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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 6, 2018 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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all the news organizations. were able to do it properly. china's big brother is always watching at home and abroad. one on one east investigates how far china will go to control its citizens. on the zero. on counting the cost why the gender pay gap is the u.k. names the company's web and the paid more than women the new blood diamonds found that electric cars and small phones plus facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg gets ready to answer some big questions. counting the cost.
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israeli security forces killed eight palestinians during protests along the gaza border hundreds more injured. now i maryam namazie in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up the u.s. announces new sanctions against several russian government officials and companies former south korean president park geun hay is found guilty of abuse of power bribery and coercion and sentenced to twenty four years in prison an argentinean football is rocked by a child abuse scandal of two of its most famous clubs. we begin on the israel gaza border where at least eight palestinians have now been killed as the israeli army continues to fire live ammunition and tear gas at protesters seven hundred eighty palestinians were also injured with several said to
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now be in a critical condition it's a week since demonstrations first began to mark palestine's annual land day an act of resistance against israeli occupation and land seizures charlotte ballasts reports. palestinian words meet israeli bullets in gaza. from behind the border fence israeli snipers have palestinians on these sites they shoot tear gas in life fire and rubber bullets. but still reeling from the bloodiest day in years this was the area where last friday israeli snipers shot seven hundred palestinians twenty one would die. a week later they're back with a smokescreen and stretches the casualty numbers quickly climb injuries turn to fate tell us yes we're going to be stars they are seeing we're not bringing them for war anything we brought them to protect ourselves from israeli snipers why not. the
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plot of starvation and seizure has failed to incite the palestinian people against the resistance gaza will not starve and will not abandon its original national objective our people have told the world the car that is free and that we will only stand tall and resist in the face of the israeli occupation. the last friday's killings happened on what the palestinians called lend it's an annual protest an act of resistance to israeli occupation and the seizure of land for illegal jewish settlements. this year israel warned that opened fire if anyone approached the border fence and then they followed through. fourteen hundred people were injured many shot by more than one hundred israeli snipers some in the back as they ran away another is he price given the large number of injuries and deaths the ominous statements made by israeli authorities in the days leading up to the protest as well as indications that the individuals killed or wounded were unarmed
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or did not pose a serious threat to well protected security forces and in some cases were actually running away from the green line fence there are strong indications that security forces used excessive force. israel has ruled out any investigation by the united nations or the european union into disproportionate use of force it blames him us for inciting its people is a travesty for the palestinian people that the hamas government is encouraging its people to attack israel is encouraging its people to commit acts of violence and encouraging them to actually storm into israel to try to destroy israel and kill as many people as possible palestinians will camp here until the fifteenth of may the day israel was created seventy years ago others will continue to press on the border taunting israel security forces and remembering what the lost loved. once
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and land they hold mirrors to blind the snipers hoping the who can see as they reflects the violence dallas and his era. there is hard to abdel-hamid has been speaking to palestinian demonstrators inside gaza. over and over again why are you going there you've seen what happened last week i mean the bullets used by these really high velocity bullets we were in the hospital a few days ago and they actually they it's not just the wounded they mainly at people nevertheless the many young people said we have nothing to lose at this stage one young man was telling me i am sixteen i finished school i dropped out of school because simply it was a point for me to study there is nothing for me there is frustration that is anger not only at the blockade by egypt and israel but also at the their own political leadership at the fact that nothing is getting better people here young people good
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majority of those who are down there teenagers or in their early twenty's have only known war since they were born has only known hardship and they see no end in sight so many will tell you and it's quite shocking to hear especially when you're looking at the face of that person and he's so young that they have nothing to lose at this stage they will keep on getting the taking their grievances right to dead phones for everyone to see obviously many of them are quite i would say ambitious day say that at some point they will be able to cross that says and you have to bear in mind that all of them are descendants of refugees so all of them have an original home town across the fence. mr barghouti is the secretary general of the palestinian national initiative he spoke to us about the purpose and impact of these protests and gaza. what is happening on the ground practically is unifying
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the palestinian people and that by itself is creating pressure on the political leaders on both sides who have been involved in a dispute about ten or thirty that tend to be totally. an authorized authority because it's an authority on the patients these public actions are pushing the leaders to get unified and the put aside their internal differences and unite palestinians and struggle for their freedom but the fact that there is an internal palestinian division division does not justify the israeli behavior and does not justify the fact that israeli. and israeli ministers and the israeli government is committing war crimes by shooting civilian people who are peacefully demonstrating who are demanding their freedom this is the main issue and it has to end and the world community cannot continue to allow israel to be in punitive to international law to be above international law and continue to be blind about what
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israel is doing to the palestinian people. united states impose new sanctions against russian businessmen companies and government officials including associates of president vladimir putin sanctions target seven russian oligarchs and the twelve companies they own or control as well as seventeen senior russian government officials washington says it's targeting russia's malign activities which include alleged meddling in the two thousand and sixteen election our white house correspondent kimberly hulk it is life first now at the white house and the press secretary has just been giving a briefing what more have we learned about these sanctions can. well the white house press secretary sara sanders has been very firm in what she says is the president's response to not just interference in the twenty six thousand u.s.
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election by russia but also that these actions by the u.s. treasury these new sanctions being put in place are for other activities that russia the united states says is behind for example occupying crimea subverting western democracies and even assisting the syrian government but when pressed by reporters asked why it was that the president has not come out and said these things personally condemn the actions personally of vladimir putin the russian president sarah sanders the white house press secretary countered saying in fact he had listen to what she had to say today sanctions in the totality of the administration's actions which are in keeping with congress' wishes approve the president is absolutely correct when he says no one has been tougher on russia want to positive relationship with the russian government for this to happen there must be a significant change in their behavior this is now the fed round of measures in a space of a few weeks why is the u.s.
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response intensifying. well many are asking why now considering the president has had this power since last summer when it was granted to him by the us congress he signed it into law somewhat reluctantly and then sort of rested not using or utilizing the tools that were available until you're right three weeks ago we saw the first round of sanctions that was the first really response to russian interference in the twenty sixteen us election and then of course we saw the sort of collective response the expelling of dozens of russian diplomats by the international community including the united states the closing of the russian consulate in seattle and now we have these actions today it certainly is a little bit confusing not only because of the pace which has been slower but also the fact that at the same time the white house has continued to say the president has continued to say even as recently as on tuesday that he would like to have a positive relationship with russia at the white house press secretary confirming in fact there's been a telephone call in recent weeks between the russian president and the u.s.
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president where there has been an invitation to washington potentially at the white house so we're seeing on one hand very strong action but at the same time the u.s. president saying he would like to have that dialogue with the man responsible for so many actions that the u.s. is condemning all right thank you very much kelly how could a white house correspondent. now south korea's former president has been sentenced to twenty four years in jail and ordered to pay millions of dollars in fines she was found guilty on sixteen of eighteen charges of abuse of power bribery and coercion in an influence peddling scandal that shocked the nation kathy novak has more from seoul. this is a scandal that has gripped south korea since twenty sixteen and the nation watched the climax live on television but park in haiti boycotted the trial and wasn't in court to learn her fate but the court sentences the defendant poc and head to twenty four years in prison and fines her sixteen point eight million u.s.
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dollars. park was found guilty of sixteen of the eighteen charges including abuse of power coercion and of bribery and said to have taken millions of dollars from the country's vegas conglomerates in exchange for favors the corruption scandal sparked months of protests in central seoul culminating in parks impeachment was also found guilty of leaking sensitive information to her longtime friend chess and she'll as president park allowed to dictate policy even though she had no official government role the pair was found to have conspired to extort millions of dollars from major companies including samsung in february chair was sentenced to twenty years in prison samsung's air and group leader j. wiley was tried separately and convicted of bribing pock through payments to foundations check controlled he was sentenced in august to five years in prison then released on appeal. some of these protesters pointed to that ruling
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asking if lee was released why was park found guilty. been an angry reaction from outside the court from these supporters of poc and hey there are conservatives who dislike the current liberal president moon j n and they're demanding parks release . they represent a generation a style just for the time when pox father park chung hee was president he was a military general who came to power in a coup and was eventually killed by an aide a traumatizing event for a young poc and hey. we will keep fighting until there is a new government in power men jane will not let her out. we need to fight injustice but the number of park supporters paled in comparison to the hundreds of thousands who regularly turned out for the candlelight protests president came to office on a liberal agenda promising to stamp out corruption in a statement his spokesman said they say history not remembered repeats itself we
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will not forget today kathy novak al jazeera soul. much more to come for you on the program catalonia is formally to cut his pledge to long to speed on bail after german prosecutors ordered his immediate release from prison and in the wake of the cambridge analytical scandal facebook's chief operating officer admits the company didn't do enough to protect user data. the weather squatting down nicely warming up as well across central and eastern parts of europe have this little area showers just around the balkans cincy greece as well little further east as high pressure coming in behind that's settling things down meanwhile over towards the west areas of low pressure just piling the unit from the atlantic will bring some outbreaks of right into the british isles
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into the far west of france and also into spain and portugal but warm air coming in you can see temps going up to twenty twenty one the for paris and for syria sixteen celsius in london with some bits and pieces of right for the central and eastern parts you can see slushy five and dry temps going up to eighteen in berlin fourteen in kiev five in moscow moscow will warm up to around twelve eighteen degrees by the start of the new working week getting up to nine celsius on sunday here's a nice big area of high pressure washing things down brightening things up lots of spring sunshine coming through not quite sunny further west still some rain around temperatures still thanks to patty seventeen eighteen degrees there for london and paris the weather that we do have just around spain and portugal just lapping on to the northern shores of morocco temps getting up to around eighteen degrees celsius in the bats on sas day similar temperature on sunday we'll see wet weather for northern parts of algeria.
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in recent years the sawhill of north africa has witnessed the so-called war on terror. but is this official narrative. masking a larger battle. a battle for the earth's natural resources. shut the war in the sun at this time. zero. can back away cap of the top stories this hour eight palestinians have been killed as the israeli army continues to fire live ammunition and tear gas at protesters
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close to the border with gaza the united nations human rights office has warned israel against using lethal force saying it violates international law. and the united states is imposing new sanctions against russian businessman companies and government officials close to president vladimir putin. and other developments the former russian spy at the center of a diplomatic route between the u.k. and russia is no longer in a critical condition doctors say circus cripples health is improving a month after he and his daughter were poisoned with a nerve agent in southern england person blamed russia for the attack but last go denies any involvement meanwhile the u.k. foreign office has confirmed scruples niece has been denied a visa to come to britain she was planning to take sergei's daughter junia back to russia. supporters of the former brazilian president lula da silva rallying in his hometown as his lawyers insist they will appeal his arrest warrant lula spent the night at the headquarters of the steelworkers union in the town of sal bernardo to
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campo sources within his workers' party say he will not turn himself into police as ordered by the judge or convicted him to twelve years in prison for corruption lawyers have filed a new court petition attempting to delay the arrest warrant on out of the former south african president jacob zuma has appeared in court to face corruption charges they relate to a two and a half billion dollar arms deal in total he faces sixteen charges including fraud racketeering and money laundering catherine soy has more from durban. this is a significant moment in south africa's history for the first time a former head of state is in the dock corruption charges jacob zuma looked subdued as a judge adjourned the beginning of his trial to june to give lawyers time to prepare is meant. to the eighth of june twenty eighth. outside the courtroom he supporters with ted when he came on stage he say the court proceedings had been
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politically instigated. in two thousand and five i was in this same court facing the same charges i have never heard of anyone having charges dropped then reinstated the judge dropped the case because the folks in the matter had been politicized. zoomers african national congress party has kept its distance unlike in his previous scandals but party members arrived at court dressed in syria despite warnings not to from party headquarters supporters logs on from across this region. which is a stronghold of the former president they've. been unfairly targeted really five and that it was done by him till the very end he is accused of receiving bribes to use his influence in the a.n.c. in favor of a french arms company and later to protect the company from investigations. this
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group in fighter jets filmed a few years ago were part of the deal some legal and political analysts say that the state has enough evidence to guarantee a conviction one must remember that is former financial advisor should be a shaikh was in fact convicted of corrupting him the state at that time showing four instances in which it said it could prove and did prove that zuma had circumvented his duties under the constitution by doing favors for shake and his business interests as a consequence of being on what the state termed as a sort of corrupt retainer this is a matter that has divided south africans but many of them including zuma supporters say they are tired of waiting for so long for answers they hope they would have to wait many more years to get a verdict no matter what that verdict is catherine saw. at least ten people have been killed in a series of bank robberies in the western nigerian city of offer for policemen and
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six civilians died during the shootings local media say the gunman first targeted a police station before using explosives to enter the bank's. announcer news from syria where at least thirty two people have been killed after government as strikes in the syrian town of duma in eastern guta according to search and rescue teams on the ground women and children are thought to be among the dead syrian government forces say they retaliated after the armed rebel group jaish al islam shelled a government held area but the group denies the accusation. a former catholic leader card has pledged amount is calling for dialogue with the spanish government after his release on bail from a prison in germany there's the mount was detained last week after crossing the border from denmark spain is seeking his extradition on charges related to his role in catalonia as illegal independence referendum last year german judges of rule pushed among can't be extradited for charges of rebellion but could be on the grounds of misuse of public funds john mccain has more from outside the prison in
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northern germany. has pushed more surprised everyone by taking a considerable time to actually obtain his freedom to walk out to address the waiting media we would be led to believe thirds it would be at some point early in the morning after he would have posted it the bail of seventy five thousand euros and agreed to meet the stringent conditions that would be placed on the his release from incarceration here at the prison in. but finally once he had complete complied with all the formalities and did emerge from the prison doors and when he did so the message he could he came across to the media with was one of the need for dialogue to resolve this situation. the time for dialogue has arrived we are demanding that daily from the last that she hears and we only received a violent and representative response now seeing the fall of that
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response it's time to do politics so carlos has managed to get himself released from the confines of this prison. where he spent much of the past two weeks since his arrest he says now is the time for political dialogue to try to resolve the crisis and indeed the german government has sent that there needs to be a regional government created in catalonia to help resolve the crisis but for the moment at least the direct future. himself well that's in his hands but it is by no means certain that in getting out of this prison it doesn't mean he might still not end up in a spanish prison sometime soon. facebook has admitted it failed to stop people's data from being used by the consultancy firm cambridge analytical the british companies being investigated for using information gathered illegally in political campaigns including the election of u.s. president donald trump and the u.k.'s bracks referendum john hendren reports from
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washington. facebook's chief operating officer sheryl sandberg acknowledged the company failed to protect users data showed the company could have protected their data better years ago she made these acknowledgments in a series of television interviews this is what she had to say we don't know what data or if they have any data at all right now we were given assurances by them years ago that they deleted the data we should have followed up that's on us we are trying to do a forensic audit to find out what they have restarted that the u.k. government is now doing their own investigation and they have precedence over waiting we don't know at all what data they had that eighty seven million people we notified or people whose data might have been accessed by cambridge analytic so we're giving the most conservative possible estimate and notifying those people but once we can do our out it if we can hone it down and be more specific we certainly will be facebook shares have sent more than fifteen percent and wiped out eighty
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billion dollars in market value since march sixteenth that's when the new york times in the london observer reported that a company called cambridge analytical got access to millions of facebook users data to congressional panels are now looking into whether russia access that data and whether anyone from the trunk campaign had a role in providing it on april fourth the company disclosed that eighty seven million users had their data compromised that is up from a previous disclosure report of fifty million users facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg will testify before congress on april tenth and eleventh. two of argentina's most famous football clubs have been caught up in a child abuse scandal an ngo alleges that mine is at the independent a club were encouraged to. sell themselves for sex while young players were also allegedly abused at the river plate club between two thousand and four and two thousand and eleven to rise above reports from one is are is. food bowl is much more than a sporting argentina it's
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a national passion that in the last week has been shaken to the core. a seventeen year old player within the indian there told the club psychologist that he and another young player had been encouraged to sell themselves for sex at least seven miners were prostituted and ten others are believed to have been potential victims prosecutors say there could be more. if we don't know how many children were contacted but did not fall into the trap and we are also investigating the potential of the crime known as grooming in many cases they were not successful in carrying out their attempted activities but we're going to ensure that these people no longer have the chance to approach children but the sex abuse investigations have spread to other clubs. runs a rape victim association and filed a complaint against river plate when she received information that young players were also abused between two thousand and four and two thousand and eleven. a
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doctor that worked at the club wrote to us she had proved that children are also part of a ring she had to take time off because she was told not to get involved we also received a letter where a former player says that children were forced to prostitute themselves to be allowed to move forward in their careers. lucy has been receiving threats since she can talk to the authorities and is now using what is known as a panic cream. river plate is one of the most famous clubs in the country it is a type sports club that operates host health for young players recruited from other parts of argentina or abroad the sexual abuse scandal involving young players that live here because they do not have any relatives. who has been investigating the abuses and says there is a common pattern. there are two cases where we see a similar situation we see individual cases but they happen inside the club with
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children that have a very vulnerable economic situation who are not from whether cyrus for example a thirteen year old that is from shock or who has nobody transferred to where i was a day and pedophiles try to take advantage of that. the dream of becoming a bigger star as missy has left hundreds of children exposed in argentina and even though the argentine football association says it will now look at conditions in the hostess where the young players live that won't repair the damage that has already been done. the philippines is closing one of its most popular and profitable tourist destinations for six months president roderick de territory says baraka island is a cesspool and needs major cleaning but locals who depend on the area to make a living are not sure of how they'll now cope. allan duggan has been to visit the island. boruc i may be just one of the more than one thousand islands in the
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philippines but revenues here make up more than twenty percent of the total tourism industry in the country would spoken to tourists here many say the room even notice the political turmoil that the island is facing with the government but local workers here feel differently obviously then up among that president to turn to what's going to happen to us i hope you can help us thousands of us workers will be jobless six months. i hope they don't totally close down the island because so many of us employees will go hungry along with our families president of the good that there does the scribe boracay any quotes assess who has ordered his government because the island for the next six months for rehabilitation that means thirty five thousand workers are expected to lose their jobs and we've spoken to workers who say who would like to know what sort of assistance will they get from the national government or whether they will even have
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a job to return to they also criticized the government for granting two licenses to two chinese mega casinos they say that medical simos like this one have no place in a small island like boracay they demand a plan they say from the government was made drastic measures they say without a long clear policy as to how it wants to end it how about taking a trip to space it could soon be a reality for tourists after virgin galactic successfully tested its new v.s.s. unity spaceship the aircraft made its first flight using its engine solo on thursday detaching from its mother ship before climbing into space the company's space program was delayed due to its original rocket ship crashing in two thousand and fourteen killing the pilot. so more here on everything we're covering including of course all the latest on our top stories al jazeera dot com.
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quick recap of the top stories this hour at least eight palestinians have been killed as the israeli army continues to fire live ammunition and tear gas at protesters at the gaza border seven hundred eighty palestinians have been injured with several said to be critical it's a week since demonstrations first began to mount palestinians on your land day an act of resistance against israeli occupation and land seizures given the large number of injuries and deaths the ominous statements made by israeli authorities in the days leading up to the protest as well as indications that the individuals killed or wounded were unarmed or did not pose a serious threat to world protective security forces under some cases were actually running away from the green line fence there are strong indications that security forces used excessive force the united states is imposing new sanctions against russian businessmen companies and government officials including associates of
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president vladimir putin a target seven russian oligarchs and the twelve companies they own all control as well as seventeen senior russian government representatives. south korea's former president going to haiti has been sentenced to twenty four years in jail and ordered to pay millions of dollars in fines she was found guilty on sixteen of eighteen charges of abuse of power bribery and coercion bach is said to have taken millions of dollars from the country's biggest conglomerates in exchange for favors . the former south african president jacob zuma has appeared in court to face corruption charges they relate to a two and a half billion dollar arms deal if faces sixteen charges including fraud racketeering and money laundering. at least ten people have been killed in a series of bank robberies in the western nigerian city of office four policemen and six civilians died during the shootings local media say the gunman first
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targeted a police station before then using explosives to enter the banks and at least thirty two people have been killed after government as strikes hit the town of duma in eastern goods are according to search and rescue teams on the ground women and children off thought to be among the dead you're out there with all of our top stories up front is next focusing on the kurdish independence and the increasing power of the chinese president say without his air. it's very more than six months since there are so they wanted to go their own way but was the referendum on independence a mistake.


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