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supremacy is on the rise in the us and it's on for a series to beaching them from. food lines investigates the un to fascists using force against intolerance. this is untrue from. zero. nonviolence attempt to appeal to the moral conscience of the movies now the jury's still out. of the nation as one. zero. and live from studio fourteen here at al-jazeera headquarters in doha for the bat to gold welcome to the news greats where to now the future of tens of thousands of african migrants in israel is in doubt prime minister benny minutes now has canceled
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a deal with the un to resettle them in western countries knisley approved the plan but was forced to backtrack after coming under heavy criticism from his coalition partners we'll have reaction from the un refugee agency also on the bridge strengthening ties between turkey and russia president vladimir putin is in for talks with. trade and energy are expected to top the agenda it's the war in syria that has drawn the two countries closer together we'll explain why and the life and legacy of winnie mandela tributes have been pouring in for the south african campaigner who died on monday at age eighty one she was a hero of the struggle but also one of its most controversial figures and to the end inspired both love and know that in equal measure. rights groups are criticizing a new law in malaysia which threatens to send people to jail for publishing fake news but will it be used to silence government critics i mean to ship. also this
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reports on twitter using it in newsgroups. that go with the news great live on air and streaming online three you tube facebook live and at al-jazeera dot com thank you for joining us it was a short lived deal just a day after announcing he'd reach an extraordinary agreement with the united nations refugee agency to resettle thousands of african asylum seekers in western countries israel's prime minister has now canceled the plan after pressure from his right wing coalition partners but i mean that's now as you turn has drawn shot criticism from human rights organizations the agreement with the united nations was meant to replace a controversial israeli plan that had offered the migrants a stock toys for steeple taishan to africa all prison in a statement released by his office on tuesday and it's now said i have listened carefully to the many comments on the agreement as a result and after i get and weighed the advantages and disadvantages i decided to
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cancel the deal let's bring in stephanie deco's covering the story for us from tel aviv in israel stephanie this was a head spinning turnaround from benjamin netanyahu the israeli prime minister what happened. absolutely finally and it was quite interesting because when we first heard the news that this deal was struck very soon after he actually came out on television addressed the media and said broke down why they had achieved what they had achieved and then the un also the un refugee agency came out with a statement also that this had been achieved they were very happy about it we spoke to them as well as this was significant achievement and then within six or seven hours in the middle of the night it was around eleven thirty at night on his facebook page that was put on hold and why is this is you mentioned pressure from his right wing coalition that the prime minister is hugely dependent upon at the moment he is facing forward. on
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a ford investigation and also his support base on social media there was an outcry because as you mentioned this deal would see around sixteen thousand of them relocated to western countries but around sixteen to twenty thousand of them would remain here and achieved some kind of legal status that is what israel so far has avoided and clearly it's something that they seem to want to continue avoid tell us about the reaction in israel stephanie promise now was under pressure not just from his coalition partners but also from parts of these really public to remove these asylum seekers especially in tel aviv where you walk. it's a mixed bag really you have those who don't want them here and then you have those who support them and those are really feel that these people and their they are mostly from eritrea and to dawn forty who say that these people have been through incredibly difficult situations they've made an incredibly difficult journey deadly journey we've been speaking to people telling us stories of rape torture kidnapping
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extortion beatings to get here. and this is how they're being treated so i think it's a very sensitive topic not just in israel as we know the issues of asylum seekers but the point here is that they they've been here for years in the ancient thing for you have covered many sort of the. asylum seeking serious people here fluent in hebrew they've been here for eight to nine to ten years they are working even though they're not supposed to be working but the government collects taxes from them and they will then say a twenty percent of their salary and then say well if you leave we'll give you that money back so it's a very complicated situation but everything pointing to the fact that the authorities here are trying to make them not feel welcome and make them really thank you for that stephanie decker live for us in tel aviv or less sick a look now the people affected by prime minister netanyahu has decision there are an estimated forty thousand african migrants in asylum seekers in israel most of them from sudan and eritrea many say they fled war and persecution and entered
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israel through egypt's before the border fence was built in twenty thirteen and a recent poll by the israeli democracy institute sixty six percent of israeli jews favor the deportation plans tens of thousands of eritreans applied for asylum in europe last year ninety percent were allowed in but in israel just ten every tree and one sudanese have been granted asylum since two thousand and nine well it's not speak to mr william spindle who is a spokesman for the un refugee agency joins us live on the newsgroup from geneva mr spender i imagine you're disappointed by the israeli prime minister's decision to cancel this plan. we regret is decision but we hope that israel will record seeder it and. we are standing ready to work with the israeli authorities to find a solution for this large number of african asylum seekers who cannot return to
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their countries of origin because they fear persecution there or because the countries are in the middle of a conflict and we believe strongly that this agreement was a way forward to find a solution that was the would benefit israel to benefit the people who were in need of protection and would have also the added benefit of having an international dimension of countries helping israel by taking some of these asylum seekers a lot of the african migrants and refugees who are facing deportation back to their home countries were happy about this deal when it was announced yesterday what will happen to them now are they still facing deportation. well the policy of sending them to africa not it was not. to the countries of origin but to other countries but still this is
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a policy that we have criticised and that the supreme court of israel had stopped and was examining. to determine its legality and the supreme court of israel has not yet rule on this policy so this policy has been suspended for now regardless of this agreement that has also now been canceled mr spender i have a question here from one of our viewers on facebook so asks you what action can the un take against israel after this decision. ok we are are our mandate is to work with states to find a solution and to help them fulfill their international obligations we don't work against states we work with states in this case we were looking for a creative positive. solution to a very difficult situation some of these thirty one thousand pounds and sudanese have been for many years in israel but have not been able to integrate so we are
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looking for a pragmatic positive solution which in this case in the form of this agreement involved some of them staying in israel right up taining proper documents so that they could stay legally but also some of them being resettled or reunited with family in other countries in europe north america and so on that is a question though isn't it could could this plan have brought any real change for those who are going to stay in israel because there are those who say the deal wasn't a good one anyway because it merely postponed the expulsion of the remaining non jewish african refugees who are currently in israel. no their treatment did not mean that the agreement meant that number of people would be some sixteen thousand would. we would find solutions for them outside israel and for the rest they would stay in israel that the situation would be regularized that they
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would have work permits and we would work also with the local authorities and we are very sensitive to the concerns of from neighborhood such as poor neighborhoods in south to live that have been affected mostly by the presence of this asylum seekers who have congregated there we need to help these communities by encouraging asylum seekers to move out of those areas to other parts of israel and the agreement contemplated also formation of training for asylum seekers so that they could find employment. in areas such as irrigation agriculture solar power areas where israel has. expertise and knowledge and where there are work. there will be demand for for the for the kills misspend i have an interesting and important question here from another of our viewers regarding the status of these people all these africans and the viewer he asks why are these people fleeing
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their home in the first place all these people who were going to be resettled under this plan that was now that has now been canceled by the israeli prime minister are they refugees or are they migrants. this is a very important question and this is really the crux of the matter the vast majority of those africans that find themselves in this world at the moment come from two countries eritrea and sudan and they cannot return to those countries because they are afraid of being persecuted for various reasons or because they come from areas that are. in the middle of conflicts so they are. most of them. refugees they are in fear of persecution and they cannot return to their countries of origin they are not economic migrants
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they are not infiltrators an israeli government has called them they are mostly refugees and appropriate solutions need to be found israel is a signatory of the one hundred fifty one convention on refugees it has an obligation to provide protection to people fleeing persecution but we are sensitive to the concerns of israel we're trying to be pragmatic to find a solution to be constructive and this agreement offered a way out of this iteration by helping israel also. through the resettlement and family reunification of a number of this and i'm sick as to other countries and we were in the process of contacting countries to see if they would be ready to accept some of this asylum seekers' thank you very much mrs spender for taking the time to speak to us so william has been there is the spokesman for the un refugee agency u.n.h.c.r. is joining us there from geneva thank you for your time and a very interesting debate on our discussion program inside story on this very topic
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how israel's government has been treating african asylum seekers some a day they don and his guest debated whether the plan deportation of four thousand african refugees and migrants is a case of national security as israeli government has said or part of a racist agenda into. discussion watch it by clicking on the show. and then click on inside story and we've been getting quite a few comments on this story today our lead story on the news great one here from facebook viewer who says israel is a racist country palestinians are not recognized as humans neither african refugees thank you for your comment you can keep on coming on this story and others we're covering on the great today connect with us on facebook life facebook dot com or on twitter our handle is at a.j. english don't forget to use the news grid and also on whatsapp or telegram at seven four five zero one triple one four nine all the different ways to get in touch on your screen right now moving on and a twenty five year old palestinian man has been shot dead by israeli forces on the
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gaza border that brings the death toll to eighteen people killed by israeli forces since protests began on friday well in fourteen hundred are injured demonstrators say they will remain camped near the barrier that runs the entire length of the border for another six weeks israeli soldiers including about one hundred snipers on the other side of the border in related news sunday arabia's crown princess palestinians and israelis are entitled to live peacefully on their own land mohammed bin simon made the comments in an interview with the us magazine the atlantic the crown prince has been touring the us to encourage investment in his country and to support and support rather to contain iranian influence in the middle east his latest comments as another sign of warming ties between saudi arabia and israel. let's bring in palau media producer i did tell us about the reactions to the crown prince's comments about israelis and palestinians living
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side by side well those comments of certainly created a stir online because of a few words now mohammed bin selman used the word rights saying palestinians and the israelis have the right to have their own land now why does this matter well former peace negotiator dennis ross who's also quoted in this piece you're about to see says that arab leaders have often spoken of israel's existence as a reality but haven't spoken of any sort of right to jewish ancestry a land until now so that's why that's very significant and during his visit the crown prince also met with several organizations that have spent millions of dollars to expand jewish settlements in the occupied west bank which are illegal under international law the head of one organization that he met with the anti-defamation league says that mohammed bin psalm on is far from perfect and there's a long road ahead but he envisions a very different future for everyone in the middle east that's quite a few people who are responding to that post john here says that saudi policies are
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responding to the article with criticism of saudi policies and the most popular post here from john says that creating an artificial famine in yemen is not just an imperfection others are taking issue with comments that he made in the interview about hitler and comparing iran's supreme leader saying that he quote makes hitler look good lots of pushback to that comment aaron david miller who's at the woodrow wilson center says enough with hitler comparisons the past few weeks criticizing the saudi religious and political establishment here and the journalist norton calls this his words holocaust revisionism and says that that kind of comparison is a comparison rather whitewash is the crimes of the nazis one last comment from sharif could do suze reacting to the interview in the atlantic he says that the mainstream journalists and media. it's have been fawning over the saudi crown prince and he says it's quite astounding so those are his thoughts let us know what you think you can tweet us your views using the hash tag a.j.
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newsgroup or message me directly on q. and to let's find out what our senior political analyst thinks about these comments he joins us now on the news great from london so marwan what are your thoughts seemingly warming relations between saudi arabia and israel what is the end game for each side. well let's start with the warming of the relations between the interviewer and their interviewee because this was certainly a softball interview where by jeffrey goldberg a renowned zionist who once was a prison guard. basically guarding palestinian activists in the first intifada come american journalists of course set up the interview in so many ways whereby the crown prince of saudi arabia would lash out against iran and against the muslim brotherhood and so on and for all practical reason pave the way to worse
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normalization with israel once again at the expense of the palestinians so much so that in certain parts you know he would say something like we are not living between canada and mexico or we have neighbors like hezbollah and hamas really i mean a neighborhood with hezbollah and hamas is a problematic for saudi arabia to have a hamas that is resisting israeli occupation i mean wasn't saudi arabia that moderated between hamas and fatah all this time all in all this was just another way for the atlantic and jeffrey goldberg to give a platform for the crown prince of saudi arabia not to speak about corruption not to speak about the crimes in yemen and so on so forth but just to pave the way the worst what i would call normalization of normalization of relations with israel before israel commits to anything serious to words peace in the middle east i was
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going to ask you that you talk about normalization where would that leave the peace process. well this is a think it's i think what we're what we're seeing from the crown prince of saudi arabia over the last several months couple of years is lot of marlise ation of normalization because we don't have normalization today between saudi arabian is or was but we're starting with the normalization hence the idea that there would be a lot of well as ation between israel that occupies palestinian and arab land syrian land lebanese land and so on so forth with saudi arabia will not go down well with the saudis with the arabs and the rest of the hour when the muslim world in fact with the rest of the world israel cannot continue to occupy seven million palestinians while at the centime normalizing with saudi arabia hence there is a need for normalization of normalization before saudi arabia start selling the so-called the deal of the century that is supposedly supposedly are coming from the
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trump and miss ration water by apparently jerusalem is already a forgotten issue a capital of israel and the palestinians would have to accept half a state on half of the west bank and gaza that is not acceptable to the palestinians it's not acceptable to the people and to the rest of the international community but apparently it is acceptable to crown prince mohammed bin so much and i think the interview is about embodying this new normalization thank you for your views marwan bashar a senior political analyst at my one bashar is where you can find him on twitter is joining us on these great from london thank you very much and the saudi crown prince as you heard there has been praised in some quarters for the anti-corruption and pro women reforms he's initiated in his country but if he really every former media sign and his guest debate this on outfront watch the show interesting discussion it's on al-jazeera dot com. now on to other world news and russia's
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president vladimir putin is in turkey voice first foreign visit since his reelection last month many say it's a sign of deepening ties between the two countries put in joint turkish president or ship type red awana ceremony just start construction of a russian made nuclear power plant but it's not just economic ties that are on the mend put in an add on are expected to join iranian president hassan rouhani at a summit in ankara on wednesday to talk about serious future. relations between moscow and ankara haven't always been this close let's start with the conflict in syria turkey and russia on opposing sides with moscow backing president bashar assad and ankara supporting some of the rebel groups relations hit their lowest point when turkey shot down a russian fighter jet in late two thousand and fifteen said it had violated it says space but russia denied its brain ever entered turkish territory now russia impose economic sanctions in response including restrictions on travel business dealings and imports from turkey it took seven months for things to improve with the kremlin
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saying present at one had expressed his regret to putin over the incident but it's their regional interests that have drawn the two nations closer together culminating in the summit on syria to which iran has been invited on when state let's bring in osama bin javid who is in ankara for us so some a trade and energy are the focus of the first day of president putin's trip to turkey. absolutely he started off with the inauguration of footprint the billion dollar nuclear power project a first for turkey with president said that it will be joining the club of thirty one nations who already did get their power from nuclear energy but that's not that's not the only thing we've seen that is a large entourage that has come with president putin to try and develop these ties that have been flourishing in the last few months specially later half of last year when russia mean. says that the president between the meetings between the
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president of turkey and. russia have been happening more than twenty times including a number of phone calls as well so this is deepening ties between the two countries in the form of a strategy for a military as well as economy that turkey should government depends about twenty six billion dollars of its economy come from moscow's tourists and then it is also heavily reliant upon energy that comes in from russia as well and osama surprisingly the conflict in syria has brought these two countries clo to closer together despite the fact that they're opposing a different size in the conflict explain to us why. well experts that we've been speaking to say that the ties between russia and turkey and turkey and e.u. and the united states are not mutually exclusive but we saw that turkey brought down a russian fighter jet in two thousand and sixteen brought their economic ties to
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a standstill completely to russia completely blockaded turkey and turkey on its part found itself alone not receiving the help that it wanted to from its nato allies when it stood up to russia for its involvement in syria that is the conflict where did two sides still are on the opposing ends of it turkey backs moderate rebels as it calls them while russia backs the syrian government and these two sides have been trying to bridge that divide to try to find some sort of a solution inside syria and that has brought them together turkey on its sees that russia has an alternative to the alliances that it has with the european union and the americans and turkey on its part sees that it has now in its grasp. often a need to alliance that it can now feel that it's more closer to den than the nato alliance so it is a win win situation for the stew countries who are on the opposing and but it remains to be seen how their end game will happen in syria where the conflict has
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dragged on for seven years and this matter of convenience according to some critics might come to an end there and the big date in ankara will be tomorrow wednesday of course when we have this meeting between protein at a wand and rouhani the reigning president what should we expect from that. well we're going to be expecting more deconstruction zones especially this is the first time that the leaders are meeting after a lot of international criticism was met out to the way things have been handled in eastern ruta which is one of the deacon fiction zones with the deescalation zones that these three parties had agreed to in the process but the way it was carried out has been all of human rights activists and workers have been crying foul and so this is on the heels of that this is also a precursor to what is going to be happening in places like hama and also in east and there are so there is the three parties who are the main players inside syria
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coming together yet again to try and find out a solution whereas each side has its own interests and it's all actors that it supports on the ground demands to be seen if we're going to see any more expansion of the zones various turkey is adamant that it wants to control all of its border it's a fighting kurdish rebels what it calls terrorists but in this war in syria every single side has a party that it calls terrorists thank you for that osama bin job is a lie for us in ankara turkey capital and more on what's behind the turkey russia reset in this opinion piece by dimitar bed he says russia needs a deal on syria sooner rather than later if it wants to avoid mission creep having turkey on board he says is a necessary all be not sufficient condition it's very interesting perspective read it on our website at al-jazeera dot com. now if you're watching us on facebook live
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coming up the story of a man who's walked thousands of kilometers to spread the word about israel's occupation of palestine and still ahead on the news grade the women with disabilities in india already who say they are invisible in a system that should deliver justice do stay with us. how is the loss of the dust there for the yellow skies really manifest themselves across iran and beyond what cloud there is a pay natasha can't just east of may well briefly bring down a bit of orange precipitation but on the how we see the last of the still a enough of a breeze and a cloudy bells which suggests you might picked up once again so the skies are not particularly blue even once the cloud is gone through a drop in temperature gives tara nineteen thursday so twenty six in kuwait and back
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to iraq two of the eastern mediterranean coast the source of the fine middle twenty seems about right this time these of sea hotter than in mecca but it's not forty and we've seen these temperatures well the last month or two to be honest the breeze is never supposed my pick up more dust for the side of society kuwait qatar for example in the us greatest is cloud in the skies not blue skies we've recently seen some pretty big showers once again in south africa and they're still showing up on the satellite picture in the cold a flat goes up through namibia obviously the biggest ampoules now are up in the tropics but if you still wanting some right even the western cape well you lucky dog tight certainly in the forecast big showers are anywhere in south africa. officially their champion of nine hundred ninety two teams to visit chickens
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doesn't legislate other air defense threat to the crohn's another from the fancy growth process and one dream dashed by sectarian politics but that stopped being about sports became few politics zero world looks back on the minds and fall of lebanon's golden age of basketball time out on al-jazeera when the news breaks. on the mailmen city and the story builds to be forced to leave the interest. when people need to be heard to women and girls are being bought and given away in refugee camps al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you the award winning documentary is and nine years on al-jazeera i got to commend you all i'm hearing is good journalism. and online. class.
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bad lines on al-jazeera and the stories trending on our website al-jazeera dot com at number one there is. saudi crown prince is common so way say days really is have a right to their own land in an interview done with
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a us newspaper also trending why is the west praising malala yousafzai the pakistani nobel laureate but ignoring ahead tell me the palestinian youth activist who was arrested by israeli security forces after she slapped an israeli soldier an interesting opinion piece they're also trending the afghan air attack that's killed children at a religious school and at number four the syrian opposition claiming victory in the presidential election all those stories and much more on our website at al-jazeera dot com. tributes have been pouring in for winnie. with mourners gathered outside her house in soweto south africa the anti-apartheid campaign a paid a very leading role in the battle against white minority rule in south africa should be honored at a state funeral on april fourteenth with an official memorial service three days earlier by julius malema the leader of south africa's economic freedom fighters
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body an opposition party has visited. main soweto to pay his respects here's what he had to say. one. of. the people of the city during. the. war and see where was her fearless fighter. john in their mind of the nation the third time and the rejoicing to. find that new proposal for his. looking back at the life and legacy of winnie mandela. winnie mandela the former wife of nelson mandela spent years in the public eye as an anti-apartheid campaigner my husband has been fighting for the liberation of the african people for the work in someone
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you speak of. in this country she'd been suffering from a long illness for which she spent much of this year in and out of hospital she was revered and controversial in equal measure you are here this morning. testimony. offered really out of our government. but area has failed rolled our country during her husband's twenty seven year imprisonment in robben island when it played a crucial role in directing the anti-apartheid struggle. in one thousand nine hundred ninety now so mandela was freed and the world watched as a jew i walked out of prison hand in hand but by the end of the next year when he was found guilty and fined for her involvement in the kidnapping of forced to wear to school children and the killing of a boy in a stumpy by had team of bodyguards in one thousand nine hundred ninety two allegations of corruption and mismanagement forced her out of all executive
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positions in the n c but shortly after she was appointed as culture minister in mandela's unity government she was sacked a year later for insubordination but kept her position as a member of parliament and head of the women's league have marriage to mandela and that in one nine hundred ninety six when he however remained a strong figure in south africa's social and political circles the reality we see out there. i think our west program today is crying and of course goals and then that is the poverty of our people. we are far from. the pit of poverty we've missed revolution in this country. ok to provide two for people there she faced controversy in the lot to parts of her life for millions of south africans
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winnie mandela holds a special place the brave fight against discrimination and for equality. to relieve. this struggle a hundred times more if endo feet i would leave precisely what we achieved as the african national congress in the north south africa the liberties of my people when you mandela's legacy is subject of discussion on social media most people are praising her activism by using her name as the hash tag using words like the ones you see here courage struggle and hope using those words to describe her personality and her legacy now crystal here says she is a hero a mother and a legend her legacy will live on and we will remember her as the mother of the nation while ameena here says that when he was at the vanguard of empowerment
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rights and equality not only in south africa but across africa and globally she was an inspiring and formidable leader for change but not everyone is mourning this user here says that she was corrupts and said that those mourning her and calling her the mother of the nation need to check their facts and assess their own humanity so how will you remember when he mendell you can tweet me your thoughts using the hash tag it it in. andrew thank you very much for that winnie mandela is life in pictures on al-jazeera dot com some very beautiful photos on there this first one is when mandela speaking at an a.n.c. valley in one thousand nine hundred kalitta and several other important photos from her life her wedding to nelson mandela you can see there on june fourteenth one hundred fifty eight and then later when she attended his funeral in johannesburg on december tenth twenty thirteen all those pictures on our website at www dot com.
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time now for a look at the day's other news here's barbara sarah in our london news center hi barbara hey there folly let's start in france where trains have been canceled across the country as railway workers a strike against the government's planned labor reforms now tuesday's walkout is just one of more than thirty planned strikes that are set to run for months across france the rail unions are demanding that the government give up its plans to cut benefits and pensions well i'll just go is outside paris's main train station that's gotten all those sun it just tell us a little bit more about what the strikes are actually about. barbara actually i'm standing outside of the montparnasse which is again is one of the main terminus is here into paris but really it's about confronting or certainly the unions here the railway you workers unions confronting the plans of president
6:38 pm
mack or plans to try and reform some of the labor laws here the fact has a mandate to try and reform those by hiring and firing workers more easily making the easier then having more direct. ability to go one on one with any employees and directly discuss working conditions with them as well and this is something that has of course the unions backs really right up on this issue here this is something which they are fundamentally disagreeing on bay see it as a threat to their working rights and certainly with the rail workers as well they challenge this before not just with a manual recount but also with other previous presidents as well there is also a fear that these labor laws coming into effect possibly that they would offer up a gateway to try and privatized france's national railway they say that is absolutely
6:39 pm
. absolutely not something that they could actually stand they see that as being absolutely lost on to private companies to use public railway company facilities so that is really a battle that the french president is really gearing up to fight as he tries to take on those labor laws in the unions on this issue and that. could go on for months really we don't even know how it's going to pan out how much support do the workers have from the french public. well it's interesting to see that it's about seventy five percent of french citizens in the in the latest polls would seem to think that mark probably will be able to take this on and and really be able to try and get those labor laws. made into law in effect but this is still very early days as well right now you have
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economists and business leaders who of course are supporting the french president on this there have been calls for many years to try and reform france's labor laws of course but the unions are battling that in the sense because it would take away for example rights to an early retirement guaranteed annual pay rises. and the like and with taking on those labor laws that also that would definitely come into effect with that but if you take into consideration that about twenty five percent of french people here work for public services they've got quite a fight on their hands because the unions have taken on the government's before famously one thousand nine hundred ninety five when there were huge demonstrations on the streets and they managed to do it again in twenty ten but of course that was probably more of a suggestion of discontent to the president nicolas sarkozy in this case really.
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president back home is really trying to do what was wanted this election mandates but he really does have quite a tough fight on his hands in this instance he does indeed go with the latest there from paris thank you. now the former president of the spanish region of catalonia could soon be extradited to spain prosecutors in northern germany have applied for kalus freedom and sex for this shit following his arrest of their last month he faces charges of sedition in spain after spearheading catalonia unsanctioned referendum on secession last year. zimbabwe's president emerson god has thanked china for its political support tennis pledged to strengthen ties between the two countries my god what has been meeting with paying in beijing the two leaders oversaw the signing of six documents including
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a letter on economic and development cooperation it's meant dad was a first trip to china since coming to power last year after robert mugabe was ousted in a military takeover brown has more now from beijing first and foremost president emerson when god wants to thank president xi jinping for all the support that china has given zimbabwe during those long eighteen years when zimbabwe was isolated because of the international sanctions that were imposed on zimbabwe and she jinping has always said that zimbabwe and china were all weather friends but of course he needs investment you know zimbabwean it may be wealthy in a variety of minerals but it's a con a me is in dire straits now china is already a significant investor in zimbabwe particularly in sectors like farming mining and tobacco but i think the zimbabwean leader will be looking for more investment from president xi jinping and president xi jinping also wants to consolidate and also
6:43 pm
strengthen the influence the china currently has in africa i'm sure that president xi jinping will want to promote and talk about his one build one road foreign policy and trade initiative and to say to the zimbabwean leader that there's room in this project for zimbabwe. officials are warning that aid groups are in a race against time to stop range of refugees from facing enormous that's in the coming months and season there are fears that refugee camps in bangladesh will be unable to withstand the storms around seven hundred thousand to him just have fled violence in myanmar since last august and many are still trying to escape when they should authorities have intercepted a boat carrying fifty six refugees off the northern island of cali malaysia says it will allow the go ahead jet to enter on humanitarian grounds full same with malaysia the country has passed the new bill that makes publishing what the government calls fake news punishable with
6:44 pm
a maximum six year prison term for more on this let's go back to the house and to andrew andrew talk us through it thanks barbara the new law that just passed the senate has sparked widespread anger for some days now there's activists and press freedom groups who believe that this law is aimed at cracking down on critical voices ahead of the general election expected later this month and the government is running an advertising campaign warning people about fake news now the government minister who proposed the bill says that this law is not intended to restrict the freedom of speech but to restrict the dissemination of fake news but this is left many people wondering who gets to decide what is or isn't fake news came in here wrote an open letter to the minister the minister who proposed the bill basically asking how malaysia can be a free society if it doesn't respect the people's right to free speech now that's a question we've been asking people in malaysia throughout the day and let's hear
6:45 pm
what they have to say. he's extremely overreaching point some news as defined by deed and includes and. point information on nums that is partially or wholly force so it is not limited to publication right press. the punishment for publishing fake news is also highly severe includes five hundred thousand we find or six years imprisonment of books we see that these would create a chilling effect and the malaysian public begin to some sense and this is a serious trend to our freedom of expression it will be an insult to our feet to the freedoms of information and it would be an insult to the. constitution is a close one which clearly gives right to freedom of expression. it would be no the draconian law to silence the voices of the international news reporting news about the truth. in general so while malaysia is the first country
6:46 pm
to outlaw what it considers to be fake news india has backed down from similar plans hours after the country announced it would punish journalists for publishing what it labels as fake news the prime minister narendra modi ordered the ministry to withdraw the proposal because there was a public backlash this user here says that this was a good move by the indian government and that news to one person can be fake news to someone else as we all know listening to the claptrap our governments keep turning out he says so do you think that these anti fake news laws should be introduced let us know what you think and you can get in touch with us using the hash tag. andrew thank you very much and we are going to stay with india. on the news grade women with disabilities in india say they feel invisible and if they have survived sexual violence they struggle to access the criminal justice system a human rights watch report says despite significant legal reforms adopted by the
6:47 pm
government they are being implemented fully the name has a story. each day the counselors at this new delhi call center offer a voice of compassion and support to the visually impaired it helps that some of the staff can relate to their experiences because they too know what it's like to navigate through life with a disability many kumari says just getting to and from work with rickshaws and cabs carries constant risk and it was just give myself room then to the situations make they have to make me who dissent is that in my. own places they went ahead taken different routes to do to let it miss and i might miss a. bit doesn't it but not all women with disabilities in india have fared that well according to a human rights watch report they face
6:48 pm
a greater risk of sexual violence yet from the initial contact with police to judges in court they struggle to get help the judges who are. completely indifferent to the distress that the woman is going through within the courtroom and as you know in the courtrooms of very cold and indifferent the indian government implemented reforms aimed at combat and sexual violence five years ago after an attack that made news around the world in december twenty twelve new delhi student jyoti singh was beaten and gang raped on a bus she eventually died from the attack activists say those reforms must now be properly implemented what we would like is more more to be done in terms of enforcement across the community justice system produces sponsors medical responses and courts and funding the compensation systems many say the broader goal is to
6:49 pm
educate indian society so that women with disabilities are no longer invisible natasha good name. now some breaking news out of the u.s. and the associated press news agency is reporting that a dutch attorney has been sentenced to thirty days in prison for lying to federal agents in the special counsel robert manas investigation of russian meddling in the twenty sixteen u.s. election let's bring in she have a tansey in our washington bureau for more on this what's this all about so alex. was indicted for lying to prosecutors this is the special counsel looking into alleged russian meddling in the twenty six thousand presidential election but his scope has has grown way more since since then we should be very clear that iran is one is not being convicted with that in connection with any sort of collusion with russia being he's been convicted because he lied to investigators about his
6:50 pm
discussions with aides about something unrelated or something different that is full mana fool but former drug campaign chiefs activities in ukraine so run is one get thirty days in prison twenty thousand dollars in fine two months of supervised release for lying to the special counsel the significance of this the first the first conviction right robert miller the special counsel's investigation into the trump administrator yeah i was going to ask you she had what this means for the rest of the investigation into russian meddling in the u.s. election. this is sort of satellites too to all the other all the other shenanigans that we've seen going on the again this isn't necessarily about about russia so to speak on there's a regular excitement because as part of this particular indictment someone with called person a was mentioned who has according to f.b.i. connections with russian intelligence however that person is also a longstanding business associate of pool manifold this is due with the pull specifically pulled out of for the former campaign who was
6:51 pm
a long time lobbyist for the ukrainian government of viktor yushchenko but didn't declare that lobbying activity to american authorities as he was supposed to is alleged to have millions and millions of dollars these are the sort of things that are being thrown up as part of the special counsel investigation not necessarily to do with russia or russian collusion but to do with the business dealings off those connected to the trumpet ministration of the trunk campaign so this is a sort of a satellite to that main headline that i think many people are looking for which is is there any proof of collusion with russia no we don't have any proof of collusion with russia yet but what we all doing what we are seeing is various people connected to the trunk campaign various people connected to people associated with a trunk campaign being found to have done done wrong by the special counsel in the course of his investigations. thank you for that tansy live for us outside that court in washington d.c. where again if you're just joining us on the news great some breaking news out of
6:52 pm
the u.s. at this hour where a dutch attorney has been sentenced to thirty days in prison for lying to federal judges in a special counsel's russia probe the special counsel robert miller of course to russia the dutch attorney rather is. mr van de lawyer who again has been sentenced to thirty days in prison twenty thousand dollars in fines and two months out supervised release for lying to the special counsel investigators about his contacts with campaign official we'll have more on this breaking news story in our next bulletin under news center here on al-jazeera right now in the news great let's find out what people are talking about in sports peter foley we are talking about basketball and specifically college basketball so over the last few weeks one of the biggest talking points in sport has been you college basketball on monday the tournament moans of fans as march madness came to an exciting climax as villanova won its second title in three years
6:53 pm
ray behavior softball god don't even chains or remember that name he is nicknamed the big rah goo came off the bench to school with one point so the team beat michigan by seventy nine points to sixty two for the never won all six of their games by double digit margins just before the team to do that in the history of the championship. here's a look at some of the reaction on social media i thought of the tweet from the official infeed double a march madness account with have a look at this one short simple and to the point congratulating the winner. and the last picture to go with the at the bottom as well now if you're not too familiar with you. john graffiti fallen over is in the suburbs of philadelphia and brandon here is a happy more than happy you might argue to point out that the thirty is now home to
6:54 pm
three championship winning teams the eagles won the super bowl about three months ago and before all of the arena football champions that's indoor american football and tennis legend billie jean king got in on the action too she tweeted a huge congratulations to valinor over on the n.c. double a championship two titles in three seasons is no small feat and i want to show you our heat map to give you a sense of how much this match was dominating the conversation in the united states turns like n c w a michigan villanova and championship make for both colorful representation notice to the specs of interest in other parts of the world including india. and for an idea of what winning meant to the fans it's take a look at these pictures now villanova university students spalled out a campus in pennsylvania for some big celebrations danced safe
6:55 pm
a small bonfire as you do and at least one student made it up a street light that's the spines officials discouraging the tradition by greasing the utility pole. from athletes at the start of their careers to one who is now at the end of he is a stray and surfing star make fanning is edging closer to a fairy tale finish and he's lost competition before retiring the three time world surfing champion is through to the quarter finals of strangers bells beach it's an event he has won four times previously the first when he was just nineteen and here is now at the age of thirty six beating fellow as he met wilkinson and american patrick of good ask us in the fourth round as well as bidding for a first at bell's beach title amazingly fanning also has the chance to move back to
6:56 pm
the top of the world serve believe the rankings this week. was the nerve racking because good friends and you know if that was the end then there were two nights and yeah look i saw a guy work at that one why it might be mistaken arches are you reading it and then or just there i just want to catch a wise if i was going to lose i wanted to lose and started a couple lives in the. not surprisingly nice seventeen year career which included fighting of a shark attack in the middle of a competition back in twenty fifteen fanning has one of self a lot of fans not least among his fellow pros look at this. one word that describes from a one word one word that describes mickey. makes inspirational dedicated he's brave inspirational. funny. is and i'm just sorry. the saying led him to the dream it's going to
6:57 pm
be hard to. i guess so this goes inspiration on a stranger who easily shown his emotion. as he's amazing. well that hash tag that you saw there at the end of their presentation cheers mc has been used by a lot of people on social media and birth is a sentiment being echoed by lots of people online ruffle in go has elevated fanning in the aftermath of the national teams that ball tampering scandal in cricket between reads of the behavior of some australian sportsman recently isn't it great to see a true role model for aspiring athletes well spoken modest and the best at he sport total respect and good luck make failing with your last event that will have more sport for you in the eight hundred g.m.t. hour but for now i'm going to hand you back to farley thank you very much for that
6:58 pm
peter and before we go a quick reminder of our breaking news story this hour the dutch son in law of one of russia's richest men has been sentenced to thirty days in prison by u.s. judge for lying to special counsel robert muller about his contacts with an official from the trunk campaign more on this coming up in just a few minutes on al-jazeera i do see this. paint the scene for us where on line what is a very nice time in yemen that peace is always possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on
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