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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 30, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm +03

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coming up in the next sixty minutes to. protest against. a strong warning from president to france to get involved in the syrian conflict. of sixty of its diplomats says the dispute between washington and moscow deepens plus. how tourists to be encouraged to leave the beaches behind the high life.
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israeli forces have killed a palestinian man during protests in gaza palestine's ministry of health says that at least nineteen people have been injured during confrontations with israeli security forces hundreds of people have been converging in different parts of palestinian territories as part of an annual day of protest against israel's illegal occupation demanding the right of return of palestinian refugees to what is now israel the honeyed joins us now live from the bell. in israel what's happening there. friday prayers are still on their way but after that. expecting. a big rally in several areas in the order in israel to come a rate. that's been going on for the past forty. years ever since basically back in one thousand seven.
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thousand hectares of land it turned into quite violent confrontations between the palestinians and the israeli people and ever since the palestinians. also because it is today actually one student put it very well for me yesterday she said. every day because. on a daily basis. the situation in gaza is you know. well it is certainly the biggest showing so far and in the gaza thousands and thousands of people have actually gone to the steps that have been erected over the past few days about seven hundred meters away from the border fence now as we understand it those tents will remain there and people will remain in those until may fifteenth says a day palestinians. and now they say that they're going there because they want
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they wanted to be a peaceful sit in and as you said earlier certainly they are demanding their right of return you have to bear in mind that in gaza the vast majority of the population there are refugees people who were expelled from here in the north decades ago who went to gaza then you have generations of refugees in gaza however you do have a lot of tension i would say an exile. on both sides of the border fence we do know that some people have gone to the fence now israel had the clear that there will be zero tolerance policy to anyone that is approaching the fence specially as over the past week you had that fence twice breached so certainly israelis are on high alert they did say that anyone who will approach that fence will be shot at they did and now that they have also the bullet sharpshooters all along that border fence and i have you have seen earlier already in the day there has been some confrontations
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between the two sides or basically israeli shooting at anyone trying to get close to that fence earlier in the day the palestinian health ministry said that this really tank killed a palestinian farmer in gaza is that connected to these protests. well we understand it is not connected with these protests but it does underline really . tolerance. from the israeli side from what we understand that was a farmer who was working his land and who got shot at as he was seen or assessed by the israeli soldiers as being too close to the fence but. there has been a lot of as i said i guess sort of heightened alert on the israeli side we also know that israeli military has declared all the sudden the. area that is bordering
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as a military zone that happened about half an hour ago as we understand it it is still early in the day friday prayers are not over yet and certainly we will see more people whether it's in gaza the west bank over here in northern israel going to commemorate. what a many thanks indeed. bill. the kremlin has reacted to the expulsion of russian diplomats from the united states britain other countries sixteen u.s. diplomats are being expelled from moscow but the kremlin says the blood of mia putin remains hopeful of mending relations despite the dispute over the poisoning of a former russian double agent in britain mike hanna reports from washington. the u.s. consulate in st petersburg shut down some sixty diplomats ordered to leave the country by the middle of next week sweeping russian retaliation zeneca limmy
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knew there will be mirrored measures but not only stopping events the us ambassador was invited to our ministry where my deputy would deliver him the content of these retaliation re measures against the united states they include the explosion of a similar number of diplomats and they include our decision to withdraw our consent to the operation of the united states consulate general in some petersburg as for the rest of the countries everything that concerns the number of people who leave the russian federation from diplomatic missions is also mirrored said at the root of the dispute the alleged poisoning of a former russian double agent on british soil with a russian designed nerve agent russia vehemently denied any involvement but in a coordinated move more than one hundred fifty russian diplomats have been expelled from some twenty seven western nations a sanction including sixty from the united states and twenty three from the united kingdom and the u.s.
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state department has reacted angrily to the russian action insisting that russia does not have the right to play the victim there is no justification for the russian response our actions were motivated purely by the attack on the united kingdom the attack on a british citizen and his daughter remember this is the first time that a weapons grade nerve agent no overt shock has been used outside of war and on allied soil the russian consulate in seattle now stands empty but importantly the u.s. has made clear it reserves the right to further response the diplomatic dispute is far from over mike hanna al-jazeera washington. turkey's president is rejecting france's offer to mediate between ankara and kurdish armed groups in syria. one says that he's saddened by france's approach to the syrian conflict a delegation from the wife e.g.
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met with france's president emmanuel mccrone on thursday and said that france had agreed to support them the other one says that turkish forces could enter iraq's sin job province to fight kurdish forces the school another was stumble and get more from zero as a student cost. president want something pretty angry at this french initiative this offer to mediate between the why p.g. and e. . how would france's involvement in all of this impact upon bilateral relations between turkey and friends. as in actually the first the stiction between two countries is that turkey sees why fiji as an offshoot of the out both p k k the kurdistan workers party which is recognize a terrorist organization but france says you recognize only p.k. k. as a terrorist organization and why p.g. is different so that's why present our don has been rejecting and slamming these claims by the french side saying that we will not sit around a table with
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a terrorist organization we will not take them as correspondents this is a major difference also you know united states president donald trump yesterday said that they will they will be withdrawing from syria which also they have been making calls to y.p. to withdraw from syndrome or is about from iraq sindar so. it seems like turkey is going to take a breath while vajpayee g.n.p. k.k. is slowing down in northern syria but now there is a step by france saying that they will be maybe eighteen between two and also is some p.k. k y p g leaders have stated to reuters yesterday that france would be considering troops so there's a diplomatic traffic between two countries right now also turkey's foreign minister made it shosholoza had to form told this morning with his french counterpart but i can say that on korea hasn't well come these moves this initiative by france and.
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the prisons are gone was saying that this is over once limits to to make a call for meditation between a terrorist organization as turkey calls and between a country but also there's also one more thing by turkey's present. and when i must call in and president are gone have a random form talks actually from time to time like almost a week and the statement from ankara is that among cruel and statements and actions are different so. what they say is mike ross say something different on the phone at three in a different way so probably it seems like there is going to be a diplomatic tension for a while but france is also now saying no word on syria while the u.s. is withdrawing at great many thanks indeed let's hear the reaction then from france to the ones comments in paris well what we have
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a are two sides to the story on one hand we have a delegation from the kurdish dominated syrian democratic forces or s.d.f. saying that they met the french president emmanuel mark hall on thursday evening and he personally committed to sending more troops to northeastern syria to support the kurds on the other we have a statement from the police a saying that france is not planning any additional military operations in syria outside of its role alongside the international coalition fighting i saw what the lease say is that the french president wants a role in trying to try and mediate between turkey and the s.d.f. it is a confused picture there is no doubt that the french president did indeed meet this delegation on thursday evening it was an on shared told me to get it was off that meeting that this delegation the u.s. you have to allegation decided to put across their side of the story but it is a confused picture in a surprise move u.s.
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president donald trump has told his supporters that american troops will be leaving syria very soon he was speaking of an event in ohio what he back began complaining about how much the u.s. spends on rebuilding other countries the u.s. has more than two thousand military personnel in syria helping local groups defeat isis. and by the way we're knocking the hell out of isis will become a serial like very soon let the other people take care of it now very soon very soon will come and we're going to have a hundred percent. of the caliphate as they call it sometimes referred to as the land take it all back quickly quickly the u.s. went into syria during barack obama's presidency to help in the fight against i saw the pentagon says that around two thousand troops are still there to prevent the group's resurgence many of them are now concentrated around man beach in the north close to the border with turkey that's part of the yellow area under the control of kurdish fighters some of which are backed by the u.s.
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turkish controlled territory of syria is marked green turkey considers the kurdish y p g a terrorist organization and has vowed to push the group out of syria well these pictures emerged just days ago showing american troops including the man in charge of the u.s. led coalition working with in man bitch the u.s. mission has been to maintain stability but they've also ended up in the middle of a decade's old conflict these pictures showing where the american troops have set up a line between the allied kurdish fighters and turkish backed forces this is the news hour from on to zero still to come. beijing moves closer to a deal that could give the vatican more influence over the catholic church in china . i will take a look at micro-targeting and political advertisement the practice is coming under scrutiny in elections across the globe. at last year's women's open
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u.s. open champion makes her first final since september details coming up later it's. hundreds of mourners attended the funeral of a black man who was shot dead by police in the u.s. state of california they thought the state found clark was pointing a gun but it turned out to be a mobile phone cable is all the reports. friends and family of stefan clarke were here to grieve and console each other civil rights activist al sharpton gave the eulogy reminded people why they were there we came to have a family we came because there's no i should have to be clark was a twenty two year old father of two kids he was shot and killed by two police officers who mistakenly thought he was a burglar body cameras on the two officers captured the moment on the evening of
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march eighteenth when officers confronted clark they fired their weapons twenty times clark was killed instantly he was unarmed only holding his cellphone he was standing in the backyard of his grandmother's home both officers are an administrative leave pending an investigation at first the shooting mostly went unnoticed outside of sacramento but as more details emerged so too do the coals for justice street protests growing louder by the day and spreading as far away as new york white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders said that stefan clark's killing was terrible but that the white house won't have much more to say about it because in her words it's a local matter at clark's funeral in sacramento this was the response to that no this is not a local man. they didn't killing young black men over the country and
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we are here to say we're close with stefan clock and the leaders of this family emotions are still high and people have promised to not rest until the officers are held to account the city of sacramento is on edge more protests are planned the family lawyer is appealing for calm we must to. balance to make sure that we protest first amendment rights in the most productive way possible but people here know this funeral should never have been needed but stefan clark was killed for no reason. washington. the united nations says that it's a poll by the deaths of dozens of prisoners in a fire and riots in venezuela venezuela sorry funerals have been held for some of the sixty eight victims of a police station in valencia right group rights groups of blaming president nicolas maduro for failing to deal with prison overcrowding and rising violence that's been
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the government response so far at a standard m.p.'s he reports now from bogota in neighboring colombia. otoh it is in venezuela or facing national and international outrage for their slow response to one of the worst disasters to happen in the country's detention facilities more than twenty four hours after the incident that left sixty eight people dead there still hasn't been an official statement by the government of president nicolas maduro the only official statement came via twitter from the office of the attorney general he did confirm the dead talk and said he was appointing for prosecutors to investigate exactly what happened inside the prison and for a second day relatives of the victims spent a day in front of the police station trying to find out what happened to their loved ones if they were still alive or how to recover the body temporary morgue
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were set up inside the police station to try and speed up that process unfortunately this has been just the last in a long serious deadly riots in venezuela as detention facilities in the country struggle with overcrowding crowding and the lack of basic supplies in main things. the ever worsening social and economic crisis in the country a university student in britain says she's been racially abused for campaigning to encourage ethnic minorities to apply for places at elite university this thread so started a you tube channel to documentary experiences of oxford university the nineteen year old originally from zimbabwe says that while most of the responses to her posts a positive she has received some racist comments. it started pretty recently when
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i decided to discuss diversity and race issues on my title because i said it's nice it's all well and good for me to you know take videos of myself play with the law is enjoying myself but there are things that means we discuss such as race so i discovered it's nice to me to talk about it and when i did i guess some people didn't like the fact that i was occupying the space of oxford and i don't know who these comments are coming from it could be from anyone anywhere in the world but they were saying i should be lynched i don't deserve a space that i didn't qualified to be oxygen which i do i should have been k.k.k. come on to me i should just not be there because of the color of my skin if you are an ethnic minority student out there you're sitting at home and you think you know what i want to fight because i deserve it i believe applied we need you also doesn't want you we need your talents are needed and you deserve a space. britain's prime minister has undertaken a day long tour of all four countries in the u.k. at the start of the countdown to leaving the e.u. this time next year the reason they says that she's committed to making briggs it
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a success but many britons nationwide don't want divorce from europe here's our u.k. correspondent on a beach ellipse. she didn't vote for brett's it to put on a rapid tour of britain starting in a scottish textile factory the prime minister urged the country to embrace the idea of leaving the e.u. i believe that we can negotiate a good agreement which is terrorists free in this friction is trade is possible so we maintain those markets in the e.u. but also that we open up markets around the rest of the world breaks it provides us with opportunities. but who's this campaigning against brick sit outside downing street boris johnson or maybe not but his impersonator and these protesters believe bret's it can be stopped with a second referendum on the final deal from the because she ations between britain
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and the e.u. says will a student just speaking for a generation that voted overwhelmingly to stay in europe and this is one direction but i feel so perfectly entitled to mobilize and try to persuade our parents and grandparents many of whom are like minded back to back to back us not sure anymore and it's not the right deal i'm a number i direction from here but all the older generation persuadable i travelled from london to the english market town of spaulding west seventy percent voted to leave the e.u. the challenge for those trying to stop bricks it is to change people's minds in towns like spalding and that still feels like an uphill struggle there is a measure of ensuring. that i don't think you can lay said no go on tennis get only birds back in london not much sign of rallying round another group sets off on a battle bus tour around supported by some big names in british politics i accept
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that whatever happens in terms of any effort. to stop it which is take it to a different course in the one the people's in the voice roy said so it's very difficult. i think millions of people believe the country's made its or was. this just come on. this isn't sustainable meanwhile the prime minister travelling all through northern ireland wales and england in one hectic day says there's no turning back but if the brics this referendum of twenty sixty it was meant to settle the issue of britain and europe for want some for all while it doesn't yet feel that it has to be phillips al-jazeera london facebook is promising to end partnerships with several data brokers that help advertisers target people on the social network the company's trying to limit the fallout from allegations that british cambridge analytical improperly accessed use a data to influence the twenty sixteen us elections journal how takes
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a look now at micro targeting and the ethical questions that surround the practice . we don't feel that every single time the man who murdered joshua is an illegal alien i want us to pave the way phil thank you to brussels political attack ads are nothing new nor is aiming there but a carefully selected audience of so-called micro targeting what is relatively new is the use of personalized data by political campaigns to find out almost as much about you as you know about yourself in terms of the whole ethos of influence and persuasion you know every every every post everything that you like these are all bits of data that are going towards building a profile of arguments against people about the same knowledge is power so it's really surgically and been able to predict and influence people's behavior at the heart of the scandal involving the political consultancy cambridge analytical and its alleged use of data from fifty million facebook profiles is the charge that
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personal data has been used to distort and undermine the democratic process the easiest way that you can influence someone's behavior is by can't continue to be showing them something time and time again when they become unconsciously influenced and therefore take comp attention on the new belief system the point of most political campaigns is to change beliefs and attitudes so is there anything wrong with targeting voters in this way cambridge analytical has boasted that its cutting edge micro-targeting campaign won the us election for donald trump that sparked outrage and indignation of course especially among trump's political opponents but it's worth remembering that a previous president is also believed to have won the white house thanks to online micro-targeting none other than barack obama and with considerably less outrage and indignation as a result well i think the segmentation that they are doing now which came again
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let's go doing now is very much the same thing that barack obama did in two thousand. and it's well it's trying to make the advertisements as relevant and personal to people and voters as possible benedict pringle is an addict executive who also runs a blog on the sometimes dirty business of political advertising he's day job and his sideline have much in common while campaign techniques become ever more precise winning elections is after all a sales job i think that the margins in the trunk election and in the referendum were so small and the number of people that were in play the persuadable votes was so few that the number of ads that were run the amount of money that was spent in targeting would have undoubtedly had an impact on the result would it change the result impossible to say well it impacted at least you know
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a decent chunk of the persuadable voters. so micro-targeting is a winning strategy that's here to stay and the more data we put into the system about ourselves the more data is available to influence to persuade and to change the way we think jonah hill al-jazeera london a very good afternoon to you if you're watching in the unseasonably warm parts of india of the managing to keep cool weather and folks here in just a moment with the forecast for you still to come though on the news hour. i'm andrew thomas near lift go in australia i'll be explaining why politicians here have given the go ahead to expand that coal mine even though they accept it might pollute sydney's drinking water. to take a look at the struggle for small farmers to compete with bigger companies in the u.s. . but the miami heat closing in on a playoff showdown with one of the most famous former players the latest from the
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n.b.a. coming up in school. from cool brisk knows in few months. to the woman trying to do is of southeast asia. yeah very much a case of the heat is on actually and that he really has kicked in early across a good part self in the temperatures running around nine to ten celsius above the season lab or so the pre monsoon he really has got underway and it is already causing problems and no sign of it breaking as we go on at least through the coming days it really is just a battle to keep cool at present so we're looking at temperatures hovering around the forty degree mark in that pool forty two celsius thirty nine there in hyderabad further north new delhi to see those temperatures edging up in that direction as we make our way into sunday on the other side of the arabian peninsula some peyton
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place here as well we have seen temperatures in a riyadh for example mecca again getting up around the forty degree mark but this area cloud that's making its way across northern parts of saudi arabia doesn't look too ominous maybe a little bit of rain on it it will introduce some slightly cooler where possibly a little bit damp weather there as you can see riyadh falling back around nine degrees celsius to around thirty one degrees celsius as we go on through saturday and fully back a little further as we go on into sunday as this area cloud makes its way further south which we are like to see the dust and sand picking up with some very strong winds over the next few days. the weather sponsored by cat time release. a story of blackmail. and. you'll have to kill i have strangled i have a story of current catch
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a lot of the fear is real. passion. and a very sincere just. and monday put it well on i g z the u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry riverbed case one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the war.
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again it's good to have you with us adrian for going to here in doha with the news from al-jazeera our top stories this hour israeli forces have killed a palestinian man during protests in gaza palestine's ministry of health says that at least nineteen people have been injured during the confrontations thousands of palestinians taking part in the annual day of protest against israel's illegal occupation. turkey's president is rejecting france's offer to mediate between ankara and kurdish op groups in syria but a geisha from the y.p. g. met with france's president. and said that france has agreed to support the. russia says that it's hopeful of mending relations with the united states britain and other countries who have expelled its diplomats on thursday russia retaliated by ordering ordering over one hundred fifty diplomats to leave the country it's the
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latest in the dispute over the poisoning of a former russian double agent in britain. backed out of the conflict in syria syrian state television says that a deal is near for rebels to leave the last area that they hold in eastern near the capital. mascot's russia's interfax news agency says that an agreement has been made but the rebels have not commented opposition fighters have surrendered much of eastern goose in the past month as government forces tightened their grip on the enclave let's get more on this now from al-jazeera as mohammed jump jhoom who's in beirut what's the latest mahmut. adrian we've spoken to representatives with jason islam that's the rebel factions that is still in control of duma they say that these reports that a deal has been reached are categorically false they say any media reports saying that a deal has been reached between the russians and syrian government and the rebels there is racial islam in particular that they are simply not true once again this
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highlights just how difficult it is when it comes to negotiating anything on the ground in syria so many times in the past we've been faced with similar situations one power that's involved in the conflict in some way in syria comes out with a statement saying a deal has been reached then people on the ground say the exact opposite so jason islam has said that they are maintaining their position that they've had all along when it comes to duma that they will not accept any force displacement what it comes down to is this even though negotiations have been going on now for quite some time especially these past few weeks between the russians the syrian government syrian government forces pro syrian government forces and that is still controlling that area of duma negotiations have fallen through for perhaps they've fallen through again now because it wants to maintain their presence there in duma they do not want to be forced to leave and go to it as other rebel groups in other parts of little they have done these past couple of weeks so very complicated as we
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all know in syria looks like it's only getting more complicated for the moment we'll continue to reach out to the rebel groups to the activists on the ground to find out exactly what's going on in the hours ahead adrian but many thanks did al-jazeera have a live in beirut. judges in china have handed the death penalty to a murderer nicknamed jack the ripper chain young was found guilty of the rape and murder of eleven women and girls over fourteen is the fifty four year old was arrested two years ago to police confirmed a d.n.a. match. as millions of christians around the world celebrate easter or at least mark good friday before easter signs as are emerging of improving relations between the vatican and the chinese government the catholic church in china cut ties almost seventy years ago following the communist revolution christian organizations have faced years of state repression including the removal of rooftop crosses church demolitions and the imprisonment of priests of china's sixty seven million
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christians more than ten million a catholic they're split between underground churches that recognize the pope and state approved churches that don't but as a dream brown reports now change could be in the air. in china catholics have a choice pray in a state sanctioned church like this one or in secret but this easter many worshippers will be considering a new scenario a deal between the vatican and the chinese government that may be imminent the agreement could decide the future of the estimated ten million catholics in china who've long hope for a normalization in vatican china relations what i always hope the pope and the vatican case stablish diplomatic relations with china i'm so excited. the pope is the symbol of catholics if you're catholic you would definitely want to see him that's why i'd be so happy if he came to china. surprising views
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because those worshippers belong to the official catholic church which is not recognize the authority of the pope since the vatican and china sever diplomatic ties in one nine hundred fifty one but that could be about to change according to francisco c.c. an attorney an academic invited to interview the pope two years ago he says there are even discussions about the vatican establishing a representative office in beijing and this could happen. within the zia i would say that sue. i think it is a possibility we don't know there are of course many things up in the air but there is. a song would say. before that happens though another deal is expected on the thorny issue of who gets to appoint bishops
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for the first time that would give the vatican a say in the selection process but some of the underground churches that operate without government approval are fearful about this growing reproach mo and they have a senior catholic official on their side who's accused the pope of betrayal cardinal joseph zen is the former bishop of hong kong where religious freedoms are still protected many people in that union less a church may get a scandalized inmate who is their faith in the pope that the pope has so many critics so. we decide one i'm a very saudi. such charges criticism of the pope even by a retired cardinal is rare neither the vatican or china's religious affairs bureau responded to our requests for comment but
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a report in the state controlled newspaper on thursday citing several official sources said the announcement could be made as soon as saturday a day before easter. the china represents the last frontier for the catholic church it's been that way for centuries never more so than now adrian brown al-jazeera beijing. a fire on board a bus in thailand has killed at least twenty migrant workers from me and mom police don't yet know what caused the plays on the bus which was carrying forty seven people to an industrial zone near bangkok there are an estimated three million migrant workers in thailand many of them from neighboring me and my our. new president has been sworn in you when met was the law house speaker and is an ally of aung san suu kyi she maintains executive orders the head of the government while the president's role is largely ceremonial his predecessor to ensure resigned last
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week blaming health problems asia pacific is the most vulnerable region in the world when it comes to water insecurity population growth and urbanization have drastically increased the demand the region is home to some sixty percent of the global population and fifty percent of the poorest people in the world agriculture takes up eighty percent of all water resources by twenty thirty the regions expected to have twenty two cities of ten million people or more by twenty fifty three point four billion people could be living in water scarce areas. there's concerns that the expansion of a coal mine could pollute rivers which supply water to sydney environmentalists are outraged that the government has approved plans allowing the mine to expand andrew thomas reports from lythgoe. these pawns of the source water for the coxes river ultimately it grows and flows into
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a reservoir which holds drinking water for the five million people of sydney here the water is clean insects are a good sign the salt content is low but just downstream groundwater pumped out of a nearby coal mine joins the source water it doesn't lose its purity ten kilometers from its source the coxes water has also jumped six degrees celsius in temperature just getting our salt rating here it's a bit over three hundred fifty mark or same as the centimeter so the salt level has increased about twenty five times most of this flow today it's probably ninety five percent perhaps more actually is pumped out of commons and is disturbed by the mourning process so scientists and environmentalists are worried by a plan to expand this that springvale coal mines and increase waste water flowing into the river last year judges in sydney after hearing expert evidence from scientists like wright blocked the plan on environmental grounds politicians have
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responded by passing a law which will retrospective lee changes the criteria by which levels of pollution should have been judged the expansion is back home it was a devastating decision for us a very worrying president that this was a decision that essentially signalled the government was willing to put the short term interests of a coma on in front of the quality of the drinking water in sydney the most populous city in australia politicians say waste water will be better cleaned in future before it's released and say they have to balance environmental concerns with economic priorities coal from the mine expansion here will get taken to a local power station ultimately politicians see cheap energy and local jobs as more important than meeting a particular environmental standard. the nearby power station undermines that supply of vital to the economy of the town of lift go where we're looking at six
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hundred potential permanent jobs lost to this community that would have been devastating centennial coal declined our request for an interview saying simply for over twenty years springvale has mined coal this is what we will continue to do but environmentalists are appalled that the rules could be changed retrospective late when the economy is prioritized under thomas al-jazeera politico virtual reality factories and autonomous robots are among the innovations on display at an industrial exhibition in seoul the south korean government is trying to boost the manufacturing sector by encouraging the use of more smart technology kathy novak reports. i'm here at the smart factory and automation expo trying not to bump into robots but of course they are far too intelligent for that samsung is already using robots like bees in its production of semiconductors one of south korea's most
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significant exports this system lets the user completely design and test a prototype digitally aiming to cut costs and time and get the products to market more quickly the south korean government wants to encourage companies to keep their factories in south korea or move them back it has set a goal of twenty thousand smart factories by twenty twenty two and has offered subsidies to companies who want to set them up to q do you know known manufacturing is thirty percent of korean g.d.p. korea relies a manufacturing to be internationally competitive the sector must adopt digitalisation to increase the competitiveness of the companies. korea must compete with markets in china and southeast asian countries such as vietnam in indonesia the cost of labor in korea is quite high in order to make up for rising labor costs we must adopt these smart factories to increase productivity and product quality robots aren't doing all the work here they're using virtual reality to check problems at
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a factory without having to physically step inside this robot is playing with a rubik's cube to demonstrate how it can distinguish different colors which would help for example with sorting goods on a conveyor belt but really i think it's just showing off because it definitely is going to finish this puzzle a lot more quickly than me. coffee shops in california have been ordered to warn customers about a potential cancer risk ninety coffee retailers including starbucks was sued by a little known not for profit group a court in los angeles agreed that the retailers are violating a california law which requires companies to warn consumers of potential cancer causing chemicals in their products coffee retailers say that chemical levels are harmless to health small farms are disappearing from the u.s. landscape because they can't compete with bigger operations during the twenty sixteen presidential campaign many voters in agricultural regions turn to donald
1:45 pm
trump who picked the farm state governor mike pence as his running mate but as john hendren reports now from pence's home state of indiana many now regret that choice . in a word greg gunther says american foreign policy is found when i was young there are family farms all around one hundred sixty four hundred acres and they've largely all disappeared. fifty to ninety percent of them are gone here in the indiana plains home of vice president mike pence farmers in their rural neighbors voted heavily for donald trump. and there's a late comer. now many farmers especially smaller scale producers are suffering buyer's remorse chump administration had an awful lot of support from rural america and my expectations was that trump was going to support all classes of farmers there some rules that would would give small farmers family scale agriculture
1:46 pm
a chance and he hasn't made any of those kind of deals for us trump is focused on slashing regulations we think we can cut regulations by seventy five percent maybe more but big farmers complain that trump the deal maker has been a deal breaker when it comes to trade pacts that boost their exports and immigration policies that supply them with cheap labor kathleen merrigan a former obama administration deputy secretary of agriculture says small farmers have it worse largely ignored by government farm aid it favors massive corporate farms they don't need it though administration has said. if you're hearing from farmers in the field that. i wholeheartedly agree we see the big guys doing well some of the new entrants small guys are doing ok but it's that middle that functioning farm where most of your income is coming from
1:47 pm
farming. but you're not giant those are the ones that are really feeling great gunther of the biggest client is chicago celebrity chef rick bayless who owns this restaurant here at the upscale clientele has come to expect the free range organic pork and poultry that gun thorp delivers that's how we differentiate himself but the trumpet ministration has declined to sign the strict guidelines on organic food that many farmers have asked for things like requiring that animals have access to outdoors so gung thorpe says no one can really know just how different his product is and that is his main selling point that is this farmer wondering how many more of his neighbors will stop contributing to the world's food supply in simply let their fields grow fallow john hendren al jazeera le grange indiana. still ahead on the sport the chicago cubs make home run history the opening day of a major league baseball season will be. a i.
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a i. again the un has been as ended its fifteen year mission in liberia and has withdrawn all its peacekeepers from that follows the first democratic transfer of power in seventeen is a full football star was elected president last year olds. the united nations mission in liberia was created after more than a quarter of a million people died in two civil wars in the fifteen years that existed sixty nations deployed one hundred forty thousand soldiers and police offices the
1:50 pm
peacekeepers task included the disarmament of fighters building a police force and aid distribution a job that came with its own risks from when they arrived in two thousand and three and till now two hundred two peacekeepers were covert the u.n. talks about handing over its responsibilities to the government in two thousand and twelve think amy poehler almost five thousand liberian sties more than in any other country last year liberia held peaceful democratic pollster and the un believed its job was done form a footballer george weah was sworn in as president and january and so the last uniform contingent of peacekeepers left two weeks ago one hundred police officers flew home to nigeria the u.n. say this as the mission shut down. the international community's investment in liberia beyond the moment. to support both partners we know the.
1:51 pm
enjoy and leaves behind a country that has great potential to achieve lasting stability. democracy prosperity but the un lift president where with another message get justice for victims of war crimes the agency wants him to implement the recommendations of a two thousand and nine truth commission which included prosecuting eight former warlords the troops departure is symbolic for west africa over the last thirty years un peacekeepers were commonplace in countries like sierra leone ivory coast and liberia mali is now the only country in the region where they remain. reporting time now for sports here's fara thank you so much the fourth test between south africa and australia is underway in johannesburg the visitors line up has been shaken up following the recent ball tampering scandal absent from that team is the ban trio of former captain steve smith and his deputy david warner and cameron
1:52 pm
bancroft all of whom were part of a plot to tamper with the ball in the third test spite their absence incident is still very much on the minds of the fans as katherine sawyer reports. we're right outside the wondrous cricket stadium and thousands of fans are here in johannesburg to cheer on their teams cricket is a game that is very much respected and loved as well as australia and people who were here are very much aware about. the hopman last saturday and they tell us that they are angry they are shocked and disappointed and also you know they have very strong opinions about what happened last week the spirit of the game is most important thing and i think australians roots. i don't think this is a new thing for many. analogies are we keeping. the kids play already some.
1:53 pm
feel pretty disappointed that they're. basking in the old stocks not so that's kind of a that's. there's a fair amount of of of license to range from it and it's hype it never happens again in the future spirits are high despite the sutta deep ball tampering incident people here are passionate about the game but while south african fans were eager to speak about the scandal australian ones were somewhat camera shy you don't need to talk to. a long day as it is. many of the funds here are hoping. that the controversy will not affect the spirit of the game will not overshadow their game they are however also satisfied with the action that has been taken by the different cricket authorities and the fact that the players have owned up to their mistake and are remorseful people here are also hoping that this going
1:54 pm
forward will serve as a deterrent to other players who have similar thoughts. to pain is leading the australian team now and he needs to lead australia to victory to level the series to to south africa our batting first enter eighty one. the final of the miami open will pit two reigning grand slam champions against each other french open champion elaina austan panko beat american qualifier daniel collins in thursday's second semifinal the latvian sixty hit the thirty three winners on route to a seven six six three victory also penco has two career titles heading into sardi's bonnell against american sloane stephens. and being now and a playoff showdown between le bron james and his former teammates of the team the miami heat is edging closer the heat are now just half a game off sixth place in the eastern conference and beating after beating chicago
1:55 pm
one hundred and three to ninety two on thursday if miami can claim six their likely open their postseason campaign against le bron's cleveland cavaliers who are third in the east the playoffs begin on april fourteenth. major league baseball season is underway the miami marlins hosted the chicago cubs in the opening game in how getting the season off to the perfect start for the cubs with a home run off the opening pitch it's the first time in more than thirty years that the first pitch of the season has been hit for a home run the cubs getting two more home over homers in their eight four victory. and l.a. galaxy's latest star signing was mobbed by fans on his arrivals lap ten abraham a vigil was greeted by hundreds of screaming people as he got off the plane early thursday the swedish striker is the latest football star to be drafted into major league soccer the thirty six year old most recently played for manchester united.
1:56 pm
and that's all your sport for now it's now back to foreign many thanks indeed now cyprus is a favorite destination for tourists from all over europe who want a mediterranean sunshine holiday most of them flock to coastal resorts but tourist towns in the mountains are missing out and government leaders want to change in order to boost the island's economy something they don't report. it's hard to fit into a postcard just how nice it is to be away from the subzero temperatures back home we can't just say breeze because i know you in the ukraine is snow and cold and we wanted to go to spring to see flowers and maybe to see. it's a familiar story the abundance of beaches and sunshine has attracted steadily increasing numbers of tourists to cyprus. that has seen the economies of coastal towns boosted as the number of visitors reached three point six million last year officials expect the number of tourists to reach
1:57 pm
a record level in two thousand and eighteen many head for seaside towns of course leaving places in the mountains like up at three are here not as frequent as they could be a fact the government says it now wants to change. is ready for change has souvenir shop and got about three a gets its first visitors of the afternoon. the town is one of several in the trudeau's mountains facing declining numbers of tourists. government talk of reviving tourist towns like hers is raising her hopes i think it's a very good idea because high living in the mountains and we'll be very happy to have more tourists because we're living you know all of us when it's done jobs here . the government is unveiling a plan to increase visits to tourist spots left out of the boom sixteen million euros are being set aside to upgrade infrastructure and another million to improve hotels. as to giving you brunt of cyprus in
1:58 pm
a lot of areas the mountains for example to find out the way of life of the sea but it's not only on the beaches but on the mountains as well. that way of life is struggling in those mountains as visitors do in bill so does business and people end up migrating to cities a newspaper can pass the time when you hardly have a customer in your restaurant but it won't reveal a new chapter for your town for that many are hoping the government's initiative will rescue them from a sticky situation sami's a than al-jazeera cup at the cyprus well that's where the news out grinds to a halt but the news never stops here on al-jazeera i'll be back for the day's top stories in just a few. to
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. april on al-jazeera from the stories beyond the headlines phone lines examines the u.s. is role in the world's fifty years since the death of martin luther king we examine the impact of his assassination and the state of race relations in the u.s. today the award winning show thrives returns for another season with stories about solutions to some of the greatest manmade environmental problems as the first meeting since the breadfruit vote is set to take place in the u.k.
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we examine how relevant the commonwealth is today between corporate am public interests up to the last drop unveils the longstanding rule for water in europe april on al-jazeera. white supremacy is on the rise in the us and its adversaries to beaching their war drums. for clients investigates the anti fascists using force against intolerance. this is and to frack on al-jazeera. non-violence does attempt to appeal to the more conscience of the maze now the jury's still out of the nation as one.


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