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trailblazers of tomorrow. after school. part of the rebel education series vest signed on al-jazeera. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera international bringing the news and current of films that matter to you. al-jazeera. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu suspends a deal with the united nations over african asylum seekers just hours after announcing it on national television.
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so robin you're watching al-jazeera life my headquarters here in doha also coming up we'll have an update on a group of rohingya refugees who've arrived in malaysia by boat also. we as south africa are all in morning remembering south africa's former first lady we need mandela we take a look back at her legacy and friends deals with a national rail strike this expected to cause chaos for commuters. welcome to the program israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has suspended a deal reached with the un's refugee agency which would have seen thousands of african migrants and asylum seekers resettled in western countries they had replaced a controversial plan that would deport them to a third country in africa charlotte dallas has more. israeli prime minister
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benjamin netanyahu announcing on national television a solution for the future of thousands of african asylum seekers. is a unique agreement with israel let me move sixteen thousand two hundred fifty people we moved them to developed countries like canada or germany or italy that's the commitment of the united nations high commissioner to remove them to organize it to form that expense just hours later no deal on facebook and twitter he you turned caving under pressure from members of his government and the public he posted the agreement was suspended because he first needed to hear the concerns of residents in southern television where many asylum seekers have say short he wrote dear friends i am attentive to you as always and foremost to the residents of south tel aviv i am suspending the implementation of the agreement and after meeting with the residents i will bring the agreement for reconsideration listen yahoo issued an
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ultimatum to forty thousand african migrants last year take up my offer of three and a half thousand dollars and a plane ticket to an unnamed african country or face an indefinite time in jail in monday's facebook post he wrote that country was rwanda but see if it had backed out of the deal so he was negotiating instead with the us in his words it was an agreement that would still allow the removal of the infiltrations israel would keep twenty thousand of the asylum seekers the other twenty thousand would go to western nations this was celebrated by asylum seekers who had feared deportation to an unknown country most of them are either from eritrea or sudan in the past they've told al-jazeera they would choose jail over a turning to africa i can go to war and because i have small kids saw i want to be in care. well there he kill me. i don't want to go back to africa human
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rights organizations had also fought the mass deportations israelis protested what many called an inherently racist policy i'm depressive in the identity of the jewish state we believe that israel has the obligation to uphold the refugee convention that it is a signatory to to fully examine the refugee request news and yahoo may have an obligation to examine requests from asylum seekers but ultimately he can decide their future how much he listens to televisa residents and the country's hard right would determine the fate of forty thousand people shallop ballasts al jazeera well stephanie decker is also following the story from west jerusalem really set the scene there. in that report stephanie and it's really now perhaps either sort of a face saving scenario for the prime minister one that deals with not just trying to deal with the general public in israel who wanted these migrants to stay in the country but also shows perhaps the the fractious nature of the government that he's
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leading. yes and i think it doesn't reflect very well on the prime minister in terms of his power when he makes such a public announcement about such an important topic so you know the news came out and within two hours he was addressing the media on television also with his interior minister laying out this agreement and that this mass deportation is now on hold at cetera et cetera and then just around six or seven hours later this massive u. turn why because of the immense pressure of his right wing coalition members of his own party members of other more hard right wing coalition parties particularly and that to the benefit of jewish home he particularly said that israel will become a haven a paradise for infiltrators and this is because what these african asylum seekers migrants have been called here by the authorities over the last ten years or so are
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illegal infiltrators and yesterday before this u. turn the language changing the prime minister started to call the migrant so there was a soft inning but again as we've seen in the pasta with netanyahu in different incidents when he condemned something pressure from his right wing coalition and he needs to backtrack so it goes to show just the pressure and how reliant he is on that and his base that he's had to have such a public u. turn indeed the also he is the prime minister at this moment of time a drug great deal of pressure so whatever he does with any policy it's scrutinized minute plea from within his own cabinet and from a very sort of as a fractious and sometimes illogical coalition government. well i think when it comes to the policy on migrants on asylum seekers it is always a very sensitive one be it here in israel be it in other countries as we've seen over the last couple of years to help the ticket when it comes to israel there are
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accusations that the policy of this government over the last couple of years has been inherently racist as you heard there in charts packets and particularly aimed at preserving the identity of the jewish state had civil society have n.g.o.s come out against this very much particularly in the last year or so protesting what is a policy against people many of them who had a terrifying journey to get here through the sinai desert through egypt so but i think you know the prime minister is currently under allegations investigations of fraud so it shows you how sensitive it is he needs his right wing base he needs his coalition so he needs to listen to them so what's happening now he is in south tel aviv in those suburbs where most of these asylum seekers live there is support for them from society there there's also opposition so he's going to be listening to them i think it'll be interesting how this is going to play out over the next couple of hours and couple of days because yes it's on hold but it still has to go
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either way so the let's wait and see how much impact the criticism that he's faced will have to do there is that develops of course will come back as more analysis from you stephanie thank you. saudi arabia's crown prince as palestinians and israelis are a target to live peacefully on their own land but haven't been made the comments of that interview with the u.s. magazine the atlantic it's seen as another sign of warming toys between saudi arabia and israel it he said i believe the palestinians and the israelis have the right to have their own land but we have to have a peace agreement to assure stability for everyone and to have normal relations there are a lot of interests we share with us well and if there is peace be a lot of interest between israel and the gulf cooperation council. well palestinians protesting on gaza's border with israel say that they're going to stay camp there for another six weeks fifteen people were killed by israeli troops during protests on friday and more than fourteen hundred were injured demonstrators
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have gathered near the barrier that runs the entire length of the border israeli soldiers including about one hundred snipers on the other side a boat carrying dozens of reading the refugees arrived in malaysia the boat was intercepted by the navy and brought to dock on to the island malaysia's maritime enforcement agency director general said the refugees would be allowed to enter on humanitarian grounds the un refugee agency has praised the decision around seven hundred thousand have been forced from their homes since b.m.r. launch a military crackdown in rakhine state in august our correspondent from salut joins me now from kuala lumpur they're not the first migrants to arrive in the bar from me a bar of malaysian soil the country already hosts quite a large number. that's right the country. large number of refugees from myanmar not just the range of the chains that could change as well
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the rich according to government ministers numbered about sixty thousand as of last year this is not the first of refugees to arrive on the shores of malaysia the last time this happened was back in two thousand and fifteen where they not only arrived on the shores of malaysia but also in indonesia as well as thailand now ever since then southeast asian countries have really started to crack down on the trafficking not network in the region so we start seeing these boatloads but what we're seeing here now is something that refugee advocates have been warning could happen and this is because of what's happening to be in rakhine state in myanmar where they're being persecuted where the being targeted in a military operation nearly seven hundred thousand have fled into neighboring bangladesh since august two thousand and seventeen and of course because of the conditions in the refugee camps involved. in bangladesh where there's overcrowding where there's unsanitary conditions these people feel that they have no choice but
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to leave the situation there and to find a better place now it's not known yet whether this is the same boat that was intercepted that descent that was found in thailand just a couple of days ago but the roy the malaysian coast guard have issued a statement they said the number of people there include about twenty children a number of refugees on board the boat include about twenty children and that they have been given immediate assistance including food water and medical. and have their medical needs looked after the boat is on its way to. where they will be processed by immigration officials so this is what we know so far now if it is indeed the same boat that was in thailand a couple of. days ago these people had said that they were they do want to make their way to malaysia they were on their way to malaysia that did not want to stay
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in thailand and this is because malaysia has a majority muslim population so they feel they will be safer in this country and better looked after well for the moment to relieve florence. now winnie. mandela the and the apartheid campaigner who played a leading role in the battle against white minority rule in south africa has died at the age of eighty one she was married to nelson mandela the nation's first black president for thirty four years born in eastern cape province the young social worker winnie mandela enjoyed the humiliations and limitations of racial segregation shortly after marrying lawyer nelson mandela he was handed a life sentence for his anti apartheid activities with her husband in jail she became a leading voice of the a.n.c. and for her jailed husband in one nine hundred sixty nine she too was imprisoned tortured and sent into exile by the apartheid regime when he said this harsh treatment hardened her and she was convicted for charges relating to the one nine
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hundred ninety one kidnapping and killing of a fourteen year old suspected informer stomping the cat see the following year in a shock to the nation south africa's first couple split but she retained a loyal political following within the a.n.c. sometimes putting it olds with her ex-husband archbishop desmond tutu another veteran of the struggle says her courageous defiance was deeply inspirational to generations of activists both tributes are being paid to winnie mandela as mourners gather outside her house in sweater catherine soy is there. a vigil for we need. to wait till the very heart of the idea apartheid struck president cyril ramaphosa to pay his respects as we say in african culture. a gigantic three has four limbs this is the winnie mandela three that provided shade for the people of south africa mandela will be given
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a state funeral next saturday and before that will be memorial services in the jewels across the country she has been. one of the strongest women in our struggle . who suffered immensely under the apartheid regime who was imprisoned who was banished who was treated very badly separated not only from her husband but from the children as well and their people but notwithstanding all the she remained strong she remained determined she was courageous. i mean our act she became the face and voice of nelson mandela and come pain while he was in prison for twenty seven yes all these people say they are here to celebrate the life of winnie mandela but she was also a very controversial figure she's been accused of being involved in human rights
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abuses during the i pod high times she's also been accused of having a very militant leadership style a song say this could take her legacy. people even of their party height system she fought draft hotshot cummings. you would understand that. itself was violent. it was natural. violence against. a comes to mind is that she defied a project system which isn't such a huge negative impact on our country and the biggest project still lives on today . she might have lived a checkered life with her own political and passing struggles but many people in south africa want to remember half of the role she played in the fight against apartheid and the impact she had a million people here for them she is the mother of the nation catherine saw
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al-jazeera johannesburg south africa. well earlier i spoke to tembisa for khuda is a researcher at al-jazeera center for studies about winnie mandela as legacy. should be fondly remembered by minister africans because she she ran the struggle during the absence of the political leadership in south africa when most of the a.n.c. leaders in some leaders were arrested and many of them in exile women there were together with the likes of other witnesses who knew where the faces of the sort of second black struggle against apartheid so she'll be swallowed remembered by many many many south africans. following his following in that death i think people misunderstood mr understood her role after the release of many political prisoners and those who returned from exile women in the only struggle she was the one who was basically in front of the struggle in south africa and when these people came
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back men by and large they then wanted to serve that control and power from her and that's when she became somehow defiant because she was for decades i mean of my generation for example no no other face of political leadership but when a mandela well still ahead here on al-jazeera promises of sadness from egypt's president of the c.c.s. he overwhelmingly wins a second term. and we're in senegal where mental health officials are learning how to help parents deal with autism to stay with us here on al-jazeera. by the springtime flower of a mountain lake. to the first snowfall on a winter's day. hello the start of the month g.'s cold and snow
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once again to northern and eastern europe of course in some places even red stuff because the sahara dust that's all being chased out of the way now the active weather is coming in these from from the atlantic which is tends to be milder air and it certainly producing a fair amount of right about lifting temperatures and still snow left a legacy snow is likely to fall in southern sweden denmark as norway as you can see tension stockings and a photograph in moscow is only four as well but this general area is much more than it was but in warsaw up into the teens london joining them now you see the green that is the rain and the course the speed of the air suggests a fairly breezy time but it's all rising temperatures and stockings up to now about some get to wednesday moscow still pretty cold but this is the warm and sunny bit naff eastern europe releasing joerg a nice bit of early spring biggest now given what's happening further west you could expect to see some sort of rain or even snow of course fall in record algeria it will be rain it's not cold off any longer even up in the east so so cloud but
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it's rain i think will be the case on tuesday drawing the warmth of the interior of north africa but even then on the coast it's only twenty one now g. is twenty five in tunis. the weather sponsored by cats on. the scene for us whether online what is a very nice time in yemen that peace is always possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on sat there are people that are choosing between buying medication and eating base is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist just posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera i'm still robin a reminder of our top stories israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is suspended a deal reached with the united nations refugee agency which would have seen thousands of african asylum seekers resettled in western countries now it replaces a previous plan to forcibly send thousands of people to countries in africa. also saudi arabia's crown prince says palestinians and israelis are in time to live peacefully on their own land haven't been samantha made the comments in an interview with the u.s. magazine the atlantic is being seen as another sign of warming ties between saudi arabia and israel. also tributes are being paid to whitney mad mandela the anti-apartheid campaigner who played a leading role in the battle against white minority rule in south africa she had
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been married to the nation's first black president nelson mandela. well workers in france have begun three months of rolling strikes which are expected to cause chaos for commuters four and a half million passengers will be affected by two days of stoppages each week other oil workers are angry at president manuel backgrounds plans to reform the industry and half of all rail stuff are taking industrial action plans how it's following the story for us from paris and commuters really will be at the forefront of the disruption what will they really be facing in reality. well i'm out outside i should say one of the main train stations in paris and i can tell you it's a lot quieter this morning than it would normally would be on a weekday but that is because many people simply chosen to stay away from the stations four and a half million people are expected to be affected by the strike as you pointed out across the country commuters travelers and tourists and this will have as well
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a bit of a knock on effect on the economy you're looking at a situation where ninety percent of the high speed t.g.v. trains aren't working they're the ones that connect all the big cities most the regional lines to where the majority of those trains on the running are either and what we're looking at a situation which the rail workers say that they are protesting they are angry because of the government's plan reforms to the national railway network the essence a.f. now the government says it must change but the railway workers say that they do a very difficult job they have a lot of responsibility and they believe that their conditions must stay the same because the government of course wants to change their conditions but it is of course a sort of major test of rules is it not between the president and the unions and it's something that the president really wants to stamp his mark on. well many people from the saying that the railway workers strikes could be one of
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the biggest challenges for the french presence about all marco since he came to power last may now when he was elected he promised to try and transform a reform france he has been pushing through with an extremely ambitious reform agenda in the s.n.c.f. the railways are high on the list the government says that the railway network must change because it has fifty million dollars worth of debt and also twenty twenty needs to get ready because then on the e.u. rules the french network will be open up to foreign competition the thing is though it will be very difficult to change the essence a very difficult to reform a past present times have tried and failed yes unsafe is in many respects one of those french companies state and the kind of represents a french social working model you know the jobs are pretty secure and there is early retirement and many people in france simply feel very attached to it but man oh my call is determined he says he's going to push through these reforms negotiations or not we'll have to see the what happens public opinion for the time
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being it is on the side of the government that could slip away when we see the three months of rolling strikes of the workers and are promising we'll see what happens certainly through the day with you natasha thank you now a gunman in pakistan have killed four people in an attack in a mainly christian neighborhood in the city of question the group was outside a relative's home when their actual came under fire at least three of those killed were from the same family eisel says it carried out the attack five other people were killed in a separate shooting which police say was unrelated to russia's president vladimir putin is on his way to turkey for summit on syria now ties between the two countries have been steadily improving even as their relationships with the west strained further iranian president hassan rouhani could also be joining the summit later on wednesday. egypt's election commission has announced it of them further as he sees secured his second term in office with just over ninety seven percent of
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the vote the same percentage that one of the former military commander his first term four years ago but voter turnout was lower this time around really reports. it wasn't as much of an election as it was a referendum on the presidency of abdul fatah his sisi. i promised to work for all egyptians without any discrimination whoever renewed their trust in me and gave me their vote isn't different from those who did not egypt is for all egyptians as long as the differences do not corrupt the nation. essentially unopposed sisi had been hoping for a high voter turnout the only way to know if egyptians approve of his leadership the election commission announced forty one percent of the sixty million eligible voters cast their ballots that's lower than the turnout during the two thousand and fourteen election that gave sisi his first term. that there has serious abdel
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fattah el-sisi one twenty one million eight hundred thirty five thousand on three hundred eighty seven votes which represents ninety seven percent of the votes and many a man may have been me in the. egyptians voted over a three day period but many polling stations tended to look like this just a trickle of people streaming in state media try to increase voter turnout by telling people if they don't head to the polls they can be punished with a fine yeah. some egyptians say they received food payments and other incentives to vote it wasn't a competition there were no public debates and sisi was virtually guaranteed reelection because his only opponent. supported him was even part of the campaign to get sisi reelected other well known and popular contenders withdrew their names saying they faced intimidation they were either detained disqualified or forced to
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abandon their campaigns they said the vote was a charade and called for a boycott and judging by the number of people who went out to vote many may have heeded that call renee or their al-jazeera. president is in china seeking investment to help his country's struggling economy and listen mother god what is that to me chinese president xi jinping shortly it is first foreign trip since coming to power in the last year but the gaga ousted his predecessor robert mugabe in the military takeover of the united nations as one in every one hundred sixty children suffers from autism the condition makes it difficult for children to communicate of israeli diagnosis to the africa with a population of one billion people the continent has just fifty child psychiatry's so the children and their carers suffer in silence the reports now from seven girls capital dhaka. cares for her three autistic boys mostly alone
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a sixteen year old who has the strength of a grown man but things like a four year old when frustrated he bites gropes and hits his mother these tranter rooms have landed in giant hospital. her two other sons may not know how to speak or write properly but she says they have special talents fourteen year old chick has a knack for drawing complex designs twelve year old mom i do loves music but he's still not potty trained. and joe says there are gifted in their own right it's just that her family friends and neighbors aren't capable of seeing it. any more than art has them it's the way that others look and treat us that is traumatizing i have cried a lot they need attention and i am overwhelmed of course there's been times where i've thought of walking out the door and never coming back but i can't i love them they are my children the developmental disorder affects the way a child communicates and sees the world it requires specialized care most africans
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don't have to look at these numbers there are only fifty child psychiatrists less than twelve specialized centers and just fifty three scientific research articles ever written on autism for a continent of a billion people autism is a hidden disability often misdiagnosed and brushed aside as mental deficiency in senegal this ward is helping medical staff and carers deal with the disorder parents that brought their children here don't want to be filmed they're embarrassed of their children's condition autism here in senegal and throughout west africa is still considered by many as a curse here most still see these children as being possessed needing not a doctor but a traditional healer to treat them these parents bring their daughter to pump him bang a healer who says he can cure mental illnesses in children. they say she no longer follows their gaze and just stares blankly. it is the devil he says it has come in
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your womb you must have sent with prayers potions and talismans she will be cured he says that. mothers are responsible for their children's autism they have to hide their private parts and stop having sinful thoughts i may need to take more charge . so little is known about autism it continues to fuel fears not just in africa but in the west too where some believe exposure to chemicals or vaccination provokes the disability. for in giant living with autism is a daily struggle rewarded only by these rare occasions when her sons show for a brief moment their love for her. nicholas hawke al-jazeera the car.
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you're watching al-jazeera i'm still robin these are all top news stories israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has suspended a deal reached with the un refugee agency which would have seen thousands of african asylum seekers resettled in western countries it replaced a previous plan to forcibly said thousands of people to countries in africa. saudi arabia's crown prince says palestinians and israelis are in time to live peacefully on their own land haven't been slow man made the comments of an interview with the u.s. magazine the atlantic has been seen as another sign of warming ties between saudi and israel's palestinians protesting on gaza's border with israel so that they're going to camp there for the next six weeks fifteen people were killed by israeli troops during protests on friday and more than fourteen hundred were injured demonstrators have gathered near the barrier that runs the length of the border israeli soldiers including around two hundred snipers are on the other side a boat carrying dozens of raw. refugees has arrived in malaysia the boat was
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intercepted by the navy and brought the dog on to but island malaysia's maritime enforcement agency director general said the refugees would be allowed to enter on humanitarian grounds around seven hundred thousand ranger have been forced from their homes since be a stable tree crackdown in rakhine state in august and tributes are being paid to the anti-apartheid campaigner who played a leading role in the battle against white minority rule in south africa she had been married to the nation's first black president nelson mandela president several rather poser came to pay his respects as we say in african culture. a gigantic clearly has fallen and this is the winnie mandela three that provided shame for the people of south africa rail workers in france have begun three months of rolling strikes which are expected to cause chaos for commuters four and a half million passengers will be affected by two days of stoppages each week the
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rail workers angry at president maduro blackwell's plans to reform the industry and of course you can follow those stories on our website at al-jazeera dot com there's more news of me in thirty minutes here on al-jazeera next we go to the stream to stay with us. getting to the heart of the matter if. people calls you today. would you accept given. reality are you willing to. always. hear their story talk to. the dean and you're in the stream live on al-jazeera and on you tube today we look at a life as an undocumented immigrant in the u.s. amid an immigration crackdown by the trumpet ministration.
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as u.s. president donald trump sends tweets saying the cunt.


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