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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 7, 2018 2:00am-3:01am +03

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around the world the bats and balls are several years old the really good players could end up trading a cricket academy and maybe one day play for the national team. in a country with a high youth unemployment one again i say asian helps turn school children into entrepreneurs who can tell us what i mean by their wide fundraising empowering them to reclaim their futures we teach them how to operate the story in my shoes how to make the baskets and build more prosperous communities some of them invest the money into other businesses school for life uganda part of the rebel education series at this time on al-jazeera new yorkers are very receptive to al-jazeera because it is such an international city they're very interested in that global perspective that al jazeera provides.
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this is al-jazeera. hello and welcome to this news hour and has them seek at our global headquarters in doha coming up. israeli security forces killed eight palestinians during the second mass border protest in a week. surrounded by supporters brazil's convicted x. president lula stalls in handing himself over to police. the u.s. strikes at the heart of russian president vladimir putin's inner circle with another round of sanctions plus. we're told here. they're shouting for freedom but is anyone listening will visit refugees who've been locked up for years on an indonesian island.
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alone we begin in gaza where for the second time in a week thousands of palestinians have protested along the seal border with israel at least eight were killed by the israeli army which fired live rounds into the crown's more than one thousand three hundred fifty more people including six palestinian journalists were injured a total of thirty people have now died since the protests began last friday the israeli army is once again defending its response it says people were trying to come across the border under the cover of smoke from burning tires israel will now prevent any more times from getting into gaza the palestinian representative in washington has worn the situation in gaza is explosive and the region can't afford to wait for a new u.s. peace plan from gaza what are the reports. the black spokes started billowing since early morning as gazan was dubbed as the friday after. and for
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a second week in a row they took to grievances right up to the fence despite the israeli army warning that it will change its rules of engagement. mainly tear gas and live ammunition sending the protesters running for their lives. some of them had mirrors to blinder snipers positioned across the fence at least a hundred according to the army and many hurled stones sixteen year old mohammad was among them during the week he goes to school and on fridays during his weekend he comes to the border area on the border but. they fight us with advanced methods we have slingshots and we have stones but they have bombs we want to eat to drink to work but we have no life there is nothing for us here and angry at everything that anger is the main driving force behind these protests have mass and other political faction seeking to gain leverage and israel fearing the demonstrators
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will storm the fence. three hundred meters leading to the border of our. area for gaza and now this fight the threats made by israel that it will use exactly the same rules of engagement i did on the first day or the protests people came here and that is where most of the casualties happened. at times there was you for your among the protesters but as they drew closer they were immediately pushed back. and the wailing sirens replaced the charts it's in the afternoon that the tensions were highest hundreds of casualties in just a few hours many here are refugees who were pushed out of their homes by new born israel back in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight going back is a dream passed on from generation to generation. it was kicked out from my two day known as ashkelon in southern israel she was
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a child then and now she's giving support to do you think fighting for her rights. throughout the year to three hundred meters around the fence are a no go area for gazans despite the threat by israel that they would use the same rules of engagement as they did in the first day people have continued to come here and this is where most of the casualties happen. garrison's frustrated by the never ending blockade know that in the short term nothing will improve for them but by risking their lives at the fence they hope to refocus the world's attention on their plight as perpetual refugees under siege but that the gaza of the palestinian ambassador to the united nations wants an independent investigation into the deaths we condemn these massacres in the strongest possible terms we demand that these massacres to be stopped. and we want an investigation so
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that those who are responsible for these massacres from the israeli side to be held responsible or you'll see barely an is a former israeli minister of justice we asked him about the israeli army's response . the question of whether or not it is excessive use of power is there and i must admit that most of the israelis saying you know it is a palestinian provoke ation now having their problems with egypt with their own. leadership with the palestinian authority they are coming close to the to the fence after we actually we do from gaza destroyed all the settlements there true that we are still having some. elements or for ruling the day area through the sky in the sea but this is not a reason to. have these demonstrations against us especially when
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they ask is so opac what actually these young people who are really suffering we all admit the suffering in the small stream which is so densely populated but what do they really want to form us if they want peace if they want negotiations we are ready to negotiate but as you know hamas is not ready to negotiate with us by matt hardy is the director of research at the arab center in washington he joins us or skype now from bourke in virginia thanks very much for being with us now the u.n. is calling for investigations into into this do you think that will happen. i really don't know i think the international community still the united states still is not on board what i the investigation of this or. any union union may be
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just a bit too shy maybe that a world is not pushing fast enough or hard enough i think an investigation is definitely required i don't think that it is wired. to be and it's really investigation because we know how many investigations have turned out in the past so i think it should this should be an impartial international investigation and that's the only way we can find out what what what needs to be found although we already know what what is going on is a criminal act against the palestinian people. you know hiding behind the issue of hamas is basically only hiding behind hamas this is and force snipers who is basically just simply shooting at us and then down on foot up and down while they are protesting dispossession and that displacement from their
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homes since i've been forty eight. and you think we're likely to see these protests continue not just in gaza but perhaps in the west bank as well. well you know the palestinians have said that they will keep demonstrating until the fifteenth of may not by any versity i don't see why why can't they place and then the west bank and in jerusalem. on the other hand that main i don't think that maybe the appreciable dome of the us in the organization or person in authority is going to be to be pushing for that maybe it is going to be civil society organisations people who are interested in democracy and human rights that may wish for that good to speak with them at how to in washington thanks for being with us thank you. now
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former brazilian president luis in last year lula da silva has defied a court order to hand him over to police. if you've seen him shall follow a short while ago supporters are rallying in front of the metal workers union building where luna has been holed up since thursday he's wanted by police off the judges ordered him to start serving a twelve year sentence for corruption and bribery live now to daniel. in sao paulo so daniel daniel what is happening there right now. well he said he's been another day of high drama and what some are seeing plenty of those in brazil in the last few years as he's popularly known here was jus to hand himself in all the deadline to hand himself in was a little over three hours ago that he defied that deadline and since then has been metal workers union headquarters you see with his supporters outside negotiating
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with the lawyers from the prosecuting judge. issued the arrest warrants on those corruption charges the has now been some kind of i guess you could call it a humanitarian compromise to morrow morning saturday morning there's going to be a morial saw this a mass outside that you get headquarters polluting the late wife but it's the c.e.o. who who died last year that's more of a saturday would have been had sixty eight day salute as we speak to attend that mass and then it appears according to his lawyers that he will then voluntarily allow himself to be escorted to put a cheaper to something city of could achieve which is where the prosecuting judge sergio mortal issued arrest warrants. the judge says that a cell has been prepared for comfortable cell for the former president. who will be separated from other. he will not be required to wear handcuffs to allow
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him to maintain some kind of dignity a jury of his arrest but as huge huge incident a massively popular former president much of the country lot of brazil still still supports him many many more also who don't support him want to see him serve time for what they say were corruption charges so the country very much divided the house been incidents the roads have been blocked the house of one of the supreme court judges was attacked but the crowd so far fairly small and i think the country really now watching and waiting to see what happens next whether he does hand himself in to the to the officials and his transported to could achieve his lawyers pretty much run out of options in the appeal they have asked for the prison sentence to be suspended but it's pretty much now running out of options and it does seem as though former president lula will be serving those twelve years and one month in prison all right daniel
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a life for us there in sao paulo thanks very much let's talk about more about this now with sonia short she is a political analyst and journalist specializing in latin america and joins us now from washington thanks very much for being with us so we saw there from those live pictures that. former president lula does enjoy a lot of popular support very many fervent supporters rallying behind him there just explain that to us. he was president of the country for eight years back in the early two thousand what is the root of his popularity why is he still so popular with many brazilians. ok what we are seeing now is divided brazil and why because president lula is a symbol he was setting he said gender like and trying to improve the life of the poor people it was a socially say janda but what happened he would he became
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a symbol in brazil not just only in brazil because he was her global fee also but that is another symbol related to what i see and this is corruption too and in some ways seems that the justice in brazil they are trying to set the record straight insane that nobody is above the loan there are some people who are suspicious in saying that this is simple lead movement because lula da silva is a front runner. in the next coming elections in october so he was so most likely to win the elections in brazil so if this were in this in this regard they are due for seizures in brasil in that's why we see what we we are seeing now all these protests said no all this her movement social movement and everybody's today mean to. be free on the other hand we have to take into account
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that brazil wants to two percent a new image especially because next week is going to do to take place this so meet the of the americas in lima peru with all the leaves are so full of the enemy because they are going to gather in together and this skews democracy and corruption in latin america. and he says he and his supporters say this is all politically motivated and there are plenty of other politicians in brazil have been caught up in the scandal and the that he is being. singled out precisely as you say because of these elections that are coming up and he's he's ahead in the polls what's your response to that what's your view on that. well is this difficult to say because corruption is is a major issue of of course it's not just solely. in there rest of her latina
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manny needs to do some some monks needs to we will be taking more of the tackle that in the same and strain mensaje of course that is so old saw . a political movement there ride because. they spied all this corruption argue sation he is still if wrong wrong there according to all the boards why because he said j and that was focus mainly on the border people in the embassy specially taking into account the inequalities cross. that get at that. society good to get your perspective sonia shot in washington thank you we've got plenty more ahead on this new sound law in the long. long south africa's former president jacob zuma remains defiant after hearing in court on corruption. squaring off in hungary
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a liberal american billionaire with hungary and roots tries to counter the nationalist president. and later installed peter will tell us the ramifications that a mixed martial law star is facing this attack in new york. told us they have a first the u.s. is striking at russian president vladimir putin's inner circle with another round of sanctions the hit list includes seven of the country's most influential business men the white house says it is responding to an ongoing pattern of harmful behavior is our white house correspondent kimberly how could. for weeks relations between the united states and russia have been deteriorating but this time for russian president vladimir putin's it's personal on friday the administration of u.s. president donald trump announced its third action in his many weeks against key
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allies of putin including his own son in law what we would like to see is the totality of the russian behavior change the new u.s. sanctions target thirty eight russian entities seven all of guards are named including putin's personal friend oleg deripaska he's the billionaire founder of em group the largest operator of siberian power plants dura pasta made headlines last year for his reported links to paul mann afford trumps former presidential campaign chair seventeen senior russian government officials and one state owned trading company have also been singled out the latest move comes in response to u.s. accusations russia meddled in the twenty sixteen us election its intervention in ukraine malicious cyber activity and its backing of syrian president bashar assad who the u.s. accuses of using chemical weapons against civilians the russian government calls
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the latest sanctions a mistake and has always denied meddling in any us affairs nobody has been tougher on russia than i have but it took months for trying to get tough on russia he was granted the power by the u.s. congress last summer. but waited until last month to impose sanctions the white house escalated its response weeks later joining nearly two dozen other countries expelling dozens of russian diplomats and closing a russian consulate in seattle the actions were a collective international response to the recent poisoning of a former russian spy and his daughter in britain still when asked this week if putin was a friend or foe trump replied we'll find out i'll let you know. i mean it will be a time when i'll let you know you know to find out very quickly the white house says despite the new sanctions against russia donald trump has invited vladimir putin for a meeting here in the united states time and date still to be determined kimberly
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healthy at al-jazeera at the white house a syrian state media is reporting government forces have launched a ground offensive along on the last rebel held area of eastern huta at least forty people have been killed in the bombing of duma where the last rebel group jaish al islam is still holding out of russia and the syrian government have been pushing for a deal with the group but so far it is refusing to withdraw the conquest of duma would seal president bashar al assad's biggest victory over rebels since twenty sixteen when it won all of aleppo back a former south korean president park geun hye is deciding whether to appeal her twenty four year jail sentence she's been convicted of a ray of corruption charges a year after being forced from office over a scandal that triggered massive protests kathy novak reports from seoul this is a scandal that has gripped south korea since twenty sixteen and the nation watched
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the climax live on television but park in haiti boycotted the trial and wasn't in court to learn her fate but the court sentences the defendant puck to twenty four years in prison and fines her sixteen point eight million u.s. dollars. fark was found guilty of sixteen of the eighteen charges including abuse of power coercion and of bribery and said to have taken millions of dollars from the country's biggest conglomerates in exchange for favors the corruption scandal sparked months of protests in central seoul culminating in parks impeachment was also found guilty of leaking sensitive information to her long time friend jason shield as president park allowed to dictate policy even though she had no official government role the pair was found to have conspired to extort millions of dollars from major companies including samsung in february chair was sentenced to twenty years in prison samsung's air and group leader j.
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wiley's was tried separately and convicted of bribing pock through payments to foundations check controlled he was sentenced in august to five years in prison then released on appeal. some of these protesters pointed to that ruling asking if lee was released why was parked found guilty and been an angry reaction from outside the court from the supporters of park and hey there are conservatives who dislike the current liberal president moon j n and they're demanding parks release. they represent a generation a style just for the time when pox father park chung hee was president he was a military general who came to power in a coup and was eventually killed by an aide a traumatizing event for a young poc and hey doesn't your job to look how we will keep fighting until there is a new government in power i mean jane will not let her out we need to fight injustice
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but the number of park supporters paled in comparison to the hundreds of thousands who regularly turned out for the candlelight protests president moon j in came to office on a liberal agenda promising to stamp out corruption in a statement his spokesman said they say history not remembered repeats itself we will not forget today kathy novak al jazeera soul. i will travel a half hours and kilometers away in south africa another former president face court accused of corruption as well jacob zuma is up on sixteen charges including fraud and money laundering over an arms deal catherine soy has that story from durban. this is a significant moment in south africa's history for the first time a former head of state is in the dock facing corruption charges jacob zuma looked subdued as a judge adjourned the beginning of his trial to june to give lawyers time to prepare this meant a change to the eighth of june twenty eighth. outside the courtroom he supporters
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we had when he came on stage he said the court proceedings had been politically instigated. in two thousand and five i was in this same court facing the same charges i have never heard of anyone having charges dropped then reinstated the judge dropped the case because if the matter had been politicized. zoomers african national congress party has kept its distance unlike in his previous scandals but party members arrived at court dressed in a in syria despite warnings not to from party headquarters. come from across this region. which is a stronghold of the former president they say that maybe even enough that it's been . vilified and that it was done by him till the very end he's accused of receiving bribes to use his influence in the a.n.c.
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in favor of a french arms company and later to protect the company from investigations. this group in fighter jets filmed a few years ago were part of the deal some legal and political analysts say that the state has enough evidence to guarantee a conviction one must remember that his former financial it by. as it should be a shake was in fact convicted of corrupting him the state at that time showing four instances in which it said it could prove and did prove that zuma had circumvented his duties under the constitution by doing favors for shake and his business interests as a consequence of being on what the state termed as a sort of corrupt retainer this is a matter that has divided south africans but many of them including zuma supporters say they are tired of waiting for so long for answers they hope they would have to wait many more years to get about it no matter what that verdict is catherine saw al-jazeera. least fifteen people have been killed in
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a series of attacks in central nigeria nine police officers and six civilians died in the shootings in the town of gunmen first attacked a police station before targeting two banks. the u.s. stock market has seen more steep losses as the trade fight between beijing and washington rumbles on china says it is prepared with what he calls a fierce counter strike that's off to president trump threaten to slap an additional one hundred billion dollars worth of tariffs on chinese imports gabriel is on the reports now from new york. so is it a trade war or not for wall street on friday the answer to that question didn't matter it's close enough to being one between china and the united states it was enough to send the dow tumbling yet again the third time this week that followed president trump's threat to escalate the dispute even further with an additional one hundred billion tariffs against china on top of fifty billion already proposed
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china is angry it's made it clear it will fight the u.s. at any cost. we feel the u.s. action is extremely unreasonable the u.s. is seriously misjudged the situation and taking an exceedingly wrong action the result of this kind of behavior is like picking up a piece of stone and smashing your own foot with it even if the threaten tariffs don't become reality the rhetoric has left a market volatility in its wake on friday at one point the dow dropped over seven hundred points the us president told a new york radio station the proposed tariffs could cause some pain but are needed to help us we've already lost a trade war i'm not saying there won't be a little pain but the market's gone up forty percent forty two percent so we might lose a little bit of it but would have a much stronger country what to a finish and that's what i'm all about the trumpet ministration has various officials giving off different signals just on friday the director of the national
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economic council said this was not a trade war and there's still plenty of time to negotiate with china before the tariffs go into effect but on the very same day the treasury secretary says. the tariff threat could lead to a trade war it's that kind of uncertainty that left the markets tumbling and the white house struggling to defend its actions we know that there could be some fluctuation but at the same time the president has said enough is enough china has to change this illegal and unfair practice. the markets are now closed for the week and nobody is clear where they or this trade to spew will lead roles on doe york. much more still to come. but finally the time for dialogue has a right the ousted political leader wanted in spain delivers a message after his release from jail. searching for grace's gold the zimbabwean
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mine is locked in a battle with zimbabwe's foreman late former first lady. and as the women's asian cup kicks off in jordan we'll tell you why the country has become a trailblazer women's football in the middle east. yet most now in the forecast across north america we have seen some lovely conditions spring like weather there and today say this is the cherry blossom has been blooming quite nicely over the past few days are we going to see something of a change as we go on through the next twenty four to forty eight hours we'll see some of that blossom i suffer from the effects of feeling some frosty ad diving its way out of canada down into the central plains right the way across into the
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eastern seaboard so temperatures getting up to around twelve celsius in d.c. as we go on through sas day notice some snow on our leading flank his say the wintry weather still in the mix for the south some really heavy rain possibly some severe storms coming into the southeastern corner of the u.s. finally downpours certainly a possibility maybe even the tornado some pretty wet weather also making its way northern parts of california the rain stretches its way up into the pacific northwest and then you can see it turns to snow over the mountains makes this where little for the race was a snow slide in out of the rockies back into the central plains by just guys come back into the east coast but i mean nine celsius in d.c. so not really feeling too spring like but at least the sun will be out sun's out across the caribbean loss of fine and sunny weather with a few showers to come the hispaniola. a probe on al-jazeera from the stories beyond the headlines phone lines examines
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the u.s. is role in the world's fifty years since the death of martin luther king we examine the impact of his assassination and the state of race relations in the u.s. today the award winning show thrives returns for another season with stories about solutions to some of the greatest manmade environmental problems as the first meeting since the breadfruit vote is set to take place in the u.k. we examine how relevant the commonwealth is today between corporate and public interests up to the last drop unveils the longstanding rule for water in europe april on al-jazeera. the benefit. people. see of. witness documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera.
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again you're watching al-jazeera mind of our top stories this hour the israeli army has killed at least eight palestinian protesters and injured more than thirteen hundred in the second week of demonstrations on along the gaza border. for more brazilian president lula da silva has defied a court order to hand himself over to police forces are rallying in front of the metal workers union building where luna's been holed up since thursday has been ordered to start a jail sentence for corruption. the u.s. is impose new sanctions against some of president vladimir putin's key allies the white house says the penalties are in response to russia's what it calls damaging activities that must stop. a back to our top story and while the demonstrations in
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gaza are inspiring more people to come out and protest it is also reminding palestinians of previous struggles how many reports from the occupied west bank. in gaza palestinian demonstrators did what they could to frustrate israeli security forces. burning tires to obscure the view of soldiers using mirrors in an attempt to blind snipers tactics that reminded many of an earlier era of resistance but i'm so proud of the fact that now all palestinian groups including hamas jihad felt that if anybody i don't think this up it's of peaceful nonviolent resistance which has proven to be the most effective way of dealing with that is that a patient with dealing with that is that a little bit ashamed of the palestinian people and this definitively brings us back to thirty principles said for the alliance and for going to sion and defiance of. these exactly what are the three principles that govern the feds into fatah and
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that led to changing the balance of power. in the first intifada which began in december one thousand nine hundred seven marked the first time that palestinians from all parts of society began such an intense resistance to israeli occupation. in the beginning boys threw rocks and people marched later fighters began attacking israeli soldiers and military targets it ended in one thousand nine hundred three and by the time it was over more than one thousand one hundred people had died tires were also burned in the occupied west bank just outside the illegal israeli settlement of bethel where a small crowd of palestinian protesters gathered. throughout the day it was a game of cat and mouse that has become almost a regular occurrence on fridays after prayer incoming tear gas from israeli security forces would force them to run only to return a short time later hurling rocks despite calls by palestinian political factions
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for residents of the occupied west bank to come out and protest today attendance at the demonstrations was relatively low which really underscores a growing like a faith and palestinian political leadership activists say palestinian officials need more than ever to build trust one of the mean things is just like to show them . met honestly away from the situation to tell exactly the people what how we can go out of the situation to see to see people who want to see an end to twenty five years of useless. but hectic negotiations that has been in the dust of the situation while officials may be disappointed at the dearth of demonstrators outside gaza they also feel their message this time will resonate with the international community what helps us a lot is the social media that ability of young palestinians to use social media and ron smith to. actually. objectivity ality on the ground the fact that
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israel is a ruthlessly shooting civilians shooting peaceful demonstrate that this is unacceptable the expectations are high the great march of return will inspire more unity for the moment at least there is a small simulants of hope that seems to be rising above the usual political divisions mohammed atta the mullah in the occupied west bank group of revenge of muslims fleeing violence in the animal had been rescued by an indonesian fishing boat off the western coast of the province five people were found by the survivors say at least five others died hundreds of thousands of range of left knee and losses last year. elsewhere refugees including children have been held for years and a detention center in the indonesian state of borneo and a step vast and reports from up on there's little chance they'll be freed soon. oh they have been shouting for freedom every day for the past eighty days but no
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one can hear them except for a few guards. these refugees are mostly ethnic us era who fled persecution in afghanistan now they are locked up on the island of borneo far away from the capital jack after the youngest. he was detained when he was twelve now he's fourteen years old. so it's been very difficult not only me but everyone is suffering from depression what once we tried to escape but one man fell from the high wall and broke his leg no one failed. indonesia has not signed the un convention for refugees but the government decided fifteen months ago that refugees should be given proper accommodation while waiting for resettlement was still more than one thousand refugees are locked up without a verdict or a release date most of them for more than four years of course we expected when we
2:38 am
scare from the priests accused from the be here to inform the discrimination from our country we saw a similar come and here we are sifting not too long behind. what. the un commission for refugees the u.n.h.c.r. has recently told refugees in indonesia that their chances of resettlement are close to zero strangely i do knighted states and europe have all but closed their borders they're not allowed to work or to go to school what's been happening inside this attention center is a cry for freedom far away from the public eye refugees locked up and treated as prisoners with no country willing to accept them as more and more pressure on them to go back to the country they fled from in the first place. what in forty refugees and by. papam have taken the offer of two thousand u.s. dollars from i.o.m. the international organization for migration to return to afghanistan money
2:39 am
provided by the australian government. those who understand that it might be best for them to go home we want to make it easy for them and we also wanted some incentive or whether it's could be seen as a center but it really is for something it's money for them to get started many of them have sold everything before they left the chance of being able to go back to the country that's basically nothing well they they make that determination like most other refugees sixty year olds russell that sas returning to afghanistan is not an option and they're over there for they're the ones that are bomb blasts nearly every day only recently many people were killed in sokolow we have nowhere else to go we sought shelter with the international organization for migration and the u.n.h.c.r. we have nowhere else to go. the indonesian government says it's urging the local government to provide accommodation sort of refugees can be released from detention
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but several groups and i looked up and with a sunni muslim population are free fused to accept the mostly shia refugees citing a fear for religious conflict even the refugees to wonder who is willing to receive them and when their shells for freedom all finally be heard oh. stop fast and al-jazeera balikpapan the other former catalan leader colace put him on his calling for dialogue with the spanish government after his release on bail in germany was detained last week when he crossed the border from denmark judges ruled the rebellion charge that he faces a sprain is not an offense in germany donna cane has more. colors pushed the most surprised everyone by taking a considerable time to actually obtain his freedom to walk out to address the waiting media we have been led to believe it would be at some point early in the morning after he would have posted the bail of seventy five thousand euros and agreed to meet the stringent conditions that had been placed on the his release
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from incarceration here at the prison in. but finally once he had complete complied with all the formalities and did emerge from the prison doors and when he did so the message he came across to the media with was one of the need for dialogue to resolve this situation. the time for dialogue has arrived we are demanding that daily from the last that she hears and we only received our violent and representative response now seeing the fall of that response it's time to do politics so carlos has managed to get himself released from the confines of this prison. where he spent much of the past two weeks since his arrest he says now is the time for political dialogue to try to resolve the crisis and indeed the german government has sent that there needs to be
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a regional government created in catalonia to help resolve the crisis but for the moment at least the direct future of mr himself well that's in his hands but it is by no means certain that in getting out of this prison it doesn't mean he might still not end up in a spanish prison sometime soon hungary's prime minister viktor orban has wrapped up his campaign ad of sunday's election most polls predict he'll win a third term in office right wing nationalist leader has used his campaign to target his toughest critic john howell reports from good pest. in the world according to viktor orbán hungary is a fortress under siege its defenses threatened by refugees and the values of liberal democracy one man represents both the face of billionaire philanthropist and native hungary and george soros is the centerpiece of all bands reelection campaign the open borders soros supports everything all band stands against.
2:43 am
at the soros funded open society foundations promoting human rights free expression and good governance they're concerned about an expected tightening of anti n.g.o.s laws after the election by cracking down on serious i say to you why don't you get you basically you get to a point where all diverging opinions here are critical voices are science that's the way to sort of like establish an authoritarian regime and that's what's taking place now in hungary the central european university is another soros funded institution facing difficulties last year thousands gathered to protest against plans to shut down one of the few remaining outlets of free thought and discussion former foreign minister peter byrne teaches at c.e.u. and explains why he thinks the government wants these critical voices silenced to stay on power for ever not challenge any time by any opposition
2:44 am
forces to keep all the money they have accumulated him his family his close friends. on hungary's southern border a cold war era watchtower is a reminder of decades of soviet subjugation never to be repeated three years ago or byrne invoked the sixteenth century ottoman invasion as thousands of refugees marched along this railway line into hungary and western europe in victory or bands hungary history repeats itself centuries ago christian soldiers repelled the invading muslim ottoman hordes just as modern day savior or band himself as build a fence to keep the refugees out in the same way the overlords of soviet moscow have been replaced by pro-immigration pro-democracy figures like george soros and the bureaucrats of brussels and though all down denies it jewish groups see another
2:45 am
appeal to history in the vilification of soros is really the cliché that. bad jews are secretly working to undermine and the european a white and christian right external threats and the enemy within there's little talk of real problems like corruption crumbling health care and education just the need for a strong leader like viktor orban journal al-jazeera budapest as a first lady grace mugabe is accusing miners of invading her farms to illegally mined for gold that's one of a number of battles she's facing since her husband was forced to resign how tasso reports from mars. this is grace mugabe's farm in missouri just outside the capital harare one of several properties the mugabe family owns. zimbabwe's former first lady says these men recently invaded her property and are illegally digging for
2:46 am
gold that belongs to her the men say in fact their families have been working in this area nearly fifteen years remember. mrs some global just hours away in twenty three thousand here security guards give us four hours to clear out we were told to take all our things and leave some of the miners have sued grace mugabe for allegedly calling them thieves and invaders they are demanding a one hundred thousand dollars in compensation mugabe says the intrusion on her land is politically motivated the rights of a person who has in the person who has any rights should be respected in this instance the legal argument that's being put forward is. our client has the surface rights and. and the mineral rights joining the land reform period in zimbabwe property was seized from white commercial farmers and given to blacks and bobbins people will restate old in this area by government the soil is it to be good for
2:47 am
growing and below the surface rich in minerals. the government dismisses mcgovern's claims that she is being victimized i'm not sure what way she's being a crybaby and not following the legal process just like everyone else in the go to the courts to tool to ensure that justice is done. is for the allegation that she is behaving properly and since. he has been lifted off i am not aware of any problems except that she is in dispute with. these miners in villages which is a longstanding dispute is just one of several controversies facing grayson gobby the police say they are also investigating a case in which. two million dollars worth of ivory tobias. then there's the accusation that the ph d. she received four years ago was for. the mugabe family to be any two thousand people living in the area were told to leave since then the mugabe's have my
2:48 am
disagreements with villages and over the use of them is only a dab and i have the resources these minus a grace mugabe is no longer the country's first lady and does not have the political authority to remove them they insist they are here to stay with a grace. or a sport is a minute away including rafael nadal's and when he returned to the tennis court. we'll.
2:49 am
2:50 am
against time for sport has peter thank you very much we begin with the masters golf with jordan spaeth failed to build on these overnight lead on day two at all guster the three time major winner was six under par heading into the second round but a two over par round on friday has seen him drop back to four under glory mcelroy who is bidding to win the only major missing from his trophy cabinet is also now on four under after a second round of seventy one and world number one dustin johnson kept himself in contention to full run the for the day he is now three and overall one of the biggest stars in the sport of mixed martial arts khana mcgregor is out on a fifty thousand dollars bail after appearing in a new york courtroom the irishman was charged with three counts of assault and one of criminal mischief by the new york police department on thursday that was off to twenty nine year old attacked a bus carrying u.f.c.
2:51 am
fighters to the barclay center in brooklyn mcgregor lost his cool as the bus turned up at the venue for saturday's event that he is not a part of he threw a metal trolley smashing one of the windows and injuring two fighters. sexual abuse scandals are increasingly being uncovered in sports in the last few months gymnastics and football have been rocked by high profile cases in february former u.s. gymnastics team doctor larry nasser was sentenced to more than one hundred seventy five years in prison for abusing over two hundred fifty women and children in he's care the same month british football coach and youth skull to bury but no was found guilty of forty three charges of sexual abuse dating back to the nine hundred seventy s. he molested boys and promised to further their football careers now argentina is facing a similar scandal surrounding two of its biggest clubs former players from the youth divisions of river plate and independent entity say they were victims of
2:52 am
a child prostitution ring to this a bore has more from when i cyrus was foodborne is much more than a sporting argentina it's a national passion that in the last week has been shaken to the core. a seventeen year old player within the indian being told the club psychologist that he and another young player had been encouraged to sell themselves for sex at least seven miners were prostituted and ten others i relieved to have been potential victims prosecutors say there could be more. if we don't want but also many children were contacted but did not fall into the trap and we are also investigating the potential of the crime known as grooming in many cases they were not successful in carrying out their attempted activities but we are going to ensure that these people no longer have the chance to just throw children but the sex abuse investigations have spread to other clubs. runs
2:53 am
a rape victim association and filed a complaint against river plate when she received information that young players were also abused between two thousand and four and two thousand and eleven. a doctor that worked at the club wrote to us she had to prove that children are also part of a ring she had to take time off because she was told not to get involved we also received a letter where a former player says that children were forced to prostitute themselves to be allowed to move forward in their careers. has been receiving threats since she can talk to the authorities and is now using what is known as a panic green. river plate is one of the most famous clubs in the country it is a sports club that operates host health for young players recruited from other parts of argentina or abroad the sexual abuse scandal involving young players that live here because they do not have any relatives in one of us who has been
2:54 am
investigating the abuses and says there is a common pattern. there are two cases where we see a similar situation we see individual cases but they happen inside the club with children that have a very vulnerable economic situation who are not from where cyrus for example a thirteen year old that is from shakur who has no money transferred to i was a day and pedophiles try to take advantage of that. the dream of becoming a big a star as your name may seem has left hundreds of children exposed in argentina and even though the argentine food will association says it will now look at conditions in the hostess where the young players live that won't prepare the damage that has already been done. it is how will and to see one of. manchester city have the chance to wrap up the english premier league in their dog clash with manchester united on saturday city have a sixteen point lead over their local rivals in the table if they win they will be the first team in history to secure the title with six games remaining. close to.
2:55 am
the times. because of that there are. so because we don't prepare this isn't a thing i'm going to win much tonight it's coming home so so the question is what it is and and we have to do to win. the women's asian cup kicks off in jordan on friday the composition serves as a qualifying tournament for the world cup and it's the first time a middle eastern country has hosted be events and as natasha game reports jordan has moved as a trailblazer for women's football in the region nine months of intense training and years of building a foundation for women's football in jordan the jordanian team is now carrying the dreams of generations of future players as they compete for a chance to win the asian women's cup and to attain the real goal to play in the
2:56 am
women's world cup next year jordan is the only team in the middle east competing at something citing and solely something that's important it's really great actually i think women's anchors are getting more opportunities to play more pretty me to see express themselves and what they want to do in life. natasha now bear will be in the stands cheering on her sister and her teammates she says she'll also be daydreaming about qualifying for the national team and getting her shot to compete in a world cup one day. it's like you're fighting for for something you love i think it's the best. think i've ever felt such as my heart that people say the promotion of women's football can be traced back to prince ali the president of the jordan football association private schools are now offering girls the opportunity to play football there's a club system to develop talent and the country is hosting international
2:57 am
tournaments. didn't do you would get if these events are a big motivator for them they game is fun to sing and more girls are becoming interested in this game and going to be part of the teams after they watch games in the stadiums but negative attitudes about women playing football are said just not only in jordan but in asia just twenty four of these just forty six teams even attempted to qualify for the women in the season half of those countries signed up for the rights to televise. now bears says no matter what people think playing football has transformed her i started to. take responsibilities for myself and to be determined more and to reach my goal and of course. it changed me a lot only a small number will ever compete at the highest level but empowering girls and women with the freedom and choice to play the game may be the greatest benefit
2:58 am
football brings to jordan natasha going to name al-jazeera a man finally in tennis and world number one ref on the dell has made a winning return from injury in spain's davis cup quarter final against germany this was an adult's first match since he answered pulled out of the australian open in january with a hip problem but he looked back to rezone self as he beat for the post driving straight say it's it levelled the tie at one one off to wool number four alexander event of beat and fitter. and that's all the sport for me i'll have another update for you again later on and that's the news out more in a moment. conservation
2:59 am
is helping kids to recover its snow leopard population to see the results i traveled up to the remote nature reserve of saudi chat at a touch camera traps have identified a healthy population of up to twenty snow leopards as the technology improves who
3:00 am
are finding all these ways in which our guesses are are getting corrected the latest evidence suggests their cats than previously acknowledged but the snow leopard trust believes it's premature to downgrade the cats on the international based of threatened species. stories of life. and spiration. a series of show documentaries from around the wilds. that celebrate the human spirit. against the arts. al-jazeera selects hunted.


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