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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 6, 2018 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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the volunteers working for several walking busses teachers say it is working class attendance has improved the volunteers also act as security guards in recent years the sawhill of north africa has witnessed the so-called war on terror. but is this official narrative. masking a larger battle. a battle for the earth's natural resources. shadow war in the sahara at this time on al-jazeera. the strength of al jazeera is that because we have such a spendthrift now poor people will come to us and actually share the information with the al-jazeera team into their.
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zero. hello i'm maryam namazie this is the news hour live from london coming up in the next sixty minutes israeli security forces killed seven palestinians and injure at least seven hundred eighty during protests along the gaza border. u.s. treasury department announces new sanctions against several russian government officials and companies. former south korean president park geun hye is found guilty of abuse of power bribery and coercion and sentenced to twenty four years in prison. on the wrong. wrong and south africa's former president jacob zuma remains defiant outside court after appearing on corruption charges over a multi-billion dollar arms deal. with all the. mixed martial arts star connell mcgregor is charged by new york police saw for
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attacking a bus full of m.m.a. fighters there are more later in the program. we begin on the israel gaza border where in least seven palestinians have been killed as the israeli army continues to fire live ammunition and tear gas at protesters seven hundred eighty palestinians have also been injured but several said to be in a critical condition it's a week since demonstrations first began to mark palestine's on your land day an act of resistance against israeli occupation and land seizures charlotte ballasts reports. palestinian words meet israeli bullets in gaza. from behind the border fence israeli snipers have palestinians on these sites they shooting a guest in life fire and rubber bullets. but still. reeling from their bloodiest
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day in years this was the area where last friday israeli snipers shot seven hundred palestinians twenty one would die. a week later they're back with a smokescreen and stretches the casualty numbers quickly climb injuries turn to faith tell us he's going to the stars they are seeing we're not bringing them for war anything we brought them to protect ourselves from israeli snipers while. the plot of starvation and seizure has failed to incite the palestinian people against the resistance gaza will not starve and will not abandon its original national objective our people have told the world the carver is free and that we will only stand tall and resist in the face of the israeli occupation. last friday's killings happened on what the palestinians called lend day it's an annual protest an act of resistance to israeli occupation and the seizure of land for
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illegal jewish settlements. this year israel warned that opened fire if anyone approached the border fence and then they followed through. fourteen hundred people were injured many shot by more than one hundred israeli snipers some in the back as they ran away another is he price given the large number of injuries and deaths the ominous statements made by israeli authorities in the days leading up to the protest as well as indications that the individuals killed or wounded were unarmed or did not pose a serious threat to well protected security forces and in some cases were actually running away from the green line fence there are strong indications that security forces used excessive force. israel has ruled out any investigation by the united nations all the european union into disproportionate use of force it blames him us for inciting its people is a trap. for the palestinian people that the hamas government is encouraging its
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people to attack israel is encouraging its people to commit acts of violence and encouraging them to actually storm into israel to try to destroy israel and kill as many people as possible palestinians will campaigner until the fifteenth of may the day israel was created seventy years ago others will continue to press on the border taunting israel security forces and remembering what the lost loved ones and land they hold mirrors to blind the snipers hoping the world can see as they reflects the violence dallas. i'm jel hamid has been speaking to palestinian demonstrators inside gaza. i asked over and over again why are you going there you've seen what happened last week i mean the bullets used by these really high velocity bullets we were in the hospital a few days ago and they actually they it's not just the wounded they mainly at
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people nevertheless the many young people said we have nothing to lose at this stage one young man was telling me i am sixteen i finished school i dropped out of school because simply it was a point for me to study there is nothing for me there is frustration that is anger not only had the blockade by egypt and israel but also at the their own political leadership at the fact that nothing is getting better people here young people did majority of those who are down there teenagers or in their early twenty's have only known war since they were born has only known hardship and they see no end in sight so many will tell you and it's quite shocking to hear especially when you're looking at the face of that person and he's so young that they have nothing to lose at this stage they will keep on getting the taking of the grievances right to dead friends for everyone to see obviously many of them are quite i would say ambitious
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day say that at some point they will be able to cross that says and you have to bear in mind that all of them are descendants of refugees so all of them have an original home town across the fence. and see baden is a former israeli minister of justice he says it's not clear what the palestinians are hoping to achieve. the question of whether or not it is excessive use of power is the and i must admit that most of the israelis saying you know it is a palestinian provoke they're having their problems with egypt with their own. leadership with the studio authority they are coming close to the to the fence of we actually we do from gaza destroyed all the settlements there is true that we are still having some. elements or for ruling the area through the sky in the sea
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but this is not a reason to to have these demonstrations against us especially when they ask is saw or pack what actually these young people who are really suffering we all admit the suffering in the small stream which is so densely populated but what do they really want to form us if they want peace if they want negotiations we are ready to negotiate but as you know hamas is not ready to negotiate with us. so their senior political analysts are on bashara joins me now so you'll see balan saying that implying that these it's not clear what the end game is what the purpose of these protests are and actually if they wanted to improve the conditions of the lives of palestinians inside gaza then hamas would cooperate with israel so interesting that you keep saying what do they
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want what do they want if i remember correctly your follow up question was they want to protest i mean that's a basic right and they are within gaza they are not in israel they are within gaza they are on the other side of the fence on the other side of the wall and they don't have the right to don't want straight. hundreds of people a thousand above a thousand people shot i mean if our viewers around the world will just take a minute and think what happens how do you shoot so many young people in one day seven eight hundred people last friday and then you kill dozen or two dozen of young people protesting on the other side of the war the wire israeli soldiers are basically behind tanks behind towers behind hills of science and so forth so it's really amazing to see young generation of palestinians taking up after their fathers and forefathers it's been seventy years of more of the same those young
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palestinians demonstrating in gaza hail from families who come from the other side of the borders many of those palestinian villages in the negative of israel today. their villages were destroyed most of them by the israelis and no therefore testing the so-called glenday they simply want to remind the world that they remain refugees as you say marwan is a very powerful images that are coming from the area of unarmed civilians teenagers and kids being faced with with live fire but israel has made it clear that we don't want you approaching this fence we will take action to prevent anyone getting close to the fence and those that do so are endangering themselves is there a broader question here about the long term sustainability of something like this of people continuing to put themselves at risk like risk like this absolutely but that's the price that they are willing to pay and this is the price that the
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palestinians have long we're willing the to pay in fact the entire conflict at this point in time maria is one about the fastest unwilling or willingness to persevere i mean what are these young palestinians telling us when when when we are living the most bleak moment of palestinian history they are ready to show the world and to show themselves and their own leaders and the leaders of the arab world and certainly the leaders of israel that they are not willing to bend they are not willing to give up and i think that's what the entire struggle is all about for if we take a moment just to imagine israel and how israel became a. you know a villa of sorts built on stolen palestinian land and now the palestinians are banging on the gates this really is might enjoy the villa but the fact that the
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palestinians keep banging on the gate. keeps annoying the israelis for ever and briefly marwan there is there are obviously serious questions here about israel's response to these protests but more broadly speaking how much of the palestinians been failed by palestinian leadership absolutely i think one of the four reasons why these people are demonstrating and why other people demonstrated in jerusalem before the sword remember there's been many in the fathers in palestine and those in the fathers are some of them are inspired by or led by the palestinian factions some of them are actually send the message the policy of factions i think if hamas and fatah had reached a deal just so few weeks ago a few months ago probably this would not would not have happened if the israelis and palestinians reached a deal a in the peace process that allows the palestinians a fair resolution of the refugee issues on a two state solution we were never seen that happen if we were of see in a better conditions in gaza where we don't have sixty percent of the youth
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unemployment we were and have seen that if we would have seen a bit of less arab indifference and a bit of lists israeli arrogance we probably haven't we wouldn't have seen this thank you very much marwan bashar and i'm moving to our other top story this hour the united states has impose new sanctions against russian businessmen companies and government officials including associates of president vladimir putin sanctions target seven russian oligarchs and the twelve companies they own or control as well as seventeen senior russian government officials washington says it's targeting russia's malign activities which include alleged meddling in the twenty sixteen election russia has responded calling the sanctions a mistake and a step towards destroying freedom of business i want house correspondent kimberly how is life for us in washington now how much more aggressive in these latest measures as compared to those we've seen in the past kimberly. well the other ones
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that we've seen in the past and about three weeks ago were also aggressive but i think what makes these different is they seem to be directly targeting lattimer putin the russian president personally thirty eight individuals and entities that all seem to have a tie in some way either in foreign policy or business ties to vladimir putin i mean take for example the seven all of ours one of them happens to be one of the personal friends of lattimer putin it's his name is oleg deripaska he's a billionaire founder of a group that operates siberian power plants but he also made headlines last year because of his ties to donald trump's presidential campaign chair paul man of fort so there is that that is very interesting also this sanctions seem to target. putin's former son in law so there's a personal nature to these but there's also a little bit of reflection going on here in washington even around the world in terms of kind of the mixed messaging that we're getting with these sanctions very and given the fact that donald trump has certainly said that no one has been
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tougher on russia than he has but he's had this power to be tough on russia since last summer he's only taken it in the last three weeks this is the third targeted action in three weeks and certainly a lot of people are making note of that the fact that it took the president so long and well there is reaction from congress saying in fact that this is a good thing that sends a clear message to vladimir putin that the illegal occupation of ukraine support for assad's regime of war crimes and even efforts to undermine western democracies will not be tolerated many washington asking why it took the president so long thanks very much i want house correspondent complete that when we challenge has reaction now to these latest sanctions from moscow. well so far the response from moscow has been a mixture of indignation that the u.s. should have taken these new sanctions measures and also shrugging them off saying that it affects russia in any way certainly these newest measures from the u.s.
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treasury are the most personal yet striking against some of the all the guards here with the closest ties to be made putin in the kremlin people like oleg deripaska and viktor of exel but these are things that people in the west have been arguing for for some time saying that you can only affect the kremlin change its foreign policy by going after these people there is of course though a bit of a counter-argument to this that i've heard recently which is that actually going after the oligarchs with the closest ties to the kremlin will eventually strengthen the kremlin in the long run because these are people who have taken huge assets huge quantities of money out of russia and put them in safer havens like london and slight for us and other financial centers around the world so by targeting them and their assets internationally what they'll be forced to do is bring them back to
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russia and that is something that the kremlin has actually been trying to make happen for some time with very little success perhaps by going after these older guards and their assets the united states is actually forcing them to bring those assets back to russia and in the long run that will benefit but it's a difficult argument i don't have the answers to but have to wait and see how it pans out. in all the developments the former russian spy at the center of a diplomatic route between the u.k. and russia is no longer in a critical condition doctors say sergey scruples health is improving a month after he and his daughter were poisoned with a nerve agent in southern england person blamed russia for the attack but moscow denies involvement meanwhile the u.k. foreign office has confirmed niece has been denied a visa to come to britain she was planning to take stargaze daughter yulia back to russia with the news hour live from london much more still to come a right wing nationalist versus a liberal u.s. based billionaire it will become hungary's next president on sunday catalonia is
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formally to karla's pushed amount is freed on bail after prosecutors order is immediate release from prison and child abuse allegations made against two of the biggest clubs in arjen time football. south korea's former president park geun hye has been sentenced to twenty four years in jail and ordered to pay millions of dollars in fines she was found guilty on sixteen of eighteen charges of abuse of power bribery and coercion in an influence peddling scandal that shocked the nation kathy novak has more from seoul . this is a scandal that has gripped south korea since twenty sixty and the nation watched the climax live on television but pock in haiti boycotted the trial and wasn't in court to learn her fate but the court sentences the defendant park and her to
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twenty four years in prison and fines her sixteen point eight million u.s. dollars. fark was found guilty of sixteen of the eighteen charges including abuse of power coercion and of bribery and said to have taken millions of dollars from the country's vegas conglomerates in exchange for favors the corruption scandal sparked months of protests in central seoul culminating in parks impeachment was also found guilty of leaking sensitive information to her long time friend chess and she'll as president park allowed to dictate policy even though she had no official government role the pair was found to have conspired to extort millions of dollars from major companies including samsung in february chair was sentenced to twenty years in prison samsung's air and group leader j.y. leith was tried separately and convicted of bribing pock through payments to foundations check controlled he was sentenced in august to five years in prison then released on appeal. some of these protesters pointed to that ruling
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asking if lee was released why was parked found guilty. been an angry reaction from outside the court from these supporters of poc and hey there are conservatives who dislike the current liberal president moon j.n. and their demanding parks release. they represent a generation a style jack for the time when pox father park chung hee was president he was a military general who came to power in a coup and was eventually killed by an aide a traumatizing event for a young poc and hey. we will keep fighting until there is a new government in power and will not let her out we need to fight injustice but the number of park supporters paled in comparison to the hundreds of thousands who regularly turned out for the candlelight protests president came to office on a liberal agenda promising to stamp out corruption in
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a statement his spokesman said they say history not remembered repeats itself we will not forget today kathy novak al jazeera soul. former south african president jacob zuma has appeared in court to face corruption charges they relate to turn a half billion dollar arms deal in totally faces sixteen charges including fraud racketeering and money laundering catherine so he has more from durban. this is a significant moment in south africa's history for the first time a former head of state is in the dock facing corruption charges jacob zuma looked subdued as a judge adjourned the beginning of his trial to june to give lawyers time to prepare. for a journey through the eighth of june twenty eighth. outside the courtroom he supporters we had when he came on stage he say the court proceedings had been politically instigated. probably in two thousand and five i was in this same
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court facing the same charges i have never heard of anyone having charges dropped then reinstated the judge dropped the case because it had been politicized. zoomers african national congress party has kept its distance unlike in his previous scandals but party members arrived at court dressed in a.n.c. regard despite warnings not to from party headquarters supporters logs on from across this region. stronghold of the former president they've even been. vilified and that it was done by him till the very end he's accused of receiving bribes to use his influence in the a.n.c. in favor of a french arms company and later to protect the company from investigations. this group in fighter jets filmed a few years ago were part of the deal some legal and political analyst say that the
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state has enough evidence to guarantee a conviction one must remember that is former financial adviser should be a shaikh was in fact convicted. of corrupting him the state at that time showing four instances in which it said it could prove and did prove that zuma had circumvented his duties under the constitution by doing favors for shake and his business interests as a consequence of being on what the state termed as a sort of corrupt retainer this is a martyr that has divided south africans but many of them including zuma supporters say they are tired of waiting for so long for answers they hope they would have to wait many more years to get out of addict no matter what that verdict is catherine . at least ten people have been killed in a series of bank robberies in the western nigerian city of offer four policemen and six civilians died during the shootings local media say the gunman first targeted a police station before using explosives to enter the banks. at least thirty two
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people have been killed after government as strikes hit the syrian town of duma in eastern according to search and rescue teams on the ground. women and children are thought to be among the dead. syrian government forces say they retaliated after a faction within the group jaish al islam shelled a government held area the group denies the accusation. the former catalan leader caught his budget amount is calling for a dialogue with the spanish government after his release on bail from a prison in germany was detained last week after crossing the border from denmark spain is seeking his extradition on charges related to his role in catalonia as a legal independence referendum last year but german judges have ruled pushed him on cannot be extradited for charges of rebellion but could be on the grounds of misuse of public funds dominic cain has more from outside the prison in northern germany. colors pushed the most surprised everyone by taking a considerable time to actually obtain his freedom to walk out to address the
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waiting media we would be led to believe it would be at some point early in the morning after he would have posted the bail of seventy five thousand euros and agreed to meet the stringent conditions that would be placed on the his release from incarceration here at the prison in. but finally once he had complete complied with all the formalities and did emerge from the prison doors and when he did so the message he could he came across to the media with was one of the need for dialogue to resolve this situation. the time for dialogue has arrived we are demanding that day only from the last it's years and we only received a violent. response no seeing the form of that response stein to do politics so carlos has managed to get himself released from the confines of this prison. where he spent much of the
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past two weeks since his arrest he says now is the time for political dialogue to try to resolve the crisis and in. did the german government has sent that there needs to be a regional government created in catalonia to help resolve the crisis but for the moment at least the direct future. himself well that's in his hands but it is by no means certain that in getting out of this prison it doesn't mean he might still not end up in a spanish prison sometime soon. hungary's prime minister viktor orban has held a final campaign rally ahead of sunday's election most polls in hungary predict or bangle win a third term in office and right wing nationalist leader is used his campaign to target his toughest corsica in f.l. and for his george czarist sar support open borders in eastern europe something all that stands against jonah how reports in the world according to victor or
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hungary is a fortress under siege its differences threatened by refugees and the values of liberal democracy one man represents both the face of billionaire philanthropist and native hungary and george soros is the centerpiece of all burns reelection campaign the open borders soros supports are everything stands against. at the soros funded open society foundations promoting human rights free expression and good governance they're concerned about an expected tightening of anti n.g.o.s laws after the election by cracking down on serious i say to you where do you get you basically you get to a point where or. diverging opinions where all critical voices are science that's the way to a sort of like establish an authoritarian regime and that's what's taking place now in hungary the central european university is another soros funded institution facing difficulties last year thousands gathered to protest against plans to shut
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down one of the few remaining outlets of free thought and discussion former foreign minister peter byrne teaches c.e.u. and explains why he thinks the government wants these critical voices silenced to stay on power for ever not challenge any time by any opposition forces to keep all the money they have accumulated him sav his family his close friends. on hungary's southern border a cold war era watchtower is a reminder of decades of soviet subjugation never to be repeated three years ago or been invoked the sixteenth century ottoman invasion as thousands of refugees marched along this road will line into hungry and western europe in victor all bands hungary history repeats itself centuries ago christian soldiers repelled the invading muslim ottoman hordes just as modern day savior all by himself has built
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a fence to keep the refugees out in the same way the overlords of soviet moscow have been replaced by pro immigration pro-democracy figures like george soros and the bureaucrats of brussels and though denies it jewish groups see another appeal to history in the vilification of soros is really the cliché that. jews are secretly working to undermine. a white christian right external threats and the enemy within there's little talk of real problems like corruption crumbling health care and education just the need for a strong leader like victor or. jonah hill al jazeera budapest. on the program tensions continue between china and the president.
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but with no legal rights. decades. and a day for australia's. commonwealth. hello the weather looks a little to. once again across the middle east we're going to an area of cloud and rain pushing out of iraq into iran kuwait also seeing some of that wet weather you see how the cloud extends its way up into turkmenistan into pakistan and it will continue to drift further east was putting the temperatures back in past to about twelve degrees celsius eighteen celsius there in the cloud and the rainfall terrine brightening up in baghdad thirty degrees is that system makes its way through
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lovely weather just around the east side of the met by rick getting up to around twenty five celsius on saturday but falling back a little as we go on into sunday twenty one degrees but it will stay five and dry brightening up to into a good part of iran wanted to shower was one of the wrecks i was still just left in place that but what's the weather will push across afghanistan and over towards the plas i mean while it's also some showers to cross the red in place anywhere from around the cost of the gulf the southern end of the red sea could see some showers here in cata sas day maybe even into sunday as well temperatures getting up to thirty four celsius on sunday afternoon meanwhile because it's so dry weather pushing into that western side all south africa still a few showers across the eastern side we want to see shasta mozambique. white supremacist is on the rise in the u.s. and its adversaries to beating that drum. to kleins investigates
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the anti fascists. against intolerance. this is an to fry on al-jazeera. non-violence done attempt to appeal to the moral conscience of the marines now the jury's still out. if the nation has won and the reported world. u.s. and british companies have a lot of the biggest discovery of the west africa but what to do with these untapped resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of the days looking forward to full dried riverbeds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly in a too risky move your. quick
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minder of the top stories this hour at least eight people have been killed and hundreds injured after israeli security forces fired live ammunition at palestinians protesting at the gaza border. the united states has announced new sanctions against russian businessman companies and government officials close to president vladimir putin. and the former south african president jacob zuma has appeared in court to face corruption charges relating to a two and a half billion dollar stale. or not top story now the ongoing violence on the gaza palestine border joining me now from tel aviv is of oppenheimer he is a board member of peace now
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a non-government organization in israel thanks very much for speaking to us how would you describe the developments today what we saw today and particularly was there any shift in these raney response compared to last week. in the evening when we see the numbers of casualties first of all it's very said in a finger to eight people to close the life and hundreds of people to whom the is a very. bad outcome of this demonstration however if we compare it to list week we see the decline in the number of casualties in a less strict we had twenty two palestinian being killed by live any mission this time it's less than half that so it's better and i think today's an effect on these really really give a minute of the criticism from the international community but also from these early peace not to use. live bullets against civilians against people that are
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going to the most to demonstrate against the siege of gaza i think that we see a better result it's still a bad very negative i think we can we can handle this demonstration israel can handle this demonstration with a much lower number of casualties casualties but it's better than what we saw last weekend and the difference in the casualties but still we saw palestinians killed in the demonstration today israel is saying that its response is in line with long established rules of engagement that's not likely to change is it. i think that eventually one palestinian would like to break the fence and to break their border into get into is where the army eventually has no option but to act because no country can allow people to get into its property especially in this whole study environment and there is
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a real risk for the safety of the soldiers and these are the civilians if the border will be open and people will be able to cross over and then to create some kind of attack so we cannot dismiss it however this is not an open check these were the army cannot shoot live and you mean bullets against civilians especially when they are not armed and i think that what we saw unless trick was unacceptable in any way this week at least the numbers are smaller so it's better a but still they easily i mean has much more tools to stop palestinian from getting into israel proper but using. materials and not just live in the mission over the demonstration the demonstration what about what about you guys only and that have been killed you had seven today but many more last week in the line of calling for an independent and transparent investigation is that going to be an inquiry
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into the civilian deaths. we saw these early press the army's inquiry vent say or in there was criticism from inside these really peacekeeper about the dominion inquiry i don't see any international inquiry over this kind of for events i don't see the un really establishing a new goldstone. committee that will come to do there i doubt it but i do think that the pressure from outside is creating an effect on these really really government and israelis taking it into consideration we cannot allow ourselves to see every weekend these. days and people that are losing their lives and i hold these really are we will do much better next trick trying not to use a live bullets only if it's a moment in which jews are really risk for the security and the safety of the
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soldiers not even one second before thank you very much from tel aviv you are of oppenheimer. supporters of former brazilian president it is silva rallying in his hometown as his lawyers insist appeal his arrest warrant ula spent the night at the headquarters of the steelworkers union in the town of south they're not at the camp so says within his workers party say he will not turn himself into police as ordered by the judge to convicted him to twelve years in prison for corruption. u.s. president donald trump says he may impose another one hundred billion dollars in tax on chinese imports after already increasing tax on chinese steel and other goods this is the latest measure in a trade standoff between the two countries china meanwhile says it doesn't want a trade war but is ready to fight trump's policies at any cost president trying to find global trade doesn't benefit the united states. in many respects i think we're going to have a fantastic relationship long term with china but we have to get this straightened
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out we have to have some balance and that goes for other countries and it goes for other places if you look at the european union it's very solidly against us in terms of trade it's very unfair look at a younger shaking her head yes you know about the european union it's like it's almost we can't even do business they send their cars over here they said everything over here we don't want to take our product. so we can't let that happen adrian brown has the latest on this now from beijing well within hours of president trump effectively threatening a third round of tariffs against china the response from beijing was angry and swift president trump said he'd asked his trade representative to determine whether one hundred billion dollars worth of further tariffs were warranted and if so where those tariffs should be applied well a few hours later a statement appeared on the website of china's commerce ministry and it warned that china was ready to pay any cost in any trade war with the united states and its
9:40 pm
spokesman went even further who warming far if the insist on unilaterally ism and the trade protectionism against the wishes of china and the international community we will fight to the death at any cost we will resolutely fight back and take new measures and protect the interests of our country and the people well just a day ago of course the united states had sought to try to lower the temperature with china saying the threat of more tariffs was simply the next step in the negotiating process now we are back to the brinkmanship on friday china's state media which of course is controlled by the communist party sought to portray china as the victim saying trump was simply trying to stop china's rise and the media had another blunt message china doesn't do surrender. a mexican politician is accuse the u.s. president of using central american migrants as propaganda donald trump is described
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by constructing through mexico to the u.s. as being plagued by violence and sexual assault echoing language from his presidential campaign john heilemann joined one bus load of migrants in waka in mexico. one is packing to go again this has been his life since he left his family in honduras to join the caravan of migrants heading through mexico he says he had no choice but to leave the limit when a lot i had problems with the maras gangs in honduras they wanted me to join them and i don't like those things so they came looking for me to kill me gangs and poverty the tween curses of central america especially honduras and el salvador these people are trying to escape their stories are harrowing and helical says gang members raped her twice and extorted her smooth told pti a business until she couldn't pay then they said they take a five year old daughter ashley instead it will be in all this one that they sell
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the children to people for sexual abuse that was when i decided to leave my country because i didn't want my daughter to suffer what i'd gone through companies doing this caravan has infuriated president trump who feared a mass border hop on thursday he appeared to refer to a tax that many migrants suffer on route to the states and yesterday it came out where this journey coming up women are raped at levels that nobody has ever seen before he plans to send national guard reinforcements to the us mexico border many people in the united states including president trump and his supporters say no you should stay in your own country known douras big things there why are you running to our country would you respond with this if you don't like that if people need help why not give it why the state us president discriminate against us the caravan that's been at the center of so much control the sea is split some people are still following its route others like the ones on this bus to mexico city have decided to
9:43 pm
go their own way eva to ask for refuge in mexico or to try and get to be united states. many have family back home who depend on them making it like that on a coke what the trying to her. her husband and three sons you know salvador where lives there but. it hurts to part from the family and only see them in field goals but i have an aim to get the family ahead and raise good men not bad ones. with president trump looking to tighten the u.s. border still further the future she's searching for looks increasingly out of reach john homan how does it or mexico. a group of wrangle muslims fleeing violence in myanmar have been rescued by an indonesian fishing boat off the western coast of. five people were found but the survivors say at least five others died during the twenty day journey hundreds of thousands of rangar fled meon maava the past few months and made
9:44 pm
a military crackdown. when many ring of flame yanmar have settled in malaysia with an estimated sixty thousand living in the country but as the crisis in iraq kind state has gone on for decades they're not all recent arrivals some have lived there for years but still have no legal status or it's louis reports from. shock came to malaysia by boat four years ago with her children as. she was stateless and faced persecution she didn't want to leave my door in rakhine state but had no choice. in my feeling life was good then to myanmar military started making things difficult for us they beat people burned homes took our lands so that's why i came to malaysia but life here is just a stuff if not more. she has health problems but bad enough money for medical treatment and she worries about her children who can't go to government schools or
9:45 pm
work legally. malaysia is not a signatory to the un convention on refugees so the refugees here have few rights and no access to public services the government has declined to comment but many non-governmental organizations filling the gap. this school is run by muslim aid groups the teachers of volunteers who get a monthly allowance the rangar have been fleeing the decades many of them end up living here in the northern state of which are several entry points from thailand which is often a transit route. despite the difficulties summer when you have secured a better future and. has been here for seventeen years making a living doing odd jobs last year his application for asylum in new zealand was approved. i'm comfortable with life here but i thought about my children or what sort of future i have if we continue to study here. he's looking forward to
9:46 pm
starting a new life in a country that actually wants him. al-jazeera. north malaysia. on the program residents in the. shut down for cleaning suggest the government may have ulterior motives. to the tennis court to head to thank.
9:47 pm
you. the philippines is closing one of its most popular and profitable tourist
9:48 pm
destinations for six months president order to go to terra taste as baraka island is a cesspool and needs major cleaning but locals who depend on the area to make a living on shore of how they'll cope jamila and dugan has been to visit the island boruc i may be just one of the more than one thousand islands in the philippines but revenues here make up more than twenty percent of the total tourism industry in the country would spoken to tourists here and many say they don't even know it is the political turmoil that the island is facing with the government but local workers here feel differently obviously then and then up among that president you turn to what's going to happen to us i hope you can help us thousands of us workers will be jobless six months. old i hope they don't totally close down the island because so many of us employees will go hungry along with our families president of the good that there does the scribe boruc i may quote
9:49 pm
a cesspool has ordered his government to close the island for the next six months for rehab dilatation that means thirty five thousand workers are expected to lose their jobs and we've spoken to workers who say who would like to know what sort of assistance will they get from the national government or whether they will even have a job to return to they also criticized the government for granting two licenses to two chinese mega casinos they say that medical simos like this one have no place in a small island like boruc eye they demand a plan they say from the government was made drastic measures they say without a long clear policy as to how it wants to end it time now for the sport with peta. thank you so much the first golf major of the year the masters is continuing at augusto with the second round under way a short time ago mark leishman moved to five under par to take the lead jordan
9:50 pm
spaeth was the overnight lead on six under par but the three time major winner has dropped back is currently four over for the day the masters is the only major missing from rory mcilroy his trophy cabinet the northern irishman is three under par right now as we speak and it's not going so well for four time champion tiger woods he's too over for the championship we'll have more updates from august to for you later on. one of the biggest stars in the sport of mixed martial arts college mcgregor is in trouble with the law in new york the irishman has been charged with three counts of assault and one of criminal mischief by the new york police department on thursday the twenty nine year old attacked a bus carrying u.f.c. fighters to the barclay center in brooklyn. mcgregor's off the school as the bus turned up at the venue for saturday's u.f.c. event that he is not a part of he threw a metal trolley smashing one of the windows of the bus and injuring two fighters
9:51 pm
u.f.c. president dana white to as betty's biggest star up to now was shocked by mcgregor's behavior. i don't know if he's on drugs or what is deal is you know but the come into this. and not like this you know you're talking about a guy who has a baby each time a kid. is just this is how you're acting you have a son and this is not my game i mean things are said people get each other's faces people grab each other and do stuff like that it's completely normal and it's we always you know containing him but it's part of the business but what happened today. is criminal. disgusting despicable makes me sick and. we as an organization need to make sure that this never happens again. sexual abuse scandals are increasingly being uncovered in sports some of them are dating back decades in the last few months gymnastics and
9:52 pm
football have been rocked by high profile cases in february former u.s. gymnastics team doctor larry nasa was sentenced to more than one hundred seventy five years in prison for abusing over two hundred fifty women and children in his care the same month british football coach and youth scout barry but now was found guilty of forty three charges of sexual abuse dating back to the one nine hundred seventy s. he molested boys and promised to further their football career is now argentina is facing a similar scandal surrounding two of its biggest clubs former players from the youth divisions of rather plates an independent entity say they were victims of a child prostitution ring to wrestle ball reports from. i football is much more than a sporting argentina it's a national passion that in the last week has been shaken to the core. a
9:53 pm
seventeen year old player within the n.b.a. and being told the club psychologist that he and another young player had been encouraged to sell themselves for sex at least seven miners were prostituted and ten others are relieved to have been potential victims prosecutors say there could be more. if we don't know many children were contacted but did not fall into the trap and we are also investigating the potential of the crime known as grooming in many cases they were not successful in carrying out their attempted activities but we're going to ensure that these people no longer have the chance to just throw children. but the sex abuse investigations have spread to other clubs. runs a rape victim association and filed a complaint against river plate when she received information that young players were also abused between two thousand and four and two thousand and eleven. a doctor that worked at the club wrote to us she had proved that children are also
9:54 pm
part of a ring she had to take time off because she was told not to get involved we also received a letter where a former player says that children were forced to prostitute themselves to be allowed to move forward in their careers. she has been receiving threats since she can talk to the authorities and is now using what is known as a panic cream. river plate is one of the most famous clubs in the country it is a more tie sports club that operates host health for young players recruited from other parts of argentina or abroad the sexual abuse can both involve young players that live here because they do not have any relatives. what i will get out here has been investigating the abuses and says there is a common pattern. kitty and there are two cases where we see a similar situation we see individual cases but they happen inside the club with children that have a very vulnerable economic situation really who are not from whether cyrus for example a thirteen year old that is from shock or who has no money transferred to where i
9:55 pm
was a day and pedophiles try to take advantage of that. the dream of becoming a big a star as your name may seem has left hundreds of children exposed in argentina and even though the argentine football association says it will now look at conditions in the host us where young players live that won't prepare the damage that has already been done. it is how will i just want to say to. liverpool manager you're going to talk has called some of these teams fans idiots for attacking magic the city's bus on wednesday thousands of supporters lining the streets a city turned up for their champions league quarter final first leg at anfield some fans threw bottles smashing windows and city were not able to use the bus for the return journey europe's football authority you way for has opened disciplinary proceedings against liverpool over the attack it's so strange you come here you're go with the bus with us through the crowd and. it's feels
9:56 pm
fantastic and it's great it supports everything it's passion and all that and then you come in. and the stadium and the first thing out is most something was meant to do and it chills everything in that moment for us it's not you cannot be happy about it anymore you don't feel it anymore because if you it did. maybe never happen again man so he will be hoping to put the three no loss to liverpool behind them as they now have the chance to wrap up the english premier league title against manchester united on saturday so they have a sixteen point lead over their local rivals in the table and if they win they'll be the first team in premier league history to secure the title with six games remaining. tennis now in the world number one a rafael nadal has made a winning return from injury in spain's davis cup quarter final against germany
9:57 pm
this was no dolls first match since he had to pull out of the australian open in january with a hip problem but he looked back to his old self as he defeated philip kohlschreiber in straight sets the win levelled the tie at one one zero after world than before alexander very of earlier beat to have a fair. host of stray enjoyed a golden day at the camarade games on friday they won nine gold medals including six in the swimming pool that included a one two finish in the men's two hundred meter freestyle finals carl charmers age dark matter content of the title australia are now top of the medals table with a total of fourteen gold the most decorated winter olympians in history says she's retiring from cross-country skiing marat we're going to one fifteen olympic medals including eight gold at five winter games but at the age of thirty eight says she doesn't have the motivation for another season. now that's all the sport for me
9:58 pm
another up again later very i'm looking forward to it thank you peter on our cable call which was destroyed during the war in bosnia has reopened off to twenty six years gone the ferries people up the amount from the capital sarajevo in under ten minutes during the ninety's the siege of sarajevo turned the mountain into a deadly sniper position and for years after the fear of landmines kept people away the thirty three cabins will sport the bosnian flag and the colors of the olympics a tribute to the mountains role in the one nine hundred eighty four winter olympics that's it for the news hour but tell have more news for you in just a couple of minutes stay with us.
9:59 pm
what makes this moment this era we're living through so unique this is really an attack on truth itself is a lot of misunderstanding a distortion even of what free speech is supposed to be about that context is hugely important level wise to publish it bit of a good to be offensive or provoke the thought of it as people did setting the stage for serious debate. up front at this time on al-jazeera. the most memorable moment of al-jazeera was when i was on air as hosni mubarak fell with the crowds in tahrir square talking. as. if something happens anywhere in the world al jazeera is in place we're able to cover news like no other news organizations. were able to do it properly. and that
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is our strength. china's big brother is always watching at home and abroad. one on one east investigates how far china will go to control its citizens. on the zero. on counting the cost why the gender pay gap is the u.k. names the company's web and the pay for the women the new blood diamonds found that electric cars and small phones plus facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg gets ready to answer some big questions. counting the cost.


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