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over the states at the moment that's sinking its way south woods and will work its way towards the bahamas there as we head into sunday the system over the states that was certainly given a from rob that lively weather we've seen lots of it particularly over texas and louisiana you can see a bright white cloud heya we're going to see some more damaging winds and to richie heavy rain during the day today. the weather sponsored by qatar and greece. tracing the fall from prosperity to financial ruin this is precisely the movement where we humanized that nothing was first wealthy in greece the devastating impact to save the banks means also to save the deposits of in their recent visits and the failure to prevent disaster banks and political leaders are the people who needed to learn a lesson or gora from democracy to the markets on al-jazeera. this
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is al jazeera. hello i'm daryn jordan this is the al-jazeera news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes funerals are held in gaza for protesters shot dead by israeli forces. a show of support for brazil's former president lula who's ignored that arrest warrant to turn himself in to serve a prison sentence. we have not lost control of the streets of london deploys hundreds of extra police to its streets after a wave of violent crime plus. i'm wayne hay in a rebel held area of me and my where a cease fire agreement with government soldiers isn't holding and there is skepticism about a peace process that appears to have stalled in sport american patrick reid leads the haul for a mark of goals masters tanglewood survives the cut but i'm only just in his first
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appearance that augusto since twenty fifty. welcome to the program bereaved palestinian families are burying loved ones killed by israeli forces in the latest bloodshed at the border with gaza funeral processions have been taking place for the ten palestinians killed during protests soldiers have now killed thirty palestinians since the demonstrations against israeli occupation began last week thirteen hundred people have been injured by israeli gunfire one among those byrd is the palestinian journalist. he was shot in the stomach despite wearing a blue flak vest to the word press fourteen other journalists have been injured in the violence. well. i salute all. and priests who lost their lives in the same way those who have gone through the
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road of suffering in order to portray the reality for an oppressed people a frustrated people under siege in gaza and all across palestine but it's the image of dignity for a proud people a brave people straightforward people brave able to turn the table in the hardest of times. well who joins us now live now from a hospital in gaza harder so we know that the hospitals there are struggling to cope with just the sheer numbers of palestinians injured and killed in these clashes what more can you tell us well yes they are struggling and it's not just a short sheer number of ruined it is also the fact that they sort of all arrived in a very short span of time now the health authorities here in gaza have declared a state of emergency all the health system of they are lacking about absolutely everything in the running out of whatever is left now under normal circumstances
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you have to bear in mind that the health system already faces georges nearly forty five percent of drugs are missing a third of the equipment is missing that has become much worse than the world has organization says that it needs urgently these two million dollars worth of drugs and disposable to come into this trip as soon as possible now everything comes through the crossings and is monitored by israel however does cross that crossing has been closed for the past week because of the jewish holiday the past passover it should reopen tomorrow however people say every speak to say they are not expecting to get all what they can and they are actually appealing to the international community to put pressure on getting there and order just tell us a bit more about how the health system in gaza actually works. well the whole system in gaza actually depends on both the palestinian authority and israel the
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first step is that whatever is needed the list of what is needed is submitted to the palestinian authority in ramallah they are the ones that will purchase always this patch to goods once that is done they will have to ask israel for permission and to coordinate with israel for dad all these goods to come into the gaza strip is a very lengthy procedures they don't get all what they want and also we spoke to some medical staff here and they say it also depends on what is going on politically now certainly the problems between for the hand how mass will make that easy medical staff say here than lack of national reconciliation is having a direct impact not only on the health system but also on the patients because many of the patients need to go elsewhere to go elsewhere to get treatment specially those who are suffering incredible lose these days they either the have the choice
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of either going for example to the to the occupied west bank to the hospitals there that are better equipped or they can try to cross through the of rafah border crossing with egypt and that is further complicated because of all these checkpoints because of the closure of the gaza strip is a very complicated situation and the medical staff is very worried because we're just in week two of this six weeks long protest that is going to last until may fifteenth all right ahead of the army then gaza hala thank you. well let's talk to ben wyatt she's a journalist with the middle east monitor and author of the book palestinians in israel segregation discrimination and democracy he joins us now from london ben why the journalist who was shot and killed yesterday yes a mortar gear was a well known palestinian figure he was apparently wearing a blue flak jacket clearly marked with the words press how the israelis lied to justify his death then. you know what it means as of now it's been more or less
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twenty four hours since the us that was shot by an israeli soldier and the israeli military still hasn't come out with an official statement which suggests that they're struggling to come up with a justification or explanation that they think is fit for international consumption i mean this there's two possibilities are number one he was shot deliberately and we should remember of course that last saturday the israeli army spokesperson the i.d.f. spokesperson on twitter tweeted and then subsequently deleted a claim that the army all the shots fired by the army were accurate and they knew where every bullet landed and as you pointed out yes there was shots clearly identified as press at least one hundred i've seen some estimates of three hundred meters away from the perimeter fence of the gaza strip so one possibility is that he was shot deliberately and we should remember and viewers should remember that the israeli army routinely targets palestinian journalists for arrest detention closes down radio studios in the context the gaza strip on previous occasions has
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bombed media outlets and is justified these kinds of policies and attacks in terms of targeting quote unquote incitement to terrorist media because the other possibility is that yes it was shot accidentally in terms of him not being the intended target of that specific soldier's bullet but then that completely undermines the israeli army's talking points with the last eight days of bloodshed and as you say it's going to be just to finish that point you know as yeah yeah i mean it's going to say this this would be the first time as you say that israeli forces have shot and killed journalists as they haven't been any accountability for these deaths. right now exactly so i think i was just about to say was that you know if it was an accident as it were then the army is firing admitting that it's firing live ammunition into unarmed civilian protesters without knowing who it's now as you point out or as you asked about the question of impunity or accountability i think one of. the main reasons why we've seen so many on on
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palestinian civilian protesters killed and maimed over the last eight days is because there is systematic impunity in the israeli military israeli soldiers who sadly abundant i believe routinely shoot palestinian civilians in both york by the west bank and the gaza strip do not face consequences for their actions and together with open fire regulations that human rights groups like human rights watch and amnesty international have all condemned as illegal with respect to international law the combination of those very loose and illegal open fire regulations plus a culture of systematic impunity means that you have trigger happy soldiers who know they will not face consequences and not just trigger happy soldiers israeli soldiers who are following orders from political officials and from military officials remember that at the end of yesterday senior israeli military figures and they proudly tweeted about this too said they were happy with the conduct of the soldiers of the soldiers on the gaza strip or into things yesterday that was off the nine civilians have been killed including us or ben white thank you for talking
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to al jazeera now while the demonstrations in gaza are inspiring more people to protest it's also reminding palestinians of previous struggles reports from the occupied west bank in gaza palestinian demonstrators did what they could to frustrate israeli security forces. burning tires to obscure the view of soldiers using mirrors in an attempt to blind snipers tactics that reminded many of an earlier era of resistance and i'm so proud of the fact that now. groups including hamas jihad felt that everybody i don't think this approach of peaceful nonviolent resistance which has proven to be the most effective way of dealing with patients with dealing with it is that a little bit i should of the palestinian people and this definitively brings us back to thirty principles. said for the lion said for going to sion and defiance of . these exactly where the three principles that govern the feds. and that led to
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changing the balance of power. in the first intifada which began in december one thousand nine hundred seven marked the first time that palestinians from all parts of society began such an intense resistance to israeli occupation. in the beginning boys threw rocks and people marched later fighters began attacking israeli soldiers and military targets it ended in one thousand nine hundred three and by the time it was over more than one thousand one hundred people had died tires were also burned in the occupied west bank just outside the illegal israeli settlement of beit del where a small crowd of palestinian protesters gathered throughout the day it was a game of cat and mouse that has become almost a regular occurrence on fridays after prayer incoming tear gas from israeli security forces would force them to run only to return a short time later hurling rocks despite calls by palestinian political factions
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for residents of the occupied west bank to come out and protest today attendance at the demonstrations was relatively low which really underscores a growing like a faith and palestinian political leadership activists say palestinian officials need more than ever to build trust one of the main things is just like to show them our old men honestly away from the situation to to executive people what are we can go out of the situation to see to people who want to see an end to twenty five years of useless. but hectic negotiations that has been in the dust of the situation while officials may be disappointed at the dearth of demonstrators outside gaza they also feel their message this time will resonate with the international community what helps us a lot is the social media that ability of young palestinians through social media and put on summit to the world. actually. objectivity ality on the ground the fact that israel is a ruthlessly shooting civilians shooting peaceful demonstrate that this is
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unacceptable the expectations are high the great march of return will inspire more unity for the moment at least there is a small semblance of hope that seems to be rising above the usual political divisions mohammed atta and a mullah in the occupied west bank. dozens of civilians including children have been killed in the syrian government as strikes on the rebel held city of duma the raids ended a ceasefire last of almost two weeks the government defended the attack saying it was in response to rebels killing civilians in neighboring damascus. the skies over doomer had been quiet for two weeks until friday residents counted more than fifty airstrikes and say twenty barrel bombs were dropped on the city. it continued through dusk and into saturday. syrian state you said the assault was in retaliation for jaish al islam or the army of islam shelling residential
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areas of neighboring damascus it said four civilians were killed and twenty two injured josh i'll islam tonight the attack. the german duma is clearly visible syrian civil defense the white house descended on the rubble dodging the airstrikes. they risk you dozens of people this man was found under what was left of his heart. after the air attack tanks came down the road syrian soldiers tightening their grip on one of the last rebel strongholds in the country this is the most important the biggest city in the area and by capturing it actually they would be just finishing off all of the presence of the opposition in this i mean very important strategic area surrounding damascus a defined judicial islam posted this photo after the u.s.
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strikes began the caption a commander and officer reinforce the city fronts of duma but the rebels territory is shrinking and the death toll climbing a deal between gestural islam the russians and syrians have seen three waves of evacuations with more than four thousand fighters and their families leaving the city. a fourth convoy was meant to leave on thursday but neva did. many doctors and nurses have already left for those people pulled out of the rubble now treatment is becoming even more difficult to find challenge balance out to zero. loss muscle ahead here on the news hour including malaysians prepare for an early election with the prime minister facing a challenge from his former mentor. and it's like him dispute over the ocean his wealth causes waves between senegal and mauritania. and in sport toronto become the team to beat in the east ahead of the playoffs for the world's top basketball.
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not brazil's former president lula da silva is expected to hunt himself over to police in the next few hours but first he's attending a mass in sao paolo hundreds of supporters are joining him there he's then lucky to surrender to begin a twelve year jail term for corruption luna was supposed to him self in on friday when it still to daniel the event and joins us live daniel so just bring us up to date with the latest where you are there at the last. line in sound but now though it's a town. outside of south powell all of this building behind me is the metal workers union headquarters very much the heartland of his ways workers party he's in that building waiting for the mass to begin the masses in commemoration of his wife who died last year today would have been had sixty a birthday she was a very popular figure out within the workers party and that crossed brazil he's
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been negotiating you know like you mentioned he should have turned himself in yesterday and since been negotiating in that building with official word from the prosecutor's all base about the terms of the surrender they will then when that happens take him down to the southern city of port a kiba that. where the arrest warrant was issued. the special specially prepared jail cell is waiting for him such as the twelve years i was in prison on corruption charges. to learn his many supporters defied the oath or it is for as long as they could hear the metal workers union headquarters in sao paolo he missed the deadline to hand him self into the authorities he and his supporters maintaining his innocence of the corruption charges leveled against him. here we are here we are with the world looking at us everyone is accompanying us closely closely monitoring the
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situation that threatens our democracy. but lose options of run outs his legal team is exhausted all appeals he will attend the ceremony the birthday of his late wife and more trouble for the southern city of. the special jail cell awaits him to brazil is a country very much divided with many here believing that justice will only be done if his twelve year is a one month sentence many of those feel that he's the victim of a political prosecution to stop him running in october's presidential elections elections they fail he would almost certainly win. support for lula has also come from abroad from the left wing politicians in office across latin america what he led in two thousand and three to two thousand and. eight is an absurd trial that they have done to lula they have condemned him without any proof and the reality of what they're doing is outlawing the greatest political leader from being president
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. however many in brazil celebrating what they see is justice being done that even the once mighty must pay for their crimes. i came here just so i could see close up when these corrupt men lulac goes to prison. guilty or innocent for him or against him the sight of lula being taken to prison is still one that will shake brazil. you can see there's a few hundred people behind me outside the metalworkers said paul wood says that this was a president when he saw from two thousand and three to two thousand and ten he used to attract crowds of hundreds of thousands of people across brazil was an icon of the political left right across latin america there's been very little reaction to this arrest of the muted isolated incidents around the country they don't see but the brazilians. disillusioned with all the politicians right across the political
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spectrum who have been involved in these massive corruption scandals that have swept up until in the last couple of years lou that many people now see as just another victim of the corruption investigation the car what scandal if it's done here so he is off to prison fairly shortly in a circumstance like that he was hoping call or he was expecting the president is one of them daniel thank you. the former president of spain's consul only a region says he hopes to return to belgium as soon as legal proceedings in germany are over on friday was freed on bail when a german court refused to extradite him to spain he's wanted for organizing last year's secession referendum which spain says was illegal when it came as more from berlin. on his first full day of freedom since leaving incarceration in a northern german prison it was here in berlin that card is preached the man chose to speak to the world's media in a news conference in which he discussed his own personal case but also the crisis
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in catalonia in spain and how he feels it can be resolved touching on the themes of european democracy how important it is and also about how the needs in the desires of the cattle and people needs to be taken in mind i managed government to respect democracy and international treaties this will be a sign of respect for what russian a way to initiate a new era of then a lot. of he electoral results earlier in the nation on either leap made. by basing himself currently in berlin mr pushed him or is sending the message about he how he believes as a politician that he should be treated that this is a situation a political situation that needs political resolution but let's be clear about this
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the threat of extradition still hangs over his head not on the charges of rebellion the charge of rebellion that a german court has ruled does not have an equivalent in germany so he can't be extradited for that but the charge of embezzle amount of the funds it took to finance that referendum the spanish believe was unconstitutional all that potential charge is something he could still be extradited upon that is something we will see much more discussed in the days weeks and months to come russia's foreign ministry is promising to respond firmly to a new u.s. sanctions targeting president vladimir putin's inner circle the white house says the sanctions are a sponsor to hostile actions our white house correspondent can be held at reports. for weeks relations between the united states and russia have been deteriorating but this time for russian president vladimir putin it's personal and friday the administration of u.s. president donald trump announced its third action in as many weeks against key
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allies of putin including his own son in law what we would like to see is the totality of the russian behavior change the new u.s. sanctions target thirty eight russian entities seven all of guards are named including putin's personal friend oleg deripaska he's the billionaire founder of em group the largest operator of siberian power plants dura pasta made headlines last year for his reported links to paul mann afford trumps former presidential campaign chair seventeen senior russian government officials and one state owned trading company have also been singled out the latest move comes in response to u.s. accusations russia meddled in the twenty sixteen us election its intervention in ukraine malicious cyber activity and its backing of syrian president bashar assad who the u.s. accuses of using chemical weapons against civilians the russian government calls the latest sanctions a mistake and has always denied meddling in any us affairs nobody has been tougher
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on russia than i have but it took months for trying to get tough on russia he was granted the power by the u.s. congress last summer. but waited until last month to impose sanctions the white house as collated its response weeks later joining nearly two dozen other countries expelling dozens of russian diplomats and closing a russian consulate in seattle the actions were a collective international response to the recent poisoning of a former russian spy and his daughter in britain still when asked this week if putin was a friend or foe trump replied we'll find out i'll let you know. i mean it will be a time when i'll let you know you know to find out very quickly the white house says despite the new sanctions against russia donald trump has invited vladimir putin for a meeting here in the united states time and date still to be determined kimberly
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help hit al-jazeera at the white house at least fourteen people have died when a truck collided with a bus carrying a canadian youth ice hockey team the humboldt broncos are traveling between towns in scotland for a game twenty eight people on the bus canada's prime minister justin trudeau has paid tribute to the victims. relations problem and has officially dissolved paving the way for a general election within sixty days set to be a contentious fight between brahmanism. and his former mentor mahathir mohamad has been plagued by corruption allegations his party's been in power now sixty years as more from. all across the board this is becoming a familiar sight flags of the ruling coalition nearness bars on but it seems that support in the last few years it lost its two thirds majority in two thousand and eight and in two thousand and thirteen the popular vote for the first time this is
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the first election since news of a corruption scandal surrounding state investment fund one m d b broke more than four and a half billion dollars has allegedly been siphoned from the fund such a broad prime minister. has denied any wrongdoing and malaysian investigations have not found any evidence of impropriety challenging his former mentor and former prime minister mahathir mohamad the ninety two year old was angered by the scandal he's returned to politics and sets up a new party opposition politicians say the odds on fairly stacked against them the government has changed electoral boundaries it's into the used a new and fake news law and not this opposition party has been banned for thirty days elections have to be held within the next sixty days but they're widely expected to be held soon. all the time for the weather now history we've had some really active weather in the states daryn let's take a look at exactly what's been happening man has that area of cloud has been working its way across us it's been giving us some very heavy downpours i will so some very
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strong winds and we've even seen the tornado as well these pictures of her in texas showing the rain is absolutely hammered down there but as well as wet weather we also saw a lot of hail and the hail stones in some places were as large as gold bull so i really quite large these ones because little bit smaller we. i saw a number of tornadoes as well those were in texas through alabama and into mississippi and the whole system is now sweeping its way towards the east this is the region where there is the greatest risk of seeing some severe thunderstorms during the day today so from florida through georgia and up through the carolinas that's the big risk area for the day so here's that area of what weather then and ahead of it it is really quite warm dallas got to thirty degrees and then as the system swept through just a few hours later we drop down to twenty and then a few hours after that we were down to twelve so it's bringing a real change in the temperature as well to miami still in the warm air then twenty nine degrees but behind it a lot cooler dallas only
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a eleven of the maximum that gives you an idea of just how cold this cold front is sweeping through then by the time we get to sunday lunch time most of us are in the cool but find air here's the next system though and that's what is going to be bringing quite a bit of snow daryn. so thank you for that still ahead here now jazeera. imam hayward's unless the share follows the facing uncertain times because of threats that. sport a milestone for women's football in the middle east details with andy coming up a little later i'll just. what makes this moment this era we're living through so unique this is really an attack on itself is a lot of misunderstanding a distortion of what free speech is supposed to be about the context it's hugely important. to publish it. to be offensive or provoke the thought of it as people do
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. setting the stage for a serious debate. up front at this time on al-jazeera. when the news breaks. on the mailman city and the story builds to be forced to leave the room just. when people need to be heard to women and girls are being bought and given away in refugee camps al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you the winning documentaries and live news on al-jazeera i got to commend you all i'm hearing is good journalism. and.
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welcome back a quick reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera funerals are taking place in gaza for ten palestinians killed in protests against israeli occupation israeli forces have killed of these thirty. the protesters since last week one of those was the journalist. after two weeks ceasefire the syrian government has conducted more than fifty air strikes in the city of duma it's the last remaining rebel held area and he's into at least forty civilians have been killed. and brazil's former president lula da silva is expected to hand in self over to police in a few hours to begin a twelve year jail term for corruption but first he'll attend a mass with supporters in sao paolo to honor his late wife. now rebel groups in manama threatening to walk away from peace talks with the government saying they're frustrated by a lack of progress fighting with the military has kept the country in an almost constant state of conflict for decades but there are
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a camera him just solidarity army emerging twenty sixteen when it attacked police outposts in rakhine state they say they're fighting on behalf of the muslim or hindu minority further north as the chin independence army have been fighting the government for control of the region and its resources another front lies to the east where the main man nationality is democratic alliance army is defending the kokang ethnic group and confronting what it calls government oppression and then there's the karen national liberation army has been fighting since one thousand nine hundred forty nine for the independence of myanmar second largest ethnic group when he reports now from rebel held territory by karen rebels. for almost seventy years fighters from the korean national liberation army have been taking up arms against the government they want self-determination for the people of careen state most of which is controlled by the rebel group the government says it wants peace in the ethnic minority areas but in the remote villages of korean state rebel
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fighters aren't so sure. we worry about fighting on happening again at any moment so we have to keep our soldiers prepared how can we trust me and large government and military everyone in the world knows about them and even their own citizens can't trust them one of the main problems is that the government led by state council our own son suchi doesn't have control over its own military the army ran the country for almost fifty years and is still the most powerful body in me and mob the relationship between the civilian government and the military is not good a source connected to the army has told al jazeera that has to be resolved before peace talks with rebels can make progress so far the myanmar government has held two peace conferences with rebel groups there's also a so-called nationwide cease fire agreement in place so-called because there are still many groups that haven't signed that deal among those that have these guys the qur'an national liberation army and yet fighting continues as this footage shot
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by a korean fighter last month shows the cease fire agreement isn't holding. as always it's civilians who suffer the most with almost one hundred thousand refugees living in camps across the border in thailand. we want to go home but we don't dare because the ceasefire agreement hasn't brought peace we cannot trust the seas are. in the meantime soldiers in rebel areas a holding their ground like they have for decades the most experienced fighters never believed the armed struggle would still be going but. we have fought against them for so many years so we know that myanmar will not give us equality easily not only the karen but other ethnicities too so we have to fight for our rights but if we cannot make peace in our time it will be up to the next generation. for rebel armies disbanding permanently seems a long way off as many in this divided country continue to head in different
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directions when hey al-jazeera korean state me and my. now japan has deployed its first marine unit since world war two the two thousand strong arm fifty s rapid deployment brigade will defend the country's remote islands along the east china sea it's meant to counter possible attacks from china which is outpacing japan in its defense spending. donald trump has signed a memorandum telling agencies to end the practice known as catch and release the policy allows immigrants caught in the u.s. without proper documents to be released while their immigration cases play out in the courts or not trump is asking the defense department from listed military facilities where the undocumented immigrants can be held. colombia has started to register all of the venezuelans and to the country without documents the u.n. is helping with the ambitious project it's hope it will help the massive number of people who fled venezuela's economic crisis from picher reports from the border
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town of kuta. catulus and his family have been living in colombia for three months illegally a lack of medicine and food for their three year old daughter rosie left him no choice but to leave venezuela when they heard the colombian government was registering migrants in the country without the threat of death or taishan they wanted to be first in line. but we saw it as an opportunity hoping it will bring us benefit in the future they asked for all their personal information and about her health condition and of the baby in particular massive numbers of desperate venezuelans have arrived in the past year. he say they could number more than half a million but there's no exact figure that's why it launched the registration look at the name of just give me the money them so much if you want to know how many migrants there are and in what condition so we can measure what services we can offer and estimate costs because it's very expensive the basics are health and education services so the colombian government has set up more than five hundred
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registration points like this one across the country they will operate for the next two months this is a major humanitarian emergency especially for a country that has never before had to deal with such a massive influx of migrants the united nations is assisting in says colombia can't be left alone to deal with the. exodus now you've got the arrival of the venezuelan population is a regional issue it's not only colombian so it's time to start a more coordinated effort across latin america and hopefully this can be the first step colombian police and soldiers have been deployed to support the effort. those being counted include mothers with small children some of the women are pregnant with no money for a room many sleep on the street you know i don't you know we are all just here hoping to work to help ourselves and those back home hopefully this will help
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formalize your situation i'm pregnant she's got five children they're all hungry and cold at night the colombian government has made it more difficult for venezuelans to cross the border but we know when the insight to the troubles in the country faming the flow is just one challenge for these and the people caught up in the crisis alison there. are. hundreds of extra police officers will be on patrol in the streets of london this weekend to cope with a rise in violent crime there's been a dramatic increase in the number of murders in the capital more than fifty said father see it for the first time ever the murder rate in london was higher than new york for the month of february and march we have not lost control of the street so i can understand why some people are very worried at the moment. and particularly in some areas of london we've had some ghastly homicides as you know i've taken in the last few days including those and really young people that is bound to be very
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frightened. let's talk to us on a gun talk is a professor of criminology at the university of east london and joins us live now this isn't the first time we've seen a spike in london crime but why has this week receive so much attention in the media do you think. i think because the think the propensity over to the intensity it's really increased because of social media and i think these young people are putting things on line and i think they almost getting a great deal of satisfaction from their own notoriety the media attention as well and london's police commissioner says her officers have not lost control of the streets but what is behind this level of violence and murders is it gang related or drugs or something else. i think it is a combination of things i think the police have basically taken that i have to pull alongside the government national government they have been focusing on chasing gangs for the past seven or eight years where this violence can be very petty can
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be very trivial and it's not necessarily linked to gangs these young people who decide they want to take the law into their own hands over very minor dispute sometimes and the mayor of london so he can has been conspicuously quiet in recent days but he's now pushing for targeted stop and searches by the police i mean this is a very controversial act in london isn't it. it's very controversial very counterproductive and in fact because of stop and search why young people feel the need to protect themselves with knives in the first place and guns because they don't have any faith in the police because the police have used this tactic disproportionately and unfairly on many different underdeveloped years so it's not going to work it's not helpful it's going backwards i believe so let's just go back to this plan meant to put an extra three hundred police on the streets of london this weekend is that too little too late or will it make any difference. this is not a policing issue you know this is about how public health issue about violent crime
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not just about got a knife on it but also domestic violence sexual violence england is going through a serious spike in violent crime we've seen burglars who ended up and dying because of a knife incident you know not related of course domestic violence people you know every day are been victims of domestic violence so we need to get a handle on this and say as a society what are we doing to say we need to do health services education about ensuring that our that people do not take the law into their own hands over to petty disputes i think the real main issue for me because i'm going to thank you very much for talking to al jazeera. you're welcome now farmers in the u.k. are worried about how they will make money once britain leaves the european union next year well they rely on tens of thousands of workers from abroad and billions of dollars from the e.u. to keep up production and the hayward has more from leicestershire. after
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months of early starts and late finishes on the farm getting the right price at market is everything profit margins a tight so every dollar counts. steeped in tradition melton mowbray has one of britain's oldest livestock markets what matters here is what the future may hold after. the concern is where we're going to take a page in terms of income. continent . that's going to continue. to grow anything any good. for more than forty is the way britain been shaped by brussels when it leaves the european union it's inevitable the way the form of operate will have to change brics it means an end to the billion dollars british farmers receive in a few subsidies membership of the common agricultural policy and leaving the single
4:42 pm
market which allows the free movement of people and parties. in lincolnshire there's a break in the weather allowing wratislaw probable garia to plant strawberries every year eighty thousand seasonal workers are needed in the u.k. to harvest pruett plows and vegetables seventy five percent come from romania and bulgaria the rest are largely from other parts of the e.u. for our business and many businesses like ours if we can't have access to a labor force. that is generally from from eastern european we will stop growing so fruit. we wouldn't have the stuff to carry out the picking and packing the u.k. government says it's determined to get the best deal for the food and farming industries subsidies will be replaced by a different payment system the promise leaders say that after years of red tape bricks it could provide an opportunity we need to have
4:43 pm
a policy which the government is committed to do which reduces sustainable. profitable farming. high productivity fantastic animal welfare and great environmental benefits if that's possible to do that and that's what we want to see happen back at the market. or on the next blocks many here are hoping changes to the political landscape will healed good results and the heywood al-jazeera to share. disputes over fishing territories attain senegal and mauritania threatening plans to exploit a giant offshore gas field the mauritanian coast guard shot and killed a senegalese fisherman and this is led to violent retaliation on shore reports in the city a sound. appearances can sometimes be deceiving mauritanian shop keepers of the foul. brahim in the med they put a friendly smile when a customer walks in but they fear being attacked again. for my own customers
4:44 pm
who are trying to kill me they stole goods and destroyed the shops some of them i've known them since they were children they were so angry this is mobile phone footage of the attack in february a crowd of senegalese fishermen gather around more italian owned businesses. they chant arabs out go home you don't belong here they're protesting the killing of five to enjoy the sun father he was shot dead by morton in coastguards they say he was fishing in mauritania waters. coming on who i want justice and someone needs to pay for the death of my son this is how the fisherman delivered justice for father's death. the shopkeepers called the police station across the street for help to take them an hour to show up the damage is already done. we go out to sea to meet the men behind the attack. were somewhere between senegalese in mauritania
4:45 pm
territorial waters who finally find them when they've been out all night their catch is bigger. we have to go further ranch to find fish but the mauritanians are putting pressure on us if they find us they control our boats sometimes they steal our catch we don't trust them the more tin coast guard shoot on sight fishermen caught in their territory dozens of fishermen have been killed hundreds arrested and their haul seized in these boarding waters mauritanians illegal have still not found an agreement over fishing rights. just noticed. in the distance they say it's menacing. just about a fishing dispute it's about who controls the waters and the precious resources that. the largest field ever found in west africa was discovered here last year it contains over fifty trillion cubic feet of resource potential sufficient for thirty to fifty years of production both countries have agreed to share their resources
4:46 pm
politicians promise this new wealth will bring the communities together but with no fishing agreement in sight and growing resentment towards mauritanians in sao louis the fight over the oceans well is for an hour or so in distress after five generations of shopkeeping in salary mauritanians no longer feel welcome nicholas hawke al-jazeera salary. when we come back the star leads to the return of two ancient jews. and in support japanese stars living up to his billing in major league baseball and they will be here with all that stay with us here not just.
4:47 pm
the federal. white supremacy is on the rise in the u.s. and its adversaries to the beaching their war drums. faultlines investigates the anti fascists using force against intolerance. this is and to from on al-jazeera. non-violence does attempt to appeal to the more conscience of them is now the jury's still out. if the nation has won.
4:48 pm
welcome back not to mention statues that were stolen from the pole thirty years ago have been returned to kathmandu they're on display at new york's metropolitan museum of art until historian sounded the alarm from katmandu sabina shuster reports. in case one is busy streets it's not on you to find archaeological wonders this is donna haiti at age shouldn't waterspout statues of gods and goddesses decorated but many a replica of the statue of mine showed which was here still comes from ours says secure in trust to hope it is the site to turn its own research into the hindu gods shivah and his wife was stolen by the early one nine hundred eighty s. a bit of a placement was put here for devotional purposes these are gods and goddesses and they're living it when suddenly they get lifted and taken away what is tragic is
4:49 pm
that it's not only a stealth from museum it's stealth from a living museum style from a living culture many of these statues are several hundred years old but most are not secured even one hundred sixty seventy's and eighty's thousands of statues and other heritage items were stolen from gotten undervalue many of them are in museums in the west most of them never make their way back home but almost sure a statue which was with the new york's metropolitan museum of art has found its way back to the museum discovered an eleventh century statue of buddha had also been stolen. we were also in a standing order as a gift. of two thousand and fifteen. in reviewing the offer of gift ideas that went back and looked at the bangles and currently seminal publication and discover the work was published as having as having stolen in the summer to in the mid
4:50 pm
nineteen eighties and in the course of that investigation also discovered them of a house for that which was living in our storage room in the bin in the museum for thirty years. all of those had the same the same history i refused to register it for the collection but rather suggested that appeared initiate a conversation with the governor of nepal about its return here the return statues were unveiled at nepal support meant of archaeology museums i didn't know a legal obligation to return cultural artifacts but your quest for repatch nation can be made if there is proof that they were stolen. vehicles we don't know how many of our statues are scattered around the world we have records of some of them and we'll try to get them back through the interpol the statues of buddha and she even parvathy will be displayed at the national museum and that might do but some community elders from jungle haiti want to see she van is by back on the street where they used to be before they were snatched and taken to the united states
4:51 pm
al-jazeera kathmandu. all right before we bring you the sport with and let's show you some live pictures now coming out of south paolo brazil's for president lula da silva next to him is another former president dilma rousseff is expected to hundred self over to the police in a few hours time to begin a twelve year jail term for corruption but first he's attending a mass with his supporters to honor his late wife who died last year so live pictures there coming from sao paolo. all right all the sport andy thank you so much daryn well the early game in the english premier league is just finished little paul unable to hit the heights that saw them beat manchester city three nil in the champions league on wednesday and nil nil draw with everton a much changed same for liverpool for that game they stay third in the table efforts and our ninth man see they do have a chance to wrap up the title later on city taking on local rivals united in the manchester darby to hit back after that european defeat seal of approval
4:52 pm
a win would see city becoming the first premier league team in history to secure the title with six games remaining. go through to the champion of course that turns the going to go to the believe it doesn't matter so because we don't prefer the season to think we're going to wind up early tonight he's going home so so the situation is what it is it just for good when we have to do to win the game. six games about to kick off in england spurs struck a harry came back in the starting line for the first time since early march off to his comeback from injury forced by stalking them there why it stuck now the middle east is hosting the women's asian cup for the first time the ten team tournament kicks off in jordan on friday and despite a loss to the philippines in the opening gang the host nation is aiming to consolidate its reputation as a supporter of the women's game in tough economic reports nine months of intense
4:53 pm
pain reports nine months of intense training and years of building a foundation for women's football in jordan the jordanian team is now carrying the dreams of generations of future players as they compete for a chance to win the asian women's cup and to attain the real goal to play in the women's world cup next year jordan is the only team in the middle east competing at something citing and solely something about to be women's and guys are getting more opportunities to play more pretty music express themselves and what they want to do in life. natasha now bear will be in the stands cheering on her sister and her teammates she says she'll also be daydreaming about qualifying for the national team and getting her shot to compete in a world cup one day. it's like you're fighting for for something you love i think it's the best. think i've ever felt such as my heart that people say the
4:54 pm
promotion of women's football can be traced back to prince ali the president of the jordan football association private schools are now offering girls the opportunity to play football there's a club system to develop talent and the country is hosting international tournaments. to do to move to cuba with these events are a big motivator for them they game is floating and more girls are becoming interested in this game going to be part of the teams have to do the watch games in the stadiums but negative attitudes about women playing football are said just not only jordan but in a shot just twenty four of just forty six teams even attempted to qualify for the women's division half of those countries signed up for the rights to televise. now bear says no matter what people think playing football has transformed her i started to. take responsibilities for myself and to be determined more and to
4:55 pm
reach my goal and of course. it changed me a lot only a small number will ever compete at the highest level but empowering girls and women with the freedom and choice to play the game may be the greatest benefit football brings to jordan natasha guinea al-jazeera a man american patrick gray deletes the hoff and mark of the year's first golf major the master as well tiger woods hit trouble but he will play in the final two rounds of the tournament at least home when reports. this isn't how tiger woods quieten vision to his first appearance at ogata since twenty fifteen. the fourteen time major winner hit three bogeys to double bogey in a poor second round of seventy five still a plus four it was just enough to make the cut but it was a t.
4:56 pm
i just hit it off miers said i. didn't control the distance what shape spins little office off on the bad spots. defending champion sergio garcia definitely won't be featuring on the way candle gusta he finished on fifteen or is only two golfers in the entire field performed was. former world number one rory mcilroy briefly shared the lead foot so other good opportunities slip him by the northern irishman is five shots off the pace at four on to palm. off. you know being up there on the lead going into the weekend it's a good position to be in. but i think i'm just more i'm i'm happier with with i have felt. certain things and i my thought process has been that's that's been a pleasing thing. australia's marc leishman was the big mover of the day for
4:57 pm
birdies followed by these eagle on the fifteenth saw him finish with a round of sixty seven. least mn six seconds behind american patrick raids reproduced a supposed six hundred second round. and will head into moving day it'll go with a two stroke advantage. release holeman al-jazeera. ferrari's commuter i can and has gone quickest in final practice out of the bahrain grand prix while there were more problems for defending f one champion lewis hamilton hamilton set to start sunday's race with a five place grid penalty because his mercedes needs you gave books he was for fastest behind rockin in on the red bulls of max for stephanie and danny ricardo are. the true the raptors have become eastern conference champions for the first time in the n.b.a.
4:58 pm
they beat the indiana pacers ninety two seventy three the win was toronto's fifty seventh of the season the raptors will have home court advantage now for the duration of the conference playoffs they host orlando on sunday in their last regular season home game. and japanese star shohei autonomy has hit a home run for the third straight game in major league baseball are tani's just a week into his career the los angeles angels he's been compared already to the legendary baseball player babe ruth because of his abilities to both pitch and balance the angels beating the oakland a's thirteen nine in this one ok more sports the other day that is it for now thank you but that's it for me for this news hour but i'll be back in a moment with more of the day's news that's sort of stable out there by the. thank you so fish you know there champ you know i'm going to know until two
4:59 pm
thousand and. two receptions is in which is me about are there the fans read the koran i'm not talking a bunch of growth process and one dream dashed by sectarian attacks with and stopped being about sports and the game pure politics zero world looks back at the license of. basketball time out. until now the coverage of latin america most of the world was about covering khuda taz tragedies quakes and that was it but not how people feel how they look how they think and that's what we do we go anyway five and a half months of demanding it when education system that was introduced. in latin america as a zero has come to fill a void that needed to be filled. winning the will of the people hinges
5:00 pm
on the mass media state p.r. machine it's going to overdrive. but just who is influencing moved. we just don't know yet where the lines will be drawn between what can be said and what constitutes that. some journalists decided to sacrifice their integrity for outside the polling the media opinion the listening post but based time on al-jazeera in a country with high youth unemployment one organization helps turn school children into entrepreneurs walk on tell us what i mean by the word fundraising empowering them to reclaim their futures we titian them out of this story question was how to make it fast and build more prosperous communities some of the invest the money into the business of school for life uganda part of the rebel education series at this time on al-jazeera.


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