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rebels. from their party regime she was not only an inspiration but she also touched the lives of many millions of south africans during the darkest days off a path eight when the a.n.c. was banned when our people were living under the jack boot of our path eight she remained the solar varies off the democratic movement she continued to show courage against all the terrible forms of intimidation that was leveled against her and her movement and movement remembers her very fondly as she was one of those gallant leaders that our movement has had she is one person who really went through a lot of tribulations if there's anyone who's suffered who's
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suffered as much as those in mandela did she do outside prison the she has suffered immensely and today her departure is a real loss you can hear the people singing and this will go on through the night through the week as we prepare to lay her to rest. so we as south africans are really in mourning ride across the nation and winnie mandela in many ways was also a unifier she had this great ability of uniting so many south africans across the color line and across the political line as well. also she was able to unite and rural having been born in the rural areas of
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our country she was able to represent the views and the aspirations of both the rural people as well as the evan people oppressed people in our country so she's a great loss it is going to be very difficult for the nation to really sustain itself until we bury her there's going to be a lot of heartache throughout the nation. internationally as well winnie mandela had a great impact on the african continent she's found only remembered as a very gallant and brave person and. in the international. arena she's also greatly remembered by many people in the until parted movement because she was that the con that many people in the international world looked
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forward to and she was one of those who knew that a potted would be defeated and that spared her on on an ongoing basis even when people would have thought that she would we can she would parker and we knew monday ella never did and the various continued to reverberate throughout the length and the breath of our country so this is south africa that is in mourning and that the national government level we have declared that the winnie mandela will have a national official funeral which will be held on the fourteenth of april and there will be no official memorial service on the leaven but then again there
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will be many other memory our functions right across the country in nearly every province of our nation and we would like to extend our gratitude and i want things to many across the country and the world who are we showing us wow who are wishing him movement well the african national congress a movement that she's so loud. and i as president of the a.n.c. i'm saddened because i went out with her came to fetch a hero went to the voter registration. paints for her to check very. and after that we went to lunch together so my last lunch with winnie mandela was the most memorable one here in villa gaza street
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and i sat next to her and i was overjoyed when i saw her enjoying her meal enjoying her company and the people around as well as the new restaurant where we were eating and let me say that the few businesses that are best opposition villa gaza streets where stablish out of her inspiration she inspired a lead of the business people who are now doing business in this iconic real estate location in the world where two nobel peace prize winners have their homes she inspired that they're not as history should be what it is today so even the trade invalid street will mourn her death will remember i have very for only women then i lost the lives. legacy and as
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we say in african culture. a gigantic tree has fallen and this is the winnie mandela tree that provided shades for the people of south africa for the people who are in struggle they used to round under this tree for refuge for shade and for security. that is what women della provided to the millions of people in our country we are served this three has finally fallen thank you very much. and we've just been hearing from save cyril ramaphosa the president of south africa there outside the home of winnie. mandela who was died earlier on monday afternoon welcome you're watching live from london we'll be following this
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developing story now let's cross straight to catherine soy she joins us live now from so where to i mean you've been there for a few hours catherine as people have been gathering outside. mandela's house tell us what you made of the words of cyril ramaphosa really was outlining the legacy that winnie mandela leaves behind. the. year me. catherine so i live for a sin so whether we're people have been gathering outside of winnie mandela as house catherine if you can hear us said tell us what you can tell what you made of what cyril i'm opposed said the south african president about the loss of winnie mandela. barbara you're not very clear at all i think we're having technical problems but if you're asking about what paulson has just finished speaking now if
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you're asking what he said he had very good words for with him and said this is a big loss and there's going to be a lot of a headache a lot of heartache he said that they are going to give a state burial on the fourteenth of april and before that is going to be many many memorial services cross the country he said that. she had been getting better winnie mandela had been aiding for quite a while in fact the fia she was often in and out of hospital but president obama poses saying that she had been getting better and the nation really was ill prepared for high debt so people he said are very devastated he said that she leaves behind a huge legacy he was a super she was the sole voice of the apartheid movement and was also a unifier but we need mendell also caught
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a very potent and very divisive figure let's take a listen to the times to the life and times of winnie mandela. during apartheid she was known as the mother of the nation winnie mandela the former wife of nelson mandela spent yes in the public eye as an anti-apartheid campaigner my husband has been fighting for the liberation of the african people for the weekend one hundred fifty zero zero zero in this country she'd been suffering from a long illness for which she spent much of this year in and out of hospital she was revered and conscious national in equal measure for many years she bore the brunt of this senseless perk nitty of the apartheid states with story says him and fortitude despite the hardships she faced she never doubted that the struggle for freedom and democracy which time for and succeed she had remained through our ten
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life a tireless advocate for the dispossessed and the marching on the highest she was a voice for the voiceless. during her husband's twenty seven year imprisonment in robben island when he played a crucial role in directing the anti-apartheid struggle. in one thousand nine hundred ninety now so mandela was freed and the world watched as the juror walked out of prison hand in hand but by the end of the next year when he was found guilty and fined for her involvement in the kidnapping of forced to wear to school children and the killing of a boy in a stumpy by had team of bodyguards the necklacing method in which he was burnt to death with petrol filled tires horrified south africans in one thousand nine hundred ninety two allegations of corruption and mismanagement forced her out of all executive positions in the n c but shortly after she was appointed as culture
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minister in mandela's unity government she was sacked a year later for insubordination but kept her position as a member of parliament and head of the women's league her marriage to mandela and that in one nine hundred ninety six when he however remained a strong figure in south africa's social and political circles although she faced controversy in the latter parts of her life for millions of south africans winnie mandela holds a special place her brave fight against discrimination and for equality. scott by the katherine sawyer who is outside winnie mandela as house in so wet or so as we were hearing there catherine she obviously was a divisive figure but there's no denying the the outpouring of emotion that we're seeing and now after the announcement of her death outside her house. she was she was indeed a potent. has any accused by. choose any
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consolation commission of being involved in human rights abuses during the apartheid era in fact she backed what is it was a very infamous practice called a necklace where you hoot a bonding time around someone's neck and this was to detox. people who were perceived as traitors she was also not very good with authority she had a lot of run ins with key figures within the ruling a.n.c. party and joining me to discuss this father is mr bogeyman a bottle of women there she was also a very controversial figure do you think all this things you know of hockey's ations of human rights abuses possible struggles as well how firebrand politics do you think they're going to taint. how legacy. i
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think. stems in text. after all really mandela was asian. and she was noticing. you would understand the. question itself was violent. it was natural. to propagate violence against. you know the feelings like you know supporting this so-called necklacing. i mean that really was a very valid very valid position for a hot. day that. out say that. given the passion of the time and as a. violent nature of the oppression that they faced and that. we needed to. mention. that.
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you won't her name and you are not made by what do you. remember how. i remember when you. as the person who has been patent the committed to of all in the west she was not a person who detached. from the community because of the fact that their wife of nelson mandela she was a moment we ran away from the police together with charges together with she had. the pain. in a practical sense. when it has been great when he has been. the person that we would you know. the mother of the.
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two other people just admission that she was the greatest legion. thank you very much mr putin and the opposition is a position that has been taken by many many people here who say that they choose to live to remember we knew mandela as the face all of the struggle against apartheid as you know in her very significant role in that struggle they've been dancing and singing all night it's going to be a night vigil and people are saying that we knew mandela did live a good life and she for a good fight barbara catherine so. with the latest there from so with a catheter thank you. now israel has reached a deal with the un's refugee agency to resettle thousands of african migrants and asylum seekers in western countries the government had wanted to send them back to africa offering them plane tickets and the cash but the supreme court suspended the were patients last month stephanie decker reports from westerville slow. court very
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soon after the news broke the prime minister made a public announcement the middle of the sort of. a unique agreement with israel look we move sixteen thousand two hundred fifty people we moved them to developed countries like canada or germany or italy that's the commitment of the united nations high commissioner to remove them to organize it to form that expense . israela given two options to the almost forty thousand african asylum seekers currently here be deported to an african country widely believed to be one dollar or face an indefinite time in prison most of the asylum seekers al-jazeera has spoken to over the years covering this story say they had no choice but to choose the unthinkable most of them are from either eritrea or sudan and many endured a horrific journey to get here i can go to a lot of them because i have small kids. saw i want to be in care
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whether he kill me or they are i don't want to go back to africa over the years mostly single men were rounded up and put in this open detention center in the negev desert conditions were tough as were conditions for those living outside mostly in the suburbs south of tel aviv israel called them illegal infiltrators and the status of the majority was never resolved. there's been a strong movement from n.g.o.s and civil society fighting the mass deportations something many an inherently racist policy aimed to preserve a good density the jewish state we believe that israel has a deal a geisha and to uphold the refugee convention that it is a signatory to to fully examine. the refugee requests and for those who are registered as refugees because their requests are valid to the status here in israel just like any other country in the world to do what we are hearing from the government right now is that they would be given some kind of
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a state that we are still unclear which kind of state is what would be the rights that would accompany this kind of status that they will receive in israel the move has been welcomed by human rights campaigners but they still urge caution when taining that the real test will be how israel deals with those who will stay and if the situation will indeed improve stephanie decker al-jazeera west jerusalem palestinians injured during protests on friday say they'll march to the gaza israel border again to demonstrate against israeli land confiscation seventeen people have now died after being shot during the land they protests and hundreds more were injured leaving hospitals struggling to cope doctors are appealing for more medicine and supplies to treat patients or the bill hamid reports now from gaza. people here in gaza are pinning a lot of hope on the so-called long march of return which is basically staying along the border for dinnick six weeks or until may fifteenth which is actually a day the palestinians refer to as nec but look at that strophe because it is the
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day of the creation of the state of israel the cabman's are about five hundred to seven hundred meters away from the border fence which is just there in the background there you see some people have gone a bit further down and they are basically at the limit at the still called buffer zone about three hundred meters by israel they don't want the army doesn't want to see anyone in that area but you can see that some of the young people have actually gone defiantly a bit closer to the border now organizers and the people coming here want to make sure that this remains a peaceful nonviolent sit in many people i spoke to said you know we had several wars here in the gaza strip over the past ten years there was a lot of violence we lost a lot of our own people we are going to try this new way and nonviolent long term
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protests in the hope that maybe it will change something many people will tell you that they are sort of fed up of living thanks to humanitarian handouts they want to take their own future into own hands they want to have life in the gaza strip like life anywhere else as specially they want to be able to have at least freedom of movement china has imposed tariffs of up to twenty five percent on more than one hundred twenty american products affecting three billion dollars worth of imports they are in response to the u.s. raising due she's on foreign steel and aluminum last months adrian brown reports from beijing. the list of u.s. goods targeted by china is in line with what officials here proposed last month that's when president donald trump applied new levies on chinese on a million and steel imports the latest measures would affect around three billion
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dollars of u.s. imports but that's less than two percent of the value of u.s. trade with china from monday the chinese government began imposing additional juvies on one hundred twenty eight kinds of products the highest tariff of twenty five percent will be on u.s. pork a fifteen percent duty will apply to fruit nuts and wine but not soybean imports worth around fourteen billion dollars annually to the u.s. analysts say china's response appears measured i think the key here is targeted what they have done is a package i mean one hundred twenty eight or a rather small items but you'll notice that apart from the scrap aluminum they're mostly agricultural in areas that will that voted for trump i think china is trying to send a very measured response last month the trumpet ministration announced a second round of trade sanctions against china a twenty five percent levy on more than fifty billion dollars of chinese annual
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imports the white house has not yet specified which products will be affected but targets will likely include sectors like robotics artificial intelligence and electric cars industries at the heart of the new made in china strategy chinese leaders say they don't want to trade war with the united states but won't sit back if the economy here is hurt for now though they appear to be trying to prevent tensions rising still further if it came to a trade war china would have more to lose as it exports far more to the united states than the other way around some chinese shoppers we spoke to though did not appear concerned what datable might harm the player if the u.s. wants to fight a trade war i will never buy their products no foreign products japanese korean american we have our own products. i think we should give up buying american products chinese a muscle called our only products it is not
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a trade war yet but the coming few weeks could determine whether one really will happen adrian brown al jazeera asia well us stocks are slipping after china made the announcement on raising import duties let's speak to gabrielle is on the who joins us now from new york and is china's announcement of new tire tariffs against the u.s. having the effect on the market. it definitely is without a doubt there's a whole host of things that are affecting the market here in the united states right now but i can tell you that the the trade wars they're calling it between the u.s. and china certainly is top of mind of most traders here on wall street primarily because these aren't too small or even medium sized countries that are talking about a trade war these is these are two countries with the number one and number two biggest economies in the world and so for weeks or months now it's been talked
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about tariffs but now that both countries both china and the united states have started actually talking about implementing these this is what really has wall street quite frankly worried and scared and that's where you're seeing a lot of these sell offs and jitters here on wall street because of this it's hundreds of billions of dollars alternately at stake here and it's going to have an effect on the markets and traders really worried that this could lead to a global trade war they would have disastrous ramifications for the global economy but beyond that there's also the amazon issue here in the united states as well president donald trump tweeting over the weekend against amazon the e-commerce giant saying that it is quote unquote scamming the u.s. postal service losing billions of dollars in delivering packages on behalf of amazon really sharp criticism of amazon by president donald trump and that has sent jitters through the market as well primarily because amazon is the world's third
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most valuable company at a capitalization of over seven hundred billion dollars it is a company that seen over sixty percent growth in its stock over the past year now that has been dropping sharply monday after these trump tweets over the weekend and that's having an effect on the all of all of the stock market because amazon is so powerful now you're saying why would the president target one of america's biggest companies. in a tweet knowing that it was going to affect its stock price knowing that it would then affect the market as a whole well we don't know but there's a lot of speculation that it might lead back to jeff bezos he's the owner of amazon but he also owns the washington post newspaper that's been very critical of donald trump out of talk that trump might be just taking out his anger against jeff bezos and amazon that's have an effect on the markets without a doubt gabriel is on the with the latest from new york gabe thank you now egypt's
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president of the five hundred sisi has been reelected for a second term in office after winning ninety seven percent of the vote and that's the exact percentage that brought the former military commander into power four years ago sisi was virtually guaranteed victory after all serious opposition candidates pulled out of the contest earlier this year the election commission says the voter turnout has been just forty one percent that's lower than the last election. a promise to work for all egyptians without any discrimination whoever we need to trust me and gave that bates as well as those who did not egypt is for all egyptians so long as the differences do not corrupt the nation i'm now joined by a senior political analyst not one bashar i mean we had an idea of how these this vote obviously was going to go in the numbers as well and now these are the official results you listen to the bit more to what sisi had to say what else that he said i think it's more of the same what we've heard from him forty years ago
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forty years ago when he was elected. over the last four years president sisi has been long gone promise is short and delivery heavy on depression me good on freedoms big on corruptions and giving the military more privileges in the economy and more shock therapy for the rest of the people especially the poor in the middle classes that basically suffered the last forty years the question is whether we're going to see more of that in the next forty years. the question is whether sisi now that he has his full hold on power whether he is going to change the constitution in order to guarantee for himself more than two terms in office as the current constitution stipulates so all in all we're hearing more and more words but once again it's long on promises short on delivery i mean obviously you know we have these numbers ninety seven percent and but the forty one turnout i mean that is
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lower than last time and there were a lot of spoiled ballots as well do you think that that perhaps by give them some pause in the in the sense that now he has another a couple of years but that as he says he wants to be the leader for all egyptians do you think that that may temper some of his movement some you know if you were if he were only said i want to increase the commonalities and i would bring it gyptian together that would have been fine but the had to add except when it corrupts the nation what does that even mean except to give him more leverage in order to actually say who is and who is not a theoretical gyptian who is and who is not a good egyptian and to give them more leeway to put more people egyptians in prison if they oppose them let's all remember the thousands of people die the ready in egypt and there are some sixty thousand political prisoners in cc's jails if he expanded anything it wasn't the economy it wasn't the space of freedom he expanded the prison and the prison system within the country so really all in all while it's
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nice to listen to you know sober. nice. wonderful language about bringing the egyptians together but the election by themselves it put to my eyes a country that is under siege by a military government it's very similar by the way barbara to what we've seen forty years ago in chile when another dictator took over power and then run elections and shocks that are part of the cause. anime supported by the united states congratulated by the united states in the chilean case on that pinochet it went on for seventeen years the question is whether it's going to be the same for you mentioned pinochet being congratulated them what do you make of the foreign western reaction to c.c. essentially a lot of parts of the press this was called a farce this election but what have you made of the reaction now that there have been a few days sink in what we've heard especially is from the americans the state department said you know we will be working with our benefit the i.c.c.
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and or strategic relations and common interests or so forth and we note that there have been issues problems with the political system only not nothing more than that that they might as well prepares them as for donald trump the president of the united states he sincerely congratulated president abilify sisi for his it's very similar to what he did to vladimir putin i think the operative word here is not congratulation it's sincerely from don't trump now envision our senior political analyst as always thank you. now take a look at the top stories on iran tributes are being paid to south african anti-apartheid activist that winnie mandela who has died at the age of eighty one when he was married to south africa's first black president nelson mandela before they divorced in one thousand nine hundred ninety six and was alongside him when
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his release from jail six years earlier she herself when some months in jail and years of house arrest for her a meeting role in protests against white minority rule south africa's president has hailed winnie as a voice of the fire and her legacy though is controversial as katherine sawyer explains she was a portent figure didn't do well with authority had a lot of run ins with leadership of the african national congress criticizing when she could she spoke her mind and even once said that nelson mandela is a sellout some people also say she was very militant in fact in one thousand nine hundred four she was. convicted of kidnapping to assault in a muddy case involving our young archivist then yes so she was very controversial by a lot of people are saying that to day they choose to remember this very significant role she played in the liberation of south africa. israel has reached
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a deal with the un's refugee agency to resettle more than sixteen thousand african migrants and asylum seekers in western countries the government had wanted to send them back to africa offering them plane tickets and even cash but the supreme court suspended the potations last month. and china has imposed tariffs on up to twenty five percent more than one hundred and twenty american products in a growing trade war between the world's two biggest economies three billion dollars worth of american imports have been affected but that is less than two percent of the value of u.s. trade with china the measures are in response to u.s. president donald trump raising duties on foreign steel and aluminum last month investors are worried about the raising trade the tension. excuse me. trading sharply lower china says it's safeguarding its interests those are the
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headlines you can get more on the website there it is now and the address dot com coming up next thanks for watching. dean and you're in the stream live on al-jazeera and on you tube today we look at a life as an undocumented immigrant in the u.s. amid an immigration crackdown by the trump of ministration.
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as u.s. president donald trump sends tweets saying the country is being.


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