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april on al-jazeera from the stories beyond the headlines faultlines examines the u.s. his role in the world's fifty years since the death of martin luther king we examine the impact of his assassination and the state of race relations in the u.s. today the award winning show thrives returns for another season with stories about solutions to some of the greatest manmade environmental problems as the first meeting since the bread's it vote is set to take place in the u.k. we examine how relevant the commonwealth is today between corporate and public interests up to the last drop unveils the longstanding rule for water in europe april on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. watching the news hour live from the headquarters and. coming up in the next sixty minutes rush hour responds in kind to nations who have expelled its diplomats over the poisoning of a former spy. will become a serial like very soon let the other people take care of it the u.s. president declares a looming syria withdrawal catching washington off guard low voter turnout casts a shadow over a gyptian president. landslide election victory after he ran virtually unchallenged and a year before britain is due to leave the e.u. the prime minister goes on to are trying to unite a divided nation. hello
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russia is kicking out sixty u.s. diplomats and dozens more from other countries in response to the expulsion of its diplomats the u.s. consulate in st petersburg will also be closed this is the latest development after a former russian double agent was poisoned in the u.k. which britain and its allies accuse the kremlin of being behind. has more from moscow. well we've been waiting for several days only for russia to come out with its response to all these diplomatic expulsions the western nations processing of the moment and on thursday evening in moscow we did get some clue from a lover of the russian foreign minister about what these are going to be let's listen to what sergey lavrov had to say mutable. sort of girl in the new there will be myriad measures but not only stopping at that the u.s. ambassador is invited to our ministry where my deputy will deliver him the content
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of these retaliation re measures against the united states they include the explosion of a similar number of diplomats and they include our decision to withdraw our consent to the operation of the united states consulate general in some petersburg as for the rest of the countries everything that concerns the number of people who would leave the russian federation from diplomatic missions is also mirrored said well jon huntsman the u.s. ambassador to russia was summoned to the foreign ministry earlier and he was told that there are fifty eight personnel in moscow that are being declared persona non grata from the u.s. embassy and to consular staff from the consulates in qatar and who are now persona non grata as well this impeded by a consulate has two days in which to wrap up or operate sions and shut down as a very fast and all the staff there being kicked out while they have
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a week to leave the russians are also clearly quite concerned i think about yulia script hols recovery they have been looking around for something to throw in london today earlier in a press conference given by marie as a car of the foreign ministry spokesman she said that the united kingdom was breaching a consular agreements drafted in one thousand nine hundred sixty eight between the united kingdom and what was the u.s.s. . sar and this supposedly gives access or promises access to citizens of the u.s.s.r. now russia in the united kingdom obviously while the script. comatose in the hospital access to them was important but not absolutely essential but now you describe how is so we're being told conscious recovering and perhaps going to be talkative sometime soon well that makes things very very different that's the view from moscow we'll cross over to mike hanna who's joining us from washington so
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russia had said that it was going to retaliate now it has mike has there been any u.s. reaction well there has indeed there's been absolute anger from the state department the state department spokeswoman saying that russia's response was not proportionate saying that russia has no right to play the victim here as she put it she pointed out that small than one hundred fifty diplomats from some twenty seven western nations have been expelled in response to the illegible russian involvement in that nerve gas of a former russian double agent so that certainly from the u.s. state department great anger at the russian action and what does this mean then for us russian relations. well certainly once again these relations which have been pretty dodgy for a long period of time now are deteriorating even further and importantly those world the spokeswoman the us state department spokeswoman also said that the u.s.
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reserves the right to take further action making very clear that this diplomatic dispute is not at an end the consulate in seattle has been closed as we've mentioned a number of russian diplomats have been expelled but from the state department we're hearing that the matters not over as she said the u.s. reserves the right to take further action should that prove necessary i'm not asking you to speculate here at all mike but what does that mean i mean so should we be brace ourselves for what's coming next could actually be much worse well quite possibly the u.s. action has been pretty stringent of the initial expulsion that we saw on monday the closure of the consulate in seattle it's hard to see how it could wreck shit up any further response to the latest russian moves without completely destroying any form of relationship between russia and the united states not throughout these
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diplomatic disputes that we've seen over the years there has always been what many view as a proportionate response there may be an explosion here that will be responded with an explosion there consulate shouted in one place in response a consulate shouted but the u.s. appears to be considering escalating this type of diplomatic niceties even when there is ongoing argument and certainly that threat from state department means that they could be an escalation any escalation could result in an utter deterioration relations between the u.s. and russia ok mike hanna reporting from washington thank you. now the u.s. president donald trump has told supporters that american troops will be leaving syria quote very soon so he was speaking at an infrastructure event in the state of ohio when he began complaining about how much the u.s. spends on rebuilding other countries listen and by the way we're knocking the hell out of isis will become another syria like very soon let the other people take care
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of it now very soon very soon we're coming now we're going to have a hundred percent of the caliphate as they call it sometimes you food to his land take it all back quickly quickly well like some previous trump announcements this one caught many in washington off guard including the state department itself i can't comment on what the president supposedly said i haven't seen and i have to refer you back to the white house. i have not seen it myself and said it i have not seen it myself ok but you know you don't you don't necessarily comment or report on things that have been heard secondhand and i'm not going to do that that's ok that's fine so you're not aware of any. determination to point to pull the u.s. out of sight and not know ok so that so the president is just speaking off the cuff and i don't know i don't know what he was already back in the white house i'm not and i'm not aware it's not just. well about what happened reports emerge that france would be sending troops to support kurdish forces in men in northern syria
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where most of america's troops are deployed the french president of money one might call met representatives from northern syria and paris they included members of the kurdish y p g which turkey has been fighting against. pardon me near its border kurdish officials say my call promised to send troops to members to help defeat i so deter turkey from advancing into the town. the mayor of libya's capital tripoli has been released after being taken from his home and held for several hours there are conflicting reports about why he was held the tripoli city council said. he was quote kidnapped when gunmen stormed his home on wednesday nights but an official from the city prosecutor's office reportedly said he'd been questioned by investigators as part of legal proceedings the united nations says it's appalled at the deaths of sixty eight people in venezuela after
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a riot and fire in holding cells of a police station services have been held in valencia for some of the victims' rights groups have been quick to blame president nicolas maduro for not dealing with overcrowding and rising violence in the country's prisons so far there's been no official response from the government's center in pets he has more from a neighboring colombia. oh tony it is in venezuela or facing national and international outrage for their slow response to one of the worst disasters to happen in the country's detention facilities more than twenty four hours after the incident that left sixty eight people dead there still hasn't been an official statement by the government of president nicolas maduro the only official statement came via twitter from the office of the attorney general he did confirm the dead talk and said he was appointing for prosecutors to investigate exactly what
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happened inside the prison and for a second day relatives of the victims spent a day in front of the police station trying to find out what happened to their loved ones if they were still alive or how to recovered the body a temporary morgue was set up inside the police station to try and speed up that process unfortunately this has been just the last in a long serious deadly riots in venezuela as detention facilities in the country struggle with over crime crowding and the lack of basic supplies in main things. the ever worsening social and economic crisis in the country hundreds of women have rallied in guinea to demand justice for people who died in recent opposition protests they carried pictures of young men who they say were killed by police
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disputed local elections last month or fueled anti-government sentiment among opposition groups in the west african country. preliminary results from egypt election have delivered what everyone expected a landslide victory for the president but it appears most voters either stayed at home actively boycotted the election or spoiled their ballots anderson reports the wrong ones with most votes already counted in egypt's presidential election abdel fattah el-sisi appears to have won a second term by a landslide state media says he secured ninety percent of the vote while sisi described the election as a source of pride critics described it as a sham millions of eligible voters stayed home over the three days of the election rather than vote for him or his only rival who said mustafa mussa leads
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a party that supported sisi he announced he was running at the last minute after all other potential challengers pulled out some were arrested some were pressured to drop out a new national has said well done i voted to improve the country's current situation it doesn't matter who you support most of my friends didn't vote for. seven political parties and one hundred fifty opposition figures told voters to stay home rather than grant sisi the electoral agenda mysie he wanted the national elections authority warned egyptians to vote or pay a fine other threats and incentives were used to encourage voters but participation was lower in this election than in the previous two more than one point five million votes were rejected after some voters submitted blank ballots or wrote in their own candidates. that made the term invalid votes trend on twitter the most popular post saying the true winners of the vote were egyptians who boycotted the election altogether we all know that it has no let's say constitutional or
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political legitimacy in a sense of there is not much of participation safiya fed and so on but he wants to say at least that there was significant turnout. to give him another mandate for another four years especially that most of his promises in twenty fourteen were not fulfilled the security for egypt prosperous economic situation the ending of the crises whether security or political. with a new mandate of sorts and with his reelection secured his strongest supporters are considering the possibility of amending the constitution to allow sisi to run for a third term or perhaps even longer and al-jazeera. here's what's coming up on the news hour the former french president nicolas sarkozy cozy to face trial over corruption allegations. deploys its army to help clean up one of the world's filthiest rivers coming up in sport australia's cricketers arrive home hears
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peter will tell us what they have to say. but first a funeral has taken place in the u.s. state of california for a black man who was shot dead while on arms by police hundreds of people attended the service for a twenty two year old steven clark civil rights activist al sharpton delivered the eulogy on march the eighteenth clark was pursued by officers who believed he had pointed a gun at them investigators found a mobile phone but no weapon near his body well after the funeral sharpton responded to comments by the white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders who described the death as a quote local matter this is not only religion is a national problem the problem this president. president obama spoke in personal
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terms about ferguson about trayvon. said no wait a minute as they develop to police. this president has not added one word not to we did one jack. tell police to be rough. let's talk to a former baltimore city prosecutor joining us from washington d.c. thanks for joining us again on al-jazeera so you heard. reporting that sarah huckabee sanders described the death as a local matter when asked about it by a reporter what are your what's your response to that should it be a local matter. absolutely not that's the most absurd statement that she could make about police shootings this shooting yes it occurred in sacramento california but in the united states police shootings of unarmed black men have occurred in the north the south the midwest chicago and in california there is no state or actually
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no black man that is immune from actually being ending up in the same predicament that stefan clark did and it's very unfortunate that this administration refuses to acknowledge what is going on and to at least make some comment other that it is a local matter unfortunately when the trumpet ministration should be silent they are saying something and in this case when they should be speaking out and doing something at least out of the partment of justice they are actually doing nothing and putting it on a local issue but no absolutely this is a national crisis if i might say so stefan clark was the thirty eighth black man that was shot and killed this year two thousand and eighteen by police there were two hundred thirty eight all total that were killed according to reports from the washington post so this is a national issue there's nothing local about it and we've certainly seen protests take place and people are understandably very very angry and upset what kind of impact do you think these protests are going to have and is this will they continue
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. well just as all the movements have evolved over decades and years not just with respect to police shooting but the civil rights movement and what we're seeing across the globe with marching for our lives with respect to gun rights it has to bring attention to what is happening that is the purpose of any protest is to bring attention is to make people feel an easy to draw attention to what is happening so that is why the protests that are occurring in sacramento and that have occurred and other places disruptive they're not they're nonviolent at least for the most part in sacramento but they're disruptive to bring attention to other people who are not aware of what is going on with respect to police in the african-american community and police shootings now most people in the african-american community know what's going on but we must bring other people into the fold so we can have the conversation so hopefully we can make action and progress when stimming the progress of racial injustice the fence over the policing
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themselves and police departments how to a very themselves come back there's a growing mistrust between them and the public. well the only way that the mistrust is not going to continue in the african-american community is if the police become more sensitive to what's going on and that's not going to happen overnight to really be quite honest and me honestly america does have a race this problem racism problem and it's not just within the police department it's just that we're in the police department people's lives in that being taken when a trigger happy police officer shoots someone who is only holding a cell phone that the police pursue see could be a gun in that their lives could be in danger so it's going to take a lot of training it would take getting rid of people off the police force and unfortunately and the department of justice and the jeff sessions he has decided that he's not really willing to do that much at all with consent orders that have
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already been into in other cities and police departments for training for retraining for rehiring for doing the things that can help to bring about a change going back to community policing there are just a myriad of things that can be done but we have to start somewhere and right to hines we thank you very much for speaking to us from washington thank you very leaders of north and south korea will hold their first summit in more than a decade on april the twenty seventh the announcement was made following high level talks between seoul on pyongyang the north korean leader kim jong il and will meet south korea's president in inside the demilitarized zone that divides the two countries it comes just days after kim surprise visit to china that's where he met with the president xi jinping coffee novak has the latest from seoul. well it is just a month now until south korea's president will meet north korean leader kim jong un
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forming up the date for the first intercalary and summit since two thousand and seven is another sign of improving relations between the two koreas which remains technically at war the agreement was made at a high level talks between south korea's unification minister and his north korean counterpart it's the second time peace to men have met this year and they remarked on how much has changed since they last met in january when it was decided that after two more years of the two countries not munich ating they would come together at the winter olympics in south korea. i'm certain that this is quite a positive development since we are living in a divided nation i feel more relieved when we settle things peacefully rather than being in a dangerous situation i think this is good i hope this happens more frequently. and young. seem a good thing going on in the i usually don't pay attention to news but i now pay more attention as we hear more good news rather than bad news like
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a nuclear war so the mood amongst much of the south korean public and certainly the south korean government is one of cautious optimism but there are still some skeptics the agenda still hasn't been agreed to for the into korean summit and many will want to be sure that denuclearization is up for discussion and of course this all comes after that surprise visit that kim jong un made to china for a meeting with xi jinping china's top diplomat young is in south korea to brief south korean officials on the topics that were discussed at that meeting valuable information as they go ahead and plan the interconnection summit next month. well the asia pacific region is the most vulnerable in the world when it comes to access to water and alice says from the asian water development outlook finds the population growth and urbanisation have drastically increased demand so the region is home to six. two percent of the world's population and fifty percent of the
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poorest people agriculture takes up eighty percent off water resources by two thousand and thirty the asia pacific is expected to have twenty two cities of ten million people or more and in thirty years or so three point four billion people are expected to be living in areas where water is scarce for the next story in our thirst series we travel to indonesia that's where one of the world's dirtiest rivers is being cleaned up thousands of soldiers are being deployed in an ambitious project to make the water of the drink in the next seven years but a step fasten reports from west java some factories are still using it as a dump for chemical waste. a thick soup of rubbish clogging one of indonesia's main waterways after previous failed attempts to clean up the river in west java the government has called in the army to do the dirty work it's not an easy battle to
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win as the soldiers remove garbage from the three hundred kilometer long river more arrives ways from households markets and shops simply dumped into the water not only is it the easiest way to get rid of rubbish but for many living along the river it's the only way that they got. up for more than a month we've been talking to villagers about how to be more hygiene it turns out most of them don't want to dump their garbage in the river but they don't know what else to do with their household waste there is no garbage dump in their village there are no garbage collectors it's a huge problem at the park but what and some people in the village of my july used the river for washing and cleaning but many villages including yes watty and her son are suffering from a skin disease doctors blame on the contaminated water more muscle in the same rules of. the water used to be clean but since the factories have been operating it has become like this it used to be totally clear. thousands of
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factories dumped tons of chemical waste in the river every day and via mental groups took legal action against one of the main textile producers kohat tax but this by the supreme court order in november betting the dumping of waste this is what we found a black colored slick coming from god tax after repeated requests for an explanation the company eventually said the color does not prove the water is contaminated so. as long as there is no law enforcement and as long as they don't have regular inspections in these factories the river will never be clean this clean up has been happening for nearly two months and there have been inspections but this is the evidence we find. samples have shown dangerous levels of lead and other metals in the water which is also used by thousands of farmers for irrigation turning this into drinking water within the next seven years sounds like a promise impossible to keep despite another attempt to clean up what's known as
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one of the world's dirtiest rivers she tavern is still being used as a dump for all kinds of waste and fire mantilla say that if polluters are not being punished this cleanup is just another waste of time and money the government says action will be taken against polluters as soon as a presidential decree is issued oh we're going to focus on promises because we told them radio you're going to kill the next generation don't play around anymore because before i heard about this story you know and i said no was this decree coming we're going to we're going to be getting next week we're going to execute some parts of the river are looking quite clean now but taking out the rubbish as not exactly solve the waste issue with most landfills full soldiers have no choice but to dump garbage next to the river in the middle of a residential area creating new problems step fasten al-jazeera a cheetah river. well small farms are disappearing from the u.s.
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landscape because they can't compete with bigger operations in the two thousand and sixteen presidential campaign many voters in agricultural regions turn to donald trump who picked a farm state governor mike pence as his running mate but as john hendren reports from pence as home state of indiana many now regret their choice. in a word great gun for says american foreign policy is found when i was young there are family farms all around one hundred sixty four hundred acres and they've largely all disappeared. fifty to ninety percent of them are gone here in the indiana plains home of vice president mike pence farmers and their rural neighbors voted heavily for donald trump. there's a late comer. now many farmers especially smaller scale producers are suffering
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buyer's remorse chump administration had an awful lot of support from rural america and my expectations was that trump was going to support all classes of farmers there some rules that would would give small farmers family scale agriculture a chance and he hasn't made any of those kind of deals for us trump is focused on slashing regulations we think we can cut regulations by seventy five percent maybe more but big farmers complain that trump the deal maker has been a deal breaker when it comes to trade pacts that boost their exports and immigration policies that supply them with cheap labor kathleen merrigan a former obama administration deputy secretary of agriculture says small farmers have it worse largely ignored by government farm aid it favors massive corporate farms that don't need it though administration has. if you're hearing from farmers in the field that. i wholeheartedly agree we
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see the big guys doing. some of the new entrants small guys are doing ok but it's the middle that function. where most of your income is coming from farming. but you're not giant those are the ones that are really feeling great gun thorpe's biggest client is chicago celebrity chef rick bayless who owns this restaurant here at the upscale clientele has come to expect the free range organic pork and poultry that gun fork delivers that's how we differentiate himself but the trumpet ministration has declined to sign the strict guidelines on organic food that many farmers have asked for things like requiring that animals have access to outdoors so gung thorpe says no one can really know just how different his product is and that is his main selling point. that is this farmer wondering how many more of his neighbors will stop contributing to the world's food supply in simply let their
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fields grow fallow john hendren al-jazeera le grange indiana. here's what's coming coming up next on the altar in his hour we'll tell you the message malala yousafzai had for her home country where she's returned for the first time since being shot and a mountain to climb how cypress is trying to hike up tourist number plus last year as women's u.s. open champion makes her first final since september peter will tell you how she did it that's coming up in sports. hello again we look at the weather right across americas this time and in north america we've got quite conditions across the eastern seaboard and the new what they're looking spring like at nineteen degrees d.c. twenty two across the south also fine for dallas but this weather front is still
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just working its way across the florida peninsula so expect some thunderstorms here now we've got some snow over the rockies and this area of low pressure is going to develop and push into the upper midwest during the course of sufi with significant snowfall on its northern edge further south into chicago is largely a case of rain you see that front also stalls across florida miami probably staying cloudy and still the risk of wanted to shower certainly cooler in new york to highs of sixteen into the caribbean reaching the islands of fairing pretty well again fairly brisk winds of the bahamas there about twenty five degrees but we have got more in the way of charlotte to vittie affecting central america coming in off the caribbean sea so certainly here a line see the old downpour but to make soko cities expect to remain dry and fine with eyes of twenty three degrees celsius into south america we've got heavy showers affecting parts of colombia down through ecuador and towards northern parts of proof further south a few showers for bolivia not too bad fine in santiago in chile and it should be
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a bright one in buenos aires in argentina. for the benefit. of our cars. witness documentaries that open your eyes. at this time on al-jazeera. with a big breaking news story account be chaotic and frantic behind the scenes. people shouting instructions and if you're trying to provide the best most accurate up to date information as quickly as you can. it's when you come off air on things to
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realize even witness history in the making. hello again the top stories on the al-jazeera news hour the white house says russia's expulsion of sixty u.s. diplomats marks a further deterioration in its relationship with moscow this is the latest move in a diplomatic dispute over the poisoning of a former russian spy in the u.k. in the u.s. hundreds of people have attended the funeral of a black man who was killed while on arm by police in california. has caused
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widespread public anger the u.s. president says american troops will be leaving syria quote very soon speaking to supporters in ohio donald trump said i saw was almost defeated in syria and that it's time to let others take care of the problem. department those unaware of any policy change while the u.s. joined the war under the obama administration one mission was to support groups fighting eisel the pentagon says about two thousand u.s. troops are still there to prevent a resurgence by the armed group and help maintain stability in december the defense secretary james mattis said he expected to send more diplomats and civilian personnel to syria more than a billion dollars of u.s. money has been directed toward syria related humanitarian assistance and congress has set aside billions more to help with security operation inherent resolve
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which aims to eliminate eisel from syria iraq and the wider international community has cost more than eighteen billion dollars let's bring in. washington d.c. he was a senior advisor to samantha power a syria adviser to samantha power who was washington's u.n. ambassador during the obama administration he's now a senior fellow at the middle east institute thanks very much for speaking to us on al-jazeera so when the u.s. president trump says that troops will be leaving syria quote very soon was this an off the cuff remark or is this part of some new strategy. well you know first of all we must say that we never know with this president it seems like it was an off the cuff remark because i was literally just speaking with some colleagues of mine former colleagues of mine at the state department who were getting ready to deploy to syria to do their work out there in the northern part of the syria where the u.s. military stationed so i really think this caught everyone off guard and i don't
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think it's particularly connected to any real policy that the united states continues to pursue in the region i mean let's talk about the u.s. policy when it comes to syria because the u.s. president has always said that being in syria is all about i so at the same time you have the outgoing secretary of state rex tillerson who's always said that the u.s. goals in syria include preventing eisel and al qaeda from regrouping supporting the u.n. process and curbing the influence off iran has the u.s. really had any coherent policy when it comes to syria doesn't know what it's doing there. i mean the policy in the past has been to intervene in as little of a way as possible to try to. address the humanitarian situation without getting him broiled in a broader conflict in the middle east that's kind of been the policy but really clearly has not worked with this administration there is clearly a disconnect between what the president is saying what his military and political
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advisors are telling him which is the united states should remain in the areas it is in to use it as leverage against the syrian regime the iranians and russians and to keep an eye on potentially eisel returning that's really kind of the consensus on what the policy should be but again just like previous statements the president shooting from the hip and now everybody is getting all worked up about where he's saying but i really would pay attention to what the united states actually does in the coming days and weeks which i think will be more likely to remain in the areas it's in well let's look ahead for just a moment because you're a senior fellow at the middle east institute and what your firm has said is that as secretary of states my pompei oh of course the upcoming secretary of state could embolden those within the trumpet ministration who seek to further amplify a more assertive posture within the syrian crisis do you believe that is going to be the case when he assumes the position of secretary of state and what do you mean
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by embolden those within the trump administrator what kind of action are you talking about here. i mean if confirmed there are those who believe that him and bolton for example who is the incoming national security advisor are going to are going to want to do more against iran and their militias in the region including in syria so therefore they may be more emboldened to take either kinetic strikes or covert operations against their surrogates in syria or to support allies in the region maybe the saudis maybe the israelis but again there is limitations to what the united states can actually do in syria without suffering consequences in the region so really you would you would see that those with more measured analysis of the situation will recommend against escalating against iran and syria because that could really impact you as interest in in iraq in lebanon in the wider region so there are those you know like pompei on bolton who may want to do more but there is
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a there are others particularly in the in the in the defense department who i think are going to push back against that all right. say as we thank you very much for speaking to us on al-jazeera the former french president nicolas sarkozy will face trial accused of corruption and influence peddling his lawyers say he will appeal the decision the case centers on wiretap phone calls and what sarkozy allegedly tried to sway judges who are looking into claims of illegal financing financing during his two thousand and seven presidential campaign that's also butler has more from paris. well this case all dates back to two thousand and fourteen at the time french police were investigating the former french president nicolas sarkozy over alleged illegal campaign funding of his two thousand and seven presidential campaign and as part of the investigation the police put a wiretap on both nicolas sarkozy's mobile phone and that of his lawyer and they
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stumbled across a conversational one point in which sarkozy and his lawyer were discussing a giving a top french judge a very comfortable position in monaco in return for some inside information on the investigation well sarkozy was later placed under formal investigation on alleged corruption charges but he and his lawyer always denied those charges they have appealed in the past saying that those wiretaps were in fact illegal but now we have a case in which france's highest court has decided to press ahead with those charges and it's very likely indeed that nicolas sarkozy will now face trial in this investigation it has to be said though the past few weeks have not been good for the former president his legal woes are really piling up he was placed under formal investigation just last week for other corruption charges again linked to illegal campaign funding this time of his two thousand and seven campaign allegedly he
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misused libyan money in that campaign and he's already very likely to face trial over another case also involving illegal campaign funding this time of his two thousand and twelve presidential bid britain's prime minister has been throwing the country's selling the benefits of bricks at a year before the u.k. is due to depart the european union to resume says she's committed to making bricks it a success but huge numbers of people are still unconvinced and many are campaigning for the country to change its mind and remain in you member here's our u.k. correspondent barnaby for. she didn't vote for brett's it to put on a rapid tour of britain starting in a scottish textile factory the prime minister urged the country to embrace the idea of leaving the e.u. i believe that we can negotiate a good agreement which is terrorists free in this friction is trade is possible so we maintain those markets in the e.u.
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but also that we open up markets around the rest of the world breaks it provides us with opportunities. but who's this campaigning against bricks it outside downing street boris johnson or maybe not but his impersonator and these protesters believe bret's it can be stopped with a second referendum on the final deal from the because she ations between britain and the e.u. says will a student just speaking for a generation that voted overwhelmingly to stay in your russian business one direction for after. the infighting to mobilize and try to persuade parents and grandparents many of the like minded back to back to back just not sure anymore and it's not the right deal i'm not sure i'd direction from here but all the older generation persuadable i travelled from london to the english market town of spaulding west seventy percent voted to leave the e.u. the challenge for those trying to stop bricks it is to change people's minds in
2:43 am
towns like spalding and that still feels like an uphill struggle to this image of george smashed i don't think you can new a bush said no go on tennis get on with it but back in london not much sign of rallying round another group sets off on a battle bus tour around brick supported by some big names in british politics i accept that whatever happens in terms of any effort. to stop it which is take it to a different course in the one the peoples in the viceroy sets us. very difficult but i think millions of people believe the country's made its or was. this just come on. this isn't sustainable speed while the prime minister travelling all through dalton ireland wales and england in one hectic day says there's no turning back but if the bricks that referendum of twenty six deed was meant to settle the
2:44 am
issue of britain and europe for want some for roll well it doesn't yet feel that it has to be phillips al-jazeera london nobel peace laureate malala yousafzai has vowed to continue her fight for girls' education during an emotional homecoming the activist is in pakistan for the first time since she was shot in the head by the taliban five years ago. has more. an emotional return for pakistan's most recognizable figures malawi use of say is back on home soil six years after being targeted by pakistan taliban for her determination to go to school. while i still cannot believe that this is true that this is actually happening for the last five years i've dreamed that i could set foot in my country today i'm very happy. security was tight for her arrival in islamabad a government source described the lack of as necessary for what is
2:45 am
a sensitive visit use of say rose to international prominence when she was attacked by masked gunmen on her way home from school in two thousand and twelve that then fifteen year old was shot in the head punishment for her defying the pakistan taliban ban on girls' education in her home district of the swat she was airlifted to britain for lifesaving treatment and has been living there since she continued her schooling united kingdom getting top grades and enrolling in oxford university she also continued campaigning for education and shovelled the world supporting local advocacy groups in two thousand and fourteen she won the nobel peace prize the youngest ever to do so age seventeen let us pick up now does become our books and. they are our last bar for weapons one child and one teacher one book. and one thing can change the one. despite her worldwide acclaim many
2:46 am
don't regard her as well me back in pakistan some say she portrays her country a negative light and is seeking her own fame but there was a lot of you know kind of a mixed opinion about milan and it. was criticised and an agent of the west that was the. news of her return was welcomed on the streets the capital but also highlighted the need for further development. she has brought pride to pakistan she's got a noble award the attack on her was very unjust but malala is not the only girl from pakistan there are also other girls of the same like we should take care of our women like we are taken care of her. the timing of her visit is important. this is an election. and. could be seen as good public.
2:47 am
including chicago cubs make home run history on the opening day of the major league baseball season here with the details.
2:48 am
of the sports. thank you very much cricket's ball tampering scandal has claimed its latest scalp on a day of high emotion the disgraced trio of steve smith david warner and cameron bancroft all arrived back in australia on thursday just a day after stating he would remain as coach derren lehman resigned saying it was
2:49 am
the right thing for stray cricket now the scandal has cost cricket australia one of its major sponsors and the players have had personal deals scrapped as well emotions were high as the players made tearful apologies and pleas for forgiveness . has more from sydney. the world's best test match batsman fronted the astray the media and the combination of what has been the hardest week of his career i made a serious error of judgment and i now understand the consequences it was a failure of leadership. a violation to say the way. thanks everybody and moan it's. it hurts. former captain steve smith and vice captain david warner a banned from playing for the next twelve months and batsman cameron bancroft is
2:50 am
banned for nine months or three conspired to use sandpaper to manipulate the ball during saturday's test match against south africa are you going to stand in the top international for watching the kids. at this present on you'll hear from in a couple of days bancroft also face the media when he landed in perth not a second has gone by since last saturday when i haven't wished to turn back home and do the right thing during the launch brighton. it is something overgrowth for the rest of us i just twenty eight years old smith has become one of the strangest sporting stars want to go to your debut and he became the country's third youngest captain in two thousand and fifteen and twice won a strategy is most prestigious cricket prize you know the true story now a spectacular fall from grace this has been
2:51 am
a wonderful notion of the press conference the greatest rally and the players involved made her remarks the end of this saga that they have already ramifications conses starting to pull out smith is no longer brand ambassador for one of the strangest best known banks or breakfast cereals both want to and bancroft have lost contracts with a sports clothing company and a wealth management company has cancelled its estimated fifteen million dollars sponsorship deal with the game's administrators cricket australia and smith and warner a banned from playing in the indian premier league costing them close to two million dollars each smith may still have a bright future in the years to come but the former captain may never be able to repair the damage from the ball tampering scandal which has shocked the sporting world. al-jazeera sydney the tearful news conferences
2:52 am
prompted coach terry lehman to also announce his resignation the fourth test against south africa starting on friday in johannesburg will be his last. despite telling me. they're not resigning after viewing statement cameron's. its only three you know make this decision. this will increase your i conclude it's all of you in a call for the him to implement changes to regain the trust of this firm public this iraq thing first showing cricket south africa's captain faf duplicity says he feels sorry for steve smith any hopes he will be given a second chance by both cricket selectors and fans i don't sentiment. you don't want to see guys going through that stuff. and it's going to be incredibly hard from the next. so i just sent a message of support saying that. you'll get through this you should be strong. and he was really really appreciate the message the apologies have come too late
2:53 am
for cricket australia's bank balance as you heard from our reporter in sydney one of their major sponsors has pulled out already at seven months into a three year multi-million dollar deal fund manager magellan financial group who were the title sponsors for january's ashes series against england has dropped of the team the deal was reported to have been worth more than fifteen million dollars now the players have also been hit in the pocket steve smith has been dumped while straight his biggest lender that would be a commonwealth bank and also breakfast cereal company senator ian who make weet bix . electronics company l.g. they cut ties with david warner days ago already and sportswear brand assets also canceled deals with both warner and bancroft moral clauses are common in sports sponsorship deals meaning one side can walk away if the conduct of the other has a negative effect ok let's go to some tennis now and over in miami u.s.
2:54 am
open champion sloane stephens is on the verge of winning her first title since claiming her maiden grand slam crown last september on thursday she was in action against former world number one victoria as a rinker of the in the miami open samy finals as a rink it took the first set six three. but the american would come storming back to the second six six two before decisively taking the deciding set six one that would book her place in the final. the major league baseball season is underway with the miami marlins hosting the chicago cubs in the opening game. thank you with your happy getting the season off to the
2:55 am
perfect start for the cubs with a home run off an opening pitch it's the first time in more than thirty years that the first pitch of the season has been hit for a home run the cubs getting two more homers in the eight four victory. the president of football club power has been banned from all football stadiums in greece for three years of the storming on to the pitch with a gun earlier this month even so it is charged on to the field with the gun on his belt after he seemed had a goal disallowed in a match against fellow title challenges a ek athens the greek legal suspended following the incident but matches will resume on saturday after all sixteen clubs agreed to antiviolence measures the club has also been stripped of three points and that's all the sport for me for now will have another update for you again later on. well tourism is booming in cyprus as the island works to recover from a damaging financial crisis five years ago but not all areas are reaping there were
2:56 am
wards of those seeking sunnier shores and now the supreme government is launching an initiative to revive tourist towns in the mountains sami's a down reports. it's hard to fit into a postcard just how nice it is to be away from the subzero temperatures back home to cyprus because in the great. cold and we wanted to go to spring to see flowers. and maybe to see. it's a familiar story the abundance of beaches and sunshine has attracted steadily increasing numbers of tourists to cyprus that has seen the economies of coastal towns boosted as the number of visitors reached three point six million last year officials expect the number of tourists to reach a record level in two thousand and eighteen many head for seaside towns of course leaving places in the mountains like go proud to be here not as frequent as they could be a fact the government says it now wants to change. is ready for change has
2:57 am
souvenir shop and got about three a gets its first visitors of the afternoon. the town is one of several in the trudeau's mountains facing declining numbers of tourists. government talk of reviving tourist towns like hers is raising her hopes i think it's a very good idea because high living in the mountains and we'll be very happy to have more tourists because we're living you know all of us we need some jobs here. the government is unveiling a plan to increase visits to tourist spots left out of the blue sixteen million euros are being set aside to upgrade infrastructure and another million to improve hotels. as to keeping you brunt of tribes in the local areas in the mountains for example and to find out they way of life will boost but it's not only on the beaches but on the mountains as well. that way of life is
2:58 am
struggling in those mountains as visit is doing will so does business and people end up migrating to cities a newspaper can pass the time when you hardly have a customer in your restaurant but it won't reveal a new chapter for your town for that many are hoping the government's initiative will rescue them from a sticky situation sami's a than al-jazeera cup at that area cyprus thanks for watching the news hour on al-jazeera i'm back in just a moment to have much more coming your way all the day's top stories see you in a minutes.
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hard. conservation is helping kick his stove to recover its snow leopard population to see the results i traveled up to the remote nature reserve of saudi chat at a touch camera traps have identified a healthy population of up to twenty snow leopards as the technology approves or are finding all these ways in which our guesses are are getting corrected the
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latest evidence suggests they're more cats than previously acknowledged but the snow leopard trust believes it's premature to downgrade the cats on the international list of threatened species. combining arts and knology. to challenge soviet era methodology. through making creating and performing. turning a generation of children. into the trailblazers of tomorrow. after school. part of the rebel education series at this time on al-jazeera.


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