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tv   A Very Sicilian Justice  Al Jazeera  April 4, 2018 4:00am-5:00am +03

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time out on al jazeera. al-jazeera. and for you. hello and has a stake in doha with the top stories on u.s. president donald trump has spoken again of his desire to pull american forces out of syria suggesting a victory of i saw is imminent the u.s. is launching almost daily as strikes in the country and has about two thousand troops on the ground trump says if saudi arabia wants the americans to stay the
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kingdom may have to pay for it i don't fish a reports from washington. the president insists he's never been keen on america's foreign military adventures seeing the cost too much money thank you at a news conference at the white house with leaders of three baltic countries donald trump insisted his decision on withdrawing from syria is coming quickly i want to get out i want to bring our troops back home i want to start rebuilding our nation think of it seven trillion dollars over a seventeen year period we have nothing nothing except death and destruction. it's a horrible thing so it's time it's time. to fish really the u.s. mission in syria is to provide advice and support for forces battling against isis the president's latest statement marks a shift from a comment he made just last week at a political rally in ohio and we're not going the hell out of isis will be coming out of syria like very soon let the other people take care of it now kerry said
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that caught many in the administration by surprise given senior figures had been talking about an extended syria mission as unfinished business as he was speaking across town a senior state department official seem to back up that idea we are in syria fight isis that is our mission and the mission isn't over and we're going to complete that mission but the u.s. presence costs hundreds of millions of dollars and during the news conference the president turned up the heat on his allies as a single have to share the financial burden saudi arabia. is very interested no decision and i said well you want to say maybe they'll have to pay. oh the idea the situation in syria could be one of the things discussed during an anticipated gulf meeting hosted by the u.s. this ring has disappeared reports coming out of washington suggest the unannounced summit has been shelved there are a number of reasons for any potential delay first of all the u.s. doesn't have a secretary of state at the moment rex tillerson still hasn't been replaced donald
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trump is planning to meet north korean leader kim jong un in the next couple of months that summit will take a lot of preparation and with a real prospect of no breakthrough in the g.c.c. dispute the americans are white they'll invest a lot of time and effort with nouriel return any potential summit could no take place later in the year alan fischer al-jazeera washington. tramples also announced he'll deploy soldiers along the border with mexico u.s. president saying the move is needed until his long promised wallace bill he's demanding mexico also prevent a large group of central american migrants from reaching the u.s. russia has agreed to speed up delivery of a powerful air defense missile system to turkey a move which has alarmed turkey's nato allies during a visit there vladimir putin also launched construction of turkey's first nuclear power plant iranian president hassan rouhani is joining the pair on wednesday for talks to end the crisis in syria rival demonstrations are happening in brazil
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a day before the supreme court decides whether former president in not here lula disserved should go to prison as he was known was convicted of corruption and money laundering last year the decision will have a major impact on our coming elections which he is favored to win a woman has opened fire youtube's headquarters in the u.s. state of california wounding three people before killing herself police were called into the complex in san bruno after reports of gunfire the shooter's motive is still not known last month online a video company said it would ban content promoting the sale of guns the streaming music service spotify has made a strong debut on wall street shares of the company which is yet to make a profit closed up twelve point nine percent spotify has played a major role in changing how people listen to and pay for music those are the headlines we're back with more after
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a very sicilian justice. we're stalled out of pushing the quick by layer more. body from bunkley input that is from a copy mash up it will mean they listed which. rested but question you could you not i j. a question you go be read to me stating that mantra but question you could lead up us here on a lot but a question you could you know study start the nine year old baby malik's you can from the not
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a must see more of that not. entirely out of muscling judge antonio dimmock tale is chief prosecutor in an unprecedented trial where politicians police and the mafia are in the dock together. demetrio is now the most threatened man in italy and the most protected. is from a little can a new company you're the one no one should know that i mean i think or say old or immune actual to say the couple would own sentiment to get to see paula. and all these threats to them yeah and i mean he but will soon be died you know i
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think it's all up but intent and all that money. on so one goal. to the west of what drug they. saw started or just to do my city ne ne they need to see you and only me. and given you need so will. a give me this in yemen when the he in with dini michelle and miss big i want to call man that they mean are they. is this it was a window that them all their own show only movement to me in the me for mediocrity is
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a pew and we're done with the best song is going to be able to. see but as i want to . know name a few is human common the but in india the but i did it was done. then lay on the creek there's truth in what they are you know they feel some pressure and i don't recall it just on a common trend or worse than dodgers or things erupted so most b.r.t. now want their last thought on. so i am trying to buy the book of acts almost caught up in pursuit of the lottery pool record but here. you know those tunnels have come to your children bundle for gentlemen to congress that i want to record them to send back and what is that offer to the length of my journal of pretty much everybody else people. to
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mattel is up against powerful forces for the first time and it is history members of the police and the political establishment are in the dock alongside mafia bosses key witness must know the man on whose testimony the prosecutor has built his case is the son of a once powerful mafia politician. in to the point i guess or something you see that joined there a lot of the not the only me not a female from almost nothing for me. i wanted him you know and we. caught. up. today the threats against him a towel bringing young protesters onto the streets in solidarity with the judge even though the state mafia trial is about events that occurred twenty five years ago. that i mean an allusion to the long dawning
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meaning of asian going on to the mafia when i say the strategy of the gaiety but endure a little bit of the letter board we've got. started a force. we still want to live but on the. input that enough you'll see can knock on should be to with was that the missile a bomb or equate to she it. can refer to the chain get it resume soon and then we. got to go in for until they had no. christie for charlie. and the missing consume uniformity took us to the. capital minutes by his crystal ball say lovingly done.
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by his biggest new york if you know meant to start or. did you take out is this you've got about it internally popular the scary tree indefatigability now the monday. roast. sub any scene will get daddy cheney dick cheney out of the border to go la mer. norm wally good i'm a sort of buddha the lord in guy you know made in nash. and i join it. gale norton is seen by the cool gnome biaggi. you know biaggi i or oh man. che rees better keep our promise in your very strategy that no one thought you were not one hundred. s.
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sitting. in the. events on the investigation. center on pal of mine cicely's capital. is the power base of the sicilian mafia known locally as cosa nostra. and the money over what was that sauna out of me but all the. list of shauna nominated on this. island and its own son opal kissing me were nicked and of course i did it you know some of the pub akio. i let my days and three doughty. that he did he said he didn't know if i mean yes just another funny. even nothing did get i did see david on
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a lot of stuff in a while pasty duty. better met. the terry dollar deal the last of honey. bennett out. of the total benon sevan but. your record of it they were all should know within me she's got an order of whether the mafia limits or the young. woman on what she said listen to the song. up a little. in a whisper. i start door and switch to give c.d.c. thought sony to me a portal to the us a not immediately friday you might just throttle.
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deficient may be may be able to. give us. a moment. in closeup of the one image here or not of the four when he did it a look at his own gas body move tunnel is a former mafia assassin turned state witness he claims to have committed more than thirty murders of people like a former team of yours or cave also and obviously it's a male or not although if i'm not i don't want to be older. doctrine than me any diarrhea. staver be sonia rewire a probe your corner before you go running from the corner follow borsellino ferrera
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into chidi are they magistad to get the gun or no law murphy. is east la mer fear in. a doorway home they lie magistrate combat. this concrete. central to demand tears case is the story of italy's most famous anti mafia charges giovanni falcone and paolo possibly no. in the one nine hundred eighty s. they prosecuted hundreds of cars and nostra gangsters known as the maxi trial it was the largest mafia cold case in history. europa she took on polk only need to. join you for calling up old posts in the. euro instrumenting useful then someone from calling will see nina leveled out on me just
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in the months impressionists. inquire your meaning for corning will soon mean a no but out to where they will question the moment to the risk up to. four hundred seventy five mafiosi were brought to court three hundred forty six were found guilty. cause a nostra boss of bosses talked or ina evaded arrest but he was tried in absentia and sentenced to life in prison. these convictions sent a signal to rayna that the mafia is packed with corrupt politicians policemen and judges was now under threat. the moment think with lincoln i'm there will be more gun the protests will amount of advent of if you need to or arena ciccone been given better the lot they start in but see sure a dishy their kovalchuk then because it. i had. lost the john of the rotten dot.
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in a spectacular display of mafia brutality judge giovanni falcone was blown up on may twenty third one thousand nine hundred ninety two. his wife and three bodyguards died with him. two months later while investigating falcon his murder judge power. and five of his bodyguards were killed by a massive car bomb in via. a residential street in palermo. the last time you felt them though your presence. on that. but there's a vote in the other maybe on my given all the pulley drama just part of that song
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that it puts it on. when i'm out of the one of these i got so the polo the five dollars goes up powerful brought up in top gun but. this blows it. it could like that it will start the fuck up but it's. sort of candidates in length you know nuffin and schiedam i sort of have been that . a simple enough you know. aback that it went up a sauna people caused you to either go in sort of all in equal or at you my golly boscobel you know what course in the best sort of school based. reporting. we have got under-sea called like a channel not the tivo for last thought or the mafia it can we use the.
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crystal she fuck up you take a church just are going to have accused. we don't all get diverted me are charged with the love of god love love for the law a lot been known to go deeper so we. can pull down is dead we're going to. live in our lives for. your present moment. the moment the glee did go. wrong on the last but. one of the key lives at the. stop along the part of the good logically my brother was just the chair of the limbs his throat. a limp that were listed on a limb tell us a sum i just. bought i kid ya bro. yeah the only way a people. see things you want to be a law we. got
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a full court and. they may rob a lot for you that break a. cherokee out of your two year old to get everybody on board even those almost on. the second recount toss up a bill to. be. as a tree planted to mark the spot where paolo ponce leno was killed a notorious son of palermo has come to pay his respects. some of the century not for the liquor on record. people are. in a part of a multitude you might feel so. you know with that sunny day look with that so he will appear. in my machine door. in the anchor and it out it.
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was that silly they look at the door and they were that i could have gone in the books and leno. massimo chance you may know is a key witness for the my tears prosecution team. he's also one of the accused charged with mafia association acting as a go between for his father and buffy abbas's. mean zero. zero zero while. the label can. shoot all body well some of those who get into the upper look their own belly you know bother. with those you. get ups and bad up the provenzano. oil commercial thawing bunny. you miss you know they're not all of these on the bill you got and it goes on also
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a lot of companion know your palate will. be touch and she may know it's not the one seen more. than the mice that blanket you all more details of the. ilk out of the will be a little it's a great book is a gondola proclivities that are based out of a mafia or maybe audio you quest but the. i'm a few known as down to the mafia the spider he met the live bomb the fellas to soon to be he traffic is to perfection tequilla to the limelight you want a spade a spade to me tidy respect to the amount of violence my mafia. took a while to get it soon and the day. keep as if she thought it easy but they are both still the little star. name
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innovation no one thought you were really not just could get a limo met my boy is someone i don't let young go but killer bomb bad i know and ya look. but i'm thirty nine eleven i think you were give it up out of there was a lost about a president that double dorrien that envelope at about the last stop on the label. wally. cole said good that i maffia barely gone through that it better same but less than a match. you with me still lip balm it's all about delivery my kid have other liquids there i'll start off put you up a nice person is he she gonna get around is it just that you cannot stop but suspend the list oche of a don't like each one of their culture to do it all. in one really mentally sick
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wastegate are asked that the fact. is that they're not going to say get it that it is start all out about that the racket that allowed the real nor now. that the. door manny mild the way near broke at the aim of fuels you have endoscopy doc and allowed that about they chiggy warriors called out sorry but it still going out there is that. in one thousand nine hundred three the mafia unleashed a wave of bombings across city. an explosion outside new feets economy in florence killed five people including a mother and her two him daughter. in milan five more were killed in a blast outside the gallery of must now. locked in rome the same night bombs pop he destroyed two churches wounding twenty two.
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in january one thousand nine hundred three israelis most wanted godfather to talk tony you know was arrested in panama near the comfortable villa where he'd been living. while in prison his terror campaign continued to cross it's still in jail today rena is accused in di matteo's trial of violent black man against the state. a theme of the phone to that precious city we still have on the fourth. one us that at the g.m. i feel as. if you know i just that it. and it that of the border. i thought accord on that if you. door a couple of critical short couple because i was there a sense for baucus is thought to herself i'm going thought i just want this public
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. better gosho better richard perle is that i'm going to do it but i want you to lengthen showed a little company calls. along with these posts or. the letter just about sunni willing to cheat the sunni and be untidy now because they're in on that culture though it is couple a mafia the ukraine that in turn and. some other lena out of love opponents will combine your the idea. of land or the me or to me to london live in the. evening kissed it's one of us to the mafia. a lena to both the. elice war in the local daughter a fight is
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a better list they're not abuse when you have cheated but i still have. to believe there. was. a queen and so i started a let me not shit my son started a your the your the more the. communion the book of the keep it was a strategy now or the united god. but the world. believe . you are if you will. but you need better thought or a couple to cause an allstar to condemn them or too much you start. pressuring to
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the last part of the guardian angel precedent. being as order to kill di matteo was met with public outrage the people of palermo protested in numbers not seen since the murders of. the t.v. shows over the top and in the money they let me know. they are going to literally shine that in coutts are going to have any doubt though in the door to me that n.b.c. want to many of us that say are now on the bottom you know they're sonot and we must use that are the last images that are. and i believe you know you are not leave my more out of them all. the threats against judge dimma to have inspired young people and palermo to take to the streets united against the mafia. protesters claim there is a conspiracy of silence from the government of a demented playact. zero. zero zero.
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zero zero zero c. that will compete ok you know semen just about the lungs almost equal they don't want to shut the whole the fuck on of course it. may not you know sit it out see i should not even got a bit lonely but kind of wondering about that jenna but you know that's it sound ok now we have seen but all that they loan us. to talk at you but i'm by far gone all shit i love any thought about that eva but i will startle and i'm moscow. oh oh oh oh oh oh oh. oh oh oh the scene for us where there online what is american sign in yemen the peace is always possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on sat there are people that that is choosing between buying medication and eating this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an
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activist and she's close to the story joining the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera just is influencing. some journalists decided to sacrifice their integrity for our code in the media opinion the listening post at this time on al-jazeera. a lot has a seeker in doha with a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump says that i saw is almost defeated in syria and he wants u.s. troops to be pulled out soon he added that if america's ally saudi arabia wants them to stay the kingdom may have to foot the bill or i want to get out i want to bring our troops back home i want to start rebuilding our nation we will have as of three
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months ago seven trillion dollars in the middle east over the last seventeen years we get nothing nothing out of it a trance also announced he'll deploy soldiers along the border with mexico the u.s. president saying the move is needed until his long promised wall is built he's demanding that mexico prevent a large group of central american migrants from reaching the u.s. russia has agreed to speed up delivery of a powerful air defense missile system to turkey a move which has alarmed its nato allies during a visit they have let him near putin also launch construction of turkey's first nuclear power plant trains are been canceled across france as railway workers strike against president emanuel macross planned labor reforms just one in four of the trains in paris have been running unions are planning to strike for two days
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out of every five for the next three months they want the government to give up land cuts to benefits and pensions rival demonstrations have been held in brazil a day before the supremes court decides whether former president louise in nathi or lula da silva should go to prison lou as he's known was convicted of corruption and money laundering last year the decision will have a huge impact on upcoming elections which he is currently favored to win. a woman as open fire youtube's headquarters in the u.s. state of california wounding three people before killing herself police were called to the complex in san bruno after reports of gunfire the shooter's motive is still not known. the streaming music service spotify has made a strong debut on wall street shares in the company which has yet to make a profit closed up twelve point nine percent left the tech company with a market value about twenty seven billion dollars spotify has played a major role in changing how people listen to and pay for music those are the
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headlines now back to a very sicilian justice. that is. most disobedient talian state is on trial for concluding with the mafia. the chief prosecutor in the case and the most threatened man in italy is judge antonio di matteo. a man a few no one could jump on the mike then stop doing. this for the troops on the new company you're the one go. to the data me not because they're old or any natural to say about what i went into an interview to see paula. or to cheer. thank. it sure you get up early.
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but this ain't me i. believe god so do a lot of it if you are going to choose to live on christ to another. thank you thank you i am not going to do it system because you and your going to use the only. reason you know it will look when we come back you seem to be many. actually even shot in my family there isn't usually enough fire fighting the need to. remember or if you could bring them in case they got to be a dilemma just to. get down to jane taken on school in five until the kid is a little. stingy and you know a medical sampai. a circle so. many going to miss theme
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a question in from most. legal same but oh no molly. supposed to known no lie she in a sort of war. known by the. known address for the long time about it in. your copy school at a pretzel with the many fists in the steam marquinhos descent don't bore you facebook but if you send a. drop of a sauna people necessitous with a spy lady of saw me when i was sponsored be that awful around. you massively represent you they got accused of though very bad all the way do visually by way of book but i live in baghdad day and that is him for the fair just
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after work or better over the last battleground for tea party call america nor yet there is a more western or not god they call a nordic god they know. massimo chante mino is accused of mafia association intimate trial he claims he turned informer because his knowledge of collusion between the state and cousin astra put him in danger. john cimino decided to tell his story and to one judge in particular . neelima there but over there were they beat us for all of. their nationals of our. culture conflict with promises for. a lot of from in toronto probable to be a stance that i'm a little you know tension you know it's the citizens about it leslie coursey must you know because one of the. ileo something as simple molly but here
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it is i think they are frame of the idea but a fashion e juice the only particular need a few worth i'm going to change me no skull to your story or a little love in all of the trivial or more you will know my just about that. will not go well it's a powder this will answer that's all you need one other way but. that will join a gang calling it so continue of course. every year paolo boss alina is commemorated in the street where he and his bodyguards were killed. di matteo's come to honor the man who inspired him to become a prosecutor and whose murder he has spent his career investigating for silly no
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like him a tale lived a life under the threat of death. until the been so to they've been sued. give a loser quiz to see a juice. in the me confronting them from tyranny of the media id all. will need soon and the supportability of your fusion tail off you shine for this you're on your own. also lloyd their lives out of a mess under the thing that they're looking at as a label that i feel a little. known sobule. vive or point all the new meaning to the old and the
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shadows that had been vocal man and i can feel the son of the. barrel said a bank a one man trickle but i had better man polonia for me young. men my vagina men are the best dark force and good you can foresee any government can and then again a shouting. match of any of them in oh you propose u.t.v. mocked anyone from. mafia boss the took a lotta law was arrested and palermo in two thousand and fourteen. while in prison he contacted di matteo. and the two of whatever in said a call of what i would call logistics epic and so forth i'd basically queer look at
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but there was richard that in a moment of laughter the cast got ok and used to like we store and in this procedure we're going to have been i think that when you confront the phone i'll do a bomb but i had. his face concealed tunnel read a letter to the court that he'd received from the senior mafia boss. that is that they any other of us as if they sent a letter to the judge will most often full command is a bit actually but blame i suppose if it was still played so that us and keep it if i were not in doubt that the book did not fail.
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i disciplined hearing did not dare revealed further details of the model plot described by my fam pos calatinus. confronted. and thought oh great job in advance at the cia officer i've just got the she that. president that will cause. let's hear about all of it i'm going to get on my sauce that this hooey indeed offered over a few. it this way that way. it looked out of both and you know they lost the support i guess the switch and or lay annoy each other knock us down queen the a factory for the mental i liked and thought of the common core course the good
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lord all of it but all i know is a week or so that the out. a lot of suspected it was men from inside the state who had authorized the mudir of boss selena and sanctioned the assassination of di matteo. he cheated and he went quite late but i guess i should not that that little did not fail if it is the one on the top of andi lower part of the that it was doubled later when a unit of on that other car that got it did a lot of fun you know what i want got people kitchen are. a little let's start up i think you know as i did not see all the media children she didn't exhibit is a deep interest if you talk to says they don't see when you say it. is they have been killed and what do you know if i don't know studs have been. going to borsellino and so is this. from the mateo she said in the
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condo has one last thought on mafia. do you know when i start ok c.r.b. zone of the month and all start of school or. course if they really mean it. because all the modules throughout the convention more than not just need to want to put. a very or a chair are brought down. she that is the matter. with. them of your so on as more but to be near you junior going to normal years gone up dramatically. of the five thirty nine t. thirty any. thame book who came up on the way down again
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assume that i some looked at a team of tail and question was that obvious when you were you have been a bit new multi-body was the heel and still because the mobo woulda but i guess i'm going to lend my noble sam a better method to get a stonewall geppetto yellin at all and a. process of beat up was the best of it i meant this it ends your quest in defense us a bit of talk about the list you do. a lot of that the boss of the game on that are almost at the going but of course. now. in november two thousand and fifteen protesters gathered in rome to show solidarity with the beleaguered prosecutor organizers wrote to italy's top leaders requesting messages of support for demand taylor only one of them the president of the senate
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responded on your own tickets for forty minutes are going to miss sure no percent of republicans but i am yet presented like a man could take up one part of what is just an initial request or say none of these on. their. lives. in a rare break from the trial di matteo travelled to his family's home outside in the
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heart of matthew. i mean question was do a kid. me to go to that i mean fun. at a maybe i should want to see on this he she just on not. equipped still on the ball study combine you know the market and post every quarter . yes but deep you badly that the less he she did it but football on the national front the mafia. study got
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a nice you know. that i didn't see on it it should be. better on a video to stephen is what i will say make a what i want on income buying your tacl you to the morning but in a day to day he got a job in the media morning. he's even as he. neighs sorious but the bad news is yes but the t.v. at this. week seattle even. in the zone and every inch of the bottom of that i'm off is that us and for the mint that he got the. young can a leper song known as the in. the lamb into my fields. i.
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wish the oath of it. was illegal at the room demonstration salvatore brother of murdered judge panel boss leno read out a letter from. the coffin and then the full function egypt right. now where the view that he's. if you balance your life because you say i don't want the awful thank god you're going to tell him in the hour or so down if you get out i think you need to go to the new stuff you've got down there if you go over them over here young dr will go to jail because a lot of us have got to go to some of what. you're going to see it was all my fault you know about this i was going to the low. dead. i. think. i. did.
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him a chair learned that more than two thousand people across it to me joined the protest in rome but it's really his political leaders once again failed to speak out over the threats to his life. she's on. the in the fed ends. demand and number will got to. be ended in. a number of got to the this indictment the fourth and quite a few for the it. was the vision of the yet and that to me it could add to
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a threat of this sort out of its own element got out of its own idiotic but it never had to. force. its. deficient men to mean anything she was calling on. him i just thought they would follow lucius would put august out there enjoyed it. and you know the. did it stop the. only mean option bevan the song a while if it meant. near enough they come from team dale and you know to the lord you did not make them for me. it's all beneath you know it's a do is a month's out of me but i'm only going to be. me
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for i've been on it all away and only boy you know. the more you know follow. it's the morning must be much on cimino is due to testify in court there are rumors he won two pair. is in a court of only fenian in the shanty nino. and also in the us ashiana. who got that generates a med that. required it will dos i'm going to feel lucky to live as though you these in the s.f. the your the world you're never going you'll see is the full auto she will.
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feel cradled in close to moment to elect the stool to grab a see a way to. the can see there are days when they did he kitchen ain't in the list dr g. defeat you i meant to use up but then until. there's quite an insidious two party line . a least a quick look at my just strategy mission while you're on that have the event or not that's cheeky to call man in stock or that back at it again on board that.
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after months of anticipation he witnessed massimo chanche ameena is ready to testify he alleges that members of the italian establishment conspired with a mafia and godfather taught tory enough during the wave of terror attacks twenty five years ago. on day one ciancia mena makes an astonishing charge that the state made a secret pact with three and a successor he claims that the new boss of bosses but not a province on was allowed to run his crime empire undisturbed by the authorities in return for ending the bombing campaign. but i meant they got see their little tail if they thought they could i'll start this thread in
4:54 am
a young the. species people by the. first day that what they look wedding with a couple and this is a comment to anybody or. do not to take a loss. would last this on the of other question so the more the theater i mean taken this one all about it. so by the way he said yes said it a commotion so ordered the sit or course of the pews with. data implement that would go by the other level two. facets on five shave off five you will not quarter go out on a long thread where care and they've are probably in tunnel plans little b. but it would be the more tense heavy duty to leon open in the day that we the robot is for the night because when asked about the. blackout it will get on all. even
4:55 am
a neon thought to put on the wall nearby so based on that although we don't know in santa if he she goes on also this collation to go into full other people to see the body but even with it all of the way yet brought together the thought of a boy who only had a single child. but it made up his entire loony go brigade is so good then i mean that poor hundred ave a lead then will be the only barman starting to choose between the better magazine and the me i'll take on the nod of the seven a lot better man and so on he'll spend it all given i'm in the bulls doesn't care that i spent a good bit i mean. and there are none t. say skins subplot just so when they did the s.s.n. it broke out the heel spent on the journal you know and is simply in the dark but known there then. if you need a sword. the state mafia trial is still
4:56 am
ongoing all the accused denied the charges against them further arrests have been made over the bomb plot to kill the mattapan the hunt for the explosives continues . ios done and all the. known sorts and of course
4:57 am
a juiced. on. non-social but of course a lot also gave the same but it on all. be almost so no contravene the limits of just said it best that the quickness. caused and not the cd grenade in the order of the moment and even if you have done . everything local and unless story check under these we should i chair it live there but i join in the less dr g. can afford though ganja duty there yanni the ban it. sounds here is one that if you d.-m.n.
4:58 am
to just about gene annoyed by snow and tina for them or. at least jam one can be both that chico man and jed remain face to. need soon and i sent the quote of the only sonata for cool oh well ok switches so in a subtle. combining
4:59 am
arts and take knowledge. to challenge soviet era methodology. through making creating and performing. turning a generation of children. into the trailblazers of tomorrow. and after school armenia part of the rebel education series at this time on al-jazeera. i really felt liberated as a journalist was. getting to the truth as an eyewitness that's what this job. i really did bad thing. would i be able to forgive somebody like me a convicted war criminal seeks out the survivors of
5:00 am
a prison camp to apologize for the crimes of his past i just can't get. better as showing for. the unforgiven a witness documentary on al-jazeera my own team ascalon back. to nothing but. this is al-jazeera. a lot has a stake in this is the news hour live from dog coming up in the next minutes sixty .


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