prosecution of former ukrainian prime minister yulia tymoshenko concerned that they could face charges over two thousand and sixteen then there's one now admits he recorded phone calls and destroyed e-mails when caught by miller he confessed says he shouldn't be shown leading n.c. for eventually telling the truth and urges the court to impose
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a large fine same vendor swann can afford it his father in law is a prominent russian oligarch with close ties to the russian president attorneys for venezuelan say he should be spared prison arguing he's been stuck in the u.s. hotel for the last few months without any good friends or family they say that should be punishment enough investigators though painted a pretty harsh picture for the judge they'll find out next tuesday he could face up to five years in prison or up to a two hundred fifty thousand dollars fine. al-jazeera washington. poland has sealed the largest arms deal in its history it will pay the united states four and a half billion dollars for the patriot missile defense system the move is the latest impose our first upgrade its military which is accelerated since russia's annexation of crimea in two thousand and fourteen two thirds of its weaponry is from the soviet cold war era place in the u.k. investigating an attack on a former russian spy are now looking at whether he was poisoned at his home they
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say the highest concentration of a nerve agent was found at his front door so a script and his daughter yulia remain in a critical condition after being found unconscious in the english city of souls we earlier this month moscow denies accusations it was behind the attack twenty seven countries have now announced they are expelling russian diplomats british prime minister to raise a may is touring the country to mark a one year countdown until you came leaves the european union the formal breaks it process was triggered last year after the referendum in two thousand and sixteen the u.k. hoping to quit in a year's time trees a may says she's committed to honoring the vote to break away but pro european groups are refusing to give up hopes of staying in the queue just a moment we'll be talking to a correspondent barnaby phillips in london but first here's his report on how broke that remains highly divisive issue. oh. rex it such
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a disaster that even boris johnson now admits he got it wrong or maybe not his precious life still loses but his impersonator and protesters outside downing street believe it can be stopped with a second referendum on the final deal from the league o'shea sions prince britain and the e.u. like will the students speaking for generations that floated over well but the to stay and see you. young people do feel very strongly that this is one direction but i feel so publicly in fighting to mobilize and try to persuade our parents and grandparents many of the like minded back to back to back us not sure anymore but it's not the right deal i'm going to know my direction from here but all the older generation persuadable i travel from london to the english market town of spalding where seventy percent voted to leave the e.u. the challenge for those trying to stop bricks it is to change people's minds in towns like spalding and that still feels like an uphill struggle there is
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a measure of ensuring. that i don't think you can leeway was said but we want to discuss only. the man who led spaulding's leave campaign says this month's agreement on the transition covering british e.u. relations for almost two years after bret's it means the end is in sight a thing that is the final nail in the coffin for the you or i shall die hards who wants second referendum the transition agreement is implied and i think what we all need to do now is a rally around the prime minister in the government and work to govern the national interest to feel the best possible deal berta back in london not much sign of rallying around another and group sets off on a battle bus tour around supported by some big names in british politics i accept that whatever happens in terms of any effort. to stop there which is take it to a different course in the one the peoples in the viceroy said that's very difficult
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but i think millions of people believe the country's made a terrible mistake. and that this just can't count this isn't sustainable the referendum was meant to settle the issue of britain in europe for once and for all it doesn't yet feel it has any diehard remain as have learned one thing from the anti e.u. opponents it's this never give up but i see that the hopeless cause. let's cross over to the premise about going to west or stopped all over the case is a. yes that's right she's going to all the component nations that make up the u.k. scotland northern ireland wales england appealing for unity of course only two of those england and wales actually voted for bracks it and i suppose that's why there is the emphasis on preserving the union let me bring in my guest professor and on men on who's organizing
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a conference here in westminster about bret's it with one year to go in our reports professor meant all we were hearing from people who still think it can be stopped are they did loot it well we don't know what's going to happen next year i'd say the conference is about one year old not one year to go because it wouldn't tempt fate like that british politics is so unpredictable we don't know what's going to happen what poll event is going to say about any final deal i think the problem with the debate is remain as tend to talk to remain as and leaves tend to talk to leaders of countries so geographically divided there's very little cross-fertilisation of ideas so not many people are actually changing their minds so the prime minister to resign may appealing for unity you will saying that will fall on deaf ears i think what you have in britain at the moment on top of preexisting political divisions between left and right is an increasing. division between leaders and remain is that is becoming more and more permanent and i think overcoming that is going to be very very difficult and the prime minister who is
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pursuing a hard bricks it telling remain as to come together i don't think is going to cut any ice like she's obviously concerned about the union itself that's why she's going to all the component nations do you think there is a fear that breaks it could lead to the eventual breakup of the united kingdom or do you think that that is something that pro e.u. remain is have overplayed as an argument well that obviously was something that remain as used in the referendum if we vote to leave scotland will vote to leave now actually the odds of scotland voting to leave have lengthened considerably i think because there's less support for independence in scotland now the real issue is oil and and here of course central to the brics in negotiations is the question of the border and no one has figured out a way to get the sort of brics if that's a reason may want whilst avoiding a border at all and so that remains a large issue we had a pro-life supporter in in my report saying actually you know we've got a lot further than we thought we would we got the outlines of the withdrawal agreement we got the transition agreement the skeptics never thought would get this
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far so i think us true i think actually a whole load of work was done both the withdrawal agreement and the transition on a lot of technical stuff about citizens' rights pensions social security benefits that could have been really problematic they have been successfully addressed and dealt with by the negotiating team so i think it's far far too simple to say we haven't got anywhere we've made quite a lot of progress the problem is there's quite a lot that remains to be done professor men and thank you very much enjoy the rest of the conference and we'll be bringing you coverage throughout the day of brecht's it one years ago and they had to ok thanks very much. i know about peace prize when i'm alone i guess have science returned to pakistan for the first time since she was attacked by the pakistan taliban six years ago the twenty year old has accompanied by her father has met the prime minister and other senior officials of the sauce and the head by a mosque gunman on how way home from school in two thousand and twelve she was tug's head because of her support for girls' education i mean it now as he said as
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a journalist and calling this he joins us now from islamabad and packs on via skype good to have you with us why is marla coming home now off to six he is well i think obviously is growing up she is in university now and she's looking at what she wants to through. in her future what projects she wants to pursue and if you see the past couple of interviews you've given she's always been. she's been saying that she wants to come back armstrong was there and i think it's it's a bit of both that she wanted to come back and visit and also that she wanted to see what opportunities are here for her in the future how she welcomes back in pakistan how she views that well i mean she's received a warm welcome from a lot of people refuse obviously meant that i mean a certain lot of people in government should be meeting the chief of the army style today as well and other dignitaries so a lot of this kind of the divisive topic in fact islam you have people who love her
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a great deal to order her and that's evident but also you have people who who don't like her i don't want to go so far to see her but i think if she is a divisive why why is she defies while the people who resent. so i mean to give a couple of arguments one is that there are a lot of people who suffered for each occasion and suffered from terrorism and they feel they there why is has she been singled out internationally it's part of conspiracy theory are part of that and also the other place it's obvious from is that some people view. what happened in her context is not the norm in box land is not play that girls don't have access to education or problems in a way that's presented by her case is not the norm it was the exception and that's
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why her personification of that people feel a gives a bad image to the country how is the security situation changed in pakistan is she likely to go back to the swat region with well the security situation is changed by a great deal we had impacts on multiple military operations especially after the e.p. a school attack i think there was a change in state policy and oxen has sacrificed a lot for the war on terrorism and the security has actually improved turner's terrorist incidents up on down a lot over hideouts have been destroyed and the operation continues to this day so definitely late that she and her team felt that it was a secure enough time to come swat valley has peaceful for a couple of years now so if i wouldn't be surprised if she does pay
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a visit there too ok but speak to any marine now as they say thanks very much for joining us pleasure thank you. in just a few moments we'll have over whether we have a swim and then still ahead on out of there just based on my conflict i'm living in fear we report on the plight of men was cut minority. and into these i guess the army to help clean up one of the world's filthiest rivers. loss and support another page in the history books for the bron james is here it's not just one of michael jordan's wreck holds. from dusky sunset so if you're a sprawling superman. to summarize the top invasion metropolis. well the weather is looking a little nasty across a good part of the middle east over the next few days lots of clouds showing up on
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the satellite picture so that is the sort of the mediterranean this area clouds pushing a ride across syria out of turkey black sea all the way across into the caspian sea some lively storms around blowing away hair rain sleet snow you have this all in the hole in the forecast here that will continue to make its way further east which as we go on through the next couple of days look at that same area cloud it pushes all the way across into tech many stan it extends down across iran into northern parts of the arabian peninsula and here over the next few days we could even see some some rather lively weather then so we follow that area cloud then stretching across northern parts of saudi arabia always the possibility of a few spots of rain on this one we had getting up to thirty nine celsius at a five celsius here in doha it's think this way further southwards temperatures in riyadh fullback leak a few spots of rain there thirty one celsius for rio we're still up around thirty five here in doha but the key wind really digging in behind if you follow
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a dust storm here you can see how the dust looks like it could well extending across northern parts of the region getting into cattle sometime on saturday said the possibility of lots of lifted dust and sand and travel problems. the weather sponsored by the time race. in twenty sixteen when he's revealed big girls from some as young as fifteen or were trafficked to singapore to work is mean it's illegal and cost you lives so why does it still continue in law abiding singapore want to win east and how does era. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to you. al-jazeera. arab. or the benefit of saddam people. so bad they see the importance
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of the other guys. who witness documentaries that open your eyes. at this time on al-jazeera. and there again you're watching al-jazeera has reminder of our top stories this hour delegates from north and south korea have met to a range of rare summit for their leaders kim jong un will meet president on the twenty seventh of april and the demilitarized zone dividing the two countries.
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gyptian state media is expecting president al gore fattah el-sisi to win reelection by a landslide after three days of voting glimmer exult twenty three million out of twenty five million votes cast his only rival most of the stuff and. three percent of the vote voted turnout was thirty nine. and has returned to pakistan for the first time since she was attacked by the pakistan taliban six years ago a twenty year old nobel peace prize winner has met the prime minister and other senior officials. and the head by moscow men on her way home from school in two thousand and twelve she was targeted because of her support for girls' education. a white woman in south africa has been jailed for racially abusing a black policeman. and was believed to be the first case of its kind vicky mum but was jailed for three years the officer trying to help off the thieves broke into her car she was spotted
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by using racial slurs forty eight times during her to raid two years ago and be said for good as a researcher at the center for studies and joins us now from johannesburg in south africa so why it's always a was jailed in this instance and not find as we've seen in all the others of hate speech cases in south africa. well i think the judge in this case was trying to make a point because of. more of this kind of incidences particularly within the cultural sector of the south african economy where the racial slurs and use have become commonplace so i think this was just trying to to to set the precedence and to make a point and prevent further further actions of this nature do you think or what will it act as a tyrant when i think it will work already people are talking about this and i think it will act as
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a deterrent because we have this is has become too prevalent within within south africa unfortunately the incidents that have been reported so far most of them have been perpetuated by white south africans to what sort of skins the latest being what happened to you one of the universities in south africa to visit a free state where students had forced certain workers within the university to perform very demeaning acts including feeding on food which was you know infused with with with the with urine so those are the kind of incidences which i think. pushed the judge to come to this judgment ok i mean some however saying that this ruling says double standards that black people including politicians are not penalize similar insults and threats of violence to whites. well it's not very it's not true because the incidences are very few where you find
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black people perpetuating this kind of actions all involving racial slur is where had countless number of white driven incidences of this nation so it's not it's not very true that there's unfairness in how this or this double standards in out is this judgment was was i was applied over the past five years for example the majority of the people of perpetuated this kind of of abusive language towards black people has been has been the majority white people of south africa ok and they said ok thanks for joining us there from johns back. shop owners in india's capital of issued an ultimatum to government leaders to get them back in business street market trades in new delhi have gone on strike for the protests against a court decision to close shops to make way for redevelopment. ports. was thousands of traders are protesting against
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a court order to close their businesses they want their shops reopened other traders demonstrated their support by shutting major markets in new delhi. in other countries the government provides incentives and facilities to the traders to do business in india there are no facilities no money and when the traders try to do their business they are harassed by the government. the government has tried for years to implement delis master plan twenty twenty one for urban development now judges have banned the government from making amendments to the plan it follows criticism the truck closures had been used in the past as a political to maybe have the money. made by the municipal authority says shops with unpaid fines and those built in new guinea have to see are. completely still madiba our sales have stopped but our expenses continue i'm still paying the salaries of my stuff but i think i have to ask the employees to leave i can't continue with these costs. the markets which are down in
1:43 pm
old parts of delhi have been there for years and thousands of jobs are at stake. many. i cannot afford food for my home and i don't have money for my sister's wedding or to pay my rent when i ask the shop owners he tells me that my show be sealed how can i afford to pay you please go back to your village. no one is giving us any work wherever we go giving us any work wherever we go they say the shops have been sealed there are no jobs available we are poor people where do we go now . politicians have been accused of offering deals in exchange for votes traders that to. usually major supporters of the ruling hindu nationalist part of the engine of the party and politicians have been trying to reassure supporters that they have nothing to do with the court's decision we are not taking any action on our part but any interleave that we are definitely with them all the every step all our m.p.'s all my party president every my leader at the national level the
1:44 pm
concerned about it traitors hold the politicians they voted for real listen to their demands for now businesses remain shut and shop owners are giving the government a week to find a solution some of the job of their. late last year the world's attention has been brought to the plight of seven hundred thousand muslim ranger who fled violence and minima elsewhere in the country catchin states another one hundred thousand people have also been displaced by years of fighting between the christian catch and independence on the ok i and government troops now as dylan leader aung sang suu chief affairs for talks with other rebel groups the k.i.a.s. refusing to engage in hate reports. civil war in me and man has pushed people as far as they can go to remote mountainous regions on the edge of the country in the northern state of kitchen it's estimated there are around one
1:45 pm
hundred thousand living in camps along the border with china supposed to be temporary homes but many refugees have been here for years for some this is just the latest stop in almost a lifetime on the run so. when i lived in another camp i thought there would be no more running away from the fighting but it happened again just like before the man my shirts inside the camp and i even fired artillery shells. the rebel kitchen independence army is at war with the me and my army fighting for control of the state and its resources the kitchen accuse the me and my army of abuses like rape and murder which the government and its soldiers deny the government is engaged in a peace process with several rebel groups but the kitchen fighters have refused to sign a cease fire agreement saying they don't trust the process in the meantime more civilians are being displaced by the fighting forced to leave their homes and jobs starting a small business inside the camps is the only way to make money the government
1:46 pm
won't allow aid groups in and getting supplies like medicine is difficult instead the refugees are taught how to make use of natural remedies it's a difficult situation made worse by the constant fear of being targeted again. the meum army keeps attacking us they never have sympathy for anybody they did this to us we are afraid of them right now we have volunteers security guards in the camp day and night. even with that threat and fear hanging over them for now the camps are as safe as it gets is no sign that the violence in kitchens state will end any time soon meaning returning home isn't an option wayne hay al-jazeera. asia pacific is the most vulnerable region in the world when it comes to access to water population growth and urbanization of drastically increased demand the region is home to sixty percent of the world's population and fifty percent of the world's poorest people agriculture takes up eighty percent of water resources by twenty
1:47 pm
twenty three the region is expected to have twenty two cities of ten million people or more and in thirty years also three point four billion people are expected to be living in water scarce areas for our next story in our first series we travel to indonesia one of the world's dirtiest rivers is being cleaned up thousands of soldiers are being deployed in the bishes project to make the water of the city drink a bowl in the next seven years was that vast and reports from west java some factories still using it as a dump for chemical waste. a thick soup of rubbish clogging one of indonesia's main waterways after previous failed attempts to clean up the river in west java the government has called in the army to do the dirty work it's not an easy battle to win as the soldiers remove garbage from the three hundred kilometer long river more arrives ways from households markets and shops simply dumped into the water not
1:48 pm
only is it the easiest way to get rid of rubbish but for many living along the river it's the only way that they got. up for more than a month we've been talking to villagers about how to be more hygiene it turns out most of them don't want to dump their garbage in the river but they don't know what else to do with their household waste there is no garbage dump in their village there are no garbage collectors it's a huge problem but what i'm some people in the village of my july are used the river for washing and cleaning but many villages including yes watty and her son are suffering from a skin disease doctors blame on the contaminated water. the same rules of. the water used to be clean but since the factories have been operating it has become like this it used to be totally clear. thousands of factories dumped tons of chemical waste in the river every day and via mental groups took
1:49 pm
legal action against one of the main textile producers kohath tax but this by the supreme court order in november bending the dumping of waste this is what we found a black colored slick coming from god tax. after repeated requests for an explanation the company eventually said the color does not prove the water is contaminated so long. as long as there is no lawrence force minton as long as they don't have regular inspections in these factories the river will never be clean this clean up has been happening for nearly two months and there have been inspections but this is the evidence we find the samples have shown dangerous levels of lead and other matters in the water which is also used by thousands of farmers for irrigation turning this into drinking water within the next seven years sounds like a promise impossible to keep despite another attempt to clean up what's known as one of the world's dirtiest rivers she tavern is still being used as a dump for all kinds of waste and fire mentalist say that if polluters are not
1:50 pm
being punished this cleanup is just another waste of time and money the government says action will be taken against polluters as soon as a presidential decree is issued that we're going to focus on promises because we told them radio we're going to kill the next generation or don't play around anymore because before i heard about this story you know and i said no what is this degree coming we're going to we're going to be getting the creek we're going to execute some parts of the river are looking quite clean now but taking out the rubbish has not exactly solved the waste issue with most landfills full soldiers have no choice but to dump garbage next to the river in the middle of a residential area creating new problems step fasten al-jazeera a cheetah river. we'll be. following the bold.
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he will support laura thank théophile steve smith has apologized to the australian public for his role in a cheating scandal that has damaged cricket smith david warner and cameron bancroft one handed playing bans football tampering joining that recent test with south africa speaking as he arrived back in sydney the formal straining captain said the incident is something kill regret for the rest of his life. and i now understand the consequences. it was
1:53 pm
a failure of leadership. of my ladyship. i'll do everything i can to make up for my mistake. and the damage of course. if any good can come this. if they can be a lesson to others then i hope i can be a force to change any time you think about making it a questionable decision think about who you're affecting here affecting your parents and say well. it's. well reporter yarber melhem was at that press conference at sydney airport. obviously a very emotional press conference by the former a australia cricket captain stay
1:54 pm
smith this has got to be the hardest week of his career and it all culminated here when he had to face the media on home soil he broke down several times during that press conference but this does not mark the end of the saga several sponsors have already pulled out of new critical national deals with both the players and with cricket australia now cameron bancroft has also landed in perth and he's a little of what he had to say not a second has gone boss since last saturday evening when i have a wish to turn back home and do the right thing during the launch brought it is something overgrowth for the rest of us so profuse apologies from both players the person we haven't heard yet from in this saga is from vice captain dave warner who seem to have been the instigator for the ball tampering incident he's due to arrive
1:55 pm
today in a strange year but he said that he's not going to face the media just yet and that he'll be spending a few days with his family and apologize to fans on twitter so no doubt there will be many questions he'll have to answer in the coming days. or coach tara lehman has kept his job after cricket australia determined he had nothing to do with the ball tampering but he's apologized for the scandal and asked for forgiveness for the three players sent home there's a human sort of this. as everyone including myself has made mistakes in the past these young men and i hope people will give him a second chance. to heal from moving in. strongly important to us i worry about the three guys we love. and they're going through a really tough talk. well yes the apologies of come too late for cricket australia's bank balance as you heard from our reporter in sydney one of their
1:56 pm
major sponsors has pulled out seven months into a three year multi-million dollar deal fund manager magellan financial group who were the title sponsors for january's ashes series against england drop the team the deal is reported to be worth more than fifteen million dollars the players have also been hit in the pocket steve smith has been dumped by australia's biggest lender commonwealth bank and also breakfast cereal company sanitarium who make weetbix electronics company l g well they've cut ties with david warner a few days ago and sportswear brand asked six also canceled deals with both warner and bancroft moral courses are common in sports sponsorship deals meaning one side can walk away if the conduct of the other has a negative effect want to tell us now venus williams has suffered a shock to feet to the world number ninety three in the quarter finals of the miami open the seven time grand slam winner went down six two six three to qualify or
1:57 pm
danielle collins this is the twenty four year old's first ever win over a top ten player and the first time she's ever reached the last four of the w t o events. i mean it's really special i don't know how it compares to other situations but i mean this is probably one of the core situations i've been in i'm just really grateful to come out with the win. collins opponent there will be french open champion to penco the latvian edged out world number four alina spittal ina into tie break set is also when case first semifinal of two thousand and eighteen. in the menstrual world number six. extended his winning streak to fifteen matches a quarter final victory over miller. had eased past the big seven canadian on race to winning the indian wells title only this month but this was a much closer affair after dropping the opening set clinch the next two entire breaks to make it into the semifinals of miami for the first time since two
1:58 pm
thousand and nine his next opponent will be another big serve american john snow the thirty two year old cruz pa south korean hyung chung in straight sets. the bron james has made n.b.a. history again he's tied michael jordan for the longest double digit scoring streak le bron much the seventeen year old mark of eight hundred sixty six consecutive games with ten points all more as is cleveland cavaliers the hornets the team that jordan aren't he scored forty one points in the game as the cavs one hundred eighteen two hundred five thirty three year old could break the record against the new orleans pelicans on friday and that is all useful for now more later laura thanks very much and that's it for me laura call that this news up to stay with us so rahman is here in just a moment with all of the day's news for you. the
1:59 pm
final version. of. the new poll ranks mexico city is the pull for worst in the world for sexual violence many women are attacked while moving in the crowded spaces of the metro
2:00 pm
buses and even at the hands of taxi drivers the conversation starts with do you have a boyfriend you're very pretty and young you feel unsafe threatened i think about how to react what do i do if this gets west's no money on the uses a new service it's called loyal drive it's for women passages only and run by women drivers pull for some extra features like a panic button and twenty four seven monitoring of drivers. combining also until. to challenge soviet era methodology. through making creating and performing. turning a generation of children. into the trailblazers of tomorrow. after school. because of the rebel education series at this time on.


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