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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 4, 2018 1:00am-1:35am +03

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episode one. u.s. president donald trump has said he will slap new charis on imports of steel an alum in your bras five g. will be boss a data transfer times faster than we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost of this time zero. and i said well did you want to say maybe they'll have to pay president trump says saudi arabia might have to pick up the bill for u.s. forces in syria. hello there i'm julie macdonald this is al jazeera live from london also coming up
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california headquarters of you have been evacuated after a shooter opened fire police say the attacker is now dead. presidents could send the nurdle and then thrushes to speed up the delivery of an air defense missile system to turkey. while this is just the start french will work has begin their first day of rolling strikes that are set to run for months. one welcome to the program has president donald trump says he's close to pulling u.s. troops out of syria as the fight against eisel is almost complete and he added that their continued presence may depend on someone else that in the bill. our primary mission in terms of that was getting rid of isis we've almost completed that task and we'll be making a decision very quickly in coup ward nation with others in the area as to what
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we'll do saudi arabia. is very interested no decision and i said well do you want us to say maybe you can have to pay but a lot of people you know we do a lot of things in this country we do him for we we do it for a lot of reasons but it's very costly for a country and it helps other countries a hell of a lot more than it helps us well alan fisher has more now from washington. we could go donald trump was in ohio at a big political rally there he suddenly said that we were going to put a load of syria and that withdrawal is imminent and there was general george dropping around washington because people in the establishment had thought and had said that the united states is in there for the long haul they were looking at establishing a base even though the syrians has said that this was a blatant breach of their sovereignty this was something that the americans were working on no you'll know that the americans are currently in syria to advise and
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to train people who are fighting against deisel now it seems that there has been a shift in dollar terms position because he was at the white house a for a news conference with baltic leaders just in the last couple of hours and there he said his position it changed ever so slightly and that once the job is done then they'll start pulling out of syria one of the things that has always concerned donald trump from when he was kind of that donald trump time he's president donald trump is the cost of america's military adventures and he's aware that the operation in syria is costing hundreds of millions of dollars he's also aware that there are many others who would like to see the united states continue their operations in syria but he made the point very clearly putting pressure on some of his allies one in particular that if they want to continue to do that then they're going to have to stump up a woman who opened fire at the offices of you tube is now dad it can be seen here police searching people leaving the office is in san bruno close to san francisco
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airport several people have been taken to hospital we have four victims who have all been transported to the four or four gunshot related injuries and we have one subject. was deceased inside the building with a self-inflicted wound that at the start we believe to be the shooter but we're still following up on that for more let's go to well bred in los angeles everyone what else do we know. well as you heard the police chief from san bruno ed barbour eenie saying there are four people were injured one of them a man is believed to be in critical condition being treated at a hospital not far from the scene of the shooting at you tube headquarters of the other two other three injured persons are suffered from lesser wounds and of course as he said there is a woman who shot herself killing herself and she's believed to be the shooter we
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don't know her identity yet we do not know whether she was an employee at you tube or perhaps related to in some way or connected to another employee at you tube we don't have those details yet and neither do the police but one eyewitness youtube employee who's quoted by one of the news outlets online in san francisco says that he saw the shooter wearing a mask full body armor and moving about called only through the building shooting with a handgun now as we said. as you mentioned local television stations showed video of a police rushing into the building heavily armed also of people being evacuated from you tube headquarters. lining up to be searched for weapons. and then being released so at this incident does not appear to have been quite as awful as
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many of these mass casualty event been in recent years and months in the united states but it comes of course lauren at a time when the u.s. is involved in a very heated debate over the role of guns in american life and gun control following the deaths of seventeen students and teachers at a florida high school in february while bound to live from california about frankie . russia so great to speed up the delivery of the s four hundred air defense missile system to turkey and there was an answer by president vladimir putin and his turkish cans apart reject. the talks and until it is also launched the construction of turkey's first nuclear power plants. it's a special occasion for turkey to be part of the nuclear power generating club this is the site of the twenty billion dollars a q u power plant which is scheduled to
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begin operations by twenty twenty three the leaders of russia and turkey said it will have a workforce which is already under training in russia it's the first foreign visit by president vladimir putin since he was reelected last month he chose nato member turkey which has become a staunch russian partner in recent months or so just it would. today we're not just inaugurated the first atomic power plant but we're laying the foundations for turkey to have an atomic industry so we're building a whole new sector turkey is a highly developed economic state but this is a new step in the history of a turkish republic with out of the power plug the two countries are forging defense economy in strategic ties both countries are working on a major gas pipeline which will provide hydrocarbons with the growing energy needs their cues birches of russian s four hundred missile defense system has been criticized by its need to allies through them between the two countries is worth more than twenty six billion dollars a year and the turkish president is hopeful with russian help he can push the economy to be among the top ten in the world by twenty twenty three trucks is that
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we are enacting many strategic projects together with russia the s four hundred strategic missile defense system and the turks stream polyploid just some of the projects we're working on the nuclear power plant is another and we will also address the terror threats and conflict in syria. civilian nuclear technology defense and the economy are sectors where turkey and russia have common interests turkey's geopolitical position plays an important role in its relationship with moscow but ankara is increasingly having to play a difficult balancing act between being a nato ally and partners with a country which many in the alliance see as a threat. does era and card. trains have been canceled across france as railway workers strike against president in manuel like halls planned reforms in paris just one in four trains has been running as well enos demand the government give up its plans to cut benefits and pensions about the reports staff in paris. it was chaos
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for commuters in paris as the rail strike began to hit with most trains cancelled many passengers were left stranded some stations were nearly empty as many travelers chose to stay home or take alternative transport i think the strike justified you have to defend public services and everyone has the right to strike but i believe the rail operated must be reformed. drugs israel unions have called for three months of rolling strikes and protests they're angry over the government plans to reform the national rail company s.n.c.f. and scrap some of the workers' special privileges such as early retirement. are not backing down we won't give up these fights or give in to the government school of the objects or not we are protesting far blights as well workers and to keep our privileges france's government says s.n.c.f. must change as it's deep in debt and must prepare for twenty twenty when the french
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rail network will be open to foreign competition and the e.u. rules like is just six the platform this reform is necessary for commuters the s.n.c.f. where workers so it must be completed many people in france they did these strikes will be a man or michael's biggest test since he came to power in there he has promised to transform france's economy and he's been pushing ahead with an ambitious reform agenda but it will not be easy to reform yes and see. if macro fails the remainder of his presidential term will be tarnished as a huge failure on the other hand if he succeeds he will be seen in the months and years to come as someone who was capable of reaching out to the unions and doing exactly what he was elected to do and that was to refer. in the country reform. past presidents have tried and failed to reform as sensei. is determined to succeed much now will depend on the result of france's powerful trade unions the al-jazeera
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paris. go ahead on the program. process as israel pulls out of a deal to let african migrants stay just hours after it was signed. in fifty years on from the assassination of martin luther king the sanitation workers he was in memphis to support are still fighting for better treatment. hello and welcome back they were stop by look at the weather across the strait here now we've got iris here very close to the coast of queensland that's going to continue to give some very heavy rain here so flooding is like just one very tight coastal strip probably getting up close to townsville as we head through wednesday the rest of australia weather conditions not looking too bad i think it could be some big season on the coast the selling quite a way south towards brisbane and the little bit further towards assassin the look
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here as of twenty five per cent temperatures not looking too bad that at twenty eight degrees and thirty three's a maximum dollar springs as they head across towards new zealand and featuring c.r. tropical cyclone moving way towards the south but moving away out into open water so for new zealand it's going to be quite windy for the south all in particular with some showers on the western side the north island cherry looking drive through wednesday and for thursday we should seize play dry weather returning across the south island so let's head up into northeastern parts of asia and here we've got a cold front pushing through the region and it's certainly living up to its name and consider all dropping temperatures as it pushes on through so twenty six in tokyo on wednesday but as we head on through into thursday those temperatures dropping by quite considerably who've got some snow over northern parts of the korean peninsula.
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stories of life. and inspiration. for a series of short documentaries from around the world that celebrate the human spirit against you know it's. close. there are. al-jazeera selects express yourself. i don't mind on our top stories here on al-jazeera because president obama trumpets toward saudi arabia may have to pay to keep american troops in syria trumpet says
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he wants to pull his soldiers out of the country although he wants them to complete their mission against isis fighters in the region. the california headquarters of you have been a vacuum way to this peace respond to a shooting there they say a female attacker has died from the south and inflicted gunshot wound and four people are being treated in hospital. russia has agreed to speed up the delivery of the s four hundred air defense missile system to turkey the move was announced by president vladimir putin and his turkish counterpart erdogan to talks in korea. demonstrators in brazil are calling for former president hu not the silver to be arrested head of a court deciding whether he'll have to go to jail who was convicted of corruption and money laundering last year and wants to be allowed to exhaust his appeals process for the sentence comes into force the rallies calling for noon as a rest are set to take place in more than forty cities across the country on latin
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america added to the scene human joins us now live from sao paolo hide their lives see why and they so ben are making sure lula goes to prison. ever truly well but certainly president or former president. is the one politician with brazilians on a door or detest like no other and the pulse of the thousands of people who are gathering here many of them holding these little inflatable dolls. he is called dressed in prison garb and want to send a very strong message to the supreme court which in this than twenty four hours must decide whether to accept the argument that he can be sent to prison to serve out a twelve and a half year career option sentence until he has exhausted every last appeal they say that that is they are not going to stand for that they are really trying to put pressure on the supreme court for many reasons one of them is because president.
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bill the most popular politician in this country and is leading the polls for the october presidential elections presuming that he's even going to be able to run and another reason they argue is that if he is allowed to stay out of jail that would set a dangerous precedent that could lead to the release of goods and scores of a high ranking politicians and business leaders who are serving up prison sentences at this very hour who still have appeals and who are in prison precisely as part of the widespread damage corruption probe that has really rocked this country in fact a lot of the world. is there any steer yet about how the supreme court is likely to rule. that is the multimillion dollar question at this hour from what we understand what observers are insiders are saying the supreme court justices are tired and this hour and it's going overall come down to a one to one deciding vote which is why of course so many people are demonstrating
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here in town and in about one hundred other cities at this hour all we do know is that the the president of the supreme called court. brother has called on brazilians to try to keep a cool head in to try to prevent an outbreak of political violence like we saw a week ago only when the president lula was taking part in a in a campaign caravan in southern brazil it was shot and by gunman no one was injured but it just gives you a kind of an idea of just how explosive the situation is at this hour we are expecting protesters in brasilia in front of the supreme court from both pro and anti government some quarters which means that there are going to be a lot of riot police there as well on wednesday the scene in their life from sir thank you. for the first person to the sentences part of u.s. special cancer wall but most investigation into allegations of foreign meddling in
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the u.s. presidential election alexander's van pleaded guilty to lying to investigators probing the business ties of donald trump's one time campaign manager she has written the reports now from washington. the dutch national alexander's one received a twenty thousand dollar fine thirty days in prison and two months of supervised release he admitted he'd lied to investigators and withheld information relating to the special counsel's investigation into forward trump campaign chairman paul metaphor and his deputy rick gates' lobbying for ukraine both have been charged with undeclared foreign lobbying and money laundering. sentencing is not connected to allegations that the russian government colluded with the trump campaign in order to sway the twenty sixteen presidential election than this one was being interviewed as a special counsel investigated poor man a foreign rich gates lobbying and alleged money laundering as they lobbied for the ukrainian government years before the election while they were working for former ukrainian president viktor yanukovych amount of foreign gates work with the band as
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one but as one failed to disclose several conversations you had in twenty sixteen with gates and a long time kiev big business associate of manifolds about that work the f.b.i. alleges that business associate has links with russian intelligence and that's caused excitement among those looking for a smoking gun in the russian investigation but the discussions are reported to have focused on payment for the ukrainian lobbying it's long been clear that the special counsel's investigation isn't limited to the allegations of russian conspiracy any illegal business deals or improper contact with foreign interests among those in donald trump's orbit are being probed alexander's ones prison time is being interpreted as a warning to those who feel they need not be forthcoming with the investigation she had three times the al-jazeera washington. the u.n. refugee agency says it's disappointed by israel canceling a deal to relocate half the african refugees living in the country just hours after
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it was announced by minister benjamin netanyahu face intense pressure from right wing groups over the deal which would have let at least sixteen thousand africans stay and seen another sixteen thousand resettled in western countries steph decker reports now from tel aviv. the deal was on then it was off this was the reaction in tel aviv by some who had hoped the tens of thousands of asylum seekers from eritrea and sudan would finally have their legal status resolved. is one of them he made the dangerous journey from eritrea in the horn of africa alone at the age of sixteen he's been here for six years and is fluent in hebrew he shows us his immigration papers that he needs to renew every two months shit. is first of all there is racism in this country and this is a difficult disease especially among the politicians this we could have dealt with but then there's the issue of a government takes twenty percent of the money we make and puts in
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a deposit we can only see this money when we leave the country this puts huge pressure on us. the deal would have seen just over sixteen thousand african asylum seekers resettled in western countries under the auspices of the united nations and in exchange israel would process and resolve the status of up to twenty thousand others who would remain in the country something it hasn't done it would also replacing ultimatum issued by the israeli government last year be deported to an unknown african country or face an indefinite time in jail. but activists tell us that even this no council deal which put some hope was fluent this is the first time we had a chance to take part to take responsibility to share the burden with the world and say look. it's hard for us blah blah blah even though it's not hard we're benefiting at konami cleaner but it's hard for us we're doing state we're we're going to take our we're going to take our share and taking refuge is we're actually
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from a modern state from a democracy state we're trading we're saying ok we're we can't even take care of sixty thousand we're throwing them back to the world many of the african asylum seekers we've been speaking to live here in southern tell of even they will tell you that there was a short lived moment of hope but now it is back to the uncertainty that they have experiencing here for years and they say they don't know what israeli government will do next these people have been living in a legal limbo for years under the constant threat of prison or deportation we're told this is all part of a systematic strategy to force them to leave israel human rights activists say this is an inherently racist policy aimed to preserving the identity of israel as an exclusively jewish state and it appears that a plan that would allow up to twenty thousand asylum seekers to stay in israel and get some form of legal status was something that those in the country's far right didn't tolerate for even hoffa day stephanie decker al-jazeera television.
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president is in china seeking investment to help his country struggling economy and medicine man and jaguar has held talks with chinese president xi jinping in beijing it's his first trip to china since coming to power last year after former dictator while gabi was stood in a military takeover president cheney says he wants to open a new can chapter in bilateral ties. tributes have continued in south africa for wynnie man day sikka mandela who died on monday as well as praise for her life has also been criticism of the n c the parsing with which she had a troubled relationship catherine sawyer reports now from johannesburg. economic freedom fighters celebrate the life of the mandela through songs of struggle and that it's a political party largely supported by young people and reaches the same populist ideals of the woman who kept the anti-apartheid campaign alive when i has ben
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nelson mandela was imprisoned for twenty seven years. because of her fabric and politics and apologetic positions some would say maybe tension leadership and post apartheid scandals we need an uncomfortable relationship with the leadership of the ruling african national congress she helped build the leader v.f. f. julius malema led supporters in paying his respects saying he relates to his struggle and land his equally abrasive politics from. close to. the close. to. the boy.
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malema and we need particularly close she stood by he would few within the a.n.c. dead today after he was expelled from the party she continued to see and give him political advice through the yes' and in time he says he will not tired of defending her legacy and fighting for what she stood for. many here say that we need one day lesser quality was missing. just that's just just human and sticks with that side of high life should not overshadow what they believe is a greater legacy. women like. told us they are angered by the ongoing debate about how checkered life we will make sure. that to her legacy continues. if there is seems out to very have dealt with we knew it must know she has cloned us into a menu we nice i am one of the freedom fighters will be given a state by relaxed saturday many people who want to remember the significant role
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she played in the country's leiber racial struggle for which is certain that at the hands of the apartheid regime she was fighting but others say the controversial side of her life cannot simply be leashed or a catchy song al-jazeera jehad is back. online music streaming service falsifies gone public on the new york stock exchange generating excitement from investors their shares have been trading significantly higher than their starting value companies that a major war in changing how people listen to and pay for music well timo again is the research director at m i d i a we search on media and technology and our says company he says the value put on spotify marks a major milestone this is a a day to the music industry has long been until. and a big part of the reason is if you look out the the valuation which spotify house
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today compared to the entire recorded music industry spotify is actually now worth the time called the music industry so media research is estimates for the recorded music industry twenty seventy seven point two billion dollars in annual revenue spotify today more or less for two billion dollars market cap. no it was all maple fourth one thousand nine hundred sixty eight the martin luther king was shot in memphis tennessee it was in the city to support black sanitation workers in their struggle for better pay and equal treatment now fifty years on the city sanitation workers are in another standoff with their employers or jordan's been to meet some of them involved in the struggle then and now. mine and back rigidity each. day that was the go to.
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want to know pick the. people how was hot it we have a band of people then came on how badly the showing me of a. we had we had a. sewing old flower found the jump was also dangerous eckel cole and robert walker were crushed to death while they were waiting out a rain storm in the back of their trash truck the city didn't care so leach and hundreds of others went on strike in february one thousand nine hundred sixty eight martin luther king visited the city three times to support the workers the second march turned violent after police clashed with some of the protesters to get to gala row by my day and i already have been paid in vida to have a row but still leach was grateful and asked. him i thought of me and my family is him right here not even hot on her mare right now he really was
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the guy sanitation worker did i hear they were going to say listen mr coleman is a walker here some would have been as mayor right now he had no benefits maurice spikey is one of the union leaders for today's memphis sanitation workers black and white the sanitation workers along with the police and other government employees are in a standoff right now with the city over a new contract what they want better pay and health benefits as well as better working conditions still a problem here after fifty years we asked for can you believe it or not air conditioning in our trucks can you imagine working in the memphis heat when it's one hundred five degrees out here and you have no. refuge from the heat. baxter leach received seventy thousand dollars to cover the retirement pension he didn't get while he collected the city's garbage a blessing he calls it still leach says today's workers shouldn't have to worry
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about earning an honest day's pay or about being treated with respect. and chilled all who would know ball will be a male. what are the. album a lot will boil the quest for fair treatment seemingly neverending rosalyn jordan al-jazeera memphis tennessee where you can find it much more about the stories we're following head straight to our website www dot al-jazeera dot com . they're watching out as they were here's a reminder of our top stories right now u.s. president dilma trumbull still saudi arabia may have to pay to keep american troops in syria chumba said he wants to pull his soldiers of the country over he wants them to complete their mission against eisel fighting in the region are the primary
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mission in terms of that was getting rid of isis we've almost completed that task and we'll be making a decision very quickly in coup ward nation with others in the area as to what we'll do saudi arabia. is very interested no decision and i said well did you want to say maybe you can have to pay but a lot of people you know we do a lot of things in this country we don't. for we we do it for a lot of reasons but it's very costly for a country and it helps other countries hell of a lot more that it helps us california headquarters of you tube have been evacuated a space respond to a shooting this was the scene as workers left the building police say the female suspect has died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound several people have been wounded and one is said to be in a critical condition in hospital rushes agreed to speed up the delivery of the f.
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four hundred air defense missile system to turkey the move was and i spoke president vladimir putin and his turkish counterpart rage of time after talks in ancora two leaders are also set to discuss the war in syria on wooden city and with iran's president hassan rouhani trains have been canceled across france as railway workers strike against president a man well my calls planned reforms she's days walkout is just one of more than thirty strikes that are set to one for months across the country the unions are demanding the government give up its plans to cut benefits and pensions he owns refugee agency says it's disappointed after israel counseled a deal to relocate half the african refugees living in the country just hours after it was announced prime minister benjamin netanyahu faced intense pressure from right wing groups over the deal which would have led at least sixteen thousand african stay in israel and seen another sixteen thousand resettled from western countries you're up to date those are your headlines a.j.
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selects express yourself is up next as always thanks for your company but by. u.s. president donald trump has said he will slap new tariffs on imports of steel and alum in your bra five will be off the day to try to cut ten times thoughts of the forty we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost of this time on al-jazeera. when we managed the financial system between one nine hundred forty five one thousand nine hundred seventy one there was not a single financial crisis anywhere in the world and then in one thousand seven hundred the bank has lobbied and they said no no no we don't need controls you know the market will discipline us banks love to make loans to sufferance why because behind the sovereign a millions of taxpayers we can see reaction to the liberalization finance
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just as we saw in the one nine hundred twenty s. and it's going to be getting to ready is ugly in many parts of the world where people are saying if my government went to cough to my interest then i will look for a strong mcnamee's if he's a fascist i don't care if you promises to secure the stability of my life and my people i will vote for him i think that's where we're heading and i don't think our leaders have the vision to understand that's the threat that we face. we work every day since that. day. nobody else was.


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