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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 30, 2018 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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just zero world meets the children who have become victims of syria's civil war. a syrian child on al-jazeera. al-jazeera is a very important force of information for many people around the world when all the cameras are gone i'm still here go into areas that nobody else is going talk to people that nobody else is talking to and bringing that story to the forefront. in twenty sixteen when he's revealed big girls from me and some as young as fifteen were trafficked to singapore to work as means it's illegal and cost the lives so why does it still continue in law abiding singapore want to win east on al-jazeera .
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fourteen palestinians killed and over a thousand injured in clashes with the israeli army along the gaza border following protests to motlanthe day. though i'm maryam namazie in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up. turkey accuses france of getting it completely wrong over its backing for the kurdish y p g in northern syria. syrian rebels deny russian claims they've agreed to evacuate the last opposition held enclave in eastern guta. and we need the south korean robots that could be running the factories of the future.
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only began on the israeli gaza border where violent clashes between the israeli army and palestinian protesters have left fourteen people dead and thousands more injured the protesters were marking the forty second anniversary of land day which commemorates the one nine hundred seventy six killing of six palestinians by israeli forces the palestinian president mahmoud abbas has responded by declaring saturday a day of national mourning abdel-hamid reports from arab and northern israel. it was supposed to be a peaceful day but as our protested march towards the border fence. israeli soldiers opened fire. sharpshooters were deployed but palestinians frustrated by the endless siege to live under undeterred israeli commanders say they issued warnings against approaching the border fence. we will never shoot one bullet against anyone who stays away from the security wall we have wounded during
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the last few days that everyone who tries to violate the israeli sovereignty or to infiltrate the israeli territories will put himself and his life in danger but for besieged palestinian the mistreating next to the border is about the only visible means available for the world not to forget their plight. landa is considered the first palestinian popular uprising for the past forty two years palestinians have been coming to rethink this day but this year after terms that their ration over jerusalem it has taken greater significance it all started here in northern israel after thousands of hectares of land were confiscated from palestinians back in one nine hundred seventy six six polished. were killed then yeah behind me says nothing has changed since palestinian land is still being taken away now more than ever enemies in here we came to commemorate this day because we
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have to confront the state it's important to remember our martyrs and it's important to save or ownership of the land i personally think we should resist until our last breath we shouldn't negotiate anymore we shouldn't give up our rights we need to find new ways many of the people living in gaza today are refugees and they're demanding their right to return home several tens have been erected a little further away from the border fence for what is being called the great march of return people are vowing to stay here until may fifteenth by dead do us is due to have moved this embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem but up that hamid al-jazeera in the road in israel. meanwhile a funeral has been held for a palestinian farma killed while tending to his own land they have a gaza border twenty seven year old was collecting possibly in a field when he was hit by israeli artillery fire. hundreds of mourners carried his body through the streets of communist the israeli military said the farmer and
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another man who was injured were acting suspiciously as they approached a fence along the gaza strip. parsley from two am to nine am and he has been working with six or seven youth and nothing happened. he left work and what happened this time. is syrian rebel group has denied reports it's agreed to evacuate the last opposition held enclave in eastern guta both russia and the syrian government said they had reached a deal with jaish al islam to leave the town of duma but representatives of the group said the reports were false on wednesday the syrian government issued a three day ultimatum to get out or face an all out offensive mohammed has the latest on this from beirut. another example of just how complicated things remain
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on the ground in syria the russian military has stated that it reached a deal with a rebel group jaish an islam and the judicial islam had announced its intention to evacuate. which the rebel group is still holding and that they would seize control of that area but a short while after that she issued islam in fact denied those reports saying any reports stating that their group had in fact reached a deal with either the syrian government syrian pro-government forces or the russian government were patently false we spoke with the spokesperson for. buy it up he said this our position is still clear and steadfast the rejection of force displacement and the demographic change of the rest of eastern now this really isn't a change from what we've heard from jaisha this them the past several days while they are negotiating to try to reach
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a deal with the syrian government and the russian government they do not want their fighters to have to evacuate the area this is all coming at a time when there's a lot of concern of course about the humanitarian impact of what is going on it's still unclear just how many civilians may be trapped in duma how they will be able to get help and of course this comes at a time when there was another deadline given there was a deadline given by the syrian government the russian government saying that it jesuits naam did not come to some sort of an agreement with them by saturday evening that they would go ahead and go into that area and attack that area with full force. well turkey's president has rejected france's offer to mediate between ankara and kurdish armed groups in syria dismissing emanuel out of his depth this is president john contradicted his own defense chiefs telling a rally in ohio that u.s. troops would pull out of syria very soon stephanie deca has more. the americans have long had a presence in this part of northern syria supporting the syrian democratic forces
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arrest e.f. in the fight against eisel but turkey views the kurdish y p g which makes up the bulk of the s.d.f. as a terrorist organization and the latest twist french president met with an s.d.s. delegation on thursday night in paris an offer to mediate which isn't going down well in ankara but. says that he gave guarantee of support to the y p g that france can be mediators between turkey and the s.d.f. who gave you this juji do not engage in the things beyond. turkish armed forces have already taking the troll of much of the syrian province of a free in pushing out the y.p. everyone has long threatened to push further east on to members where the us has military bases and all the way to the iraqi border the americans have also been monitoring the potential front line between kurdish fighters and the turkish backed syrian rebels who are nearby and to complicate matters even further the u.s. commander in chief had this to say and by the way we're not going the hell out of
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isis will become another syria like very soon let the other people take care of it now very surreal very so we're coming out of. that boast goes against what american commanders have been saying all along that the u.s. will remain in the northeastern part of syria for now to prevent the resurgence of beisel trump port even the state department of guard and i can't comment on what the president supposedly said i haven't seen and i have to refer you back to the white house. i have not seen it myself and said it i have not seen that myself ok. you don't necessarily comment on. report on things that have been heard second hand and i'm not going to do that that's ok that's fine so you're not aware of any policy determination to poor to pull the us out if i am not no no the us presence in syria gives it a stake at the negotiating table as long as troops mentation their presence in the kurdish areas the war in syria is now entering a phase where russia turkey and iran are in the process of bartering for their strategic interests. the kurdish y p g currently controls around twenty percent of
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territory in syria the second highest area of land up to president bashar assad and his forces turkey wants that to change it's anyone's guess how it will play out stephanie decker zero u.s. president donald trump has told his supporters in ohio that he might hold off honoring a trade deal with south korea until an agreements reached with north korea on denuclearization trial made the comment just a day after the commerce deal with sol was agreed it would see south korea limiting steel exports to the u.s. and opening its markets to american common factors so we've redone it and that's going to level the playing field on steel and cars and trucks coming into this country. and i may hold it up till after a deal is made with north korea does everybody understand. you know
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why you know why because it's a very strong card. i want to make sure everyone is treated fairly and we're moving along very nicely with north korea we'll see what happens russia is throwing out diplomats from twenty three countries as the route grows over the poisoning of a former spine person the move is in retaliation for the wave of expulsions of russian officials after what the u.k. and its allies say was a nerve agent attack on circus cripple and his daughter in the city of seoul sprit where chalons has the latest from moscow. well one after another black ambassadorial cars of being pulling up here outside the rather ornate silver gray doors of the russian foreign ministry and the ambassadors have been walking into essentially get a dressing down from the foreign ministry staff air and be told how many of their personnel has to be packing their bags to leave from what we've seen so far it seems to be broadly tit for tat in line numbers wise with the explosions that we
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have heard from western countries kicking out russians over the script all of the british ambassador was told that the total number of u.k. personnel here diplomatic and consular hastur eventually match by the end of the month the number of russian staff in the u.k. this is on top of the twenty three brits that had to pack their bags and leave some days ago that was of course because the u.k. had kicked out twenty three russians what we're seeing here is this worsening of diplomatic relations tit for tat response it's a catalyst as we in this group are fair but of course there is so much else behind all this march that's gone on over the last few years with the cam of russian campaign in syria with what's been going on in crimea and ukraine that has worsened
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relations between the west and russia of course let me putin and donald trump are both saying that there is room so walk back from this of course they have to say that they don't want to go marching off to war but yes we are in a severe diplomatic crisis of the moment and it doesn't seem to be getting any better right now. still to come for you on the program a popular opposition leader is jailed for five years in senegal ruling him out of next year's presidential election. and as mexico's campaign out for the presidential vote gets underway could it be third time lucky for the left wing frontrunner. carlos there's no shortage of spring showers in our forecast over the next couple days system very mobile making its way in from the atlantic lots of cloud and right
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in places still some snows in spring snow sunny a possibility then some areas of low pressure roll in from the atlantic that's where the moderate comes through some i was of low pressure up towards the baltic states as well that's been producing some snow ahead of that system temps in moscow still hope struggling to get above freezing we're at around twelve celsius in warsaw snow there over the alps this and snow that just around southern parts of scandinavia as you can see but richard double figures of towards that western side if you have london getting up to eleven celsius thirteen in paris similar values as we go through sunday prize a day for many we'll see rain just knocking on the door violent as we go on through the course of sunday though and that's where the weather that we have across central pastas the snow on the northern flank again itself in parts of scandinavia further south shall is still in place just right italy the balkans pushing towards or remain the same some of very dusty conditions meanwhile in khartoum a recently of course stiff breeze continuing to blow from egypt sudan into chad
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into nice but for much of north africa it is dry with plenty of sunshine. the last time our spoke to him he told me he was thinking of growing through syria the world wants to see syria's fighters up close and personal but those behind the camera pay the price filmmaker yes it is you may these chillingly intimate footage and behind the front lines cost him his life his body was riddled with bullets and exclusive documentary syria the last assignments at this time on al-jazeera.
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welcome back quick look at the top stories now at least fourteen palestinians have been killed by israeli forces in clashes along the israel gaza border during protests to mock landay. president has declared saturday a national day of mourning. but takesh president russia type but on has rejected a french offer to mediate talks between ankara and cut his fighters in more than syria and russia is throwing out diplomats from more than twenty countries in response to the expulsion of its own stuff off the poisoning a spy in the u.k. . now and all the stories are following the mayor senegal's capital because says he'll appeal a five year prison sentence for fraud any fuss all was convicted of embezzling almost three million dollars of government money is supposed to save the trial and to darrelle his ambitions or intent is intended to direct his ambitions of becoming president nicolas haq reports from. police his own supporters denounced
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the legal system minutes after sentencing but it george. the mayor was found guilty of corruption embezzling millions of dollars and falsifying documents. we're going to we're going to be one of them i had so much faith in the justice system is being used to eliminate good people how can we trust our government the front side said that was an. outside court police in riot gear controlled be angry crowd. song is a leading voice of the opposition and a rival to his namesake president mikey cell. supporters accuse the ruling party of using the courts to do real his plan better in next year's election season if i should use here would i do was since we can't use coal we will use pounds and means to put pressure on the government. the opposition marched last month indycar
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calling for a free fair and transparent election in two thousand and nineteen they chant the name of karim want another leading member of the opposition he served time in prison for corruption and now lives in exile and this protest accuses president mikey cell of enriching himself and his family from public funds and putting his opponents in jail the government spokesman says that's nonsense and argues the president is fighting corruption. thickly don't. you times have changed state coffers are no longer up for grabs the message here is that what was possible before no longer is and everybody no matter who you are is accountable to the law but senegal's justice system is in crisis court clerks are on strike over pay and working conditions. a prominent judge has just resigned from his position a few days ago saying that the tribunals are not serving the people but rather the
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government. sells lawyers are launching an appeal against the conviction until then he continues to be the mayor of the car his fraud trial has come to symbolize a test for senegal's democracy and justice system. nicholas hawke al-jazeera the car. two of the candidates running for mexico's president c have launched their campaigns for the elections in july it's said to be a three way battle between very different candidates but one thing they want to carry on is the president trying to audible which they say can't be allowed to go ahead john allman reports from mexico city. it's going to be the biggest election of mexican history with positions up for grabs from mexico city mayor to congressional seats to the top job itself and all eyes are on the three main contenders for the presidency but who are they the current front runner is familiar to all mexicans at least this is the third period by and that is money well lopez
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obrador he's a traditional leftist who wants to raise public workers salaries increased benefits to vulnerable mexicans and worryingly for some hope the current government's reforms to the struggling education and energy sectors but most of all i am committed to eliminating corruption and impunity privileges and exemptions will be abolished we will put an end to luxuries abuses and overspending in the government but that cries less convincing this time around he's allied himself with some dubious trade union leaders and politicians in the hope of widening his support. hard on the heels of the veteran an ambitious youngster because it's all about slick promotional videos and steve jobs speech is what the conservative candidates fronting a left right alliance his main proposals a universal. income freule paid for by cutting social programs he's a modernizer but so far. the way is clear
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first sustained economic development based on being more competitive attractive to investment which in turn will be invested in education health and infrastructure but it. has to defend himself against corruption accusations which he says are a smear campaign from the team at this month third place to be seen as a competent technocrat he's banking on his government experience with voters or they're more more they are not there we can look mexicans in the eye and talk about twenty years of public service with twenty years of honorable promotions twenty years of being part of a team. to be seen as lacking charisma this being dragged down by running for a ruling party which has failed to curb corruption will deal with what is the elephant in the room for everyone and that's mexico's on going violence none of the kind of a symbol for much detail on how they'll talk to him or king to focus on other
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things that spells trouble the current administration had the same approach and today we're seeing record murder levels the candidates are on the other hand more than willing to confront this man and his plan and wolf a furious mix compulsively demands it but they're also showing some are strained in the end one of them is going to have to work with the neighbor to the north john home and. screw city. the widow of a man who killed forty nine people at a gay nightclub in florida in two thousand and sixteen has been cleared of helping him now arsalan was found not guilty of providing support to a terrorist organization and of obstruction of justice her husband tina opened fire inside the pulse nightclub in orlando before he died in a gun battle with police it out was one of the worst mass shootings in recent u.s. history. now coffee shops in california have been ordered to warn their customers about a potential cancer risk ninety retailers including starbucks was sued by
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a nonprofit organization a court in los angeles agreed they were violating a state law which requires companies to warn consumers of potential cancer causing chemicals in their products the group says the chemicals are produced during the roasting process but coffee retailers insist they happen harmless levels well scientific opinion remains divided on whether or not coffee drinkers are risk coffee was removed from the world health organizations possible cost an engine list in twenty sixteen on a recommendation from its cancer agency but california has its own twenty two page list of potential cancer causing items which also includes coffee and the likes of french fries coconut oil alcohol and bread the head of the national coffee association in the u.s. as the california lawsuit has confused consumers and does nothing to improve public health linda bulled is professor of health policy at the university of stirling she
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spoke to us about the findings and what it means for consumers. i think it's a really interesting judgment from this california cooler and as you were saying earlier in terms of the international evidence the international agency research on cancer actually reviewed over a thousand studies in time sixty and said that it was very clear that this was a what we call a class three. products that is not presidential is no proof that coffee is directly lives counselor and so i think this decision is worrying as he says about this particular toxicants which we know is caused by heating things for very high temperatures a great sample of it read it not get it crisp search ships. or if it is just rules to take it's really common it comes from recruiting it's produce fruit for many products and there he says why does granny. facebook is facing
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more scrutiny after a memo surface claiming the company should prioritize gaining more uses even if it meant people could die as a result of bullying or terrorism buzz feed news says the note was written by facebook vice president andrew bowles worth in two thousand and sixteen but he and the c.e.o. mark zuckerberg say they don't actually believe that message claiming the note was supposed to spot conversation well facebook is promising to end partnerships with several data brokers that help advertisers target people on the social network is trying to limit the fallout from allegations a british firm can which analytical improperly access data to influence the u.s. election jona micro-targeting and the ethical questions around it. britain fielding every single man who murdered josh is an illegal alien they were asked to pave the way. to brussels political attack ads are nothing new nor reason aiming there but a carefully selected audience of so-called micro targeting what is relatively news
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the use of personalized data by political campaigns to find out almost as much about you as you know about yourself in terms of the whole ethos of influence and persuasion you know every every every post everything that you like these are all bits of data that are going towards building a profile of arguments against people about the same knowledge is power so it's really surgically be able to predict and influence people's behavior at the heart of the scandal involving the political consultancy cambridge analytical and its alleged use of data from fifty million facebook profiles is the charge that personal data has been used to distort and undermine the democratic process the easiest way that you can influence someone's behavior is by can't continue to showing them something time and time again when they become unconsciously influenced and therefore take comp attention on the new belief system the point of most political campaigns is to change beliefs and attitudes so is there anything
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wrong with targeting voters in this way cambridge analytical has boasted that it's cutting edge micro targeting campaign one the u.s. election for donald trump that sparked outrage and indignation of course especially among trump's political opponents but it's worth remembering that a previous president is also believed to have won the white house thanks to online micro targeting none other than barack obama and with considerably less outrage and indignation as a result well i think the segmentation that they are doing now which came down let's go doing now is very much the same thing that barack obama did in two thousand. and it's well it's trying to make the advertisements as relevant and personal to people and voters as possible benedict pringle is an ad executive who also runs a blog on the sometimes dirty business of political advertising he's day job and
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he's a sideline have much in common while campaign techniques become ever more precise winning elections is after all a sales job i think that the margins in the trunk election and in the periphery broke that referendum were so small and the number of people that were in place the persuadable voters were was so few that the number of ads that were run the amount of money that was spent in targeting them would have undoubtedly had an impact on the result would have changed the result impossible to say well it impacted at least you know a decent chunk of the persuadable voters absolutely so micro-targeting is a winning strategy that's here to stay and the more data we put into the system about ourselves the more data is available to influence to persuade and to change the way we think jonah hill al-jazeera lumbered. alvey actual reality factories and autonomous robots are among the innovations on display at an industrial exhibition
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insult the south korean government is trying to boost the manufacturing sector by encouraging more snotty technology as kathy novak reports. i'm here at the smart factory and automation expo trying not to bump into robots but of course they are far too intelligent for that samsung is already using robots like bees in its production of semiconductors one of south korea's most significant exports this system lets the user completely design and test a prototype digitally aiming to cut costs and time and get the products to market more quickly the south korean government wants to encourage companies to keep their factories in south korea or move them back it has set a goal of twenty thousand smart factories by twenty twenty two and has offered subsidies to companies who want to set them up to cuba you know known manufacturing is thirty percent of korean g.d.p.
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korea relies on manufacturing to be internationally competitive the sector must adopt digitalisation to increase the competitiveness of the companies. korea must compete with markets in china and southeast asian countries such as vietnam in indonesia the cost of labor in korea is quite high in order to make up for rising labor costs we must adopt these smart factories to increase productivity and product quality robots aren't doing all the work here they're using virtual reality to check problems at a factory without having to physically step inside this robot is playing with a rubik's cube to demonstrate how it can distinguish different colors which would help for example with sorting goods on a conveyor belt but really i think it's just showing off because it definitely is going to finish this puzzle a lot more quickly than me. was more number they were covering right here al jazeera dot kong for all nights his comments analysis in video on demand you can watch us live there as well. is the address.
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a quick look at the top stories for you now at least fourteen palestinians have been killed in gaza many of them by israeli gunfire during protests against israeli land confiscation the palestinian health ministry says more than thirteen hundred others were injured when israeli forces fired live ammunition into the crowds using tear gas to push them back palestinian president mahmoud abbas says he holds the israeli occupation forces responsible and has called on the u.n. to protect the palestinian people israeli army is defending its use of force. we will never shoot one bullet against anyone who stays away from the security wall we have wounded during the last few days that everyone who tries to violate the israeli sovereignty will to infiltrate the israeli territories and put himself and
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his life in danger all the participants in the gaza strip but hamas put the lives of women and children in danger when it sent them to the security wall to infiltrate israel and storm. a syrian rebel group has denied reports it's agreed to evacuate the last opposition held enclave in eastern guta both russia and the syrian government said they'd reached a deal with j. sheila slum to leave the town of duma but representatives from the group said the reports were false on wednesday the syrian government issued a three day ultimatum to get out or face an all out offensive u.s. president donald trump says he may hold off on airing a trade deal with south korea until an agreements reached with north korea on denuclearization made the comment just a day off to reaching a comma still that would see south korea limiting steel exports to the united states. russia's throwing out diplomats from twenty three countries as the route grows over the poisoning of
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a former spy in person the moves in retaliation for the wave of expulsions of russian officials following and attack on sergei scriptural and his daughter yulia in the english town of souls free. judges in senegal have sentenced a major opposition figure to five years in jail for embezzlement saul's also the mayor of dakar he was arrested a year ago accused of misappropriating funds worth two point eight billion dollars . as the top stories up front is next. it's been cold a disaster since world war two.


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