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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 5, 2018 5:00pm-5:33pm +03

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increasingly clear now in the new york times report makes this clear that he had also has a history of being a fixer for mosco so he was involved in a twenty twelve attempted arms deal between iraq and moscow for instance a legal arms dealer well it was. so riddled with corruption that it was canceled didn't go through and then he has been put at meetings between trump representatives and cure all dimitri of who is a hedge fund manager in moscow who is family connections with the lighting near putin what is it exactly about mr navas activities that this investigation
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will be focusing on well the question is did he find a way to funnel money into the trump campaign it's illegal for foreign entities to and individuals to give money to u.s. campaigns but of course they could use cutouts they could use american to forward the money and it has been alleged recently that mr nodder wired money to elliott broida an american businessman who's also close to the u.a.e. . which broidery then used to give campaign donations to congressman as part of an anti cutter campaign on behalf of the u.a.e. so if he did that more recently earlier on was he somehow funneling money from only garc to the trump campaign and mr moeller has now stopped several russian oligarchs
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who came to the united states and interviewed them about the possibility of their having given money. still ahead on the bonus on the new year pay study reveals that when it comes to pay men and women are far from being quote. hollow way of saying some pretty heavy spring salusinszky central southern parts of china recently on a cloudy day and night system what's the weather there across central pa spacing over towards the eastern side of the country but if i can try and do is say no seventy five millimeters of fright in twenty four hours and that lot of wet weather continues in place as we go on through friday snow over the high ground and i just don't do it around fourteen degrees celsius eighteen celsius there for shanghai fun to drive to hong kong for the time being as we go on through friday you'll see that
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it's a cloud over through the course of the day and it will make its way further south as a sas day temperatures pick back to around twenty three degrees and just around the gulf of tonkin a little bit of weather coming into here into northern parts of vietnam central areas of vietnam seeing some lively showers as is the case too across indochina so a good little bit of wet weather in place come across into south asia and here it is largely settled and sunny in the warm sunshine is still in place a hint of it easing over the next seventy two much forty one celsius for nat poole thirty one thirty nine degrees for new delhi similar values to go on through sad day always a little more cloud is that eastern side of india wanted to showers into the fall watches casio watch out to the sri lanka as a thirty one. paint the scene for us where they're online which is a very new sign in yemen that peace is possible but it never happens not because
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the situation is. because no one cares or if you join us on sat. the choosing between. eating this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist who's close to the story join the global conversation at this time on mountain zero. good to have you with us on al-jazeera these are our top stories russia's ambassador to the u.k. has attacked britain's handling of the ongoing investigation into the poisoning of a former russian double agent and the u.k.
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government has accused moscow of being behind the nerve agent tag and best alex. says that allegation has no basis a lebanese american businessman who advises the united arab emirates may also have new information for waldemar his investigation about russian interference in the two thousand and sixteen us presidential election the new york times is reporting that georgia now the may also be able to link the two important strands of the inquiry together. brazil's supreme court has ruled that former presidential louise inacio lula da silva can be sent to prison he could be detained as early as next week despite brazil's he could be jailed rather as early as next week following a villain in the form of the supreme court he had been trying to stay. while he appealed to bribery convictions the decision will have widespread implications for the next. when a third term a latin america editor reports from the capital. the die is
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cast as demonstrators for and against brazil charismatic former president. gathered outside. the supreme court narrowly voted against his petition to remain free while he appeals a twelve year corruption conviction this means brazil's most popular politician and the frontrunner for october's presidential election must go to jail it's a victory for brazilians except any other verdict are more. death of the supreme court and less it puts the pressure on the supreme court justices has been an intense and not just out here on the streets shortly vote the head of the army came out publicly and said that he was repudiated impunity this is seen as an m president and veiled threat of an institution that is not supposed to weigh in on politics at least not since the end of the military in brazil back in one thousand
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nine hundred eighty five. for the escalating tensions was this banner in front of the court openly calling for military intervention. the court decision was a blow not just a political future. hundreds of other politicians under investigation or suspicion of crimes including two thirds of congress were anxious for the court to set a precedent that many argue would have been the death of a nationwide corruption probe the investigation has even implicated current president michel tamar. meanwhile supporters of lula da silva who lifted tens of millions of brazilians from poverty during his presidency insist he's a victim of political intrigue. historically every time you have a president who cares about the working class he or she becomes a part of this kind of. promoted by ideally. luna was found
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guilty of accepting the seaside apartment in this building in exchange for helping a construction company obtain government contracts he insists he's innocent but the seventy one year old politician who's ignited political passions like no other in brazil has lost what maybe his most important battle you see in human brasilia. as a senior principal analyst and latin america specialist at the business consulting think market and he says they decision to send moon as a jail leaves october's presidential election wide open. essentially this is a major setback for the left in brasil from the workers' party you would expect these to make their election race. but unfortunately it doesn't in that case on the contrary disobey the open election and these stations nobody knows who
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is going to be the next president open a seal that has some potential upside as coming through for example the extreme dry wind sonata under could be another name there are we see in the next few weeks and months but out right now is a thought that opened race and does cry significant that important for the markets because the amount because nick's but it is an instability and that is unknown at the moment in president. now the ministry of health and gaza says one palestinian has been killed by soldiers near the border and another has died of their injuries suffered in friday's bloodshed that brings the number of palestinians killed by israeli forces in the border unvested twenty and stephanie dec of reports from western merciless the violence has put the israeli army as the rules of engagement under scrutiny these are unprecedented scenes along gaza's border with israel it's the biggest protest since
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a tiny strip was sealed off after hamas took power over ten years ago israeli army has been widely criticized for using excessive force charge reject their orders were strict i mean nobody should cross. the fence but i think there was restraint there high offices were on the ground all the time so it wasn't just the women of the if of a private you know the un and the e.u. have condemned israel's excessive use of force eighteen people were killed over eight hundred injured by life fire according to palestinian officials israel says it only targeted those trying to breach the border fence and it claims members of groups it deems terrorist organizations infiltrated the protests but cumin rights organizations say the evidence shows otherwise what we've seen is a great number of people standing at a distance from the fence inside the gaza strip and force live ammunition was used
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against them in such circumstances the use of lethal force is the last course of action only in circumstances when there's a risk for a life he's really human rights group but salim says live ammunition is being used as a crowd control measure i invite everyone you know just watch the footage and that's yourself is this reasonable that the israeli army. which you know backed by a policy point of prime minister down to use such. in such fashion and with such results the army claims it did use restraint last friday and says it will respond more forcefully to anyone trying to breach the separation fence again we're told the rules of engagement are not likely to change as you know there is a strong support for the military and also for the government of this board are our outside pressure can play a role but it's not strong. enough israel is used to engaging in conflict with
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armed factions in gaza and its missile defense system the iron dome intercepting rocket fire but not a single rocket has been fired out of the strip since this protest began israel is now dealing with the consequences of a decades old policy of blockading gaza where two million people are squeezed into a tiny strip of land palestinians say they're desperate for freedom military force may not be able to silence them stephanie decker al-jazeera west jerusalem six coal miners have died and three more have been engine after the roof of a coal mine collapsed in georgia the accident occurred on thursday at damen delhi mine kilometers west of the capital tbilisi the mine has been plagued by safety concerns and they have been a number of fatal accidents and wrecks and he is. donald trump. educated tweets from president trump expressing alarm at so-called caravans of
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migrants moving through mexico toward the u.s. the president has directed the national guard personnel be deployed to the southern border the department of defense as you know has long supported the efforts of d h s to protect our nation's borders the guardsmen who are often used in times of emergency in the u.s. will not have contact with migrants nor will they assist in processing them at the border instead officials say they will assist border patrol agents with surveillance by air and on the ground it will take time to have the details in place but we are beginning today and we are moving quickly the number of guardsmen to be sent to the border was not specified trump is said to be frustrated by a lack of funding from congress to build his long promised border wall until we can have a wall in proper security we're going to be guarding our border with the military that's a big step we really haven't done that before both the obama and bush administration sent national guard units to the border at different times on similar assistance
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missions the administration called on congress to pass tougher laws making it more difficult for migrants to request asylum and to allow migrants to be detained for longer periods of time despite trump's rhetoric about hordes of migrants entering the u.s. records show that migration from mexico has for years been in decline with little hope you'll soon get the border wall he promised this may be the best donald trump can offer his supporters robert oulds al jazeera los angeles. indian forces have fired tear gas at demonstrators and indian administered kashmir and. the violence started off the police tried to stop students from marching in the capital city and that they were protesting over the killings of thirteen rebel fighters and five civilians by indian troops on sunday at least three indian soldiers holes killed in the fighting. bollywood actor solomon khan has been sentenced to five years in jail
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for poaching and antelope khan hunt of the protected animal and nine hundred ninety eight it happened in the state of roger stone while he was shooting a film while analyst at enjoy who have to confess as con isn't likely to serve out the full five year sentence he's certainly very very popular he has a huge fan following i mean this is not the first time he's got into a controversy he's had a string of relationships and he's been accused of not being very kind i mean to put it very mildly due to his. to the women he that he's dated in the past be that as it me what does hold true sure is that this is become a huge huge media story it's all over every television channel and surely all the websites all the newspapers will you know plead very very prominently that simply because he is such a popular quote unquote popular film star but what the conviction also shows is
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that even if the long arm of the law is really very very long even if these sort of wheels of justice grind excruciating you slowly the law still is above no man that you can be very well that you can be very rich you can have the top lawyers but somewhere along the line the law catches up with you. deadline has passed the thousands of british businesses to disclose the difference between the average earnings of male and female employees the so-called gender pay gap has revealed huge disparities in pay between the sexes with eighty percent of companies often paying men more than women may balk of reports from london. it is a long comfortable truth about the society we live in when it comes to pay men and women a far from equal this company employs mostly women it's hoped that by exposing the pay gap it will help empower women in the workplace it's created say notched debate and discussion about pay and about inequality in the workplace it creates this sort
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of option for people to think again about whether that is discrimination that wolf says perhaps how that perceiving when and how to findings out of these. thousands of british companies employing more than two hundred fifty people have been forced to disclose pay details around eighty percent pay men more than women thirteen percent including the tech giant apple pay women more than just eight percent including big chains such as k.f.c. mcdonald's and starbucks say they have no gap a tool. among the worst offenders is the low cost airline ryanair where women make up only three percent of top earners that's excluding most of the company's management to a based in ireland ryanair blames the figures on ben mainly filling pilot roles. the construction industry and the financial sector also have large pay gaps the
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average woman employee at barclays or lloyds bank can expect to be paid more than forty percent less than the average man. there have been some high profile pay disputes to with actress claire four who plays queen elizabeth of the netflix series the crown earning less than her male counterpart. the british prime minister's vowed to tackle what she called the burning injustice of gender inequality only thirty percent of m.p.'s are women we have to do with those stereotypes about what kind of jobs men and women can do about what leadership looks like why it is that men and women ask for a pay rise just as often as each other but men are four times more likely to get it i know their gender pay gap denies this data is hopefully starting a conversation about how these people are out of touch with what's going on in our country the government says that this isn't simply about naming and shaming companies into paying men and women equal amounts of money it's about kick starting a public discussion to try and make the workplace as representative as the world
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around us there's no punishment for pay gaps although companies that fail to publish their figures face legal action some politicians argue that without a major societal shift hefty fines are the only way of forcing firms to close the gap. al-jazeera london. hello again i'm of the problem and the headlines on al-jazeera russia's ambassador to the u.k. has slammed russians handling of the ongoing investigation into the poisoning of a former spy the british government is appears moscow being behind a nerve agent attack ambassador alexander says that allegation has no basis so. don't take something for granted give us the evidence in most of the other countries. ask the prime minister to present the evidence and then present this
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evidence publicly. why do you keep it in secret i'll tell you i don't understand. maybe maybe the prime minister. so that's where you do my we make it transparent it's a very serious issue and we have to know the truth a lebanese american businessman who advises the united arab emirates may also have new information for robert muller's investigation about russian interference of the two thousand and sixteen u.s. presidential election the new york times is reporting that george nowther may have information relating to sources of russian funding and possible links to trump's presidential campaign. brazil's supreme court has ruled that former president lula da silva can be sent to prison he's been trying to stay out of jail while appealing a corruption conviction the voting threatens his plan to run
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a presidential election in which he was the clear frontrunner. donald trump has agreed to keep u.s. troops in syria for now one day after threatening to pull them out the u.s. president reportedly changed his mind after meeting the national security adviser's the pentagon says about two thousand troops are based in syria to prevent a resurgence of eisel. russia has accused facebook of censorship after it removed more than one hundred accounts controlled by russian media facebook says the accounts meddled in the two thousand and sixteen us presidential election the kremlin has called the move hostile and bollywood actor has been sentenced to five years in jail for poaching and antelope he hunted the protected animal in one thousand nine hundred eight in the state of raja star while shooting a film of the headlines the stream is next. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world
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so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you al-jazeera. hi i'm femi oke a your in the stream we are live on al-jazeera i don't you choose today is india on safe place for journalists or discuss how the recent attacks on reporters are highlighting a growing trend of hostility towards the media.


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