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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 88  Al Jazeera  March 29, 2018 8:32pm-9:00pm +03

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which have expelled russian diplomats over the poisoning of a former russian spy in the u.k. the u.s. consulate in st petersburg is also being closed said caleb bravo speaking after doctors in the u.k. said the yulia script was recovering well and is now stable she and her father said gay were poisoned with a nerve agent nearly a month ago. remains in a critical condition the leaders of north and south korea have agreed to meet face to face for a lead the third time since the end of the korean war sixty five years ago the announcement follows high level talks in the demilitarized zone between the two countries south korea's elite north korea's kim jong il and in the same border village of april twenty seventh ministers say the north's nuclear disarmament will be a critical point. preliminary results in egypt suggest a landslide win for president of the c.c. but voter turnout was low at forty two percent cc's reelection was pretty much
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guaranteed poland was seen as a dummy that and the strain the is this crazed cricket captain steve smith has broken down in tears as he apologized for his role in a ball tampering scandal smith was speaking after returning to sydney from cape town where he and two other players devised a plan to scuff a ball with sandpaper during a match against south africa the team coach has also resigned. the headlines coming up next this inside story. a young performer or an entrenched military man ethiopia has
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a new leader to focus from the overall ethnic group that speed at the forefront of the protests abi are you not a country driven by ethnic tensions. inside story. hello and welcome to the program piron i'm at forty to be the youngest leader in africa with the new head of coalition has an impressive academic and security resume he has a doctorate in peace and security adds longstanding military and intelligence ties but crucially he's from ethiopia's largest ethnic group being. community activists say they've been marginalized and excluded from political and economic power that's a dispute that's led to years of violence many hope are with rise as an opportunity
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to turn the page on a difficult chapter in ethiopian history fintan monahan has more. leaders of ethiopia's ruling coalition are putting their hopes in i'll be off meds tonight a divided country he's from the largest ethnic group in ethiopia. he's expected to become the first aroma prime minister ethiopians hope he can end years of protest against ethnic discrimination because it was a negative for you so with that many things have happened and a lot of people have lost their lives a new prime minister must communicate and listen to the people but to the people want this is the most important thing he needs to pay attention to the voice of the people. despite being one third of the population the roman claim they've been politically and economically marginalized tensions exploded in twenty fifteen when thousands took to the streets over land dispute they were joined by the ammara the second largest ethnic group. their anger was directed against the to gray and an
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ethnic group that activists say dominates the intelligence security a military apparatus while the government did drop the controversial development plans protests continued calling for regional autonomy and greater representation. hundreds of protesters and dozens of security forces were killed the state human rights commission recommended prosecution of some police officers but maintained that the use of force was appropriate hundreds fled across the board to kenya fearing for their lives we can't leave the country because of you caught me consequences when it's too bad because they do think she's not going to be in the politics and talk to us and because of crossing the border. the prime minister really marry into saline that characterized the protest as a threat to national security appealing on protesters and respect the rule of law but growing divisions in the ruling coalition led to celine to announce
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a surprise resignation last month the government now recognizes some of the protesters demands as calling for dialogue aimed at lasting solutions this pave the way for a men's rise with promises reform of. an ethiopian united by nationality instead of divide by ethnicity at forty two years old met will be one of africa's youngest leaders but critics say he's still a creature of the establishment up and is a former military man overturn a colonel in defense forces your surround information network security agency charged with controlling the internet it's also accused of spying on ethiopian distance abroad ethiopia remains one of the world's fastest growing economies the really alliance's claim credit for significantly reducing poverty over the past two decades a world of potential if it can deliver stability and reform and heal the nation's divisions into modern al-jazeera. well as bring in our panel now from. ethiopia's communications minister and
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frankfurt so dalai lama editor in chief of the added standard and from washington d.c. maha mother them all and ethiopian journalist and founder of pride dot com that's an independent news website about the aroma and ethiopia welcome to you all mr len show a new leader but is the government wiling to carry out the reforms that protestors have been calling for. thank you so much. yes. there is. a new leader oh. person for the ruling. and then. shortly to become the prime minister of york bureau. the the ruling party has been going through different. process of. no one and the change it means that. it is bringing all what it has been doing to respond to the grievances that people of ethiopia in
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general have been addressing and so we can say that yes. or leader and inspiration in general. ready to respond to the needs of the people and the star de mar how do they arrive the people feel about this new leader is that enough to appease them and does he represent a real change for then. i think the most important context here is that this is the only leader that could have pulled back from the brink in certainly the ruling party from edging closer to what most people would say does a loser and so in that sense i think this is the best of the alternatives that were provided for this position but i think ultimately it comes down to is not so much that now we have a normal prime minister which is symbolically very important but i think what he
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does next in the who he surrounds himself with who is going to come into his new cabinet because the ruling party has taken responsibility for the crisis in the country particularly the executive leadership we will have to wait and see what kind of chains he will put in there because if you just change one leader. that mr li doesn't mean whole lot of change and i think we will have to see is specifics in people are cautiously optimistic in that they are going to give him a chance he will have to deliver and muslimah do you think he will deliver all the change trickle down from the top and to the various institutions that make up the. ethiopian government or i agree with my colleague mohamed i don't most ate in the first place but i would add to this doctor i would be used inheriting a country which i would say is
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a deep state in every state stretch of measurement he's inheriting a country under a state of emergency which is essentially being ruled by their army and he comes from the region where the state of emergency which is we don't hard hit by the state of emergency and given all these send if they're in form or if the replacement of doctor. deprived their. going prime minister by dr ivory is not going to be accompanied by the immediate lifting of the state of humor didn't see it is not going to give him that leverage that he needs to flex to exercise his leadership capacity no matter how many people would surround him there first and foremost thing would be for the state to have lifted the state of emergency so that he can have the room to maneuver to discuss with a position politicians with civil society which are prohibited under the state of
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emergency so i don't see how he's going to succeed in harry king a state under the rule of the military what let me put that to the government spokesperson mr lynch a wall of the government when will the government rather lift the state of emergency and will the military the intelligence community that hold so much power in ethiopia are they going to work with the new prime minister. will. first of all. i think we have to acknowledge that. what should rule in ethiopia or what should prevail should be democracy. and all the challenges that we have been facing can be at risk for poorly when democracy prevails. concerning the state of emergency and the role of the military actually the military is. the ethiopian.
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military they're given the power in the right. to the limits of the law and. it is not. by personal willingness of. it is not a preference it's not a choice to accept and what with the new leader but the constitution forces all the institutions including the military to war for the people of ethiopia because the decision made their new chair person of the p.r. and then the new prime minister has been elected democracy quickly it means that we are building democracy in a nation just getting rid of poverty and there is no other choice but it is an obligation for all in with you since including the military to work with the new
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leader and we we have. hope we are highly optimistic that the the needs of the ethiopian people will be good and justice will be made. the ruling party at first this in is a leader electing. dr of the argument to lead the party and then to become the prime minister obviously opiah it means that by the participation of all the opiates arcos the country and also all government institution there is a high possibility for the new leader to respond to the needs of the ethiopian people and the selection on the agenda rather suggests that i government has an agency when can we expect that to be lifted and will it come with protest as demands being met accountability for human rights abuses the release of political
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prisoners political freedoms greater reforms. when the state of emergency is not in the best interest of the if you can government out government and they took in people but you know we have been force it because of different factors. this state of emergency if there are to serve the interest of the european people but in due process people have been voicing concern is basically from the region and other regions and their grievance is well taken and it will be addressed properly because the government has an obligation to protect human rights and also to serve the interest of the people and sort of guarding where the state of when the state of emergency will
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be lifted from the very beginning i have rightly said that it is not in our best interest as a government and us of people but there are issues. to be addressed that is there has to be peace in the stability we have to restore peace in the stability and then we have to pay attention to the questions that people are raising because the government has been. told for many times i can see for about two more than two years you know. paying attention to restoring peace and order that kind of fix the economy now is in the city it is not an alternative for if you are see a wall and for the government will misled a little. hunt of the ethiopian people we know that we cannot serve god the peace and the stability by security forces but by the participation of all ethiopians it is our the hands of they took in people and i cannot tell you it will believe that
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in a month or so but we hope and we wish that the reality on the ground improves we immediately leave the state of emergency thank you very much for that missile engines i'm going to bring misled i will been misled and now mr lynch is very optimistic about the situation and having peace and security are you as optimistic that everyone in the government is going to work together including the two grains have had a disproportionate amount of power for the size for the for how much of the ethiopian population they make up are they going to be willing now to surrender some of their power so that the political system is more equal while you know it's it's one thing to be optimistic but it's quite another thing for me to you know besides being optimistic if you look at how his election process in itself
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there is enough reasons to worry about the fights that was put up particularly from the t.p.a. left it to grand people liberation front representatives. inside the council meeting a fight that lasted to the bitter int he was he was against it he even including his own kind of hissy was and was in the couse of there so there's a huge resistance from from particularly the representatives of the to grant people liberation front so that gives me enough reason to worry but my optimistic i do hope. to mystic regarding the coming of dr ivy. for one in one reason only and that is he is a result of people's power he comes from the region where the people have pushed and cornered the region and the state to change it is own way of conducting its business so he's coming from that background and he knows what it means not to
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deliver and he is where i where to my understanding that if he fits what he's going to be facing is going to be the people's power that gives me hope and he also shown . to be tough and i know attitude previously. has a departure from the government from the for the remaining government in terms of listening to the people and in terms of connecting to people's cry to their peepers grievances so that gives me a hope but i still remain. you know cautiously optimistic about this whole process because i like what dr niggas said result do suspect to what he say that it is not going to be an easy thing in the i'm not sure if that he will be allowed to bring in the changes that he desires to give in the start school continues like it is today mr demo muslimah touched on some real reform credentials that mr a does have
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you know he was a very important part of the erroneous state government that was driving reform in that region including things like the way police conducted themselves during protests he allowed the regional broadcaster to have more press freedom do you think that he will be able to carry out those reforms on a national level how difficult is that going to be. i think is important. point because when he was elected. vice president it was at the height of forum for this election itself was a response to relentless protests and i think. aside from changing the way the original broadcaster bordeaux which dr robbie chairs in are also changing the police in society relations i think one of the things that they did successfully at the regional level was acknowledging that there are problems in the best way to
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deal with those problems is by listening to people by cleaning up their their house that entails laying off a lot of people corrupt officials t.p.a. left cronies who are holding all of his as good keepers in real reform and embracing the protesters demands in in where the question now is whether he would be able to take to the national level i think he has a historic opportunity to do that in there are various factors i can cite one is the regional party from romeo p.t.o. controls the majority of. seats in parliament in the parliament it is open parliament has been a rubber stamp legislature for the last twenty seven years but over the last year we have seen some movement where at least some of the members are now voting their conscience in listening to the will of the people listening to their constituents so that the most logical thing to do for the caribbean for his party now is used up
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power use that leverage lift the state of emergency which essentially takes away his civilian powers and give the powers to the military i agree with dr langer that what it is open needs now is real democracy in more freedoms but the best way to deal with that is not by doubling down with the same tired in tried and failed. that is not going to inspire confidence and it is not going to restore the credibility the legitimacy that this government and let me put that to mr ledger then mr densher are the hardliners the elites and the government ready to believe that security crackdowns cannot longer crush dissent. thank you. actually dr argument is. a gift today took in people it has come a long way through all these different postures that. followed
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as a party that means he has been democratically elected because he is a visionary because he is an architect of change that is a hope to the ethiopian people in general and basically they use in particular who have been voicing the different grievances in that case we have to understand that without promoting democracy and ensuring equality justice the rule of law in general i don't think that we can solve the problems that we are facing these days therefore there is no party which has a special treatment special privileges in ethiopia because. all if you are in people we can see have paid sacrifices to build this nation but it is a lender the reason we have the reason why there is a new leader and we even go here because of massive protests out of the many years
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because one party one tribe are seen to have had too much power power disproportionate. well. now i am talking about the reality you're not people who may see things from different perspectives i mean i don't buy even the idea that one party is a kingmaker and comic and brick we want x. of these in the future if we have to change is the opiah all the right calls or i still enjoy it we have to change our perspective as well so that we can change the reality or i don't and i understand you we don't deny that there are rent seekers in the party and i'm just going to bring them out and now because we don't have very long left and i'd like to see and i see that he has something to say. i think we should be very clear the ruling party if you're deaf in january
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acknowledge that p.p.l. of the kingmakers in the e.p. idea of correlation have built cronies inside inside other parties which essentially made the country ungovernable they continue to have the power they still control the military they still control the intelligence they are heavily invested in the economy except there they the companies companies assure that associated with them control the commanding heights of the country's economy so i don't think the prime minister will have power or his he is term will be much different from that of the outgoing prime minister if we are going to repeat so i think e.p.a. i.d.f. understands there is a problem now they have to see to it that the solution is what the communications minister dr negri is saying more more democracy more freedom or putting up the political environment e.p.i. idea of cannot solve the problems along the opposition needs to be brought in be
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part of the solution that includes opposition in the country opposition in outside the country or assassinate of the praise the civil society doesn't exist on the theory much as a loss like that oh i'm going to bring mislay my end now because we are and again we don't have a very long left arm to give her the last point is mr arkwright going to be able to bridge the divisions in the coalition and succeed. that again still depends on what the party is going to do to every initiate if that he may probably bring to the table let's not forget that a p.r. dave has a correlation is a party in a governing party that considers compromise as a sign of weakness. what kind of compromise are they going to make in order to bring about the changes in december when their leader so for the four parties met
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together their fraud to her own major i didn't dress that these the sage needed a reform in their most important one so the security reform the security sector and there are me to do cherie. the economy itself in order and they have agreed that they need to bring their reform agenda and they have set up a committee for the reform agenda that they brought together they acknowledge that unless they have change brought the change into those areas they face an imminent threat of call ups so they all understand that but that means they need to make a lot of compromise and as a party is a party that's lived by a group think a party that thinks compromise is a sign of weakness and that that that's the warri right now so no matter how much efforts dr i.v.e. is going to bring in less the party gives him deliver it in the room to maneuver he's going to be a spectacular failure again or mr lemon thank you very much for that issa dolly
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joining us from frankfurt we have the gary len show and addison and muhammad they more and washington d.c. thank you all very much for your time today and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion to go to our facebook page that facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle is at a.j. inside story from the ill of the problem of the whole team here thank you very much for watching by for now.
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the scene for us whether online what is american sign in your mind that peace is always possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on sat there are people bit that are choosing between buying medication and eating basis is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's the author of a thing just posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you al-jazeera. a story of
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blackmail. you'll have killed i have strength i have a story of courage a lot of the fear is real. passion. and a very serious just. in twenty sixteen when he's revealed that girls from some as young as fifteen are trafficked to singapore to work as maine's it's illegal and costing lives so why does it still continue in law abiding singapore want to win east on al-jazeera.


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