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one again i say helps turn school children into entrepreneurs forgot to tell us what i mean by the word fundraising empowering them to reclaim their futures freakish and bam out of our eight bestowing question was how to make the baskets and build more prosperous communities some of the invest the money into the business of school for life uganda part of the rebel education series at this time on al-jazeera. abbas the bot . bells ring out while the american stand in silence on martin luther king jr fifty years after his assassination.
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plot has him seek it this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the white house moves to clarify donald trump's intentions in syria as iran turkey and russia try to forge a road to peace. the opposition's jr model bio is the clear the winner of sierra leone's presidential election. plus facebook reveals millions more people are caught up in its privacy scandal than first thought. a lot americans in several cities have marched and sang civil rights songs to on martin luther king jr exactly fifty years after he was silent spine assess. the bells rang out in memphis tennessee close to where king was shot dead on
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a motel balcony in one nine hundred sixty eight they told for thirty nine seconds each representing the year of his life civil rights leader spoke of how the u.s. needs time to reflect on king's legacy and discuss how his example can apply to racial and economic divides still plaguing society our correspondent rosalind jordan joins us now from memphis so roslyn how have americans been marking this day . they've been marking it with speeches they've been replaying of the film because it was a film arrow then of king speaking to politicians and marching alongside activists and people who wanted a better life in the united states and they've been also calling each other to get out of their comfort zone and to get more engaged in civic society to run for office to support candidates who would believe in
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a more equitable society and also saying that people need to do a better job of understanding their history making certain that they don't turn martin luther king into some sort of saint but rather understand that he was a complicated person that he was a family man and that he was someone who was considered an enemy of the state by the time he was killed here fifty years ago today. and how of the people been been taking his his legacy and applying it to to many of the challenges that americans are facing today particularly in the in the trunk bericht. well one thing that i kept hearing over and over again as we were talking with people at the commemoration here on wednesday was that they see a real sense of energy of people interested in trying to protect the environment of trying to deal with the problem of people being shot and killed by law enforcement
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for little or no provocation of trying to deal with us sexual harassment and abuse in all spheres not just women in the workplace but dealing with the abuse of children people also talking about the need to address the health care crisis in this country and the growing income inequality or growing income gap where fewer and fewer people hold more and more of the wealth in the u.s. economy and more people at the bottom of the social strata as it were have to work two or three jobs and still can't pay their rent or care for their families so what you are hearing here in memphis as well as across the united states is a real sense that in the era of donald trump much more has to be done on the grassroots level to ensure that people aren't left hungry without prairie places to live without decent health care and with out there civil rights however they say
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that it's not enough to do it on the grassroots level they are also saying that they and their neighbors have to become much more engaged in the political process whether or not there's enough momentum coming out of this commemoration really remains to be seen but certainly people are already expecting that it will be a very vigorous midterm election season with members of congress going up for reelection in november the legacy of mom luther king being mocked across the united states roslyn jordan live for us there in memphis. donald trump has agreed to came u.s. troops in syria for the time being one day after saying he wants them out the u.s. president is said to have changed his mind after meeting with national security advisers is our white house correspondent kimberly how. one day after u.s. president donald trump declared the united states will pull out of syria i want to get out i want to bring our troops back home the white house was on wednesday
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attempting to make sense of the president's statements arguing the u.s. would withdraw but not just yet as this environment has changed because of the success under the president's leadership we're evaluating it as we go the softening of the president's position as the result of a national security meeting trump pad with top advisers he was informed there was still work to be done withdrawal of the two thousand military advisors and special forces could allow eisel to regain a foothold in the region we shouldn't go into iraq on the campaign trail trump pushed an america first agenda arguing foreign conflicts have cost taxpayers too much it's a point he reiterated on tuesday well meeting with baltic leaders seven trillion dollars over a seventeen year period we have nothing. it's perhaps one reason trump is excel orating withdrawal timeline the other is russia trump has argued nobody has been
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tougher on russia than i have a withdrawal of u.s. troops from syria would be a win for russian president vladimir putin whose forces have supported the syrian government of bashar al assad throughout the conflict oh my god it would also be a victory for iran israeli government believes the iranians are planning to use their forces in syria to attack israel accusation iran denies but one analyst thinks trumps desire to pull the united states out is. really part of a bigger strategy i think it's probably a good idea to put that on the table because it forces people to negotiate with you with a talk with you more seriously in this i think you're always going to be there despite the president's sense of urgency white house says the decision to pull u.s. troops out of syria will not be made by the president but instead by the secretary of defense based on conditions on the ground kimberly help at al jazeera at the
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white house all three of the other main foreign players in syria russia iran and turkey have agreed to speed up efforts to bring calm and improve aid deliveries but they were meeting in ankara and the latest fail to lay out a path forward in the lingering differences over the conflict from turkey's capital of reforms. these are the three men deciding the future of syria the turkish president hosted the russian and ukrainian leaders to talk about how to end the conflict that's entered its eighth year what other will learn to draw as a guarantor country it's important to attain the territorial integrity of syria these fights have to be ended in the country has to be rebuilt on this we are in agreement the syrian public the civilians are those who are losing as a result of these fights there is a difficult process ahead of us but the light at the end of this tunnel is getting brighter we will not allow the face of syria to be darkened by terrorist
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organizations but each one of these three leaders has a different definition of what they call terrorists turkey has influence over opposition fighters who've been fighting bashar al assad's forces iran backs the syrian president and has sent thousands of troops in militia to support him russia supports assad but is also very of growing sectarianism after ice in defeat. but in ankara the focus was on what brings together this diverging alliance. we are looking to take steps towards implementing the decisions made in sochi first of all to form in geneva under the un auspices a constitutional committee which will work towards a framework in which syrians can determine the main parameters of the state structure of their country. was. the people of syria especially those inside opposition held areas or the tens of thousands forced to flee their homes do not trust the countries who back the regime
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even if there is recognition of the humanitarian suffering as. we have always emphasized from the perspective of the iran islamic republic that there is no military solution to the syrian problem we need to help stop the war in syria peacefully the three leaders agreed to expedite a political solution but it might be easier said than done. the less successful part of this initiative has been the political angle where the three countries are wanted also to push the different actors in syria towards a political solution that effort has been hindered by the fact that even between moscow and ankara there are still a number of divergences concerning the future of syria the future constitutional syria and even the role of us up as foreign nations declared their support for
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peace when year ago on this day the syrian air force dropped sarin gas and in that province the un syria commission says it killed dozens of majority of whom were women and children the leaders of turkey iran and russia say their dialogue aspiring way for the un's geneva peace process but people inside syria's rebel held areas say they are pessimistic about a solution when attacks by parties backed by these three countries continue to happen some of the job. and car. sierra leone has a new president opposition leader julius model by a jubilant scenes in the capital freetown as news emerged of the election runoff result of the sunni arab peoples party won nearly fifty percent of the votes defeated the ruling party's candidates and ruled a commodity got just over forty percent advantage research has more from freetown. they started first by announcing the official results scored by the ruling party
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candidate when it was clear to audience outside this hole why the announcement was made by the way that the op the ruling party candidate got forty eight point one nine percent people erupted and celebrations are still going on across. certainly on in the streets of the capital and nobody cared to listen to what the president elect got actually so vitally julius mudd there below who is president of this country for less than three months in the ninety's is now the new president elect for certainly on basically this result started thinking in just a few days after the last vote was cast and when the tally were telling a vote started a lot of people realized it was growing it was actually more like
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a delay on the part of the losing side to try to ask for a recount in several districts instead of your own that of course sort of stretched the time for the results to be formally announced a lot of people expecting this results to come out two days after the election but because of protocols because of changes and demands as well as complaints by some of the political or one of the political parties the results were delayed as that now but for many civil unions are lot of them started believing even before this result was announced by the election commission believing that it's the opposition party that is winning this particular vote. all right a check of the weather is next and then decision time in brazil will a former president go to jail. plus a rollercoaster ride on global markets as fears grow of a trade war between the world's two biggest economies.
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the nice pink skies by the time hot. or is the sun sets in the city of angels. hello it looks very much as of the spring rains have started to the yangtze valley certainly the some development taking place over the next twenty four hours a circulation of a sichuan cold air is just to the north of the temp she's going to drop in chengdu from twenty one to somewhere in the middle teens say forty as snow's apparent music falling if you look out to the west and the rain is drifting sasser chinas although hong kong looks dry everywhere else from about when southwards is going to be under threat of some sort of arrangement in extend into vietnam and south of that we've seen some pretty big sharon and me and mom thailand they repeatable wanted to dance or sumatran java in borneo it looks remarkably clear over the philippines and focus
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for showers here is well there are many of them in fact we should be seeing the dry season come upon us and given the idea of where the green spots are lucky in the showers that so in the case but of course that means for mainland southeast asia into china the showers are getting more and more pokey they are not visiting a very much of india here in primo and soon heat phase now what rain is falling this logic thing going to be in the far northwest or in the pole or bhutan otherwise it's just too hot. the weather sponsored by cattle and race. being selfish in their champion over nine hundred two teams to researchers. the firm stretches the qur'an and i'm far from a bunch of growth. and one dream dashed by sectarian politics but then stopped being about sports people became pure politics zero world looks back at the license
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fall of lebannon school. basketball time out on al-jazeera. and again you're watching as the top stories this. commemorations have been held in the u.s. city of memphis and elsewhere marking fifty years since the assassination of civil rights leader martin luther king jr. donald trump has agreed to keep u.s. troops in syria for now a day after threatening to pull them out the u.s. president reportedly changed his mind after meeting top national security advisers . sierra leone's opposition leader has been elected president with nearly
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fifty two percent of the votes being jubilant scenes in the capital freetown as news emerged of the result. the supreme court judges in brazil are deciding whether former president luis in last year lula da silva should be allowed to remain free while your kin continues to appeal a corruption conviction let in america newman is in brazil. the voting is not over yet it is still expected to be close but things are not looking good at this hour former president. who has asked the supreme court to keep him from going to prison until he's exhausted every last appeal to his twelve year old russian conviction and this is following the vote that was expected to be crucial that of chief justice ross up she was apparently undecided and from what we know of the remaining judges it will probably boil down to six against and five
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four that means that the former president will likely have to go to prison and will not be able to run even though he is the front runner in october is presidential elections many people both for and against lula say that this is all about seeing that justice is done but at this hour those who are probably applauding the decision that is likely to come down say that this is going to allow corrupt politicians throughout brazil to go to prison. for the size of facebook's privacy scandal is bigger than first reported social media giant is now revealed that the personal data of eighty seven million users was improperly shared thirty seven million more than initial estimates last month it was revealed the use information was obtained by the data firm cambridge analytical which worked for donald trump's u.s. presidential campaign news prompted an international outcry and is forced facebook's chief executive mark zuckerberg to testify before u.s.
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congressional committee next week on wednesday he admitted to reporters his company didn't do enough to prevent the data breach now we have to go through every part of our relationship. and make sure that we're taking a broad enough of our responsibility it's not enough to just connect people we have to make sure that those connections are positive another brand people closer together. not enough to just give people a voice we have to make sure that people are not using force to hurt people or to spread misinformation and it's not enough to give people tools to sign into we have to ensure that all those developers protect people's information too of facebook is also using the old rules all restricting the data that out dated outside can access the changes include cracking down on apps that can get information about events that people are hosting or attending facebook also says it will better protect conversations between people that take place in closed or secret groups and it's
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tightening the review process for all apps the request uses information about things like photos videos status updates and posts on monday or facebook users will receive a notice telling them what apps they use what information has been shared and how to delete they no longer want to jenny get hard works for the electronic frontier foundation a digital rights group she doesn't think the changes go far enough. a lot of focus in kind of the raft of announcements of facebook made today with the measures they're going to be rolling out a lot of focus on protecting your information from third party developers but not a focus on protecting it from facebook itself we're hearing a lot about facebook will lock down your information make sure that third party developers don't have access to it but very little talk of how fickle perhaps stop collecting that information or stop storing that information that kind of measure would be much more meaningful than simply walking down information from third
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parties one key question that i have yet to see facebook take real responsibility for is why weren't you just notified in twenty fifteen when people found out about this one of the announcement that made today is that it will i think starting next monday start to notify people if their information may have fallen into cambridge and look at hands in an unauthorized way but the train has left the station for a lot of users who are watching this you know why weren't you just in the public notified when did this come to our cyber death and what was the conversation to keep it internal i think basic also stated in its initial statement after cambridge analytic i hit headlines that they had taken most of the necessary steps years ago the same question applies if those steps were so necessary and so crucial why didn't we hear about them so i think that that is really at the core of this problem and from there you could ask you know what cambridge analytical like situations are out there that users in the public have not been informed about but user information has been if you. a growing trade dispute between the u.s.
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and china has left global markets reeling a volatile round of trading followed china's announcement of terrace that up to twenty five percent on a range of american goods in response to new u.s. tariffs on chinese products gevo elizondo reports from new york thanks. to the opening bell and another sharp drop in stocks on wall street caused mostly by worries that these are opening salvos of a trade war between the u.s. and china on wednesday china announced tariffs of up to twenty five percent on u.s. goods ranging from soybeans cars and chemicals it was in retaliation for president donald trump's proposal of tariffs on china considering total trade between the u.s. and china is six hundred fifty billion one hundred billion dollars in tariffs made not constitute a trade war just yet on wednesday larry kudlow trumps newly installed director of the national economic council trying to calm the markets i mean i would take the
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president seriously on this tariff issue. you know there are carrots and sticks. but he is ultimately a free trader said that to me he said it publicly so he wants to solve this with the least amount of president trying maybe trying to drive a hard bargain but china appears to see this in starker terms. of the ten but this is not the smoke before the fire this is the real fight here the real trick the war the war is ongoing you don't necessarily need to impose the tariff or the ban importers to start a trade or the terms proposed tariffs against china are just that a proposal they're still subject to public comment there will likely be hearings on them but if it goes through the tariffs could take effect as early as mid may and it will. middle america farmers for free trade released this ad imploring trump for
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help being imported from the us are targeted for tariffs and could cripple farmers who are very optimistic about the economy under president however we're very concerned about their trade policies from washington we depend on free trade policies to maintain our export markets on wall street by closing bell the markets had recovered at least for a day everyone knowing however this tariff fight could not only damage the u.s. and china but have repercussions around the world. which is either new york. on mexico's government has begun handing out transit and humanitarian visas to a group of central american migrants trying to reach the capital about a thousand have camped in southern mexico since the weekend some hope to reach the u.s. where they plan to claim asylum john homan reports. this is what it looks like the caravan of people from central america which prompted an embrace and u.s.
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president to send reinforcements to the mexican border they number more than a thousand but all denies a say that their destination isn't the united states it's instead mexico city for now that hasn't stopped the political drama behind it the desperate stories like your land and his son axel fleeing the gang warfare in honduras that saw him on foot there just for having a go friend in a rival groups neighborhood markets you know does your life that way most of us if we reported it to the police the gangs would have found out because they're part of the police even at the highest levels. for others the escapees from chronic poverty you know. the salaries just aren't enough to provide the basic needs of your family . and are there are more depressingly similar stories people told them as they wait camped in a field in southwest mexico while officials process safe conduct papers.
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to highlight the dangers that migrants from other countries face as they go through mexico and that's not just from gangs that it still kidnapped but even from some authorities mexico has been drastically tightening its southern border for the last four years partly with funds from the united states. it's just one of the factors that led to a big drop over the years in the number of migrants detained at the u.s. border but beyond the numbers and debate of these people even when the caravan stops in mexico city many plan to continue north in small groups to ask for asylum in the u.s. they say they are unable to see another way out john homan. mexico city britain has rejected russia's call for a joint investigation into a suspected nerve agent attack on a former spine and calling it a perverse and diversionary tactic of moscow made the request at an emergency
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meeting of the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons the vote against russia's request was overwhelming the day in the hague we've seen another attempt by russia to frustrate and confuse the process of insertion just as what happens with the russian federation called today's meeting despite the fact the o.p.c. w. had not concluded its technical assistance to the u.k. it also. its attempt to do so was not a cynical ploy it sought ultimately to show confusion and prostrate the process. a loss lee has more now from london on the investigation into last month's spy attack in souls who tried to kill this cripples weeks on from the incident there remains no determining piece of evidence that puts beyond doubt the question as to who was behind this. of course the samples taken from the scene that help british scientists determine what's the poison was but that isn't the same thing it was not
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a chalk they said but don't ask us which country it came from because it isn't our job. we are one hundred percent certain that this is from the nova chalk family of nerve agents a military create nerve agent who provided the information to the police and to the government and that's really been our rule in the us it's not for us to advice on who me who meet the near vision or weird indeed it came from. all of which is a bit embarrassing for the british foreign secretary who apart from comparing vladimir putin to hitler in recent weeks had seemed to suggest that he'd been told by the same scientists that the poison had come from russia they were absolutely categorical and i asked the guy myself i said are you sure and he said there's no doubt which was seized on by the russian embassy in london it's pointed out that over the course of four nights the british side seemed to have changed its story nor did it help the british case that some tweets from the u.k.
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foreign office on the same subjects had been to lead. the russian side roundly accused by the u.k. and its allies of dissin from ation is by now in full flow arguing that the u.k. can't stand up its arguments and along with its allies in washington has made the whole story up to conjure up a new cold war but it. is washington has become fixated with the fight against a nonexistent so-called russian threat this is reach such proportions and acquired such absurd characteristics that it's possible to speak of a return to the dark times of the cold war. in the middle of all this the experts from the organization for the prevention of chemical weapons met at the hague at the behest of the russians moscow has said all along that many countries have novacek the neither the british nor anyone else will be able to prove that the nerve agent came from russia the seeming lack of a consistent argument from the british side has only strengthened them. in
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a court of law the burden of proof rests with the accuser and while it is true that most of the british parliament and indeed many european governments seem satisfied with the british assertion that it was overwhelmingly likely to the russians did it the russians can still say you can't say for certain that it was us and they will continue to do so until and unless the british can provide categorical evidence laura. al jazeera in london. and as always there is lots more on our website al-jazeera dot com get the latest on all the stories we'll. get around on our top stories commemorations have been held in the u.s. city of memphis marking the fiftieth anniversary of the assassination of civil rights leader martin martin luther king jr thousands gathered for
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a day of speeches and marches to remember his words. donald trump has agreed to keep u.s. troops in syria for now after a day after saying he would pull them out the u.s. president reportedly changed his mind after meeting top national security advisers the pentagon says about two thousand troops have based in syria to prevent a resurgence of isis sierra leone's opposition leader martyr bio has been elected president with nearly fifty two percent of the votes being jubilant scenes in the capital freetown as news in merge with the results. supreme court judges in brazil are deciding where the former president luis in the silver should be allowed to remain free while he continues to appeal a corruption conviction he's looking more likely to face prison after a key judge voted against delaying his sentence a latin american editor lucy newman has more now from brasilia. the voting is not
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over yet it is still expected to be close but things are not looking good at this hour for former president lisa nashville. who has asked the supreme court to keep him from going to prison until he's exhausted every last appeal to his twelve year corruption conviction and this is following the vote that was expected to be close all that of chief justice ross a better she was apparently undecided and from what we know of the remaining judges it will probably boil down to six against villa and five for facebook says the personal data of eighty seven million users was improperly shared thirty seven million more than initially reported last month it was revealed uses information was obtained by the data firm cambridge analytic or which worked for donald trump's u.s. presidential campaign the news caused an international outcry and has forced facebook's chief executive mark zuckerberg to testify before u.s. congressional committee next week on wednesday he admitted his company didn't do
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enough to prevent the data breach those are the headlines we're back with more after the listening post. purely right now. just a couple of quick on. my. money. either. a low armature despard in europe the listening post here are some of the stories we've been tracking this week in light of the.


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