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is repeating itself. on al-jazeera. the most memorable moment of al-jazeera was when i was on air as hosni mubarak fell with the crowds in tahrir square talking. as. if something happens anywhere in the world al-jazeera is in place we're able to cover news like no other news organizations. were able to do it properly. and that is our strength. this is really an attack on itself is a lot of misunderstanding of what free speech is supposed to be about the context of hugely important setting the stage for a serious debate on front at this time on al-jazeera.
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brazil's former president lula negotiates a surrender to the police after defying a deadline to start a prison sentence for corruption. hello and welcome i'm peter w. watching al jazeera live from our headquarters here in doha also coming up. israeli security forces killed eight palestinians during the second mass border protest in a week. the white house moves to end the so-called catch and release policy that allows freedom for undocumented immigrants whilst their wait a court date also ahead. here or. shouting for freedom but is anyone listening will visit refugees who've been locked up for years on an indonesian island.
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the former president of brazil. luis de silva house reportedly agreed to hand himself over to the police to begin his twelve year prison sentence for corruption the agreement came after the new law is widely known missed a deadline set by the investigating judge. reports now from sao paolo. who learn his many supporters defied the oath or it is for as long as they could hear the metal workers union headquarters in sao paolo he missed the deadline to hand him self into the authorities he and his supporters maintaining his innocence of the corruption charges leveled against him. here we are here we are with the world looking at us everyone is accompanying us closely closely monitoring the situation that threatens our democracy. but looters options have run out the legal team has exhausted all appeals he will attend the ceremony to mark the birthday of
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his late wife and more trouble for the southern city of. or a special jail cell awaits him to brazil is a country very much divided with many here believing that justice will only be done if his twelve year is one month sentence for the crimes of which he's been committed many others feel that he's the victim of a political prosecution to stop him running in presidential elections elections they fail he would almost certainly win. support for lula has also come from abroad from the left wing politicians in office across latin america what he led from two thousand and three to two thousand and. eight is an absurd trial that they have done to lula they have condemned him without any proof and the reality of what they're doing is outlawing the greatest political leader from being president. however many in brazil celebrating what they see is justice being done that even the once mighty must pay for their crimes what. i came. here just so i could see
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close up when these corrupt men lulac goes to prison guilty or innocent for him or against him the sight of lula being taken to prison is still one that will shake brazil the english when they're out to see it sell paolo. sonia shot is a political analyst and journalist specializing in lesson america she says despite facing jail time will continue to be a positive symbol for many brazilians what we are seeing now is divide that brazil and why because her brazil lawyer is a symbol he was setting he said gender like and trying to improve the life of the poor people it was a socially so janda but what happened he what he became a symbol in brasil not just money in brazil because he was her global fee you also but that is another symbol related to what i see and this is corruption too and in
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some ways seems that the justice in brazil they are trying to set their records three in say that the nobody is a ball they are low there are some people who are suspicious in saying that this is a political movement because lula da silva is a front runner. in the next her coming elections in october so he was a most likely to win the elections in brazil so if this is in this in this regard they are to proceed sions embassy and that's why we see what we we are seeing now all these protests and the all these her movements social movement and everybody is claiming. to be free. the israeli army has killed at least eight palestinian protesters and injured more than thirteen hundred in demonstrations along the gaza border with israel thirty people have died near the border since the
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protests began last friday the palestinian representative in washington as one that the situation in gaza is explosive and the region can't afford to wait for a new u.s. peace plan from gaza. has the story. the black spoke started early morning as gazan was dubbed as the friday after. and for a second week in a row they took to grievances right up to defend this by disraeli army warning that changes rules of engagement. mainly tear gas and live ammunition sending the protesters running for their lives. some of them had mirrors to blinder snipers positioned across the fence at least a hundred according to the army and many hurled stones sixteen year old mohammad was among them during the week he goes to school and on fridays during his weekend he comes to the border area. they fight us with advanced methods we have
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slingshots and we have stones but they have bombs we want to eat to drink to work but we have no life there is nothing for us here and angry at everything that anger is the main driving force behind these protests have mass and other political faction seeking to gain leverage and israel fearing the demonstrators will storm the fence throughout the year these last three hundred meters leading to the border fence are a no go area for gaza and now this fight the spreads made by israel that it will use exactly the same rules of engagement and it did on the first there the protests people came here and that is where most of the casualties happened. at times there was euphoria among the protesters but as they drew closer they were immediately pushed back. and the wailing sirens replaced the charts it's in the afternoon
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that the tensions were highest hundreds of casualties in just a few hours many here are refugees who were pushed out of their homes by new born israel back in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight going back is a dream passed on from generation to generation omar samad was kicked out from ny today known as ashkelon in southern israel she was a child then and now she's giving support to do you think fighting for her rights movement opportunities your mom can end up at him throughout the year the three hundred meters around the fence are a no go area for gazans despite the threat by israel that they would use the same rules of engagement as they did on the first day. people have continued to come here and this is where most of the casualties happen. straighted by didn't never ending blockade know that in the short term nothing will improve for them but by risking their lives at the fence they hope to refocus the world's attention on
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their plight as perpetual refugees. syrian state media is reporting government forces have launched a ground offensive in the last rebel held area of eastern guta at least forty people have been killed in the bombing of duma for the last rebel group jaish al islam is still holding out russia on the syrian government has been pushing for a deal with the group but so far it's refused to leave the conquest of duma would seal president bashar al assad's biggest victory over the rebels since twenty sixteen when it was all back christians in aleppo have been celebrating good friday at the greek orthodox church in the old city for the first time since twenty twelve parts of the structure badly damaged by years of fighting a still covered in plastic sheeting syria's christian community is one of the oldest in the world back to millennia. the u.s. is striking the russian president vladimir putin's inner circle with another round of sanctions the hit list includes seven of the country's most influential business
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men the white house says it's responding to an ongoing pattern of harmful behavior is our white house correspondent kimberly help it. for weeks relations between the united states and russia have been deteriorating but this time for russian president vladimir putin it's personal and friday the administration of u.s. president donald trump announced its third action in as many weeks against key allies of putin including his own son in law what we would like to see is the totality of the russian behavior change the new u.s. sanctions target thirty eight russian entities seven all of guards are named including putin's personal friend oleg deripaska he's the billionaire founder of em group the largest operator of siberian power plants dura pasta made headlines last year for his reported links to paul mann a ford former presidential campaign chair seventeen senior russian government officials and one state owned trading company have also been singled out the latest
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move comes in response to u.s. accusations russia meddled in the twenty sixteen us election its intervention in ukraine malicious cyber activity and its backing of syrian president bashar assad who the u.s. accuses of using chemical weapons against civilians the russian government calls the latest sanctions a mistake and has always denied meddling in any us affairs nobody has been tougher on russia than i have but it took months for trump to get tough on russia he was granted the power by the u.s. congress last summer. but waited until last month to impose sanctions the white house escalated its response weeks later joining nearly two dozen other countries expelling dozens of russian diplomats and closing a russian consulate in seattle the actions were a collective international response to the recent poisoning of
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a former russian spy and his daughter in britain still when asked this week if putin was a friend or foe trump replied we'll find out i'll let you know. i mean it will be a time when i'll let you know you know to find out very quickly the white house says despite the new sanctions against russia donald trump has invited vladimir putin for a meeting here in the united states time and date still to be determined kimberly helped at al-jazeera at the white house. there's been a lot more volatility on the world money markets as the trade fight between beijing and washington continues to rumble on china says it's prepared for what it calls a fierce counter strike that comes off to president trump threaten to slap an additional one hundred billion dollars worth of tariffs on chinese imports gabriel is on the now from new york. so is it a trade war or not for wall street on friday the answer to that question didn't matter it's close enough to being one between china and the united states was
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enough to send the dow tumbling yet again the third time this week that followed president trump's threat to escalate the dispute even further with an additional one hundred billion in tariffs against china on top of fifty billion already proposed china is angry it's made it clear it will fight the us at any cost and are not we feel the u.s. action is extremely unreasonable the u.s. is seriously misjudged the situation and taking an exceedingly wrong action the result of this kind of behavior is like picking up a piece of stone and smashing your own foot with it even if the threaten tariffs don't become reality the rhetoric has left a market volatility in its wake on friday at one point the dow dropped over seven hundred points the us president told a new york radio station the proposed tariffs could cause some pain but are needed to hold as we've already lost a trade war i'm not saying there won't be a little pain but the market's gone up forty percent forty two percent so we might
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lose a little bit of it but we're going to have a much stronger country want to a finish and that's. what i'm all about the trumpet ministration has various officials giving off different signals just on friday the director of the national economic council said this was not a trade war and there's still plenty of time to negotiate with china before the tariffs go into effect but on the very same day the treasury secretary said the tariff threat could lead to a trade war it's that kind of uncertainty that left the markets tumbling and the white house struggling to defend its actions we know that there could be some fluctuation but at the same time the president has said enough is enough china has to change this illegal and unfair practices. the markets are now closed for the week but nobody is clear where they or this trade dispute will lead gabriels onto
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york still to come here on al-jazeera. rar south africa's former president jacob zuma remains defiant after appearing in court on corruption charges plus. we have not lost control of the street so i can understand why some people are very worried at the moment london's police chief on the defensive amid a major spike in the city's murder rate. from a fresh coast to breeze. to watching the sunset on the australian outback. however the weather still remains a little disturbed across the levant and also through the middle east big area class stretching all the way from the gulf right up through wards that many stand and into his back is stopped cooler air coming in behind as
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a system makes its way through the twelve. some snow on the leading edge twenty five celsius for couples and shop showers any possibility with some thunder i still some lively showers there it's eastern parts of iraq western areas of iran but bright skies come back in behind by really getting up to twenty five celsius on saturday but a little cold as we go on through sunday but in a gentle subtly praise you know fairing too badly at all we'll see prices guys coming back into iran still some wetter weather over towards afghanistan maybe some western weather too just learning just joining up with that line of cloud which extends across into the arabian peninsula all the way down into the southern end of the red sea actually marty to see a few spots of rain here in qatar on saturday off a thirty two celsius temperatures similar values to go on through sunday and that little area making its way down towards a mob of for the most part it is going to be lousy dry cold slushy droughts here across south africa over the next day or so the showers continue further north some more big downpours for botswana all the way into tanzania. the weather sponsored by
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cattle race. the scene for us where on line what is american sign in yemen that peace is always possible but it never happens not because the situation is bad but because no one cares or if you join us on sat there are people that there are choosing between buying medication and eating this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist just posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories so far today the former brazilian president believes
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the nuffield is expected to hand itself into the police assume a saturday after missing an earlier deadline he's in a trade union building in south palo where supporters have been rallying outside has been ordered to start a jail sentence for corruption. the israeli army has killed at least eight palestinian protesters and injured more than thirteen hundred in demonstrations along the border with gaza thirty people have died near the border with israel since the protests began last friday. and the u.s. has impose new sanctions against some of president vladimir putin's key allies the target seven russian businessman and seventeen senior government officials the white house says the penalties are in response to what it calls moscow's puts damaging activities is seen as the most aggressive action that the trumpet ministration has taken against moscow. staying in the states mr trump is moving to end the practice known as catch and release and other policy. immigrants caught in
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the u.s. without proper documents to be released while their immigration cases play out in the courts trump is also asking the defense department for a list of military facilities where detained undocumented immigrants could be held for an expected increase in arrests once catch and release is gone alan fischer now from washington. donald trump has been talking about catch and release for a very long time in fact since the election campaign what is it well it is the policy of catching illegal immigrants as they come across the border undocumented migrants is another phrase that people use they're held by border patrol immigration officials their names are taken and then they're released until they get a date for their immigration hearing the donald trump has criticized this law in fact in a tweet just a couple of days ago he called it a dangerous liberal democratic war that he wanted to change and actually dates back to when george w. bush was in the white house but no donald trump has issued
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a memorandum to say there must be norm or catch and release now add that to the fact that the department of justice has sent out a memo on friday to see that they want a zero tolerance approach to illegal immigration law longer will people because of phone back across the border but they will face the full might of the american legal system for essentially breaking the law by crossing the border illegally and the fact that we know that the white house is sending a number of national guard troops to the border particularly because of this caravan that is heading through central america through mexico towards the border at the moment but generally to help with border security this is donald trump delivering on election promises to get tough on the border and get tough with the issue of illegal immigration. one of the top stories in europe today a surge in violent crime on the streets of london is putting pressure on political leaders and the police on thursday alone five stabbings took place in separate locations within
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a matter of hours earlier in the week two teenagers were shot while another was stabbed in the north east of the city the dramatic increase in murder has prompted london police and community leaders to hold an emergency meeting and put an extra two hundred officers on patrol we have not lost control of the street so i can understand why some people are very worried at the moment. particularly in some areas of london we've had some ghastly homicides as you know protection in the last few days including those really young people that is bound to be very frightened of the former serve korean president park geun hay is deciding whether to appeal against her twenty four year jail sentence she's been convicted of a ray of corruption charges a year after being forced from office over a scandal that triggered massive protests kathy novak reports from seoul. this is a scandal that has gripped south korea since twenty sixteen and the nation watched the climax live on television but pock in haiti boycotted the trial and wasn't in
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court to learn her fate but the court sentences the defendant puck and head to twenty four years in prison and fines her sixteen point eight million u.s. dollars. park was found guilty of sixteen of the eighteen charges including abuse of power coercion and of bribery and said to have taken millions of dollars from the country's biggest conglomerates in exchange for favors the corruption scandal sparked months of protests in central seoul culminating in parks impeachment was also found guilty of leaking sensitive information to her long time friend chess and she'll as president park allowed to dictate policy even though she had no official government role the pair was found to have conspired to extort millions of dollars from major companies including samsung in february chair was sentenced to twenty years in prison samsung's air and group leader j. wiley's was tried separately and convicted of bribing pock through payments to
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foundations check controlled he was sentenced in august to five years in prison then released on appeal. some of these protesters pointed to that ruling asking if lee was released why was park found guilty and been an angry reaction from outside the court from these supporters of poc and hey there are conservatives who dislike the current liberal president moon j.n. and their demanding parks release. they represent a generation a style just for the time when pox father park chung hee was president he was a military general who came to power in a coup and was eventually killed by an aide a traumatizing event for a young poc and hey. we will keep fighting until there is a new government in power i mean jane will not let her out. we need to fight injustice but the number of park supporters paled in comparison to the hundreds of thousands who regularly turned out for the candlelight protests president came to
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office on a liberal agenda promising to stamp out corruption in a statement his spokesman said they say history not remembered repeats itself we will not forget today kathy novak al jazeera sole photograph thousand kilometers away to south africa another former president facing court accused of corruption jacob zuma is up on sixteen charges including fraud and money laundering over an arms deal catherine soy has that story from durban. mean. this is a significant moment in south africa's history for the first time a former head of state is in the dock facing corruption charges jacob zuma looked subdued as a judge adjourned to the beginning of his trial to june to give lawyers time to prepare. for a journey through the eighth of june twenty eighth. outside the courtroom he supporters will ted when he came on stage he say the court proceedings had been
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politically instigated. probably in two thousand and five i was in this same court facing the same charges i've never heard of anyone having charges dropped then reinstated the judge dropped the case because it had been politicized. zoomers african national congress party has kept its distance unlike in his previous scandals but party members arrived at court dressed in a.n.c. regard despite warnings not to from party headquarters supporters. come from across this region. which is a stronghold of the former president they say they've. been. really five and that it was started by him till the very end. he's accused of receiving bribes to use his influence in the a.n.c. in favor of a french arms company and later to protect the company from investigations. this
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group in fighter jets filmed a few years ago were part of the deal some legal and political analyst say that the state has enough evidence to guarantee a conviction one must remember that is former financial adviser should be a shaikh was in fact convicted of corrupting him the state at that time showing four instances in which it said it could prove and did prove that zuma had circumvented his duties under the constitution by doing favors for shake and his business interests as a. the quince of being on what the state termed as a sort of corrupt retainer this is a matter that has divided south africans but many of them including zuma supporters say they are tired of waiting for so long for answers they hope they would have to wait many more years to get it no matter what that verdict is catherine saw al-jazeera on. a group of ring of muslims being violence in myanmar have been rescued by an indonesian fishing boat off the western coast of province five people
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were phone but the survivors say at least five others died hundreds of thousands of writing to have left me and more since last year. elsewhere refugees including children have been held for years at a detention center in indonesian borneo to step reports from balikpapan there's little chance they'll be freed any time soon. they have been shouting for freedom every day for the past eighty days but no one can hear them except for a few guards. these refugees are mostly ethnic us our who fled persecution in afghanistan now they are locked up on the island of borneo far away from the capital jack after the youngest. was detained when he was twelve now he's fourteen years old. it's been very difficult not only me but everyone is suffering from depression what once we tried to escape but one man fell from the high wall
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and broke his leg no one failed. indonesia has not signed the un convention for refugees but the government decided fifteen months ago that refugees should be given proper accommodation while waiting for resettlement. still more than one thousand refugees are locked up without a verdict or a release date most of them for more than four years of course we expected when we is scared from the. secure shon from the be here to inform the discrimination from our country we start a similar and we come and here we look for the safety not to mark behind. bars. the un commission for refugees the u.n. h.c.r. has recently told refugees in indonesia that their chances of resettlement are close to zero strangely i do united states and europe have all but closed their borders and not allowed to work or to go to school what's been happening inside
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this attention center is a cry for freedom far away from the public eye refugees locked up and treated as prisoners with no country willing to accept them there's more and more pressure on them to go back to the country they fled from in the first place. but unfortunate refugees in balikpapan have taken the offer of two thousand u.s. dollars from i.o.m. the international organisation for migration to return to afghanistan money provided by the australian government. those who understand that it might be best for them to go home we want to make it easy for them and we also want it's an incentive or it's could be seen as a center but it really is for something it's money for them to get started many of them have sold everything before they left the jets are going to go back to a country that's basically nothing well they they make that determination like most other refugees sixty year old russell that the sas returning to afghanistan is not
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an option and they're over there for they're the ones that are bomb blasts nearly every day only recently many people were killed in soccer we have nowhere else to go we sought shelter with the international organization for migration and the u.n. h.c.r. we have nowhere else to go. the indonesian government says it's urging the local government to provide accommodation sort of refugees can be released from detention but several groups and by the cop on what is sunni muslim popular. every fuse too except the mostly shiite refugees fear for religious conflict even the refugees to wonder who is willing to receive them and when for freedom will finally be heard. step fastened al-jazeera. news and background stories lots of analysis on the web site for you there is all the time for you al jazeera dot com is the address you need.
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welcome if you're just joining us you're watching al-jazeera live from these are your headlines the former brazilian president luis enough your little silver is expected to hand him self into the police as soon as saturday after missing an earlier deadline he's in the trades union building in sao paolo where supporters have been rallying outside has been ordered to stop the jail sentence for corruption from. there is he's properly known here his lawyers have been negotiating with the officials from the prosecuting guards and it does seem as though it's likely to hand him self in later on saturday he's won some kind of i think you could call it a humanitarian reprieve early on saturday morning the supporters holding a mass remembrance ceremony for the late wife but it's a let the who died in february of last year she was a very popular figure within those workers' party saluda with attended that
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ceremony and it does seem as if his lawyers have indicated he will then hand in self in the israeli army has killed at least eight palestinian protesters and injured more than thirteen hundred in demonstrations along the border with gaza thirty people have died close to the border with israel since the protests began last friday. syrian state media is reporting government forces have launched a ground offensive in the last rebel held area of eastern time at least forty people have been killed in the bombing of duma for the last rebel group jaish al islam is still holding out. the u.s.'s impose new sanctions against some of president vladimir putin's key allies the target seven russian businessmen and seventeen senior government officials the u.s. president donald trump is moving to end the practice known as catch and release immigrants caught in the u.s. without proper documentation to be freed while the immigration cases play out in the courts trump is also asking the defense department for
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a list of military facilities where detained undocumented immigrants could be held for an expected increase in a rest once catch and release is gone. british police a boosting their presence on the streets of london this weekend after a surgeon's knife crime offices have held an emergency meeting with community leaders on how to tackle the issue those are your headlines so far today up next talked to al jazeera i'll see you soon bye bye. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to. al-jazeera.


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