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to the last drop unveils the longstanding rule in europe april on al-jazeera. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you al jazeera. officials say donald trump has agreed to keep u.s. troops in syria a little longer. hello i'm suits us and this is al jazeera live from london also coming up chad volatility
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and to the top tariffs trade tensions escalate between china and the united states brazil's supreme court decides whether former president lula da silva can stay out of jail during his appeal against the corruption of fiction and tensions increased over the spy attack in the u.k. christian and russia accuse each other of duplicity. a senior u.s. official says donald trump has agreed to keep u.s. troops in syria a little longer on choose day the american president threatened to pull out his soldiers from the country and demanded that the u.n. and other regional powers step up that supports the u.s. is conducting ass strikes in syria and has deployed about two thousand troops on the ground. is at the white house for us so it sounds like there's been a kind of u. turn here kimberly what's behind it. all what's behind it is this is yet another
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example of donald trump making it unscripted remark with far reaching implications and then his policy advisers scrambling to give this the appearance of a coherent strategy not only did the president on tuesday suggest that it was time for the united states withdraw those two thousand forces from syria but he also made the comment or the suggestion last week in front of his supporters when speaking to them in ohio so certainly there is an eagerness by this president to withdraw those troops he certainly has said that many times in the campaign trail that he believes that americans are paying too much in terms of foreign conflicts that the american taxpayer cannot afford and so that's sort of the underlying base of these comments but again he was advised today by his intelligence briefings that occur on a daily basis that in fact it is too soon for the u.s. to withdraw those troops that in fact there is a need for them to stay there well there is an effort for this to wrap up it cannot
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wrap up just yet there's still work to be done and that's why we saw the white house sending out a hasty statement early this morning here on wednesday where in fact the white house press secretary sara sounders tried to clarify that the president wasn't wrong saying that it's coming to a rapid and but it's not ending yet we'll be hearing about the summit between the the turkish iranian the russian leader in a minute but because that's going on they're discussing syria is a sense of the u.s. leaders on the mission these are fairing the best significance in syria is already being dismissed stuff to try make it sound like they already have a force out the door. that is one of a number of concerns i think that military commanders are feeling right now there is that but there's also this concern that the pace of offer a sions in terms of defeating eisel is slowing somewhat in contrast to the white house saying it was coming to a rapid and there's been grave concern about the fact that the u.s.
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have typically been relying on sea. kurds are now finding that that force that they relied so heavily on to defeat i solicit now tied up in an own conflict with turkish troops so that is complicating matters adding to that there's also this fear of what we're seeing under barack obama in iraq that withdrawal of troops resulting in a security vacuum that allowed for groups like i saw to grow into surge and so there are a number of concerns in terms of the calculation but the bottom line is the president is very eager to please his base this is an election year seven months until congressional elections the president has promised that he would withdraw from foreign conflicts and so he is pressing for this in contrast to the advice and and opposition to the advice of the military commanders who are saying just the opposite that things need to slow down good to get up day that from can really help and just outside of the white house let's go back to the summit iran turkey and
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russia a promise to work together to ensure a lasting cease fire in syria the leaders of the three countries have been meeting in ankara to discuss the crisis it comes as the u.s. says it is preparing to pull its troops out of north and syria hama binge of a record. these are the three men deciding the future of syria the turkish president hosted the russian and ukrainian leaders to talk about how to end the conflict that ended its eight year what are our global none to draw to as a guarantor country it's important to attain the territorial integrity of syria these fights have to be ended in the country has to be rebuilt on this we are in agreement the syrian public the civilians are those who are losing as a result of these fights there is a difficult process ahead of us but the light at the end of this tunnel is getting brighter we will not allow the face of syria to be darkened by terrorist organizations. but each one of these three teachers has a different definition of what they call terrorists dirty has influence over
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opposition fighters who've been fighting bashar al assad's forces iran backs the syrian president and has sent thousands of troops in militia to support him russia supports assad but is also very of growing sectarianism after isis defeat but in ankara the focus was on what brings together this diverging alliance. the people of syria especially those inside opposition held areas or the tens of thousands forced to flee their homes do not trust the countries who back the regime even if there is recognition of the humanitarian suffering. as. we have always emphasized from the perspective of the iran islamic republic that there is no military solution to the syrian problem we need to help stop the war in syria by peacefully the three leaders agreed to expedite a political solution but it might be easier said than done the less successful part
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of this initiative has been the political angle where the three countries are wanted also to push the different actors in syria towards a political solution. that effort has been hindered by the fact that even between moscow and i know. there are still a number of divergence as concerning the future of syria the future constitutional syria and even the role of us up. as foreign nations declared their support for peace one year ago on this day the syrian air force dropped sarin gas and hunchy whom in the province the un syria commission says it killed dozens the majority of whom were women and children the leaders of turkey iran and russia say their dialogue is paving the way for the un's geneva peace process but people inside syria's rebel held areas say they're pessimistic about a solution when attacks by parties backed by these three countries continue to
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happen some of the job. and kyra. china has hit back a u.s. trade tariffs by imposing sound measures on goods from america beijing says it's introducing a twenty five percent tax on more than one hundred u.s. products including cyber planes cowls and baith u.s. president on something sis it's not a trade war the first of you from beijing adrian brown reports. it's forty years since china began to open its economy to the world encouraged ironically by the united states as a result their brands are among the first to benefit now chinese government officials are warning that four decades of cooperation is being recklessly endangered but on wednesday they responded with carefully targeted counter measures
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that will hurt a wide range of industries to employ people the tariff ruling committee of the state council decided to impose a twenty five percent tariff on one hundred six types of products in fourteen different categories including soybeans cars and chemicals made in america no mention though of aviation but on the commerce ministry website it says aircraft between fifteen and forty five tonnes will be subject to the twenty five percent levy a boeing seven three seven eight hundred falls into that category soya bean sales to china are worth fourteen billion dollars a year general motors sells more cars here than in the united states earlier this week china announced tariffs on a more modest three billion dollars worth of chinese imports including nuts fruit wine and pork that was a response to new levies on chinese steel and on a mini i'm supposed. to tell but and this is not the smoke before the fire this
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is the real fire the real trick the war the war. is ongoing you're don't necessarily need to impose the tariff or the dan importers to start a trade or. the latest u.s. terrorists apply to industries at the heart of a trade strategy called made in china twenty twenty five part of president xi jinping same to turn china into an advanced manufacturing economy in doing so china has been challenging the big us tech giants who accused china of stealing and replicating their technology. u.s. business executives complain that the price of doing business in china means they have to partner first with a local company they say that puts them at an unfair disadvantage because they're required to hand over sensitive know how know how but the chinese side gets to keep even if the venture goes sour we have a problem with china that's what president trump means when he accuses china of
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stealing intellectual property when he doesn't have to sign off on the latest terrorists for sixty days that leaves time for negotiation but not much adrian brown al jazeera beijing. well the trade tension scared investors with an early sell off a wall street on wednesday but markets have since rallied ebron is under is in new york with more. yeah wall street is not happy and that's to put it mildly there we've seen similar drop such as this on monday of this week as well we saw it at the opening bell here and wall street with the markets tumbling very sharp and very fast it has stabilized the markets have pretty much stabilized over the last couple hours but the bottom line here in the big picture is that wall street views this not necessarily as a trade war yet key word being yet most traders saying that these are peers to be like the opening salvos of what could be a major trade war between beijing and washington they could have major
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ramifications for not only the world's number one and two economies united states and china but for the world economy did some reciprocity after the u.s. announced tariffs up to twenty five percent and fifty billion dollars china then doing it on wednesday as well the same exact thing these are affecting some companies in the u.s. or could affect some companies such as boeing and that's why you're seeing boeing stock drop on wednesday and that's what's also having an effect on the markets here . brazil's supreme court is deciding whether former president louise. silva can stay out of jail while appealing against corruption conviction look could be barred from running in this year's presidential election if the judges rule in his favor we're live in america and it's a c. in human use in brasilia and the scientists to which way is likely to go to syria.
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this is really neat a nail biter if there ever was one we're at the supreme court now the judges are in a short recess so far the votes are one to one and in fact we understand that five of the judges are going to vote in favor of former president lula's motion and five against that means that the tiebreaker is left in the hands of one judge we don't know which way she plans to go vote and there is a lot of pressure on the court at this hour not just out here on the streets of about two blocks from here we can hear demonstrators in favor of former president lula others against him but also and this is unprecedented the military that the head of the armed forces or rather the army has weighed in saying that he will that he rejects any impunity this is clearly a veiled threat something that is unprecedented since brazil's military government ended back in one thousand nine hundred eighty five so really on the knife edge
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what is at stake here besides the fate of the of the former president. well clearly this is an election year it is still the most popular politician in the country if he is allowed to remain free he would be able to continue campaigning for his vice president in the case that he is not allowed ultimately to run for the presidency but beyond that and and this is perhaps the most significant part is that this is going to set the judicial precedence if the vote is in favor of the law to remain out of prison this means that's. scores of high ranking politicians and businessmen who are currently serving sentences for corruption on appeal would be allowed to go free and many say this would be the death of brazil's most important and widespread corruption probe there are hundreds and hundreds of politicians including the president who are under investigation for corruption at this hour so good to see him in the live from this area. still to come on
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al-jazeera marking fifty years since the assassination of martin luther king we know christie's legacy and then denise he is a national oil company takes the blame for a huge oil spill and fire off borneo. hello spring is definitely sprung in europe when temperatures are rising beautifully of course as lot of snow on the ground still so there will be more floods and with the cloud head again as you can see all coming from the west the ridge of the warm planted you'd expect to find rain coming out of that on top of what's already left on the ground so ranging says it'll be in northern italy austria down through croatia as well and spots at least through germany as well and up towards the baltic states temperatures are all in the teens twenty three if you're in bucharest or athens and they're heading up through british isles in france and iberia rip
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into double figures and quite high double figures today off to twenty in paris for example all could see of the warmth of the atlantic because it does to generate a fair amount of rain and that's the picture on friday greece is in for it probably belgariad and rumania but i think not in fact throughout mediterranean the clouds dispersing so you should see sunshine in the shoals from algeria across to egypt temperature wise will depend to whether winds coming from is thirty three now swan very like wind here a few showers are possible in egypt but he's tried every way further west the potential maybe of some rare showers in certain algeria otherwise it's just warm. i really did bad thing. would i be able to forgive somebody like me
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a convicted war criminal who seeks out the survivors of a prison camp to apologize for the crimes of his past i just can't even. be unforgiven a witness documentary on al-jazeera my old the mosque. but. welcome back a reminder of the top stories say on al-jazeera a senior u.s. official says donald trump has agreed to keep u.s. chinks in syria a little longer assisted day off to the american president threatened to pull out his soldiers from the country and demanded the u.n.
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a regional power to step up the support the leaders of turkey russia on the iran have announced that worked together to ensure a lasting cease fire in syria. and beijing imposes duties on more than one hundred u.s. products less than eleven hours after president trump unveils tariffs on chinese goods. events are being held across the united states to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the assassination of civil rights leader martin these are king jr at his memorial in washington d.c. dozens of people gathered for a rally calling for an end to racism king was standing on the balcony of a memphis motel when he was shot dead on april the fourth one thousand nine hundred sixty eight wilson jordan his life is now in memphis tennessee plenty of celebrations going on ross how are people really choose. to celebrate the anniversary of this huge figure in u.s. history. you. will see people who have gathered here in memphis to
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mark the anniversary of martin luther king's assassination are doing so in a number of ways they are visiting the national civil rights museum which is what is the building behind this it was one of the lower a motel it's now a museum people have taken the day off from work whatever or have come here on a vacation day to go through the museum to my visit and what african-americans and those who supported their efforts for political and economic equality were in the nineteenth fifties in one nine hundred sixty so they're taking the time to learn that critical part of mid twentieth century history they are listening to people delivering speeches and it was. an issue in calls for political action this is been going on since of ten am local time here in memphis and they're basically being told that it's not enough just to remember king's legacy but that thing really to
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act whether it's getting involved in politics or whether it's advocating for economic changes in their workplaces whether it's pushing for new laws or whether it's trying to change the heart of someone who might hold racist views there's a real call to action here in memphis today and it is a really start reminder that fifty years on so much have history and still has not been realized in the united states. that's right the black lives matter movement has highlighted the fact that young african-americans were white and older african-americans for that matter seem to be the victims of a police department violence far more frequently than whites or other ethnic groups here in the united states there is a call from people who have been speaking to do. to listen to the young people who've put together that movement and you try to support them and looking for reforms in law enforcement across the country we've heard people saying that there
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needs to be more to deal with sexual harassment and abuse as well as trying to make certain that people who work a full time job can actually pay their bills paying their rent mortgage and then of course with the rise in the person who for some sort of expanded gun control measures in this country we've heard people here supportive of those efforts but the end of the day what people are saying needs to be done is that the least being away. people away from racism from believing that one racial group is better than other groups because all people do have the same opportunity but that one group was better related to others certainly should not be codified in the u.s. is it was an economic practice. on the story especially the story remember. facebook
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says the personal data of up to eighty seven million users may have been improperly shed where the british political consultants say last month it was revealed that the information of tens of millions of users was obtained by the firm cambridge analysts which worked for u.s. president the chance campaign the news cause an international outcry and has forced . to testify before a u.s. congressional committee next week. russia has lost a vote calling for a joint investigation into last month's nerve agent attack in salisbury the motion was blocked the o.p.c. w. the chemical baldie investigating the incident person also dismissed russia's office of help saying it was highly likely moscow was behind the poisoning of a former spy known sleep reports. who tried to kill the scruples weeks on from the incident there remains no determining piece of evidence that puts beyond doubt the question as to who was behind it. of course the samples taken from
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the scene could help british scientists determine what's the poison was but that isn't the same thing it was not a chalk they said but don't ask us which country it came from because it isn't our job we are one hundred percent certain that this is from the nova chalk family of nerve agents a military create nerve agent who provided the information to the police and to the government and that's really been our role in the us it's not for others to advise on who made who made the nerve agent or where indeed it came from. all of which is a bit embarrassing for the british foreign secretary who apart from comparing vladimir putin to hitler in recent weeks had seemed to suggest that he'd been told by the same scientists that the poison had come from russia they were absolutely categorical and i asked the guy myself i said are you sure and he said there's no doubt which was seized on by the russian embassy in london it's pointed out that
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over the course of four nights the british side seemed to have changed its story nor did it help the british case that some tweets from the u.k. foreign office on the same subject had been to lead it. the russian side roundly accused by the u.k. and its allies of dissin from asian is by now in full flow arguing that the u.k. can't stand up its arguments and along with its allies in washington has made the whole story up to conjure up a new cold war but it is washington has become fixated with the fight against a nonexistent so called russian threat this is reach such proportions and acquired such absurd characteristics that it's possible to speak of a return to the dark times of the cold war. in the middle of all this the experts from the organization for the prevention of chemical weapons met at the hague at the behest of the russians moscow has said all along that many countries have novacek and neither the british nor anyone else would be able to prove that the
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nerve agent came from russia the seeming lack of a consistent argument from the british side has only strengthened them. in a court of law the burden of proof rests with the accuser on one is true that most of the british parliament and indeed many european governments seem satisfied with the british assertion that it was overwhelmingly likely that the russians did it the russians can still say you can't say for certain that it was us and they will continue to do so until and unless the british can provide categorical evidence laura. sleep al-jazeera in london. a criminal investigation has begun in russia after the second deadly mall fi in just eleven days one employee was killed and six firefighters injured in the blaze is a four story shopping center in moscow investigators say they're looking into whether the fire was caused by negligence last month sixty four people most of them
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children died in a fire at a mall in the siberian city of camera and uneasy as a state oil company has admitted a ruptured pipe is responsible for a massive oil spill off borneo island at least five fishermen have done it in a fire related to the spill and a stunning state of emergency has entered its third day local officials warn residents not to light cigarettes in the area said bus and reports from jakarta. oil polluting the bay of the city of balad papa and several mia by villages the spill has spread over an area of around twelve square kilometer us residents have complained of a strong smell of fuel in the area hundreds have reported health issues such as north and for meting police have warrant against lighting fires. on saturday shortly after the spill was first noticed a fire broke out in the water near a chinese cargo ship with five fishermen who were in
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a small boat in the big day at the time died. but up on is home to one of indonesia's largest oil refineries the country's state energy company back there mena initially denied the oil leak was from one of its underwater pipelines but no sas it was. you know you. ought to be investigated further we found that this is our crude oil leaking from a broken pipe by fishermen held a protest at the mayor's office demanding compensation the spill stopped them from earning a living if boats have been damaged and they can't reach their fishing grounds almost two hundred fishermen are affected by the impact of the pollution on marine life still needs to be investigated residents are working with emergency services to get rid of the oil and by imagine if out urgent police to speed up the investigation and bring both responsible for this bill to justice they also want the government to act fast the plane of the oil and limit damage to the environment
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stopped by al jazeera the. egyptian authorities are shut down an independent news website and arrested its editor in chief they arrest happened the day after president. won a second term in office where ninety seven percent of the votes were poor say the mass al arab a website was fined and its offices were raided after a republican article from the new york times on alleged election irregularities. sure lanka's prime minister has survived a new confidence votes in parliament the vote was brought by a group led by former need that mahinda rajapaksa the accuser on l. wickramasinghe of appointing a foreign national as central bank governor so he could leak inside information to his son in law about a treasury bond sale will fund the reports from colombo. the prime minister has
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come out with torrijos after this no confidence motion a mammoth twelve hour debate from the early on as of wednesday morning now essentially when you look at the numbers at the end of the day hundred and twenty two m.p.'s voted with the prime minister they voted against the no confidence motion but a seventy six voted for it a former twenty six m.p.'s decided to abstain from voting ultimately it is the prime minister who has come out on top this time but if you look at the bigger picture it's the government that is weakened with the joint opposition obviously kind of laughing all the way to the bank in terms of seeing the government schooling having problems within the different parties the party of the president the sri lankan freedom party and the party of the prime minister of the united national party now as to what happens over the coming days the coming weeks will remain to be seen because different people have different opinions those who have seen see that the prime minister is just one member of the cabinet that they will
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continue even though they refuse to support the prime minister they say it's for the president to decide whether there's any action to taken against them there kicking in their heels and saying they're there to stay but obviously the prime minister's supporters you know being for blood saying this should not have happened that it was very much politically driven asking for the relevant authorities to end centrally to take action to root out those who had come out against the prime minister would weaken the government. and don't forget there's so much more on our website news sports and features just click on out dot com. give your mind around the top stories here on al-jazeera a senior u.s. official says donald trump pass agree to keep u.s. troops in syria a little longer it comes just twenty four hours after the american president and to
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pull out his soldiers from the country and demanded the u.n. and other regional powers step up their support the u.s. is conducting as strikes in syria and has deployed about two thousand troops on the ground the leaders of turkey russia and the wrong have allowed as they all work together to ensure a lasting cease fire in syria speaking at a summit in ankara iran's leader hassan rouhani blame the us of for backing ice of fighters in syria turkey's president called on all parties to respect syria's independence and its people the syrian public the civilians are those who are losing as a result of these fights there is a difficult process ahead of us but the light at the end of this tunnel is getting brighter we will not allow the face of syria to be darkened by terrorist organizations get out as. we stretch the territorial integrity of syria the
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sovereignty of serbia and the unity of syria the independence of syria should be set as a very high priority this is what the people of syria want global trade tensions are growing stocks have rallied on wall street after taking a tumble on the bell it's over we need fears of a trade war between the u.s. and china stocks dropped by more than four hundred points on the opening bell since picked up a selloff was triggered by china's announcement that it will tax fifty billion dollars worth of u.s. goods. beijing's announcement came less than eleven hours after the us president unveiled tariffs on chinese goods china says it has introduced a twenty five percent tax on products including soybeans planes cars and beef and events are being held across the u.s. to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the assassination of civil rights leader martin luther king jr at his memorial in washington d.c. dozens of people gathered for a rally calling for an end to racism standing on the balcony of
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a memphis motel when he was shot dead on april the fourth one thousand nine hundred eighty eight those are the top stories stay with us next up it's the street. high and family ok you're in the stream we are live on al-jazeera and on you tube today. on safe place for journalists discuss how the recent attacks on reporters are highlighting a growing trend of hostility toward the media. to
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journalists killed.


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