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moved them to destin shack around seventy families who lost their homes in that earthquake still living in this camp so. the government raised our hopes and then abandoned us politicians have promised that they won't allow a repeat of what happened after the earthquake in one thousand and five but the cost complexity of housing hundreds of people living in camps is a major task and one that many people here think the government failed. israel's prime minister counsels a deal with the united nations for african asylum seekers just hours after announcing it on national television. when you're watching all jews their lives my headquarters here in doha also coming
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up german prosecutors move to extradite former catalan regional president. back to spain. also zimbabwe's new president is visiting china seeking more investment from a country already deeply involved in africa. i was south africa celebrates the life of a key leader in the fight against apartheid winnie mandela has died at the age of eighty one. welcome to the program israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has cancelled a deal to work with the un to resettle african migrants and to sign them seekers netanyahu initially agreed not to deport thousands of african asylum seekers to rwanda after the un offered to assist in resettlement the un said monday that they learned he had gone back on their agreement through the media reports. israeli
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prime minister benjamin netanyahu announcing on national television a solution for the future of thousands of african asylum seekers the middle of the show. is a unique agreement with israel let me move sixteen thousand two hundred fifty people we moved them to developed countries like canada or germany or italy that's the commitment of the united nations high commissioner just hours later he suspended it much to the surprise of the un a day later cancelled it entirely caving under pressure from members of his government and the public after consulting with residents in southern television where many asylum seekers have sizzles he wrote we decided to cancel the agreement despite the limitations of the legal and international difficulties that a piling up we will continue to act with determination to make all options available to infiltrate is the un had offered to receive sixteen thousand migrants and other western nations if israel settled
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a comparable number it replaced an ultimatum netanyahu issued to migrants last year be deported to an unnamed african country or face an indefinite time in jail the un was optimistic he would reconsider it's a win win situation it will benefit. because it will be able to meet its international obligations it will also have an international component because other countries will share in the responsibility. also will solve the situation of many of the people who need the protection so we believe that this is a very positive step the un deal was celebrated by asylum seekers who had feared deportation to an unknown country most of them are either from eritrea or sudan in the past they have told al-jazeera they would choose jail over a turning to africa i can go to war and because i have small kids saw i want to be in care. whether he kill me. i don't want to go back to africa human
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rights organizations had also fought the mass deportations israelis protested what many called an inherently racist policy i'm depressed serving the identity of the jewish state we believe that israel has the obligation to uphold the refugee convention that it is a signatory to listen yahoo may have an obligation to examine refugee requests but it is loyalty to the people of southern television and the hard right that dictates the future of nearly forty thousand people chala ballasts al jazeera the palestinians protesting on gaza's border with israel saying they're going to stay camped there for another six weeks fifteen people were killed by israeli troops during protests on friday and more than fourteen hundred injured demonstrators have gathered near the barrier that runs the entire length of the border israeli soldiers including about a hundred snipers on the other side. the former leader of the catalan parliament
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could soon be extradited to stain german prosecutors have applied for college pujols extradition following years arrest there last month he's facing charges of rebellion in spain of to spearheading catalonia independence vote he's currently being held in a german detention center cain has more from berlin. this decision by prosecutors in this northern state of schleswig is effectively the start of a judicial process that code culminates in mr push the man being extradited to spain to face those two charges which spanish authorities have placed against him specifically about rebellion sedition and force being amongst those charges the point to make here in the explanations for the decision taken today the german off already the prosecutors said that there are there is equivalent legislation which would allow prosecutions in this country as it were and that's crucial because it means as i say that this process can start the question will be how mr bush more
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reacts to this in a statement that emerged yesterday where he he had been speaking to a german politician from behind bars as it were he said that he felt that it was important that for his supporters and for himself to continue to operate the way they had been until now peacefully in a nonviolent way that was the cattle and way of doing things well now he is experiencing the german judicial way of doing things and that means that he nursed must now decide whether to contest this or not if he chooses not to condemn contest extradition he could be sent back to spain quite quickly to face these charges however if he chooses to go against this this this ruling as it were to to try to prevent extradition well it could last some considerable time the suggestion might be that there may be some culmination of this process in late may but the important thing to stress here is it's now for mr putin will to decide how he goes forward with this case now the u.n.
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has condemned that attack in new. eastern nigeria that killed at least thirty four people and injured dozens more suspected buckle her arm fighters detonated bombs and opened fire on people in two communities on the outskirts of made a good three that's the city where boko haram was formed nine years ago. zimbabwe's president is is in china seeking investment to help his country struggling economy and listen mother has not chinese president xi jinping in beijing it's his first foreign trip since coming to power in november them and replaced his predecessor robert mcgarvey in a military takeover interim brown has more from beijing first and foremost president emerson when god wants to thank president xi jinping for all the support that china has given zimbabwe during those long eighteen years when zimbabwe was isolated because of the international sanctions that were imposed on zimbabwe and sheeting pink has always said that zimbabwe and china were all weather friends but
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of course he needs investment you know zimbabwean it may be wealthy in a variety of minerals but it's a commie is in dire straits now china is already a significant investor in zimbabwe particularly in sectors like farming mining and tobacco but i think the zimbabwean leader will be looking for more investment from president xi jinping and president xi jinping also wants to consolidate and also strengthen the influence that china currently has in africa i'm sure that president xi jinping will want to promote and talk about his one belt one road foreign policy and trade initiative and to say to the zimbabwean leader that there's room in this project for zimbabwe. no boat coming dozens of rohingya refugees has arrived in malaysia now the boat was intercepted by the navy and brought into the malaysian mainland malaysia maritime officials say the refugees will be a humanitarian grounds the un refugee agency has praised the decision around seven
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hundred thousand have been forced from their homes near more laundry military crackdown rakhine state in august from slavery has more from kuala lumpur the malaysian coastguard say the refugees will be handed over to immigration authorities where they'll be processed accordingly as migrants without valid travel documents now the fifty six refugees mostly women and children have been given food water and medicine malaysia has a policy of turning away refugee boats but officials say they are extending assistance on humanitarian grounds there are about sixty thousand refugees living in malaysia the country itself is not a signatory to the un convention on refugees meaning refugees here have no legal status they have very few rights having said that refugees view malaysia as some sort of a safe haven largely because of its muslim majority population now ranger rights advocates have been warning that we could start seeing large scale journeys by via
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sea of refugees from myanmar and bangladesh because of the persecution they're facing in myanmar and the diet conditions in camps in bangladesh but it is the start of the monsoon season which means these journeys become increasingly dangerous and difficult when the monsoon season ends and sailing season begins in october we could start seeing more of such boats. saudi arabia's crown prince says palestinians and israelis are entitled to live peacefully on their own land them haven't been so the man who made the comments in an interview with the u.s. magazine the atlantic it's seen as another sign of warming ties between the saudi kingdom and israel he said i believe the palestinians and the israelis have the right to have their own land but we need to have a peace agreement to assure stability for everyone and to have normal relations there are a lot of interests we share with israel and if there is peace there would be
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a lot of interest between israel and the gulf cooperation council the u.n. secretary general is calling on the evans warring sides to reach a political settlement until you get terror issues speaking at the second donor conference on yemen in geneva and it's pretty good gupta reports aid is desperately needed. the u.n. says the conflict of yemen is the world's worst humanitarian crisis and it wants the world to pay nearly three billion dollars to help the people of the middle east poorest nation caught in the conflict saudi arabia and the u.a.e. have already pledged nearly a third of that money to help the victims of a war they are heavily involved in in march twenty fifteen they launched a military campaign after hutu rebels took over the capital sanaa forcing the president to flee the coalition's blockade in yemen sports last year cut off lifesaving aid for millions of people and sparked one of the world's worst manmade food security crisis nearly three quarters of yemen's population now in need aid
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that's three million more than last year crumbling infrastructure a broken economy a blockades by warring parties have choked supplies driving millions more to the brink of starvation according to the u.n. every ten minutes a child under five dies of causes that are entirely preventable hundreds of health facilities are closed because of fighting lack of funding and no doctors about sixteen million yemenis don't have access to safe drinking water but sanitation and contaminated water are some of the factors behind a cholera outbreak in yemen one of the worst in modern history it's killed over two thousand people with more than a million suspected cases and their warnings that the epidemic though contained for now could surge in the coming months yemen's foreign minister has called for a return to the negotiating table to end the devastating three year war in the country. classy made the announcement turn to u.n. conference in geneva and chile seeking donors for nearly three billion dollars in
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aid becomes a saudi coalition strike killed at least fourteen civilians and in day the seven of them children unicef is calling the attack one of the deadliest children's attacks since the conflict in the escalated in twenty fifteen. also speaking in geneva and eglin the secretary general of the norwegian refugee council says the event is raising awareness of the human cost of the conflict. it is a stark reminder of how cruel this war is what happened in who data there were also missed sides going from the northern governorates into saudi arabia so the escalation is precisely what we do not need now here in this building now donations from around the world are meeting to give more funding to us the humanitarian agencies that are desperate plea under-funded on the ground however our message
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is also it's not just money we need we need more than anything as a ceasefire we need an end to this senseless war we need an end to the bomb beings and the missiles going into areas like cool data and we need an end to the missiles also going from the north in yemen to saudi this has to end in twenty eighteen number one we need generous donations saudi arabia and the united arab emirates who are also fighting in yemen are now the biggest donor to our aid efforts we need other you know neutral. independent donors to come and step up to the plate number two we need ceasefire now number three we need the new media to martin griffiths who is here now in in the building starting his work to lead you and negotiations for peace and we need so do arabia in iran iran
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is supporting those who are having control in the capital sana'a and the northern governorates iran need to push also the parties to the negotiating table so does united kingdom and the united states that are selling enormous quantities of arms to this war. well still ahead here on al-jazeera front steel's with the rebels trying to is expected to cause chaos for commuters and. mounting anger amongst teachers in the u.s. as years of low pay and budget cuts take a toll. al of the north and winter was are short as i'm sure you're well aware and the cold
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air is still around this here is a cold front which has been heading south in the last twenty four hours it's not the temperatures right back so beijing's max during wednesday's bad ten degrees of the tiles plus two days getting colder here if anything is to get cold enough to snow to that once again for mongolian parts of northeastern china that co will push down and exaggerate the strength of the showers in the korean peninsula running down through the yellow sea they might go across the sea of japan and make things a bit shabby interpret for time to think for the next two days you can enjoy sente degrees and sunshine in tokyo for example the spring rains a lot of the developing now in the middle of china is a line here which you see from sichuan eastwards the green grows south this is so far in these humid twenty seven in hong kong on shore breeze along the south coast of china the showers are slowly greasing in number in southeast asia as i might expect should do the work too in the philippines but generally speaking we're
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seeing the drawing of the answer malaysia and indonesia in the next day or so so although you might see a few showers in jobbers here in bali most of java chances are you'll be enjoying the sunshine. a story of blackmail. and. you'll have to kill i have strangled i have a story of current catch up a lot of the fear is real. passion. and a very sincere just. welcome
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back you're watching algis there i'm still run the reminder of our top stories israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is cancel a deal with the un's refugee agency which would have seen thousands of african migrants resettled in western countries it replace a previous plan to forcibly send thousands of people to countries in africa. also the former leader of the catalan parliament could soon be extradited to spain german prosecutors have applied for callous pujols extradition after his arrest that last month he's facing charges of rebellion in spain after spearheading catalonia his independence vote. a boat carrying dozens of rangar refugees have arrived in malaysia another boat was intercepted by the navy and brought to the
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malaysian mainland elaters maritime officials say the refugees will be allowed to enter on humanitarian grounds the un refugee agency has praised the decision. that tributes are being paid to we need mandela as mourners gather outside the house and so what are the anti-apartheid campaigner who played a leading role in the battle against white minority rule in south africa she had been married to nelson mandela the nation's first black president throughout his twenty seven years in prison katherine sawyer isn't sweating. a vigil for we need. to wait till the very heart of the idea apartheid struggle president cyril ramaphosa to pay his respects as we say in the african culture. a gigantic three. he has fallen and this is the winnie mandela tree that provided shane for the people of south africa and i will be given
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a state funeral next saturday and before that will be memorial services and across the country she has been one of the strongest women in our struggle who suffered immensely under the parted regime who was imprisoned who was banished who was treated very badly separated not only from her husband but from the children as well and their people but notwithstanding all this she remains strong. she remained determined she was courageous after every criminal act she became the face and voice of nelson mandela and come pain while he was in prison for twenty seven yes all these people say they are here to celebrate the life of winnie mandela but chose also a very controversial figure she's been accused of being involved in human rights
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abuses during the iraq times she's also been accused of having a very militant leadership style a some say this could take her legacy. but for people here the evil of their part type system she fought draft hotshot cummings. would understand. itself was fired. it was natural. to gauge violence against. a comes to mind is that she defied an apartheid system which isn't such a huge negative impact on our country and the biggest labor party still lives are today. she might have lived a checkered life with her own political and passing struggles but many people in south africa want to remember half of the role she played in the fight against apartheid and the impact she had to know people here for them she is the mother of
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the nation katherine saw al-jazeera john is back south africa. now julius malema the leader of south africa's economic freedom fighters party has visited winnie mandela as home in sweater to pay his respects. yes. and. i wonder. how much. time today people also not only. see. words were lost here let's fight. john in their mind now of the nation. they're tired from that which was thought. to go well earlier we spoke to tembisa for khuda he's a researcher at the al-jazeera center for studies about a legacy. will be founded a member by minnesota africans because she she ran the struggle in the absence of
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the political leadership in south africa when most of the a.n.c. does a.n.c. leaders were arrested and many of them in exile women they're not together with the likes of other witnesses who knew where the faces of the sort of second black struggle against apartheid so she'll be funded remembered by many many many south africans. following his following if that her death i think people misunderstood misunderstood had a role after the release of mina political prisoners and those would return from exile women in the only struggle she was the one who was basically in front of the struggle in south africa and when these people came back men by and large they then wanted to usurp that control and power from her and that's when she became somehow defiant because she was for decades i mean of my generation for example no no other face of political leadership but when
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a mandela. russia's president vladimir putin is on his way to turkey for a summit on syria ties between the two countries have been steadily improving even as their relationships with the west strained further iranian president hassan rouhani will also be joining the summit later on wednesday. well workers in france have begun three months of rolling strikes causing chaos for commuters four and a half million passengers will be affected by two days of stoppages each week the rail workers angry at present and well nigh calls plans to reform the industry around half of all staff are taking industrial action the team barber has been out meeting some of those affected in paris. this is one of several bus stations in paris where people can travel to cities around france and in fact further afield it is a lot more busy than normal the company the private company that runs this place says that they've laid on extra services on tuesday because of the train strike but some
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passengers we spoke to said that they still felt inconvenience and that their journey was going to take a lot longer than normal that said on the front it's destructive to our plans because the train would have caught us how much early and we having to wait for a bus and the journey will be much slower. will another solution for passengers trying to get from paris to other cities is car sharing it's already extremely popular particularly among young people but coincidentally on tuesday there's a strike at air france so vats adding to the demand for that particular solution. that most of the i couldn't take a plane either because of the strike there i absolutely have to get unarmed and i don't drive so car sharing seem like the best idea. well some of the passengers the travelers that we've spoken to say that they fully understand why the strike is happening others say that the rail sector does need to be reformed and they do
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think that the three month strike is excessive but one thing's for sure they're going to have to get used to this disruption because it's going to last until the end of june. now here's to palm to justice has announced little evaluate immigration judges on her official leave they resolve cases it's an effort to clear up a backlog of court cases and alan fisher has the latest force from washington d.c. it's estimated there own six hundred eighty thousand cases to be dealt with by the immigration courts the department of justice wants to see that number significantly reduced they want to see the number of people hanging around waiting for their court dates essentially to go away because they can apply for work or they're waiting for the case to be had you know what the department of justice would like to see is a judge's processing somewhere in the region of seven hundred cases a year at the moment the average is just under about six hundred eighty so the department of justice says this isn't a huge leap this is just probably dealing with three cases
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a day for every judge in the point to the fact that some judges deal with more than a thousand cases in the year but the difficulty is some immigration cases are a lot more complicated than others no immigration judges when they say in the new collective agreement with the government their greed to the introduction of some quarters and so the department of justice is saying from the beginning of the new financial year and tobar we want to see this going forward it could be open to challenge in the courts particularly from people who would be concerned that judges are more interested in processing the number of cases rather than jus a process in their courtrooms so although the department of justice issued this statement to all immigration judges on friday before the easter holiday in the united states it's clearly something that could well play out over the coming months as we see likely illegal challenges to this idea from donald trump's the heartland of justice. well staying in the u.s.
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tens of thousands of teachers have walked out of classrooms demanding higher salaries protests in kentucky and oklahoma a part of growing unrest amongst education staff who earn far less than other professionals and i sanest a book report the pay gap is not confined to america. yet. in kentucky thousands of teachers stormed the state capitol we are here today to rally for our schools the scene was much the same in oklahoma where teachers call the recent six thousand dollars pay hike their first in a decade too little too late i'm not walking out on my children or my students are walking out for my student. across america from west virginia to arizona teachers are in open revolt walking off the job demanding not only better pay and pensions but more funding for classrooms. in the u.s. teachers' salaries and pensions are mostly funded through
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a combination of state and local taxes but since the recession tighter government budgets have kept a lid on teacher wages. we have our own limits and we have other people who are also in desperate need of funding when it comes to teacher salaries the u.s. is actually one of the best paying nations luxembourg is at the top paying roughly one hundred thirteen thousand u.s. dollars for teachers with roughly fifteen years of experience latvia is at the bottom paying only about nine thousand dollars but despite wage differences teachers worldwide have one thing in common they make on average about twenty percent less than other professions with similar training that could make teacher recruitment harder in the future we have seen reductions in the number of teachers and the number of college students who are exiting who are graduating from college with a teaching certificate and so there have been declines over the last ten years or so that people have raised warning flags about losing losing teachers
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to other professions teachers in oklahoma say they'll stay off the job at least another day hoping their demands will inspire change in their state and possibly others as well diane estabrook al-jazeera washington no hotel in northern italy has a new member of staff and the social relevance they don't need are slim and trim chris rock star. robbie pepper the country's first robot concierge and he's just taken a residence near lake garda robbie answers questions from guests in three different languages and if he doesn't know the answer he's program to learn from the interaction with humans. your child is there i'm still wrong but these are all top news stories israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has canceled a deal with the un's refugee agency which would have seen thousands of african migrants resettled in western countries it replaced
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a previous plan to forcibly send thousands of people to countries in africa. the former leader of the catalan parliament could soon be extradited to spain german prosecutors have applied for callous bujold's extradition of his arrest here last month now he's facing charges of rebellion in spain after spearheading catalonia independence fate. a boat carrying dozens of or hindu refugees arrived in malaysia another boat was intercepted in a joint operation by the navy coast guard and marine police and brought to the malaysian mainland malaysia's maritime officials say the refugees will be allowed to enter on humanitarian grounds palestinians protesting on gaza's border with israel say that they're going to stay camped there for another six weeks fifteen people were killed by israeli troops during protests on friday and more than fourteen hundred injured demonstrators have gathered near the barrier that runs the entire length of the border tributes are being paid to winnie mandela the
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anti-apartheid campaigner who played a leading role in the battle against white minority rule in south africa she had been married to the nation's first black president nelson mandela presents a rubber poser went to the family home in soweto to pay his respects julius malema the leader of south africa's economic freedom fighters party has also visited the mandela home in sweater to pay his respects. to. the much loved. that and to the people of thoughtfully in their. words to him were last year let's bidar. in their mind now the nation. tired from that which was thought. by that report was a lot of. those were the headlines you can follow her of course all our news
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stories on our website at al-jazeera dot com next it's inside story with hashem to stay with us here on al-jazeera. it's weald autism day and. autism on the brain to sold sixty seven million people around the wells so why is old ism still so poorly understood this is inside story .


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