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traps of identified a healthy population of up to twenty snow leopards in the technology improves we're finding all these ways in which our guesses are are getting corrected the latest evidence suggests more cats than previously acknowledged but the trust believes it's premature to downgrade all the international species. this is al-jazeera. this is the news hour live from london thank you for joining us coming up in the next sixty minutes strengthening ties. turkey's president talks
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ahead of a trilateral summit about the war in syria donald trump says he wants the u.s. military to secure the border with mexico until his promised war is built. this is just the start french rail workers begin their first day of rolling strikes that are set to run for months. and then peter with all the day's sport of titleholders real madrid take on you've been a repeat of last season's champions league final have the very latest from two really coming up. just a few years ago they were practically enemies but russia and turkey sides are only getting stronger letting a person is again visiting his turkish counterpart at the heart of the pay. launch
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the construction of turkey's first nuclear power plant a twenty billion dollar project that will be built by russia but it wasn't all about trade ties and the colony the two leaders just held a joint news conference and the syria out was also on the agenda. disappoints we are in agreement and have the same concerns with our russian friends . why p.g. and p y d shall not be able to exist we have to focus on our common goals and we will continue in this respect but the two leaders very much focusing on trade and energy that was the focus of the meeting today tuesday tomorrow they will meet together again and with the iranian president as well that will focus on syria but otherwise when it came to trade. the turkish president
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saying that the trade volume had increased by thirty percent but actually they were looking to increase it to a total of one hundred billion dollars of trade volume between the two countries very much trying to strengthen ties there let's cross live now to on korea and speak to our correspondent to some a binge of i'd who's been following developments and listening to that news conference it almost seems strange doesn't it of some of the just what two years ago that the relationship between the two countries was so tense whereas now both leaders really emphasized how much cooperation there is between them on all sorts of levels. well when it comes to the issue of syria you cannot untangle syria from the bilateral relationship that turkey enjoys with russia now as you mentioned in two thousand and sixteen turkey brought down a russian jet over syria and the tides hit absolute rock since then the relationship has done a complete turnaround and now the relationship is where turkey is buying missile
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defense systems from syria turkey is talking about establishing aid to keys getting its first civilian nuclear power plant with the help of russia there has been a lot of changes in the last few years since that jet was brought down turkey saying that it found itself alone but it took on the might of russian firepower inside syria and it. had to reassess its position when it came to its allies that it was traditionally allied with a view that we need to the european union and the united states so that has now changed and syria still plays heavily on the relationship between the two sides because syria is where turkey needs russian support for it to launch operations along its border and russia needs sticky and its influence to what it calls moderate rebels on the ground to try and find
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a political solution in the country and obviously syria will be especially the focus of wednesday's trilateral conference when the two leaders will be joined by the iranian president rouhani but focusing on what happened on tuesday today. and putin launched the construction of turkey's first nuclear power plant that's a twenty billion dollars project that will actually be built by russia how key are projects like this one to both the countries and their economies. well according to the turkish president of the you are the one this is one of the major milestones in his vision twenty twenty three where he sees to really. on the basket of various sources of energy to make it among the top ten and nations in the leading nations in terms of at the economic scale his vision is that turkey will be relying less and less only on hydrocarbons and will be using a very source of energy including renewable energy as well as nuclear power which
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according to these two leaders is going to be a clean source of energy for the years and decades to come inside turkey and it's a very ambitious plan that they want to get this plant up and running bear in mind that they have just done the groundbreaking ceremony today they wanted up and running in twenty twenty three at least part of it operational by then so that it falls within the year where turkey marks its centennial of the republic so there is a lot of focus on nuclear energy in this first day of visit between. visit of the russian president to turkey we saw and various other factors including the economy including tourism various bilateral relations including agriculture being discussed by the large entourage that has accompanied mr putin and they are going to be strengthening those ties turkish president saying that its military relationship its defense ties with russia are turkish decision only hinting two words
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a criticism that has been rented out to words turkey by its allies need to and the united states when it decided to buy s. four hundred missile defense system but then again coming back to the issue of syria where these two leaders as well as the president of iran will be meeting on tuesday tomorrow discussing the details of the deal that is going to come inside syria by these actors and the president of iran has already arrived in tikki tonight asylum in following all developments for us. thank you. to the states united states because donald trump has announced that he wants to send the u.s. military to the mexican border now it's to secure. the area until his long promised and awaited by some war can actually be built well can be hank how could joins us live now from the white house obviously donald trump has been talking about the war at any rate securing the border pretty much from when he was a candidate but why this decision this announcement to send the u.s.
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military there now you know that's the million dollar question this was a bit of a surprise policy announcement by the president we were really anticipating his joint press conference taking place now with the leaders of a stony elaph fia as well as lithuania but the president managed to make news in advance of that press conference when he met with those leaders in the cabinet room and now saying in fact an aspect of his immigration program that had not been suspected has been talked about very very briefly but really wasn't sort of a major policy point that he in fact plan to deploy a military troops to the southern border with mexico to secure that border until further action we take it take a listen to what he had to say we have very bad laws for a border and we are going to be doing something which i think you would general matters we're going to be doing things military matter or do we can have a wall of proper security we're going to be guarding our border with the military it's a big step we really haven't done that before certainly not very much. now there
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are a couple of reasons why the president may be talking about this now he's been pretty angry for about three days and has been quite vocal on twitter as to what he plans to do moving forward who he blames for some of the immigration problems he believes continue to exist in the united states you remember he ended those protections for so-called daca recipients those who were brought to the united states illegally but then at the courts recognize that the president could not and that program so it remains in place he had been looking for congress to take some action which didn't happen to put in place some sort of permanent protection for the hundreds of thousands who are sort of caught in limbo as a result of that ending not ending of the docket program and then there's also been sort of a recent igniting of this controversy with reports that there is a very large caravan of potentially illegal immigrants headed towards the southern border and that really seems to have stirred up this president's been very much
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a focus of conservative news reports particularly on fox news and online as well as on social media and this seems to have stirred the president even further so we had an impromptu message from the white house saying that they were going to put in place a number of different programs in terms of legislation pushing for that as an aspect to put in place permanent protections to protect the border and now we have the surprise announcement by the president sort of an off the cuff announcement as he's meeting with leaders from the baltic states that in fact he's going to take that even a step further now by putting the u.s. military along the border till he gets that funding that he's been looking for that border wall funding that so far has not materialized from a congress controlled by republicans can be halkett with the latest from the white house thank you. well the un's the refugee agency says it's this appointed by israel canceling a deal to relocate half the african refugees living in the country just hours after the deal was actually announced protests against the u.-turn have been taking place
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in both tell of eventual slim prime minister benjamin netanyahu faced intense pressure from right wing groups over the deal which would have let at least sixteen thousand africans stay and another sixteen thousand resettle in western countries stephanie decker has more now from tel aviv. some of the activists we've been speaking to will say that even this deal that it has been hailed they were cautiously optimistic before that u. turn by the prime minister they said that deal was floored why because they say israel should be doing its part in taking in refugees asylum seekers because it is a world wide problem certainly now the situation remains in limbo the bottom line is these people up to forty thousand mostly from eritrea and sudan have been here for years they speak hebrew they work here and they pay high taxes israel has never sorted out their final status that is not processed or applications they don't have refugee status nor do they have any form of temporary or permanent residence the
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message is that you are not welcome here and we will make it as difficult as possible for you to want to leave and this is what activists are saying is the issue here and now they still remain in limbo but it is a situation that is not going to go away and it will have to be resolved one way or the other stephanie decker there well there's much more to come on the al-jazeera news hour including saudi arabia's crown prince says israelis do have a right to their own land is this a turning point in relations between the two countries the first sentences handed down in the u.s. as part of the investigation into russia tampering with the presidential election and a second national championship in three years is villanova when the u.s. men's college basketball title peter will be here with all the details.
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to the rebels have struck a saudi oil tanker in the red sea off yemen's main ports if you have data that's according to saudi owned the television by the who these say they targeted the tanker in response to an airstrike in her data that killed at least fourteen civilians seven of them children the u.n. says that strike was one of the deadliest attacks on children since the saudi led coalition began its aerial campaign in two thousand and fifteen. none of the parties to this brutal war have for one second respected the fundamental principle of protection of children and children can continue to be the victims of in discriminate and disproportionate attacks and today the as you know the international community is used to danger in response to the to the dire humanitarian crisis in yemen and unicef called on all parties to the
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conflict and all who have influence on them to immediately take action in the by the by their legal obligation to protect children and their ways keep them out of harm's way there is no justification for such blatant disregard for children's rights and international humanitarian law. saudi arabia's crown prince says israelis are entitled to live peacefully on their own land mohamed bin some man made the comments in an interview with the u.s. magazine the atlantic it's seen as a sign of warming ties between the saudi kingdom and israel this is what he actually said i believe the palestinians and the israelis have the right to have their own land but we have to have a peace agreement to assure stability for everyone and to have normal relations there are a lot of interests we share with israel and if there is peace there would be a lot of interest between israel and the gulf cooperation council. well i'm joined now by our senior political analyst marwan. mowen just explain to us why this is
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such a pivotal change because this isn't just about recognizing israel as a country it's about well the land itself the actual phrase you used to tell us about for a century now but the. others have claimed this is the zionist movement is a colonial movement that it's a mother nationalist movement born in europe supported by the colonial power of the time britain and france in order to settle jews away from europe and in the near east in palestine and that the jews continue to settle in the beginning of the twentieth century through the middle and then establishing their own state and so on so forth for that happen at the expense of the palestinians who ended up mostly being refugees or eventually on the occupation. so for the palestinians and the arabs it was ok you know we accept a settlement whereby israel is is israel for israelis and palestine for the
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palestinians dividing the land but never accepting the zionist narrative of jews having a historic right in palestine that's a whole other thing from recognizing the reality of israel in in palestine as a legitimate state what the crown prince did he basically embrace the zionist narrative of the right of jews for land and policy as it was if we look at exactly what he said he said i believe the palestinians and the israelis have the right to their own land i mean could we not see this is perhaps him opening up to israel normalizing relations effectively and perhaps trying to use it to pressurize israel to for example stop settlement expansion in the west bank it's absolutely a way to approach all reproach more towards israel it's a way to mint fences with israel it's a way or what i would call normalizing the potential normalizations of relations
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between saudi arabian is a meeting diplomatic relations economic relations security relations what we see from the interview and other interviews is so you're a b. years young. apparently not to you know intellectual young prince is to really read the history of the region re read the history of saudi arabia re read the certificate map of the region in order to pave the way to the us kind of operational this it involves any pressure absolutely not i mean that's what jeffrey goldberg a zionist who once was a guard in a prison in israel guarding palestinian activists says this crown prince have nothing bad to say about israel so even when he speaks in terms of peace and then we would have common interests and common relations he doesn't at all put any conditions to that such as is there in withdrawing from occupied at a palestinian and various lands within the like city and let me just ask
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a question that perhaps you know would be obvious to people following the region or not so much people outside why would he be doing this now what this he gain from it well he's a you know we're used to sleepy. kings sold and so were the arabia and now we have this insomniac younger man was quite ambitious quite industrious. for a full of in the jail and so on so forth and he apparently is you know continuously prepped by various people whether it's the mckinsey's or the liberal zionists in order to forge a new place for saudi arabia in the region and he has his own vision now as the interview shows us he has very poor knowledge of history very poor knowledge of religion very poor knowledge of international relations very poor knowledge of the middle east to be honest with you i mean i will refer to our readers for example to a book called the other saudis talking about shiites in saudi arabia i would refer
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to our viewers to the arabs a history again by another oxford scholar where they show a completely different picture from what the young crown prince tried to show is he ignorant or is he actually just sending a different different vibe if you will to what is of the united states i'm not sure but clearly there's lots of holes here now the and it mustn't be towards iran and calling kamini worse than hitler and the zionist jewish in three if we jeffrey goldberg not even saying are you sure i mean that guy killed six million jews that he didn't even show in the interview so much so that i am convinced that this interview is made in order to make the crown prince more acceptable to in the united states so do that is accused of supporting terrorism or acceptable in the united states in order to pave the way for a stronger trend gold between saudi arabia the united states and israel my own
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bashar a senior political analyst and i want to thank you you thank. well speaking of is rather the fence minister there has warned protesters in gaza that anyone who demonstrates on the border is risking their lives eighteen protesters have now been killed in gaza since friday and hundreds injured many palestinians say they're angry not only with israel but also with their own divided leadership mohammed jungle reports though from. by all appearances the phone call looks routine with no hint of the desperation now head feels good little by little to send this to everyone asks why we hit a certain this isn't just taking away our land it's not just killing people this was also taking away our loved ones without giving us the opportunity to say our goodbyes every day israel is giving us a new reason to hate it that we're there as a palestinian from gaza living and working in the occupied west bank now it is
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trying to arrange permission to get back home and mourn with her family she says her nephew or omar a former was killed by israeli fire while working his land before the mass protests in gaza on friday less about a shot i still don't know whether i'll get the permit or not i'm tired of going to bury people and come back i'd love if i got a permit to go to gaza eat fish have fun and see the people i love over the course of two days in the west bank demonstrators came out to express solidarity with the people in gaza against the israeli occupation and to denounce american policy which they say is biased toward israel but attendance was sparse in light of the numerous calls for a campaign of escalation in the west bank this week you would have expected a protest like this to be much larger but here in ramallah it's a pervasive sense of resignation that seems to far outweigh any feelings of anger in many instances it's a growing cynicism toward the palestinian political leadership that has been behind
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the dwindling number of protesters over the past several years. palestinian officials don't deny the existence of that sentiment. the position of the leadership is it is strong and tough but it has to be translated into terms of of policies on the ground and i think that's when we are alone that's what we have not really been able to do to lead in downtown ramallah some residence where the split between the two main palestinian groups fight to and hamas will seep evermore into the social fabric in can we need to tell the politicians enough dividing us stop saying west bank and gaza so we don't feel this division others expressed their frustration that has in the finesse and it says i don't feel that there are people who encourage and push us to go to protest it's not enough for one or two people to show up you need leadership to encourage you and you need daily demonstrations. but with levels of fatigue here as high as they've ever been many
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worry things will only get worse. the muslims in the occupied west bank trains have been canceled across france as railway workers strike against president planned reforms in paris just one in four trains has been running as rail unions them and the government to give up its flounce the cut benefits and pensions here's the. it was chaos for commuters in paris as the rail strike began to hit with most trains cancelled many passengers were left stranded some stations were nearly empty as many travelers chose to stay home or take alternative transport i think the strike justified you have to defend public services and everyone has a right to strike but i believe the rail uprighted must be reformed. drugs israel unions have called for three months of rolling strikes and protests they're angry
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over the government plans to reform the national oil company s.n.c.f. and scrap some of the workers' special privileges such as early retirement. are not backing down we won't give up this fight or give in to the government school or the objects or not we are protesting far blights as well workers and to keep our privileges france's government says s.n.c.f. must change as it's deep in debt and must prepare for twenty twenty when the french rail network will be open to foreign competition and the e.u. rules like a strong six with reform this reform is necessary for commuters the s.n.c.f. and where workers so it must be completed many people in france they did these strikes will be a man on michael's biggest test since he came to power in there he has promised to transform finances accordingly and he's been pushing ahead with an ambitious reform agenda but it will not be easy to reform as in see. if macro fails the remainder of his presidential term will be tarnished as
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a huge failure on the other hand if he succeeds he will be seen in the months and years to come as someone who was capable of reaching out to the unions and doing exactly what he was elected to do and that was to reform the country reform the past presidents have tried and failed to reform s.n.c.f. is determined to succeed much now will depend on the result of france's powerful trade unions that actually buckler al-jazeera paris. well let's discuss this more now with deserve usu here who's the chief executive of multi vote an online polling company he joins us live now from paris sir welcome to our jazzier we were just hearing in that report other presidents have tried to break some of the french unions and failed is micron going to be the one that manages to do it. that's that's a big question is i think i would say one down and still thirty five to two to go
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this is a strike that will be so long that is hard to say after the first day if it's going to succeed or not if you look at the polls right now if you know it's kind of a half half or more so even forty six percent of the people say it's a justify fights that the unions are conducting but quite frankly when you look at past strike from the unions if you look at ninety five for example it was sixty percent two thirds of the population that was behind it so i would say that micro has clearly a leader right now to succeed but it's going to be a very very long process too if we continue with another thirty five days of strike but what could happen because right now it is looking like you know they will work three days and then be on strike for to keep that going for weeks and weeks and weeks what do you think are the most of all sort of parts to this
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what do you think will change when you mention public opinion for one but what is going to happen that affect it. so so yeah it's how ironic you know this is the first time we have that kind of strike format basically micro was quite confident to go through the reform we have a fast track process with the parliament and and he knew he's going to have resistance from the unions and he was expecting couple of weeks potentially of of. riots or potential strike but i think what he has not expected is this formula of you know two days of strike and three days of work which meet basically has been made to for the for the railway. will be able to get a check at the end of the month so that means a three month process of strike where clearly we can see that political
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parties a politician's might take the opportunity to come back you know the opposition has been almost nonexistent in the country since the elections of micro and they see this as the opportunity to come back and fight for something that can change now how do you mean they're interrupting but i mean that mccrone loses this battle against the unions that ultimately it weakens him politically on all sorts of levels in france. yeah but i mean you know frankly it's not just the rail road war world war curbs that needs to strike. if the public opinion and to indorse the strike we're going to have to see more be converging around the interests of s.n.c.f. and that's what the unions are trying to do right now is try to make the conversion
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of the threats as they call it and basically trying to get the whole public sector be behind that strike and fight for the quality of the public's sector services is smart enough to fight back and say that i truly is trying to reform to say the public sector and the services that has not been performing well in the last couple of decades so it's clearly that right now is a lot at stake but he has a good position to negotiate from the very interesting to see how the strike develops zaw usual dia speaking to us from paris sir thank you well still to come on the al-jazeera news hour. in south africa tributes to winnie mandela are mixed with some harsh criticism of the a n c plus
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tough new laws are passed in malaysia meaning time in jail for people who spread what the government deems to be fake. and could there be a fairy tale finish to this surfing star's career lines out in support. hallow the last of the dust therefore the yellow skies really manifest themselves across iran and beyond what cloud there is a pay natasha can't just east of may well briefly bring down a bit of our precipitation but on the how we see the last but the still the enough of a breeze and a cloudy bells here which suggests picked up once again so the skies are not particularly blue even once the cloud has gone through
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a drop in temperature gives tara nineteen thursday so twenty six in kuwait back to iraq two of the eastern mediterranean coast israel should be fine middle twenty seems about right this time these of the hotter than the mecca but it's not forty and we see nice temps she's well the last month or two to be honest the breeze is noticeable pick up more dust from the east side of society kuwait qatar for example in the us greatest is cloud in the skies not blue skies we've recently seen some pretty big showers once again in south africa and they still showing up on the satellite picture in the killer flood goes up through maybe obviously the biggest downpours now are up in the tropics but if you still wanting some rain even the western cape well you're lucky is not tight certainly in the full cost big showers or anywhere in south africa. thank you official there champ you know nine hundred ninety two teams two hundred
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sections of the electricity about are there the farms read the qur'an and i heard from a bunch of growth. and one dream dashed by sectarian politics with and stopped being about sports and became pure politics zero world looks back on the rise and fall of lebanon's golden age of basketball time out on al-jazeera we hear to jews can be covered israeli palestinian affairs we cover this story with a lot of internet we covered it with that we don't dip in and out of this story we have a presence here all the time apart from being a cameraman it's also very important to be a journalist to know the story very well before going into the fields covering the united nations and global diplomacy for al-jazeera english is pretty incredible this is where talks happen and what happens there matters.
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a reminder of the top stories of russia's president vladimir putin talks with turkey's president. and they discussed trade closer economic ties the two leaders will discuss the war in syria at a three way summit with iran on wednesday u.s. president donald trump says ploy troops along the mexican border to crack down on illegal immigrants. the un's refugee agency says appointed by israel canceling a deal to relocate half the african living in the country just hours after.
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that a special counsel investigation into russian connections with donald trump's presidential campaign as handed down its first sentence but that's lawyer alex has been sentenced to thirty days in jail and the twenty thousand dollars fine for lying to federal agents working on. the geisha he admitted lying about his interactions with a senior trump aide and someone with ties to russian intelligence ship reports now from washington. the special counsel may have begun his probe as an investigation into allegations of an edge russian meddling in the twenty sixteen presidential election but over the months it has expanded its scope greatly into the business dealings of various associates of donald trump notably paul mana for donald trump's former campaign chairperson alex found as one was one of those pool man before hired to help his lobbying work for the ukrainian government years
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before the presidential election well as one got into trouble was when he was being interviewed by the special counsel he wasn't forthcoming about some communications and some documents with the amount of deputy and want to pull out of his business associates in ukraine so found as one goes to jail not because of collusion with russia but because he lied to the special counsel and that's the significance of this conviction and sentencing that this is a warning to others not to lie to the special counsel. zimbabwe's president is in china seeking investment to help his country's struggling economy and has held talks with the chinese president xi jinping in beijing it's his first trip to china since coming to power last year after former dictator robert mugabe was ousted in a military takeover the president says he wants to tap into china's huge financial resources and modern technology in order to kickstart the economy but the chinese
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government has had a presence in zimbabwe for years and invested heavily in large infrastructure projects throughout his rule are with us are reports now from harare on the impact of china's money on zimbabwe and jobs. selling in markets is how many people here are living and a lot of these products come from china zimbabwe is once thriving industrial sector isn't creating enough jobs and goods for the domestic market is. the key plus. it would something to drink. to just. president gore is in china his first state visit outside africa since he took over from robert mugabe in november he signed a civil trade agreements with president. including deals in agriculture transport and mining economists say it's a positive move but warned zimbabwe has sometimes fail to pay back loans it's received from china. to pretty.
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repayments. productive capacity beijing recently finest expansion of the power station which cost more than five hundred million dollars officials say this will add another three hundred megawatts to the national grid the bobbies government says it's broke it needs direct foreign investment to improve infrastructure china spent more than two hundred million dollars building this shopping mall in. it's also built a military academy but it's competition from foreign powers russia is building a platinum plant just outside the capital with an estimated four billion dollars the chinese are mining platinum diamonds and chrome. exports most of us tobacco to china china appears keen to cement his decades long relationship with zimbabwe and keep a hint of competition from other countries struggling hope the seemingly close ties
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will be economic growth and jobs. al-jazeera and. hundreds of vehicles have been queuing at petrol stations in the sudanese capital khartoum as a major fuel shortage enters its fifth day the crisis has caused major overcrowding on public transport and has also hit cooking gas supplies the price of a gallon of petrol has jumped to eleven dollars on the black market that's nearly ten times its official value the sudanese government says the crisis is due to renovation works at an oil refinery north of khartoum officials are warning that aid groups are in a race against time to stop range of refugees from facing what they're calling enormous threats in the coming months soon season mia morris panel of international advisors on the ranger says refugee camps in bangladesh will be unable to withstand storms around seven hundred thousand have fled violence in the larsons last august
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and many are still trying to escape malaysian authorities of intercepted a boat carrying fifty six refugees off the northern island of long calley well asia says it will allow the road to enter on humanitarian grounds. staying in malaysia a law intended to stamp out fake news has been passed by the parliament there but journalists and opposition activists say the new powers are aimed at curbing the scent and free speech ahead of an upcoming general election years florence louis. almost every social media user has probably done this before share an article without having read the entire story first but that could land you in prison in malaysia if the news is deemed fake. and the geodesics businesses and i. think that's just a mental. case. under the anti fake news act anyone found
9:40 pm
maliciously creating a sharing information that is false or even partly falls may be fined up to one hundred thirty thousand dollars or jailed for a maximum of six years the law will apply to anyone inside or outside the country regardless of nationality as long as the news concerns malaysia citizens press freedom advocates say they're concerned the law may be used to target voices of dissent particularly as elections are expected to be called soon we have seen in fact over the last few years where online expression has come under target and expressions held by individuals not necessarily the media all not always opposition politicians or activists and so that's costing and the net slightly wider than what it used to be before stephen gonne the chief editor of the news portal says other laws are already being used against those who publish information the government up jack's to his online site malaysiakini had posted video of a news conference in which
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a politician had criticized the attorney general it was over his handling of an investigation into corruption allegations surrounding a state investment fund gann has been charged under an existing law that's used to regulate online content. that is a powerful law that actually criminalize criminalize as. you know anyone who oppose anything they can see the offensive annoying critics believe the anti fake news law is intended to silence debate of the scandal surrounding the fund. one which was set up by the prime minister najib razak who is implicated in the scandal denies any wrongdoing recently a government minister told parliament that any news on one end that's not been verified by the government is faith rights groups journalist tech companies have spoken out against the law arguing it will stifle debate compromise access to information and if so why did it even be used against satire and parody those
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concerns appear to have been ignored florence louis. the indian government has withdrawn a sweeping new order that clamped down on journalists accused of spreading fake news the u. turn came just hours after india's information and broadcasting ministry announced reporters press credentials could be suspended simply on the suspicion of reporting fake news the order calls that outcry among journalists and opposition parties who accuse the government old of attempting to gag the media ahead of national elections next year. the former leader of the spanish region of catalonia may soon be extradited to spain prosecutors in northern germany have applied for countless extradition following his arrest there last month he faces charges of rebellion after leading catalonia illegal referendum on secession last year.
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tributes have continued in south africa to winnie. who died on monday as well as praise for her life there's been criticism of the a n c the party with which she had a troubled relationship catherine sawyer reports now from johannesburg. economic freedom fighters celebrate the life of me through songs of struggle. it's a political party largely supported by young people and reaches the same populist ideals of the woman who kept the anti-apartheid campaign alive when i has ben nelson mandela was imprisoned for twenty seven years. because of her fabric politics and apologetic positions some would say maybe tension leadership and post apartheid scandals we need an uncomfortable relationship with the leadership of the ruling african national congress she helped build the leader of the f.-f. julius malema led supporters in paying his respects saying he relates to his
9:44 pm
struggle and land his equally abrasive politics from. close to. the. malema and we need particularly close she stood by him when few within the a.n.c. dad too after he was expelled from the party she continued to see and give him political advice through the yes' and in time he says he will not tire of defending her legacy and fighting for what she stood for. many here say that we need.
9:45 pm
misunderstood. human and make mistakes but that side of my life should not overshadow what they believe is our great. women like. told us they are angered by the ongoing debate about how checkered life we will make sure. that to her legacy continues. if they seem very very have character with that we knew it must know she has cloned yourself into a menu a nice i am one of the freedom fighter will be given a state bridal next saturday many people who want to remember the significant role she played in the countries of the struggle for which she suffered at the hands of the apartheid she was fighting but at the see the controversial side of how life can be leashed away catchy song al-jazeera jehad is back. still to come on the news hour the man known as the king of biassed long calls it a day on his glittering career that's next in sport and fifty years on from the
9:46 pm
assassination of martin luther king sanitation workers he was in memphis to supporters are still fighting for better treatment.
9:47 pm
time for sport now here is peter in the. biggest so much two of european football's biggest names are meeting in the u.a.e. for champions league quarter finals on tuesday twelve times champions rail madrid are up against two times winners you venters of italy it's also
9:48 pm
a repeat of last year's final you they are hosting the first leg of this time in two in the score there is a mill no zero s. to be expected since they just kicked off a couple of minutes ago the other game sees a severe taking on german giants by in munich it's a huge occasion for the spanish club severe are making their first champions league quarter final appearance in sixty years their game is also just started and it's also still mill mill in that one out of the united states where the men's college basketball season ended in spectacular style on monday with villanova winning its second national title in three years don't save even chance that came off the bench to school thirty one points the sophomore god with red haze nicknamed the big rob lifted he seemed to a seventy nine sixty two win over michigan villanova won all six games by double digits just the fourteen to do that in the history of the championship. villanova
9:49 pm
university students spilled out onto the campus in pennsylvania late on monday to celebrate that when they don't set a small bonfire and at least one student made up a streetlight despite officials discouraging the tradition by greasing the utility bills. in just a few weeks tiger woods has gone from golf outside to marsters favorite the fourteen time major champion was back out practicing at august a little earlier woods played the back nine with phil mickelson fred couples and thomas peters here they are checking out the famous amen corner ahead of the date a thing. who doesn't want to major since two thousand and eight and missed the last two masters because of injury and of course problems. it was great for the demographic i mean some of these kids under age that are. participating on sunday yesterday you know they never got to see tiger woods that we've all got to see. so
9:50 pm
for him being healthy i mean that's you know as a friend you want him healthy and as a competitor you want to be healthy so yes there's nothing but great things when he's healthy i mean what he's been able to do it on and off the course to help the game of golf and help young people. you know being on course and winning again is going to stop that many more people love the game of golf the new major league baseball season is in full swing after the first pitch was thrown last thursday the euston astros are hoping to defend that they world series trophy and on monday proudly showed off their trophy to their fans and unfurled the champions banner headed home opener against the baltimore orioles use them have been off to a strong start already the season they picked up three wins in a four game series with the texas rangers are very day they got another against baltimore baldwin guns are they is it a home run and charlie was a peach six scoreless innings as they beat the orioles six one. but
9:51 pm
by the new york teams that to postpone their home open is because of a snow storm and this was the scene that the yankee stadium where they were supposed to be hosting the temp the bay rays the game will now be played on tuesday while the mets pushed back of their game with the phillies until july the ninth. south african cricket captain for duplicity has praised amazing bowl of vernon philander for his performance in the historic test series win over australia philander took six wickets for twenty one runs in australia's second innings in the fourth placed in johannesburg on tuesday it helped the hosts crush the ozzies by four hundred and ninety two runs for their first home series win over the australians in forty eight years would you believe australia's defeat is the heaviest of any team in terms of runs in test matches since nineteen thirty four meanwhile the australian cricketers association has called for
9:52 pm
a reduction in the bans handed out to steve smith david warner and cameron bancroft for their part in the ball tampering scandal in south africa last week former captain smith and former vice captain warner were handed twelve months suspensions while banned craft was banned for nine months by cricket australia the trio have until thursday to appeal the bans which the players' union say are too severe. of the dozen or so matters of this time the most severe suspension today has been a band who won the elections the most expensive fine has been one hundred percent of. the informed conclusion is that as right as the motivation is the proposed penalties are disproportionately relative prism. norwegian biathletes . darlin also known as the king of buy after one has announced his retirement from the sport that he dominated for more than twenty years during his impressive twenty
9:53 pm
five year career he won thirteen and then picked medals including eight gold in a total of twenty world titles the forty four year old was the most successful winter olympians of all time until his record was broken by fellow norwegian cross-country skier marat bureau it's occur lympics medals total for fifteen at the winter games in chung chang p. and l. and has a heart condition but leaves the sport as the most decorated male winter. ahead of the start of the commonwealth games on wednesday india's boxing team has received an official warning after a cleaner found syringes in their accommodation over the weekend a hearing into the incident cleared the team of doping violations but they were found to have breached the games no needle policy that after a doctor gave an athlete a vitamin injection and then left needles unattained in the athlete's village it's not the first time india have been reprimanded over their use of needles they also
9:54 pm
received a warning at the twenty fourteen commonwealth games in glasgow. this matter is not not defined as an anti doping rule violation but rather as an infringement of the c.g.s. no needle policy which has been introduced by other major sporting events and of course this is to ensure safety medical best practice australian surfing star mick fanning is edging closer to a fairytale finish and he's lost even before retirement for having reached the quarter finals at bell's beach on tuesday a competition he's won four times previously the thirty six year old also has the chance to still in the seventeen year career on top of. the rankings. a quick update from the champions league rail madrid are one know ahead against you ventus in the quarter final first may christie under an elderly man with the goal of most would in the twenty one hundred g.m.t. oh but for now it's better to barbara in london peter thank you now on april the
9:55 pm
fourth one thousand nine hundred sixty eight that martin luther king was shot in memphis tennessee he was in the city to support black sanitation workers locked in a struggle with the authorities for better pay and equal treatment well fifty years on the city sanitation workers are in another standoff for their employers jordan has been to meet some of those involved in the struggle then and now. mine and back to the show. and i don't think they. won't you know pick the. people how was hot it we have a bunch of people then came. back to us showing me about you know. we had we had a. sewing old flower found the jump was also dangerous eckel cole and robert walker were crushed to death while they were waiting out
9:56 pm
a rain storm in the back of their trash truck the city didn't care so leach and hundreds of others went on strike in february one thousand nine hundred sixty eight martin luther king visited the city three times to support the workers the second march turned violent after police clashed with some of the protesters to get to gala row by my day and i already have been paid in via the table row but still leach was grateful and i ask to. have my phone of me and my. family visiting right here not even i don't permit right now he really was the guy sanitation worker did i hear they were going to say listen mr colton is a welcome here some would have been as mayor right now he had no benefits maurice spikey is one of the union leaders for today's memphis sanitation workers black and white the sanitation workers along with the police and other government employees
9:57 pm
are in a standoff right now with the city over a new contract what they want better pay and health benefits as well as better working conditions still a problem here after fifty years we asked for can you believe it or not air conditioning in our trucks can you imagine working in the memphis heat when it's one hundred five degrees out here and you have no refuge from the heat. that. exter leach received seventy thousand dollars to cover the retirement pension he didn't get while he collected the city's garbage a blessing he calls it still leach says today's workers shouldn't have to worry about earning an honest day's pay or about being treated with respect due to be a man and showed all who would know ball will be a male the size album a what so that. i'm only allowed no boy the quest for fair treatment seemingly neverending rosalyn jordan
9:58 pm
al-jazeera memphis tennessee. raising sorry can find more about that and everything else i've been covering on our website at al-jazeera dot com that's it for me for this news hour they worked out all will be with you in just a few minutes with more of the business thanks for watching by. the scene for us where they're online what is american sign in yemen that peace is always possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but
9:59 pm
because no one cares or if you join us on sat there are people that there are choosing between buying medication and eating base is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's been out of it just posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera i really felt liberated as a journalist was. getting to the truth as an eyewitness was what is just. a story fourteen hundred years in the make. a story of succession and leadership. tells the story of foundation and the emergence of an empire. the caliph episode one. zero.
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you enjoy your. syria's new powerbrokers gather the russian and turkish presidents meet in there in rainy and counterpart is there to. tell them chile went all this is the al-jazeera lives.


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