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tv   A Very Sicilian Justice  Al Jazeera  March 31, 2018 4:00am-5:01am +03

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this was a great election about it was going to win but it was about by how much with detailed coverage the syrian civil war moment said to its teeth yes but what is new different is that each day some people will live until to morrow so many innocent people will die from around the world the bats and balls are several years old the really good players could end up trading pickett's pedal and maybe one day play for the next until. the last time i spoke to him he told me he was thinking of going to a syria the world wants to see syria's fighters up close and personal but those behind the camera pay the price filmmaker yes it is you made easy chillingly intimate footage on and behind the front lines cost him his life his body was riddled with bullets and exclusive documentary syria the last assignment at this time on al-jazeera.
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he said i'll be in doha with a quick recap of our top stories so far at least seventeen palestinians have been killed and more than one thousand were injured after being shot by israeli forces during landing a protest in gaza and emotions a meeting at the u.n. security council has just finished they were discussing was now the bloodiest day in gaza since twenty fourteen. peaceful demonstrators which is their right to do so grad did own elements of international law including international human rights law and cannot be equated whatsoever with the belligerency and attacks and the massacre of the israeli forces for those who tried to say. come on now that is not the case civilian protesters demonstrating peacefully and an armed forces unleashed massive power
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against them that led to this massacre with this large number of graduates these rushes throwing out diplomats from twenty three countries the dispute over the poisoning of a former spy in britain continues to grow as was summoned to the foreign ministry in moscow to be told about the decision. the turkish president has rejected a french initiative to mediate between turkish and kurdish forces in syria the french president and then your macro made the offer after meeting a kurdish delegation on thursday. a white police officer in the u.s. state of louisiana has been fired over the killing of an african-american olten sterling another policeman has been suspended thirty seven year old sterling was held down by the two offices and shot dead in the city of baton rouge in twenty sixteen lawyers for the children of alton sterling welcome the decision. it's time now that we shine the light of day on this situation and hopefully what will become
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of this will be a change we applaud like i say the chief in the efforts that he's making the changes that are being put in place for this department but there's a lot of work to do with this situation the elton sterling situation has to be fix this role has to be made right. and that's what the civil case is about we're here for altus five children. were speaking for their. the wife of an exiled journalist from azerbaijan has been killed in a shooting near the southern french city of toulouse right he know myself and his wife in a car park in column e. when a gunman opened fire seriously injuring me as a reporter he was an outspoken critic of the military and political leadership in his home country and time in prison before seeking exile in france in twenty ten. the sack vice captain of australia's cricket team has apologized for the role in the ball tampering scandal david warner has been banned for twelve months he's
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spoken at an emotional news conference in sydney in the past ninety minutes the last of the three disgraced australian cricketers to front up or to apologize to my family. specially what wife and daughters. your lot of news your love means more than anything to marry. are not oh would not be anything without you. i'm very sorry for putting you through this in our promise you that i'll never put you in this position again the president of the international olympic committee has met north korea's leader in pyongyang kim jong moon has agreed to allow north korean athletes to compete at the twenty twenty tokyo summer games and the twenty twenty two beijing winter games the meeting with thomas back comes after the i.o.c.
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helped broker the participation of north korea in this year's winter olympics imputing chang in south korea. the veteran hollywood actor and former politician arnold schwarzenegger is recovering from open heart surgery a spokesman for the seventy year old says he developed complications after going to hospital on thursday for a routine procedure he served as the california governor from two thousand and three to twenty eleven and has been allowed critic of u.s. president donald trump but those are your headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after a very silly injustice. we're stalled on pushing the quick by layer more. body from bunkley input that is from
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a copy mash up it will mean the list u. don't show any. respect but question you could you not i j. a question you go be read to me stating that mantra but question you could lead up us here on a lot but i'll push any good you know story start the nine year old baby malik's you can from the not a must see more than you know. in palermo sicily judge antonio demetrio is chief prosecutor in an unprecedented trial where politicians police and the mafia are in the dock together.
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di matteo is now the most threatened man in italy and the most protected. is from a little can a new company you're the one look into that i mean i think or say old or mean actual to say the couple would own sentiment to get to see paula. and all these threats to them yeah and i mean the best. dad you know i mean i think it's all up but intent and all that money. on so one goal. to get a list of what i brought it. so i start dawud just to do my city ne ne really need to see you annoy me.
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and give me an idiot saw. a gay me in yelling in the he in quick dandini me shit on him is big i wanna call man that i mean there. is this it was a window them both on shinning movement community me familiarity is with gun data to a song just give a one simple as i want to call me. no name a few is human common the but in india the but i thought he did he had to do was done. research all kind of family on my feet there's truth in what they are going to be sure ain't that a weak case recalling just on a commuter train the worst thing dodgers are what things you're up to so most b.r.t. the woman the last thought of. trying to cut your parka carpenter stop of the
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lottery pool record but here. you have those down which are counted your children bundle quarter again i'm in congress that i want to be for them to send back and what is the issue to the length of my joining up with jordan pretty much everybody of your. is up against powerful forces for the first time in italy's history members of the police and the political establishment are in the dock alongside mafia bosses. key witness must mean no the man on whose testimony the prosecutor has built his case is the son of a once powerful mafia politician. into that when they get off the telling you see they're joined there a lot of the not the only not. a female from almost nothing but meal of on telly
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night in a week and. how. about. today the threats against him a tale of bringing young protesters onto the streets in solidarity with the judge even though the state mafia trial is about events that occurred twenty five years ago. a video that i mean an allusion in a one two million vision going on to a mafia order guy needs when i say the guy gee i think god he did endure a little reading of the letter board we've got. started pulling my heels. in quest approaches so we still want you to but not when you're beyond all impled that enough you'll see can knock on should be to with was that it and missile a bomb or equate bully to she is. a fourth city bullet c.-a. to the chain get it to resume soon and then we'll end it there he got me going for
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until they had no. christie for charlie woman he just took on the missing condit story on a forty two crystal ya little call of a few. minutes by his. soul say love very poorly brought in last by his but his new york if you know me and crystal start. did you pick out her sisters so you go about it in very popular the scary three d. fighter very tough. not among the thirty five. subway niecy will get down to cheney and the cheney out and up order to go home and wasteful norm warner get i might just sort of do it for the lot of you know in guy
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you know. and i'd join it. normally seen by. you know i gave all my. chain risk you'll pay to keep our promise. there a strategy that. a city school in the. events on the investigation and in midtown santa on pal of mine cicely's capital. is the power base of the sicilian mafia known locally as cousin nostra. oval. office that's out of. the.
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island and its own son and kissing me when. you know. i let my days and three doughty. just a lot of money. can't it. be done a lot of time in a while past to. better much. better the terry dollar deal the locked up. in the bank. teller benon sevan. recorded over one door they will know within danny she's got an aura of whether the
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mafia limits or the union. sort of one on board and on what she said listen to the song. i start though and this was what sony to me apart out of the us and out of many dead friday images throughout the. deficient may be may be able to. if you give us all a moment people get scared in cause i'm also out in may hear debate out for them don't you get it a look at all. tunnel is a former mafia assassin turned state witness he claims to have committed more than thirty murders you are. going to get for the people of your old cave also i'm
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glad to overshadow my you will not call that if i'm not. for a gentle friend than me any diarrhea. staver be sonia probably our corner if you would johnny falcone if our own borsellino ferrera ain't they magistad to get the gun or no law murphy in italia is he still. is there a door where home talk they lie magister do or combat their. mentors concreted. central to demand here's case is the story of edulis most famous anti mafia charges than a falcon and paolo possibly known. in the one nine hundred eighty s.
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they prosecuted hundreds of cars and nostra gangsters known as the maxi trial it was the largest mafia cold case in history. europe rashid and bocconi meet the. new journey for qana potable singing. euro and plenty jews for then someone for calling will soon mean a level i want to show me just in the months a precious. inquire your need for corning will soon mean a no but out to where they will question the moment to the discussion to. four hundred seventy five mafiosi were brought to court three hundred forty six were found guilty. cause a nostra boss of bosses talked or ina evaded arrest but he was tried in absentia and sentenced to life in prison. these convictions sent a signal to rayna that the mafia is packed with corrupt politicians policemen and
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judges was now under threat. the moment in kuwait local nam there will be more gun the protests were alive in the event of the need they were arena ciccone been given better the lot they start in but seizure a dishy the kovalchuk then because it. i had a deli but i lost the john of the there on it and got. in a spectacular display of mafia brutality judge giovanni falcone was blown up on may twenty third one thousand nine hundred ninety two. his wife and three bodyguards died within. two months later while investigating falcon his murder judge powell. and five of his
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bodyguards were killed by a massive car bomb in via. a residential street in palermo. the last time you have let them know your presence. on. the living together maybe oh oh my given all the pulley drama just part of that song live it gets in the car . when i'm out of view of the guts of the polo the five dollars goes up powerful prado king top gun but. this blows it. a good i guess it will start the fuck up but it's. sort of good candidates in lengthy i'm afternoon cheatham i sort of have been there for a simple enough you know. a back that one up
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a sauna focused into either going sort of all in equal or better my golly what course in the best sort of school bit we've. got under-sea called the tivo for lost art or the mafia it could be just that. chris thought she fuck up beautiful church just are going to have accused. we don't all get diverted me not charged with the love of god love looked at the law a lot but none of the parents said we. can't pull down is the ever growing up of. the living our lives straight to your present moment the. moment totally did go. wrong on the last but. one of the key lives at the.
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stop along the part of the good logically my brother was just the chair of the limbs his throat. a lintel listed on a limb tell us a sum i just. bought i kid you out all. the way at people. see things you want to be a long way baby got a full court and. they may rob a love for you by break a. kid here out of your two year old two dollars a bottle down or even till the most are. forced to leave. the effective week out or stop a duty if you will be. at
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the tree planted to mark the spot where paolo ponce leno was killed a notorious son of palermo has come to pay his respects you can almost see motion cimino some of the french we not only grow like a comma licks. in a pattern most of too much also. you know which are pathetic with that sunny day in the uk with that so he will appear. in my machine door. in the anchor and it out it was that silly they look at the door and they get that blanket off in a corner any books in the know. massimo mino is a key witness for the my tears prosecution team. he's also one of the accused charged with mafia association acting as a go between for his father and buffy posses. mean zero. zero zero while. their label can.
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shoot all body balsam feels like it's yours and the up will look their own and probably be a bother. for those who. get up than. the provenzano . oil can or should thawing money. missing on their not all of course will be some of our luck and it goes on also a lot a companion to me upon a role model bill will. be touch and she may not start the one scene more. than my start blanket rule more detail of the union a policy the list you don't show any. ilk out of the will be a little it's a great of a second that are based out of a mafia or maybe audio you quest but the. i'm a few no less of gun to the mafia the spider the tele boom the list of soon to
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be he traffic is to perfection tequilla to the number i feel when a spade a spade to me tidy respect to the law. my mafia. took a while to get it soon it people day. as if she thought it either but they're. both still the little star. name innovation no one thought you were really not going to limbo met my boy is the mulatto not young but guillebeau man opened ya look. at that you were given up out of their course and lost about a president that double dorrien that envelope at about the last stop on the label.
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wally. cole psyche that i maffia barely gone through that it better same record less than a huge. you can reach the lip balm it's all about delivery my kid ever the lick all say i'll start off put you up a nice person is he she gonna general is it just that you cause anasta but suspend the a stretch of a don't like each one of their culture to do it all. in one really mentally sick wasted get our ass that the fact you. do not get at the device a get it that it is that all about that the get out the real nor now. that the. door manny mild the way near broke at the full name of your c m endoscopy doc and a lot about it they chiggy warriors called out sorry but its going out there is that. in one thousand nine hundred three the mafia unleashed
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a wave of bombings across city. an explosion outside your feets economy in florence killed five people including a mother and her two million dollars. in milan five more were killed in a blast outside the gallery of modern. in rome the same night bombs party destroyed two churches wounding twenty two. in january one thousand nine hundred three italy's most wanted godfather to talk torino was arrested in palermo near the comfortable villa where he'd been living. while in prison his terror campaign continued across it's a day still in jail today rena is accused in di matteo's trial of violent blackmail against the state. quest or a family phone that persists week amy still bundled up with. one us that at the
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g.m. i feel was a few needs out there i just that it lost. and at that reward it bettendorf least i thought it would on that few. and i thought a couple he could recall should look up what he calls almost a sense rebecca says thought i sell them on but i just want to. permit you to publish that as you want i want but i want you to lengthen so we're a couple because of. the number of these posts to. the letter just that sunni link that shit that sunni i'm going diety now because they're in on it gotcha though it is couple the mafia
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you can get in on. some other day lena but i'm not according to a companion your to the idea. of land or the let me a t.v. but among those in the. link yes it's right that the us that the mafia. it lena to both the. evil this war into a group would order a fight us a better list then it would be when you have cheated but i still. have to be there . when you don't so most other than i mean i'm sure my songs that they do you the you are the more. you mean you know in the book of the gate it was
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a strategy now for the united god. to work the over. the. pool. but you need better adult or a couple to cause an allstar to conduct a war too much you start marginal pressuring to the last part of the president. reno's order to kill di matteo was met with public outrage the people of palermo protested in numbers not seen since the murders of falcone and bustle you know. it's got the t.v. . money they let me know. i'm going with it she said that in coutts that had been one of the needs out though in good job me at n.b.c. one of many has that see on at the bottom you have a sauna and you must use that are the last images that are the volume of the jet
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and that you know you are not evil yarmulke my more out of them all. the threats against judge to material have inspired young people and palermo to take to the streets united against the mafia. protesters claim there is a conspiracy of silence from the government of a demon tales playing. out on. a mafia all see them. in us images that are the ones on most holy cause he commented on a shot this holy fuck on a bus and. you know sit it out see the name gets a bit lonely but can a one off but then. you know that's it sound and who have seen better than the lowness stuff. that you put them by five of them can all share the levity thought about that eva and i will start all and i'm awful.
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be. facing realities growing up went to do you realize that you were living in a special place a so-called secret city getting to the heart of the matter is activists to live in jail just because she expressed herself hear their story on and talk to al-jazeera at this time when the news breaks. on the mailman city and the story builds to be forced to leave the room just. when people need to be heard women and girls are being bought and given away in refugee camps al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring new award winning documentaries and live. i got to commend you all i'm hearing is good journalism on air and on mine.
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peter dobby in doha with a quick recap of your top stories at least seventeen palestinians have been killed and more than a thousand were injured after being shot by israeli forces during landing a protest in garza an emergency meeting of the un security council has discussed what's now the bloodiest day in gaza since twenty fourteen peaceful demonstrators which is their right to do so grad did own elements of international law including international human rights law and cannot be equated whatsoever with the belligerency and attacks and the massacre of the israeli forces for those who are tried to say balance come on now balance is not the case civilian protesters demonstrating peacefully and an armed forces unleashed
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massive power against them that led to this massacre with this large number of casualties the oil police officer in the u.s. state of louisiana has been fired over the killing of an african-american alton sterling another policeman has been suspended thirty seven year old sterling was held by the two officers and shot dead in the city of baton rouge and twenty sixteen sterling's family has welcomed the decision. the sacked vice captain of australia's cricket team has apologized for his role in the ball tampering scandal in south africa and emotional david warner spoken at a news conference in sydney the last of the three need to squeeze cricketers to do that all apologize to my family. specially what wife and daughters.
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your love means more than anything to marry. our no oh not be anything without you . i'm very sorry for putting you through this in our promise that i'll never put you in this position again the turkish president has rejected a french initiative to mediate between turkish and kurdish forces in syria the french president emmanuel mccraw made the offer after meeting a kurdish allegation on thursday those are your headlines back now it's with various society and justice i'm back with the news hour top of the hour see that. it. is simply the italian state is on trial for concluding with the mafia. the chief prosecutor in the case and the most threatened initially is judge anton you know di
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matteo. i'm in a few no one could jump on the my plane sounded like. the sort of took on in the company of the one. to the day to me that they both say hold or any natural to say the sentiment of good to see people. to cheer. it sure you get up early. edition me out. there you go. so i go if you're going to just let us do another. thank you. they're not going to be its chemical because you know if you're going to get up early because you got it you know these and you know it will look when we come back here you seem to be many. actually it didn't shut in my life i
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live there isn't usually enough either but it came in a. premium for a good thing going to so they got to be understood. to turn to jane taken on hall school in five until the kid in the civil. engineer and medical sampai. a circle so. many can see me steam a quest to me from most. legal same thread but oh no molly. postal known no lie she. sort of wore. known by the. known address for the a long time ago but it is. your copy school at a pretzel with so many fists in the steam marquinhos percent don't bore you
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facebook but if we send a. drop of a sauna people necessitous from the spa lady of saw me when i was sponsored be that awful around. you massively represent you they got accused of the over a bit of the they do visually by a book but i have it in baghdad day and that is him for the fair just after work or there are a lot of those battleground for people to call america nor yet there is a more western or not god they call it not god they know. they. must mean no is accused of mafia association into mattel's trial he claims he turned informer because his knowledge of collusion between the state and cousin astra put him in danger john cimino decided to tell his story and to one
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judge in particular. neelima there but over there would have beat us for all up. in there i'm sure some of our truck to walk it but it's a culture of a conflict with promises for. a lot elephant in toronto probable to be a stance that i'm a little you know tension you know and the so this is about obviously actually causing us that you know because one of the. ileo sunny was the bomb ali but here if i did all that they are very mad the idea but i fashioning it only because i need a few worth i'm going through the intervention you know a skull to me a story or a little love in all of that should be the norm or the film i'm just about that. will not go well it's a powder this will answer that's all you need one other way but. that will join a gang calling it so continue with about course.
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every year paolo possibly know is commemorated in the street where he and his bodyguards were killed. di matteo has come to honor the man who inspired him to become a prosecutor and whose murder he has spent his career investigating or silly know like him a tale lived a life under the threat of death. until the been south to the ensuite. give elusive quiz to see a juice to me me gone from them from timmy for mediocrity all on. will need soon and supportability. your fusion tail off you shine for this you're on
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your own. also lloyd they're locked out of a message on the thought being that they look to the left as a label that i feel a little. known so of your. viva or point all the new meaning to the old and the shadows that had been vocal man and ice cream feet the son of the. barrel said advantage a one man record but i had better man plenty for me young. men the margin in men the best dark force and good you can force anything any government can and that of a nationality such as any of them may know you propose u.t.v. mocked anyone from.
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mafia boss the took a lotta law was arrested and palermo in two thousand and fourteen. while in prison he contacted di matteo. and the two of whatever instead of calling but i did call logistics a back in support of it basically queer look at but there was richard that in a moment of laughter the casting got ok and you stay so that i do like we store and in this procedure we're going to own deeds that have been i think that when you confront the phone and i'll do a bomb but i admire. his face concealed tunnel read a letter to the court that he'd received from the senior mafia boss. that is that they any other of us that if they send a letter to the judge will most often pull commanders
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a bit it's all but blame i suppose if it was to look blame so that us and keep it if iraq and other doctors did not fail. i just subsequent hearing did not dare revealed further details of the model plot described by my fam pos calatinus. from the chair. and thought oh great job in advance at the cia officer i've just got the. up by the. president that one of course.
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but. of course the who knew we shared our photography for most of a journey for going to potable sydney let's hear about all of it i'm going to get on my sauce that this who we indeed offered over a few. it this way that way. he ducked out of boston you know unless a supporter gets the switch and. annoying children knock us to clean the a factory for the mental i liked and thought of the only you know common core course i could load up a bit but all i know is a week or so that the out. a lot of suspected it was men from inside the state who had authorized the mudir of boss selena and sanctioned the assassination of di matteo. he cheated and he went quite late but i guess i should note that the
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total did not fail if it is the one on the top of andi and lower part of the that it was doubled later when a unit of on that article the bank got paid a lot of that you know what i want you to kitchen are the other let's start up i think you know as i don't see all of the media agenda that you the chinese if it is a deep interest if you talk to says they don't see when you say it. is they have been killed on what do you know if i don't know studs have been. going to borsellino it's always this. from the mateo she said in the congo has one last thought on mafia. you know when i start ok c r b's on any month any at all start with school or. course if they really mean. because all very much is that i can which are more than not interesting to want to talk to a degree or
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a chill are brought back but all that i get i merit. she that is the matter. with. them of your so known as more. going to lot of years gone up dramatically. of the five thirty nine t. thirty any left. dame book who came up on the way down org and assume that i some looked at it he must pale and question was that obvious like when you when you have been a bit muddy when he was still here and still because i'm a boat. but i guess i'm going to lend my noble sam a better method to get a stone wall get no yellin at all and
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a. process of beat up was the best of it i meant this it ends your quest in defense us all but a total of at the list. a lot of that the boss of the game and that are almost at the bill but of course. now. in november two thousand and fifteen protesters gathered in rome to show solidarity with the beleaguered prosecutor organizers wrote to italy's top leaders requesting messages of support for demand taylor only one of them the president of the senate responded. on the both of his call for the nonsensical phone to miss sure no present article but i am yet to present it like a man could take up one part of his first initial request or say none of these are . their.
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lives. in a rare break from the trial di matteo travelled to his family's home outside in the heart of matthew come to.
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me because she was doing a kid. and postilion me to go to that i mean fun. at a d.c. on that's who she was on not. only done just that he boasted he combine you know the moderate and post every quarter. yes but deep you badly that the less he she did it but football on the national front the mafia. study. that i didn't see on it if he should be. used to bet on a video to stephen is what i will say make one a what i want on income buying your tacl you to the morning but in a day to day he got a job being needy morning. he's even as he.
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neighs sorious but the bad news is yes but the t.v. . week seattle he went. in and saw the number into the bottom of the lama is that us and for the mint that he got the. young can elaborate song known as the in pessoa cynthia on the lam into my fields. i. wish to go over. some of that i was leaving at the room demonstration salvatore brother of murdered judge panel boss leno read out a letter from. the coffin and then the i'm from egypt right. now where the new very she's tough if you balance your life because you said i
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don't know if you are thank you one hundred seventy the hour or so down a few no doubt i know if you feed into google you need stuff you've got that if you go on the mobile you know young drive will go to jail because a lot of us have got to go to some of what. you're going to see if it was all my fault you know they focused on. the lawn mower. yes. i. think. i. am a tale learned that more than two thousand people across italy joined the protest in rome but it is political leaders once again failed to speak out over the threats to his life. she's on.
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the in the fed and so tasty to its. demand and number will got to. be ended in. a number of got to the this indictment the fourth and quite up to forty. seven. of the yet and that to me it could add to a threat of this sort out of their own home and got out of its own idiotic but it never had to. force. its. deficient men to mean anything she was scrutinized.
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in monday's thought they will follow lucius will pull august enjoyed it. and you know the. only mean option bevan the song while he put a man. near enough they come from team dale and you know to the lord do the not make them for me. it's all beneath it said there is some months out of me but i'm only going to be valid in the. middle way and only boy you know. the more you know follow. it's the morning must be much on cimino is due to testify in court there are rumors he won two pair. is in a court of only fifteen years even though she may know. and also hinted us ashiana
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. doc. who got the genetics amended. their query will do us harm you feel lucky to live as though you these in the s. and p. your the world you don't need or you'll see is that for the time she will. feel cradled in crystal moment to elect the stool to grab a see a way to. the can see there are a gin and they did he kitchen ain't in the list dr g. if you do i meant it to support then until. there's quite an insidious two party line. a least a quick look at my just strategy mission while you're on that ever. event or not
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that's tricky to call man in stock or that back at it again on board that. after months of anticipation he witnessed massimo chanche ameena is ready to
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testify he alleges that members of the italian establishment conspired with the mafia and godfather taught tory enough during the wave of terror attacks twenty five years ago. on day one ciancia mena makes an astonishing charge that the state made a secret pact with three and a successor he claims that the new boss of bosses but not a province on was allowed to run his crime empire undisturbed by the authorities in return for ending the bombing campaign. but i meant they got see their little tail if they thought they could i'll start this thread in a young the. two species people swear by the. first day that you or they look wedding with a couple and this is a comment on your body or. you know not to take a lot. would last this on the of other question so the more the theatre i mean taken this one all about it. so by the way he said yes said it
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a commotion or the sit or course of the pews with. data implement that would go destroy by the chino that i will do in such a zone five shape five you will not quarter go out on a long time to work care and they've are probably in tunnel plans little b. but all the more tense every thirty dollar an open ended it that we the robot is for the night because on all stock the. blackout equally get on all the. even eon thought to put on the one nearby service on their own that we don't own in santa i bet if she goes on also this collation legal entity will other people you see by the way start it all the way yet brought together the people out of it we only had a single shot. but it made up
4:56 am
a thing done loony go broke it is so good then i mean that poor hundred ave unlearnt then will be the only ball and starting to choose between the better magazine and leave me outside on the night of the sending a latina but a man and so on he'll spend it all given i'm in the chair that i spent to get them into. and there are none t. say spears about jessup invented the s.s.n. and broke out the heel spin on the journal in on is simply in the dark but known there then. if you need a sword. the state mafia trial is still ongoing all the accused denied the charges against them further arrests have been made over the bomb plot to kill the mattapan the hunt for the explosives continues .
4:57 am
ios done and all the. known sorts and of course a juiced. on. non-social but to say look. at all the same but on all. be almost so no contravene the limits of just said it best that the quickness.
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caused and not the in c. you need to name the order of the moment and if you will. read. in a less story a joke under these we should add a chair it love ada can i join in the lester i-g. can of otto ganja little t. that jani the ban it. sounds here is one that the figure meant to just about gene annoyed by see no one thousand of them or. at least our wanking we both got chico mandate a main face book on its own it but i sent the quote above on its own either for gordo a look a switch i saw him pasado. in
4:59 am
twenty sixteen when he's revealed big girls from me and some as young as fifteen were trafficked to singapore to work as means it's illegal and costing lives so why does a still continue in law abiding singapore want to when east on al-jazeera. al-jazeera
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is asked swear every. a conflict standing seven years. humanitarian disaster displacing more than half a nation. just zero world meets the children who have become victims of syria's civil war. i am a syrian child on al-jazeera.


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