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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 31, 2018 5:00am-6:01am +03

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in east on al jazeera. al-jazeera is asked where ever you. a conflict standing seven years. humanitarian disaster displacing more than half a nation. just your world meets the children who have become victims of syria's civil war. i am a syrian child on al-jazeera.
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this is al jazeera. hello again peter dhabi here in doha with the news hour for you this hour coming up in the next sixty minutes. what was meant to be a peaceful day of protests turns deadly on gaza's border with israel plus. officer blind salamone has been terminated from the baton rouge police department effective today discipline for the white officers involved in the shooting death of a louisiana black man and a case that sparked a nationwide protest in the u.s. also ahead what is a minister lives take the millions of dollars going to this carnival of a march and fire on guards in schools all over this country america's largest gun lobby goes on the attack against the florida students turned activist after their
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classmates were killed in a mass shooting and. you know a lot of news your love means more than anything to marry. our no i would not be anything without you. an apology from the sacked vice captain of australia has disgraced cricket team for his role in the cheating scandal. our top story the u.n. secretary general antonio terrorists has called for an independent investigation into the deaths of at least seventeen palestinians by israeli forces in gaza it happened on day one of a planned six week campaign of protests against the israeli occupation the israeli military fired live rounds of protesters it's a. as were provoking violence the palestinians maintain the demonstrations were peaceful the palestinian president mahmoud abbas has declared saturday a day of national mourning for what is now the bloodiest day in gaza since the
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twenty fourteen war between israel and hamas the violence also triggered an emergency meeting of the un security council who are officials warn the situation could deteriorate further in the coming days here's what the palestinian ambassador to the u.n. had to say for those who tried to say balance come on now that is not the case civilian protesters demonstrating peacefully and an armed forces unleashed massive power against them that led to this massacre with this large number of go do it or we get more on that aspect of the story shortly but first a bill hamid reports on the day's events in gaza. it was supposed to be a peaceful day but as an armed protested march towards the border fence. israeli soldiers opened fire. sharpshooters were deployed but palestinians
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frustrated by the endless siege to live under undeterred israeli commanders say they issued warnings against approaching the border fence not clear. we will never shoot one bullet against anyone who stays away from the security wall we have wounded during the last few days that everyone who tries to violate the israeli sovereignty or to infiltrate the israeli territories will put himself and his life in danger but for besieged palestinian demonstrating next to the border is about the only visible means available for the world not to forget their plight we live under immense pressure that is why the people explode the blockade and the siege led to the explosion we either choose to live properly or to die we have no space we have no alternatives but to explode we have nothing except the oxygen in the air . land the is considered to first palestinian popular uprising for the past forty two years palestinians have been commemorating this day but this year after trumps
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the collaboration over jerusalem it has taken greater significance it all started here in the road in israel after thousands of hectares of land were confiscated from palestinians back in one nine hundred seventy six six palestinians were killed them yet of a hammy says nothing has changed since palestinian land is still being taken away now more than ever enemies in here we came to commemorate this day because we have to confront the state it's important to remember our martyrs and it's important to save our ownership of the land i personally think we should resist until our last breath we shouldn't negotiate anymore we shouldn't give up. our rights we need to find new ways many of the people living in gaza today are refugees and they're demanding their right to return home several tents have been erected a little further away from the border fence for what is being called the great
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march of return people are vowing to stay here until may fifteenth by dead due us is due to have moved its embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem but up that hemy al jazeera in the order in israel. ok let's go back to the u.n. in new york both the u.k. and the u.s. envoys to the united nations address the situation in gaza here's a taste of what they both said we are deeply saddened by the loss of life today regards those involved to take steps to lower tensions and reduce the risk of new clashes bad actors who use protests as a cover to incite violence in danger and send lives we need an urgent and general agreement that addresses the underlying causes of the conflict and transform the situation in gaza an agreement should ensure that hamas and other terrorist groups permanently and rocket fire and attacks against israel the palestinian authority
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regimes control of gaza and restores effective and accountable governance and then israel lifts its restrictions in order to ease the suffering of ordinary palestinians. this is a violation of the international humanitarian law as occupying power also they are by awaiting their. obligations in accordance to do the convention what should the council do now we will ask the council to take action. of course first of all the poll by the by the loss of life. large number wanted in gaza today. the use of force must always be. used proportionally and it seems that the israeli security forces have been using live ammunition today so these events must be immediately investigated of course well palestine has been slowly disappearing from the map since the first world war this is what it looked like one hundred years ago when jews only made up three percent of the population that picture has now changed
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dramatically palestinians are now only allowed limited self rule in small pockets under israeli military occupation which is the longest in modern history let's get more on this joining us on the news phyllis bennis is a fellow with the institute for policy studies and author of the book understanding the palestinian israeli conflict she joins us out of washington phyllis bennis the palestinians want not just a statement but a strongly worded statement from the u.n. security council will they get it. i don't think it's likely that there will be even a presidential statement because the united states will not allow that to happen the problem is that asking only for a statement isn't going to accomplish very much it's not going to change the situation on the ground the notion of a united nations independent investigation of course is very important but there needs to be something more the mouth there needs to be condemnation there needs to be a recognition that these actions by israel and remember days before this set of protests
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began today was only the first day of what is anticipated to be a six week long nonviolent protest camps have been set up tents were put up playing fields for children had been established and the israeli response days ago was we are sending one hundred snipers who will be prepared to use force. if people approach the fence now given the size of the gaza strip and the fact that the israeli fence surrounds the entire strip the notion of approaching the fence means breathing inside gaza so the notion that simply asking for a stronger statement is simply not going to be enough i don't think they will get even that because the united states almost certainly will refuse to to join in anything that does not privilege israel and does not ignore the questions of the violations of international humanitarian law and violations of the geneva conventions a number of ambassadors tonight the swedish ambassador the french ambassador others
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spoke of the need for. all actions to be proportionate that there should not be this kind of disproportionate use of force the swedish ambassador even said it appears that all the children who were among the dead and injured were all palestinians as if that was somehow surprising when you're talking about an armed palestinian protest where eventually a few children picked up stones stones against tanks the first cash. he this morning was a farmer on his own land who was killed by a tank shell when the israelis had brought a tank right up to the fence this is not something where you talk about balance something that the palestinian ambassador referenced so i don't think we're likely to see a strong statement and unfortunately i don't think we're likely to see at this stage at least any real action by the united nations a more sure reading of the stance very strongly second on the part of israel because their line is there were people wolf and through that tapestry of humanity
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that we saw taking part in what started out as a peaceful protest that peaceful protest remained a peaceful protest on the palestinian side where there are members of the hamas political party probably it's the largest party in gaza they won the elections in two thousand and six so were there supporters of hamas probably yes the protest was not called by hamas the protest was called by a collaboration of civil society organizations and was endorsed by all of the political parties half a dozen or more parties within gaza they all endorsed it including hamas of course but the notion that somehow by saying there were hamas people there is designed to discredit this extraordinary outpouring of people who were not only commemorating landay but also as you one of your packages indicated earlier this was all about the right of return with the abandonment of
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a two state solution partly by the fact that israeli settlement has made it impossible and partly because donald trump and others have made clear that it is not their goal. palestinians particularly in gaza this week are looking at fundamentals and the fundamentals include the right of return guaranteed in un resolution one thousand four something that the israelis have never implemented have never allowed the palestinians to return despite that resolution so this time around they were saying this is a march for return and it's to put on the agenda of the world this right that has been denied now for seventy years phyllis bennis there in washington thank you so much a white policeman in the u.s. state of louisiana has been fired for the killing of an african-american altar and sterling another policeman has been suspended the thirty seven year old sterling was held by the two offices and shot dead in baton rouge and twenty sixteen mike
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hanna now from washington. baton rouge police have finally released the body camera footage of the killing out on sterling was selling c.d.'s outside a convenience store when the two officers arrived on the scene a struggle broke out and six shots were fired earlier this week the louisiana attorney general announced no criminal charges will be brought against the two officers but after an internal investigation the better on rouge police department has announced disciplinary steps one officer at suited to use deescalation these disengagement techniques consistent with policy and procedures in training and one officer did not follow the tactics training. professionalism and organizational standards simple the officer who wrestled sterling to the ground how we lake has been suspended for three days but his partner blake's alimony who fired the shots
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that killed the thirty seven year old has been fired from the police and this reaction from the attorneys of elton sterling's family. today was a troubling day. goes and day. but it was a day for truth. truth that we don't really see too often. it may have come in the form of a horrific incident. but it was a day for sure the killing back in july two thousand and sixteen led to massive nationwide protests and galvanized the black lives met and movement and to the tens of thousands who took to the streets the disciplinary process may be seen as too little too late the question to why the police found the officer who fired the shots culpable but the state's attorney general did not mike hanna al-jazeera
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washington. turkey's president has rejected a french offer to mediate between ankara and kurdish armed groups in syria dismissing emanuel now as quotes out of his depth it comes a day after the u.s. president donald trump contradicted his own defense chiefs telling a rally in ohio that u.s. forces would be out of syria very soon stephanie decker with more. the americans have long had a presence in this part of northern syria supporting the syrian democratic forces arrest in the fight against eisel the turkey views the kurdish y p g which makes up the bulk of the s.d.f. as a terrorist organization and the latest twist french president met with an s.d.s. delegation on thursday night in paris an offer to mediate which isn't going down well in ankara why biggio there's dick. says that he gave guarantee of support to the y.p. g that france can be mediators between turkey and the s.d.f.
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who gave you this judy do not engage in things beyond. turkish armed forces have already taking the troll of much of the syrian problems about free in pushing out the y.p. g everyone has long threatened to push further east on to members where the u.s. has military bases and all the way to the iraqi border the americans have also been monitoring the potential front line between kurdish fighters and the turkish backed syrian rebels who are nearby and to complicate matters even further the u.s. commander in chief had this to say and by the way we're not going the hell out of isis will become another syria like very soon let the other people take care of it now very soon very soon we're coming now. that boast goes against what american commanders have been saying all along that the u.s. will remain in the northeastern part of syria for now to prevent the resurgence of beisel trump court even the state department of guard i can't comment on what the president supposedly said i haven't seen and i have to refer you back to the white house post that shit why i have not seen it myself and said it i have not seen that
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myself ok but you know you don't you don't necessarily comment or report on things that have been heard secondhand and i'm not going to do that that's ok that's fine so you're not aware of any policy determination to poor to pull the us out of sight not no no the us presence in syria gives it a stake at the negotiating table as long as troops men tain their presence in the kurdish areas the war in syria is now entering a phase where russia turkey and iran are in the process of bartering for their strategic interests. the kurdish y p g currently controls around twenty percent of territory in syria the second highest area of land up to president bashar al assad and his forces turkey wants that to change it's anyone's guess how it will play out stephanie decker al-jazeera. plenty more ahead here on the news for you including as mexico's presidential campaign gets underway could it be thirteen lucky for the left wing front runner plus why easter celebrations are taking on a special significance for families caught up in the philippines war on drugs and
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in sports a new look australian cricket team six to put a week of scandal behind them as the final test against south africa gets underway . relatives of inmates killed in one of venezuela's worst prison riots are demanding an explanation as they bury their loved ones sixty eight people died when a fire broke out in an overcrowded police station in the city of a lengthy poultice with the latest. inmates killed in a jail riot and fire in venezuela's third largest city are being laid to rest in this mass grave authorities won't confirm or deny reports that inmates started the fire and relatives are demanding answers. from let and where is the person responsible for all these deaths this is genocide did they burn alive
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because they were deprived of freedom they had no right are human rights no longer respected in this country where is the culprit. a prisoner rights group says the valencia police station jail was built to hold thirty five detainees but at the time of the fire some two hundred people were believed to be inside it says venezuela's jails are often a three hundred percent over the past city. the latest figures show that as of two years ago nearly fifty thousand people were being held in prisons designed to hold nine hundred thousand inmates last summer thirty seven people died and more than one hundred were injured in a prison riot four years ago more than sixty inmates died when prisoners fought with security forces seven years ago a month long standoff between the national guard and inmates took more than twenty lives another jail uprising that same year left twenty five dead a fire at
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a prison in the western state of zulia killed more than one hundred inmates in one thousand nine hundred four. human rights watch says some seven thousand people have died in the country's prisons over the past two decades. venis well as attorney general has appointed prosecutors to find out what has happened that he has a fight the authorities wrote on the death certificates that they had all died of suffocation and that they had burned themselves in there that is a lie i am a witness and there is a god that knows that my son called me and said mom they are going to kill us all. but as well as government says it will compensate the relatives of the sixty six prisoners and two visitors who died president nicolas maduro is under pressure but he has yet to respond. al-jazeera. so the candidates running for the presidency in mexico have launched their campaigns for the elections in july said to be a three way battle between very different candidates but one thing they do all agree
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on is the opposition to the u.s. president on more from border wall john heilemann now from mexico city. it's going to be the biggest election in mexican history with positions up for grabs from mexico city mayor to congressional seats to the top job itself and all eyes are on the three main contenders for the presidency but who are they the current front runner is familiar to mexicans at least this is the third bid by and it is money well lopez obrador. he's a traditional leftist who wants to raise public workers salaries increase benefits the vulnerable next concern and worryingly for some hope the current government's reforms to the struggling education and energy sectors but most of all i am committed to eliminating corruption and impunity privileges and exemptions will be abolished we will put an end to luxuries abuses and overspending in the government but that cries less convincing this time around he's allied himself with some
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devious trade union leaders and politicians in the hope of widening his support. pod on the heels of the veteran and ambitious youngster because the a ny is all about slick promotional videos and steve jobs speech is what the conservative candidates fronting a left right alliance his main proposals a universal income for all paid for by cutting social programs he's a modernizer but so far short on. the way is clear first sustained economic development based on being more competitive attractive to investment which in turn will be invested in education health and infrastructure. and i think he has to defend himself against corruption accusations which he says are a smear campaign from the team at this month third place to hold him tony iommi seen as a competent technocrat he's banking on his government experience to win bookings or
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they're more more. we can look mexicans in the eye and talk about twenty years of public service with twenty years of honorable promotions twenty years of being part of a team. to be seen as lacking charisma this being dragged down by running for a ruling party which has failed to curb corruption will deal with what is the elephant in the room for everyone and that's mexico's on going violence none of the kind they have offered much detail on how they'll talk that it will keep that focus on other things. that's bill's trouble the current administration had the same approach and today we're seeing record murder levels the kind of the sower on the other hand willing to confront this man and he's planned a furious mix compulsively. but they're also showing some or strength in one of them is going to have to work with the neighborhood to the new home and. screw city . earlier we spoke to christopher wilson from the mexico institute at the wilson
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center he says presidential candidates have been focusing on proving clean anti corruption image this is the largest election in mexican history in terms of the number of seats that are up for you know election in terms of many governors full renewal of the congress and of course the president and really you know what's interesting about this is just that for mexicans it's the same issues as always there are high levels of violence in the country that was something that was expected to have declined during this past administration but it did not there on record to have on pace to have more homicides during this past six your administration and the previous one and so that remains a major issue and then the perennial issue of poverty inequality in mexico is also at the top of the list there's such a distrust for politicians that the main thing that any of the candidates need to do is prove to the people of mexico that that they can be trusted individually and that they represent something different than the status quo so so far it's been as
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much about personality as it is been about policy. some of the students who survived a school shooting in the u.s. on hitting back at recent criticism of the stance they've taken on gun control they're being powerful voices in protests since last month's attack in florida and that's made them a target for the national rifle association the n.r.a. as well as conservative media outlets gabriel elizondo has a story. first they survived one of the worst school shootings in history and. then a week ago they organized march for our lives i the student led demonstration in washington calling for stronger gun control if you listen real close you can hear the people in power shaking now they are facing another attack this one coming from america's powerful gun lobby and its supporters who are trying to discredit them the national rifle association by far the most powerful gun lobby in the us put out this video that mocked the shooting survivors who want to save innocent lives take
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the millions of dollars going to this carnival of a march and hire armed guards in schools all over this country but then these kids would have to shriek from the spotlight and go back to their homework eighteen year old emma gonzales and seventeen year old david hallberg two of the most vocal survivors of the parklane shooting who have become the face of the gun control movement and i've also taken the most cruel and false smears against them this memo of gonzalez ripping up the constitution that protects the right to bear arms went viral online by pro-gun groups it was meant to portray gonzales as an anti america leftists the only problem it is fake and was taken from this real image of gonzales ripping up a shooting target and outrage after laura ingram a conservative host on fox news made fun of hog tweeting david hog rejected by four colleges to which implied the message read in part ingram later apologized as for
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the students they're now responding hitting back at their critics were hurts them the most their wallets if you got me or my friends we're going to go after you because we aren't going as far as that we're going to go after the money because that's where the money. several well known companies on ingram's t.v. program have pulled their advertisements. by the time it's a win for teen survivors turned gun reform activists who aren't backing down from powerful politicians pundits and a gun lobby clearly threatened by them gabriel is onto. washington. that would have a man who killed forty nine people to gain one club in florida and twenty sixteen has been cleared of helping him nor sell money was fun not guilty of providing support to a terrorist organization and of obstruction of justice husband obama team opened
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fire inside the pulse club in orlando before he died in the gun battle with the police it was one of the worst mass shootings in recent american history on this good friday the family really wants to very first say that we're very sorry for the family members and friends of the forty nine victims at the post nightclub shooting and also the vic the survivors of that horrible attack. really that is the top most important thing the family wants you all to know irregardless of their happiness today the verdict still to come here on the news it's time to go russia summons the diplomats it's expelling as a result of the growing spiral with the u.k. plus. and sport joseph and to me joshua face off before saturday's heavyweight boxing unification fight.
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from the neon lights of asia. to the city that never sleeps. plenty of sunshine seaward china at the moment little bit of cloud some right into the southwest and cold but for many there were some warm weather around getting into the the low to mid twenty's there for shanghai all the way down into hong kong and that will be the case as we go through the next few days that well so weather into the southwest should begin to a should begin to fall apart more sunshine coming through sunshine and showers too across the much of southeast asia the philippines generally fine in trouble for borneo a few showers just creeping in here extending over towards the mill a peninsula to warsaw but by and large again lassi fine and dry for the most part the usual just heat of the day showers just a rumbling away a little bit about whether just making its way up towards thailand you notice that
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will creep its way towards us flanker over the next day or so but for most certainly across much of south asia the story really is the heat the burning hate temperatures getting up into the forty's once again that poor around forty two celsius harder bad not too far off too far off that sea for new delhi you notice is be go on into sunday further south you see a little more cloud just creeping towards frank but i suspect it will stay dry not to draw too across the robin peninsula but rather ways windy wanted to go on through sunday with lifted dust and sand. the weather sponsored by cattle and race. week will get it filled with their long that's in the club they are going to send us along. for her car her. purse our soccer team dollars just that. short documentaries from around the world about those who won't give up their fight
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welcome back you're watching the al-jazeera news our my name's peter double your headlines the u.n. secretary general and cynical terrorist has called for an independent investigation into the killing of at least seventeen palestinians by israeli forces in gaza well in a thousand injured in the confrontations with the military during landay protests turkey's president has rejected a french initiative to mediate between turkish and kurdish forces in syria the french president emmanuel mccrum made the offer after meeting a kurdish delegation on thursday. and a white police officer in the u.s. state of louisiana has been fired over the killing of the african-american old sterling another policeman's been suspended the thirty seven year old sterling was held down by the two officers and shot dead in baton rouge in twenty sixteen. russia is throwing out diplomats from twenty three countries as the dispute over the poisoning of a former spy in britain grows ambassadors were summoned to the foreign ministry in moscow to be told about the decision the move is in retaliation for
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a series of expulsions of russian officials by the u.k. and its allies london accuses the kremlin of being behind the nerve agent attack on circuits cripple and his daughter yulia at the beginning of march challenge has the latest now from moscow. well one after another black ambassadorial cars have been pulling up here outside the rather ornate silver gray doors of the russian foreign ministry and the ambassadors have been walking into essentially get a dressing down from the foreign ministry staff air and be told how many of their personnel has to be packing their bags to leave from what we've seen so far it seems to be broadly tit for tat in line numbers wise with the explosions that we have heard from western countries kicking out russians over the script all of the british ambassador was told that the total number of u.k. personnel here diplomatic and consular paster eventually match by the end of the
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month the number of russian staff in the u.k. this is on top of the twenty three brits that had to pack their bags and leave some days ago that was of course because the u.k. had kicked out twenty three russians what we're seeing here is this worsening of diplomatic relations tit for tat response it's a catalyst as we in this group are fair but of course there is so much else behind all this march that's gone on over the last few years with the camp of russian campaign in syria with what's been going on in crimea and ukraine that has worsened relations between the west and russia of course blair putin and donald trump are both saying that there is room for so walk back from this of course they have to say that they don't want to go marching off to war but yes we are in a severe diplomatic crisis of the moment and it doesn't seem to be getting any better right now. we're joined by an up or ship skier joining us from washington
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she is a fellow at the washington institute and focuses on russian foreign policy we're going to go with this from here on in expulsions tit for tat just more of the same . well you know first let me just put this in perspective a little bit and thank you of course for having me don't forget that look at how look at what it took it took basically a chemical attack on u.k. soil. for for these expulsions to happen on the western side and you know there's really no way to see how the west had any choice and look at how long it took and finally just now the west is starting to realize the true danger that putin's russia poses to the west. look as far as the the they will tell it to explosions i think that that's that was to be expected i don't think that's surprising to anybody the real issue now is what street was strategically what what
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is the west going to do about russia and it seems that thinking more long term unfortunately while expulsions were a good start we don't really we're not really thinking much beyond that strategically when it comes to who's driving the expulsions from the united states where you are to what degree is donald trump on board here because i mean he was told point number one he was told did not congratulate let me a putin on the russian presidential election victory he congratulated him this is a man who you know when scientists tell him do not look at the eclipse of the sun he looks at the eclipse of the sun and yet now he does a complete u. turn and condemns russia. yeah you know it's very hard it's hard to tell exactly what donald trump's thinking is there's lots of you know questions to ask particularly about his behavior towards russia we know he's a very erratic inconsistent man but generally speaking when it comes to russia he
5:37 am
has been fairly consistent but at the same time the people around him and i mean consistent in terms of wanting to work with russia and certainly as you said congratulating him when he was told not to. but at the same time his actions also show that he's appointing people who are pretty tough on russia so it's it's you know if it's very hard to tell others where all were all of this is going and that goes again to my point about no strategy spycraft is always good for a headline it's always good for an intriguing television news report so understandably the u.k. the french the germans they're very interested in this are americans engaging with this story as well the americans that you're dealing with day to day there in the states. i think they are and you know i think. look i think russia is very much in the news now people are paying a lot more attention to russia now than they have been they should have probably
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started paying attention earlier but better late than never so yeah i think i think people are paying attention ok we'll leave it there many thanks for joining us from washington. well staying with russia moscow says it has successfully tested an intercontinental ballistic missile as defense ministry released video of the launch from said skin the northwest the nuclear weapon called sama it will replace a soviet era model which is the world's heaviest intercontinental ballistic missile the president mr putin says the new missile can strike targets anywhere in the world and is difficult to intercept. china's playing down and fears a space station could pose a danger when it crashes back to earth the turn and a half metre long tiangong one lab was launched in twenty eleven to carry a docking and orbital experiments is expected to reenter the atmosphere in the next forty eight hours but beijing can't say exactly when or where a space lab has been drifting out of control for two years. by the
5:39 am
chinese taking the tiangong ones re entry into the atmosphere seriously we are dealing with this situation in accordance with the related international conventions and in the spirit of responsibility we continually been informing the united nations space agency with the latest information about the tiangong and we have been open and transparent if there is a need we will probably be in touch with the relevant country in a private funeral for the british scientists even hawking asserts take place near the university where he spent most of his extraordinary life the physicist worked at cambridge for more than half a century refusing to give in in the face of disability he died this month at the age of seventy six to shop now reports. stephen hawking's philosophy of life was simple look up at the stars not down at your feet and try to make sense of what you see and wonder what makes the universe exist and that in fact turned out
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to be his purpose in life my body is very limited my mind is free to explore the universe to go back to the quickening of time and then to let us. there are no limits of human spirit a towering intellect matched by a dog determination gave him the red gift of communication complex theories not just to presidents and prime ministers but to everyone else when he was twenty one stephen hawking was given just two and a half years to live diagnosed with motor neuron disease he lived on for more than fifty years he died two and a half weeks ago in cambridge near the university where he studied and worked for decades thousand signed the book of condolence in honor of the professor who inspired generations of students to pursue careers in science is always been a hero of mine and my guiding light on my journey here the cambridge
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a light has gone out but at the same time there is a real joy that he would have to say long contributing to science in the wake of dead walking always described himself as an atheist but the service at the university church where we both inclusive and traditional to reflect the diversity of his remarkable life peter shop al-jazeera millions of christians around the world have been marking good friday the start of the easter period pope francis presided over a mass at some peter's basilica at the vatican and then travel to rome's coliseum where he led a traditional torchlight procession good friday commemorates the crucifixion of jesus christ this was the scene in occupied east jerusalem where people took part in the procession through the via dolorosa some pilgrims carrot crosses as they marched it's believed to be the path jesus walked before he was crucified.
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and in the czech republic the east that professional wooden rattling has been given a modern twist a local artist has added white masks to the ancient procession rattling instruments are used in the streets to call people to prayer instead of bells. and in southern mexico worshippers carried thorny branches in a march to mark the start of holy week large bundles way up to fifty kilograms and they're meant to represent the suffering of jesus carrying the cross the catholic tradition dates back to sixteen twenty two. well the eighty percent of people in the philippines are catholic and this year the celebrations are taking on a special significance for families caught up in the president says war on drugs reports from manila. lifting her prayers to god surely and fully a says she hopes he gets to wash away her troubles too these are trying times her husband reynaldo was accused of being a drug peddler and was gunned down two years ago now she's left to cope her own
5:43 am
with eleven children to feel. committed by boundaries that day he said he was going to work overtime so he could bias a nice meal it was a special day they killed him on my birthday i don't know where to turn to i blame god i hate his henery but now here i am praying he has better plans for me. fifteen family members gather in a solemn ceremony they are widows and orphans of the so-called drug war of president did they go to turtle they come from the poorest sector of society their faith they say has become the refuge at a time of great uncertainty. more tragically is the loss of consciousness of sin that everything seems to be related everything seems to me all right and ok the callousness of one's conscience the deadening
5:44 am
of one's conscience but when you see a poor prison lying dead you see that it's ok. rights groups reckon that at least ten thousand people have died in the two years since president of the good thirty began his so-called war on drugs and critics say will it just leaders here have been slow to react though there are signs they are slowly finding their voices in. the hierarchy of the roman catholic church here like in. leaders of today to the bible the ranee code king it says politicians are devoid of humility and he even uses violence and intimidation against the poorest sector of society. people here say the suffering of jesus mirrors their own it's dusk and the priests say it was at this time when jews this a tweet jesus and his disciples it is at nightfall to where people you say they are
5:45 am
most afraid. darkness means gunmen room their streets a time when they fear their loved ones may be taken away. dugan al-jazeera manila. the battle between madrid and barcelona over catalans a session is bringing back but some memories from the spanish civil war which ended nearly eighty years ago some of the relatives of those who died the wounds of that conflict have yet to heal as david chase and i reports. in the hills above the village of us a team of archaeologists has already exuma more than one hundred bodies from the site both men and women. a d.n.a. bank has been created to collect samples from relatives of the missing to try and reunite the victims with the still grieving families joseph maria came to the mass grave this week because he'd heard they discovered a body with an amputated leg that was the one thing he knew about his grandfather
5:46 am
badly wounded in the fierce fighting around the village doctors had to cut off one of his legs like so many thousands of others in the wake of the civil war his own sons never had a chance to mourn at his graveside the forensic anthropologist at the site said there's a high chance the family have finally found their grandfather but the agony of waiting is still not over a genetic match is needed to confirm it. when you know more than a matter when there's a dramatic death in any family a vacuum is created and it's passed down to each generation it's about restoration of about giving him a dignified funeral it's not here he was it's important to heal the wounds there's never been any judicial reckoning for general franco and his death squads the killings and executions and purges continued after the war was over his victims buried in unmarked and unquiet graves but the divisions here are still very much
5:47 am
alive the streets of the village may now seem peaceful but the memories of the civil war that raged around them can never be forgotten. in the war i remember certain things it was something to be afraid of something we were always terrified of waiting to see what would happen general francisco franco's final resting place is marked with a giant cross in the valley of the fallen outside madrid. that so many of his victims still lie unmarked and claim real peace can never return here until spain comes to terms with its brutal past david chaytor al jazeera catalonia. coming up in the sports news find out why zlatan aber in the itch is getting slapped around by his new teammates and so the name better than me is here with sports news in about a minute or two. facing
5:48 am
the realities of growing up when did you realize that you were living in a special place the so-called secret city getting to the heart of the matter why is activists to live in jail just because she expressed herself hear their story on the talk to al-jazeera at this time. tracing the fall from prosperity to financial ruin this is peace a leader movement we're we're here allies nothing worse first will be in three years the devastating impact to save the banks means also to save the deposits for ordinary citizens and the failure to prevent disaster banks and political leaders are the people who need to learn over us our gora from democracy to the markets on
5:49 am
al-jazeera. the sack vice captain of australia's cricket team has apologized for the part he played in the ball tampering scandal david warner has been banned for twelve months and told he will never again hold a leadership role in the team he was the last of the three you describe scriptures as to from top to the media to captain steve smith and batsman cameron bancroft the thirty one year old says he takes full responsibility for his part of the incident but avoided questions about what it was that he had done. all apologised to my family.
5:50 am
specially my wife and daughters. your lot of news your love means more than anything to marry. our no i would not be anything without you. i'm very sorry for putting you through this in our promise you that i'll never put you in this position again time for the rest the sports his son thank you very much the fourth and final cricket test between south africa and australia has begun in johannesburg with a visit is looking to put the ball tampering scandal behind them absent from the team is the trio of former captain steve smith or his deputy david warner and cameron about croft all of whom were sent home in disgrace and banned for their involvement in the incident during the third test they might be gone but it's still
5:51 am
very much on the minds of the fans as katherine sawyer reports. we are right outside the wonderous cricket stadium and thousands of fans are here in johannesburg to cheer on their teams cricket is a game that is very much respected and loved south africa as well as australia and people who were here are very much aware about the handle of the ball tampering scandal the hopman last saturday and they tell us that they are angry they are shocked and disappointed and also you know they have very strong opinions about what happened last week whisper of the game's most unfortunate thing and i think australians roots. i don't think this is a new thing as you've been doing for many years analogies are keeping. the kids play already some of the strain spanish players i'm missing. some of the guys on here with you feel pretty disappointed at the end like the best test batsman in the
5:52 am
world stocks not so that's kind of about the right stuff. there is a fair amount of of of license to range from x. and its type it never happens again in the future many of the funds here are hoping that the controversy will not affect the spirit of the game will not overshadow the game that however also satisfied with the action that has so far been taken by the different cricket authorities and the fact that the players have owned up to their mistake and are almost full of people here are also hoping that this going forward will serve as a deterrent to other players who have similar thoughts south africa are looking to win the first test series at home against australia since launch in seventy eight and highest ever test score helping the home side saw a three hundred thirteen for success stumps for the australians have rallied late
5:53 am
in the day taken four wickets in the final session where. a different group of guys and then. you know strive hard for a long time we haven't got too many go or is it that long to very wise and you know i have that sort of really hard just a strange approach sight i'm aware that creating an environment where guys can come in imply cricket just pay themselves. and i think if we can we can achieve that they will have going to having better results as well. as out today went in another series has gone this for. the sort of identified that is just is is a lot for us to still play for and we could have easily got caught up with you know what's happened last week and forgot about the cricket sort of thing so look i'll give that some thought supposing this is done but you know i'm grateful for it's gone so. i went on to tennis now fourteen seed john eyes now has reached the final of the miami open the american b. to two thousand and nine u.s. open champion in the fourth row in straight sets six one seven six and the
5:54 am
argentina's fifteen match winning streak i was bidding for first masters one else in. the women's final the miami open will pitch two reigning grand slam champions against each other french open champion the n.l. stepping coby to american qualifiers and the call is in thursday's second semifinal the latvian sixty the hit thirty three one is the only route to a seven six six three victory ostap ankle has two career titles heading into such as this final against u.s. open champion sloane stephens. anthony just one joseph apopka have a wade in the head of such as have you wait but seeing a title unification bout. the . british fighter just what will have both the highs and weighted fun to just pull the fight after weighing in and nearly three kilos
5:55 am
a heavier than the new zealand both fighters are undefeated but just well who currently holds the w.b. a i.b.s. and i believe titles is favored to beat parker to claim his w.b. zero zero crown. i think this will be a real motional time because we're creating history and there's always been a lot of talk of what's happening next or something the next and i'll say this is my main focus joseph parker has been my main focus and there's been times when i've done interviews enough that it will fly and we hear what providing the security is when. we're on somebody's history late two thousand and eighteen. for the captain australia's rugby sevens team has been ruled out of the upcoming commonwealth games after having his skull fractured jamestown and hide in a farewell dinner for all going coach andy friend police say the alleged one punch attack was provoked and they have charged a twenty two year old man with assault. as far as we're aware it's all right there
5:56 am
would save me we have a big conversation we're all of us are going to be sort of the monkey and we haven't had the opportunity to speak to the victim but he's still in hospital. he's a pretty bad assault should never have been why there's been more drama for sale in the round the world volvo ocean race off to one of the boats that broke its mast while the crew of festus eleventh hour a single were forced to cut away the broken mosque on friday afternoon to avoid damaging the hole the boat is now altering at towards the fault in the islands which are about one hundred nautical miles away a number of other both suffered sail and great damage while in the southern ocean. official is still missing after being swept overboard on monday. there's a lot on the bring him of it has trained for the first time with the l.a. galaxy swedish strike oh it was all smiles and seemed to enjoy the california
5:57 am
weather as he joined his new teammates on friday to have a vigil is the latest football star to be drafted into major league soccer the six year old most recently played for manchester united he could make his m.l.s. in the first this saturday and when i say that this was supposed to have been couple of years ago i mean it was supposed to have been before manchester united my head was here i wanted to come here. and and it didn't happen ok. things gold sometimes leg it is not supposed to go but there's the knee said that there will come here so los angeles called and i answered and that's a small fine we'll have more later on the president of the international olympic committee has met the north korean leader in pyongyang kim jong un has agreed to allow north korean athletes to compete at the twenty twenty tokyo summer olympics on the twenty twenty two beijing winter olympics then using the thomas back comes
5:58 am
after the i.o.c. helped broker the participation of north korea in this year's winter olympics in pyongyang in south korea i mean see i'm that explores the life of the legendary attorney and lover casanova is about to open in his home city venice it features six rooms telling his story using digital installation and virtual technology one exhibit recreates his bedroom and whilst he's been known for being a playboy the museum also sheds light on his work as a politician or writer despite. at least a little assistant yeah school i know i think has a no restudied abroad here in italy it tends to be focused on the love of cliche because an over was more than that he was a great scholar with specific qualities that shouldn't be ignored. in about two minutes with news twenty three g. a little later i will see very soon. to see.
5:59 am
a family. politicized by the forces of nature. filmed over four years i can name farmer documents his struggle for his community survival and builds a template for global action on climate change. the climate diaries a witness documentary at this time on al-jazeera. is quiet the signal is given. out so it's safe to walk to school last year there are more than thirty in this community in one month the police say this area is a red zone one of several in some townships and children sometimes court in the crossfire when rival gangs fight so parents and grandparents have started what they call a walking bust to try to take them from gang violence i lost my. daughter years ago i also lost my there are more than one hundred fifty volunteers working for several walking busses teachers say it is working class attendance has improved the
6:00 am
volunteers also act as security guards on counting the cost of crude futures contract was launched in china this week find out what it all means for the dollar and oil for. a look at africa's biggest companies plus technology under scrutiny the latest digital data. counting the cost. combining also and to acknowledge. the challenge soviet era methodology. through making creating performing. turning a generation of children. into the trailblazers of tomorrow. after school. part of the rebel education series this time on how do you see.


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