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tv   Justice  Al Jazeera  March 31, 2018 8:32am-9:00am +03

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louisiana has been sacked over the killing of african american alton sterling another policeman has been suspended for three days thirty seven year old sterling was held down by the days thirty seven year old sterling was held down by the two officers and shot dead in the city of baton rouge in twenty sixteen and hundreds of protesters are marching in california's capital sacramento over the police shooting of an unarmed black man on friday summoned to the foreign ministry in moscow to be told of the decision the moves in retaliation for a series of explosions of russian diplomats by the u.k. and its allies and russia says it successfully tested an intercontinental ballistic missile defense ministry released a video of the launch from classics to the north west president vladimir putin says the new missile can strike targets and in the world and is difficult to intercept on the stock vice captain of australia's cricket team as apologize for the part he played in a ball tampering scandal in south africa david warner has been banned for twelve months and told he'll never again hold
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a leadership role in the team he was the last of the three disgraced cricketers to front up to the media after captain steve smith and batsman cameron bancroft well those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after a.j. select statement. justin is instancing. son journalists decided to sacrifice their integrity for our sas code in the media opinion the listening post at this time on al-jazeera. almost. forty.
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one forty six all very very sharp wires are smart. ones are going to shot and killed by milwaukee police in the heart of downtown no want she says the suspect grabbed the obvious or his baton and started beating him with the understanding this is the initial version of events. like. that. now. to day is grand oh named party for mother earth for justice. for now i'll just put it there. i'm going to be introduced to the mother earth that are going through thing type of pain i. still have my days i still have my nights going to spend fifteen years right you know her son was shot fourteen times mom was just seven you are those who was just
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six so that's why i'm here in out think out here you know man. down three was my bro and he never sold any signs of any kind of paranoid or friendly q. was only handed. grabbed his eyes paid it all be oh we start. when he was say why did you have it you don't leave it. on and will. die and went to radio part something dead he will leave the wound is alive. he was satan in the park and the manager as star called the police to be moved because he thought he was a homeless man. the police out there is answering our call and they came out and
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they had to discuss it with dad. and they told her they found a he wasn't doing anything wrong. when the call a day spads it went to for a manny be kept in. the background or words to the point were officer grabbed his with. couple times with. and from there you have the officers. you have with samberg never heard it officer we were told there are many just to try to be tree dumped in time for that train and he missed an employee and he shot my baby forty eight hours .
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are there not pass for. an. old two months i was there. i felt like i had not then and i felt. they're saying their. own lives and it is crazy. and that's why he was shy with. rod and. repairers to tell you will be for me. now. i will say we don't know if that's true that's going to be one of them is right. there they're killing people they don't have
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weapons they have to say is. my life. on them. i found out that this was. any of these cases and it was overwhelming. for me and i'm praying for you and. the founder mothers for justice you know. this. it's now we're back in the as big as it has. we're. we're going to wise thing. may ninth this my work. and that's the perry on me. three hamilton is the main
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organizer and will lead a mother's day march that will take place saturday of this week and there will be meeting with people in the white house has been incredible in calling people to accountability organizing other mothers meeting. and doing the research which brought me to this place and i met i'm not sure if i want a child in such a terrible violent way if i would have the courage or the training i just want to praise you for having the courage. apparently there should be some form of a civilian panel yet that is embalmed as well we're headed. for. new talent t.v. and video any killings on there we're going to give them our demands
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that are moderate now we're meeting at the white house back to. work ordering a nasty call. to have a special prosecutor. any time a links to the police of the terrorists or the day's out for this. hopefully we can get cases reopened and possibly get justice for their here glad. we didn't do the script that was because they're going to live this reality the voice that we gave today it might have been quiet but i think they heard stuff because everybody seemed like they just wanted to break down they didn't give mistakenly being i mean once you land i think they going.
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to have posed to me in a stress disorder and take medication to keep the face spanx away the mass on the sat killed him out in math a fundamental of the broke him to tears in the shooting ten times number in trying to give. even a clue when. the old man. they didn't feel any magic here their hands on forces with us and is no stopping them. it was.
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worse than now waiting and while we're waiting more babies are dying to know much violence and in need to stop. no one was. the one i got turned. up one. for every time like. that are coming. here if it isn't. me oh yes i. am here to see the a. train has begun in la you know i hang out rabbit i think you ways great joy. but more than i enjoy most is a smile. means leave.
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me alone i am me we are considering some of his friends yes just chapters all over the ninety's thanks i am i out i wanna have an acid or they say god. i'm determined to get change so mothers for justice is me whole. on. the song.
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but there are one lot of people to. buy at all. for that i thought i. had to mention the battle. sons this.
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is a southern but. forty three students have a thing for twenty six thousand. young men were returning from a protest in the city of equality women the simple police opened fire on a convoy a group a company they were studying otherworld training college known as well i don't. have a history. that it has. that it might.
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have been my. but as in brooklyn when i think there will be an enriching of the plan they are going to go. with oh and. you may live on depends on the police came before and will get a mental way to get me quote christiane because they don't. seem to fly. in a simple solo. this sort of man. has come. at us in the last place and must boadicea me. as our last one nearly as well as a sea horse disguise for us because rope. thinking no denying. the. command.
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is just quilla let's get on so then we just won millions let's bet on something we just child was beginning to say you know they learn to keep getting gun. gimlets can not. take it down another night low so. they see even like me only. not my little right let's look at on the part of the letter that was you know well enough in this out of the. question but even if you come to see. it will be able to figure out a list of. political movies but. somebody said one of my little brother. ok i'm getting a look i say oh yeah. yeah he. was a didn't mean to concede there must.
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be this going on. in the book talking. muscle tone though someone singing when to listen to the most brilliant disc it was come was. mexico's attorney general found it while a fair white or likely the mastermind behind the under their orders local police are accused of detaining the students before having them to think good adults you just drop their disappearance has triggered a cold wave of demonstrations. one of the youngest of them who run the one most in demand doesn't last but in me they look a little nosy i yokes enough but you see in the us in the moment it's been left on the toes companionable and with the moment those who can come to you with. still gossip was. not those moved by this i mean the whole of them is going to be. a bit
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of a bit of a horse to a lot of the front door as i have to because i'm ready. for him to hurt the kid does he know someone if yes though in the office you go i think it sort of put that quite a bit of this into and i think it wasn't a. pretty or the sort of even more that melissa that it would be so. that it would have been the consensus. ahd to carry dignity god to did idiot had to be hidden i am god it didn't they did i do know it was.
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but a good magazine it is a joke could i get a kick it didn't get a kick out of the way he did. it in the live show for the fifth. so that was a little. i. was odd was was was. was. of the little that you she's on the. alone on the moment of the.
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send me the much. it you could you. joe why would i be made do you. normally meet his son an alkali get a man beautiful. this could be is that thing maybe give us boys some money to make on that occurred to air doing on school local say that in the nude and could do yoga in any school sector. the chain this chain soon a. good interviewer that. you get to go to this year you know there. is
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goes on among. every detain to call it. in sunlight of candid mitchell. so with all my love i suppose i. should detail him into a light is on the. yes so loud cautious and check that in the below you. wash it all a little bit azerbaijan and you know you. can't yes a lot of. chicken they should be a bit too busy richard. been to syria me. all sort of let him see at least have the idea that all the bugs that . behind all my advice love the belief they can get to me all year to her if she want to pedicures so are those that would like
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a resume it would be to be them as they can. tend to go to play them as they walk out of the song to sally to be to be to music to model. to be set to say a they mean you say mean make sure your thought was then oh i'm we're young me child should be don't see she didn't do that missy to the snake give me a child should not bend could do little slogan and the candle a last little column a corner like candy candy in order to do a lot on. all moving the children then go and you'll be in chunks not a kid not to want to use numbered only the seeds to make love want to berlin is full of the call to mock now and she a puppy can laugh. obama side to share the. joke mom but i'm one of the most to lose on my. sanction because no matter. what oksana you understand
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churning dysfunctional. home. almost one beatles. push wham washroom or your drivel come on my kitchen ticket are . going to. play it in the game two adults want to take.
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a picture that. bennett have become his turn came. just two minutes on a kind of an sixties their lives less. since the market where the majority has a loser. extends. to his extends. a lot of. other. us. now he said he.
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would have to almost feel for the son then bugler no busk it would certainly fit within the sphere of these didn't bother them too didn't miss me stuart give me a deal to go at them it is a book about your give bush way dear good it will be here are you listening. to all the shoot. out of the keep good you should live it will do to kiddies to do you a relationship to all some may be assembled to give you took it only to get in our sunday smooth. as the. good then. the two of. us against your bus. i don't look like you know mothers yet so all my general love you name to her death
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needn't be so normal by shuffling him to the human shop be self-less kind of sunk if. you want to miss it i love you know one of the military have is going to old money to sunny a good a sunny day hugh shaw good decorum. had to fit in it i watched that in a tomb during i.e. mission two men. need to meet us in the ball pit a bet you do and says issues in each i like education is just.
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stories of life. and end spur nation. a series of short documentaries from around the world that celebrate the human spirit against me oh it's. all over.
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al-jazeera silicates express yourself. the nature of news as it breaks this was a great election about it was going to win but it was about by how much with details coverage of the syrian civil war no moves into the speech what is new or different is that each state some people will live until to morrow so many innocent people will die from around the world the bats and balls are several years old believe a good play at the end up trading cricket academy and maybe one day playing for the national team.
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systemic corruption from politics through business to who is controlling what states of resources people in power investigates the misuse of south africa's state assets nobody who is implicate good or named in the four was ever asked to put their point of view on the financial rewards available to unaccommodating business community south africa corruption inc on i'll just.


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