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displacing more than half the nation. just your world meets the children who have become victims of syria's civil war. i am a syrian child on al-jazeera. and this is different not whether someone very forcibly is very rich but the realtor thinks it's how you approach an official and often it is a certain way of doing it you can't just buy an injector story in fly out. in twenty sixteen when he's revealed big girls for me and some as young as fifteen were trafficked to singapore to work as males it's illegal and costing lives so why does a still continue in law abiding singapore want to win east on al-jazeera. voted
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out russia's response to nations of expelled its diplomats of the poisoning of a former spy. i want down in jordan the sound as a lawyer from doha also coming up. will be coming out of syria like very soon let the other people take care of it now donald trump declares a withdrawal from syria catching his own officials off guard plus. this is not a local issue is a national problem anger and grief for the funeral for the unarmed black man shot dead by the police in the us also. at the moment my priority is to get these kids in bed and rest up. law disgraced australian prison is not telling his side of the ball tampering story just yet.
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russia is kicking out sixteen u.s. diplomats and dozens more from other countries in response to the expulsion of its own diplomats is the latest development in a worsening dispute over who is behind the poisoning of a former russian spy and britain mike hanna reports from washington d.c. the u.s. consulate in st petersburg shut down some sixty diplomats ordered to leave the country by the middle of next week sweeping russian retaliation. there will be mirrored measures but not only stopping events the u.s. ambassador is invited to our ministry where my deputy would deliver him the content of these retaliation rematches against the united states they include the exposion of a similar number of diplomats and they include our decision to withdraw our consent to the operation of the united states consulate general in some petersburg as for the rest of the countries everything that concerns the number of people who would leave the russian federation from diplomatic missions is also mirrored some. at the
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root of the dispute the alleged poisoning of a former russian double agent on british soil with a russian designed nerve agent russia vehemently denied any involvement but in a coordinated move more than one hundred fifty russian diplomats have been expelled from some twenty seven western nations as sanction including sixty from the united states and twenty three from the united kingdom and the u.s. state department has reacted angrily to the russian action insisting that russia does not have the right to play the victim there is no justification for the russian response our actions were motivated purely by the attack on the united kingdom the attack on a british citizen and his daughter remember this is the first time that a weapons grade nerve agent no overt shock has been used outside of war and on allied soil the russian consulate in seattle now stands empty but importantly the
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u.s. has made clear it reserves the right to further response the diplomatic dispute is far from over mike hanna al-jazeera washington. meanwhile eunice crippled the daughter of the former russian spy who was also poisoned in the attack is getting better that's according to hospital officials russia has demanded the access to her doctors say she is recovering although it's unclear if she will be well enough to speak to investigators her father said yes cripple remains in a critical condition u.s. president donald trump has told supporters that american troops will be leaving syria very soon he was speaking at an event in the state of ohio when he began complaining about how much the u.s. spends on rebuilding other countries. and by the way we're knocking the hell out of isis will become another syria like very soon let the other people take care of it now very soon very soon we're coming now we're going to have a hundred percent of the caliphate as they call it sometimes referred to as the
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land take it all back quickly quickly like some previous trump announcements this one caught many in washington off guard including the state department i can't comment on what the president supposedly said i haven't seen and i have to refer you back to the white house. i have not seen it myself and said it i have not seen that myself ok but you know you don't you don't necessarily comment or report on things that have been heard secondhand and i'm not going to do that that's ok that's fine so you're not aware of any policy determination to poor to pull the us out of sight and not know ok so the let's say the president is just speaking off the cuff and i don't know i don't know what if they were already back in the white house i'm not and i'm not aware it's not just the well the us joined the syria conflict during barack obama's presidency one mission was to support groups fighting against eisel the pentagon says about two thousand u.s. troops are still there to prevent a resurgence by the armed groups and help maintain stability in december defense secretary james mattis said he expected to send more diplomats and civilian
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personnel to syria more than eight billion dollars of u.s. money has been directed toward syrian related humanitarian assistance congress has set aside billions more to help with security operation inherent result which aims to eliminate from syria iraq and other areas as cost more than eighteen billion dollars well while i was a senior syria advisor to samantha power who was america's u.n. ambassador under barack obama he says it's unlikely trumps comments represent an actual policy change. i was literally just speaking with some colleagues of mine former colleagues of mine at the state department who are getting ready to deploy to syria to to do their work out there in the northern part of the syria where the u.s. military station so i really think this caught everyone off guard and i don't think it's particularly connected to any real policy the united states continues to pursue in the region the policy in the past has been to intervene in as little of a way as possible to try to. address the humanitarian situation without getting
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in broiled in a broader conflict in the middle east that's kind of been the policy but really clearly has not worked with this administration there's clearly a disconnect between what the president is saying what his military and political advisors are telling him which is the united states should remain in the areas it is in to use it as leverage against the syrian regime the iranians and russians and to keep an eye on potentially eisel returning that's really kind of the consensus on what the policy should be but again just like previous statements the president shooting from the hip and and now everybody is getting all worked up about saying but i really would pay attention to what the united states actually does in the coming days and weeks which i think will be more likely to remain in the areas it's in mineral reports of emerge that frog spawns to send troops to support kurdish forces that monday janelle's and syria that's where most of america's troops are deployed french president emanuel mycroft met representatives from northern syria
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in paris to include members of the kurdish y p g which turkey has been fighting near its border kurdish officials say markram promise to send troops to monday to help defeat and to turkey advancing into the town. hundreds of people in the u.s. state of california have attended the funeral of a black man who was shot dead by police officers said they thought stefan claude aimed the gun at them but it was his mobile phone his death a spot protest as hometown of sacramento and beyond gable is on the reports friends and family of stefan clark were here to grieve and console each other civil rights activist al sharpton gave the eulogy reminded people why they were there we came to have a family we came because there's more it should. be clark was a twenty two year old father of two kids he was shot and killed by two police officers who mistakenly thought he was a burglar body cameras on the two officers captured the moment on the evening of
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march eighteenth when officers confronted clark they fired their weapons twenty times clark was killed instantly he was unarmed only holding his cellphone he was standing in the backyard of his grandmother's home both officers are an administrative leave pending an investigation at first the shooting mostly went unnoticed outside of sacramento but as more details emerged so too do the coals for justice street protests growing louder by the day and spreading as far away as new york white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders said that stefan clark's killing was terrible but that the white house won't have much more to say about it because in her words it's a local matter at clark's funeral in sacramento this was the response to that no this is not a local man. they've been killing young black men over the country and
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we are here to say good we're going to stand with stand firm on crime and the leaders of this family emotions are still high and people have promised to not rest until the officers are held to account the city of sacramento is on edge more protests are planned the family lawyer is appealing for calm we must to now balance to make sure that we protest is just the first amendment right in the most productive way possible but people here know this funeral should never have been needed that stefan clark was killed for no reason gabriel's on doe. washington. the. preliminary results from age of selection have delivered what everyone expected a landslide victory for the president but it appears most voters on the state at home actively boycotted the election or spoil their ballot under chapelle reports
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the long ones with most votes already counted in egypt's presidential election abdel fattah el-sisi appears to have won a second term by a landslide state media says he secured ninety percent of the vote while sisi described the election as a source of pride critics described it as a sham millions of eligible voters stayed home over the three days of the election rather than vote for him or his only rival who said mustafa mussa leads a party that supported sisi he announced he was running at the last minute after all other potential challengers pulled out some were arrested some were pressured to drop out a new national has i voted to improve the country's current situation it doesn't matter who you support most of my friends didn't vote for. seven political parties and one. one hundred fifty opposition figures told voters to stay home rather than grant sisi the electoral legitimacy he wanted the national elections authority
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warned egyptians to vote or pay a fine other threats and incentives were used to encourage voters but participation was lower in this election than in the previous two more than one point five million votes were rejected after some voters submitted blank ballots or wrote in their own candidates that made the term invalid votes trend on twitter the most popular post saying the true winners of the vote were egyptians who boycotted the election altogether we all know that it has no let's say constitutional or political legitimacy a sense of there is not much of participation safiya fed and so on but he was to say at least that there was significant turnout. to give him another mandate for another four years especially that most of his promises in twenty fourteen were not fulfilled the security for egypt prosperous economy situation the ending of the crises whether security or political. with
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a new mandate of sorts and with his reelection secured his strongest supporters are considering the possibility of amending the constitution to allow sisi to run for a third term or perhaps even longer and al jazeera time for a short break here not just you know when we come back the former french president nicolas sarkozy will face trial of a corruption allegation. and a mountain to climb how cyprus is trying to hide a tourist dumbass and that stay with us. from the clear blue sky of the doha moony. to the french autumn breeze in the city a few. welcome back weather conditions across the levant and middle east generally looking quite interesting over the next twenty four to forty hours eastern areas geria looking too bad fine in fact tashkent inspected stop at thirty
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degrees on that southerly wind but further towards the west we've got a low pressure center which is bringing rain in across turkey was snow a high elevations some rain for the south and also we've got a weather front thrown into the mix and that is going to be pushing across the region sure in the course of the weekend so there's a lot of dust already across parts of iraq iran through towards q eight and that could well get worse before it gets better and there's also going to be significant impact the dust across the arabian peninsula we're going to see is sweeping in across saudi arabia during the course of friday and you can see the difference in winds here give us some indication of disturbed weather conditions the southerly ahead of this front northerly behind it surreal at thirty nine degrees but i think the visibility could be awful at times that may well affect the driving conditions it maybe even some aircraft operations here in doha the visibility is going to go very poor in teacher in the course of south of there with temperatures stop at thirty four degrees but i think the air is going to be full of dust over into southern portions of africa no such problems but
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a scattering of showers from items he wanted to showers affecting when talk in the movie or. the way that sponsored by qatar and peace. pay the scene for us where they're on line what is american sign in yemen that peace is always possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join a sunset there are people there there are choosing between buying medication eating this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist just posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera.
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welcome back a quick recap of the top stories here on al-jazeera the white house says russia's expulsion of sixteen u.s. diplomats marks a further deterioration of its relationship with moscow is the latest move in a diplomatic dispute over the poisoning of a former russian spy in the u.k. . the u.s. president says american troops are leaving syria very soon speaking to supporters trump said it's time to let others take care of myself. as a people have attended the funeral of a black man who was killed while a mob by police in the u.s. state of california stefan clocks better schools widespread public anger. the united nations says it's appalled at the deaths of sixty eight people in venezuela after the riots and fire in the holding cell of a police station burial services have been held in valencia for some of the victims' rights groups have been quick to blame president nicolas maduro for dealing with overcrowding and rising violence in the country's jails so far there's been no official response from the government. has more now from bogota and
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neighboring colombia. ok there it is in venezuela or facing national and international outrage for their slow response to one of the worst disasters to happen in the country's detention facilities more than twenty four hours after the incident that left sixty eight people dead there still hasn't been an official statement by the government of president nicolas maduro the only official statement came via twitter from the office of the attorney general he did confirm the dead talk and said he was appointing for prosecutors to investigate exactly what happened inside the prison and for a second day relatives of the victim spent a day in front of the police station trying to find out what happened to their loved ones if they were still alive or how to recover the body temporary morgue
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were set up inside the police station to try and speed up that process unfortunately this has been just the last in a long serious deadly riots in venezuela as detention facilities in the country struggle with over crying crowding and the lack of basic supplies in main things i mean ever worsening social and economic crisis in the country a palestinian a farmer has been killed in gaza the man was targeted by israeli tank fire that's according to the palestinian ministry of health he was working with other farmers on the land at the time another man is in critical condition well the death of gaza comes as thousands of palestinians are expected at protests marking landay it happens each year and is an act of collective resistance to israeli occupation and seizure of their land the biggest protests are planned in gaza where israeli forces warned them open fired anyone trying to breach the border fence. reports from your
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thought west bank. it's a day that's been marked since one nine hundred seventy six then like now palestinians are protesting the confiscation of their land it's also they weighted them and strayed their attachment to that learned. a bit ahead of where we want to impose a presence of planted lands a hard to take over israel always says that it's only taking a barren land that's why we need to play it everywhere. so his property shrink by four hector's and has received notice that another fourteen could be taken away soon much of the land goes towards building illegal jewish settlements and the exploitation of natural resources or in the case of an officer ahmed for the construction of a bypass road that now goes over part of his land he can only reach it via this underpass but axes isn't always guaranteed. if the gate is closed we're stuck for
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hours everyone wants freedom of movement i want to be able to come home here and i built a shack to store my equipment but the israelis won't allow me i can't even install a light to sit here in the summer drooled was integrated but israel's prime minister binyamin netanyahu also pledged two hundred twenty eight million dollars from this year's budget was the building of more roads across the occupied west bank. another project underway is that up the road there to the left now that's the extension of the eastern ring road and it has its own separation wall in the middle now trafficked on one side will be reserved only to israel on the other side traffic will be reserved to palestinians but they can only travel between towns and villages without bypasses are designed to circumvent palestinian population centers settlers say it's for their own safety but the plan was initially put in place in one thousand nine hundred eighty three and was only implemented after the oslo
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accords were signed years later when there because shorter the road could through the west bank in circling palestinian communities and dividing the west bank into account on's they connect jewish settlements to each other and directly to israel in case of an exaggeration there's already a system in place. israel says the bypass roads as vital for the valid point of settlements they expanded by seventeen percent last year or as many palestinians say ever since donald trump became u.s. president with every dig of the shovel palestinians see more land lost and the dream of a future state crumble furder who doubt that hammy al-jazeera in the occupied west bank hundreds of women are running it in guinea to demand justice of people who died in opposition protests carried pictures of young men who they say were killed by the police disputed local elections last month the fuel down to government sentiment among opposition groups in the west african country the mayor of libya's
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capital has been released after being taken from his home and held for several hours there are conflicting reports about why he was held to tripoli city council says. it was kidnapped when gunmen stormed his home on wednesday night but an official from the city prosecutor's office reportedly says he'd been questioned by investigators as part of the legal proceedings. former french president nicolas sarkozy will face trial accused of corruption and influence peddling his lawyers say he will appeal against the decision the case centers on one top phone calls in which sarkozy allegedly tried to sway judges but actually buckley has more from powers well this case all dates back to two thousand and fourteen at the time a french police were investigating the former french president nicolas sarkozy over alleged illegal campaign funding of his two thousand and seven presidential campaign and as part of the investigation the police put a wiretap on both nicolas sarkozy's mobile phone and that of his lawyer and they
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stumbled across a conversation of one point in which sarkozy and his lawyer were discussing a giving a top french judge a very comfortable position in monaco in return for some inside information on the investigation well sarkozy was later placed under formal investigation on alleged corruption charges but he and his lawyer always denied those charges they have appealed in the past saying that those wiretaps were in fact illegal but now we have a case in which france's highest court has decided to press ahead with those charges and it's very likely indeed that nicolas sarkozy will now face trial in this investigation it has to be said though the past few weeks have not been good for the former president his legal woes are really piling up he was placed under formal investigation just last week for other corruption charges again linked to illegal campaign funding this time of his two thousand and seven campaign allegedly he
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misused libyan money in that campaign and he's already very likely to face trial over another case also involving illegal campaign funding this time of his two thousand and twelve presidential bid. a student at britain's oxford university has taken to social media to try to encourage more people from ethnic backgrounds to apply for places that only universities. started a you tube channel to document her own experiences the nineteen year old who's originally from zimbabwe says while most of the responses to posts are positive she has received some racist comments. myanmar's new president human mayan has been sworn in comes a week after the former president in chow resigned because of growing health concerns the new president was the lower house speaker and is seen as a close aide of. his role will be largely ceremonial with suchi as the country's de facto leader the last of
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a strain is three disgraced cricketers has returned home following the ball tampering scandal in south africa vice captain david warner has been banned for twelve months he returned to sydney after teammate steve smith and cameron bancroft a thirty one year old issued an apology on twitter while in the air before briefly speaking to media on arrival. you can understand tough emotional taunts for watching the kids. at his presence on you hear from any public at the moment my priority is to get these kids in bed and rest up and let me so i can see and talk to. one another casualty is the coach the fourth test against south africa starts in just a few hours' time it'll be down lehman's lost his emotional announcement following a tearful apology from his former captain me welling's reports. the world's best test match batsman facing the australian media in the culmination of what's been by far the hardest week of his career i made
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a serious error of judgment and i now understand the consequences it was a failure of leadership. a violation to say the way it's behave . they think. thanks everybody and well it's it hurts. former captain steve smith and vice captain david warner are banned from playing for the next twelve months when karma bancroft is bad for nine months all three conspired to use sandpiper to manipulate the ball during saturday's play in the test match against south africa bancroft also face the media when he landed in perth and repeatedly apologised not a second has gone by since last saturday i mean when i haven't wished to turn back time and do the right thing during the launch bright it is something over regret for the rest of my life back in south africa come yet another twist as coach darren
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lehmann cleared of being part of the conspiracy by an initial investigation tiffany resigned his positions in office speaking with more family links over the last few days it's brought on by step white a local ultimately responsible for the culture the tearing the not anything that was issued for all a just twenty eight years old smith to become one of australia's biggest sporting stars want to go back to your debut hundred he became the country's junkies captain in twenty fifteen and twice when the strangest most prestigious cricket prize. you know the true story now a spectacular fall from grace smith is no longer brand ambassador for one of australia's best known banks or breakfast cereals both warner and bancroft have lost contracts with a sports clothing company and a wealthy management company has cancelled its estimated fifty million dollars sponsorship deal with the game's administrators cricket australia smith and warner
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are banned from playing in the indian premier league which cost them close to two million dollars h. smith may still have a bright future in the years to come but the former captain may never be able to repair the damage from the ball tampering scandal which has shocked the sporting world they welling's al-jazeera the tourism is booming in cyprus as the island works to recover from a damaging financial crisis five years ago but not all areas are reaping the rewards of those sinking sunnier shores and now the government is launching an initiative to revive tourism towns in the mountains some is a done reports it's hard to fit into a postcard just how nice it is to be away from the subzero temperatures back home we come to savor is because i know you're in the crazy. cold and we wanted to go to spring to see flowers. maybe. it's a familiar story the abundance of beaches and sunshine has attracted steadily increasing numbers of tourists to cyprus. that is seen the economies of coastal
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towns boosted as the number of visitors reached three point six million last year officials expect the number of tourists to reach a record level in two thousand and eighteen many head for seaside towns of course leaving places in the mountains like cattle five three are here not as frequent as they could be a fact the government says it now wants to change. is ready for change her souvenir shop in got about three a gets its first visitors of the afternoon. the town is one of several in the trudeau's mountains facing declining numbers of tourists. government talk of reviving tourist towns like hers is raising her hopes i think it's a very good idea because high living in the mountains and will be ready hippy to have more tourists because we're living you know all of us when it's one job here. the government is unveiling a plan to increase visits to tourist spots left out of the boom sixteen million
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euros are being set aside to upgrade infrastructure and another million to improve hotels. ice to give a new brand of tribes in the local areas the mountains for example and to find out their way of life but it's not only on the beaches but on the mountains as well . that way of life is struggling in those mountains as visitors dwindle so does business and people end up migrating to cities a newspaper can pass the time when you hardly have a customer in your restaurant but it won't reveal a new chapter for your town. for that many are hoping the government's initiative will rescue them from a sticky situation sammy's a down al-jazeera cock up at the cyprus. for a time for a quick check of the headlines here in al-jazeera the white house says russia's
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expulsion of sixty u.s. diplomats marks a further deterioration of its relationship with moscow is the latest move in a diplomatic dispute fall in the poisoning of a former russian spy in the u.k. . donald trump says u.s. troops will be leaving syria very soon and speaking to supporters in ohio the president says eisen is almost defeated in syria and that it's time to let others take care of the problem the state department though says it's unaware of any policy change and by the way we're not going the hell out of isis will become another syria like very soon let the other people take care of it now very soon very soon will come and we're going to have a hundred percent of the caliphate as they call it sometimes referred to his land take it all back quickly quickly there are more protests in the u.s. state of california following the funeral of a black man shot dead by police while unarmed officers blocked roads groups march in sacramento after the service for stefan clarke he was shot by officers who
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believed he was pointing a gun at them investigators found a mobile phone but no weapon in his body united nations says it's appalled by the deaths of sixty eight people in venezuela after a riot and fire in the holding cells of a police station had been various services in valencia for some of the victims a palestinian farmer has been killed in gaza the man was targeted by israeli tank fire that's according to the palestinian ministry of health it was working with other farmers on their land at the time another man is in a critical condition. former french president nicolas sarkozy will face trial accused of corruption and influence peddling his lawyers say he will appeal the decision the case centers on the wiretap phone calls in which sarkozy allegedly tried to sway judges who are looking into claims of illegal financing during his two thousand and seven presidential campaign and the in-laws new president who we're near has been sworn in it comes a week after the former president hit him child resigned because of growing health problems the new president was the lower house speaker seen as
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a close aide. on the last of australia's three disgraced cricketers has returned home following the board tampering scandal in south africa vice captain david warner has been banned for twelve months and been told to never again the leadership role in the team he returned to sydney after teammate steve smith and camera bancroft. well those were the headlines that he's continued on al-jazeera after the street station. facing reality growing up when did you realize that you were living in a special place the so-called secret city getting to the heart of the matter why is activists in jail just because she expressed herself hear their story on talk to al-jazeera at this time.


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