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we examine the impact of his assassination and the state of race relations in the us today the award winning show thrives returns for another season with stories about solutions to some of the greatest manmade environmental problems as the first meeting since the bridget vote is set to take place in the u.k. we examine how relevant the commonwealth is today between corporate and public interests up to the last drop unveils the longstanding rule for water in europe april on al-jazeera. al jazeera where every year on.
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this is al-jazeera. a welcome i'm peter davi you're watching the news our live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. was. what was meant to be a peaceful day of protests turns deadly on gaza's border with israel. turkey's president lashes out at his french counterpart accusing him of meddling in turkish military operations in syria plus. officer blaine salamone has been terminated from the baton rouge police department effective today disciplined for the white officers involved in the shooting death of a louisiana black man in the case that sparked a nationwide protest in the u.s. also ahead when it's
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a minister lives take the millions of dollars going to this carnival of a march and hire armed guards in schools all over this country america's largest gun lobby goes on the attack against the florida students turned activists after their classmates were killed in a mass shooting. day one of a six week campaign of protests in gaza has descended into the bloodiest day since the twenty fourteen war between is. and hamas at least sixteen palestinians were killed and more than one thousand were injured in confrontations with the israeli army the protesters were marking the forty second anniversary of the land day which commemorates the one nine hundred seventy six killing of six palestinians by israeli forces the palestinian president mahmoud abbas responded by declaring saturday a day of national mourning and an emergency meeting to discuss the situation is now underway at the u.n. security council will cross live to the u.n.
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and talk to our diplomatic editor james base in just a moment but first. wraps up the day's events in gaza. it was supposed to be a peaceful day but as protested marched always the border fence. israeli soldiers opened fire. sharpshooters were deployed but palestinians frustrated by the endless sea to live on their undeterred. israeli commanders say they issued warnings against approaching the border fence. we will never shoot one bullet against anyone who stays away from the security wall we have wanted to join the last few days that everyone who tries to violate the israeli sovereignty or to infiltrate the israeli territories will put himself and his life in danger but for besieged palestinian they mistreating next to the border is about the only visible means available for the world not to forget their plight we live under immense
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pressure that is why the people explode the blockade and the siege led to the explosion we either choose to live properly or to die we have no space we have no alternatives but to explode we have nothing except the oxygen in the air. land the is considered to first palestinian popular uprising for the past forty two years palestinians have been commemorating this day but this year after trumps the care rationed over jerusalem it has taken greater significance it all started here in the world in israel after thousands of hectares of land were confiscated from palestinians back in one nine hundred seventy six six palestinians were killed then yet of a hammy says nothing has changed since palestinian land is still being taken away now more than ever. we came to commemorate this day because we have to confront the state it's important to remember our martyrs and it's important to save our
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ownership of the land i personally think we should resist until our last breath we shouldn't negotiate anymore we shouldn't give up our rights we need to find new ways many of the people living in gaza today are refugees and they're demanding their right to return home several tens have been erected a little further away from the border fence for what is being called the great march of return people are vowing to stay here until may fifteenth by. the u.s. is due to have moved its embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem but up the hemi in the road in israel. my colleague james bays joins us live now from the united nations headquarters in new york with that emergency meeting has been taking place james over to you. yes peter the meeting is now finally getting underway a little late take some time to get all these ambassadors here for an emergency meeting like this it's actually a u.n.
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holiday today and kuwait called for this meeting the arab member of the u.n. security council because it's so concerned about it takes the u.n. a little bit of time to get a meeting like this ready inside the room of the fifteen ambassadors of the security council the members of the security council there the only countries allowed into one of these closed meetings other interested parties are left outside and of course one of those is the palestinian ambassador to the united nations riyad among saw who joins us now thank you for speaking to out zero ambassador first can you give us your reaction to the events on the ground in gaza and the latest information you have well first of all we condemn in the strongest terms the massacre conducted against our people in the occupied land of the state of palestine especially in the gaza strip in which tens of thousands of people civilians demonstrated expressed an opinion in a peaceful way raising only palestinian flag and they were attacked by the israeli
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occupying forces and conducted this massacre in which so far seven at least seventeen palestinians have been killed and close to fifteen thousand one thousand five hundred have been injured we condemn this massacre we demand that it stop immediately and those who are responsible from the israeli side force conducting such massacres to be brought to justice and i was instructed by president bust to bring to the attention of the security council which i did through the president and the other present that the and others that we want the issue of protection to be dealt with in a serious way by the security council we hope that the security council to shoulder the responsibility in this regard. position can grow and with what i say so you want a strong statement from the security council you know that on this overall issue
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israel and palestine the security council sometimes have taken weeks to agree on the burning of statements and sometimes they don't ever agree at all and if there is no agreement as quickly as possible in a position by the security council then there is having an open session which might take place tonight in the main chamber of the security council so that the entire world to see and to hear everyone and to know their positions and to see who is committing the crime and to be exposed and to see if there are other parties that are trying to do cover up for that criminal and in this case i am talking about the israeli occupying forces then i say to can i read to you what the israelis have said and this is your counterpart danny down on the israeli ambassador the so-called peace march turned into a well organized. terrorist gathering funded by hamas and he says the international community must not be deceived by her masses attempts to conceal
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their crimes what do you make of that state i don't need to respond to that i leave it up to the media that is showing that is there really and forces on the snipers and tanks who are positions to attack the civilians this activity by our people in the gaza strip and in other places is civilian based peaceful peaceful peaceful and the regardless of what the. or anyone who tried to falsify and distort the picture there cannot those who brought the violence and the killing of the israeli and forces our people in the gaza strip raising not a banner of faction but the palestinian flag demonstrated peacefully peacefully peacefully and they were attacked by the israeli armed forces it's. massacred by them. the palestinian ambassador to the united nations thank you very much for joining us the ambassador talking about that security council meeting taking place
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now behind closed doors the ambassador also hinting that perhaps if they don't get the statement they want this might not be the end of it this evening that possibly there could be a call for an open meeting of the u.n. security council developments taking place all the time here at the united nations james thank you very much. going back to gaza a funeral was held today for a palestinian farmer killed while tending his land near the border with israel twenty seven year old army or some more was collecting pasley in the field when he was hit by israeli artillery fire hundreds of mourners carried his body through the streets the israeli military said the farmer and another man who was injured were acting suspiciously as they approached the fence along the gaza strip. for. them every day he goes there picking paths lead from two am to nine am and he has been working there with the new nothing happened to him with the truth which he left work and return to what happened at this time i don't know. ok let's look at
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the border issues for a second palestine has been slowly disappearing from the map since the first world war now this is what it looked like one hundred years ago when jews only made up three percent of the population that picture has changed dramatically palestinians are now only allowed limited self rule in small pockets on the israeli military occupation which is the longest in modern contemporary history joining us on the news. he is the executive director of the u.s. campaign for palestinian rights that's a washington based coalition of organizations that oppose israel's policies towards palestinians he joins us now from alexandria virginia your sister and i are we were hearing there from the palestinian envoy to the u.n. he is expecting an open session of the u.n. security council if needs be and he wants strong condemnation what are the chances he gets what he wants. well the chances that he gets what he wants are probably slim given a position that the united states is likely to take to ensure that this fight what
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is likely to be broad agreement from the remainder of the international community that the israeli position ends up carrying the day for the most are and that's of course what we have seen historically i think of course that would be a tragedy given the gravity of the events on the ground but also the importance of this moment and the message that the international community can send to palestinians that they are supporting their nonviolent resistance today you know for years palestinians have heard that they should not be using armed resistance that they should abandon environs and yet when they turn out and they protest in a really well organized is the massive way in an overwhelmingly nonviolent way at this hour was struck by the degree of coordination and. and will
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restraint by palestinians who despite watching many of their fellow protesters being shot and killed today remained overwhelmingly nonviolent in the face of your national community must send a message to the palestinians the day that they stand in solidarity with them if they don't want their fortunately the message the palestinians will get from the international community is that all forms of resistance to israeli are oppression are on acceptable and i think that is a recipe for disaster ok staying with that idea of how well the event today all the events today will organized do you see where the israelis are coming from because they're saying it was organized in effect this what is israel is saying it was organized by hamas and there was a cell of how mass operating in effect inside what we were seeing today and that was white nasty and that was why people died. so the videos are there for everybody
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to see this was an extremely well covered event there are countless videos on social media right now where you can go in and see palestinian protesters being shot at by israeli forces some of their while they were in the process of prostration in prayer on the ground in gaza to some of them while they were just walking by the fence you know this idea that there was a veyron activity going on and that's the reason why you israeli shot four hundred people or hundred people were shot by live fire today in the course of these protests you know that's that's just absurd the israelis do not know how to handle nonviolent the sentence because of that that in the lead up to this they were smearing this event in attempting beforehand to create the impression that there was going to be some sort of massive orchestrated violence so that they could
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justify sending one hundred snipers down to the border there with orders to fire at at palestinian demonstrators i think you know the best proof is for people to look at the videos and when it's a choice today an image it is and the truth is right there probably but it is ok you see if when i am in alexandria virginia thank you. we move on a white police officer in the u.s. states of louisiana has been fired over the killing of an african-american old some stunning another policeman has been suspended thirty seven year old sterling was held on by the two offices and shot dead in the city of baton rouge back in twenty sixteen now footage of the incident triggered nationwide protests mike hanna joins us now from washington d.c. my course the back story so this. thought peter the shooting happened back in two thousand and fifteen at the time there was phone footage of the shooting showing one of the officers wrestling elton sterling to the ground and the other officer
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firing six shots which killed the thirty seven year old now the shooting provoked a massive nationwide protest it played a major role in the formation of the black lives matter movement now earlier this week the louisiana attorney general announced that criminal charges would not be brought against these police officers earlier the federal system at all certain and said no charges would be brought the reignited the anger that had been happening since the shooting occurred now we have the baton rouge police chief saying that disciplinary action will be taken against the officers the man who actually fired the shots has been terminated immediately and the man who wrestled the. dead man to the ground has been suspended for three days this is what the baton rouge police chief had to say as a result of the ministry of investigation into the conduct in behavior officer
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blaine salamone as it relates to the baton rouge police department training policy and procedures if i lesion of use of force has been sustained and a violation of command of temper has been sustained officer blaine salamone has been terminated from the band which police department effective to be an officer how we leak will be suspended three days it is my decision it is the right decision. but my confused here there was a point about what nine ten days ago when they were clearly signaling no police officers were going to be sacked so why the apparent u. turn here. well that that the criminal proceedings that had been going on the investigation by the on a tourney general or was one set of circumstances the police waited until the attorney general had finished his investigation and made his decision that was
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announced that no charges would be brought and then the police carried out their own internal investigation what we heard today was the result of that internal investigation incidentally as well is that during that news conference the body armor footage off the police officers was finally released this after nearly two years following massive protests as well in the demand that this footage be made public but the scenario now is that the police have taken little. disciplinary action but the question among the tens of thousands who protested the death of ultimate stirling the tens of thousands have been protesting another recent shooting of a twenty three year old in recent days the question they will be asking is if the police can find culpability within their own internal investigation how is that the attorney general of the state of louisiana is unable to do so michael thank you. plenty more still to come here on the news hour for you including these stories
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time to go russia summons the diplomats it's expelling as a result of the spy scandal the spy brush with britain plus. another pouring of emotion from supporters after a top politician in senegal is sentenced to jail for corruption. and in the sports news a new look australian cricket team looks to put a week of scandal behind them as the final test against south africa gets underway . the turkish president has rejected a french offer to mediate between ankara and kurdish armed groups in syria dismissing emmanuel macro out of his depth that comes a day after the u.s. president donald trump contradicted his own defense chiefs telling a rally in ohio that u.s. forces would pull out of syria quote very soon stephanie decker with more. the
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americans have long had a presence in this part of northern syria supporting the syrian democratic forces arrest in the fight against eisel to turkey views the kurdish y p g which makes up the bulk of the s.d.f. as a terrorist organization in the latest twist french president emmanuel mccall met with an s.d.s. delegation on thursday night in paris an offer to mediate which isn't going down well in ankara why biggio there's deckard civet. says that he gave guarantee of support to the y p g that france can be mediators between turkey and the s.d.f. who gave you this judy do not engage in things beyond. turkish armed forces have already taking the troll of much of the syrian province of buffy and pushing out the y.p. g everyone has long threatened to push further east on to members where the u.s. has military bases and all the way to the iraqi border the americans have also been monitoring the potential front line between kurdish fighters. and the turkish backed syrian rebels who are nearby and to complicate matters even further the u.s.
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commander in chief had this to say and by the way we're not going the hell out of isis will become another syria like very soon let the other people take care of it now very soon very soon we're coming now. that boast goes against what american commanders have been saying all along that the u.s. will remain in the northeastern part of syria for now to prevent the resurgence of beisel trump port even the state department of guard and i can't comment on what the president supposedly said i haven't seen and i have to refer you back to the white house. i have not seen it myself and said it i have not seen that myself ok but you know you don't you don't necessarily comment or report on things that have been heard second hand and i'm not going to do that that's ok that's fine so you're not aware of any policy determination to poor to pull the u.s. out of i am not no no the u.s. presence in syria gives it a stake at the negotiating table as long as troops men tain their presence in the kurdish areas the war in syria is now entering
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a phase where russia turkey and iran are in the process of bartering for their strategic interests. the kurdish y p g currently controls around twenty percent of territory in syria the second highest area of land up to president bashar al assad and his forces turkey wants that to change it's anyone's guess how it will play out stephanie decker al-jazeera. ok's that change in u.s. foreign policy and what's going on between mr and mr manual my call larry korb is a friend of the news a former u.s. assistant secretary of defense and senior fellow at the center for american progress he joins us from washington larry korb the french must have no one was going to react in the way he did so why the french saying we can mediate. well i think they feel that they're both nato members and that the u.s. and turkey can't seem to make any progress given what's going on now so i think he thought he would be seen as an honest broker obviously when you're dealing with air to one on anything with the kurds it's very hard to get any objective view of
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what's happening and when donald trump talks about pulling u.s. forces all of that particular hot spots for you is that him just flying something that may happen or is that actually a distinct change in settled state department and defense department policy i think it's basically saying things a lot of times that he doesn't follow up on and if you look about what he said about afghanistan he wasn't going to do anything more we sent you know we sent more more troops there and you know he criticized president obama for leaving iraq prematurely so it's hard for me to see him doing this particularly with secretary mabus who is adamant about staying there some people want to say this chaos in the white house given those comments that we saw there from the state department spokeswoman is there also chaos by implication because there's no left hand talking
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to the right hand when it comes to the white house talking to the state department or the white house talking to defense. well that's right i mean right now we don't have a secretary of state of mr pompei or still running the cia john bolton is not they are a general mcmasters own lame duck i hope picks his communications director left so really there's no one there usually when a president goes and gives a speech just written out ahead of time and everybody clears it this speech just was supposed to be about infrastructure it went all over the map and literally all over the world given the this was i guess what was saying free range donald trump does that mean that there might actually be a space into which the french could inject themselves because obviously the u.s. is not neutral in syria the russians definitely are not neutral in syria the french off more neutral than anyone else perhaps well they have a long history in syria and i think they're respected by all of the players and
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really what we have to do particularly between united states and turkey is drawing the line in the euphrates river now and i heard the small wanting that two americans were killed in syria i thought if that was the turks that would create a disaster for the united states and for the nato alliance and i think that's what the french president is trying to avoid and clear up one thing for us as well larry as far as this french offer is concerned is this about offering to mediate purely for its own sake or is this an issue of national security so emanuel macron the relatively new french president he can still appear to be an internationalist but at the same time he can appear to get a grip on domestic issues because there is a very strong sense coming out of the security agencies in paris that the quotes terrorist incidents we see in france they originate or they all thought up inside syria or they have been historically in some of those that's established facts.
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well there's no doubt about it because he does have that problem at home and given the fact that he's comparatively new on the international scene he doesn't bring a lot of baggage in terms of dealing with the president to want and again if he can broker something that you know divides the forces on each side of the euphrates i think that would be a face saving way to help but everybody the last thing the united states wants is you know to have a conflict with another nato ally turkey there so that seems to be the best hope right now but a gun it's far from you know a done deal particularly when you're dealing with there to one on the kurds larry cole there in washington thank you for staying in the city some of the students who survived the school shooting in the state of florida hitting back at criticism of the stand they have taken on gun control they're being powerful voices in protests since last month's attack in florida and that's made them a target for the national rifle association as well as conservative media outlets
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his gait and his own them. first they survived one of the worst school shootings in history and. then a week ago they organized march for our lives i the student led demonstration in washington calling for stronger gun control if you listen real close you can hear the people in power shaking now they are facing another attack this one coming from america's powerful gun lobby and its supporters who are trying to discredit them the national rifle association by far the most powerful gun lobby in the us put out this video that mocked the shooting survivors who want to save innocent lives take the millions of dollars going to this carnival of a march and hire armed guards in schools all over this country but then these kids would have to shriek from the spotlight and go back to their homework eighteen year old emma gonzales and seventeen year old david hallberg two of the most vocal
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survivors of the parklane shooting who have become the face of the gun control movement and i've also taken the most cruel and false smears against them this memo of gonzalez ripping up the constitution that protects the right to bear arms went viral online by pro-gun groups it was meant to portray gonzales as an anti america leftists the only problem it is fake and was taken from this real image of gonzales ripping up a shooting target and outrage after laura ingram a conservative host on fox news made fun of hog tweeting david hog rejected by four colleges to achieve applied the message read in part ingram later apologized as for the students they're now responding hitting back at their critics were hurts them the most their wallets if you got me or my friends we're going to go out to you because we aren't going as far as that we're going to go after the money because
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that's where the remotes. several well known companies on ingram's t.v. program have pulled their advertisements. it's a win for teen survivors turned gun reform activists who aren't backing down from powerful politicians pundits and a gun lobby clearly threatened by them gabriel is on doe al-jazeera washington still to come here on al-jazeera stranded and hungry the african migrants left in limbo but the civil war in yemen. and sport find. it remember that she's getting slapped around by a ski team mates all the details when we come back. how i was there were some rather lively weather enough for cost for north america cloud
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and right on the northern flank snow now in the process of pulling away to see these areas of low pressure right up the eastern seaboard that will ease our sense of the brightest guys to come in behind but really it's just making way for the next system so some wintry weather there pushing into one teria coming down across the lakes into the central plains sinking a little further south which as we go through sunday some heavier rain coming in here but for the fossil face doesn't look too bad it's all twenty four celsius in atlanta not just some snow rolling off the rockies as we go on into sunday further west is generally fine and dry thirteen celsius in seattle one teen there for san francisco no great shakes seventy celsius in l.a. some clouds rolling in so a little on the cool side here meanwhile there will be some places a cloud into the caribbean but for many it's going to be fine and dry lots of tropical sunshine coming through generally fathom this you can see for the most part a little more cloud over towards the window dollars leave it all is that it too badly
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says we go on through sassed a few showers there to southern parts of mexico for a time but by and large way more sunshine than showers as we go on into sunday we might even see the creeping towards jamaica. story of blackmail. and. i have strong pull out a story of courage a lot of the fear is real. passion. and very serious just. perceptions. documentaries from around the globe. or the big sound that that plane coming down. failed it's journalism. debates and
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discussion this is a lot of misunderstanding and distortion even the only argument i find against that is all foreign corded. see the world from a different perspective on al-jazeera. welcome back welcome if you just joining us this is the news our live from our headquarters here in doha recapping the top stories for you at least seventeen palestinians have been killed and more than one thousand were injured in confrontations with israeli forces during land day protest in gaza an emergency
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meeting of the un security council is discussing what is now the bloodiest day in gaza since twenty fourteen. i'm glad to get in early position i hold the israeli occupation authorities police responsible for the lives of the martyrs who were killed today they used fire against the popular peaceful protests which were organized to remember len day i call on the un to provide international protection for our people against the escalating aggression turkey's president has rejected a french initiative to mediate between turkish and kurdish forces in syria the french president emmanuel that made the offer after meeting a kurdish delegation on thursday. a white police officer in the u.s. state of louisiana has been fired over the killing of an african-american alton sterling another policeman was suspended thirty seven year old sterling was held down by the two officers and shot dead in the city of baton rouge and twenty sixteen. russia is throwing out diplomats from twenty three countries as the dispute over the poisoning of
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a former spy in britain grows bassus was summoned to the foreign ministry in moscow to be told about the decision the moves in retaliation for a series of expulsions of russian officials by the u.k. and its allies london accuses the kremlin of being behind the nerve agent attack on service cripple and his daughter on march the fourth or chalons has the latest now from moscow. well one after another black ambassadorial cars have been pulling up here outside the rather ornate silver gray doors of the russian foreign ministry and the ambassadors have been walking into essentially got a dressing down from the forum in. staff air and be told how many of their personnel has to be packing their bags to leave from what we've seen so far it seems to be broadly tit for tat in line numbers wise with the explosions that we have heard from western countries kicking out russians over the script all of the british ambassador was told that the total number of u.k.
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personnel here diplomatic and consular pastor eventually match by the end of the month the number of russian staff in the u.k. this is on top of the twenty three brits that had to pack their bags and leave some days ago that was of course because the u.k. had kicked out twenty three russians what we're seeing here is this worsening of diplomatic relations tit for tat response it's a catalyst as we in this group are fair but of course there is so much else behind all this march that's gone on over the last few years with the camp of russian campaign in syria with what's been going on in crimea and ukraine that has worsened relations between the west and russia of course blair putin and donald trump are both saying that there is room for so walk back from this of course they have to say that they don't want to go marching off to war but yes we are in
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a severe diplomatic crisis of the moment and it doesn't seem to be getting any better right now russia says it has successfully tested an intercontinental ballistic missile and its defense ministry released video of the launch for implicit sc in the northwest a nuclear weapon called sana small places soviet era model which is the world's heaviest intercontinental ballistic missile the president vladimir putin says the new missile can strike targets anywhere in the world and is difficult to intercept . the mayor in senegal's capital says he'll appeal against a five year prison sentence for corruption was convicted of embezzling almost three million dollars of government money as supporters say the aim of the trial was to d. rail cells ambitions of becoming president nicolas haq reports now from dhaka. khalifa sells supporters denounced the legal system minutes after sentencing by the judge. the mayor was found guilty of corruption embezzling millions of dollars in
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falsifying documents that you. were going to was going to be one of them i had so much faith in the justice system is being used to eliminate good people how can we trust our government to move the workers onside said that was not. outside court police in riot gear control be angry crowd. song is a leading voice of the opposition and a rival to his namesake president mikey cell. supporters accuse the ruling party of using the courts to do real his plan better in next year's election really easy to do what you just hear would you not do was since we can't use coal we will use political means to put pressure on the government the opposition marched last month indycar calling for a free fair and transparent election in two thousand and nineteen. the name of karim wanted another leading member of the opposition he served time in prison for
2:38 am
corruption and now lives in exile and this protest accuses president mikey cell of enriching himself and his family from public funds in putting his opponents in jail the government spokesman says that's nonsense and argues the president is fighting corruption politically don't charge. times have changed state coffers are no longer up for grabs the message here is that what was possible before no longer is and everybody no matter who you are is accountable to the law. but senegal's justice system is and try says court clerks on strike over pay and working conditions a prominent judge has just resigned from his position a few days ago saying that the tribunals are not serving the people but rather the government's. lawyers are launching an appeal against the conviction until then he continues to be the mayor of the car his fraud trial has come to symbolize a test for senegal's democracy and justice system. nicholas hawk al-jazeera deckard
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. african migrants being held in a detention center in the yemeni port city of aden so they don't have any food most came to yemen looking for work without the necessary paperwork and they're facing deportation. has a story. anxious hungry and cramped together these men are waiting to find out if that knuckle change. i came from djibouti to work or used to give us a small amounts of food if there is no food we will die if there is no solution they will deport us to our countries or get us out of here we are left without food for three days. missed of them a dangerous journeys from the horn of africa despite the war in yemen like thousands before them the hope of getting well paid work in wealthy gulf states made the risk of traveling through a waltz and worthwhile now that hopes gone. because we are currently holding six
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hundred fifty african migrants who came illegally to the ne shores from their temporary detain until we deport them to where they came from the ministry of interior stop sending food supplies for three days now for no reason at all the migrants transit route was already dangerous even before the war started for. even now up to fifteen thousand african migrants are rounded up by police and thrown into detention centers every month. the minister of interior of the side to move the center to another location the center view would be suitable viewed more and he thought sees as vell as new management that's going there on the place without the practices that migrants were subjected to in the previous sentence. a saudi coalition is fight interest. yemen's exile government after iranian backed rebels seized towns and cities including yemen's capital sana'a but the poverty and violence in countries where these men began their journeys keeps them coming
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barbara. the wife of an exiled journalist from azerbaijan has been killed in a shooting near the southern france city of toulouse rahim namaz off and his wife in a car parking problem here when a gunman opened fire seriously injuring the. reporter who was an outspoken critic of the military and political leadership in his home country and served time in prison before seeking exile in france back in twenty ten. now china is playing down for years its space station could pose a danger when it crashes back to earth the ten and a half meter long tiangong one laboratory was launched in twenty eleven to carry out docking and orbital experiments is expected to reenter the atmosphere within the next forty eight hours but beijing can't say exactly when or where the space lands been drifting out of control to me this. rising china is taking the tiangong ones re entry into the atmosphere seriously dealing with the
2:42 am
situation in accordance with the related international conventions and in the spirit of responsibility we continually been informing the united nations space agency the latest information about the tiangong and we have been open and transparent if there is a need we will probably be in touch with the relevant country the widow of the man who killed forty nine people again a club in florida in twenty sixteen has been cleared of helping him nor sell man was found not guilty of providing support to a terrorist organization and of obstruction of justice her husband obama teen opened fire inside the polls club in orlando before he died in a gun battle with the police it was one of the worst mass shootings in recent u.s. history. let's take you live back to the u.n. headquarters in new york if you've been with us over the past forty minutes or so you'll know that the u.n. security council was planning a closed door meeting following
2:43 am
a request from the palestinian envoy to the u.n. security council that request came after the events today seventeen palestinians killed by israeli security forces more than a thousand injured what they've managed to get as you're seeing there is an open door session as the president of the session declares the session is now up and running i suspect we will be going through maybe a couple of minutes of a preamble laying the groundwork for what's going on let's just get a sense of what's being said there because we do also have james bay is our diplomatic editor on standby but before we go to james let's just get nigeria of what's going on there at the u.n. . the president members of the security council as you know today this great return march near the gaza fence has unfortunately resulted in violence there is only information in
2:44 am
a car disposal. around thirty thousand people participated in and around the march theories locations in. soon after the demonstrations started the situation deteriorated in several locations. late afternoon local time the palestinian health ministry in gaza confirmed that at least fifteen palestinians had been killed and more than one thousand had been injured including by tear gas suffocation. several of the casualties were reportedly the result of live ammunition used by the israeli security forces during the march but also following on clashes between palestinian and israeli security forces including the shelling of
2:45 am
a hamas observation point. reports indicate that most of the demonstrators stayed well away from the border fence and did not engage in violence however there are also reports that some protesters engaged in stone throwing and violent behavior some reportedly carrying weapons according to israeli security forces reports militants tried to get through the fence in an attempt to plant explosives alice thins reportedly also sent a nine year old girl across the fence but israeli troops were able to send her safely back how must leaders reportedly or so were present at some of the god of. pride to the march is ryan had increased its forces
2:46 am
along the border deploying snipers special units and drones and sent out warnings that it would act to prevent any breach of the border fence or violations of israel's sovereignty violence also broke out in the west bank with an estimated nine hundred palestinians demonstrating mostly in central west bank cities as just a mandala and hebron according to the red crescent twenty seven palestinians were wounded during clashes near nablus is the president in his security council briefing earlier this week a special coordinator mlodinow noted the developing palestinian plans for today smart and called on all to exercise restraint and to take the necessary steps to avoid violent this escalation in statements to the media here to eat aerated these
2:47 am
callers and emphasize the need to ensure. that civilians and particularly children should not be put in harm's way. and school has also engaged with the israeli defense forces and palestinian factions particularly in gaza to reinforce the same messages in order to ensure the safety and security a few in person at the un department the safety and security issued repeated security adviser restore stuff throughout the day has been in touch in contact with both palestinian and israeli security forces and we continue to do so as more demonstrations are expected throughout the next six weeks there is fear that the situation might deteriorate in the coming days we will continue to underline that it is imperative that civilians in particular children not be targeted and that all
2:48 am
actors refrain from putting children at risk at any time israel must uphold its responsibilities under international human rights and humanitarian and all lethal force should not should only be used as a last resort with any resulting thought to tallaght these properly investigated by the authorities and therefore also continue to urge israeli security forces to exercise maximum restraint to avoid casualties mr president the developments in gaza today and again a painful reminder of the consequences of a missing peace between israel and palestine and the need to step up our efforts in support of a peaceful resolution of the conflict as the secretary general and the special coordinate have reputedly the mind of the security council the un strongly urged
2:49 am
palestinians israel. really and the international community to take concrete measures that would reverse the current course of the conflict and advance the goal of a just and sustainable peace based on the two state solution i think and that. i think mrs kerry home for his briefing. i now give the floor to the members of the security council. give the floor to representative who would. say the least thank you mr president first of all we would like to thank you for having swiftly responded and for having convened this important meeting would also like to thank you this is very who. assistant secretary general for political affairs and we'd like to thank him for being here today four days ago we heard in
2:50 am
these critical and so a briefing by mr nicholas den of on the status of the implementation of that resolution on twenty fall before in. the thirty four there he talked about the demonstrations today in gaza and as is usual jury in these occasions where the palestinian people take to the streets to peacefully reaffirm their right to an independent state we see the extent to which the israeli state is arrogant and unjust to day tens of thousands of palestinians are brotherly people have taken to the streets in gaza they participated in a peaceful demonstration they do this each year on the thirtieth of march to commemorate the land day and to re. national identity their commitment to the land and their. inalienable political humanitarian and other rights these are rights
2:51 am
guaranteed by the international customs lauren legislation this is while the israeli occupation has continued for some fifty years now. there are expansionist activities of israel that are continuing they are illegitimate in the palestinian occupied territories in looting jerusalem this is a frequent violation of the security. via lucian. in particular twenty three thirty four. the state of kuwait firmly condemns israeli practices today that have led to more than fifteen palestinian attacks and more than one thousand four hundred palestinians were injured we know whether you let us be clear here. what happens today is was a peaceful demonstration to suppress their desire for the legitimate rights that they have these were defenseless people as
2:52 am
a response to that the civilians were targeted this is a flagrant violation of international monetary law and international human rights law the perpetrators of these crimes must be brought to justice the palestinian people cannot be an exception to international commitments and to commit to international law in particular the commitment to protect civilians from atrocities under grave violations israel is the occupying power it must honor its commitments in line with the fourth geneva convention of one thousand nine hundred forty nine and the protection of civilians here we would like to state that there needs to be international protection for the palestinian people given these flagrant violations committed by the israeli state it is very important . notes to separate what happened today from the overall context
2:53 am
we gonna strip is still a blow under blockade and has been so for some ten years now some people who participated in the demonstrations today are refugees who have been negatively impacted by the decrease in contributions to. what happened today is the result of a fifty year long occupation they have been. numerous international ports that have confirmed the deterioration of living conditions in gaza mr president if there is no response to these policies these attacks these violations against the defense's palestinian people and against their rights this is the with what results and we are going to see members of the security council come on to. me as mr serry who stated this needs to remind
2:54 am
us that we want to see the last thing and this is just and sustainable lasting peace in conclusion we would reiterate the importance of israeli occupying power respecting and implementing is critical to resolutions we would reiterate that a comprehensive just peace is a strategic choice it is a precondition for. in order to achieve this the israeli occupation needs to come to an end all the inalienable rights of the palestinian people must be respected including its right to establish an independent. state within one nine hundred sixty seven borders on all its territories based on resolutions of these good account of the principle of land for peace the. road map and the arab peace initiative thank you very much i think the representative who worked for history and i now give the floor to represent the united states. thank you.
2:55 am
we know that israel is not able to attend this meeting to the fact that it is taking place during celebration of passover steeply unfortunate that israel was not able to participate on this very important matter also inspired all that this council to balance in its approach to all matters that come before it. and we should have found an arrangement allowing for all parties to participate tonight turning to gaza we are deeply saddened by the loss of life today we heard to those involved to take steps to lower tensions and reduce the risk of new clashes bad actors who use protest as a cover to incite violence and danger and us and lives the international community including the united states is focused on taking concrete near term steps that will
2:56 am
improve humanitarian and economic conditions in gaza and the lives of the palestinians living there were also hard at work on a plan for peace and help provide a brighter future for both israel and the palestinians by islands furthers neither of those goals thank you. i think the representative of the united states for his statement and i'm now going to florida representative of the russian federation. was possible has been but so that you thank you mr president we're grateful to you and your team safety general mr very soon for his briefing with the russian federation is seriously concerned by the tragic events in the gaza strip. we are concerned about information about the growth in the number of victims as a result of measures by the israeli army to restrain the protest acts by the
2:57 am
palestinians that started on the thirtieth of march. as of the so call great march of return demonstrations we would urge the palestinians and israelis to demonstrate restraint and to stop any actions that lead to the deaths of innocent civilians there is a real needs to step up in diplomatic mediation. in order to deescalate the situation regarding the gaza strip it should be clear to everybody here that the. crop up of the shellings of terrorist is a list israeli territories are to help the situation there is of course going to be recidivism there needs to be a strategy for settlement today's tragic events mean that the need to achieve intra palestinian reconciliation is absolutely crucial we intend to work
2:58 am
with regional partners in particular in egypt to continue efforts to consolidate the palestinian ranks the palestinian platform of the p l. here we see there is a need for a precaution this is a precondition for the economic recovery of the gaza strip and to meet to be legitimate aspirations of the palestinian people to create their own independent state. co-existing in peace and security with israel as part it within the internationally recognized borders. this can happen through direct negotiations between the palestinians and the israelis on all final status issues including on jerusalem. this settlement should be built on broadly accepted into. national and legal bases including the relevant security council resolutions and also including the arab peace initiative we confirm our willingness to provide russia as
2:59 am
a place for a meeting point between palestinian israeli leaders the tragic history of the palestinian israeli conflict once again confirms that the further the political process again is from us then. steps are going to be taken that complicate its relaunch it will mean days and need to have direct negotiations. but if this is running counter to the settlement activities and there is also provocative rhetoric and violence it is critically important to support the effective work of. the un refugees in words of a general see we welcome the outcome of the conference to support in rome on the fifteenth of march russia is making a stable contribution to the agency with the budget today there is
3:00 am
a big taken in need for daily work of the whole international community it's important to work together at the regional level as well in this regard we know to be forthcoming april summitt of the league of arab states an area that we trust that its agenda will really bring people together and will be constructive it will focus on overcoming obstacles to implement mentoring and improving the situation in the middle east and in north africa in order to develop confidence building and security measures for the whole region russia will continue to make efforts to ensure the arab israeli conflict moves on from its deadlock and also to make a contribution to stabilizing the situation in the middle east as a whole.


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