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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 1, 2018 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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witness documentaries that open your eyes. at this time on al-jazeera. zero. hello i'm maryam namazie this is the news hour live from london coming up in the next sixty minutes hospitals in gaza struggle to cope with the hundreds of palestinian protesters injured by israeli gunfire.
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at least four civilians killed as anti india protests break out in kashmir of all me operations against separatist rebels. to eat the south korean singers and dancers give a rag a nice korea attended by leader kim jong un. and cloudy with a chance of space that china's to func space station is forecast to crash to earth in the next twenty four hours but no one knows where. and. all of the day's sport including anthony just sets his sights on becoming the on the spirit of heavyweight champion of the walled off to winning another title. israel's defense. has rejected international calls for an investigation into the
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killing of sixteen palestinians jury landay protests on the gaza border i think dorney woman says the troops acted appropriately firing only at palestinian protesters who posed a threat a twelve year old boy hit by israeli gunfire says he was about thirty meters away from the border and thought he would be safe as long as he didn't touch the barrier or throw stones. i was just standing there when i felt so many more legs and it pushed me to the ground because of the. all hospitals in gaza struggling to cope with the influx of palestinians injured by israeli troops fire at the border a palestinian health ministry says nearly fifteen hundred people were injured in the violence on friday another ninety eight have been hurt on sunday doctors say they are running out of medicine and supplies to treat the patients many of whom were hit by live ammunition. when. from day one of the protests the
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strategic stock at the hospitals especially sheaffer hospital have been running out because of that we're calling on donors to supply hospitals with medicine and other medical supplies for the sensitive departments like emergency operation rooms in the intensive care rooms in order to be able to continue serving these injured people. we have correspondents covering this story in gaza ramallah and west jerusalem let's start with harder need his in gaza and i know we've been looking at pictures of some of those injured in the protests we've been talking about hospitals struggling to cope what's expected to happen there now in the coming days and weeks. well i think the protests will definitely continue at least that's what we heard from the people we spoke to we were actually throughout the day we visited several hospitals and the extent of do. some of these young
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people had as one doctor put it he said that back in two thousand and fourteen during the war he didn't see such. injuries thought he could deduct of it is that the soldiers used high caliber bullets. that they were the extent of the damage around these rooms was to a point that they had to actually make choices and in more than one dozens of cases actually they had to cut the limb of the person amputated simply because as you said earlier they don't have the equipment they don't have the medicine to treat such. such a scale that dr was telling me i don't i wasn't expecting to have such an amount a large amount of wounded people in bad condition to show up at the hospital in such a short span of time just a few hours all of this unfolded really over three and four hours and you have that
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very big tool that you said earlier thousand five hundred wounded out of which at least eight hundred by live ammunition nevertheless people i spoke to said the protests should continue so what then what plans are organizers making now. where you have these tents that are erected all along the border fence about seven hundred meters away from the fence itself those will stay in place for the next six weeks. a lot of people there also they're going to have sort of stick palestinian. happening there they were going to bring children they wanted to be a peaceful long term citizen however coming friday you will have a much much more people showing up especially that this friday. here in gaza have called for a commemoration for the fall in of last friday and also for the wounded so
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certainly there would be a lot of commotion along the border on friday how will that unfold many people you speak to say they expect exactly the same thing israel has warned that it has not used all of its power yet that it has showed some degree of control and if needed it will go deeper into gaza we heard the same thing from how must leader ismail haniya he said that the protesters also showed some restraint but if things continue doing they are they will also escalate. all right thank you very much had a abdel-hamid in gaza while mohammed john jim joins us now from ramallah in the west bank where a memorial was held earlier on for the dead mohammed describe the mood. a merry amidst mournful it's somber that's certainly appropriate considering what's
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happened but very striking when you consider the fact that typically on a day like today christians here in ramallah would be celebrating either easter or palm sunday depending on which church they belong to typically you would see youth christian scouts marching through the streets procession is very celebratory and very festive instead we were at this commemoration service this very peaceful and short march that occurred just a very short while ago here in ramallah and this started at a church and it was convened by the council of churches here decision was made that in lieu of celebrations there would be this commemoration of the victims in gaza but also there were muslims that joined in so it became an interfaith service as it were and everybody we spoke with said that it was more important for them to come out today to really show their solidarity with their fellow palestinians in gaza
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and that they wanted to make sure that everybody in gaza knew that they were standing with them and commemorating the dead now all that being said and done even though this commemoration is over even though there have been no festivities today it's been a relatively quiet day where we are here but people don't really know what to expect tomorrow the political factions have decided they will meet tomorrow they are calling for an escalation they're calling for more demonstrations and more marches to will really just have to see what happens here in the days to come mary and i thank you very much obama john jim and. to stephanie deca in west jerusalem and stephanie the israelis have denied the use of excessive force want have they been saying about why they opened fire on the protests. it all boils down to security this is the argument that israel always uses when it
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is accused of using excessive force it's not the first time it has been accused of that it's army certainly and we had the defense minister avigdor lieberman mentioned a few of what he said earlier he said that the soldiers basically did exactly what they had to do and that in his opinion they all deserved imaginal now the opinion here of these radio leadership and the army is that groups that they deem terrorist organizations like hamas and other islamic factions inside gaza are using these protests or hijacking them so to speak to sort of you know breach the border that the you know the fence the barrier fence whatever you want to call it and even israel goes as far as to say planting explosive devices but the reality is maryam you've got tens of thousands of people who are now protesting peacefully at this barrier israel says people should not approach it should not get within this self-imposed three hundred meter buffer zone but i think you know if you listen to hold on if you listen to those figures if you're talking over eight hundred
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injuries from life fire it just gives you an indication of the amount of force used and if we're going to see these protests continue it is a different challenge israel is facing this hasn't happened in gaza before to this scale they're going to have to be very careful as to how they go forward also because the international community has already condemned israel saying it is used excessive force and there should be an independent investigation which of course the defense minister is very clearly said there won't be one and there is none to put the anticipation of protests and demonstrations over the course of the next six weeks what might what action might israel potentially take. well as they've said they've said it before friday they said it again that if there is any threat to security meaning a breach of this border fence that it will respond and it will respond with life fire now we had a taste we've looked we've seen unfold on friday this is the first day yes the
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protests have scaled down somewhat in the last few days since then but of course people have to work there's a whole different dynamics to them as you have heard us say there are each friday i think of course you will see those numbers increase and i think what's important here merriam is that people in gaza don't even if they're being faced with life fire many people think that this is a moment where they're finally being heard forget their local leadership forget the leadership in the west bank forget the international community nobody seems to really be fighting their cause and friday brought them back on thursday international stage you had all the major publications television you know newspapers reporting on what happened in gaza the u.n. has spoken about it the e.u. has spoken about it again the plight of these people is being put center stage is that going to change anything i think we've all become very cynical certainly looking at how things have unfolded over the last few decades however i think people in gaza are going to be using this to seize and israel of course is saying
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that it's going to respond very forcefully if those protests move any closer to that border line from lester's i'm stephanie deca thank you. alan with the news hour live from london much more to tell you about thousands of russians rally for the closure of a toxic landfill site dozens of children are treated the dizziness and no show. botswana's new president is sworn in with a pledge to wean the country off its dependence on diamonds and then in sport the fairytale run for this college basketball team and their ninety eight year old chap that has and. at least four civilians have died in massive anti india protests which broke out in the southern villages of indian administered kashmir the demonstrations kicked off
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after indian forces launched a counterinsurgency operation overnight killing at least thirteen rebels three soldiers also died in the gun battle. several protesters tried to launch to the gun battle sites to help attract fighters to escape residents then began throwing rocks at indian forces who responded with live ammunition shotgun pellets and tear gas many kashmiris say they openly support and anti india rebels i am not going to get i care tonight they cordoned off the villages there is no count of the injured people they martyred all civilians the majority and the thinking of the kashmir struggle for freedom or end by such means but god willing the freedom movement will rise like the sun this struggle belongs to our youngsters. at least ten people have died after a hotel collapsed in the indian city of indoor local officials say up to five people may still be trapped under the rubble according to indian media the four story building came down after it was rammed by lyrical government has ordered an
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investigation. now north korean leader kim jong un and his wife have joined hundreds of people who watch south korea's k. pop stars perform in pyongyang for the first time in over a decade kim is the first north korean leader to attend a concert of south korean performers he reportedly enjoyed the two hour concert was seen clapping along to some of the songs on hundred twenty dancers musicians technicians and martial artists are in pyongyang very reciprocal visit after the north sent athletes to the winter olympics. as south korean taekwondo athletes put on a demonstration in the first event of a cultural tool relations between the north and south of thought in recent months ever since kim jong un expressed his willingness for more contact between the two countries. when all this is a south career in the united states begin their annual joint military drills which were delayed by the winter olympics in the twelve thousand u.s.
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troops are joining south korean soldiers kathy novak has more from seoul. these annual joint military drills usually take place earlier in the year but they were delayed so as not to coincide with the winter olympics and paralympics that were taking place here in south korea north korea usually react angrily to drills like this calling them a rehearsal for an invasion even though the u.s. and south korea say they are defensive in nature but of course lately there has been a more peaceful atmosphere here on the korean peninsula and in light of that it seems that these drills are likely to be more low key the scale will be the same as in previous years but instead of running for two months they are expected to run for one month of course that is a time when there is a lead up to a summit meeting between the leaders of north and south korea and plans for a possible meeting between the leader of north korea kim jong un and the u.s. president donald trump so another sign of a more cooperative atmosphere between the two koreas and indeed between the u.s.
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and north korea with shorter drills planned and we're not likely to see what's known as strategic assets including nuclear powered aircraft carriers this time around people in costa rica are electing a new president in a vote that's been defined by the fight for gay rights the ruling party's candidate carlos of is up against a. who's a conservative evangelical saying up the two are not related groups you know as opposed to same sex marriage a position that's apparently boosted by his popularity into american court of human rights ruled in january that member states must allow same sex couples to marry because government has said it would abide by the ruling. but he has threatened to remove the country from the court's jurisdiction. u.s. president donald trump says a deal to protect young immigrants is no more and it's trying to pull mexico out of
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that free trade agreement unless it stops people from crossing into america republicans republicans and democrats have been struggling for months to reach a compromise on the status of people who immigrated illegally to the u.s. as mine is also known as dream is for more let's go straight to rosen and jordan in washington so why is president trump saying that there is now no deal for the trina's well that's a really good question mario because the congress has been out of town for the past week so that people around the country can observe easter and passover with their constituents and it's not clear that there was any real progress being made on a replacement for daca which was the obama era planned to protect those young people who were brought to the united states by their parents before two thousand and seven but who have never been able to was citizenship because they were brought
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here without the proper documentation on sunday the president started tweeting about the issues involving immigration a rather harsh set of tweets and then he had this to say to pool reporters who were following him on his way to easter sunday services. to come here because they want to thank you. great. great great. to take them there you're going got it. right let's go. get. now as it happens there is a large group of migrants primarily from honduras that is making its way as a caravan through mexico as we speak there are goals to try to reach u.s.
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soil and to try to ask for asylum many of those who have been on the road have told reporters that they're trying to escape a new round of violence and insecurity since the installation last year of a new president tom mr hernandez however it's not clear that they're going to be able to make that appeal or even reach u.s. soil given that the president has centrally publicized what it is these people are trying to do but certainly there has been this standoff about the presence of those young people who were brought here before two thousand and seven the courts have intervened and so there's a real standoff and it's again it's just not clear mario why the president picked today easter sunday in order to talk about it on twitter thank you rosen in jordan with the latest on that from washington russian diplomats expelled from the u.s. have arrived back in moscow president donald trump ordered sixty russians out of
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the country in response to the poisoning of the former russian double agent sergei scripts and his don't say in the u.k. last month dozens of russian diplomats have been expelled by person and its allies russia in turn has ordered diplomats from twenty three countries to leave. in all the developments the governor of russia's kember of a region has resigned after the fire in a shopping center a week ago at least sixty four people died in the blaze making it one of the worst in russia's recent history investigators say the alarm was turned off and fire exits illegally blocked even children locked inside a cinema every large protest over the way the authorities handled the emergency present like in a person has said it was caused by criminal negligence and has promised that those responsible will be punished so you would. choose that today you know i want to tell you but i offered my resignation to the president of russia i consider his decision to be correct deliberate and the only thing to do because it is impossible
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to hold the post of governor with such a heavy burden it is impossible moly. elsewhere in russia around six thousand protesters have been demanding the closure of a landfill site that's leaking toxic gases if he is declared a high alert on friday in the town of. about a hundred twenty kilometers west of last after dozens of children were treated by doctors for dizziness and nausea but officials say there's no need to evacuate the area and the air pollution is within the permitted limits those demonstrating say the authorities need to take immediate action. number five you've got it cheap video a better ability we have for labs in the city the labs always show that everything's amazing that everything's within limits but we're suffocating and these gases is slowly killing us everything's been silenced we can't get through to anymore of him as a water pollution the techno river in southern russia is one of the most polluted in the world nuclear disasters and decades of dumped waste of left it with dangerous
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levels of radiation and it's carrying that contamination all the way to the arctic ocean joan hall reports from russia's chelyabinsk region. the texture is no ordinary river considered one of the most polluted waterways on earth the stench of open sewage rises from beneath the ice. it has a dark history the tensions waters also contain radiation levels up to eighty times higher than normal that's thanks to the my ak nuclear plant seventeen hundred kilometers east of moscow originally producing plutonium for the soviet union's nuclear weapons program they produced many types off nuclear waste. these nuclear waste high level nuclear waste inside their area where. there is a to cherry in one nine hundred fifty seven my x. suffered what's thought to be the world's third worst nuclear accident
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contaminating a vast area affecting hundreds of thousands of people it was covered up for decades now does the kuttab of us father was a worker at my ak he and her grandmother died of cancer she campaigned for compensation for victims but fled two years ago accused in the media of being a traitor she spoke to al-jazeera in paris finally a day on this that it's very dangerous because population died to begin to have laid kamya and began to. children through the defects communities were moved new villages were built but even sixty years later the residents of new mystery of don't feel safe here in a rama zone of a used to swim in the toxic river as a child yet stashed it in a private i think it was the wrong decision where only three kilometers away what is it a clean zone here. not everyone was relocated he learned done by of still lives in
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what remains of old muslim of on the banks of the techo these days he's careful to use only bottled water. it wasn't always the case and if no one ever told us anything then in one thousand nine hundred three the drunken yeltsin came here he climbed up on a table in the street and told us i'm going to me the it's a contaminated area done by a suffers from a litany of health complaints from stroke to heart and bone marrow problems that his doctors have linked to years of exposure to excessive radiation cancer right in communities that didn't even know why they were getting sick many died unnaturally young and that would be extraordinary enough as a story from a long time ago except that the plant is still functioning still potentially leaking hazardous waste its operations still going on under
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a shroud of secrecy last october a crowd of mostly harmless ruthie me i'm one of those six was detected in the air over western europe scientists believe it may have been released at my act during the refining of spent nuclear fuel but russia denies any leak occurred so what of the future dangers posed by my act and. sits there is an expert on nuclear pollution. but it applies to this region and also goes all the way to the i.c. northern sees these materials never existed in nature before all the human made and no one knows how they're going to behave over time activists believe my acme still be dumping waste into the regions water system russia's nuclear also says it complies with all relevant safety guidance little has been done to compensate victims of contamination jonah how al-jazeera in the chelyabinsk region of russia.
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armed men have attacked an african union peacekeeping base in the somali town of bull and about one hundred thirty kilometers from the capital mogadishu they detonated two car bombs outside the base and fought with troops for hours it's not clear how many people were killed or injured al-shabaab has claimed responsibility . now to botswana where the new president has vowed to tackle use unemployment and reduce his country's dependence on the diamond industry margret see my c.c. was sworn in on sunday replacing incomer who stepped down on saturday after completing the maximum term of ten years in office after and four reports now from harboring a president who quits he must see see inspect the troops of to being sworn in as blitz one his fifth head of state he takes over from former president comma in another peaceful transfer of power in one of africa's strongest democracies he's inauguration
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a proud moment for many who braved the morning rains to witness the ceremony and in his facet dress to the nation mrs she said tackling joblessness would be the fast priority at the moment youth unemployment stands at around eight percent well jennifer is a mirror are just challenges such as unemployment poverty crime hiv and aids alcohol and drug abuse amongst others. therefore one of my top priorities as a president of this country will be george just the problem of unemployment especially among the young people who constitute the majority of our population don't know dressy kalau was one of those listening to that speech has been jobless for three years and hopes the president believes up to his word. my expectation is that he will improve government efficiency in order to create job opportunities for the youth i hope we will improve social services to deal with implement some opposition members of parliament is keep the event partly because of
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a corruption scandal that involves the national petroleum find something that is rare in botswana those who did attend say they need to keep the president and his government on asked we feel that we are going to continue playing our oversight will continue to seek more clarity from the president in terms of the way forward in terms of the how part of it how he intends to create employment because this country has been experiencing what has been termed a jobless growth has eighteen months to a site is a far within the ruling democratic party before national elections in october next year may be one yard. away from home and that he had promised. he was very. common eradication. broad areas that people expect that president is going to very much even align with
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that but they are. right yes he's going to resign as well in the last ten years his predecessor has overseen policies that have helped reduce poverty he says he wants to go father his past asked will be this week when he names his vice president and cabinet kathleen saw al jazeera. puts wanna. watch want to come for this hour. london's murder rate overtakes new york for the first time in modern history also china opens the world's largest cross see bridge find out why some a worried it will lead to blood borders with hong kong. and it was a debut to remember the missed the post on sunday. in the spring a good.
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hello there we've still got that streak of chad across parts of the middle east at the moment it shows up very clearly on the satellite picture over saudi arabia and stretching up through iran and of a tree up into kazakstan as well ahead of that system is where we're seeing the dust so it has been very very dusty here in doha and that dust is also extending through parts of iran and up into tajikistan as well now as we head through the next couple of days that area of cloud does work away towards the east still going to get snow over the highest mountains but behind it turning a bit warmer and up twenty five towards the west we've got another weather system here this just grazing the northern parts of turkey then edging its way eastwards so here it is on tuesday again that one will be giving us a bit of snow over the mountains to further towards the south of this that system then that's over saudi arabia and it could be fit enough to give us the old shower as we head through monday or tuesday here in doha what will notice is the winds easing over the next few days and that will allow the dust to settle out
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a little bit as well down towards the southern parts of africa plenty of what weather here particularly over parts of namibia and up into angola heavy showers here recently more wet weather still to come on monday and those links all the way across towards madagascar plenty of showers here to. tracing the fall from prosperity to financial ruin this is precisely the movement we're we're here launched nothing was closed wrote the inquiry the devastating impact to save the being told to save the deposit simple ordinary citizens and the failure to prevent disaster banks and political leaders of the people who need to learn our gura from democracy to the markets on al-jazeera.
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all jews here on. where i'm from. back with the news hour an update of the top stories hospitals in gaza are struggling to cope with an influx of palestinians injured by israeli gunfire in
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protest along the border israel's defense minister has rejected calls for an investigation into the killing of sixteen palestinians at least four civilians have died during anti india protests in indian administered kashmir after government forces killed thirteen separatist rebels in the north korean leader kim jong un and his wife of joint hundreds of people watching south korea's k. pop stars perform in pyongyang. now the syrian rebel group in charge of the last opposition stronghold in eastern guta is again denying reports it's agreed to evacuate jaish al islam says the reports by the syrian government and lebanese armed group hezbollah a false and it's not allowing its members to leave for rebel held areas in the north of the country over one hundred thousand civilians are said to be trapped in the town which suffered major damage during a government assault separately though fighters from fail a rebel group have left duma these pictures from syrian state t.v. are said to show the fighters and their families on government offices heading for
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province pope francis has used his easter message to call for peace around the world about eighty thousand people winston peters square to hear his address in an apparent reference to the recent violence in gaza he called for reconciliation in the holy land and he called for action to bring the war in syria to an end. you know you don't mind. today we implore the fruits of peace upon the entire world beginning with the beloved and long suffering led to syria these people are worn down by an apparently endless who. by the light of the risen christ eliminate the consciences of all political and military leaders so that a swift and maybe boat to the carnage humanitarian law may be respected and provisions be made for the. needed brothers and sisters also allowing the return of the displaced. well for christians in iraq this is to has extra significance this
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is the first time they've been able to observe the celebration since the defeat of i still the group destroyed many churches in the northern city of mosul in the community is now looking to rebuild iraq khan has more from baghdad on the challenges they face. for many easter is a time to mark the resurrection of jesus christ it's a time of rebirth and reflection and for the christians of hamden here in the nineveh plain in iraq's second city of mosul it's particularly relevant the christian community here is going through its own rebirth when i saw took over the nineveh plains in two thousand and fourteen it tried to destroy the christian community. some fifty five thousand people fled isis violent role from hamdani alone when the group was defeated late last year they started to come back and this is what they found destroyed churches and homes. there is no government support at all it seems that the government does not care about the
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people in here the people here are helpless people return to a hamdani and they only see their houses burned and destroyed and their properties looted and stolen people are spending from their pockets to rebuild their homes while the government did not show any care so far it's a common complaint from iraqis who feel the government has abandoned them the iraqi government is seeking money to rebuild for meisel areas it's appealing to the international community for help and says it needs one hundred billion dollars nowhere near enough cash has been pledged so far people at no idea how to return because nothing to return to the house is destroyed in a family scattered across refugee camps and rented accommodations in northern iraq she herself lives in erbil but this is home to me often. all of my belongings were looted in the houses destroyed i'm left with nothing at all i live in a rental and. i can't return my health is deteriorating and i need medical
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attention my husband suffers to. in baghdad the christian community was spared much of the violence the others faced on the ice or even here in baghdad churches are hidden away behind lost walls and tight security now religious leaders in the faithful will be praying that things get better iraq's christians are actually one of the most established religious communities on the entire planet if you thousand and fourteen almost all the christians had fled the nineveh province according to the path we say there were no christians remaining in mosul for the first time in the nation's history today though in mosul and across the nineveh province they come together this easter to mark important holiday and pray for a better future of iraq's christians iran caught al-jazeera. courtis sentenced two people to death for the murder of a filipina made the body of john a demo phallus was found in a freezer in their abandoned apartment in february more than
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a year after. a lebanese man and his syrian wife were arrested in damascus and convicted in absentia the case triggered a diplomatic crisis between kuwait in the philippines president of regard to territory ordered all philippine workers to return home from kuwait and banned citizens from working that. now london's murder rate has overtaken new york for the first time in modern history because of a dramatic surge in knife crime since the eighteen hundreds until recently the murder rate in the british capital has been between a half a twentieth of that in new york both cities now have similar populations but the crime gap has been steadily closing london's murder rate has surged by nearly forty percent in just three years and that doesn't include terror attacks while new york's has fallen by eighty seven percent since the one nine hundred ninety s. february marked the first month ever that the british capital had more murders with a total of fifteen verses fourteen homicides in the us city and it's expected to be
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the same in march at least twenty two people are believed to have been killed in london last month against twenty one in new york it's been billed as the world's longest cross the bridge off to seven years of construction the new link between hong kong macau and mainland china is finally complete beijing says the twenty billion dollars project will cut travel time in half but critics say it's blurring the border at a time of growing tension sarah clarke explains. it's fifty five kilometers long six lines wide for tunnels and for artificial islands the mega bridge between hong kong macau and china was built using more steel than sixty eiffel towers and is being hailed as an international partnership. i was on the border where we have included a lot of foreign experts from the united kingdom united states denmark switzerland japan and holland they are from around fourteen countries mainland china has set
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the road rules unlike in hong kong and macau traffic to drive on the rise and tolls must be paid in chinese currency the project's been fraught with delays overspending even fight a lot since the charter is proud of the finished product inviting foreign media to inspect it we hope that friends from the present. us take this opportunity to see the new accomplishment of china in the new era and fresh progress of their own country to the twenty billion dollar project is part of a broader push by china to integrate the well with the delta region forty thousand vehicles a day are expected to use the bridge including shuttle buses running at ten minute intervals the travel time will be halved ikea commute of less than an hour this mega bridge is one of three major infrastructure projects set to open in this region they fear the other is a high speed rail link between the mainland and hong kong by car being hailed as
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major transport links between the mainland and hong kong but critics say it's yet another attempt by china to blur the border the main criticism of the rare link is the plan to allow chinese integration facilities to operate in central hong kong not on the border some say that undermines hong kong autonomy under the one country two systems agreement it is a kind of infrastructure telling the people of hong kong or even the people meaning that you know hong kong and china is no longer. two places the view part of the of the main in the children says both multi-billion dollar transport projects will deliver hong kong more dividends with its integration is one bridge to league three of the region's biggest economy its series clark al-jazeera zoom high china and abandons chinese space laboratory is set to crash back to earth in the next twenty four hours but no one knows for sure whether debra will land experts say
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china's space agency lost control of tiangong one it was supposed to be decommissioned in two thousand and thirteen but its mission was repeatedly extended as it hurtles towards our planet the nine tons spacecraft is expected to hit speeds of over twenty six thousand kilometers per hour before disintegrating in a final blaze of glory the european space agency says the debris could land anywhere from new zealand to the american midwest but chinese authorities say there's no need to take cover and the debris won't be large one place young on one is not expected to crash is this lonely spot in the pacific ocean point neemo is a spacecraft graveyard which is farther from land than any other spot on the globe or a tangle one was launched in september twenty levon to carry out docking in orbit experiments as part of china's ambitious space program it performed three successful dockings with the space craft including missions for china's first female astronauts was finally decommissioned in march twenty sixth seen tiangong to it is very similar is
9:43 pm
still in orbit but plans for a far more ambitious third vessel already well advanced china's just unveiled the core module of its first proper space station at tianjin air space town in northern china it plans to start assembly in orbit in two thousand and twenty and bring it into service two years later put it we are by the way spacecraft is like a car with spacelab chang gone warnin chang gone to a more light warm bed room apartments the space station is an apartment with three bedrooms a living room and a storm room or. well joining us now via skype from cambridge massachusetts is jonathan mcdowell his an astronomer from the harvard smithsonian center for astrophysics thank you very much for taking the time to speak to us so it's not every day that you hear a spaceship is going to come crashing to earth this is going to happen in the next twenty four hours if you happen to catch this sight what's it going to look like it will be like a fireball crashing through the sky. may be moving relatively slowly like
9:44 pm
a plane breaking up into multiple different far balls. you won't mistake it for anything else i think and yet although it would be a spectacular sight by the time this stuff reaches the ground it just be a few pieces of metal strewn over maybe a hundred kilometer range and so it's really nothing to worry about too much how and why did china's space agency manage to lose control of this so they've finished with it in twenty thirteen they've had to ash look crews aboard they proved that they could build a simple space station. they should've put it down in the ocean then when they still had control of it but they made a bet that it would still be working in twenty seventeen and they could use it as a backup for their new chain going to lab they lost the bat it broke some power supply failed or something and it's been orbiting the earth out of control since twenty sixteen. and so just the the thin upper atmosphere is like
9:45 pm
a head witness as a spacecraft orbits at twenty six thousand kilometers an hour around the earth that thin air slows it down and eventually the things spirals in and it will burn up between now we think four and eight hours from now the reentry predictions are finally converging and so we have a narrow window where we think it's going to come down and that means we can actually see finally start to say that it will be in some parts of the earth rather than others north america for example seems to be out of the window. how does we've all heard of the international space station just to put it into perspective how does china's space program competitive that yes so the international space station is four hundred twenty tons tangoing a seven and a half tons it's as tiny as it can be and still be called a space station so china has been ramping up its space program over the past twenty
9:46 pm
years trying to compete with the united states russia and europe and it's it's really you know pumped a lot of energy into is doing a lot of exciting things moon probes and so forth but it's been taking of stuff that happened in the sixty's and seventy's by the space superpowers and it hasn't yet caught up in human spaceflight to where the u.s. is why is it with the technology that we have where on able to give an accurate prediction of when away it might land. well it's weather forecasting so as the sun. put increases its energy output or decreases the upper atmosphere of the earth soaks up that energy that inflates or shrinks and that makes it more or less headwind to the spacecraft as it goes round and so small changes in that you know this thing's going twenty six thousand closures an hour so if you guess wrong by an hour about where it's coming down your off in location by twenty six thousand
9:47 pm
kilometers which is very helpful so so yeah until today we were really not able to say much about when and where and now finally things are converging and and we think it's going to be in this four hour window coming up in a few hours and so so after that the american satellites will see the infrared flare of it disintegrating and will know exactly when and where it came down in retrospect. but not in advance well it'll be a fascinating sight if you're lucky enough to catch it jonathan mcdowell thank you very much so at the south. sydney takes all prout side hanging on to the hottest ticket in town over the falls watching in the rain. and install the torah flanges gets thrown into chaos upon the altar and what happened about the full.
9:48 pm
story fourteen hundred years in the making. the story of succession and leadership. tells the story of foundation and the emergence of an empire. the column that was sold one on a jersey that. the nature news as it breaks this was a great a lecture about it was going to win but it was about by how much with detailed coverage the syrian civil war most looted to its teeth but what is no different is that each key some people will live until to morrow so many innocent people will die from around the world the bats and balls are several years old the really good
9:49 pm
players could end up trading a cricket academy and maybe one day play for the national team. are the hottest tickets in sydney australia is for opera on the harbor it because it's become so popular that sells outperforming shows inside the world famous sydney opera house and it's attracting a new crowd to the arts as andrew thomas explains. sydney's opera house is the city's most famous building but sydney's most successful oprah's a shown here not in soit the opera house but using it as a backdrop this year its love poem showing on a stage overhanging the hall has water on the edge of
9:50 pm
a city park this is the dress rehearsal for a full week run last year when common was shown here most performances sold out this is what opera was originally about it was a very very popular art form and here three thousand seats were doing twenty six performances of the one opera means that it's it's reaching the people that i think are important opera australia says engaging a wide audience is vital and outdoor pro with subtitles here is what brings in the crowds there's no things going on i'm just trying to focus on what's going on so i don't sound french unfortunately certain this kind and i'm going to have what you think is an italian initially but. then for other reasons and what do you think of the setting yeah it's amazing it of using saying i'm not down on the fact that all know that i just love seeing these i don't understand to tell you know french or anything that i like that. i like the fact that it's translated for me. but outdoor
9:51 pm
acoustics can never match those inside the best opera houses and it's hard to suspend reality and be in la bohem is paris with the real sights and sounds of sydney on either side of the stage. and then there is the weather for no refunds if it rains the show only stops in dangerous lightning storms so cannot for ever really be enjoying it if you're sitting what she gets some cool whites for the dress rehearsal many were you never going to control the way that they're going to be not to get rained out it just happens there are probably some people that are snobby about it and that's fine if they want to be. enjoy the experience of what it is like it's a totally different experience and it's a wonderful experience and enjoy it for today's most do the reviews have been almost universally good andrew thomas al-jazeera sydney. sonas and now at this for. thank you very much marian was solid english premier league were tossing them
9:52 pm
have beaten chelsea for the first time at stamford bridge in twenty eight years in a game that could go a long way in deciding which of the them will play champions league football next season while chelsea could have moved to within two points of spurs with the win and open the scoring of throughout a viral morata christian eriksen scored a long range stunner to equalise right on half time daily hourly then bad to brace it within the space of four minutes to give tottenham the three one victory was have a look at the table spurs are now eight points clear all of their london rivals and the final champions recall the following spot with seven games remaining arsenal now turn their attention to thursday's europe a league quarter final with c.s.k. moscow after their three nil win over stoke success there is the size only realistic way of now qualifying for the champions league man city can claim the
9:53 pm
premier league title by beating man united next saturday and today just wasting our focus on becoming the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world after his victory over joseph parka just taken to the following rondo for the first time in his career before beating potholed points in front of eighty thousand fans in cardiff the briton now holds three of the four major world titles and after the fights he said he wanted to take on w.b.c. champion your own ten while the who he needs to beat to become on disputed champ it will however just and his promoter say they aren't convinced the american is ready for the fight. negotiations can go on over social media and you tube channels and stuff but i think that in terms of when you're serious business you have to sit down. with privacy and discuss the conditions and. then we can see how serious people have been taken by. if they stepped up and actually were serious
9:54 pm
about it by and serious about their will that more than what for them it could have been next week. and unpredictable. time by him of it couldn't have scripted his the l.a. galaxy debut any better the swedish forward to score twice in his first ever made to the crawford game he met at his best in the seventy seventh minute till the game just six minutes off the coming on as a substitute to level the match three old he said six year old then followed that up with the heather in the ninety first minute helping galaxy come from three goals down to beat a football club for free galaxy loss won the m.l.s. title in twenty fourteen. when you lose three zero now that anybody even move because you want to. be able to eat you know it's you that is
9:55 pm
when you're in a difficult situation in that just wanted to come into the defense with the man you something you know. and i give them something. on barcelona survive the scale sascha then as they continue their march towards the league title well despite being down by two against severe fifteen minutes and they recovered thanks to the star jewel of the newest suarez and. scoring a goal in the last two minutes four to two draw the table by twelve points. australia are in real trouble after the said day of the fourth and deciding test against south african johanna's birth or godless of one south africa chooses to declare australia's new look side already facing a record chase had the wonderous south africa lead the series two one and are looking for the first test series win a home of a straight yes just nineteen seventy. the final of the men's miami open plan is
9:56 pm
underway a with a full see the alexanders that i have taken on home favorite don eisner. is looking for his third must as one thousand title all eyes laid eyes in the can win it will be the first prestigious title in his career as it has just come back to take the match to a deciding that set. michigan that will phase villanova for the biggest prize in u.s. college basketball the n.c. double age a championship it was a heartbreak for chicago's loyal lovable cinderella like running and the tournament came to an end in saturday's seven final against michigan michigan was trailing by ten points in the second half but put on a charge lead by maurice wagner to end the game with fifty four to forty seven when . american ryder code has been crowned the super endure a wall that champion three riders were in contention going into the final round in
9:57 pm
sweden the americans the nearest rivals crashed and suffered the brink of breakage as they dealt with the multiple obstacles but webb's results across the three races were enough for him to claim the title. and the woman saw flanders that was marred by a large crash midway through the one hundred fifty one kilometer race the reigning olympic champion i love and break into winning by a minute and twenty seconds. whether also cause the crashes in the men's race the but nick head of the state i was able to pull away on the two kilometer cobblestone climb up for his second when the end of one and two classic that's it for me back to maria all right thank you santa well it's the day for real fake news people around the world are trying to trick others with jokes and pranks to mark april fool's day and even the e.u. is joined in by poking fun at the u.k.'s post breaks it all sports a parliament tweeted that all men become trees will now also have a dark blue passport making the british redesign less and balik britain is changing
9:58 pm
the color of its passport from burgundy to blue which the prime minister to resign may is called an expression of independence and sovereignty off the bricks that the e.u. has never stopped member countries from designing their own passports that's if the news out of my colleagues will be here in a moment with much more of the day's news stay with us. facing realities growing up when did you realize that you were living in a special place a so-called secret city getting to the heart of the matter while it is activists to
9:59 pm
live in jail just because she expressed herself hear their story on and talk to al-jazeera at this time. we're here to jerusalem bureau cover israeli palestinian affairs we cover the story with a lot of internet we cover it with that we don't dip in and out of the story we have presence here all the time apart from being a cameraman it's also very important to be a journalist to know the story very well before going into the fields covering the united nations and global the policy for al-jazeera english is pretty incredible this is where talks happen and what happens here matters. in recent years the sawhill of north africa as witness the so-called war on terror. but is this official narrative. masking a larger battle. a battle for the earth's natural resources.
10:00 pm
shadow war in the sahara at this time on al-jazeera. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to you. al jazeera. casualties of the gaza shootings speak out israel insists its troops acted appropriately when they opened fire on palestinians. hello i'm so tired and this is al jazeera live from.


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