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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 30, 2018 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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to two degrees celsius a guy with a shower is a little further north some showers there into northern parts of argentina into bolivia remove the same as we go on through sas they show which is easing over towards peru towards ecuador and further north so we'll see a few showers just getting up towards the kind of ma venezuela could see want to shout colombia certainly into the chance of seeing some showers lot of clout there just making its way out into the eastern side of the caribbean but is fine and tries to get fabulous for the easter weekend some pleasant sunshine coming to live with a fair weather cloud yes that's always a possibility but for many it's going to be pretty much sunshine all the way few shows a possibility towards guatemala towards honduras further north looking fine and dry with plenty of sunshine little more sunshine coming into that western side of the u.s. but a fair amount of cloud still in place over towards the east that will gradually clear the eastern seaboard by saturday afternoon. the weather sponsored by qatar.
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this is al jazeera. hello i'm adrian finnegan this is the news live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes seven palestinians are dead hundreds injured in demonstrations across israel the west bank and gaza. turkey's president issues a warning to france about getting involved in syria's war. and giving a speech in ohio president trump changes course on issues from syria to south korea . and in sport a new look australian cricket team looks to put a week of scandal behind them they've begun the final test again south africa but
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out from there. israeli forces have killed seven palestinians during protests in gaza. palestinian ministry of health says that at least five hundred fifty people have been injured the demonstrators are marking the land day an annual protest against israel's occupation and seizure of palestinian territory we'll have more on those deaths in gaza in just a few moments i was there was one of the how he joins us now live from out of beirut in northern israel which has great significance doesn't it order to these protests that are underway today. yes absolutely this is actually where it all started now on this day some forty two years ago back in one nine hundred seventy s. sake it's. israel had announced the confiscation of five thousand hectares of land
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in this area of northern israel here in iraq but also in nearby villages and that really angered palestinians here they went down to the streets went on a strike there were violent clashes and six palestinians died at the time ever since that day palestinians every year. and they whether it's here in israel or in the occupied west bank or indeed in gaza now one palestinian woman described it very good to me yesterday she said you know we should become a rating land they every day because confiscations an expropriation have continued ever since that day in one nine hundred seventy six. it's a day that's been marked since one nine hundred seventy six then like now palestinians are protesting the confiscation of their land it's also they weighted demonstrate their attachment to that land. the big one if we want to impose
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a presence of planted lands a hard to take over israel always says it's only taking a barren land promised that's why we need to play it everywhere and what. use is his property shrink by four hector's and has received notice that another fourteen could be taken away soon. much of the land goes to was building illegal jewish settlements and the exploitation of natural resources or in the case of rafa meant for the construction of a bypass road that now goes over part of his land he can only reach it via this underpass but axes isn't always guaranteed. to get is closed we're stuck for hours everyone wants freedom of movement i want to be able to come home here and build a shack to store my equipment but the israelis won't allow me i can't even install a light to sit here in the summer was integrated by israel's prime minister binyamin netanyahu also pledged two hundred twenty eight million dollars from this
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year's budget the building of more roads across the occupied west bank another project underway is that up the road there to the left now that's extension of the eastern ring road and it has its own separation wall in the middle now trafficked on one side will be reserved only to israel on the other side traffic will be reserved to palestinians but they can only travel between their towns and villages without bypasses are designed to circumvent palestinian population centers settlers say it's for their own safety but the plan was initially put in place in one nine hundred eighty three and was only implemented after the oslo accords were signed years later when i because the road could through the west bank in circling palestinian communities and dividing the west bank into continents they connect to jewish settlements to each other and directly to israel in case of an exaggeration there's already
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a system in place. israel sees the bypass roads as vital for the valid bent of settlements they expanded by seventeen percent last year or as many palestinians say ever since donald trump became you as president with every dig of the shovel palestinians see more land lost and the dream of a future state crumble furder so what are you hearing from gaza why have so many people been killed than today's demonstrations. well certainly there was a lot of apprehension throughout the week about what would unfold in gaza today or rather at the border fence between gaza and southern israel and the israeli army has been announcing that it was a deploying reinforcement there also hundreds sharpshooters all along the border now as we understand it. there are people residents of gaza who decided nonetheless
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despite all the warnings coming from israel to go to the border and israel has been saying that it will show as zero tolerance policy so basically issues that anyone that reaches the border or even comes close to that border fence even though the people who are going there as we understand from our own colleagues on the ground in gaza are by and large are on armed if not all unarmed this is a situation that was somehow predicted in the sense that people in gaza did want to take part in this land they have to bear in mind that most of gaza residents certainly the ones who arrived there many years ago well those old refugees some of them coming from here in northern israel they have been kicked out of their time and villages of the city at the time and since then you have generations of refugees who have been born and are living in gaza but you also have another
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situation in gaza and according to the israeli media that's actually putting more. within the army simply because you have all these tents that have been erected in five locations along that gaza border were certain israel and. the authorities the hamas the three keys in gaza have announced that that will those tense will be staying there for the next six weeks until march fifteenth so you certainly that is a source of concern and what is happening at the border and what could unfold in the coming days is certainly a big source of concern to many thanks such as it is. in northern israel. turkey's president has reacted angrily to reports that france is considering sending troops to support a group in syria whom turkey considers terrorists why p.g.a. delegation met with france's president emmanuel mccrone on thursday and said that france sort of agreed to support them but france says it's not planning any further
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troop deployments to syria we told him that sort of france and then after this stance france has lost its right to complain about any terrorist any terrorist organization and terror act those who are living with terrorists and even host them in their powers will realize their mistake sooner or later those who shamelessly support terrorists must be ready to explain the outcomes to their people let's get more on this now from al jazeera seven course meal who's in istanbul so president heard of one not happy then with france's officer mediate how does this impact upon relations between france and turkey cinema. i've written since the beginning of the syrian crisis especially since the. collaboration partner for the coalition forces against fighting isis in fighting against ourselves is for sure turkey doesn't see eye to eye with other coalition
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partners not with the us not with france and what's happened to say is actually a is a proof for that first of all turkey's sees as the syrian democratic forces as wife p.g. and p k k n for turkey p k k is an outflow of terrorism a terrorist organization and why p.g. is is the syrian branch of this organization and that's why turkey is totally against that's why p.g. is the. is actually the leverage for the coalition forces in the fight against isis and during the during is since nine hundred eighty s. during the insurgency insurgency fourteen thousand people lost their lives in turkey so this is a very critical issue for turkey also turkey sees france being volunteers form a dating between a pew i.d.'s defend turkey as an attempt to gather one budgets in the country and the terrorist organizations around the table and that's why prisons are don't react
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as harshly against that and said turkey will never get around the table with such an organization and also accuse france for being in seoul the veritie with the such a group and also defense of prime minister to make your voice us states and that anyone who is in coordination and in seoul that they're at sea with those groups like. the would become turkey's target in northern syria and the way home turkey will deal against terrorism it will be the way turkish military acted in this is what they said so turkey i can say turkey is very this is of about this issue which see this as an. existential threats to its borders and we have i have to remind that there is an election coming up in two thousand and nineteen and the turkish military is operation that is being conducted in northern syria is actually a success story for the current government and may in the turkish president richard
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pryor done. on this one. will never be willing to step back. to the military's attitude against. the separating kurdish issue and issues. but i can say it's going to be a little bit diplomatic row between her and paris but we will see how things will change especially after president donald trump that the united states would be withdrawing from syria for its sort of mini thanks dude. let's get more now on the reaction in paris to one's comments from observers to tasha butler. well what we have there are two sides to the story on one hand we have a delegation from the kurdish dominated syrian democratic forces or s.d.f. saying that they met the french president emanuel mark hall on thursday evening and he personally committed to sending more troops to northeastern syria to supports the kurds on the other we have a statement from the police say saying that france is not planning any additional
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military operations in syria outside of its role alongside the international coalition fighting eisel what the lease say has said though is that the french president wants a role in trying to try and mediate between turkey and the s.d.f. it is a confused picture there is no doubt that the french president did indeed meet this delegation on thursday evening it was an on shared told me to get it was after that meeting that this delegation the yes you have delegation decided to put across their side of the story but it is a confused picture staying in syria rebels at least in ghouta near the capital damascus denying reports of a deal for them to leave the area syria and russian media had suggested that there was an agreement for the town of duma opposition fighters have surrendered the rest of eastern guta in the past month as government forces tighten their grip on the place more now from observers mohamad jump jhoom who's got the latest from beirut.
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another example of just how complicated things remain on the ground in syria the russian military has stated that it reached a deal with a rebel group jaish an islam and the judicial islam had announced its intention to evacuate. which the rebel group is still holding and that they would seize control of that area but a short while after that she issued islam in fact denied those reports saying any reports stating that their group had in fact reached a deal with either the syrian government syrian pro-government forces or the russian government were patently false we spoke with the spokesperson for jason is now buy it up but he said this our position is still clear and steadfast the rejection of force displacement and the demographic change of the rest of eastern now this really isn't a change from what we've heard from jaisha islam the past several days while they are negotiating to try to reach
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a deal with the syrian government and the russian government they do not want their fighters to have to evacuate the area this is all coming at a time when there's a lot of concern of course about the humanitarian impact of what is going on it's still unclear just how many civilians may be trapped in duma how they will be able to get help and of course this comes at a time when there was another deadline given there was a deadline given by the syrian government the russian government saying that it jesuits now and did not come to some sort of an agreement with them by saturday evening that they would go ahead and go into that area and attack that area with full force in a surprise move u.s. president tunnel trump has told his supporters that american troops will be leaving syria very soon he was speaking at events in ohio when he began complaining about how much the u.s. spends on rebuilding other countries the u.s. says will the two thousand military personnel in syria helping local groups to feet eisel. and by the way we're knocking the hell out of isis will be coming out of
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syria like very soon let the other people take care of it now very soon very soon we're coming now we're going to have a hundred percent of the caliphate as they call it sometimes referred to as the land take it all back quickly quickly the u.s. went into syria during barack obama's presidency to help in the fight against deisel the pentagon says that around two thousand troops are still there to prevent the group's resurgence many of them and are concentrated around man beach in the north close to the border with turkey and that's part of the yellow area under the control of kurdish fighters some of which are backed by the u.s. turkish controlled territory of syria marked green here turkey considers the kurdish y p g to be a terrorist organization and as vowed to push the group out of syria well these pictures from just a few days ago show american troops including the man in charge of the u.s. led coalition working with could see in man beach. the u.s.
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mission has been to maintain stability but they've also ended up in the middle of a decade's old conflict these pictures show american troops having set up a line near mount beach between their allied kurdish fighters and turkish backed forces while it was a serious serious visor to samantha power who was washington washington's u.n. ambassador during the obama administration he doesn't believe the trumps comments on the trip with withdrawal represent a policy change. i was literally just speaking with some colleagues of mine former colleagues of mine at the state department who are getting ready to deploy to syria to to do their work out there in the northern part of the syria where the u.s. military station so i really think this caught everyone off guard and i don't think it's particularly connected to any real policy the united states continues to pursue in the region the policy in the past has been to intervene in as little of a way as possible to try to. address the humanitarian situation without getting
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in broiled in a broader conflict in the middle east that's kind of been the policy but really clearly has not worked with this administration there is clearly a disconnect between what the president is saying what his military and political advisors are telling him which is the united states should remain in the areas it is in to use it as leverage against the syrian regime the iranians and russians and to keep an eye on potentially eisel returning that's really kind of the consensus on what the policy should be but again just like previous statements the president shooting from the hip and and now everybody is getting all worked up about saying but i really would pay attention to what the united states actually does in the coming days and weeks which i think will be more likely to remain in the areas it's in. this is the news hour from us here are still to come on the program mexico's presidential election isn't until july but the campaign is already moving into high
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gear. a stream of european ambassadors makes make their way to russia's foreign ministry to find out how many of their staff will be expelled we'll tell you why and the miami heat closing in on a playoff showdown with one of the most famous former players the latest from the n.b.a. a little later it's been. a few moments ago we told you about comments that president trump made about syria at a rally in ohio on thursday but syria wasn't the only topic where he seemed to be abruptly changing u.s. policy during the same speech he also threatened to hold up a trade deal with south korea as a way of gaining u.s. leverage over north korea trump says he may wait until after a deal for the north to denuclearize he accepted an invitation to meet north korea's kim jong un earlier this month so we've redone it and that's going to level
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the playing field on steel and cars and trucks coming into this country. and i may hold it up till after a deal is made with north korea does everybody understand you know why you know why because it's a very strong card and i want to make sure everyone is treated fairly and we're moving along very nicely with north korea we'll see what happens she had her tansey is live for us in washington d.c. she have what's the president up to is he making policy on the hoof again. right i mean to repeat some of the themes of your discussion and the guests you had a moment ago about his comments on syria it's very difficult to tell whether this actually does represent anything terribly significant from a police policy standpoint or whether this is just donald trump. having
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a stream of consciousness moment these are the sort of things that are going on in his head as far as we can tell his comments about the south korean trade deal quote the white house by surprise quote the international the white house trade negotiated by surprise certainly caught those in seoul by surprise although it sold trade official did point out that it will take several months for this deal to be signed off on anyway it is remarkable i suppose that while you're trying to potentially negotiate a deal nuclearization deal with the north you're actually suggesting to the world that deals already reached with the south may not even be a did too but how significant is all of this back to your guest about syria we don't know the best i guess we can come up with is you know they may be now the honeymoon might be over a little bit i mean we have john bolton coming in for example he's euphemistically called who cares and others maybe those who are saying look maybe we should keep an eye on the south korea that it doesn't give too much away to the north and keep
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some leverage over the south but this is all purely speculative we just happen i think cindy down to zero in washington robert kelly joins us via skype from tucson he's a professor of international relations at national university good to have you with us again robert so the president appears to be saying that he is going to violate the terms of the trade deal that he struck with south korea only what twenty four hours earlier and less soul convinces north korea that it can trust him not to violate the terms of the denuclearization to. read that right. yeah i actually i'm not quite sure what the president means either myself i'm inclined to agree with one of your previous speakers there who said that this may just be the presence or stream of consciousness rambling. it's just not clear at the present actually knows a great deal about what's going on out here you know we know that there's not a white house point person for north korea affairs we know that the state department is understaffed on north korean affairs secretary of state of state tellers to mispronounce kim jong un's name for fourteen months and it was never
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corrected which tells you they're lacking linguists inside the state department and it is one of the concerns i have for the upcoming summit quite honestly i'm just not sure the trump administration is ready and this speech today illustrates that it's not clear to me at all why the united states want to bludgeon south korea and south korea's the the alley we need most to actually sell a deal with north korea i don't see how those two things linked together and why would north korea trust the u.s. in any deal it makes on denuclearize ation if it's clear that it treats one of its strongest allies in this way having or having made a deal with them to. yeah that's sort of my inclination as well i worry about this also in the context of the iran deal right i mean the iran deals been in place now for several years the u.n. has said repeatedly that the iranians are following the rules i understand the president of them like that but if the president backs out of that deal why would the north koreans agree and i think that this is all this sort of says that when the summits come up in the next couple months we need to sort of manage our expectations or it is highly unlikely the north koreans are on the look at this
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behavior and say we'll give up our nuclear weapons the north koreans have spent forty years developing these things there's a lot of strategic and political you know why it's a teaching and political divide between knight states and north korea and of trump's going to overcome that he's only got eight weeks to do it and he's got to get more focused i mean these kinds of speeches where he skylarks and wanders all over the place this is really got to stop he just cannot do this with the north koreans are not going to give him what he wants unless he can be more focused and that's becoming a real issue but as far as relations with south korea it's a major ally south korea has it makes major concessions to get this this trade deal with it how is it going to impact upon us south korea relations. yeah there's a there's some debate right now actually on just how much the how serious the concessions are in south korea my sense is they're actually not terribly onerous in fact i think it's actually not a bad idea for the south koreans to throw donald trump a few bones let him sort of feel like you've got a wind that you can actually move on to things that are more important now south korea's economy grows pretty well it's three percent so the south koreans can
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afford to take a minor hit the real issue is as you said his house is going to go down in the south korean public we know that donald trump is really unpopular here is a poor reading of something like twenty five percent and it looks like you know donald trump is going to use trade to bludgeon south korea regarding north korea which is a shared opponent for the two regimes that's just going to make him even more popular than it can be hard to sell any kind of a major deal i just i just don't understand what the game plan is from the trump administration you know we're going to sell a big deal with north korea we've got to get the south koreans on board so why is he saying these things it's always great to talk to robert many thanks dark part to being with us professor robert kelly in busan thank you. the campaign for mexico selection is now under way the vote won't actually be held until july but the fight for the presidency has been heating up it seen as a three way battle between very different candidates but they're all on the same page on one particular issue donald trump's border wall john holdren reports from mexico city. it's going to be the biggest election in mexican history with
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positions up for grabs from mexico city mayor to congressional seats to the top job itself and all eyes are on the three main contenders for the presidency but who are they the current front runner is familiar to mexicans at least this is the third bid by and it is money well lopez obrador he's a traditional leftist who wants to raise public workers salaries increase benefits to vulnerable next concern and worryingly for some hope the current government's reforms to the struggling education and energy sectors but most of all i am committed to eliminating corruption and impunity privileges and exemptions will be abolished we will put an end to luxuries abuses and overspending in the government but that cries less convincing this time around he's allied himself with some devious trade union leaders and politicians in the hope of widening his support. hard on the heels of the veteran an ambitious youngster because the one is all
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about slick promotional videos and steve jobs speech is what the conservative candidates fronting a left right alliance his main proposals a universal income for all paid for by cutting social programs he's a modernizer but so far short on. the way is clear first sustained economic development based on being more competitive attractive to investment which in turn will be invested in education health and infrastructure. and i think he's has to defend himself against corruption accusations which. she says are a smear campaign from the team at this month third place to hold him tony iommi seen as a competent technocrat he's banking on his government experience to win bookings on their move more ya know. we can look mexicans in the eye and talk about twenty years of public service with twenty years of honorable promotions twenty years of being part of a team. could be seen as lacking charisma this being dragged down by running
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for a ruling party which is failed to curb corruption will deal with what is the elephant in the room for everyone and that's mexico's ongoing violence none of the kind they have offered much detail on how that tackle it and will keep the focus on other things that's bill's trouble the current administration had the same approach and today we're seeing record murder levels the candidates are on the other hand more than willing to confront this man and his planned wound a furious mix can publicly demands it but they're also showing some are strained in the end one of them is going to have to work with the neighbor to the north john home and. mexico city major are just evident folks here with the latest a couple days ago weather sins colleague where the staff told me that spring it finally sprung in europe well things have a straightforward of the weather is it now it's not i'm afraid i'd miss very much often down we've got so spring snow coming through but you know we really spent
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a long hard winter but i think we are going to see model where eventually pushing for taking the satellite picture this is what's known in the trade as a sack of span as i say so very messy pitcher every is a cloud rolling through three areas of low pressure there and this one just around the baltic states that's the one that's ball to spell of very heavy snow particularly into northern parts of germany where we've seen some significant snowfall last around the coastal fringes as well so we expect to see that particularly at the end of march going into april so really oka conditions here travel disruption a similar pitch should say hey. it's a poland where we've had problems with some heavy snow when they are used to it but again it should be spring we don't know expect to see this kind of amount of snow coming down but with spring as with water and temperatures do go up and down like that or minus one celsius and that is in the heat of the day that's on the beaches once again the snow does gradually make its way further eastwards over the next couple of days still some snow just popping up across the high ground into the alps
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notice into northern parts of germany once again the possibility of some snow temperatures will start to pick up for most kiev gets up to nine celsius as we go through saturday afternoon as they were looking the high for around three or four degrees actually so that's something of an improvement and with the winds continuing to feed in from the south could be touching eight hundred cells if a sunday so spring still just about getting there adrian. a sack of spam us many thanks indeed this is that he is still to come on the program. this is not a local issue is a national problem. and grief is the funeral was held for an unarmed black man who was shot dead by police in california plus. beijing moves closer to a deal that could give the vatican more influence over the catholic church in china but not everyone it seems has faith. in last year's wins the u.s. open champion makes her first final since september the details coming up a little later it's.
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the scene for us where on line what is american sign in yemen that peace is almost possible but in number happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on sat there are people that there are choosing between buying medication and eating basis is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's been out to visit and has posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera.
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the carter center. well again this is the news hour from al-jazeera adrian for going to here in doha the top stories this hour israeli forces have killed seven palestinians and injured at least five hundred fifty others during protests in gaza the demonstrations are marking the land day an annual process against israel's occupation and seizure of palestinian territory. turkey's president has reacted angrily to reports that francis considering sending troops to support a group in syria turkey considers to be terrorists on thursday
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a y p g delegations of the france pledged support for it but france says that it is not planning any further troop deployments and in a surprise move u.s. president donald trump has told his supporters that american troops will be leaving syria very soon the u.s. has more than two thousand military personnel in syria helping local groups to defeat myself. more on our top story the violence that has marked today's land day demonstrations in israel in the occupied palestinian territories to give you an idea of how things on the ground have changed over the decades this is what palestine looked like one hundred years ago jews only made up some three percent of the population at that time this map shows how palestine slowly all disappeared over the years palestinians are now allowed only limited self rule in small pockets on the israeli military occupation the longest in modern history. it's
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a really is the general director of the jerusalem legal aid and human rights center he joins us now live from ramallah with this death toll rising almost by the hour so many people injured what do you expect to come out of these protests what can come out of these protests and is it worth it. israel knows very well that valence careered violence and it's always a vicious circle of violence that israel starts the day it was. alive the whole world was observing that the palestinians was. protesting in the number violent way. to people they want just to express their rights and to show their unity israel used excessive force violating international humanitarian law and its duty to protect civilians in
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conflict and she said violence tends to beget violence and particularly in this part of the world can't can the resistance can legitimately protest ever be effective if more likely than not it results in sort of violence a spiral of violence and death. i think. popular resistance is much more effective because it involves hundreds of thousands of people to the police unions and the whole gaza strip and the galilee in the triangle in the negev in the west bank showing one must one strong message it's enough for occupation enough for impunity enough for lack of accountability it is a strong message by the palestinians to show their direction to the injustices that
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they are facing to the miserable life that gazans are living for the tenth year now with gaza becoming the biggest prison in the world it is a strong message that the policy indians will not will not accept that that it's all in your commitment to our rights our right. i want right of self-determination a lot of right to be free as any other human being in this world and to what extent of the protests this year because the that the land day protests are an annual thing but to what extent of the taken on. greater significance to you two were. things like that the the u.s. planning to move its embassy to jerusalem in israel's seventieth independence. i believe the land they disappear it's the the second most important
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the land the after the fairest land there in in one thousand nine hundred seventy six when it was a landmark. on the way to do the separation from israel this this year after forty two years it's the most the second most important land in the history in the recent history of palestine because it's it. comes under the american pressures and the lack of. countries surrounding countries with. some news about israel trying to have the direct contacts and kind of normalization with some other countries showing complicity with the occupation it is a strong message goes to show the unity of the palestinians on one hand and to show that these that the palestinians themselves will decide their rights it's not it's
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not the american administration who can decide the fate of jerusalem it's the palestinian everlasting presence in jerusalem that will decide its future and it's not thread man the american ambassador to israel who decides who will be the president of palestine or who are present policy and it's palestinians themselves who insist that. they will decide on their future could still choose so many thanks again for being with us a summary there and remember these are live pictures. from gaza that you're looking at seven palestinians now. reporting killed more than five hundred wounded by israeli forces. as. they confront these protesters at the border between gaza and southern israel those figures we're
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getting according to what the palestinian medics but that crowd seems to be getting bigger as the hours go on we'll keep an eye on it on the situation and we'll bring you that use of any developments as soon as we have them here at zero. now russia's foreign ministry is something ambassadors from several countries have taken what it calls unfriendly action in response to the poisoning of a double agent earlier moscow ordered some sixty u.s. diplomats and dozens more from other countries to leave the russian diplomats were expelled russia denies being behind the poisoning of sergei script all of his daughter in the u.k. earlier in the month some serious worry chalons is live for us now in moscow on assuming that you're outside the heart ministry there rory what are these ambassadors being told when they arrive. yet one by one today these black ambassadorial cause the beam pulling up just outside the rather
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ornate silver a doors of the russian foreign ministry are right and the ambassador has been going in there basically to get a dressing down from the foreign ministry start fair and they are also being told how many of their staff here embassy staff or consulate staff have to be packing their bags to go home we've got that list as it stands at the moment is being updated all the time but so far we're aware of three checks having to leave three lithuanians for polish two italians one finn two dutch one swedes and one estonian military attach a add on so that an unspecified number of british diplomatic and consular staff the british ambassador when he was someone here was told that the total number of stars at the. u.k. embassy here in russia has to be reduced to much the same number of stuff that the
4:41 pm
russians have in the u.k. of course twenty three diplomatic personnel have already left from moscow from the u.k. embassy to match the twenty three russian diplomatic staff that the u.k. kicked out some days ago but broadly what we're seeing at the moment is in line it's being mirrored whatever the countries in europe and the west throughout so russia is choosing this route from here and just despite this president putin is on record as saying very recently that he still thinks that relations between russia and the u.s. in particular can be mended. you know i mean this is a this is a severe diplomatic crisis bartz unless you're actually going to go marching off to war you have to leave the door open so walk back from a diplomatic crisis so that's what putin is doing there and i think that in the united states donald trump has said similar things so of course the leaders of all
4:42 pm
these countries while they are taking these steps while they're expelling diplomats are saying look this is a punitive move this is because we don't like the way you have been behaving towards us but if the situation improves if the behavior gets better then of course we can get back to a proper working relations having said that. it's the u.k. that seems to be commanding at the moment a fairly effective international. diplomatic negotiating response in getting all of these countries to side with it so mark their opposition to what russia what they perceive has been doing particularly with the with relation to the poisoning of the script miles but of course there are various other grievances that western nations have at the moment against russia and this is why we're in the situation that we're in right now ok rory many thanks for a chance the live outside the foreign ministry in moscow hundreds of mourners have
4:43 pm
attended the funeral of a black man who was shot dead by police in the u.s. state of california they thought that stefan clark was pointing a gun at them but it turned out to be a mobile phone cable is on the reports. friends and family of stefan clarke were here to grieve and console each other civil rights activist al sharpton gave the eulogy reminded people why they were there we came to have a family we came because this war is should. be clark was a twenty two year old father of two kids he was shot and killed by two police officers who mistakenly thought he was a burglar buddy cameras on the two officers captured the moment on the evening of march eighteenth when officers confronted clark they fired their weapons twenty times clark was killed instantly he was unarmed only holding his cellphone he was standing in the backyard of his grandmother's home both officers are an administrative leave pending an investigation at first the shooting mostly went
4:44 pm
unnoticed outside of sacramento but as more details emerged so too do the coals for justice street protests growing louder by the day and spreading as far away as new york white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders said that stefan clark's killing was terrible but that the white house won't have much more to say about it because in her words it's a local matter at clark's funeral in sacramento this was the response to that no this is not a local man. they didn't killing young blank over the country and we are here to say we're going to stand down for our clock and the leaders of this family emotions are still high and people have promised to not rest until the officers are held to account the city of sacramento is on edge more protests are planned the family lawyer is appealing for calm we must to.
4:45 pm
balance to make sure that we protest first right in the most part the way possible but people here know this funeral should never have been needed that stefan clark was killed for no reason gabriel's dando. washington the mayor of senegal's capital dhaka has been sentenced to five years in prison was charged with embezzling over two and a half million dollars but critics say the case is politically motivated in order to eliminate president barchi sala strongest rival ahead of next year's presidential election the united nations says that it's supported by the deaths of dozens of prisoners in a fire following which followed a riot in venezuela funeral subpoena held for some of the sixty eight victims at a police station in valencia rights groups are blaming president nicolas maduro for
4:46 pm
failing to deal with prison overcrowding and rising violence so far there's been no response from the government b.s. he has more from bogota in neighboring colombia. otoh it is in venice where or facing national and international outrage for their slow response to one of the worst disasters to happen in the country's detention facilities more than twenty four hours after the incident that left sixty eight people dead there still hasn't been an official statement by the government of president nicolas maduro the only official statement came via twitter from the office of the attorney general he did confirm the dead talk and said he was appointing for prosecutors to investigate exactly what happened inside the prison and for a second day relatives of the victim spent a day in front of the police station trying to find out what happened to their
4:47 pm
loved ones if they were still alive or how to recovered the body temporary morgue was set up inside the police station to try and speed up that process unfortunately this has been just the last in a long serious deadly riots in minutes well as detention facilities in the country struggle with over crime crowding and the lack of basic supplies in main things. the ever worsening social and economic crisis in the country. millions of christians around the world are marking a holy week ahead of easter in china which is home to some ten million catholics there are signs of growing ties between the vatican and the communist government the two sides severed tires ties in one nine hundred fifty one following the communist revolution from beijing adrian brown reports. in china catholics have a choice pray in a state sanctioned church like this one in secret but this easter many worshippers
4:48 pm
will be considering a new scenario a deal between the vatican and the chinese government that may be imminent the agreement could decide the future of the estimated ten million catholics in china who've long hope for a normalization in vatican china relations what i always hope the pope and the vatican stablish diplomatic relations with china i'm so excited. the pope is the symbol of catholics if you're catholic you would definitely want to see him that's why i'd be so happy if he came to china surprising views because those worshippers belong to the official catholic church which is not recognize the authority of the pope since the vatican and china severed diplomatic ties in one nine hundred fifty one but that could be about to change according to francisco c.c.
4:49 pm
an attorney an academic invited to interview the pope two years ago he says there are even discussions about the vatican of stablish ing a representative office in beijing and this could happen. within the zia i would say that to. i think it is a possibility we don't know there are of course many things up in the air but there is law in the air and the song would say. before that happens though another deal is expected on the thorny issue of who gets to appoint bishops for the first time that would give the vatican a say in the selection process but some of the underground churches that operate without government approval are fearful about this growing reproach mo and they have a senior catholic official on their side who's accused the pope of betrayal cardinal
4:50 pm
joseph zen is the former bishop of hong kong where religious freedoms are still protected many people in that union less a church may get to scandalize in may who is their faith in the in the pope and the poor pope has so many critics already we dis one i'm a very sorry. criticism of the pope even by a retired. could be made. for the catholic church.
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
logan talksport his foreign agent thank you so much the fourth test between south africa and australia is underway in johannesburg the visitors line up has been shaken up following the recent ball tampering scandal absent from the team is the band trio former captain steve smith his deputy david warner and cameron bancroft
4:53 pm
all of whom were behind tampering with the ball in the third task despite their absence the incident is still very much on the minds of the fans as katherine sawyer reports. we are right outside the wonderous cricket stadium and thousands of fans are here in johannesburg to cheer on their teams cricket is a game that is very much respected and loved as well as australia and people who were here are very much aware about. the ball tampering scandal the hopman last saturday and they tell us that they are angry they are shocked and disappointed and also you know they have very strong opinions about what happened last week whisper of the game's most important thing and i think australians roots . i don't think this is a new thing for me your analogies are keeping. the kids play already some
4:54 pm
players are missing. some. you feel pretty disappointed that they're like the best batsman in the world stocks not so that's kind of a back story. there is a fair amount of of of lessons to learn from it and it's hype it never happens again in the future spirits are high despite the saturday ball tampering incident people here are passionate about the game but while south african fans were eager to speak about the scandal australian ones were somewhat camera shy. i need to talk to. me a long time as. many of the funds here are hoping that the controversy will not affect the spirit of the game will not overshadow their game of also satisfied with the action that has been taken by the different cricket authorities and the fact that the players have owned up to their mistake and are remorseful the
4:55 pm
people here are also hoping that this going forward will serve as a deterrent to other players who have similar thoughts. south africa are looking to win their first test series at home against australia since one nine hundred seventy the ball tampering scandal still looks to be affecting the australians with their bowler struggling it in. his highest test score of one hundred forty three after bringing up his fourth test tree. file the miami open will pit two reigning grand slam champions against each other french open champion yelena awesome penco beat american qualifier daniel collins in thursday's second semifinal the latvian succeeded thirty three winners on route to a seven six six three zero pinko has to clear titles heading into saturday's final and that's where she'll place alone steven in that final the american beat former world number one the tory as a rank it to get there azarenka took the purse that stevens then came storming back
4:56 pm
to take the next two stevens is looking to win her first title since claiming her maiden crown last september. over in the men's tour fourth seed alex is that red is through to the semifinals of the miami open the big german beat croatia is born of porridge and straight sets six four six four two in the twenty year old is set to face spanish sixteen feet public or a no blue star in the pond. and being now at a playoff showdown between le bron james as cleveland cavaliers and his former team the miami heat is edging closer the heat are now just half a game off sixth place in the eastern conference after beating chicago one hundred and three to ninety two on thursday if miami can claim six a likely to open their postseason campaign against le bron's cavaliers who are third in the east playoffs begin on april fourteenth. ave josh one joseph parker have weighed in ahead of saturday's heavyweight boxing title
4:57 pm
unification bout british fighter joshua all have both the height and weight advantage for the fight after weighing in nearly three kilos have year than the new zealander both fighters are undefeated but joshua who currently holds the w.p.a. and i.b.o. titles is favored to beat parker to claim his w b o crown. well the player nicknamed the japanese babe ruth has made his major league baseball debut alley angels shohei otani who is both a powerful batter and equally extraordinary pitcher recorded his first major league head to me angels' opening day game against oakland the twenty three year old left japan's pacifically to join the angels in the off season even though l.a. went on to lose six five zero tiny add the angels still have one hundred and sixty one games left to go. thank you to stay sober thank you both in half getting the season off to the
4:58 pm
perfect start for the chicago cubs with a home run off the opening pitch the first time in more than thirty years that the first pitch of the season has been hit for a home run the cubs are going on to beat the minor marlins eight to four if you stick with it and l.a. galaxy's latest star signing was mobbed by fans on his arrival blacktown ybor him of it was greeted by hundreds of screaming people as he got off the plane late thursday the swedish striker is the latest football star to be drafted into major league soccer the thirty six year old most recently played for manchester united he's expected to hold his first training session with the club later on friday. and that's all you sport for now more later back to you adrian for many thanks steve that's where right we end this news hour but i'll be back to update you on the day's top stories in just a few bother to see that. travel
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