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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 1, 2018 6:00am-6:34am +03

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especially for. the right. to ask questions and freedom of expression and people you know are being stupid. it's. been intimidated. and people on the street see the protest. attempts to. it's. running away from israeli snipers young palestinian becomes another casualty of the violence on the gaza border. this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up fifty tons of much needed relief
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supplies destroyed by fire in yemen. three. voters await the results of sierra leone's presidential runoff the last leg of a difficult three month election process. and we begin a series reexamining race relations in the u.s. fifty years after the assassination of civil rights leader martin luther king jr. a video has emerged palestinians say shows a young demonstrators had being shot as he ran away from israel's border with gaza but footage was filmed on friday as thousands of people began their protest against decades of land. grabs by israel seventeen people died more than fifteen hundred
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were injured medics in gaza say the man in the video was among the victims the israeli military says he was a member of the armed wing of hamas palestinians say he was unarmed and shot in the back on saturday dozens more people were injured in the demonstrations the united nations has called for an investigation into the violence put out the hamid sent this report from the gaza israel border. grief anger and defiance as gazans mourn their dead it's a scene that has become all too familiar adding pain to what do un calls and unlivable situation among the bodies being carried for one last time through the streets of gaza the one of mohammed abu amr an artist who took part in the so-called great march of return his friends say his art would be forgotten and there's also the body of this man shot while praying at the protest on friday night
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in old morden thousand four hundred people were injured more than half of them shot by live i mean mission some suffocated by tear guys the highest casualty rate in a single day in gaza since the last war in two thousand and fourteen israel had prepared for days sending reinforcements to the border area the army had warned gazans against approaching the border fence as a matter of national security now the military threatens that if the violence continues it will escalate its response and go deeper into gaza. bus drivers receive voice messages from these really army advising them against moving people to the border area or else as this voice says they and their families will be held responsible but gazans fed up and exhausted from life under siege vowed to continue protesting civil tents were erected along the border and
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thousands of people planned to camp there many of them refugees who are demanding their right to return to the homes their families were evicted from generations ago that they're so he still carries dickey of his parents' house in there it's about now an israeli town that i'll go to but i will keep it until we get back there and die there if not me my children will have been waiting for nearly seventy years and still nobody cares about us i live under siege with not a single aspect of a decent life. about sixty eight percent of the population in gaza are refugees the protests will continue until may fifteenth the day of the creation of the state of israel palestinians refer to it as neck back or catastrophe everyone on both sides is aware that this standoff can spin out of control at any moment put up the al-jazeera along israel's border with gaza javier boyd is
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a political analyst and advisor to the palestinian liberation organization of p.l.o. he says the international community must hold israel accountable for its sanctions it's basically about stopping culture of impunity israel has been encouraged for example where the trump ministration to continue their policies of organization and attacks against people not only does or you cannot separate the crest of palestine you have a situation whereby the rights of the palestinian people are being denied for decades and therefore while we welcome this call for an investigation we also need to move towards accountability for this culture anything that allowed or israel feel. i think the state of palestine has been doing what ever they can be in terms of their diplomatic outreach yesterday we have a security council emergency meeting on that issue and unfortunately once again the trump of the mystery should prevent any possible international action or people in
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gaza need that you saw the results yesterday a large fire in yemen has destroyed tons of much needed humanitarian supplies the blaze broke out in the rebel held port city of how data told china jan has the latest. yemeni firefighters did all they could to stop the flames. but more than fifty tons of critically needed food and relief supplies were lost. the five warehouses in the rebel held port city of what died were being used by the united nations food program the red sea port has been a lifeline for people in the war torn country. that had the timing controlled from the beginning it wouldn't have reached this extent by sunrise the fire was huge warehouses returning in the fall was expanding integrating from store to store. the u.n. says it's investigating but some port workers are blaming an electrical short circuit
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. and that has. got the news of this fire from the governor a parade when we arrived here we found a lot of safety and security negligence and this has led to a huge spread of fire all over the place. the internationally recognized government of yemen is blaming the rebels not hold the port it says the criminals behind this fire should be punished yemen is one of the world's poorest countries. the three year war between iran backed with the rebels and the saudi backed yemeni government in exile has left more than ten thousand people dead there are also outbreaks of cholera and diptheria. this warehouse fire is a further setback for those trying to help civilians in what the u.n. calls the world's worst humanitarian crisis culture dirge on al-jazeera. a daily
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reach to evacuate the wounded from the besieged syrian town of duma opposition fighters are holed up in the east in a hole to enclave which borders the syrian capital damascus duma is the last rebel stronghold in the area after government forces conducted a major onslaught over the last few weeks thousands of opposition fighters were forced to surrender. the international criminal court in the hague has detained the mali and man accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity the indictment relates to the destruction of religious sites in timbuktu in two thousand and twelve thirteen he's also accused of enforcing policies that led to sexual installation and of women and girls people in sierra leone are waiting to find out who be the next president it's been a runoff between two candidates after an earlier election failed to produce an outright winner but as i'm an address reports there's been little enthusiasm for the election. as election officers count the vote several
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unions hold their breath this is the last leg of a difficult three months of issues are hoping that the turnout will be high to give legitimacy to the process. when president and his bike arrive to choose the successor there was hardly anyone queuing to vote those who did left long before the low turnout was not lost on the process. of. the voter turnout. to. reach than what we experience under several we do. with all the gains we have made it is incumbent on the candidates to accept the outcome of the elections this is what some say is partly responsible for some voters staying away especially
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in more rural areas. heavily armed soldiers at polling stations we have high presence of security outfits is seen in number of intimidation and all of that and citizens and i mean they're not so enthusiastic in terms of how the process is djibril kamar lives close to why the president voted but he's not keen on voting. where is a month of the five now. i can see not now i'm not even a youth and i'm on the. roads i can boast of anything i'm skinny and not enough jobs and there are thousands who think that way the recess narrowed to two candidates after the first round failed to produce a clear winner the voters must choose between a former military ruler and a form a government minister they both represent parties that have dominated politics and seven year old voters who turned up mostly young and are eager to change the way
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things are done here for those who chose to participate like this first time voter they simply want their voices heard i was a change in the educational system because it will be it's been very poor and we need an improvement election officials say results could be out in a few days but whoever succeeds this matter will have to find a way to unite said in the audience polarized by the election as a less addressing the critical needs of the people. al jazeera freetown. still ahead on al-jazeera. lining the streets of a university city for a much loved scientist or at the funeral of stephen hall. was an engineering wonder or a bridge too far china unveils its megaproject linking the mainland with hong kong and macau.
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hello there as one system clears away from north america another one is galloping behind it here's the first system then still clinging on to the southeast be concealed a cloud that's making its way steadily across across the plains that's giving some of us some rain and a fair amount of wintery weather too so on sunday then with a a fair amount of snow from nebraska across to iowa and then further south it's likely to be turning to rain as you head into texas that fist and gradually edges its way eastwards over the next day or so we'll see another system make its way in from the pacific this will be just spilling its way southwards and i do expect we'll see a fair amount of wintery weather on that before the towards the south and generally it's been quiet across the central americas over the last few days but i think things are becoming a little bit more active weather wise now we're going to see some more showers around jamaica and across into haiti does look like the dominican republic will be
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seeing quite a few downpours during the day on monday it's well to south america we've got a developing feature here this area of low pressure that's developing just offshore that looks pretty active but fortunately it is staying away from land so it looks like the worst of the rain should stay away from us but it's still trading plenty of cloud of rain behind it yet more wet weather here and the showers will be stretching further south through argentina on monday as well. on counting the cost of crude futures contract was launched in china this week find out what it all means for the dollar and oil producing a look at africa's biggest companies plus technology under scrutiny the latest on our digital data economy. counting the cost. to. a very different. people.
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watching al-jazeera time to recap our headlines now video has emerged of what appears to be a young palestinian being shot by the israeli military while running from the border with gaza he's one of seventeen protesters who died on friday fifteen hundred palestinians have been injured in two days of protests against decades of. a huge fire in the rebel held city of destroyed fifty tons of world food program relief supplies workers believe a short circuit sparked the blaze the u.n.
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recognize the yemeni government in exile is blaming rebels for the five. people in sierra leone no way to find out who will be the next president runoff between. after an earlier election failed to produce an outright winner voter turnout has been lower than the first round three weeks ago. civil rights leader martin luther king was assassinated half a century ago this week u.s. city of memphis his death was one of many events that define nine hundred sixty eight as a year of political social and emotional chaos al-jazeera as rosalind jordan looks back at that time and the parallels with modern day america. one thousand nine hundred sixty eight the year the world was watching the united states was violently and psychologically falling apart it was a pivotal moment that saw the changes in nearly every aspect of american life
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transformative was transformative. it was a paradigm shift as moral and political heroes were being gunned down the public discovered it could no longer put its blind faith in its political leaders. nixon's victory in sixty eight which arguably is only made possible because of these assassinations really takes that playbook and parlay that into national power university students in the streets and in campus halls protesting what they called the u.s. is disastrous war in vietnam. african-american snapped in rioting several cities throughout the country were left burning women took to the streets to demand equal treatment equal pay equal rights. throughout the year we will explore these developments and delve into why how fifty years later the u.s.
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is fighting these fights all over again politicians stoking the very worst racist sexist and class stereotypes and divisions in order to gain power. young people ditching classes and marching on capitol hill to demand universal gun control we either voice it changed me either peace is the fisherman this fight should not make. women naming the men who have sexually harassed them and pushing for ways to stop the systemic abuse. and yes african-americans latinos asians and native americans still fighting for a definitive and to racial profiling discrimination and prejudice the biggest difference everyone is weighing in in real time and on social media making it harder to ignore the fault lines in us society the vietnam war was so prominent in
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the concerns of young people and society and others was it was on t.v. every night fast forward twenty eighteen everyone is in their own personal bubble on their device in two thousand and eighteen and this is the question how much has the us learned from the divisions of nine hundred sixty eight and how well is it applying those lessons today. the last remaining staff have left the u.s. consulate in st petersburg russia as the diplomatic fallout continues over the poisoning of a former double agent and his daughter in the u.k. moscow south of saturday deadline for the closure as part of its response to the expulsion of more than one hundred fifty russian diplomats across the world they were expelled in support of the u.k. which accuses the kremlin of being behind the nerve agent attack on. his daughter yulia moscow denies involvement. renowned physicist stephen hawking was
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the pride of one of the world's most prestigious universities and people in the english city of cambridge have shown just how much she was loved by lining the streets for his funeral peter sharp reports. this was a very personal opportunity for close friends and family to say their goodbyes that insisted the service would be held in cambridge the city he loves so much and which loved him in return the six pall bearers were porters drawn from these college we all knew him personally demonstrating the strength the connection between the festival king and his college that goes back to nine hundred sixty five when he joined as a research fellow among the mourners on saturday the actor eddie redmayne who won an oscar portraying stephen hawking in the film of his life the theory of everything. my body is very limited my mind explore the universe.
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and then to let. there are no limits to the human spirit a towering intellect matched by a dog a determination gave him the rare gift of communicating complex theories not just to presidents and prime ministers but all people and that's why he's remembered by so many at twenty why he was given just two and a half years diagnosed with motor neuron disease he lived on for more than fifty he died two and a half weeks ago in cambridge thousands of students signed the book of condolence in honor of the cambridge professor who'd inspired generations to pursue careers in science he through his been a hero of mine and my guiding light on my journey here the cambridge five hundred mourners attended the service on saturday many more outside with very personal memories of my space between anything listed he was always going around in
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cambridge in his wheelchair so you saw this big guy sort of whizzing along these electric wheelchair and. stopping saying hello to you. oh well you definitely do remember the great man in all only person who was on the science and the with the whole story that i mean the whole study to be but also as a funny man in june there'll be another more formal service of remembrance held in westminster abbey that will give royalty and politicians so the chance to look back on the chieftains of a remarkable man is asked as will be interred in westminster abbey alongside those of another cambridge scientists isaac newton who to shop al-jazeera in cambridge. it's billed as the world's longest cross sea bridge after seven years of construction the new link between hong kong macau in mainland china is finally
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complete beijing says the twenty billion dollars project will cut travel time in half the critics say it's blurring the border at a time of growing tension so a clock reports. it's fifty five kilometers long six lines wide before tunnels and four artificial islands the mega bridge between hong kong macau and china was built using more steel than sixty eiffel towers and is being held as an international partnership just a thought i was on the border with all we have included a lot of foreign experts from the united kingdom united states denmark switzerland japan and holland they are from around fourteen countries nine and china has set the road rules unlike in hong kong and macau traffic to drive on the right and tolls must be paid in chinese currency the project's been fraught with delays overspending even fight a lot since the charter is proud of the finished product inviting foreign media to
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inspect it we hope that friends from the present. us take this opportunity to see the new accomplishment of china in the new era and fresh progress of their own country to assist them in the twenty billion dollar project is part of a broader push by china to integrate the well with the delta region forty thousand vehicles a day are expected to use the bridge including shuttle buses running a ten minute intervals the travel time will be halved ikea can use of less than an hour this mega bridge is one of three major infrastructure projects set to open in this region they fear the other is a high speed rail link between the mainland and hong kong biker being hired as major transport links between the mainland and hong kong but critics say it's yet another attempt by china to blur the border the main criticism of the rare link is the plan to allow chinese integration facilities to operate in central hong kong not on the border some say that undermines hong kong's autonomy under the one
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country two systems agreement it is a kind of infrastructure telling the people of hong kong or even the people meaning that you know hong kong and china is no longer. two places they are actually part of. the china says both multi-billion dollar transport projects will deliver hong kong more dividends with its integration one bridge to link three of the region's biggest to its. al-jazeera china hundreds of people in china's capital have been celebrating holy saturday catholics in beijing attended prayer services and lit candles on the day before easter for years catholics in china have been split between those who follow government authorized churches and those who go to underground churches that pledge allegiance to the pope and the vatican many christians in iraq can pray and gather at easter for the first time since the defeat of eisel the city of mosul where the armed groups destroyed many
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churches on the community there saying they're trying to rebuild their lives because a man called reports from baghdad it's not without challenges. for many easter is a time to mark the resurrection of jesus christ it's a time of rebirth and reflection and for the christians of home to near in the nineveh plain in iraq's second city of mosul it's particularly relevant the christian community here is going through its own rebirth when i still took over the nineveh plains in two thousand and fourteen it tried to destroy the christian community. some fifty five thousand people fled isis violent role from hamdani alone when the group was defeated late last year they started to come back and this is what they found destroyed churches and homes. there is no government support at all it seems that the government does not care about the people here the people here are helpless people return to a hamdani and they only see their houses burned and destroyed and their properties
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looted and stolen people are spending from their pockets to rebuild their homes while the government did not show any care so far it's a common complaint from iraqis who feel the government has abandoned them the iraqi government is seeking money to rebuild for meisel areas it's appealing to the international community for help and says it needs one hundred billion dollars nowhere near enough cash has been pledged so far people like no idea how to contact in return because there's nothing to return to the houses destroyed in a family scattered across refugee camps and rented accommodations in northern iraq she herself lives in erbil but this is home to me often. all of my belongings were looted and the house is destroyed i'm left with nothing at all i live in a rental and there have been fifty i can't return my health is deteriorating and i need medical attention my husband suffers two in baghdad the christian community was spared much of the violence the others faced on the eisel even here in baghdad
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churches are hidden away behind lost walls and tight security now religious leaders in the faithful will be praying that things get better iraq's christians are actually one of the most established religious communities on the entire planet in two thousand and fourteen almost all the christians had fled the nineveh province according to the patch. there were no christians remaining in mosul for the first time in the nation's history today though in mosul and across the nineveh province they come together they ceased to mock important holiday and pray for a better future of iraq's christians in al-jazeera. people living in slum areas in argentina's catalogue trying to change negative perceptions about their communities they're using their own t.v. show to report on how life really is. about reports. it's a new sour like no other you know. it's called slum world t.v.
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and it's made by people living in some of the poorest neighborhoods in when i. was who has been teaching journalism courses for over ten years to this city's most vulnerable. we show the other side of the slums the anonymous heroes the struggles so many young people don't conceive journalism as a way of making a living they don't have a clue that communication is a it gives them power to be able to ask the question and to understand the reality it's like seeing a revolution. for now the show airs once a week on congress t.v. it has guests analyses but also stories filmed on the street. their. stories filmed by people like. his father was a murder in the thirty first eight years ago he was stabbed by drug dealers. my father was murdered here in the slum and it was chaos prominent families now i'm
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working to show what it's like for us living here and the struggles we have to face . israel also helps film messages from those living here to politicians or to anyone that can help improve their living conditions i first saw over seven hundred thousand people living in suburban one of china's people whose lives are filled with hardship the idea of this news hour is not only to show the difficulties people face every day like poverty and crime but also fight against discrimination and prejudice. is twenty one years old she has been taking journalism classes for years i she says it has given her the tools to change her life and. look c.d.r. people have to hide their address because of their employers know they live here they won't give them a job and want to show there is a brotherhood among those who live in the slums there are kids playing here there
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are women on the street in the afternoon drinking people say hello to each other every day we are also the community. there we are a community that is now trying to send their message through the screens hoping to change perceptions and break the walls between the haves and the have nots. that is how. you can find much more in all the stories we've been telling you about if you have to our website al jazeera dot com. and let's take you through some of our top stories here now video has emerged of what appears to be a young palestinian being shot by the israeli military while running away from the border he's one of seventeen protesters who died on friday more than fifteen hundred palestinians have been injured in two days of protests against decades of
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illegal land grabs by israel. a huge fire in the rebel held yemeni port city of her day that has destroyed fifty tons of world food program relief supplies poured workers believe a short circuit sparked the blaze the u.n. recognize the yemeni government in exile is blaming rebels for the fire. but i want to know today i had the fire being controlled from the beginning it would look to reach this extent by sunrise the fire was huge warehouse is weakening and the fire was expanding in spreading from store to store. that maybe negligence was the cause of fire security and safety procedures were not at the required level this by the existence of stickers and logos detailing safety measures. a deals being reached to evacuate the wounded from the besieged syrian town of duma opposition fighters are holed up in the east in the old clay which borders the capital damascus duma is the
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last rebel stronghold in the area after an onslaught by government forces in the past few weeks people in sierra leone are waiting to find out who will be the next president the runoff between julius model b o and some more to come our earlier election failed to produce an outright winner voter turnouts been lower than the first round three weeks ago the last remaining staff have left the u.s. consulate in the russian city of st petersburg is the diplomatic fallout continues over the poisoning of a former double agent and his daughter in the u.k. moscow center saturday deadline for the closure as part of its response to the expulsion of more than one hundred fifty russian diplomats across the world britain accuses the kremlin of being behind the nerve agent attack on a script and his daughter yulia moscow denies involvement. hundreds of people in china's capital have been celebrating holy saturday catholics in beijing attended prayer services and lit candles on the day before easter as the headlines it's
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counting the cost now stay with us here on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. swear and. swear every since. hello i'm has i'm sikh and this is counting the cost on al-jazeera your weekly look at the world of business and economics this week as a new way to trade oil a crude futures contract was launched in china find out what it all means for the dollar and oil exporting countries. the.


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