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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 7, 2018 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the war. one day fidel castro arrive into the country and they decide to play god. and suddenly she didn't castro said she can write knowledge shape we could put on bread sauce children so far in this magnificent date a chronicle of the revolution and its aspirations through the prism of its architecture cuba's unfinished spaces on al-jazeera.
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funerals held in gaza for some of the protesters shot dead by israeli forces. this is live from london also coming up later tells his supporters hilton itself into police as a form of brazil president attends a memorial service for his wife. two people are killed and more injured after a vine crashes into a crowd in west germany. and more on the how a fishing dispute between mauritania and senegal has turned deadly. so then funerals have been held in gaza for the ten palestinians killed by israeli forces during friday's protests at least thirty people have died since demonstrations began last week thousands of protesters that camping along the israel gaza border to demand the right to. return for palestinian refugees well
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among those buried was the palestinian journalists yes some with taja thirty two year old was shot in the stomach while covering the protests on friday fourteen other journalists have been injured in the violence have a gem june reports now from occupied west bank. despite the blue protective vest he was wearing and despite the fact that the word press was in place and on the front of that best palestinian journalist yassin was shot by israeli forces while covering the mass protests in gaza on friday and yes it died early on saturday. night at his funeral in gaza hamas leader is a tribute well i didn't want to hide here i salute all the journalists and precise who lost their lives in the same way those who have gone through the road of suffering in order to portray the reality for an oppressed people a frustrated people on the season and all across palestine but it's the image of
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dignity for a proud people a brave people a straightforward people brave able to turn the table and the hardest of times for palestinian journalists gathered in the occupied west bank to commemorate yasser according to the palestinian journalist syndicate seven other journalists were also injured in protests on friday the syndicate described them as deliberate crimes committed by the israeli army and called on the united nations to do more to protect journalists in ramallah there was shock and anger. the journalist they want to send a message say that even the generals in gaza or in with the same. for the first avoid as opposed to his second as a general has done their duty is to cover up what they have been yes it was thirty years old well known and well liked yes it was a gentle soul this is how everybody describes him he was at. gifted journalist
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a gifted photojournalist and documentary filmmaker in leaves behind a wife and a two year old child. and he has united everybody in sorrow and in mourning because he was so so gentle and so gifted and so dedicated journalists stood in solidarity with their dead and wounded colleagues this is not going to make us feel helpless or hopeless it will i think as it did before make us more determined. now won't the syndicate has more tools at its hand to defend the rights of journalists to expose israeli actions and to attempt to hold it accountable in international forums so that's a new window of hope if you will that we didn't have before words of encouragement at a time when strength and fortitude may be needed more than ever before. ramallah
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in the occupied west bank well hospitals in gaza have to clear a state of emergency jus a severe shortage of supplies what about one hundred has more. the problem is not only the types of insisting but the sheer volume of injured to a arrive at a hospital in a very short span of time now bear in mind that under normal circumstances the health system here in gaza suffers from shortages about forty five percent when it comes to drugs about twenty seven percent when it comes to equipment now when you undergo this type of crisis this system is completely overwhelmed you also have to bear in mind that the hospitals to get what they need they have to go through a very complicated system gaza has to put in a request to to palestinian authority in ramallah once that is approved then the palestinians have to put forward that request to the israelis who will have the final say on what comes in or not into the gaza strip now there's also another
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issue some of the wounded need to go somewhere else to get treatment and that again goes through a very complicated system of approvals via ramallah as the palestinian authority and again via israel or indeed egypt some of them would like to cross through the rough our border which is most closed and open since a few years so it is a very complicated system doctors are overwhelmed the shiva hospital here which is the main hospital in the gaza strip has declared a state of emergency and the world has organization says there's actually two million dollar worth of drugs and essential supplies that that urgently needed to be able to treat already those who have been wounded over the past two weeks and then you have to bear in mind that this is just the second week of a six week long campaign the more wounded are expected more casualties are expected
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and doctors are really wondering how they going to do that how they're going to tackle that issue. well people in the u.k. have been expressing their solidarity with palestinians killed in gaza hundreds of demonstrators gathered in london demanding the u.k. government condemn israel's actions they also call for an end to the siege of gaza the labor leader jeremy colvin called the killing and wounding of palestinian protesters and outrage. brazil's former president lula da silva says he will comply with his arrest order after failing to suspend his twelve year prison sentence for bribery the seventy two year old made the announcement it's a bit moral for his wife in his hometown of but not to come last year lula was found guilty of taking bribes from an engineering firm in return for helping to
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land state contracts is expected to travel to get it to where the prisoner is from sao paolo let's speak now live to a car from. sao paolo with supporters and tell us more about what's happening and when looters due to arrive. well as you can see there's a small group of a small group of sometimes noisy supporters here we have heard that there is meant to be here in the next hour or two that another group apparently has blocked the exit from the base where he was being held they handed him surf over to the federal police say he's like his arrival here is likely to be at least slightly delayed i think what we've been noticing throughout the day is that the fact that the former president from two thousand and three to two thousand and ten hugely popular figure not just here in brazil but across latin america is now going to say that time in prison he'd be flying from here to korea chiba the southern city from where the
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arrest warrant was issued for a special jail cell has been prepared for him to say that twelve years and one month on the corruption charges he has said all along that he's innocent of the charges that this is simply a political campaign to prevent him from standing in the elections presidential elections in october elections that he believes that his supporters believe that he was on the course to win that he is still a massively popular figure in brazilian politics so he's what he's been doing the last few hours has been negotiating the conditions of his handover we know that the judge sojo moto who issued the arrest warrant has agreed that he can fly from here in an air force plane rather than the federal police plane and also that he won't be required to wear handcuffs so that he can maintain some of that dignity which he supports as my head even though he is just one of now many brazilian politicians from both left and right caught up in this huge corruption scandals many of them
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serving time in recent. american troops in a scandal investigation that he's continuing so he won't be doing that won't be the last by any means to be sent to prison it seems. and i would say his various appeals his lawyers have been appealing almost constantly for the last few months those appeals have now run out and i'm very shortly by tonight he will be in prison closer to roger you will hear that and so i'm being about with you as developments progress thanks a lot. two people have been killed in western germany after a vehicle was driven into crowds in the city of munster police say twenty people were also injured in the incident the suspect who took his own life was reportedly suffering from psychological problems and extent and as more. the center of monsters old town was locked down immediately after the incident. there was a loud bang and screaming and then the police arrived and everyone was sent outside
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because then this fear that's what i thought i didn't see much as there were lots of police everywhere a lot of people were running away screaming the immediate question why did a driver veer into a crowd of diners in a market square. just before three thirty this afternoon a vehicle rammed a restaurant in munster three people have lost their lives twenty are injured six of the injuries are serious. police say the driver of the van had a gun and killed himself when the vehicle came to a stop there warning people not to jump to conclusions as to the motive but the incident evokes memories of an attack in december twenty sixth at a christmas markets in berlin when a hijacked truck plowed into a crowd killing eleven and the stenton al jazeera well joining us on the line now is dominic kane he's on his way to the town of burns to more information via. well the thing to say first of all that he's not in between iran about five hours since
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the incident took place and a picture is emerging of the the authorities believe has taken place and the individuals you think carried out this attack and the first thing they're saying is they do not believe in the words that there is a terrorist background to this incident they are working on the basis that the individual concerned been suffering from psychological issues and there is some speculation in several different german news media outlets that the individual concerned may have seen in psychiatric cat in recent years the point to make here of course is that the time of day that happened in on a sunny weekend of the call they were very many tourists and locals on the from the most the area enjoying the first chance to hear as well as to enjoy the sunshine to be in the old center all munster and so it was a there were many people it was a packed area but the clear point being made here is that says fall given the fact
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that they've managed to establish this was not since that which they themselves consider to have been to use there was a terrorist incident the interior minister of the state concerned also i must say there has also said that these two people two innocent people were killed in this incident plus of course the perpetrators of shots and so after having driven the vehicle into that crowd of. people sitting around or i don't like a project that thanks very much don't try reporting that. well probably more still to come on the program including dozens of civilians are killed in the rebel held syrian town of duma as the government forces continue the ground offensive plus. i'm wayne hay in a rebel held area of me and where a cease fire agreement with government soldiers isn't holding and there is skepticism about a peace process that appears to have stalled. hello
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again the storms in the southeastern parts of europe easing now they have been pretty ferocious over the past day or so and you can still see the clouds with us on the satellite picture there but they're breaking up a little bit and as we head through into sunday there's really not a great deal left on our charts so looking fine in the east that is in the west we've got more in the way of clouds snaking up across the peyronie's there and up through the british isles and into scandinavia lots of rain lots of snow through scandinavia as you'd expect and it's still with us as we head through monday this time just pushing a little bit further to the east so across the northern parts of italy and still up into the u.k. it's still looking pretty wet the eastern parts of europe though looking fine and settled in pretty warm at the moment twenty one that rim but in and around eighteen in kiev now some of that unsettled weather in the western parts of europe is also
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affecting us in the northern parts of africa and it's also edging its way towards the east as you'd expect say heavy showers there over parts of our area on sunday including for us in our we're also expecting a few showers around two newsy as well it all clears away though as we head through monday and then for most of us it does look a good deal brighter but quite for all of us though if a more cloud of rain is edging its way towards morocco and it could be from reaches there in robots. the baghdad official arab champion of one thousand nine hundred two teams two reflections doesn't work because he had other air defense read the koran another couple of months brought forth and one dream dashed by sectarian politics but that stopped being about sports and became pure politics zero world looks back at the rise and fall of lebanon's golden age of basketball time out on al-jazeera.
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but again i remember the top stories we have here in al-jazeera and palestinians who mourn the dead killed by israeli fire in gaza on friday one of them a prominent journalist covering the protests brazil's former president lula da silva says he will comply with an award if it's arrest these people attending a memorial service for his wife after which he's expected to hide himself in to police two people have been killed in the western german city of went by vehicle driven into crowds at a market police say the attack at the end shot himself. dozens of
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civilians including children have been killed in syrian government strikes on the rebel held town of duma it is the last remaining stronghold near the syrian capital and has been under a ferocious government and ground offensive this was the state of play in eastern cooter on february the eighteenth when the renewed military offensive began the rebels were firmly control of the key towns and villages and this is how it looks now rebels have lost control of most of the territory except duma city it's now the focus of the assad government aerial bombardments and ground attacks shot up alice has this report. the skies over duma had been quiet for two weeks then this. residents counted more than fifty airstrikes and say twenty barrel bombs were dropped on the city. one day into the assault syrian civil defense reported the use of chlorine gas they took at least fifteen people to hospital.
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syrian state you said the assault was in retaliation for jaish al islam or the army of islam shelling residential areas of neighboring damascus it said four civilians were killed and twenty two injured josh al islam denied the attack. the german duma is clearly visible syrian civil defense the white helmet descended on the rubble dodging the airstrikes. they risk you dozens of people this man was found under what was left of his heart. after the air attack tanks came down the road syrian soldiers tightening their grip on one of the last rebel strongholds in the country this is the most important the biggest city in the area and by capturing it actually they would be just finishing off all of the presence of the opposition and despite i mean very important strategic area surrounding the mosque
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a defined judicial islam posted this photo after the strikes began the caption a commander and officer reinforce the city fronts of duma. but the rebels territory is shrinking and the death toll climbing a russian brokered cease fire has allowed for three waves of evacuations with more than four thousand fighters and their families leaving duma a fourth convoy was mentally on thursday but never did. many doctors and nurses have already left dinner for those people pulled out of the rubble treatment is becoming ever more difficult to find shallop alice al-jazeera. the last major rallies have been held in hungary before sunday's election most polls predict the right wing prime minister viktor orban will win a third term his final campaign speech was filled with anti immigration rhetoric but his job reports from southern hungry the opposition is accusing his government of corruption and author terry and measures. eight years in
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power the man who critics say is building an all for italian state in the heart of the european union is seeking reelection. to be built the fence defended the southern border said no he brushes to any immigration but the danger is not passed they can hardly wait to start again but these are. among the prime ministers opponents the newly elected mayor of an obscure southern town finding sudden fame after a united opposition rally behind him to defeat the ruling party candidate exposed to attacks every day criticism lies accusations so there's fortunately enough it's not that russia still mr all about its ideal state is a liberal democracy like hootie and sasha but people don't get shot here because of their opposition views what swung the election the independent candidates way was
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a campaign highlighting official corruption in this small town voters were won over it seems by a national scandal involving the misuse of european union funds to install substandard street lighting the company involved is owned by victor all bans son in law. there are questions about a giant intersection being built. infrastructural farms the cost flooring that murtha says to more than double what it should have been. if indeed it should have been built at all so this is a new fans but they're stealing but they're spending unnecessarily and of course this new fans are the only source of economic growth in hungary in the last quite a few years you'd think people would be outraged. that the current government cannot be accused of things that have not been proven words are fleeting but facts are facts. i mean to tell i don't while i'm here but position is opposition because
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they always find something to criticize it i think voters decide of a lot of issues not just corruption. the problem is that those who are outraged by corruption and crumbling public services support opposition parties that refuse to unite on the national level likely therefore to defeat the state and its media machine that plays on people's fears humping out stories that distort deflect and distract jonah al-jazeera in southern hungry the texas national guard sent hundreds of troops to the us mexico border following president paul trump's call to stop illegal immigration which he says is that crisis point on friday defense secretary james mattis authorized funding for up to four thousand personnel to be deployed along the border in four southwestern states. at least fourteen people have died after a truck collided with a bass carrying
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a canadian youth ice hockey team it happened near the town of tisdale in northeastern says scott schuman the humboldt broncos were on their way to play a game canada's the prime minister justin trudeau is among those paying tribute to the victims. now malaysia's prime minister has unveiled a lavish manifesto complete with cash benefits in a bid to woo his key voting bloc ahead of may's elections. is under pressure to improve his coalition's performance of a supporter rooted in the last two polls over his role in a massive corruption scandal involving the one. fund he denies any wrongdoing this time around he's set to face a challenge from his former mentor here mohammed has more from the malaysian capital. all across the board this is becoming a familiar sight flags of the ruling coalition nearness paris on but i think it's important to know in the last few years it lost its two thirds majority in two thousand and eight and in two thousand and thirteen at the popular vote for the
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first time this is the first election since news of a corruption scandal surrounding state investment fund one m d b broke more than four billion dollars has and that's really been siphoned from the fund set up by prime minister not yet not yet has denied any wrongdoing and malaysian investigations have not found any evidence of impropriety challenging not jeb is his former mentor and former prime minister mahathir mohamad the ninety two year old was angered by the scandal he's returned to politics and sets up a new party opposition politicians say the odds on stacked against them the government has changed electoral boundaries it's introduced a new law and not this opposition party has been banned for thirty days elections have to be held within the next sixty days but that widely expected to be held soon . problem is deployed its first marine unit since world war two the two thousand strong and furious rapid deployment brigade will defend the country's remote along
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the east china sea is meant to boost the country's troops against possible attacks from china which is outpacing japan in its defense spending. i believe is one of the largest rebel. it's a memoir say they're becoming increasingly frustrated by peace talks with the government may walk away the current national liberation army say they don't trust the army and are unsure as to whether leader aung san suu kyi can control the way in hey reports now from current state in myanmar. for almost seventy years fighters from the korean national liberation army have been taking up arms against the government they want self-determination for the people of korean state most of which is controlled by the rebel group the government says it wants peace in the ethnic minority areas but in the remote villages of korean state rebel fighters aren't so sure. when worry about fighting are happening again at any moment so we have to keep our soldiers prepared how can we trust me and large government and
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military everyone in the world knows about them and even their own citizens can't trust them one of the main problems is that the government led by state council our own son suchi doesn't have control over its own military the army ran the country for almost fifty years and is still the most powerful body in me and mob the relationship between the civilian government and the military is not good a source connected to the army has told al jazeera that has to be resolved before peace talks with rebels can make progress so far the myanmar government has held two peace conferences with rebel groups there's also a so-called nationwide cease fire agreement in place so-called because there are still many groups that haven't signed that deal among those that have these guys the qur'an national liberation army and yet fighting continues. as this footage shot by a korean fighter last month shows the cease fire agreement isn't holding. as
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always it's civilians who suffer the most with almost one hundred thousand refugees living in camps across the border in thailand. we want to go home but we don't dare because the ceasefire agreement hasn't brought peace we cannot trust the c.f.r. but in the meantime soldiers in rebel areas are holding their ground like they have for decades the most experienced fighters never believed the armed struggle would still be going on. we have fought against them for so many years so we know that myanmar will not give us equality easily not only the karen but other ethnicities too so we have to fight for our rights but if we cannot make peace in our time it will be up to the next generation. for rebel armies disbanding permanently seems a long way off as many in this divided country continue to head in different directions when hey al jazeera korean state me and my. cooperating over the development of
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a large offshore gas field discovered last year there is an ongoing dispute over fishing rights and as niggas reports from st louis that's led to the death of a single lead fisherman and retaliation against mauritanians. appearances can sometimes be deceiving mauritanian shop keepers of the fall. in the med may put a friendly smile when a customer walks in but they fear being attacked again. for my own customers who are trying to kill me they stole goods and destroyed the shops some of them i've known them since they were children they were so i have with this is mobile phone footage of the attack in february a crowd of senegalese fishermen gather around more italian owned businesses. they chant arabs out go home you don't belong here they're protesting the killing of the two enjoy the sun father he was shot dead by morton in coastguards they say he was fishing in mauritanian waters. i want justice and someone needs to pay for the
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death of my son this is how the fisherman delivered justice for father's death. the shopkeepers called the police station across the street for help to take them an hour to show up the damage is already done. we go out to sea to meet the men behind the attack. were somewhere between senegalese and more tinian territorial waters we finally find them we have been out all night there catch is bigger and we have to go further ranch to find fish but the mauritanians are putting pressure on us if they find us they control our boats sometimes they steal our catch we don't trust them the mortician coast guard shoot on sight fishermen caught in their territory dozens of fishermen have been killed hundreds arrested and their whole seized in these boarding waters mauritanians illegal have still not found an agreement over fishing rights.
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menacing. just about a fishing dispute it's about who controls. the precious resources that. the largest field ever found in west africa was discovered here last year it contains over fifty trillion cubic feet of resource potential sufficient for thirty to fifty years of production both countries have agreed to share their resources politicians promise this new wealth will bring the communities together but with no fishing agreement in sight and growing resentment towards mauritanians in san louis the fight over the oceans well is so in distress after five generations of shopkeeping in salary mauritanians no longer feel welcome. nicholas hawk al-jazeera . still be found of course on our website al-jazeera dot com is the address al-jazeera dot com.
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so that a reminder of the headlines here announcing palestinian families have been burying loved ones killed by israeli forces in gaza on friday funeral processions are taking place for the ten people killed during protests along with israeli border at least thirty demonstrators have died since last week hospitals in gaza have declared a state of emergency because of a severe shortage of supplies what a know how many more the problem is not only the types of thing but this sheer volume of injured two i arrive at the hospital in a very short span of time now bear in mind that under normal circumstances the house system here. from shortages about forty five percent when it comes to drugs about twenty seven percent when it comes to equipment now when you are under this type of crisis this system is completely overwhelmed. brazil's former president
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lula da silva says he will comply with his arrest order to failing to suspend his twelve year prison sentence for bribery the seventy two year old made the announcement at sabor moral for his wife in his hometown of sol but not to the company. that was found guilty of taking bribes from an engineering firm in return for helping to land the state contracts. two people have been killed in western germany after a vehicle was driven into crowds in the city of munster police say twenty people were also injured in the incident the suspect who took his own life was reportedly suffering from a psychological problem. dozens of civilians including children have been killed in the syrian government test right on the rebel held city of duma it is the last remaining stronghold near the syrian capital and has been under a ferocious government and a ground offensive. the last major rallies have been held in hungary before
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sunday's election most polls predict that the right wing prime minister viktor orban will win a third term his final campaign speech was filled with anti immigration rhetoric at least fourteen people have died after a truck collided with a boss carrying a canadian youth ice hockey team it happened near the town of the north east since the scotsman humboldt broncos were on their way to play again today with headlines next stop it is the listening posts. americans across the country are hearing it clearly. there are spots on the sharia biased off chance because.


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